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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 5, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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are inlln. ttl fb iha e yodon' get i fb >> nl, i asavinbe proems yon' etttinmy r iht emoons s n iin ro saskean o frid o in min re tmos s he ke o meri oin t he o.e >> dand i >> c we y o a dtherd i ce o? aer o >> gat. apti ged b osed ction.g se icesinc ti b ed conseesc dan hel. it 5:0on theastoast thiss "e fe." m da per o wanhel and a it :0tantos, heb beel, ticst is " fllin" gregutf d. daer we wave pacndd how nt f, be, ou toni t.inre tf firs prewedente acbamaw f cal ni out ic rsre e hoeal morit lear i t ockian his ho job mitea i ill. kiis whis rllyob bckin t l. te? whpluson t ry o bin t t $ ? usatte t o starcks i ts askg $ y tote make aronatsn to iealtsk y oimule jo gwth. keat to yolt can isot uljo gh.iss yoans ts.s foews' ownody t lguag fo expe anazess' uwny i'm a lag lpetlenaservo u aut
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m th. "t fe" stas l rehtvo n. a th "t ♪ fta r n ♪ ♪♪ >>ana: ighto t♪♪op ory. esidtbama pking >> aa:ht t fighwith houy. idma m poritng legher ethc caor. ou ltle miturpring m tha lee p esideca.ould do lehis prg m yeerdaha theame y tt pde ld the op rsublin mih ye mcdannelhewase cal tng f e te rnli tmiresint'sill.mcelsal f dreaif ou werresi tnt si's obl.a wou y ea engere icsi obcant when mtou y peoe ing the itednttatehe mtan't neeoho i thhe ice p sideed ite't n anda: ectly th obamhaseuch pde i ndighe ely ne ams h d. cantheoesn n he he nam nt regnitn. isnon't knowwhy hou'damleva i is't snoingey wt'd aeenva me o t obs bsl s andg w awe'ltry pas it. ja o tarnes b thendhite hse pr s se'letary came oast. and ja sane we' pshete it. h pr se arwe wme't oetond tm isae' pt. they w o t co i andieceal.he it's co icky eric canr indce t 's ky ic pridenans bl if li mital t mccoell d yeerda bu fur er, at ipr theenblliit messe co ng ocol oyeda the bu whure, i hou?he at i thesscohite o hse's ohe mewhage thiou e da t
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y irehe goite hfter's mentore the hixtay he da g toi er afr wa strt. or e theyl g a afwatr o r eyhe a m. o >> da: l's he a lisn m and dee l h whabama a this.isn >>'d l edhama m canrhio com >>down lereo dlasnd m anexplrn wh eomctlynhe wn e dbs bsloes he ot belplvewh ely in? at exa ly i beseel oosed ? xa i oed to? es ho?ot bieve i rebudingmeri's roa h bvend i idge bunot nglievinrioa taxreak for all busesse or ge eff ts tot ev heaxheaketerors? lusser ff >>oana: ouldhehe ppleer bend h ook >>orea:oredld p emaybyoubeould h looorek eed red thhat, bobybu ld >>ob:ooorede becse il d listt, toobhe r t f>>:ed yec tal ik aboustthiso par rculay, wn y it'salrrics tu .ouis ar>> glag: t wt wa 'sneceary. ic >>tuob: was ueces ry g t wat i sdt nywacey. >>in t: as cro u hes i salked towahey t rol kn hhokeoy mkey knantois. >> gg: ty kn m himy ato . "mkey" hank to g you tknim a bobtheyhoulknowim"m y" nk micy.o ou ama obeyulow runng str egyic s a
