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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 6, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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>> ec: n e sde g alo gre. we d e n dan we s. g lo re >>reg:et a roo d ane guy >> g: a dan allooight onhat not tnkouuy f tchi . anll ht'll e ontot t y fomor w. hi onthe l y fi."or one ♪i ♪ lcomto "d ey." is ke "e fi"inus tw > om "ndeydd." t ees a "fi we aus tw 10nddd w t'goo dy l f10 a ge repor wh's c fing ononht gshe o rport wh c >>g nang a opo >>onanmerica is pizon br anme wriater boarng i pteanr iann werenal ar i mea i etng troearinsts iton al lk. shou h av m made thatle.rori s anall theatesfrom he. ou avoc mepy w tl seele.rost. anl he esnot omeatt, b ut s tufftha wtsee isai.y t ecattit,sh b. stuha anisdai scientists aouncecetinsh. diionan vcicititisay aouence n i' mae in. nay i'aen. we it ot iinent,ut that hwet get yotou t iint,
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at watc g y >> happy mat day. tc >>t a day h fpyild whatay. rn aut .t aay f w aut >>haounds stupid. >> iis a fun d f p>>eohae nd s let sowpin thrair. i a un >>t hatoe p teohe dumbest et th thg i ve er.r heard. >>hae the dbeth i e>>hieas. isn't autadatter da hi >>snha youadat mn?r whada t s>>eaha abo yutn? gr ha >> ieallseabo m ab irilla. >> m use iabi- e>> use to wea e hs.- hee ul be t bac w he heemss. hpy in b >> h cabaret ae imss doing i p u. well. >> >> i ceardar d can juste apll f. i hrd, gg? >> trynd i jit o him f in hthg >>ry i h fuc ia bet i get s. >> h about wucia t aripoet pe.. h a reay? w >>hy nri 1po4* weave e . caon t eaom g.>> n * ande we can see t caab tg. ow .nd of anurseee >>hat uld amang. ow happy. mad f atseter ay.>>t d a sdenlit is. hpy m t'tes lcomayour. gue sts. s nlshes.s so hoycout
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s omr use gues. heer fs he to oyy acont se elays he b fokelvezo ant the sie slays "ionewslvez thnetwk" itieanstio.ews e neseri pmied n tw it tuda aanst. neried aturaltu day of t weatalay t d bh wend b bece. b lookxcit j.hy ec e.n't u ana kee p l klkin j. hy wilbe f .t an ee >>p and e d in oinut at fe il f st tsh bin>>s,nd m dyin ot repuleve st t sideinkickbill sul ep d shis so de ackdorallblul that sh littleony dresses u apra asanhat tty d ss upepino for hanlowe. oor former wwete.ouss secrary d onof t co-h ts o"thfo wivss cry on t -h odth h is a spidag and ri ng n d h o i "w ayorkpiag nd time corresp deri n o " w od trksee u, ih p. me >> t cay irethe te i art ps, the ie reveedhentprrtti t- t ve intederpratio of t thr pentiny ope. tntprio thren o nht o the tn set you back thr abe l oincolnhes. t s ou was a sim pler ck abe l timelnhen m
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as a s weer mennd wenouimn'the m vote. weenoun't te soy, i g int a r i g i it reay cps mid y cpsid gr >>hankou f tha >> tnk y forotng. gr >> nk a fllhaight t y>> aor rig ind.d. >> n to omllhiht serious aig nd >> oka n tomhier us >> mad e o okacreens more corfulhile a lw ays wri m cr blnsk.ore co stule johi dieon w anesdsri bl st joappliea wouncsdg in a brief statemen " a pl deenciny a bef dd ened atoen a "nn ancehat eestevjobsasse away tay ddedonnet stevs bri lliaevncbssewasion d abity enrevicdri aia on impred a oabourty lives nr thde wld is pr ar livs imm su w is beer bausef s. i hes cdiwitheinghe beer bse s mihe bind theth ingonend ip whi urmi a bppleinthnteo one theostip phierfu urcompies anlehe wld." e boheb, it po fut you f s .mps wthislduy h pbaboy io y wosdn'touay iist hasbay the biggwot't impacayt of ias bu nessggn orhiermp or novate irt l t, dbuon'tssor
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know o50 yrrs? surte lt, d't yb y caow get y? me ur use a comper icaet- me u ner thought co mpi w ild u- computer inyhoug enti lif w u cis gpu chaed t winay wey commtiunicife, t ayhe g ha t so wal nwo w -- tnk of mmic t of t thihes heasone. so n wo - wl be sfelis b t hihe ionse. a l ac be sel b it i nu al tal ahisac seouy onhe s w, b i ca telal you thiis one on sy i b i admir ncat elou you morhie one an anydy lsi adm >> t nst neouornd a ls unnece ary.>>s n un cedanay., he prove tha innonationhes wh mak p pele's t les eie noonwh mwek a pe's try t fure ut we ry tkebout js a the ut on womutha t cam fromkebo j a he his bra mha r ceallroymade t hiwosd wraor he rs onofadseea tp wo w fr thiers tt e ooon usse neaotp wh e werefr gng to t in u s ree ars, nutthe we willwhwe ng in too 20 yn e s,hee ll n t 20 th gre new for apple and arica iresewhaort a tles a a companthat aca bauha his ts a rk mpanat has amazingisouatn nrk ich th areas bldg.mazin n
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ev t od o r ytethrdre theldg. ipho 5am ev yutte.rdhe ho erutere so maneoplusi em d thothe thineris tohereanpli waa acy peopl ethhein tre utwaizgac ppl thee mroft softutiz. d noyouanhe evenr ft busi ssesnotartug toanay e well o employes wan tsioesrt to channd tllns oio elo wthatas a tig deal. ani thk thnd wl t cnstiioe at a dea th th even a certi his png >>he wrd tng abo h en er hisng >> d widn' tt bo what peo ple waed bor dn'ev the did?ha p eo e>> there w wanevlheid? the meantnl -- mnt elen of anis paw - el -- aisaw - antiipaty. he ishi in gtiat he effoless. shi >>inill,ou c't aord comp uter foss >>l, c ad mp er w did he cngeour le? >> heha ng d eve hryethou le? develed hhangve par s oel anging theovie heame sp with tiph ongie angnd t i us y.change the phohee nd wtrh hephame on wit a
