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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 5, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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? out h ghmauture. fur tut >>pardtheyere sotin a alitshowhen one >> shord aeye sin a itownne slitt gir >>ee, never seenot ng tt ke tt in y >>, ner sng l teiny and m egrandb ay. nowa deoit lice offir inicted fordb pul li ow de t ce th ri ggerfi.inte f >> hknowheul didn' thrier d.o hanowhingn'ang. >> a a rlity dohow ngtaerg. a r tyfaci crges herwn.ta er >> ps, c arci ces c hhases weav p se c buthis cses n se ut s >> picnow f road. n >> tenown. p w oa adinintohe em terown. spard toni t,intooyde oner he y srdni machineoyryde.n heyacne foxewss arica's ectiox hsds q artca w havereak g ne tontiig h. e treledhe cntryn whatoo dve lakotneikoneig tred cry campgn b usat.otik mp t io a n hampshire alghe io a n wamayhi alhetoght,arahalinays e w willot b rni for
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to t, aheindents e fo er a ska ll g berni f o e nttime ice p sidefoial a nkaominee andurnt ox new s mee del n inntritor oke e ne d urday nt a lterew to her ri r e suneorte writing y lronder i sutering qundotio "ter ch pyer i sequriios co "iderion r have pr deded at iill t be ricoern ve se ing ded i thel 2be012 gop n insegio he 2 grop presidentfheni nteind re de f heatesnited shsaysamilcomirst. >> nd ses wilstilbe a shys il m voicirinst the.epubcan rty >> s il iloces afor e nonee d icheub n y ulmate aga st p sidees r no e oba inext ar's ulpridenal etectiogabeca pe de e inobndsin tt o 'sntue to pr voene he eioraca of ins t t co votituheonalf c oncoseattualm, coinueo fi up e te pay mo cmentnd t bas ofm, couee refiblicp parte and o sh pamont t as o will rain clo conta re ic arwallnd ofsh the p siwide rian lloon ndidlles af alr tdy t reacsions dee biaeginlni to pou r id a lr t in ac s ri b perin weied in pithis in stemen s ay ingrihaerheei s illn liev she istlene sg str sonll evvohee s pectll t candateto vo in offe u. le ct tante fe le smes. fficto s it n't ange
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the ce mhmes.ecseos of ic st t gee c ig were moiecseos orwa d der e a ssumioniger th sheouldtun . wa d r sh a kepssumn her t e blthehe sldinun e woshd maepe a h disnbl and s firs t wwok ofma o aob s as rs wofob s oust. sherd: d chs c tie he: ch sang h i nti running for h prunngesidort. d anher yinge isot nnin for iceid presi anr ng is > mao r ub ioinr isnderre ma rtremdousress ie tndet the p o v tuemlyusress tvee ore otuisly all e caidat sai they woulconser h sh. l ca attodaaiyey heai not g toulns h s h. haen. da yhe mee itleare dotn't g o nt p e to hink thereha. mitardo its p to nk hey weoo i list tohi w i'mot gng tooo bhe vice sto presenti n omin ee .'m g t o hem foicseden my j esti nin r ht now fod n j an the ansr robl r ht owing be o. anhe a ro hbl lef the doo r g o. efhe ooopen.r let >> l me t leyou oy thn. i le the oor peet l e le he u s beth insisting tt lehe r is t gog o r fe or vbeicnseisngt press ent.go
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o mo r of e f viceandates s ay the est. mof date she he wi be t frontrunnheer e lik it e t fntruhe ikt not. sherd: xas vern ric pey plgingnot theol ls but he: s rnic perakipl ingthe cas t ol ut he rse$1miio t heki ie c ird arte ofhe this yrmi tone,pparentl yut ng hd tef hi y atheop e,fpp prtly h f the g pack. vern per jus got int g p k.e ra in gustbout rnerlfwausthroh th thintrd ra n quarstr soutad ls ti to wa ro thise hiney rdan erydy ar sose. l ti o now,he f mer fe roy nt ennry h .oppeto t rd law, i fn nr f e buthre ren t p olls pe t i n fallgehin he bure ren pls forr pza llinhe fr zac.e. hman cn os e. tiedor hma firstlao wits edir la rmer wassauset gerno mine angehisersa betil mine > ge s th i b wha sate docts th i arha dnge bore docts pasarsi dng esidort oba'sobs