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obousl aaren un hay reitryeliee, obslhe aen asone hhaot beiughthisie upor aote. he dsn't on h hav b 5hts otes aupng ae. mocr ds.'t heeeds toetav 5es a s ethi cr hedso se. thats swhyhi theax bln mi, itinfor at y heat. b wil et 51mi pronabl, inr in he h se.hey k whe il tearty1 propleil deat in h ity k wil beteble ttyo p oend dt ity roug a ilee job till o u thug wou hav cobatedal u milln jo and on ainthouav th rep clicaed didt -- >>reg: ll ijosndon ao th -- >> b : wh>>g: i it tru tr>> garg: erybo kno bwh 's piticitru stregy. g eericbohasno bome ike k psic trputy. n t ics bee k ipohen oba t isalki. t bobi dot ppoyn ba odiski on, ob gredo p name ne tng tha publans hen, don tre cr te jmes in t tha lasour bls hon t jin t >>ric:asrreat s. >>c: js?at tax ts tt creed j mx lion t ofobs. re >> b: inhe oma mon ad nisttion s. dan hou rep lica bin ss f oe yes. ad>> estc: none on thi tha anouepca theepub cans fave yene unde ean nonhihabama whieub hnssee mocrdeic sate d mt pama ahi h demrationgrs? cr se m
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allypa?emti gr anda: ty revse stanlyrds zone and? dpn nd tev gula s mineey cndtor d dhat. la. mi cr d >> b: hoe of prest.tatis. >> ec: n the do. beyhoof didt f eswoti ears e n he >> do.a:ne tng tha idhapp fed tod trst bob d t ha fereed ppod t iob becse re i satorec id hryei dsot he stheor vend t docra not h d s hpporng pside e oba's v t dll hra otmep wh som hing or pde w toy, aba way t s heten w omthengituaon s tt, to wel a iay t sen dot kn i t eua s tel stregys do kn t tax 5ore, ontry ax 5 e,millnairno tt mor opleillote aga st i llir an tvotet ainstorheobs b l lel ega be iuse wil mak i morante ast sason ble. ion't uerstbed the il ak i straorgy. steno hay re on try. oi't u stth plai t. ra. enharery ai it depeentits,emocts a pe trepuican teaarty agr s, 's teoroc a puanillieaairety andgr bi tionaes t pay ty flirrend she ofbiaxesna. tay t mo tha 50% of frhe teashofes rty,moha0%f 7eaf o
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ery, peoe in 7amera aeee ndoo o someingeo abon thi er a're ing n proose t p meg bohi for his i ortae g jsro t p gislion ask geoplfo twos i mtae mor t jn $milln sl n yskrgplo o p m 5%eor tore to $undll y bs p%ereatond andnsurhe couny's nd ur>> gg: iould le him uns omoce ad a g i bedldmetory l it wimld beoothg. a >> da: his ned goiry o w b with d h n otoryoioward wi >>ob:ut o bery hdfrd >> : fural erlorhen h hedets ck tre. danfu thel olorneound s stnge e w tn.e s d anhe nd indendenst ande ea parers w ree th t ss. it inhe deenndaily cumn.ars whate o y t thiitnfly t ct?n. at y gre thahixplashy t e te reha parerla are te far sur re fax f mlionurres. ifhey havx the taxallt mons. vy tif.yav e itaxas nol proctivvalu othethan ake p ple teel it ood aut proishiiv theluich. he doeaneot p heplhecono a p orhitimuheteh. oe t hno ormu enomy t >>ob: y ar tea e my rty ople ft the>>: ar t >>ndre tha is t y le f messe. he
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>>ana:o yo urust >>reha t tha pollss >> b>>: i a:uld.yost eri poiha somhingut ll he. th bi d. $ rioiomnghe th $7 biion bbin progm hatoe pd fornd e cbiice,n endint to ogheha e su pr coitteor givehem anoer ce,dto $50bill nsu cote to aket vem $2 nollio toind 50 inllax toe2 utiood in spdinguts. rry,rilln, rigs. sp thngs.ther cho ey, wll taxgig famiesth makergverho w $25000ax a mi yeaakr 25 cl0ing a looolesn oilea coanie incasintheclg taxeooes il theycoiencineouldt get dem ratixe eynateuppo for eitr oldt etof tse semti arry tepo reioritent o th cck s umer tnd s sai ry blameiit othe mil onais c ser anai bilonais. taamthem o 5il ai by anilaihe w --taem 5 dan tre s n anysis they w- puld 5% outan o t anis the eyul 5ut o skyhe >> b: wh i wro wit it weky awaedverying e cou bwhroit itgive hem. wa ry greg thais aou abo en. vem. fair hare reha a bo >>ob: don' hav enven abouthem irre most re a pai>>: n'avnv i ouem the st aaiss. i >> area:t wihe nev fly in tousef.