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angeehondtr ituhenee sitnd chge t mus iustund t us everytng h tchurned toold. if hhad enev ayt hchur consu ant otod. h "rd n e. c wou be theame oime u gu"r. and y ouououe hee e ongu:00 in the mning.nd y >> hdidn chae ou 0 he >> iniilnglhae you at ea hdnhae iha y it saw yourne aw y >> letegnto more "d e"tyle farnt m e shl wde? le re f we g sh w n weeal theat e rewi g we ree-la tr cahe?at la prcaen futur hm w pep rie fa. prur wterror pts a recep tieriofa foodan the best w toro a ec brepk ourne i od notatheest t boardi or sbresk p oositnsne i ot bu piz ice am anddir s p okies.ns bu p in h iisew boondthela s. bann " heyisalkewboutoola how fo r innta" nce tookut terror ht fixer utfo f itae oo slteiceor andhereepixai hs no an a qaasl ge a anymorereep it ms hav bnno gn pizaza. g amo anthen heresit m a h n g fali pizr of. the eas syanen re boing i aai faholiof he enfasesd bog i afterai bngho g en
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nfes cooks and after gmo dai eoknd who heaess for ie cr m.wh heaessor them whwes bre hanofnighemhnhcesd -- better br thanhanhan interrogaon?nhce--et anan i er ma doe. heays torres u selessma d y kno w whehasorks t for me?s ule yno w riksceornd m ie?mot alone. ri iot ane. >>hahao bri back>>ha omories >> isure boes. b in case was o cesai ires. yuas evee notasice en yee the cain yuveote y youaiee unt the e in enofhe night- w yl,ount he areoooung toembeher n -at wl,utou lki for the segooouo et a can fin iatt. lkior t >> ig t i is making a aanomein i
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back. i i i >mayakg there wile c ckne in i > i dy't kw wh t youhere w taing eout, cirne i conde d k evewhthinouyou aid.tag t,ir >> iill to u, dana. on de you tvehiinu d.e shld b i l o de ding terro wit y te sh b degroit lna dune issiste of dnes? >> w ltevenait tes ne ii dot kn if teeryf dne terr ist wuld ve susptle doknf ry n te rrrt d usle butters bmane y h grown u i tutrs b manemile et anyou rey h go u one ofho mi eanu campsheou oet of aiasd d yo are tolamd et b a suide asomr,yondre tol d all f sde youom se a walkntoheaf way lnd you sde y ann believe lko yaf cayhoicesou byoie mht gge yrsel c tico deh. mey d'tge yrs nesrily de wan d alcoho ri lyeyant >> gd po nt.alho but coho is s ar.eyt ar i gtpos.. t ho s. s. gd kind. g k d. s --ews n a s i't thisust atr -at-s for a i te'toris to t is snatck a aat f teis swo tst >> pnababl and thinits w t oeesw pbl d
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pd eoint wil m wiss to whe thg. i tdnk fd ieos w momsngha wh th ca b tortturo f i.somngha ca if iorro. eat i ve in wse.atvese >> c you be morpefi cou b >> m tnk back to tld ag t way to tnk banto hearis tough toch . t wo it ian aery earmoti tghal ier eti tng how wonvi pple too thgs. he toth. >> >>ave no i whe you ar g oing. >>e >>heonoudemn everying yar g ng. ju sai >> oiolyonde i e have y bee juai tortur o>>n flyood linave. b tour foo inlooke l meterus here fo a bef men ok l thdea erous hhies tortuhafo bef got s ethitha hisor ot sathier bodingnd t rest ot, i n't ow i itor ks orbong n tt t, tertaly wer boa rdint i i oris a oirta it i trotang wer oain itsll eg al ai and i'm g iladereut o i ll egmore gir sco ut d coo'mkid.reut i
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reir >>cotoo ifood i s>>torreoo u? i s preferat boarding o r rer loa desndoayin agr ving m lorna d d a morna ignorghnd planning sayhat i or phnn tndola sin.g ayitov ie t. a cde of the t diet terrist tha acde he illeall w they ave mdiet er stsugahareoo kilees t ye canmagine ga treugoorekie okie are tigan mahingne in ghantan. iee ng if ihonse coo kiesghann.ere cifookihoe,se c okess, tserentrogation c ki hepillh blood andro tps nt roadti herollmh blodog m >>hat ulde horblogce c stoputtgords i>>yt moutbl >> nt to stottoreleroteyr .ut n thk tou frote srweetoo th k u laui fts s ettheyre gtingoo law tee j laui ovts c roeyssin gngriawes. ve tf talltr ov cro inotesrs arres d tcrl ttr es ookl a brie ha fdedcr t lauit clainne yo c klriha f mor latlobu c and tyo c poce c mmiorioriotelobu nd
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thr co ttituonalight poce c theiote aerthomco ptuaralcuhtla agatorths ey th were a led parcu tohe bdg e' roaordws the l ed traphe o bdg oaand ey wt tharret aphe nu ifie andd wrethre ski sp ifieie damdagesre. i thght ey hat money. ie i guams itess no so b tht hat m maey som.e cash. guitno so anile, on edmaayomeas ocpy wl stet cledor e, o nstunt walkoutay atolge oc wst ca cusesdcrors am icao u wko t prolest geains quo caesama forgivable sprdet dnstuo and argui tion r at.ivlede dnd e hacuikeonr rro.nomo noun d th wacill shutrownmo the yornokunthto w excl hangute e asinorkhistatotementxc ungsie anldam iar tame ureetings ania insactuon thmedirein were anoymo. i the pethle wdil nobe wne we amo.he e s diope wnoe crun ofs. weill t lororn ou leisure. we will not assisoun anisywaye. il thot is y wsse choosen to decl areay our w a gastths heweho e tnewoorktock e xcclaee.ur ahe wkck e red eye's own rebots respon ed oelsing ts rots atemt o suppos.
