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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 6, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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s le wi siganggebut he lpes h hiipadomca wi andig longsot paye l hi taing adm gendono thi pd he abltag g t counice wi hi throdh hat. he blpersal tch tat i toichinwi rot. rs t t i illurateinstevobs ceainl not luteev s cenlotinguran. was a pso tha tuche so manygun. as pele pnd hha tll heo ceainl be misnyd. you meione the hfact your ce nl ungeis chi has oumeneth us.ctur gehi iasd. i n't ow ii'malki o s of schl, bui saw i ei t iharpmki o ch mauer hew mad inrp ctn maheouradn ipa thaperment rker r onour paharmt ip. >> tt's ght. er on>> aurrigh p w toour ts t. ews. a u decedgh tort'ss. ecs no. why?o. >> y? no getta gta causof a ayer ful disioand tking th t us a erul diod fily tbelinge t ca be hpingn getng fy lica ue hng etpubl sernts eleed t
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ficenot ust the esidblcyer butslee t cett avehe3 sate ats idmingp,utweave aveouse s e res esenngtivewe nee e strethensen treenveumbeee nser tivereenhatnnderand t r cotry s to tbe bck o er vethe ghtaterrackd eco micacoyy to t re b o a goe rnorteats arcknd co thca atio i aelie cagoortsr beth anio e iectiiecahoicfor sebe anposi eve ctingenicthesr s sitis. an i si cees apogizeo tihose whoan e iisapintein ts po zedecion. haveeen searinhog fm th in e laapte tuplef ci ho.s, utven iin f hn beeve atlahey, whe le fey keho a sp ba bee y,heill dersnd w s thedecion wa ma a undllstan rs w th reay he yocidon' wneed tlema to ke andan dierenhea in yoisn'ed to cotry. dienthinn at i cooof y. in tt. i and f tethe t uni d d can t he relyelps a am t geni this anuntrackn ly thprigh a tracby tge is trckthgh ac king sre back obama ngisnot s bk am relecd an senaseattgoeso nsti rtionecist and th hou na ofates repsentives is tiont thou st ngth ed wheporentess consvatis. >>stth w ire iginen so
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ays,nsnd iti pu>>t mylf in iest'nesoshoe s, it i ipuaginit iy an t' sappntmeoe. thfacts yo i iin i a a a ppmeoung th woctn anyother armany re a ang wo anars err otr du efftsrny o s otduff rufor esidt souldou er wt t b rur idis th se sold li wle b t ofadne bor b ihso wish liould b fnet n? b >> sh yould n? ow, ere s tat ou nse roug m ow, e t peonal tern deleratns e ug m makg ow this depesional i wornd goack eldat orthak aut iseon whwoher gowk s th tim andth if a i s whr ntho tim ondortuty f th's i s nront t o oftu th ie,ntunniof for fice now ponitica eaki wll i r ce di wiowocabe ki w i inefctiv di noiaftemaki theecisn toy an king th efiv notekihe isanno ceme, itoan kn bngondth sh ow o fnomein dou b aftd eat sh o coirmmouion ftday o, rsonly t sakin i kw it' cothe mmghtn ecisy n a i onnow sin that kwt' ca e ointisthe aw a at b nhe effe aiv in lpin chge b wh's gngn fe on in cochtry whd gelp ke u erics to
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wh i o goinoy our cp ntry u icto >> whoi did ur cry u >>atc gvernid chriie wn tce ma grn ri w his 7 lliohmaknowandfso whis 7 io wre yoowd thkinghen u wh hearthat >> wyo ngn and to telaryouat >>e trh i ade an myelunnouementodain t tr i dermat douenda tecau thawas at s d sauenthha mlionsno a i dn'tant go rougall sth m onat. i antedo 'tt o ugl ust knd o put . t i ed maer dn an say no mt k o nut t ru ing,ma dnotanayno ave n bipres rug, t coeren abo i ne make abies g da dealboutcoenbo i n becse ak this asn'tabou da mendalut in't ec abou chri is't chstieoue itsn't it aouut orih potietial it't caidatorcandates ahat o llump otal the. th i ca abatt amicanndwho eset p undetandgh hat th h ive gabaman o gethe dend rhtt pele i the h g sitis of eteadehip rpehe ihe co try tiof get u bacdeonp t righ trk. wecoy et u haac to t gh rerce t we rden ha andoeduconerse t rularthat aren cha ng j sducer of rhorear at we he g arha j toeconergofre
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h gdepeent. havgotocorg tlearagaino pe t.howo avoddltyoarenemi tar ai t h w to wdlembree mir a hiesto oundbr the wod so the orlds a as mor nd peeful thace.wo so he's n abold m it nota or out rispehrisule, i se. nboabou ma te effttot n at ricasis ito stngth usou gain nd tteff a ca fendur rpubl. st th s>> h do uin fi t or me th nd r deblrmin.ion o th l ader ho is ir wiin yr mthart beca e thdehinin tn atth yo ljuster winame y forhe mtrt pa cathin t ithyost publ atfo .me or mere y bepa sme sor iof bl fo e beirspttin s inowor thay sp ginerno mitt owmneynd th hethca an they a gnott p ingey at teca ench otheey a d jolingor pitio p butgat what es ithexact h dojooung pio ut terme wh is e b tatitead forct ho yorm parwh?s b ad >> t re ir yoar e pfect t i candate,nd ianteop t pct ke thain nd nde, i anntnotbeop t ke ha trem y dnappotted in a em potici d. pod a litian igoinno let u down po cithey rea goiti to ikein disioet thats yo don wn eyoio tire agr dio atthyoonanou c't jst lresegr c hope in j l wha at penpolician ha ideareprent.
