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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 6, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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alkan 2, gernohe nound she' not er alnandate gr no th un e'otpres encynde inth 20. in letr shescynotehen t0inks inshe nestetshse rte tents t byks lpine othestete elecd. ttsy in he sot wasecher desionot run sous oneasreont ay ter risn ne chstiey aid r s wuld t run ied nowe a w getdngette un piure at t . rceno aetilltelook pie t li. r he isart ofthelok iervi as e ne broli. hest f wee hve mlion ivisof ns anero suorte acess ts h m conntry manyf wh a are mysutec t cry nywhamil re by ty w. isil t re s tethi you nt w te tem hoisyo t shiou eigh thte? t becae yoouchhont inour stemenght ad ith kno how cachyo ch yo adeinr you stansen ai nodw yodou susorte. ll, am ve sute thkful that in uded, nm ae lst ohulat sports iny inedlifere a my l o srt milyinfe y membs. tho lyuppo this dmbisio th th cam rst,pohi the dio tham cot,iderion of atheandacy
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do to ocoern fof ndy doto ofo faly. at wghedeavy. buthesa. su worteedwhoaveav en urag mebueso ruuteo fe enageoffir ru f appciatnd hefi rely pt m gogppat and h enurage me the mo mitofndtll enage he thei last teet pecily tse stithi t theeaea pa y,ci tmerins whohirehe inpendt an pariho pat otic andinnd an kn tha our replic wor atfendicgnd and as bnknhaur soep c orpporve othe ndmessend b at i ve bnso or o pvileed tosshar ii tnk bn em f the ple suptort. neeto remarber, t ma, th fheup . thro h tees alemr,t'smath no aout meit's abo all ro talhores trnong at tome's wboell upmera, tr le themnow at's woingon ourp er cotry, mindle th emw 'sng urhat co oy, nd repuhic iwort defding so tere cawe a ol pu irt fiin inefolesng o on e th teatoca a dendfi ourines hea untr thede cnsidatio wur giv to wh ro tr e cai cidiolay wivo who best t heay psuethis msionndes t sucched inhis ssioof peis m
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ondefeing repuic. cc nins io on grp th wil feg pu. un nubtey plnrthil cucia ro unintepl minang t ciaexto pridenal cdida ishe ana par. tt joing me nw fopren cdase rea ionto arall thi one inme n offo tean l movehint's neof t lears on ve'sea catoloncal hillen n m. ll >> n >>hatue mever tt m annoceme or sar t pin toda areou spris? i'mno nme oar p spris . da shres do s asis ch 'm t n chaehe sis shdos tha ndsce inamerasinc rold eagasc e's ne alot iernc rogao s at hplect consvatis inheous han senact. anwe nstiinus na aneedo coinue t do th. >>dn aco uerson to n e, s'sth been>> bean up so abadlall onhe n stimeit's en peaobabup ao go dldecilon f her mily me's t i id st pab nghto on hici fer ly prram, hethi she runor n t
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no sheon is gog to ha prm,thhe un major no imphetis ongotoha nnlyhis joracebutmp ontmanynraceroun n ythe suntr bec se iceaveot ndoub shnys gog tocebe oun and e tr outndec ie ub camhignigotoand o lpinad t of tandites aam ni whomd wi beina ofdieeksg a omerwie suppekt. >> sea morthannyo els inhe pp >>eaoran coyotry lsday e he ed convce arica thathey cod ma aiffenceoy y andhef th gotnv anvocaed ahaey actico ma thatffheycecoulnd ke b ktheithotvo a cotry.ti wha atyul bappkedein 20 had co loy. to hadoithpparah lo antoif s connuesthah n.o d atan s on theskere gng t d have anh g ev t bigrav viory in012 >> wevtig d youviyn12 thi w douf chshi rist'schnnouemen >>probly bt fo e stouen eld. ob bfo lik his boness d crage d. takg onhe ikiseacrs'oss c ge ions akbutonow iac thi' our eld ns t i paedith od chindides.ur thin we d ve pa lot o h strethshere cnd iid. inst e gog toait r tot oextwo re s thrre ionthto s gotot txthow is hr th says tefori conderw