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on el didsiou h tr throad mk em o spo ll to id hrms?thad m i d. >> t no yorks? stock d >>xchang t nor muk be destotroy. >> it khaley mhemue es shwas. a >>upco kutleery he ioved hshs >>t i supllco mut for eiov eatshi .>> i mor hi i ge me aol >> iter cald me ack. me >> what tim a w it mtier?al m >> t thk. p at oo wtim a areou? bring ing e>>th p a lotti? >>es. reenou for b engveong loti >> b>>ea.if as alw ays.ouor who reay aau ? bifslws. ac rdino ea to hmananhe proteste sho d lo in aceinnan otteholon mirror. >> d't bme waltrt. don' t larror the big d ban bksal t. y don't hav n'obhe ig you e nan rich,la d'tav yourlf. u n>> iove rha yotually. let's bme s g iuy.ha allyetme guy. >> go get a j i h e >>g j gob j i j i'm aew.
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whar y f ahtingew wh us? wh y finghs? einitelshoin for e :00 he ainitshoin mbc. r e h>> did you kw mbc.asat d to yat il can i me oomnt absutelil n m oomnt bs el yregi or - it isgir-htheartedl-- i no, iou are bng a shttoar troo r. n ou yo awanthemll thrn in s jail. oo yontm thr i uilnow whoul be in ja ?now s naul is bb. i ja ? th ppl enas ho. should be be in il a the all treeeho sulde i nker ahes wlhoeeanupted allf us you ere w tinganymupthdizin with hat d du again st heu eymthiz yog, ho htfutht andu. ain syouc.hofu >> c i m e som ethi s. cle?>> theyrokehe lom onurpose
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with chent?on o g etti ngeyke oarnrestpo. theythnew ey we g oti gti re st. st th werstudng t p roeyw w ti howo g rrtest th er udey tanteto g arrted ow g fothe tentn sote ty tecoul gget ed a a getore foe ntso t yolls. ul itt asn' a gomor itl was alcuitten' it wcute joy -- i sy lrave -- >> ou ait. itrave >> c youix t sit ab le cou tab evy te i do this showook at ts thng. y>> iant i be dear ts bob. th tonlythea.n tt c ig it e ar ob .haves ke a storm tthrolyerea t theoots him tal rves a to t ji is atha s s?he h al you arer comaining bojis th sfacthat ty g ore uoure cng bo atteion. thcttor ten. >>hey a >>heynttainin a thermighbe at some .nttain validi to hat erhegh a a se doin .whenhey gureut wh thevaarerotedisto gt he a out. ineny re if u to whhee0terostg t. and f edto e o the0rost w ar e yo hanerd o hak t hem arreeyoeeks h
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to all e abl tako tm sekseause a of te b a banks. threweek iese y g o bac tk b ks an loo at t re rekorting o in acis ak allfhe pplane woo t ror o we iervi ed all wfn aed w at a youoing herweheyeried arnlike aweled u m, aoung hmm h.y wearke mely house g umm. fecse we m uponou. fec t itned o uton that was e. so hey ie cotng aund dand out hawa ths areore organ a it issohe by bcoanks a.d thehith thareterg isasna atingt is b b abkst th. is a teheyhihat s asallynahinkngill ange ab th as i wh tyad the lynkl ge drug ccessn dnheadhe tdrt's the c rssea dnnhe to she r be -- they aei cerent ar bthe--ot bron k esey aei cert ge. e ty b alsesavedue. supervion now als at ydu hav i -- pedun n mein y h g ierio--aby me boer generatio gner piote--er thre rofeerssio gnalser.ioner throfeiols. >>he are noves. >>hese a he>>ire chi aldnrov es granhildn, a n t>>hehey a he e lihi -- hen ar like, l anld a nus h tp yo figyurut h t oli- ldo tiks. >> h wyotedigo go dn t tre t d th woun't t me>> w do
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g youoeed stonpayreg ththatou t me>> w? nowt is aoud vetor taytter. >>ato w what.? owis it as tru ttter. o wt. it >>ser tis the thing >>er t henobo tolngyouhey did nt y too. they jnotboolou d w yteodou to teyhe show. thedidn wan you to t sh. -hednan y i have o been in j avseveen timesnd oee fnor t i j day s l o>> ts is fhe o ter tng thy is she lonst.. the t guyisare o c tomni th s beca le th donaveood he uy w thca athreon madoo bsehey ghs. can' findomet ng ttht pa a thsehe20000 a yea n'ndet tpa well m e wth they20 a00 a y ing etting arr telld w he yenringha somebyik mg eetng a isever enngoieb hikir mhem. is >>erru >>hy hre yllhe so>>ru pp tive of>>hyhe y wng so reeterks? vef w i a oetouks s i l e ou srmanan i he ia "d eye"egear an ts tant comment i"ust -- byeut" at comment t just cilme him aus -- bt ofotes. om us esiliay wh ae sd t ofes eryo n jt teessters,iawh s youon't tave job a re yo n no a mliteonaier loo a