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havto blian l teni toeaprt. candatesdeas av b undstanng l whni theo recd i s ndesweasnow nd aneir ackecorwhwillheiveecs i s a picreof wrewhey ntenr korlle toa briic thicouny for wrd.yen t wee ot t notri jushi putun or. alof o weaitin a invidu t oroteus llut al orelyit a sappntedin du rnow 's g ng t blythroh th pp edbate and w g tbvisly brougro th theicampgn eorts th tend we ar tirvi y ssagug tha eimp we etseth eto t vetthem d leagnhaore weout theietem reerdsand thase t extrely rn. ei it a lges pdcess. ha agn, dtrn'ty p. all it l you hop p ssand faiagn an i dividtl, pll bu ouin topir deas daian iid d watbu th t reasesen the fai thayou n vehat w tey kn wt th th arere doienheand thaihau n at t kning wthis ountth forrerd.oi dlisthing he wlf gis e ntor pe.le. stg >> i w ciousho cled. pe. k w i i s cus cd. theabc note tet k s that whei fit lened ouhe i soc iotpick tup the atone hefi huleled yo to iso co on i ck e aihe nighe hu i'myo srttoofcon curiais, iknow gh liti ans mll sallyouri iand ow y to tis getourllud to edorsentset haveur ueceid analls to eght rsomts ve oliteiiansanll
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>> tdtot hait ns odold to t's adweri e phe an sttinaup dto etin for a ri. inclphingan f sin policia i wod li to inor mee clndg folia i dowolioookee rwarhearg mo psonaydo om tsek pitic ar mou wi pna hav to k t tay. ptic. m bewi a gestav ono k t. ur be sow g t eon nige's gd. heould be s rely gooig's g heldbere oo bhe . >>e's b bind th >>s bdth mera maer. let dig dper. ray ma. of et the igpolicianwho d, ar theyfhe rlininganoro ll arpreseyent no >>es, yes ri long forrd t h ringesromto s, em, lookorwa toes orkilo or twithhem, hand ng ordmtoaybe , oklpwaoheki a ticuthtem, thed rd ssagmaybben oredeta acu hecan makeaghat ybstecisen ta of w ournke nt ineehoulis bto w seataracobam ur>> w wl naveee tul see b if an atac geamthat nfor tion wut o w toe t ee soi i llf s if ngeatoron o g to that fso thei sf viers on othe g at f henigh may tomrow ght. trmvis ofn - leheme a gh ay omcoupw thit.s aut t t candofateslendhen a abo the uphi a t ce. ndrmanesain sn suboed iherece
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da. . heon tann s suorid i strce pol vo a nowda he t id trcordolg t vo on aow s ne pol he'rds tiedonith vern romy. neat dolyou e'keedf ts? h >> rn i'm nom du turpsed. rman'm n cn irpotd. an c i policia hasheusinsolia asacum andin knowow to cree jo an um ndmeet ow boom lendo unrerstajoing rkan eto l eths. 's pled himunlftag u fro tth pdim uro t bostra. th bora thmerina sto wre heingri aut. andto w we wlheg aear. d me aut he w 9-9-progmar d h m t a hduce ta s fu9-her ogdot h l tkt ceit ajust kin ta offur ret nue l nera ar sostin gernmt afee can ow bra treso gnm a gernmt, l the ivatan stor gr the b re sineesnd ielie he g nmows lw o de at th s sorrhe loo ne rwar itoiee heing res o d histh deoils. oo >> i arheg ima one iis thiing of de s.whet r to>>un notmaun ihi yog et loo t potsidebamaromot
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ju necyosari polieslout pde ma nninomfor ojuice,ec'mri colrious at dyou ink in arer h oe, eate cou reng dsu kre h an-- h te eate trength a gest weenn h as piticn tegoinre a into thi gtace? we hernas ca p?icin >>tohie? erca o, pside ama. predentbama p deoh, s wknes a. isrenthis trkma re, rd wes it beea rcord ofss farure. u kn , he gotre a iteeoupl r ordffae. knheot apl o ccesessuch asith es t nav seal butesch oveasllh heas tavfail. he s otal t uerstdingvet's e e prateil ecto thhe crees jobs u st ngit'ss not oingo bepre h res s bs a ent fr'sot thngbe rn . re ity at i s ative frmthan f in rms ofrey ie ecomic f sccesn s thafis hi-- tat's hiscoc ses ilur ha whatis sengtis, yhi t's is conser ts a stngthhe ur at s wigt hav, y a illi ns tat thllarup ains th wiav replica ali candatesand 'sar ns gthng t haveboutep9s 0caof t nd medesd ill gere t veut 0nis b tked pket. at w l bel is ereng. b but i pt. wbe ng bievehat bu enoh amerans ve bvet awenedonohat ers fuamenlransrmatn o w
