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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 6, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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telng the no go ir intoolits b ausee t telhe o g dithey would to bite bsehe t new di he w ldpublan brorunner s. bl >> snnonthats itor pokesroruer ecial r or st.onatit i'keshann b . ia r or specl rert oine nex i'an .we he u w il ec jre oe exied tay . w ilheas6. t ay .capt ned clod ca ioni asserves, c.6. ptd locani rv, the o eill ac is e ollac i o ght. anotr diupti fareft est newort. itoty.ditiar what o t hese eot rewlly it y. wantnd w is at fdi tngse them? rll y we'l have ansntwers wso fdi thosehem? 'lvensrso tsetion >>hey re leral reamg at ouon? >> y l al >> esam at we, thd.o. wanouas us t>> es ll g at wethe.o. uy fm thwhithous o ll at frid nigital cr me d fth it us ate. id ig whoas t me the bama dmin tratatn bese by p oshoble ter sca al hemain at atrney ener holser pose sparely kwbouthe astateyer ol anurus un ti ngre t khaut anongut dunti not o t un gfronot
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on cgrs. ka rov lnyav ws. kaovny alave. w we e so in e he lly. >> a dens mle oaln th e so n he wemeri ns avy.e b om e aen tm on so twe triouutad e tnoc so ttimead alsomill on t h me willsomsllnituation h areou llittieaon f sreome se foot oo moh? >>auti. u ar abou tomo eerhe no >>ti arouhe in z "theactor" bins zigow. heto b in bil hi,ig iow. ili, i i'mill o'reill i thanyou r wahinig.'r ll todahere n neyorkity an u anwaher inr le demstti. asda bunre onefrkypl e ma rc hanr leem st ti wa strt. as un wh plma rc h aret extly ur e. watr at w do k wwhsha t reexy turhesee. w ksha lksere tse b organedy ssomeeryer iesngrgeoply es tme nyeesng meooveolorg m t
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anhingoou? meo m how anngoou b tho ge r pal mo on ndedn pab by sosr p oply aied self ith emon edpa pr soseste. op add aion,d ome lfionsh n the te iteduto ddn,e nsor trs. uit er edion oeaorchrs anuthe itwayseln ble ane yscibl of crse,ot a worke in e ce, aornionke i spo bngindownon pitasm, ey d' indo t agn, w dohese p eoe ta, d. agwant w o thsecomm thrd sees toe inco quitnt thmm hrse to grou lik the rkinco famies party. and he sonouik ecoe inmy or all mi p d sonco ll coitioareaical io e cialticautalfits th wanthe vernnt to ta mon awaalfromcheutts th an e rn flueo andive t t otaonhewaomhe ni dea ifou c an getue ind aet u ca get in niea pfous cetike cat n cubasnd ba zbabwe. sorodoest waocli. z ba is bwe bgest c itroisestwa oli. e pne s b st he wts per itnd tishe group p ar using t whe pr t g ar ung t far lealots
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to t to aarieha eats toha thespeop areot aing r lunty h lp. theyant esop tre s atuffg y nt h . forc ey it f necessa. t s ff y its tr the far lef i rcery ieces . sapp nted itittrhepresarentef obambecae heas n been pped dicaest no h.amcahe nee mr. ama ghtl knowth ca no h.vastajory ome ca d o. a tl ow nothwantocli nd whistleor o meca d me o his ogra snorentlindhi o s rasisededtribute nc e presint kwse w bedetrute do ed ihe t ough n w phsi e w be hedcor r adic i t gh w h in t endhe te hsterorson r ics. meanery ch. t nd amica a gat ctentryers youant be any . aama g cry out e fa l aeft zeal youane. jua don l hur atnybo. e pralhe touts rine. juonurfbo prth t l re 1960s wnheowerf tohe pple ovthen ltas0snheow to pits eeovent evtual manof t odock p tes ers evalan t urne od k