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t touhe'te ob a mior. ther mare lilot ai pe ooo a the don'haveobs ghtmiow. a ere tht are pealltrye g toet n've s tem, owd th a are notikg th re lly. t et he s tkingbout y , thre n ll be ecau tsengutvery nig y arlookgnt a b mirauror orve n andiverne .arokg a irr >> no, n otdirne >> n >> if hmananakeon wi t t piece ihaft s sanake on bad, you anwiake meyie. s i led tha t pizbazaou m e l thaoiiz? antheyre ceng f college eyre c st fen to lk o cge about stentstebt.o o aut stat att.ou suppod to do abt hows a w ko aouup po t ding aect y stuabdet ow a debt are u exctin it tg o b aeortude bt e exin t bor veliket is free cle >>t kesve mketh sse ire th areleust ing becse t es theyhinkt is snse presonabthret g ec group w w leynkis nnd sesab hey let g gupl in lved it w hl ben fabook lnd twit andoom. ed w be fa tokheirhi in git indthem.ig nks t a blout s hyir i en't get baiut s a blo s t etai bu the b bks paid buthei trks
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bailoutack. the pigd eir banks ilt pai tk.he hebaout bk? b ks>> tt wa pmpss tiv >> hey onbat c bk?e aut twa ssnkiv >> hay of he rso cneeopl are ere is nkecsehey ahaf rso n easyplre ok iup. isecsey a sy i. >>oure all pking the pele. i a b >> aup pkier.he pe. i er i wentn tre wh a buh ofrugsnd oney a nd i ient n t wilh l caat g a love.buofgson a i ca g a le. >>llig. >ll haveigo t.e are wt is m adora he?aveo are denunny rwtsi m a frol dickien undun a rnb we di usolskind rnban latesook, we scdiwhe bunnies'man matoo orle. scwhe bni m . >>t a veoocne as les>> tt o aallocne brkft. les to brkf
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>an a that ashaie sh> b aha ced bynesha viecine? sh cedne ? scrippsearch iti m favori belvesscppeach vcition ag nstvoigarrietelss cne v ciare tithinheir reach agtar s ter cccesullyne be nininir rch the ae o r heresoily onabn ra. thae o therir o snttabish ra. ir sttish ack-adctedab rs. acaded r "weiewhis alrnate or bte r ewaieywor me peo e jstatorike icot bteer y pahes d thgum. eol of hosete totng are jpats thm. ems g pf eoplsee f tre ugs.t me anwhe,s g pple tome b kws. mewh cotry own bsckwntis h loedcoy n usal. use' abilscyis toet dnk noatr how e'ucilalcol thet dnk sh ps do. ho regaucrdcossthet l ooathe pdo . vio ofhe ga cokadetcted lab rat forehe wviof gen te c ctccined t re wg in
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>> a the s it is bad? >> ias g oi ang to say k iee ipad? ing e ce, l ab rat i. ng n so s kprisi am going to g c l you irstat bob. nprisamoi t rehis u st vac bcineob.vale say the tim of y sacnele y he t y hday of fun, whouere hing hda yfun d han t he g f, ates ti of erur lee, wld you haveaken hen achaci ges tif >> l i w canouemem r. veenci >>anemem let mustay as somody wh wat masveddayted sthisomodrug,n seriowhus m nte eyer tr ngis t dg,o n th der have s tet dngo to coter therave ng th te mules are soo srllnder caustheill m tesul mt o a i s sondoucan'getug t usel es mst io sooun'tug i if y doouave to sll eir. y on sero notou tavre t aore obab 10ir.ilon coconaineerot tre a ad ctabin 10 ariilon ocne we n gea vacne tt ad uld rkore power o e ge vthem. t its ve tou. i d rk whorheseeooweo all e ti .em i itll yveouou i w
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>>seou ceol itorll ti i you >>all i t>> w when wasoing i-- liste>>n, i iavk. to g en taso m i-- lten, hii n tos in aut hree o four mths.hi n theyave o ke thi a one utee oou r and mt anthher s.en. ey e is io the icehineou p ay d oranr n. to mof t ie tuce. ouhopehey e sorceful. to m t if youook t.hioun't pey yocethenfuindom ng efe ouk to te adcted toun' le h nyoend go ear ts?toad ed >>re yesayg mn oonal?arts ? >> es bause>>ou a ynay m addictival pso lity>> b se a i w wn figurehey di iv p n dosohatyfor coc aine w w wig t oerddtis? do fo sayocomebney o isddtis? overl uhsayeb is -- o uhistrted wating ortsr - uhtrd atgat ts "eaking d" whichs uh "ea distctinshow his uh >>ddic d tdistddintiow. >>s it vacne that n be>>ictddti.>>itacha n for aype of addiction? >> iet y coud map t a ofter is o a.ic i y cap t th o i sr g behe tougst one. o we kw th g coiokng i b hear to ug oitig? kth cok i h it dana a t par gl t l, wld y tak thisna a t p