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gettg inlvedith s or mylf.on r loottined i'vh ner b ieve emy. medi nrrate thoo thi'v n bve is a ak di n fiatd. thhi i n't lievthatt al.s rert fi outi t evat a re tayut 47- t7- nerirepuican bts obas. riprespuent'anappral ring bow in theob.30s. est'pr rg noresi ntinhe thilates. nosihisis te expthitearryis tex tman s be abl tryoverce the po t n mber be blthe onom is tetti wor rcth ito n er g tinge be/om%ey s utiook theor itndides n gnge/y t opeopk he scula ngid the mit oop n slah mi ntraralbatt, i thk ara hllthy otti beten retha ote, hhy tablhmen oet pele a teaarty e, cdidas. doou a eeblen th tt pe a ea natyativ c>>da do a n i d't tink u are naiv ing hav n d esblisent k vers teare pty. thinmost of tg avandites es isat at runrsngea p no. in nostjust t for diesidst buth ahousnd un thnoresintnost rer ize idatbu tus th litil pornsimeri forree t publans d indetindenpon and rien orme demrats i bls codengen nd from hat rasemroottsleve i
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antheyreco rnninon t oseomt as otbasive hemaney ofimit rin govement tbalaeed si buet.emf soit don ventla ink u agoinbu . to he th tugfso onrou w inheast k ain e ctio h. thug i'f eing it nint mork th e ioe i'sena ngt m cok ervaves und. stnaf th publansovas rningd. foroffith in bls pimars rng cry thr samfin mesge tt pe'var hearfromhe c tea artytham and 'ses t b'vic rep licaaromeaty mesge nd of imit go brnme. epca >> anthees ofrobm,it oeemme >> th theresiannt he isthatob en h ayseoplem e nth he sibett hsff, hat sa h ithisyspl n week tthan ey wf,e fr ye hsa io, ais joe bisen ekn w fyes sang i a oen't amebin peoe fobein mad,a i w're it ehargeo o inat'sot t pro se t y wed, we i rg mang 'sack troin 2 t8.we buall of e canmadate the ck wa to 2 real bulofbama reantehe al wao ofhem waeowertaxema all oofma therxeant monerg denden o a th emnt wao rgless deenegulion, ao smswa ss whe the ar diinctulns in, seemthat hey s a on the r htwhtharict i nseremtiveatyath. a n youthgree r th th ? erve doou feh. anhing ou weeld chge? >>o. th causi thdok then ang w ch? >>
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reflting hat usethoodth a amera flngt ed is. amerera is focedniscs. sues they aerisococusscn delopi our ecesomyey ayus oping eney suliesdepiurnd cy roing ckegul ions op g so tnere'sues no rog fine-ulns a t'sot no stinionsnne posions a anthat go becse in nspublans ve bnosns loong anat for oat bec te bls band'moovery r bppy tat ttet b te is d thery y t t bconsvatiteides andhat ereal whe a lsof amecans nse gotig rht n. end >>etat al askhe loumens go t rs. n >> , do it skatt to y ohow much t es i dotmpattoou, yr oow ch ipa ex, ple,overr rmneyas t swer r neyce,exe,er r goeyrnor t er rry s to ryc awe his o orimmiatiopoli an y to ttion eaksor ais imiegaliolian iigras. ton hean c nksas tnswe ial irawell he c he n ter helwepolical offlle, ne gin ich ns t aneleror evythilil thff hap neneinh whe the n wa speer. ev hishou thabethethaphe wape.ecidg ou hasue,hate hpeneinthe pa whatheyid a e,tsayi hnee aw? haey a i ink yineedo look at k thred pokincils, teir
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aracr, w needth ok a p cithe , velrf ac wed couge tyave a e lou tve aiculing a sitind easor tutur asureulweg neeto lok ti wat ths hav tdemotheur pas rei'ee l no onceed i w sothone avsmoe as ch ged eirnoce i psitiso. e i d t ffochd r ill p tiearm ks. i twe he tconvfoce aotof oplenlashgton rm .ange h ttheinv aositns bausee've le sht toonhang e di ctioge ofei ite bseve coury. i'm tong lo ing dirio wt thof candatesayou. 'mbout wlotg trir w th vion i for ndes eric iut want t to hevi w iatr th saic abouthat e sur ctmittohe w th cos upa ouithwhat ot su c spttding velsre he incoup cgres thi waatto onow spat tngy ha ls h thncoure to ces waweigw i thand prentthuroldto ids foighe i prtdid fo fure. i'mot -i dot ha li mussfu. 'm - te.doa >> wil you ss sportveryte ca idat in wis crentou eld? srt rys, i wl. >>r caatn cnt comd?nati? i w >> yes iill.omti >>esl. senardemi gd toave yowiths. >>hanknami g ytou. ve >> senyoor pthl isot ru>>ingnk in 22 anmake y >>sureen pisou teru g to rett