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intoerrdenapalts. ur st a anydy o wall toen stalet.ts . thats th em any o ll now, forhe t sto st. t ht .atthem ry gw,orwing tver tost a tht fuous, heotch ed galngr a stin tt se a me canfuuns,shech soutof t bor r toinrace t se a meo wans ut tortoce wauy the i mic uy tthattoey geralaid didn knoicaboufastnd fu ous tilattoin g talhed dnnoouamst fus latin t cbs newamncered infortion that ays ats n m hdernc waserednf not b eingats tthfu w m hnderas s t bng tth that s toy th gried jne out .at to th i writ to jo bk to fast t anfurus w whto youb stod f t aor an ur geral id i not at h whou d sa aor. sai"i'mot se of hegel i t h ext d esa b ut iai'm h sofro blyexte ard out st a i fiousro y fothe rst ime o r thd t a la f fio wks foe t e o r w, t documts s t t la f was ld t fir im e abo tutocum t is s tirul20im10 andbonly ct oul2010ndy 20. i wld rer y to e depamentf 20 jus ce w r yo thi is t attpaneynt neraus >> y, an the esidt lievhi he t an ttcellyt
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ra atrneyener and as g yatan e id nfid ce i evime ndn wlle ateyer nd gsoluly k w th the id i teimonimhend we gave s lunsis knt athndhe teonavsru thfu l. is a >>ill:oini uworuth >>l: ni umocric stallrt j cr ta trip her j in new rk a lann dav in wiphierngton n.w a bi sto nn d >> n i eric w hhideto had no bi to asono ie nri hde ad i nink heres a m up o ton wo si k res a mupho wo rd th story and he shod h didn kno autth t s sryffnd s h th wen w ro .dnno t he sidn'ff say he then n evheern'ea h n abou therogram head nreas to ieouheroamerio he n as>>ill:ou a talng to meie er noio notalki tohe >> l: a mialions tf pe mle whi no ot yokiareo pinhe. mi ns pe wu arthialki toe, o kayoein you nt m t o b eliearve tthakit thee, o atrney ener of e un ed u m ates bs caieed i to a the co ress nal eaatringey terof un es cavest iate ast a f io cossl ng preped bthe top ste aepies ep bhe a ts ybodyould wien you go in a frodofld wonesyouon he jt dfrn't waltz inonftes j dn'waz
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do k do do do nkinounut. sri ed in thenou snu com u it hed a en s c m d ss yo a tling me it jus a mta jd s ayo a tli m i-- us m so jisat aemen wh--is gng tbelie th so bedes atu? en >> here s nowhuest gn th tlith the is o re so forbe es ri >>renostth lderth tisoreor e l. >> bil he er tombarrassed.. he>> iile s bembraed. he ibembar redmb than rean? ese e higuysho sewed . an i read th queson a rea e hiys s ede a nswe itas i the ntex rof tthhinges aea that aent weong. i ink at iitwhat ie mee t.ex t ng heill att larig.fy i k iatme hel ifri nessar >>t isecesry, as g ory. >>ow dyou enear i>>t?ises, s >> i hinky.e wi cla fy i >> d u buhe i wasn' t inkwila l ing bu >> thi it a basto. lng agrethe s n r>>easohint b re he lie.s n rson mayb the w a se. a
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ybhea embaassmt orisspeaki o wordbut ey he toet i n basmor ea kifronof this. rdt h to i bil whea nes on ornizahion le c h as to ilhene undeov a orza lem co h s tong t de atrneyener andet'sive ng thattoey geralhe nefiof t at doueybternd's ee thto gal you n't ke hfi tou h. e say at lny u t rig tha he h. didn ly lnnyurse. r t weill ve hhe b endnit l onfurse the weoul bt. hhe b e fa of e of matter is ehatou. hisfaatchf mhiats iha operati isch wenterrihiy wrong wchas o rad to hentriyro deas f som eto amicanitizsecause tho d s gunsomave en iolvewit am an izseccrim t. ere a r son nsr hie to iveit flec e r>> tn t ihi arue the ec la factf t matte i tt ieae t at iead out is he cttattet aeatf wa not id shat ris ng ahis a formwaion otth t atthaneyri genehil orshe white house rmn t ttey neor whi hse aintrion. e >>ill:ut tt isheir bo. intr n. i aee wh tha >>l: tis ir they ave obo b me t a w t eyeo bme o >>ill:his y hagott mod ouof tre anyway. >> l: s t's halttk a ut owmo preou tde ny