3:25 am
vaarine? g w yakis vae? >>f u had aaccior any a icon>> rememadber tt ok " wrang k l iynonemr " wng iim--" aim--" wnk in tim e" bic wallynk everybod eimndsp tame and b icly ing e sa thi and iev iods tvery damiserbndg. g sahi a i i ry d g. so o oddti if they so o noturti other o ppleti i hurfng yheourywn turti othe ur h yltrh ceary ca hlthe goo ce aritcadd the spicefife the gne tng b l, hihe ce isoiif to k l s ohe tanngyhi co nveristionoiat bsbool screplay eron bbo >>reay jus conrsio in bars p d. j c i rs that fro t third dri. youo on lite at bathrrooom t trd d k .and y are b uical oit b hr gilbt gk d y a faled. >> lotgi of g cversationsat feed. nht>> inot yr o bfom. cveat ns >>ecau thas alyou e i n ing r tha bpoinom >> rembe>>doinaua lihaalu g ha auin t as ->> be in>> aliine dance? >> le.auas ae dce ?
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tho ght>> w le. doing one of ose hoelephtne books d wngnehf e th-- a ihoelhtepneooas being serus th a hin i wa fin g theinai sn streein pele w ewa sta finingherehetr w thesare ingsou dwnre yoloseour nd. in ese gs dn yoser . >>nef ththin -- jt to bri ne itth tin - pits which b ishe oy thg i inow.t pits ic is othi w. iferno rick per h hear about ts acneno andicker manda d iartbo f a tll of eacnend younghild n oan tdas f alf unld o tou miche bamann s tillch bbaenn xa >> t ss prlles t baweot dict to nythg. yo have teverprone t druawgot ur lcte ano i amthrg.d o yove eru.e rug th hardest drugou lanamr oaveone istho h gdeet d mri a scontish o g on t atoe, d o y ou havsh mmenon t sho n te-mailo u ds y ht fox ews .coen tho ma us oralt foxewsco 12or-5050. stl toome,healfime po12 23r -*5anev sttoe,im he s po j 2* ev >> tight hal time rort isponsed b jy sup. tht hal t e
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th ltiqd fooisnse byp. cookin ea lt,iqoo vegetlees, fish okin in watereat,ilkegish o inat slk. than sp. slk. an
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>> wco bac w co we goacow tanevy. gowevy. >> da, y s the ione 5
3:31 am
ac dal cam se tutnd i 5 actuly al tamheend ione s.tu t >> i still he ion belabey. i had an i i sonlleor twoe b nt hs had e>> corouwon't type? >>nt ihsou not typend i h c out aot typ say >> ou n had t toeet rid hf it. a t s >>ad t i betetter idan t i blkber forverythg >> se, bt its tor h to type .erorry , ittotoe bob, y said ste j stz oneuyou irboe y next to s s jgr seg. e iroke, iext he a gr. mac b oki anphe, a an mdnd an o an a di-pod tound and had an o i pod ounond util a itas stolen. i haveold opie sfil s "lestuf av maeogazi"ldopiedistef b "re gmazi digud. >>o yohaveopieof uaxim"? >> yo>> >>ellood bec i"?t w poly wtten >> youeverawd a sg i w sue o t t mpoag wenine. ou er >> iid t.g >> i o tdmt m greag i t ireec greg ands here to do thiresg a pe opleds aua hy wah ho dhi s >>ou aireim f or dpeoingle auawah
3:32 am
lotita lit>>tle. a ire f and o dyng t lite.av a indon oe 2.av 2. > also or 2 >> never md.lso ner md. >>efeating al-eda w food ano wl edge iefnstiadngf w wate od b aoaing.nowl ge na d't y fee thi te b aroatiincle was r uk de y oee yourhi mist tionareas >>ukou eah, i guess sono. >> i am not goingea g iuent it. s amotoit. and i will he big fight, andould ose i wl mper big gh aim tldinosg to sta cm. er youould beahe h ell om tin o taof h, ul't y ?ould b acthelly hhe w oould , ul? cty w ouant me toooktha came? , i' stry m.e totha >> ime w follo i'ngouryread and w i soong t he i flo wrg cerd >> t do n'td ati t its ju "re eye."wrer >>dot gitojure aheye. andy? g a. dy? is is yo show. yoshou say tt. may iyo cti snuw. yo
3:33 am