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ederic ttt rely ifuennsat o tranormi us ic io tresomeing i an miunresgnizle t it caoidatmeg obamhad premiseiz tha t hcasat yingo llow hrou amd on pas seha ou h ng priden enou of ow havouwaken ouup t pren wh it souf av th wekeould beme t wiwhtsurth leberts eodinldnd e a wiayi no, l enrtgh is e in ough wwill a reace uio,en i gard ss ogh tha wbilllln doars at weree ar up agnst, rerdrdle o ofhall do thes e mastrepagt, dia orelef wi connuehe tomare n only a wione rusto t n vly you aearn rmorebout that mkes u vou arn reutt ms u tk, backbama regdless ofll of tt. tpeop areba amaake,hey wegt aesf of t op reangethey wa a pose,ivey w a delopmts ioucouny. weo no tgeeyaos waneto e adepm iun banupt,weno dangous ace an. a weillan rt,placbara ngs e oba, wedesple the strgthsif y racra willthathe ha b >> a rig . spth i n't ow itryou hsw it yr t,llatha b aig for ri t iu it litena-govnor ofhe s bte or ofaryld, linaovrof s frofnd oyl min ote rtiehatn tfr o in headne e it sdtiomeating t the efect s g ase adwith s vern sarme palg on e e e ct ssue gefth cny
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rnaraln capilism e i'm c criou areou spris topismee m aromint coure sis demoat st ofeachcros athe imilend smo s ofpublchly sos sheereas i s bl sheas -- agre wh u o somhing >>- i reppriate werh boless omyingnghe gr se wh sah pr paten.ols buthat ngsr wsahroof thpahis cronbuatapitisofhrobm tatis on willloodresse oucounyit we noobstop tt, tllodsseacousun e norossop pay unrtunely th ssaside tin is hav beenununy de t p ticints isaven eay f pcis pay semesnd th f onyi thaill bkrup p our sesth cotry we n't op yit.ha l bupurappriatehe co comy nts e d t heagreent tt ough isprte enou inoms t theret taren ghisnd oun ten ite d bo paresaved o sa oe boare morof the saay f pl dealcomior out waingthe. >> mig add fl aloumiutroba y wadon'gtagre >> a igtddon pocybabut didn mea n're to gges yoa t bothgreenoverying bt dnthoueat it waso es soryo of thee ry ingrest bg th you oth don'ou it likeas thaor f i wi ta theastord instthou hn' th . ke vernha pal , th kwitahet youd nd
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thod lk. >>rnhankal thu sou mh,d leta. >>nk s m a. >>nd t oth reakg ne toght, app >> tth coundak stene bs htot,pp di. nojobsas c andte mas er h inntordi annobs mkete he ansfasmedheinor chnoangy m uste eryhe sin esfd d. no fobusiss etwous yin seor d fo si coespoentwoseenn nl jo scopot us goodveni. 'snn n jonny,one. us odus kniw ste jo y,e.ut all sort kfst floike id. weidll be use wasrthe f ce othat coane andd.he ebee as bodi the oatcond ver enepre uriadiandheer innativ spir atenreiad ep foingnniv an irtire geratiof eechlogyfo g dan generetionetior tchgy of dne on amerans. enou t tnk autofit he w eer fs.ure,e kew t wh a we nted bee re we e fre, hadny k he id. i edbe mea iwe ead fst id miim cveri ea techor f theall reet mourn cri ch in 14 or so.hel et comrno donstte t new 1oro. om into dst couter t ew hadevereardf itand a to o er3 1/ ich aderrdtd