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th pla nsidncoblus limitobinsn. t axthla lu de lckseitfor filies tha ke ore de thasen r50 ailie tea ket soe shan hat does aot ea alif a r h i n c tasoinhado ar . if h i c tasteaof t sene marity araderays add a 5% t ea ten ma tyll ierncs eddor ae 5ha%n a ll i e orllio dhaolnrs. helaimthatouldoverhe tire ost io heimatlder bo re t $4 bilon or thnext dede. $4 il>> t o facthis wxtare ing de. tmoac w te havg e the riche mo thetav ch pic aheite t mor t ttle it or pit e t weorre gng tdorything le we cor to tmeca bac tweo g to ry g work eve i f co mecaeaacnso mirkllioires en arica iavf a ea ntrite aittl it ioesaca a mor ri a tl>> spardbut itme publans y th donor w t srdt bl s th on y taxt increes on ncnybody i thnydy th climate. thathoulbe ourli focteus.he at ulwroturotesra taxikoce gymotraaxik
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gimm icksym hen isur mnan mm akst the en i s whe hnou. whatas t reaion en to t ewh h milonai at tean tax? >> rorteil theairesint h be outn throadryintoax se the lan r sayteg hesi h h be ut thgotadheinunding loc ke sehen ay dn. h he tid in unxas,ngt iocs full paide or i.n s, i s all a snheenat ll id decrathave newd a, il s heen not fullyai d de.atveewd they haven orotd th oul. . thskesm i eyavrygorth o t. p th sm e be fe on and sgay p ey he aysbe beeonnnd slebl h abouthe nng aay ifeeennle oudemoe atsnave a i dffenten idea ey w mose lnt ia we id ang f m th very w benninwereope to e a fffertht war o pg or be ine op t thverympornt roadly erwaor ppor d meuresthn tryorro ly ameranob s or actmees. t >> eporerr: b the isob oct bi ro em wch i>>the orct bhes o th jus last m thbiheroem w i e t esidt sa thahe d not th j waus tst rai idsaha t dxesot whi wa tai onomwas ill sesuginghi and ress ng tt homs llan tuging pa fd orss i tt wld hai tax olann f fos s wingaiax i nfo 201s3.g
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sete docra say ty wt i th tax t kk isen dra t wt nuar of 2 01 thilonai t thats i ar 2 ats conadti t on esidt wse h to al t th. >> tidre i wno rublin ho spec potor t newax. >> h se r.ublins a not t i r golig si on the ort fecot t ew . su harg on h rli aot gosin hetfilon asunrgon toda seneon rubli acan adto-mildaper-enur monne ma r cleub he liinkshey e ch ging ll ts beiluse r-ere mne ma islereate ivisksny abo e xa ly chng t bewhate o doeith e j ilisatis a ly ke atdoh j a lten. >>he pside a kneas ll as didhat mn.yemocrats >> p idenne ngreasid dont likthibiemts iany re tn rubca reonikhio. y the t rusubacca froar reido. wa s th heusepaclins areeid exag rati thithep li ns rehe sd th theulesre agti t dierenin t sen e an you sthhees need0 ves t get a thdigen t enan u ne sit inotsu edv f gg s ideotcratto bay n f tollyn t sam ag e.deat he sd ev if toy t heaid h s ev nd a sd had to go tod h a d
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h t tho bathrm the would be th b sohr thatheou objldect. be i inke isoha eggering abjt. tt i itk.i gg ed ernry in t aheorth n it to.ght. ed, anks d y t hea lothof pple nnted anda to t. ox i p, kssonecse he lo pe ednd is an a iri at ithe inio o the an n.alia ie iohe aea crt ia pridinjudg thean w help set cer frtre pr heinpokedgo ahe wewsp er the lpet f two ys a ft he hekeaewsperhe tsed kx o a rderonion. se ke jue sa theolit o erion. andanox rijuinsaghe ait amer an roug toodauchxriing atteion thease. ere urt eareugd boohh and a ten he e. an d her e et reboyf bendhfnd rder g annoeryfdhen roo t th jgenoldtalianooat ate el is ion thit j igesdossieta th the woe actuaellly isknn ow t is os e trh abt wt reaythidhe a ua y haen tthe mm andtr habow wea ha temm nd h shied and he sd the cou shie nd e acallyde tespoibleor llinh he but t p roofacly po le just i't he in heut > afr to phingofown ju se itle stery, anda afto kngxn st tingseo see le berck antao
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li withe fil st ng hesefath b saysnt wheshe got liit ouof pson a he hugthgedshe sh oteveryby s ou p pntt a muchug sq shedhe ayb outf pttuch he sq ed autayfs he wldike h daher ret n tohe ay he iverikty o hwashgtono nish erda dr egreete butote is er orrieshabouonwhat our y ears sh d re bu t inrisomay ve de o ie hou.atrrs aminda ksonoy eerolf didn'iv.e y cl esambo kno hererlfutid whe sh s er eck t thutreacon w wn sh shwalk snsidkea rm ful o k thac wsh supp terslkndidr ful rorpptersrs. ches anapplse ] got biteary t rorre arsnd a he an feplminu ]s la r pul le otitry t a nd heelf tothernd t k tfenula p micrhef toerop tne. t saideoplhad leeind r cr sakop e.ngsh ns idadpld eed alia ead >>hats imrtanfor m e t o ia y isus t >> ttnkouiman tro m to ev yone o ha isbelvenkdou to neme .ha who s dendedel me.d whhaveup po rted . o ydeed m whveuppoedy fami. famy ishe most iornt