ou goayhe.t. >> hank bob.ay nu you are coo ay. >> nk>> b, yoob a.ctll yai dou youre a glay.we autf he byo a ter ardaig bouins. labut ae weuthe do ou rea llyr delie b thaint? t we eayelieha ihihe is ihe dngt soere. is i sh erybong wou go thugh oncsoe. i ebo ou io was wtherh oancrd i w -- ieroard was ter boardnce bse -i i w ssred ooard near f b hra th was pen. o f h ou wthatasn. brded yrsf. yo uatou boarded b youedelf. you boaed y >> inaies w had a lg nia it as the>>nnly wayes w ad a cou l cle out your nnithe way ou le isutour tthait w >>t as l esim a mtit and w >>teim and train poingnd inew yo. >> i as t onen wpogut need linyo your est . i t new andy edl your t >>. try to c tidye. havi be tryino ry coinueince staed.tie. avbeino co tuece wtaay., i dothink anhing tha wthei aret sayinnkg anng isotommohantnoedremoayg
3:34 am
ise kiot of opleha deaom mon wi intermorotis. kikef leakea wi ieria ak -- formeia ciaor sa cys iis k estli pportithe p son u i k e arentgati. tat'sithe pn hat alngar ga tiabouhe, ig's? >>erhat .alng ouig? >>ha >> ao, y arero tture. >> tt' ect a rreht. tre. >> tct rht. >> b, ank youoroiing ou t t>>re bg, ans y poisting. ouresstg. >> i - >> it i is off lit don't o itre. isff >> didt goarerha n't o >>idgoar hi. >> hesal about jack >> s alhiml his autaceikbo sherion these ml is peop scp wasot oer he trio goon theo wal see b opcpas o erif i wt a mtd t g s thow, w ee ben greould av to d i i at by timse slfw, reldav dt byse fny, a i
3:35 am
a i bobi amith y and i thanyou caushe was ob amoundalli yimndlf i a anu us bewaaria ndytimlisomee teso affe the tatuquoia he g simme tes olite fehetuuos atsy autt. insidees csyt autt. deesashi. whyo y cl me ltl becse yhi are. hy y cl ec yre >>ike the fact ttue becae h e>>s in the cikse teac t >>t ca hinhe >> nf is true. naou n sai i ias truen otesto 10ay to figur s outheyenre treecse o tothe 0g b tksoig an theouney t yay o wt y e b ks in it he wanillhehang i inkt t yhe t athe t enof t olupngatio a o fi nk thbig tnks ll bt gonend en t oere upll ba lot of little thg s b onbanks.nd e >> bhat'lo octualltlrees po t.nk >>t'uas po why eve needan ym e? y heoe't avect n neeand to g to a k.ym he aeed g a >>e t the atm a conecteto a>>igil te the a
3:36 am
moy. >> e is acoecretee loadeil moy. >>is areeoa i onhegovnmen ble nheoven be [. again saiit. sorryana. inai. rra. >>rear .>> ppy hour sal. thawoulbe aarood me hou. haul ad aub. a >>ubew.nnre askedhat thpoinof he>>ccupyes,nnre aed t sirs- ike tthoin cf theccupye cupyesirs a rs- neot to t otesrs. pys a n asked to w out beus oth re aedo wut beusr sder deb wellt is abohe udendebt d tha you ll s boere we you wiee denbt haat aouwe >> rweht h ye. w eeddan you sd t a ot ters us rt h getti an y t reed ensoturrsesheyillet nevebe hed b y. >> le yowoul h avve h h b. themigny.y. lyoul h em
3:37 am
>> i was job creor. ias j c shenspid fi d lkers. he pi>> ifiis o of ero thi s. i you oof havroo -- whenpiliouhi ply f aouob ho wheouhich youf a han' hado do fhichou ha hoo f awhile, buyou ve t che the b ve y evebee anilrresd? bu u t yo chavhetohe b truth yveee n ifou aesoong at0yoavto b remesru if aoong at0 res and youave make choi andne w arrestednd an cupaky ye s ou oi nd ve t wo t ahrowes tdt o o .n pye >> i don't wor h er t towt >> d't w h > andy t way ifhe can'>nd fin an apa trtme wntendhe hea r esn'ume. fnpameen he r >>esnd i he a dog 6 >>nd pods. >>nd dcotty po.elw wh>> is tt funny wch is uelsuw . i lking a nnheig w is ucame?u. >> don thi it l mkiatte a. me >> onhit m. h will vere ied ba to red w eye."e >>hat' fined bao d ye
3:38 am
we w e>>t'po fseto done abou15utes awego w.e >>e wod beonfe ytop ou 5 lkes a >> i as oyour>>idwoe.bef to >> im stl onour id >> hank iou. our e. >>nd injoy he ist ponterstor >> nk .who sd >> i woyas treo pteor d waso ovupyour intellectual mind and stly n tyountle antcoin e nd vad inatlyn ttng d i hnt eame rct nvaat t ain ig h aut am eacne takingway o a ut addictns bause tooneove ting "a adct bse t "a wle iim but you stm o w t rlek rry b y thing. >> i ill y to o sum itt r u thg. i l ck p try ss i gter uas taken l p of hea bsau gseereas maated v cine akegainn sthefea hpmaed vne ain vus membhpr ringhe debate chleach manaysthas mbr ng ope dngat ae shettke dh anmshas a pe said athathe wro what ias wdeng sd th iros wh iis wdeng vci h iseen in istencendeda thaee i n whiche cplned a boteute tte da handat >> tnks r a inicg. cplne abot at ts ain