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2 an shke wl bepeakreg wi th t gornort 10:0ttp.m. inshan wbeakwi inthrvieyou n't nt tgoor miss:0 m.and n'sfinay he inieu het t hann yss a iencd na heve swrom lant nn a cnctennl pk. it's spen he plicom nt and it' c nnall p at 9's00n pcnd.m.n t'rthe lat e 15 9nnivsaryof t fox wsm. hehan l. we ave 15ivry incdibl te x arraofan est.we e wil be inedncbl b jefra fox t. ile ed rthy a kne and bewtefox gingch a bobeck hy a a danedndt ng aob prinondck ma oth as torrowdaigh pno yocan inmath ustoowgh cennnia ark yo n inuseniak [ anc ] uldn it coo if y toothe p do on croover [ anc dnt oo if yhereooere e ttondofor is?onroer ifree onr ? uldn it cooif yr ca cod hale t kid dnt oo yca coha tid ♪ ♪ ...d thnurbgrin or whf yo buila ca in nnes e.thrbin oryo il cathat ould hangn the esrld? yea thaat would bengoole d? ssa inn atiea fohatodou.beol sa ni fo odnnovion r torrow invati forll. ovn toow
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♪ ♪ intior. st: uld itchg toeico real savyou % orore carnsurce?: d chtocoalavu ore arur? st: peoe ussmarhone too du this? n 1:end,hat the we end.: eousarne toduhi 1:d,t hewed. p grgic:eah wg! magr2: ac:ow mh to c!ck..he bubb! ma1: d't md if doo. ma a m c.. bb ma dman m is ifgentooman th a brosche viteovero th pay? man onln if hs s renty ton arockose teerth pan nl h♪refx: toitarnd tckmpetam ♪ : ge♪o. 1: minuars co td saet yo15% moron c inranc ge 1nucosa yo% or c innc
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d avbe aen a hug inflnce a the. wilectn. >>st aug f ndfle he itct >>ery ieresng th in fhe vet fst srytenc ies sh saidheth prad on tin decion a it se a famy f snc id thinrayouonare t ci tou aingt s a am sothinvery ci. inuempornt.oug so in 200ryshe wa puthrouor. 00eewautou gaunant. bodysked ama abt li unt. dy ed backound o aabli d bkgro d cknd o chks, t th bro kdw hedres ch, th sidetheynew k at sheesred. and as a deey maleew sd. ds a conrvate sh le prentea treatonatshto prte t liatrali becae she pro gu proifelili ca hed i ron't ow wtent to heuroe cisi. i ink shei at wt t nami he si i nserktive he i cat wa mi tsee h nxt erve ca wachapr inhat e's tinge to h e wre. n but hin h apint s go wr famit robayin h thght weant mi g thrbagh th ag n. tht >>hey veoneweftert er rk g hr anthg fily>>y antheynehaveerr an pycho fyaney alkeve movg inext dooto thr pho hoe. inhat ns keovinttoo th pobabasho in
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t ctornd mybe not p abbecae s's rled th or t me puncs. ot sh can keca sunc rd t sheanake nc shn c pnch an he shs taen a l. >>nd al gve p punhan o. >>shhistaa l is>> lat g we tlk aut un wh you re>>sryiniso r ws t a pr idenof twh unioud stes. isin r hy pprpleen ton'nist . nece arilwanto st upo pe thn' job cecausilyou ntestp rad thob overusheu oals or draver agai ershe sls erex osed. at ihe cereut ai e exd. late i c ybe e wod ha ha mof te otrhan. th is e woha lihaochri ie, obabot an otheths pson tt mbe jlit esn'ri wan, to bab heaked p oner t mthe jals eher. n' an>> i boticed o e s wi e barr.k iic oama, cantakeiar rbal oa, anke al pch oh, pan't i age. >> a somget, tappand't aghey cr ke l atleomt gls. pp it'sdunbeeyevab. >>cr he' le g. 's alys obeab th >>e' defsive ali a oee. busarath pansoughsefve a. bunailra she'a smta coie ighcan' waito se hat ilher nex e'sm apteois g ing tn' be itse sh didtrsayexin h stament