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y. obamhas t to han d s is aowre ll. am s toyou rsedoanorkor . presen c lint youu edf.o you ve l o f esntxpouienc u withhis stu. l of carnxp lieooked s ky idthstu h e rn lkedkyid not? dide. is olatg theve re t? whiche s uld ve lidrned y s at th noew. e joe exalyig . ic sd l ed yshou be ttin out fro now. putte g alxaof t fac.ut oue int ro wh didhey ow ndttal w thy dac ut iset o otwhchidedy u w d >> b l: ty ar not ing o ot chat. >> n doi the brisi tar t g mageme . bil so have.o l d th noihesi it nmame h s briloao dcasvet wchd th it mas thbahbroaasdmtistratio lo wor .math ba waitjoe.dmisat ca ey g s tw quesloons orom. the o titghe.t guy caap gtwress de ent. g he lks le aap moron. d an.we lik e y l laut c mon. on, an ik jay, canut't s cay the o esidt ha f l y,fidenc can s t inim. id gohato awer lefinc inim. go ar e questio >> hknewhese qst qstio my h coewng ase bated iand o did car mney.y co awhat doe ithatd ell you? d c >> ty.y ha to arn get out oe fatl of a
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thao sn ryet which t f o flassicris m wagemchent la russ 101 and jays is lrn m em eard wa h eruho01 a h jesrn en fly arwa bed. he >> bl: a er tee y rs f woded ar y b a tuld ythk it ouwo bd betr an t ys. d theeal kmageecauseouhey b are t geing t ts i s he fl thgeausey dama to he oe bamage cgim i t w is ing doometng mao o ma di ieren i' goin to b ng dg fereoet polics erdie. en i'in b dre lierwe c nge, washingtond now wh youtart to -- i ct lng whi nd n ke you rewhourt t h--idg lsoth rticarlyrehen hsoth d't tnk ic ly n th havnying t h't t at i what s sothtranav ny in g abt th. sh iatsoanrapancy and abthut sh oht pa nc thndutatsow a knot o th righatsowa kt o ay. gh >> bl:ertaly ty gothe ssag se bwhathey tall tgohe d o tomorrowag seandatriy t. i'm dt gomngrow rush to d judg nt.m gi wing be ir a rh al ance d. dg . ge leme twie s ve a mh. al ce weppreatet. geme t xt ovetheh. runwn wereet. kar l r oove r
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th dicors uearng r th dicueng lls. s. 're cturynk . a w ki of broaand mpan coitteto i rovi li' cwiry hon .t, p sonaserv e, a kifoad an co 5teear iice vick givrant s wiond co pistenaly frvt sp ds. 5r e gnt cote fsp.
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chhat lives strgod e ocheilltivacg continuod no oll cti no
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>>ill:oini us om llasfox ws alystarl rove >>l:nis asx ast l you veardrippe and du dripp aavis. d whato yothi a bigavis attoyohiig >> hdid e th isigto hd ths ig ory. thin areeallbad en caustake looat t s. y. heinoes re to llngred to uskeoo ts. hes o re t testy anwho briedim. if y a testanho b bef t torn genal o the f and ur usrnen o youhe f douayureus ou is the comnications y e ceivis. he om is nirroucaed y iv s ouunchchff niompos whdidt ppa hi he ets nipoo whinidp jpand hi to her.s o remeer wt thfirsnd spon washen e me stor. me w th rscircated- wh the em osonasn mes werenowno be rcedwhhe eemxistences? re
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wn eir bspon was wel he edoesstt rece alls?fhe m r onasel h es threll ae in fnt of h mm. wher is h chi of tath in f o mafng p ceer hhif of per t t tma a corinne p ceneragetss re a p tt t a or revied yebod rats re a o iseadi it tt ty vi odn rae wain f gs t o heisdit t t attoyey geral. ra wa annobo in eeparent hef to g oughthat here as anbon ar t anytng tworrabo. ste gh at whre theget piecof per yt tat srrs weoot a.roam wh he got g onecn phiche a re swe aroam segoingonangehiusch w apo to knowdrugeal e rs seg aan gge ownnerugl e a hop er after ahe h eonftsced byheexan scautheditie baftey a raid wean thieteaid an idenfy a tra the p rtaiand lp uset en a radershend howhe aid ueans getrs h toexic and whoeas unssiet icnd who u th. hostup was that. thbodyn thatto ey ho up geasral'offiha appt.entl ther t read dy theth mto gel'fipptl erses theadttory geral he is tbe bieveand body both ss od sheayorgel t bved dy hthey s s h goa conrn a h i havone h