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repr aentaa:ves.wi ev ly wha is tse the prtas. has pnt?he ateast p? ctor prosalan ke iatst to the cenatr thight getro suplrt. e iouoheat th goi thtet givup. epublans theoi t wiv the bls mocrs? wihe obaive tm whe t cr w? wiba ade eal. t bobif ty v te o w tre dl, e .ut o ob t vithh oding taxetrandther dhing se. o tehhng oxederng somhing s th hav't vedn a othinomng prodthtiveav v ain. >> ana:ou w kedodve on a lot camigns >>a: wmembd theormnot lter, caaignamettens thaou sen mbhem t an l er,rybo sen tcagn teha sa letr to tenongrsman an e anboyouen t wer a l islavesaet to t coespogrent anu hato d anu er athis mh lla maivery eekco orpot ha yououldt go h eis meforairy k 5:r. esid t obua haldago new hor twisonhat, cled5: twe s idob ha forew js. is tweet,for c jobdwe ey he a camrign whe j y ee cargoobnd haam cutnhe y cand pasheirut ggesd twt toelp find youras lirislar an twe hem estw top in mak se the ps theur lbslaanwem b l ak she phe n. b presentbama takgnoth ep ihe s nia edia
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estmaakth ca iaign siacagn wld. w . ist it aoyintoet the me tet o rndis ort a inagai he gre yes t oit oordeinen i erneai >>ob: it'ot.dee ine it ss. can >>:t'. itork. iadan a camign for a gk.nd i ed h vceoam cnlor aeopl g ansay hey ve for he. v c plke anyey vverydyor up. anda: b the iso ry y to pvep.hat t twes co ngnd bhes in are torom p thet twe co acnalremheonstuentso sateac memb andouse mberson'tst nts re w t seweet a cing mbnd se m frrs.'t ey kw w tet the are aro cg t fedfr unle the kcomew fmhe disthect. a >>ric:ith t kedalk aut leis fhe ame s fond. st .for o eeks>> twoc:hre teek a fweek all sd. w r kswo t hrde,very ek lltimebamaameo a w podm i pa t bal he,ry memae paod the t alss t bilow. pa thepahel.ill. pa t theil bl.. pahe y d't ty tryl. t pas it pa henow? b >> b: wh n ? d try t as>> ec: btausehey n't.w? bob bbecawhe ofhe nea e bse y t.part obcaofs. rt eri it ose ike eg pntedutt' st
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rit e e po tics ped >> da: ty dot ha thepocs vos an twes w't h p d t do hathemhevoanwe sol w tt h for the em iant toetool one toreor he ing til urnito into a nempki etheris a oll ag l oun nt asati ied th heki y er a l vern ant iworkg or tid ssatfied? rn iirkon'tor kno w ated 2f p ple'tno whohinkt'orki. w 2 p e bobwho is onko bla?ki >>ana: obos queion wlas >> a: bla? whuen w peoe arlae issasfieeoear repuican 39%.saie obam puan9%5 am or npinir n wh isn docrani aptio mocrs ha bee in whsn dra ahargio ey w cgres scrhaeen irg w ces 26. i 2 whwoul't y say wh ulama/ ymocrs oray oba a/ andcror bobit w abo t nd repuican ouse mo ths.'s o rean. ob w bopoll tfteroll is c sistputanse istht oea oba ll oerls rublin c st use ldin thiisup? it'she rublibanouse o rli wh s e inhi?
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'shat? rlise tea oplewh. >> gg: t rean wh tt? polls dehat a leay they wa g t t briea hwhe the pllnt d t wasllhe out wari h pol pizat n as t. w baepubolcansat are theyefthe demrats out f ba ubns thre eyictut.emts ut th thi ivid gthernmt g nm wh rea ty dided gornme. i whea ded gomereat iat ifou biptisahip yet if thipsap yhevy vt. th toght solyra."vy v dan we ve ttoett o ofere. ly ." have a lane omin tup o mar neofe.evelment inheav a l inbotcd fa manendelnt tcfaurio vestatio diiothey lie t coness? anstweio wan t hdireyourie t thonghtss?n th s ryndan tan t htopi wr cov ath thetsthive. s t so-mai us piov ahete. ai thive@xnewscom. ♪♪ ♪♪ the@ewm. ♪ ♪ ♪ w' cenryli ...
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acu tha eri ition hder grumled the let r a cuha ri ner re h ir umd he et a inmpett or olitallynere i tivadinetoritly svaeme. e se. aurea ratsould ave ne ar do sothinsoold d steaid otsld thee own ne do>> esoc: iinoctord st of ohewn e ito010,f0, layruer sai h had cies laof t e-ml.erai h adtion dru cs intligee t ceer eaile-molde as on rull.nt ge list to darrl icea. ele de stakeiste to arre. istaorr i toda keite spo to himre elier i list how h da po timharaeriz eer er st howder' h invveme. ra>> tiz attney neraaileer h r' to gnveme t canr h t wastty ra le respse t belie gito. g tanbvio hly kwas theerm fasp and tligi furus. w it hio k beehem opetionfa nd ongog four mor. tha it hee apeon gofoorha yr. yew aut i tt ledo a a i rder tedatro age's dth. erew it. ro ge eri he d. kw.t. ri ise iestitinghat k hoer kw.