3:39 am
>> dsn't it sense? h g on b>> tit ds ma sen sut i as me the h aonnswe b t.o yr d qumationens yesut ihat ashe we ns t yvatis quon yha wldppos mandtiing ch aaccine. wpp mandg acne. >> its themdanthais thproem, ight? i t>> iis t manhetinghat insha e prlemthro, ht? now ican teepanng peahace ills pr >>emandang i not p bl w n pforill, put f>>daot conserva ves, es.rl,ut andan fdang b health nssurae.vas,. that alsndaan pdaroblngem h >> y. ra >> wshou getnto tatls nex ptbl me y w >>oueet wo l do t nt. way o wr it u >> w we knedowndy w goiayngwrt i wene w we ll brig back.oi >>oming ip, hh e b jgkm b ik.s de>> tomirg peoplhe w talkkm is loly ode tir tellhones. p w tal bukt fst loelhos. bu fsts sara pin nninfor esidt? ifs ou arawere pple, you didn inr uider andif the are p pl yquesti. dn ueranhe ti
3:40 am
3:41 am
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3:43 am
-- sahal h madeer disn.- h she weang feceonight. de erthe orme drisn. la ske goveaer fnoerht. lde me uppoer she wlaill ovt the g n inpoioernhe w t12 w ngheuo a a nayinsion famy c om ir12 aodduo aand a preat condera onamc into aily odifed bore kin d is dreisioatconra ad ngto "y ieleie be ain thi d io ti i cld b oread eecveel ie in t diiv reti t c belore inire ect --oelplect other prer -- offerolemth er thnati's ger rs cong ossiol sets and t thti g esidcy." ngios nd dana surpris ?esid ." you da ce? s>>prheav?e us c eou l we>>ekheav susore eele le anshe so weore e ane said that being ai desidt mht sckle hhat o mu wn't idurisht. sck was litt surised tmut wmebot whos so good ats ttured t dog m aboho loveso do gd medi dog m aov this donnncemen t di in letter.hisnnncen t yester y c hris chris l stey anuncehe w stercishroi -hey wasot g oing oun acend i wt ok a -he 4 misnute gng a pre isst co nf aenceo aompl 4h. mite
3:44 am
>>ndigyre eerining. confce letomteis apl lost>> a.y e er ing. tughtt wa a et nic aet . le. t >>ht knowa e fac nha she dle i >>no home fy fhaerhe it w a wm tch. i ct llmeyy eel badly for whe w t icomedinsutee tread. f he thof t matial ey me wi notaveut tre now d urg t t at l n the wileotcteion. n that d notun agall >> obouhe lkle distrn.ugh atot a l ion't w ho>> tkisgh c iarry'tho t on im daste cdry her thmne tng dasowte sdhe h can r bt nd go t tngoow susansia b tnd gght tr aoss e wussi ghtrs w >> i tughthe dn't y that >> ion'tnow. tht dt th i d ion'tw. are. doesboelve s was d e.gointo r forrede ? es did u thkelheveas sas gng inrun rr proriden?rede? i d 't k w. d th iuessyo know, i g woud n pren ?rath jusask b dl a k i ss noesti i.ou thusk a ti i disage. i tug s lea o ar i d eould otun f s l presiden whe n peeleld rliot e w sah p alesinen w pe nd tt wa a b tipah pal tt t
3:45 am
ewaas n b rng forip esent. n ror ionet.f t mos tipatebook of t fal> ne t m y g de ttioakteinok tal flan. g taklala >> y ou k whahe plae e nocoopating y k p no op tidheew children' bk by ne gingrich' chirek bif neinic callis. >> callista. >> yca gissre j>>ks.alst >> ys re j gksgr.h. >>grh. ellishe epht trelin tough eimeis and arni abot meca tr hiinory ghd te ad aor the nibo bo is thinmeshorcao hi gicay tdhe bos inor ca
3:46 am
hi, i'm i, ialli ggrh. th isyli fend, ellis t ggr elepthhantsy f ind,yll new bk, epntsweet l o fyew bk, lirty" ell tralshreeough l o time discorhat liaky"llra hr amghica eci. me d r ha>> wak iamn a hei news, itur out w th gingrichs a hn e fs ewofur o mov "th e hango gveinnd a f s veeen i s imoves.the hgo end gop cdieete i tlsimes a e op wspe thatditehe fckls a ta spid, e cha'ttck helpur selv s. d, i ve tego b ck to'the chdr's book. lplv i t btohe chdr bk. he you reat? i he't but i w ant touoeat? dly. >>eith boo b i t wrailer l tikeo at efy.inity. >>h o >> d tyou ilink le jet hgs oueftitit a gn d eleu phk an jt suit ounle it i tnkheus tus >>as thatewtn tre? ttt tre? >>ow aemocrats goio spd wit h>>nisowhe emra g doey?o >> w are gdng to sot tsha do?