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thinmito mrighnow d i am is os tst wt toontnd witinh mghw i them w stooit tha nk you or em b theror tha ye. er or sherd: andanox ee d ate.ome t thfami memb s ha diffihecult: sdax oatfe thmi thmbeir haniflt o s tartthr gith wle ap o srteggitil len sprinr wi the oiveil in s ttle hi sftinnowihe. ivr dense st a sle >>epor r: t estdeatese re a al fovetur $.milln. >> or t anstyou esn se hyal.e $milln. theyanadu tseeeriminalefhyse. eyattoeys ll te intalyrinal a blicelatns fir er tos t in ly seattle d l yea r iicatns f philelph . at e u kn the p issver i ilph kneurohe was aveaint hers is rroh aasmerin whwasnt er acsitte bau a r a slirikwhs r. acteau cpaign b the kno faly is notig bheno w ltfa is n bothf herartsander th heanar mtsothedeepnndt, an mkingheeputect,d mtgagesnd ng ru ming tg creest car bil d th grou friruds og fre c b amanda raed athouri o of $9ma,000o her
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ra a defee. f 0 >>he cold persiblpay l of t se dfeea wh >>us ct pnebly ee t dea d h >> t med expts at sayg if s d et s tedxp aay pgrime -- no, w hen s e ge pme tim pme- n wn ier ge p me tshe uld tch milon jus fothe terew. stil a lo of ie eresd inh heil jus fo e erse a fm h. illo i esshe sti lge vwe d aea fsh. ae ti s vympawethet fure, somsne who wasrong j s ipanetur e, s mital a ffer t vio h hasd inng in eualpe, coue, b the a er vi h inhaveeen verabookwritn eu , onouhe c bhee an a lif et even raokit moone. c an e faly gif notng fe at. u camoget atil l fa g othang fe . e send t e a il ere ngs al worthathe wasewri tngad.oi w hile i n e alorat waisi. oi w hiu caonlymagi howuch at wl go isor ca ly gi danow sprhgerive n wgo attl e. an pr rn,en thank tl >> s pard huntg foa ha kill. sam gng dr tordoor nt afo templl to fd a m w ho g dtor readmade t cl r hemps o d allin mto m wde a li pro rty mingp. addecl he pl inopin m detls aut liroy ng thnew rk cy he copt pl crasand inat ietesti ators ha disthverew in t chept aswrecd ge. iti rs at's rom e th haisre toual
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>> sparda maunt r a gunm behd a odyhooting srdmat a m pnme.ehaody ho tms lked wn scols d a hories p ge.oing dow. to tor w lhd scs ariesun gngrawn i doo wrawn pertin ciforni th areooki forhe m rtcopsinay o cpeordni f e t ththrekior m ro ck uarrpswher ohe wke ft at soting see kil le rockrrer w kethre peoend w ou nded sixg. s il d he is hereeond wedix hsusct arif aulman. poce s thehe lated is if a mahicland und wea pons .po she led >> hdgunnd ass lt w eaponcld dea ns. d taed h sunot a psseopl we pon th meeting . ta weave otnce pplecer othneeeng wee e er shotn, o h oandgun a two sh asotul o r hledg >>hepa: antheyay tywo th k he s thas same guyho >> pa an ey sh t a w ou rs l aterthhenth a guyho sh attempd cou ljackerg nn a f om tmp cckn f r q
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rr y. t a coworr say he wch a qrr e gunma ha c dorn sthate wch woma >> ge stmated nninawayrom dn ma >> sthim d utin gayramed her ahen puheher a nd wm n iea g ara h he sendunch was a lreapuher w i agrabng m phone nd he n tsehatch wea is t tim i rdabwo mhondhe tt ns timho. wo theunmawound th won. poce s thehouspe isrm hema un th an wo po shepesrm xt me angeus. claua cgeus. ow clau c iive inow lirnia at dtheyivnow out ie man? li ia>> h is dcrib as deyw t a diruntdn? w ke h. dibs fries and f diy ntld met. he elt at hfrwasiend by eingld met het h s hassed at b tng qrrhe wherhe orhakeedd atrrhe aers tckorke iver forell ver a comai nd hateris losorsel r a d rently m oved im omonnd atos rely ed aveyimd sht an wasryin toake ay h job it aeyshan w in fe he sn't gtoe ng hnough su or fromfehee 'tngnonih suworkors saom he wasminili d rk tsaalka hveas ualmili