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tpeops havas t rnuestenn iene aoput.av ist y arettory a.ener i you cuse youelf. ythenourreor duty attneyer geral. u , wase, heou isf. en invrved, doo.ytty sogeoul.av t waohe fs downvd, t. li. so >> tob: ke bh fow mini trati wit fitzraldli wast it >>: b >>niana:tiit tzldasitobod >>a:ve got indied.od bobask theot uestn, di. proc uralob. k >>heana:t ca down t senticst sohey ette ocal b >> a:ca owrefu t se >>icric:emanocs onyte b whher lfud und ath, >>c:an o eg, t dst mwhterr f he l nd h,d? dan, not demancs mor m h wh her lie an ot itan memancs o wtob iwhr ie sang d it jt lrn aboan o wthe pro iemswo sa w dks j a? l bo or l rnerobouts t w proam? a or eri let l hrheut t quesroon.? rrel issa skedrihe et h esti. ta a lisn. es . >>hen d yoel firsaed ti nowtais out e pgram >>n yoir offiall i bievew cledast and t pam furiffs?ll the b btve of cdourtnowlndge ri at he bfr datwl >> n surbout the ectat da but robay h rd nur utabouhefast e a furus fdaut theba h rst me i theou lstt few aur fweekth >> e c: hdidn sayt the ihe l ew oble
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heek s d e dar hlldn iayahesked lehe he esti s. ar er ilderaided hea abo e ptigram n theer lertd coueae bo pamhe leeksou gre her ishe thi. i thikst's o y reoer s is w hiout heihi loos om geral out s i w t oheoo lp l galut time. some ling pat imp tanto peain toe. meg hatmpntpe ynotou y n't outf t loo it'simeor thi g to ose t ut t hioojob. have a'seuggehiion g wto hee canhio neb.. ve ake agen m wieease on nne mayrr a mrfd en c play harday d cla h spdgue. we wld hav perct. havowar sp de.'t we? waver . ther you .av ar >>ric:ot b. d e? t ba er u >>reg:eah. they>>rec: b badental >>g:h.! ey >>ric: danntet mesk u, vy g>>d.c: an lemesk ye. if v gresint mexanle y priden feli califron lens o asirogr thaex was prenlialn le o seing gr500 ha tas 200uns to sef tse mosg 0 ange tus 2 crinalons s tisosgecral in h untrandetitned eitr aman hr hder and aid hey trdit d itwhatrre y doi da y hrnd d
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theyk he wou g i'm otat y oi d re, y neveard th ofheouhis g'm , progevmrdofs bore? og dan problyot. b e? ere wou b anroy dip.mati cris a we' ave begerou b probms.ip ti ion't kwcr why ae'heye d b'tr give hemsobves. w gleoomi't k hy d asy for d indende ve msrevis. we m bestay t get itas offorourndde ck a offviheront tet ff>> b: yorareight aff abonte. byoeht bothat bobhe w cald up ato stifabouth pro ems th fobt an wfurials. pat'shy h as up theif.ouro s n yo fanri 'sind h aphe lar yoeap wn was aed thedrobls it wa aboarp w he as aheblit waborobl? thwhol thi aut the oble. bl ? >>ric:he q stiowastholhi a heout e prram. le noprob ms o >>c: qios the t prm.noob orogr.he >>ndre the speal unsegrwill.ave subena por. >> rehe wepel fi out me abo sethislleuba po it uelieweablefiainut str mmbo is dia cerag o ts. it u iele irntr ctra, eapo deaa t cag o t ir terrists ca,eariposea t cerin thisver y.rrts ri w drs t m cicaninrug isr dr lead t? mang yawn ya. >> ec: b theadiffence ? somne dd her wn
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>>ndreya i e bhefee agr om der >>regr >> b: wod yobuy a ud car fm darll iss bwoyoy ? u r>> e fc: lvear iheress ?eg one en-on l wh i hern re in a neon w olyer cai wld a on tal abo t ectio o justiddiai. w weonl plalbo t t eio tap whe "e stdi fi" wepl r turnsaphe " fi rns ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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d be of l, thesplanare. thonlyedice suleme beplanf endo ed b aarp esane. thlyicsume ando brp whenhey ld mthesplan werendord byarp. eny mesan reorbyp. i haonlyne tng tsay. si me ha. ly t ty. ll t numr on our sireene ow.. d fi outbout aarmedi re s plem tt um surae plon. r en.. fiutut ardi sem rapl yoll g thifree formion t... and ide undstanyong ghi meeecare rmn .. hel you oosed he pe n ndan th 's rht fme youre el u se as pith l mecareth r fppleount p ns yocan ep yr owdoct and spitas thah accemes re me carele p yon yowct d ithace mere gehelpayinfor at mecareoesn... d sa up thoands ge lp dolinrs.r meresn. sap ho dsll ts to -freolnumb. now ttorembow ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ >>ob: gre budhat' yoall ver.>>: rethissud thet' "c"yol
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5:27 pm
me e ect bm to d wel'll ie the xt ebatic. et to ex dctatns ael low ind i thine he hit iatut of the a ow i ant him init ifohe b a . it wldn' hur h a i'm ac endoe hi t wn' ur's yr gu h 'm >> ec: do ihiore fmly yngu e ri e p irye cam fyow t t ri chs chstie powed he wld h te cngedhe chchie ed dymic. o eryo wil say w hhrise ced to awa fro rdyney.c. yow heil isyutis rney ainstowaro th r chry.tie te. hebut s d r'ty thinso. th rihre .erry had umpst in dhi the riryad ps ron.he ro$15 llio $. milon i ba now he 5 io $il loo i baow heood.oo wle od. top gre ricperrshow w m o ofop tock thaever had reoicrrow m ow u to cla. whe is te? k ha >>ana:ere haadaob uola owhis >>a:ha d bobonehing d tt teres momne obeng tt sho u inrehe m polfter polnend honeve ugoesp 2 inolerol ve% nes 2 dps dow andaybe to n downdbe .o thatst.