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1/ isk. waso enusiaic a so . as deled. anevenhen stnia aocleay ad le a an vienon.n talk at eea time abt a a litt worvi. lklepht t a somimb a xtundeike, you tt oryouph ic aom on t atde ande,t wul ta to y a unc of o tnd wa b ykgrod ncf elepnt tt was aorer bnerro whawe a ep d t onwathe erworlride web ha tay. a dn ee qution itrleeb h t. quon rsed,t houghnowthate ok a rd, hi ghwithw peratecti . wh doe at te hi b ild that heerti whuiloeo t su eed the lel th bd heheilid? o suesd he leth ruire yoetoe? rreyo sessuthls, ntroing? eve bs w ssll of tsehl thgs. ro hadg?n e wf tnstiing ith at th . he ad alo knetheti rg ghth vsion d the hegh y toloneo.e rt v on an ine anage w reto se an consesus wd toet eryonin e rotoork se onss to e heon ro alizk somimes t sarpe o edgehaveoeome izrom aomes t spe sgle ge ve kne. sometimeyou' gotomo fo ae a s pale kn u' otthetherfowill paollo
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and th alwses eerll did andlo w dth glwreatrodus anid an d w enrely giffent wld batause du youannow,here ao enlyfe ww bse t. ople frouw,urre a lifime at w ha touedso mleyfr pople and rely dchanife heha course m plend re th d wh the c e rson cpute has doth. hatwh itheunab son cte ss o do ani retmberturinabhe ir wardo anre cerleagins we editgape irar fr cagwe ir wh anitge appleromper ir t wn pl milemp i tf aq. itraoinarthin we n evenn jurnasm . aoarine anin e ry en eld. j na d ste jo andpple ann th e othe cpute d. stjond wele it'anth ex aord ary.he it cte staed o justhet' exrdy. tta ma ous to comter s gog to theompur fo theestmaf uso omr goto ad th thehepufo gothet uslobbed a inthheheot 8s an 90s andbb bmin an 8ancorpate mput maet.0snd but ey staed aanonsurrpe ut acomp.y. t ta asuurvi in e coorat wompd th hadto beme avin coat woth gradhic atisteemonrati, a ttle nrow. grbutc ast ang wh thontia i od tleey nw. goback tot co aumer wthoot ifirs t we t ughthegockooipoder
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tmayb it rsilleelp tht dive les ofodhe yb ptopllp b de s of insad t op bipodecam tns t tlhat odam t gged theat dog my gh, tedust togly cha ged t r mo thaa t lapp anha an mo ha ficeveould ap anenthatyen p ceirsld ce at prs ce ou gre i thght o is ing ou ows it'sre iasillytht s g ws 's e-ma or giasiy tch nd ma mir ionsiapon llio bout it t i ll in lo witit theminsn ioou it misaw e inloithe ip. ias miw so inp iove wth iso >>he gadnts refctow wve w i fe abo o>>selv. whad you a onef w t febo olv whou an tsingour kendl, yngrere nd y proe unl thpoame alo. >>rondn thth amanjustelo >>th manound sost new pducttoo thhe ken ll.unsoew pcto yway dnis,hankou. en>>. tank, ayret ds,nk . trai ttk,et aad,
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aipunds ha ad, en wchin nejersndha wonding chr cisti no winers wodurn y ndg andhrt cti didn. budo ywo kno wt min ele bach yn isnd dn dng?bu y noe w is mimingep xt.chis we d?ill sks ng h . abt gornor lin'llnews and h uss cngre pulabng agoor fan'ws ne dth yr c monre? ul a ho fa n the beeld yon ho heed ere'only onbott lef! i' goto te sus ! e'lyonttef e veing chinon e i' almott emtey. us ve i'g on iin bos e lmem nei'pony i os rry neny we a ope fobusiss. y ape fosi. les reute eg to fsno. growg buness use mache-toachi tecleologre e fo.owbusssechto hifromecerizog wir ess. sue ! omizir s.thndinmache... sualre!y fied. thinch.. coolike. rebefiuse .e bune th t bestechlogyes. ole. bee bu tesch gy. male nnouer ] you e a sine pro ecut of fficncy. leou ] u a ne ro ou c spo an autteurf ic aile ay.. cpo aur ile aing e oele.. and tal-ee isecos. e g le d l- ico
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d fronatial. yoreroti . causonlyatiol letyou oony c inhe ale..nd g uslyio etu c in ayou ..n ev g taka fu-s or ave u ev aknd sfull p the ad-si pri. s p ow t s...e ll wsik.ri [ ale nounr ] st l e yo bus tess ..o. w [ e un ]juslike ou. lyous s gonatial. lika ske. goti. ik torcles, oatsevenv's. rcs,tsens. nobo kno whe he t hi ve f racg. bonohee hi fac alwe kw is ittart kis itrtar sey ars,riveof t nuer trteegeic tota cry. y s,ve t nu teeic to c. ico,savi peoe moy on me th juscar surae. o,vieomo mthusr ra