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mond but testeay he veas u stonface andlear ndutte h angry on ceoutndle saromethi. ca to rk p akingryerio t hi he atca o p ng foio heat w eapo ns fo recovered so far. w po y heecerednaednd a sego f. rns hesomend wpo aeg against s om rker raipons a ain b esti h rai spard bi ess is ti allyell own the srdi s s counit >>lyightl regan ed bhesomes a co itloca c el >>tyhtomgamuni bmea actist caatheel o tni chil enachoti are groat. o t d no only a il minho a. her e nonl at m h e qury b alssomee wh a enyed boxing qu bls amewh w te a en bdook bing caedmang w gratece a abo bck e mpowermentmang ra ce he oen held un g beoin eowme the mmun y an hos od a hun loinl cae aess sho w ate unanos a cuse oloca aesshofr america se fr issues and wrihe h ierewed es whe h ss jks amongtherew gues. j ks a ng frndsays o esf aracfrr besusee alwayss o trieto snd a mes geacbe oe aays
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ie s a es noonvionce. >> his aondeul g and lo him ike brotnor ani ioe. wo d tr ht aimdeou gnd alothimg.e otan hea that e shwo twotreotple d hes on ahethg. eaatsheawon iet he on blue ea new iet ue ay. frieds ppartlynethat ay. hewned numbe of riea nsartl neth t sa eas n everheed violebentf ns an tonht h fri ds asa n er io gginhim anon h f surre erin.m s>> srepardclaua con li inalifnia isftno on s thrdfedsaurecoliry inifo a ec on geth thetheadldsfinaryec mes b ore theth hhedlicnater crh inew yk cy. me b e he toyic crws crin yul stoune chpefromheul rer.e chpeom veigats wihe nic sohbou say veatwihe nic soouaysbay one sbayhe ror bdesas e brok. orinve bigatdes saswindasweater may ve b n facokto b ve aatllsandat butne o f they baciv p beoe a boar madett o outf aheli pe ingiar todehere ockutag a u
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reuersgiouldoeach trem. poli offers takg rt n rers ldch the nea rb liffsrtouer errosm e drl weea the first to jum rosm in dr we he the irman to dio was j in vit g e n di as new rk cy wierg f am y.w cwi er she refitersuspes trlia d he to fellre e firspes tra heo rre 4 bthday. the ilotas lki 4 bfothard y. swinghe the he otas ci. he s ex ted. fod ng washe toi ci g pe icexd. upis as oi frnds om titynd giv p p em fr as t tndour. g >> ust le ery oer aay. tr. probly e xp te d h>> tto b le oer ayck atheirpo ft ob e h t b aeirpois flight >>hepa: this pilot had my fl ht ars f >>peripace bthind til hy sf contrils. b d uld u wa to on e accud uerwent. b ombe r'> sd wao n rycu u we so peo be apberent ar n all apbouthe de aso andeoapntr n toda word f rollessapn tuthede nd ryool. da rd thes is livepd t tha i ming ths ve pd t > pl, thpares ofhe baby ay heng vanisd rom h er plth re of ow c byayanro her nighow tiresgeor gh
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sherd: esti for tentl jurs idetr t out he: tior bng mp ti nt tjuow idstr a t ma acc busedngfmptiry t t b ang domawn accedetfry i bng down aet i his uandisan uernts. verasaidhey uldot b uernt ra idir.y ld he announced to t court yestday at h.y wrior s a ou ed wio dtroy c tou unid ste st y h w thorjudgsexcud sever al wioy tni s juroth idgoundcu ser ro ind eending t process a f eding pce ds t omorrow. f ite fewurslr tea roade up heire indswbouthiurs ethin >>upnd tiry sads theutwoul nots ablto b e finr tow ar>> tsaheulot
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7:30 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:40 pm
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7:41 pm
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7:42 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:45 pm
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7:47 pm
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7:48 pm
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7:49 pm
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7:50 pm
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7:51 pm
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7:52 pm
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7:53 pm
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7:54 pm
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7:55 pm
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7:56 pm
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7:57 pm
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7:58 pm
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7:59 pm
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