5:28 pm
>> i s gd. >> area:ood heat reins i g stey aa:d eres te th i why he cou behe thst m ihy hou stae minta hehould havin upck aer h umbl heulavstumes itheup a hebat blum hesotovin. that shein tubleme at bobshy wld h hav tle t medhen c isti ob was w hav m n out? ctias >>ndre he s nt?er >>ree n. n dan buthen s t pollaken ve i tim anut n xt wk. t >> ob: llten als-- iim w the>>: therls sid he t 'cas,er bamann ty'reid figing tca th cainbaachmnnn tightreg overeaigg thin ptyhmht er vot p >> da: ieardhey wereot fighng or b's d i rdy endoemener it's gh kno o-dow b dra doen 'snoowoura >> b: yoou iervied heancain lt nht. byo
5:29 pm
gre yesi d he wein l n. nig hreeesound d >> b: ye w can.ig hend >> t byemmedte uanas tryi suc h in theed u yicampgn uc hn. don kw t extmpt goveor pry w sucd i on k tcausof txtedia hyp bu aveiffe pnt wuc iallge wh you e aus tiaypandibute. afe gre woulg youwh pouk ima di you. v.p reououhris pe? ou >>robay.pis not . >>ba ants toinis outisot rm a govnor. nobecatse io d'tis thiut s a ood auy.ovr. i onoercaeopli on dhi m s sho alistd. >> g g: c o iointpl outn m ho whatreat nterstewer am. g c afr intayut tt,e ataterer sm.s afi t n i mhort s ltf theice n presenti can date mand rt l n't k hhehoe isn t estiante d list dabst ou a hsould be t o st th. bs a ld e>> gg: iwas onnecsary thm hfn inch alle t gn is ec yory hfnnc >>leob: eryb ty neis t yo histy of polics ouldave >>: asybdne t st thaofolsld queeion. asgo to rneyor ahaecon has aue pron.em i t thi r oy on th hisnic asro i dimsionhi o thiscimon is aodere trng to f
5:30 pm
cserv ives ptye hertro f ne o r o crve p iss h o i egal o o immiatio rt h? ss o >>ric:eah,t ialill ht miio hi h? e >>hingc: bh,idesbortn anl h hethcahi, imgratn ng b aesrtan hecaimat a we. overrwe o mas chusts wasess tnirm oern o migrion asrly us ass t them o grn tery ter en hhe rlize he eruld n f pre dente otr h rtougzer one i igraon. d f re >>ntana: whihis iugon why ira . perrneed to>>a: givhi asig ihy rr spedch. iv a beg gornorf maachutts doverrfsp . te s yo havbe dgofereor ma pehupects e. er weeed hr romte boyo oav dre them i'm petct wed hm nessaboly o uyinem thm it' a slitrobl n. sa i don tnk it'in asth bigt'li bl cn ai difrenton tt'sig netrk thei exitollcnifnteveaet eiitl ttea storally t robt, 3f hianic or votlysoted forob 3 reblic candate inhiic 201 ot iedor d't thirenythicganillten 01 ange ii012 t dosehat.hi th l>> b: wh isoing to ge i 2 t chge, ere ee mot.oters bout.whsngo ch , 34%e moiller t. be
5:31 pm
%l0%en tal. >> area:f yo loo at twhatrive his.nicsohe a a:ll, yomigrooion t not t at venumbiscs ne , grn ot tssue mb ion't thi i hts romy mucue a eveone inksi't hi i >> hric:reakg neom ts uc aafteoon,vearcoe ubioksayse is>>otc:aknenter ttedsn b ng ten, coio syone vicpres >> aerrea:dh, b eah, neicest. aa:ighth, wou hhte had lato a span vot a welou hadat a gre i eanotnterelted bein nomee re i >> b: itoesn materr.d if ein dsn'tom go, bit he'sn bat drafifd. d 't ifou don uo,im ye're b t ofaf yrinds ifcomion u u y srbuc. neveofbeen yo ads s rbuc .mi u gre s auc l.! ve en a bobi d s't kucw. d 'tre l kwhat a atteob d k i dhalfatte ktrteripl iatte lf kingteoneyromhepl cuteomerto sr j groh. ngeym th's nt othe fivcu"er s jro ♪th♪ n oeiv ♪ ♪♪ ♪
5:32 pm
5:33 pm
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5:34 pm
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5:35 pm
5:36 pm
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5:37 pm
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5:38 pm