3:47 am
elep nt j wuste le t sntedoto t sht baeyhe m kid s wepe jted ung, y kshwba tyhehe dinidausr?e >> wenowhe g, y das taur. dinau >>enow das >>aueuld havbeenille longmego. >> youul didoaven wle whout ng cussin ou o >> wha wwasnho a cuss. cu >>ines it i. >>erhado yousn g aus >>an irds? bar yney's masogf s? yofoll edhelotariny'ofs asthe ow.f yollhelo t >>id y ou se ay.he show >>id you s foowsheomanhehonwhe b uch?fo s she hes aanornn b sr. h? was e a. shwas refome porr.n sr. as >> owsh ws kfonow p soromnhi bo else kws a ut.ow k sw aryou alin wit bols k aut tt aru in fact that ggrh'-- ct haeyike wat "theh'-- haover weyteeve tatthe question w was goi ng tohaer k yove ll pro videesonn ansasr. goi t o>> ias u alyo dmrode ans mr isngri's talastedm i wod al addhat mocrs neri to takba es woalddt noblfairnd b ancecrne o ai theyakave ba comes blir bce ai p w iteyhe om donk witonk o is transgeer
3:48 am
an is a nk dftk dodge irnd tns an a d ft odwode a gre cldn's bo . wod a g >>an y imagine what t uld lik >> ymane w t d ik >>he we c bac w-e c b
3:49 am
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3:52 am
>> ts we marked e prierefeanwo o " the>>wear d ion ewsprrefean netrk " it i hos ted n the super ntanted suzitan iosd t ser ena whedo huz enith u aiht. en lewhso sho cp f m thhe i htlate. eso .le ho >>poday f ted t b este i h. >> hasay a t gd ob and aov bines ht tes lieasd b a fndara om ey. . dteaslior bnit f eblp] dit stidooki face.blp] >> gwingp i was alws sttryi tokiidace my ac gngp as a iigsured out yio mac iigur pttut earlyt ma ppltt iatarionallyt gry. evemanow loop like iat arna smirkg. y. i a not.vew ooe armi at. >> t ss heaseen denied
3:53 am
bsecause emp>>yes heenensse ecsempad -- assumss heeas smu heasven -ssostazeasd two s ys heasnft womostazedwo pushed himft w down anscalator 8ing phehedim couldo'telp sscayinatghe uldn hel herself .ul >> sp pe singongtim eidnel h sed atlfy face. >> s>> becausefon ygtr supid aty f e. mout a f bloppau es?fr >>pies. mo got a fpp cald every every>>es n.ame. t idt c face.d e ry ve>> ne. idtac dum. >>es.. i w>>ld ask. ghy e? wld ask someoieazeno am n om aeoi tal andeoze will e ithe nr a a s tal me a feo m ll n. eher m aep meor e orot >>asthat swe?ep mee o >>hat as>>me in tt cwe casyo c ouldn'>> thal. t >> ce tedo cho osaseyolips c inn' whh thgueson heho>>weed cho ps idoesn't pear a allwh itheshen is thinwe d est ar a a s in d it is a ver ft, verfuy sh i a v f t,yo just vid dyin the b resh
3:54 am
u tad like 10 showsus dinhe b ta. lik 10 >>ho did a lot o sws a few. d >> d a itotasaster ahanny dy w el itas >>hereid yr finthenydy dude? >>elhe fe due? >>re yinhe de? >> f dduon dohe cti sir donoti s w doou p tdd ot ere? w doif y p havadd stupid e?ac-- i yav don't k it wtu a hd -- i younow oudo ot a kbout w hep e. atsomedy t ouetedw itoou o aut andaid ooli tedt o >>e does. ndd >> wh thsmirliand erytng.>> oe s. w thir thdshow h ilarytio.. s. it not fun nyoth mowar anymor t it w n fun f andowo i m no an or ou w bunotndow he i srk .no thene hi pousi bnt obamae s rkcod usis a thhi smirk.sint o ma >> how do ou aaycos busring a i ba s tork pol.itics? h d ho d youay b ngdo t it? ool thas?t w h dmaouzing. t >>o srk ef haeh lmaawng >> and i believe st wrk l an bve w i2. >>rokid ltehind. t he>> onl mkiovied havet seenin thet 0 tearss "th o mie ave haver" and s ohe y thars " ala. have a y t
3:55 am
and t gingricho are voed i nan tols.inho a vo i letn say is. thinkts ve goodnd v eret fun aay t t sll wch i ve oo d>> tndre vrer a l of poli wtics i >> d i tre re l >>sday night lics d hayave ig cse t t wi a pt game wp up > wie tv'dy wi l p ge p see cli ps wifecendyho l fo x neee .licoredfye.enho ne .ye
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>>ba to ts ly for e>> pbat ga t wrap up. >> t lnks, forreg. pgarap u ts, g.suzanne, boe aar is za e,stillicki yousso onar i il itte kiou >>es, hankforring o thpg thlastimete was o>>n, nk "oredng e"thpg g thste 5 w00 oewnansd. want more. howany fol.we- an mor ny mor eowyol flors doe - ookeave an youo? or >>ollo domhiike 6,kee mou >> soarik beet6,'s s what t mber s to orro bet s t
3:59 am
ertoro dana, atlanta >> yes. i a g da, t go aano aan y morr witbob a g t go aan bkl rr itwebre k i bepklarable no we aoi ingeporab no a hni'sngor ecl, aye sci 'sd b has k ec aye scianty that b as long rht yes anty anhashetaii lo am rnsarable es buanshe hedn'tean ii that am wansarle >> i hinkhe d.bue 'tea ihat wa i nk d o of tict people havever t, and she appef toice rt epoplicawhicis veamazr in ahe torepcaic >> azinha you t hink of t elephant i d't tounk a tbonk t anims, b. eepnt d t abo im b fe, g u lea a uidt ta i g idta >>hinkalstaexto nk e ephant, i tug t s neexted epht, t m hneavd beelighy allethanew td. h iavm notee posiv b they lean . re sim ili in n b >>hee wathe ipirati on reimn >>wae ipition bobou are


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