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te g t shs gog to cobeit shdi heelftoy htant sh goto decoatinbara oba nexhef yearando deinra gbatingex ard reblic contl ofhe sat g anng mataing thhous re anicshe' goin to hnteof sanan main thus un lievle ianluene' inin h rallng tconsvati baunev ienn ll t rayingns thtiteaa rty, ra kngpingtha e montum ging y,whicis kng sentl fo nextear.oum gg we dicosen ntfoxtr.ncreble, e senre e, brig hun igeinghu stevjobspasswayng i kiev ofbs snsedhen he sseppeay ki fdown wos a s hisedealtne pe prlems iwnind wo aislt se ed pr msmethg wa't ight. d youon't ep dwn fom methg thse thwa t. ou't you ove d fd th th th's in ur bes andloodoue an swt anth i te bsndod unls you e reanly i.swan te>> dyou ve an nlyo ip. wre hav i. du n e, yep >> w av ip-pho. >>i lo yehem. >> a>> myusbaip hho mor >> oflo ese ingsm. a buyibado pl on hor theandf e gs sh. thbu a grepln sff.hed kidav s th th are s.ouchthe idipod tch. th we ha theall.
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ch bace o th od t. wehahel. resentiac issuthereesti suhrise isre oisis lin not gog to run o son ot onowto thunqueson it loo likehesoields wth s. 'vees ioo h keld sopsy urvyerom chel h bamansyvym a elanopsyurvy wi hern a caand wi risyvy wier pey. ca iteems rney di cotantti thtop othe pe itmsiel r y whato yo makcont f hth thp o hekeepgoinup d dn?el at yo iakhh ink epin a d ts mont it' mittromn's kace a tmo lse. t' ttmne on'tiscot eier hman lin. o'tcoei hn o ri per. anying nri haen ithiser ce. is i nyg aer ihaeres ingis ye ere .ythi cou g i on a i i tesnkye i e hiou rin erryelivs t igrea dbate irfornce xtry iv ek tt he can earebod. >> h d canteecov ?ore eah, d tou chean habo a h an ovtwo-n or a h, c tee-w rea i o-or a prract t way-woing r troug nextune. i prnd mctco ruayong tug t ay, ichxte. i oughas t naral m ciceruo t , h foanyb y toe vii gh t
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esidnat," ld ce thk heill befo pybesidtot soviay, he idid" no, h's nhel pidso runngy,e f hs as, d. n >> a heaid noun he'out h as a >>ee todno saye'ut was ry cited to>>y, mtoe so tnay up thias poin for the teelec on bauseto m so tw were gtingp hi a liinle r moheow caritec b seyoure we knong gng o isli n, omo cit u isut ano at e sa tim is whilwe a ge, ing e is at saim il a llsgeg out esidt oba's admistraon ae's s rely fat ing id thobs mira apoll 's here fag th bemingll morof t he derd tha hebeng anowlges. uor ttill averdhaenemp aymenwls. abov 9ll youehavehe lici mpthatenren' wkingnd y have ov 9frusouatedve ericcis. at non'it's bomin wng yve moreus-ed lik ictodawas firnoay.'s bin now knowxact wre isik rea y da s irandy. ow t,ow is bctomin ws eve eamore intesti. d >>hisshow o is binve wh arenttiathe c>>s ow lor i am iwh amhecxcit , asoon loiam a oba woi wasitasn eitedabouba wowa deatinhim 201 eed ou>> y havbeen exced f de foin yeam? >> 01 yav lisenn, iish wasxc f fo wreag. i sh h>> wasis ih s a mhr i has betr esidt th i h a mxpecd, fo t cntryet said. th h wi thaaid echer isfo t
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faed, 's cimeryto ave o for wiha thcounidy. r s fa , me iyou or taxeallthun t iou millxenairl thway t llir wan th y em tad, it' diving than couny, t'serya uamerant' d eveivgif yth un's yxe uer th ve y at 10 it uldnth g ri o thet fici 10 t comednn. >>t's godri to e ohe you comi up ncit, ime >>s theo ou miprumbng n ihe eupeancono ing tmb lp si ourwn euan nod atg tan do siur foret's o la ? weave oa meerof res hela weeuropnme parlmenthe h sgestns and rnin forheop arica rlnt h sst d inor aca ople and lend did eic holr l to cgressbouwhateid e knol l c eswhen douaticheen main i en ere hethma i thefastnd fuous" re scan l. [ hele astounc ] drkingfu smos"hie th nanvege ble tritn? ♪♪[ anc drngmoe ngee it ♪♪ [ gg ] straerrbana! g ] [ le aounc ] f a ooth witrealruitrar na us vgie tritn[ anc f a th itw v8al-fusitn smthie ve it cod'vead a8. v8ussmie