m in olibry. t eachableith pcobos on br chlehheirosn laptir for hrs. whe th rumeo to d. ptor h. itwh hthd reo do tite s hultz gripabouepubcans t seouslwhen stz siprbucou i ubns asngseslen suc85 oras the staed he shir ta ey a sling a srtith stai diroffe sta a t sng a s h cebrat$40 iaifehetausin ts. whnot giv tce shiat0wayin stea of wstbawh?t iv tthehirthi coy me a ea st wbuckbawoulgo ertrokeco lik m a whenmeri spes mesthanckul ke takik en in,ripe mn ak hard.n, hd. >>ric:ere u payg tent>>nc:e uayg? nt ias. >>ob: was askg w ho rd i. iant >>: ssk w sor ho i t or gre youre aeady talkg so'll go tou. reou ady give lksolo t. crit f srbuc for tryive tooometng tcr f chan the sorlduc.or
5:39 pm
yi boboi cldn'agreet t re. an he >>ldreg:'m tnkinit. yingob c ton're . e>>ice.g: tin. ng>> gg: ios wderf thin ty'reoing ae.t g is un wrscorfs ho it w lin the tre ng st o a orpote aricaun dcosho whe to n o hel po a ca >> dreg:s al-m nt. numb oneeln cpora >>g: donaons. -m >>ob: ow wmbne the cra date nato?s. >> g>>g:: whe satists de >> b?: no t tould g beatts ong. bno tlde g. era socty. >> da: aoc. h d. >> hndre. insad o spenng $on t hirt>> irens wen o boben $ tamperten ob evebody. pei fnd ts. to t hhestvedy bid r, f te a t hctiostng ts ofat $ you n't aaveo he io $85 tof o1. yo own oneyu te h85 to o yowney b 'so blose >>ob: wder wasse ssin that ou lt yo stu>> a: t my wr as ple. >> ainrea: at lyotu aouish.y >>plana: hat bot ars ma: abt thih. $>>--a:tot m ab hi>> gg: tnk yana. >> da: y canlways g t y unt youa. if y g in d yndan youayet i
5:40 pm
t ou ner ge the. y gnou nentegeumpkhe spiattet's er epkpi $tes 5. 5. thenou g a ip. en othe$5 to creeobs. g a wh.isonit ing e heoney?o re i'es. ratr ge wh $5 t aitg ey busi ss tt isi' goiatr g5 t t a si tisoi igine srbucight vest in sneethi wor tha sucht lynd. st s hi >>orric:hat let pvate ctors tingo cate nd jo .>>c:le pte obora tg ce joob dsn't. >> b: whdoeopl d wai't lin f t jnt? bwh stbuckin tplai orni in f t the ar jline? for at? stck t gre it'ni cofe, bth.arne r ? >>reana:t' pple aretof b yingheir fai sha. >> a: >>ob: peere trite lngteiraiha ha >>: pce -ri l >> gg: shace. p - did uet td t t you g sget .tarbks tre? d t th're ttou rejts fm t rb t?theilitej fm it fair ir
5:41 pm
>> b: ishereeaso threst of bis correrate aricaso dothn't standf u or tewal- art acadotarbt ksd u o el? >>l-ndre a thiisrb polical eltivi on e art o >>rehi sine. ol aley wt t vin t sy ne w t o. s o >>.ana: rembee had nati>>widea: rbe tnad all.tide t evybodstop gingoney tol. policianevodop ggeyos. lians. >> gg: ianto tal gout illiatearneal ownt iarn coeniee ste. he catedettiwn sche t geonco whoiest he cedtich tired gehoe nexedex we wouispah sect shoprs tthetore we ou yopacoul fir tecm and op te winre moneonyo thiulir t nd got i tublein me pple uitnehi andot ihey tle pntedet uneloymtndenef.y judg ound aedionneymef dlorae. dg ndes an thi conitut dra htile work envhionme ifonutou bos
5:42 pm
hbet le w is get ngrknvmefiredos >> da: b on t w yrselset eri sayedt. d b n say yel riay i sa >>ob: is i can. i u sul hav't aken >>: i c. it saven out.t t. put tsn t freer. t tthe empyersut tre. $ emprs5. $ >>ob: st o cpora amera don't ve a to ve a y. >>: o>> area:his c usera n erdot ao polical mpai and use a n aa:s se thelil aindsehite hou. e te>> b:hat kd o skou mindould d t s? b t k>> da: o othe s shothe ndld d t offi," h wou heone d oe hothis. e >> gg: h woulhave fi hou heone is g hulve that e in aerefrt t bst at mole. a heefould think i bs --n nmo. hefortldo bstnk more. i-- rt bob bconviencstor. or eri don, dot. >> g g: a werobobodnv wanncor riondo to g arodan hr. erintreeneu. h
5:43 pm
gre wayo g eri rireeu we reay gri de.we d i'm ingo geto the tea. m g sang yet fmhepolo. ea>> b.: i'm sa y not f aloginglo to a body b 'm >>reg:oouot kw afgi a dyu'reich you e>>g:ikel ko be rehouel kleomanc bend le soanopat acrdintoicha moo we havehat. soat yore aess.acin ha ooe leestn vet.he wl yo st aet -s.i an't l k ltt h whil wo - last o't the l wl str ht pr nextn "e fs.e." la ohe w tr ♪prt. xt " f" ♪ ♪♪ ♪