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>> wt shsayss wh ameca was tonow t e oth ndid wes ashn't yslkinwhme awauttow itso gth opefid mic alet in chma a i jus gspokto tefic ngremawomaabou th mes ige she' tryius took t gout dhe remaou th esdeat o stev e'yio gt obs. at o conevessm, nio s yu. >> s on smu,ni geta.s y a>>od cole s topcs b i girsa. wanto sta woth sve js. op b yo knrst emsntike evybodista w s tkingabou j eryby sse affeevod bd th tng on ou >> wl, iis yb beuse fe b thally roug suconjo to w i all of o live. e al theew lyuguc excingorodulls th o he divvelo d, talheipod xc gthe du ip the dlo t tod p ne e we'ip tl soompont pn iande' ea sopo rt o ou idea ideity. losim s to oouose padey. of osameraneniuto e and wepaawof a er liutle ndhindwe th scesere le at foxwe wend talk g abothcereat itox eveonewe fe slk bo si abo ind arle sitid vehe'seike ee disosifbo iurd le s 'se te
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thsollisr iventns >> t heis ecau heasuch i ant >> uneueauech thker. d toose h m, treunealth r. n't toe h tplacent ralim. t well sac thet demi comgbut. en iwetdid,t i s sahemiom tment >> a ano er i bigd, s iunnesa nt anoig sne toght, gvern palaid e wi not setot,the grn alp d nonati . wi whote areoure thohts out at. noti he's strwhgreoiceur a ho s friet of ne m.nend i wi's hertr ece bt. i hinief mwi seras n b i excining, s wondful fe i ont xc hg,. i ndl i t hinkhe' h b theri in porttnkway. e' ber i weomed he rt in theacesy. weedheinhees co. herehoulbe aiece o yoco reul aayinyoure adce ohe' yonot th racinue e' t ytimsomedyth jum in theac ra thewill ll o imme aumn vot he from mebora. hell >>'m o loingot or a utom bo urn>>g thcouny arndognd wt a it' gointorn thmeanun i tarnk w 'st'ood o ha allin e caidat in e ance a tall t odha varllus caatn persctiv . a
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1:24 am
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1:25 am
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1:26 am
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1:27 am
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1:28 am
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1:29 am
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1:30 am
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1:33 am
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1:34 am
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1:35 am
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1:36 am
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1:37 am
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1:38 am
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1:39 am
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1:40 am
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1:41 am
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1:42 am
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1:44 am
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1:45 am
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1:46 am
erl dec. dis oeverstatn shon pitabut dhat' t p oposaer atfromhedmintratn, tatt' llec tall e psa ta i ominat o int 50 ints andecl ma i sre th hav cess o so thet 0 ts cndma derminwhet sr or ot eythav ss she c are s sk or hdelthyinretort unalthand that e sk hhyr unerioth d thre toatio t reodoct-pat tnt coidenalit >>hankctat yo coen coitng up,>>nk thwiscsintateo co catal,p,hey rehscfurinsithte wionsigoveor s ttcal,y ri walr.h theris wisive n ss tonht gerno scotalt walk joers us nxt. ns on gno ot [ lkle aoouncus ] n. drking smohie th n vegeble tritn? ♪♪[ anc drngmoe ngee it ♪♪ [ gg ] straerrbana! g ] [ le aounc ] f a ooth witrealruitrar na us vgie tritn[ anc f a th itw v8al-fusitn smthie ve it cod'vead a8. v8ussmie cove a
1:47 am
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