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he s be warng ufor yes aout whe weoulde n e bear u r justye athe deede ild stmerie fol iws inri euolpe's inociistiu's fostep >> bkrup ciand tith yr crit ne. fo whepe we bup a nowin d ycr fa.. wh i hewe aowbeen1 yeas inhe h ropeparlmento en yeve in se itfirsand, the kindperlnt se tdelrsd, tordshe whndhour rrent ad nisttion losh is kingr en adst youon rope hethcas ng eureanou
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pe daare,hecauropn soalurn seritydae,uropn --opso verying. >> a se beltyve myou eop-- ot gogrytog. lik at.el m u e bitof erope failgog,gtheik lfareit epeile syem ar th hi emplmenthatsy whayouthi areopin pl >>ntt's ftatha theu eurean eeconiny in hambs >>ths he numburn of onin neamby bkrup mbvernntsndfea bupnemoyedt rnalmos 10%nd pnful sloemed mo0% owth is arica pext ul ilos the stiltime to larn th fr a caeurot 's ith ilmeto m ltaken joinrg m ronow th rctio is mke in mthew euroan rio paramens e autrroaren of tut boo a grebooknow av tlableooinreokw parwor avbl "thnepa or ad toth to stdof daelle sof hnaan >> i' dale loong twhatas han hai'enedooo tspaiat porgal, haed ireld, t connentfaiorl, eupe, rancel how t baonntist
12:25 am
fromour eu, ncowba pepecte? yo omr a the.ect yo a th>> tsis aslow o m teead t su to ho. en irote ttow m bk whdh su yooho tery t bindlwhplugdyo a i was yinghedlug castrhe is aomi yonglookt e l ct 24tr houismi ro aly yook l24ou y avin it ratg downadedgainin ere'abigitankat ig bgium wnat'sedin fou to e'g benk i bum 's solnt.ouo the eekebudgefiolt fi.res e kdg e woefifis th haseen wo pricte the lamith is asonns st i pr tetime or e mis t per bk i me edion. but eris sll t rme f b you gu to rnd t s if l tse fou gucouno ies,ou . kn, foow i f the t patof grse, uneys,an't knfo eve in heoptat e as gr, 'tve t as oteri msurethat are sic thi orioint m whre atre te wo t-cac hi scario ntu see whn erope twocacio wh's geeng t hapn?n e pe the a lot oays i wh g ttheoap yououldet o of
12:26 am
he aot th oys i me pendeog leould d o f ingihour browi out me ndle ntro gi in purctic bwi thet sta in ro p euicpe he hanow ache siztan ttu ha w hekesiz thkind of t bevior litisllymposhble. nd wf vee deor cisis tiiny oseuroe. andhe w e resnse cs beis moreebt, rondushiese be ret,orehi lns o counies at creldn'meet eir lxis ong oigatns. theunrobls c isn'et ris oat. e blcesses econicnteg tionssjammg althe couries onegonmm aleoues to th sim thim mon the n heame neta. >>e taf so one hd trlion o euroarosod,eouldt yo htron o thk th wou hav foun itroro byldyo no theyh are relythouavborruning om thbyno ch dren ey we'vreacred threpoinrrg owthhe ch enmone has n'v oac andthin you can rry nes oon fndeverouvadang hey coequees othe fer reity.
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12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
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12:31 am
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12:32 am
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12:33 am
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12:36 am
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12:37 am
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12:38 am
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12:39 am
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12:40 am
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12:41 am
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12:42 am
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12:43 am
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12:44 am
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12:48 am
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12:49 am
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12:50 am
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12:51 am
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12:52 am
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