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♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ >> area:elco bacto "t fiv" occu wal strt ptest aa:coac "treiv stl gog songn ewcu yalk tr ci ey'rbuilng acrs stgo sg y t ci 'rilcr tuntr the is a bigarch itr low th s anhatn.ig ch natis ha bee poung i i ow acro theorld at tihaeeou i
5:48 pm
$3000 in roheld intnatial $3 mo0y.n ion aderareettint ti invoed. michmol moe is akin n ere ti mmen vo. outchmoisin en it. t demoaticeadet. are jumng the moic bdedwagreum . he setor bag.einserldn endsingt. itemin mefndheng nt it in rease" arwe n theext as "eece ar theyerheutt tre bla "ng ce wa treeey toet in a b tla wa ee odealn a b is alhisreec >> gg: n th is wtss nseatecg. ifou ea the g n a .thsrtic w th n comatred toifhe he vinam a ptesttheicthomd o60svim pstes sexu rolutn. nevesaidnythgs xu colimeary rout ute te verty.idth i wt t be lear acoutmehey t te wa strt rotey.. w th te pele ae iar fav a owatrtte ethpe a iav o ainis atio ey a n givg iohe ma a isio th are thean. a n thiv is ioheoke. ma >> bth: lireen, heu --. gre i'mtho rshtne. this b
5:49 pm
lii c, 't-- hp i re'm r >> b: yoare ishe tea c h ipart thi. yo bhaveyoe eao rthi yove stooto yinghat e tarty is orgac. th is ngt tty ianufture ed. ga ths bobanyby whufore.orke gree srted inerob ybwh anda:ke idn' say re s ederyo. ere h d-wo ingndnes leyn'ay dyo l t. e h wo g bobthats wha le l obatha mea. >>ric: the inoth ea gr.p. you >>c:he ith focn gr ou the wks joboc likeichahe mre wob kelbernn ha rael m mdow. er e ra mw.efti arxi putng e ppleti onhehrinxiut but herere eopl invved. p eblocnng tffic in pele ting g t toreplnv wd.k. ocpeop t havic fampeies tnd kg s. g to they hav wo goo w kop andavams k earn ey ling.av o t ki wnd in schl. rn l g.>> gg: ty're ch anda: iaw a wom g thoppreg aig that srud,e. nd "h ik if youav somdent ppaha s ans "hifou snt." s es aoneell."roteers like olyn aael theave to
5:50 pm
pa bacteheirs ke stuynnt ln?he e o >>ana: wha ipaac d'tir tu ldersnd, at do hey w>>t?a:ha i dey wan a rs, dy w dfere an a sysm? dre ere arelace iys t wor withiffe nt setemsre andce they tan immrateorhere if thfe sey wmst.nd bob i'meymm steryre iutas w ked t t g o obm sn d t getai of it. buwhataifhey .ant is sbueatf e pele -y gre yououldtaveseen s iven own a pe - lim reou ld e erin fitn pfect. en n a bobexcu they ant eoplriit r pponsctle r t ingobhecu coue.ry uer eyto gtplo j rlnsnd ty're tgou u dn g ere j thedon' dri t rethroh toak car o d e then'ri rods.toar o >>reg:ou wld heake an t tow c ow t re.. >> bobg:i ha w no heroble an ow c wi takg a t dn ob haere.obl >>wiana:aka t "ho i dou he e. stent >>a:oansho doe nay he nd ast btker to jai ns oe >> nreg:hey e tling st aents bo nor goaio sool >> g:as ay tignng of ptest stts nowhiltheyre pay sg tl a udennloanfthey pe nost iley ay t goin enaneyno inochoo >> b: thtea paroo pple bthaar pe
5:51 pm
are? >> area:e ha the lead ichae? mor o t l aoua:hahe at t y'read aut.haor t there o ofontr. tare a.ociothic he of itr ioicness i theyant s le iss eyt l i eptoacyith kleoman cs rutohe sw. erihleanlber nnru s riaddo eer gups,heydo don e wt qution gs,y "racyon wt" tyqu wanon an "m. "cy tan "comnism " marsm. eryo has omsm tar s.e tin a yo goasrnmeverciesll t ing. sin a bobwhatgosmehercirsts rd? g. obat st racy ? >>ric:hey e n protting orhat. cy >>c: y n mocry. th wan ot ismng lt.e s ialicr th an ansm larxi. >> b: doou sli wanto kwxi wh bdohis is gng w erywhe k afte yousaidwh itill goss g noere ewh and teowu eidryt citlaso protnot.e >>ric:nd eit prostinwhat ot >>ob: ms t t shld b >> c: inail. roin at>> gg: l me m e >>: tsh b in l.distctioyou obab wil g le m t dagre wit th rean thest tiou abilartis
5:52 pm
we mor dreit scessl and heeanhe t goa pert.ti weor sss an thes goere tea pty peoese a neray olr. ea th're peo a old raoler. the theyreoreld eablied.. eye peuli eli. amell-- >>ndrepe peri me. a >> bll: tepartis or. waing r th>> teareer. btert oimes. wa >>g reg:th teay're respsibles >> b : whare ou>> sg:ing tre theyreot spbl bwh reponsle sg ey rns at i absd. >>reg:hey nt t get i rest. bs ey wt t et >>g: arry ted. tet co on st w t filrrd. to con >> bil: ahho >> gg: te. anda: t n th bethh arre ged a t no one ire ndhem tth agn. >> da: w pay nempreymen a o nefor e reefm tir d >> wric:yea pty dmpsn'ten r re ock traffiv and obsuct >>c: p d't buness and ake ople utk ff oformandlivi.bst bobtheybussnde obsleucte me ofma dovi at obey tbstee maldot t. anda: ial't mhael ore e se hol.wood cele itynd t it mel sd fore s pfitolod on h ley tilm? sor pt bob h som--m? >>ndre dowin tast ob ville. om he w r lyin >>tryireow to gt eryon
5:53 pm
ll he t w rin yi g eon prest is bksto inhe st vlage pr t if h b itosn so genous, w vge esn' he c h i a cock? en >>s,ob: mebo w haso giv mn' a cicen c? ats, >>: bo thoash. iv n. a e haveouotic erynes, o hihoats. ve ic eugly o his. ly heas donondeul tngs. he 9/11on. de gre he s bind ts. 9/1 11 bob no. ree bd memb cha/1ng oboger. mbatev hisha nam waser gre thaevwasiserrie.amas otesrs a snghe cy rehasri es anow. s c at iw. wtt'sbout >>ob: od. i gre whyshat w gd?sut th wan>>: .oney rehyst g >> b: ma arrt by athan buh ofey peoe tt suldn b marrby arr ted.buof eo t iuppo s mydnocal olic th's wrrt yod. sa rht?ipoy al >>reg:f coicse. >> ndre allthight w yo we gsao r? go. >>g: co. t >>ardrreeobllht g conltatno. dung tdr breob. yo can ms theonat nex segmdut. t re dyyo lanageanxper millheex anal e usn "thgm fiv" an e ier cant wlt t hea alhatus shethiv says w we'l tbe rhtea bk.the ♪♪ ysut. 'l♪ r b ♪ ♪
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daneelco bacto "e ve." ownerick sho "llow he necoac " ." moy" h a sneckodyho "owangue pertmo h ad tightheys ging her kegun "e fivert ta bhtve me. gg er e of he fst "ve hing b ms t t of f youad h aize,ngast wee t ere s yo h ae,t bee. twee eri e a b. oevelosthe b b ee eriri a ose b vest a bri ehirtrt a puy pite srt f eri toear. wh doe pupi s f triya ay ar.ut wh thatoe >>ere t the tng. a ave d't at t ch peo e>>e he t .lesse ike them ae a d t comfeotablwithhem. sse yoecanhe a see ahere is str gmfblthm. yon ee intectrestr h e. te i loo aob h iee auiet minai oneoo a icets ld dom ant >>ric:'m n a omin lt omt one. >> danc: bef ne wealk abint th, ge t he anone.efwek do yememrab thethgeude t o otes nak pro st we. y taedemhee a ut es inak sro w fncis? ta thiss o sw whe we aere n ta sing fis abo t. is o s thheseetag thebo th oth srthathe
5:59 pm
you re weang wnouth we s thetlackck u eaeale w e wt whe say aut thi eck e, toole w s youaye ahi fru ratend oo anyed thhater ou'rou ru tetalkg abt. an>> ed c: t guytes rling'r his lkab ye e tuy rng s e gd rporteolls his eyes ndmile g on rrt h faclsis >> ana:ese ge asklen a lot hac do y eally >>a:etgesklong ot thtrut is we yeallyllng do. th utesodell lguagxper o. beeve it lager t.bee >>reg:t wasistued b >> g:tanyass botu lguag nybo. l>> bag: diurbeby tya.. gre i sse she bdi doebe't ke d tng t. bod lguag re sheoe gment d tod lag. en. sh hes y. sh >>ob: weave terp htati of h y? dan no. >>: e e onlyhose rp ti f eri h the anoucho.g ri he>> b: i'mchth the ale becie >>ana:'mnythg el tha surphesed u,e ie eri >>a:thelha rpd ri


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