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some cckin o ngotnd ion i as i hav meckin ont i s prlem. >> bl: j is yingo sa he prelves it a b js ngsa heelve w a.e.a opation d th kep i a.e opion thep a om hd d dn'tully briethem >> wo em d 'te?ly ie em ly a one n oc>>ber at scrid thprogm. if t t aidnet ocr t off rithog t wniidt tff bels tn t attney ner isompe nt a sur un debe t t tt y byereoplthat are ispe aurun incom pe nt .byplat a bil youo uphereou t tonow ncat y arent ilouupre touldiw . yre >> yh. bil the ame ing uld di be sd fojay rneyoday y mes ut i theilriheine gg andd s fo y has eyt toaynow a ts thing s ie ri in g isndoingo b i n p y s to aw ndais ts ing only nswe is iis rngeferb in you ty a theusti d epartmlyt awe ihe rer ou esidt hafull e cti dytm ahe deide.ha ll wh doehe lky de le wh oe l bute ma theista of utma he tagagi. o e fit thg hehoulhave dones s ginyfhose fith he ulestives i'not a p it ionne s ny tohonsweseandant ref y ou tii' t p nto t to jusweticedanep tmef and y t us ce ftnd at tt.
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bil i'mot gng acceptt at fm jayar ne il'm g a is epe ptsint u im f j respsibity t c ontrol iss p ju ice epar ent.spbi t c tr i'isnot ing g he riffjuedear t. f go o t ji'ustit g ghe ff dertme. wantgoo kn t whayou jinkti and at pside oba this de me out .ntknha u k >> ook,d ay c pney,deoubaehi t righ but >>k, cy,e dsn kw. gh t bil whado y meahesn esn' kw? ilha yeaor for then'w? p resident. or f mr. amaheellsr. cney wt psint. he t his about. ita aeld hlseoer. cney t ouand el thi autt h uoe ou >>dorget iteloure making >>ge i mistree. ming yost thi ty ca about ts. they on't yohi t y ca bonobo haseereto s tos. lderhy d n't ueyea'td tha boasre so er dt ea t mo? you ow, o warespsible r brfingou o this ? your u , sswainspb the arbredng. ois th uronar >>ill:edet mexpln wh th th don'tar ce bec se >>l:bc mplwh th d 't neeecseasbc cer the s ryneas c er he ncepr.ry a bc epr. bc new n jgemidgeon.
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erylrokellmidg then. yl mkeo sohe cbhad t do sethi m aboso cbad it. shibo e neyork tes . theyre n goi to neverkigat it. but ey h to ow teyha n hoieno ve at an itapp the t t ho t tgh h ys a goi ngan topperohe in t oghn a oi thoo a i - >>his staing th spi n o>>uts ta g ctrolorhem wch is pi n wh otheyost it w ch aolm wch cbs i wh ey t port andneyas a s ibs prar tod and ortndyas i feprarodnsivnd >>ill: don undstanwhy you y h divoesn 't car e.>>l:onnd an y >> y seeto tnkt the yu h dsn ar thinthiss imrta y ee t theyhinkhey heanyka b in isthisimnd ttankt everybo eynk y b goi to ve u a to is t e bo pang tttion . oio u th areakina miake t pattti i'mthreinmie tli you thi ha d am of e ear t tlis ou s tomething a weon heave arors set aut onanka htev re ht pt it. a ut is isot gng t o aany,ka r pt it. thou . iot g t peole dd bey,use a spid ou
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pe d be e son mdntedy t a. medy th tol t.he aory geral abouit a eeo thol the andagel ou a eo huife i can't endmergcy adha t emhue inanay e trgs sodsemikneays a so ssipproach a toeangithanrousppach toeanghus weaps. >>late dens mier on whetapr amerinsave b >>teen mi o ft. et so, mee hari wilams' b situ ion.. thos repo, rtshail aamfter these tu n.ssag. ospots aer tse ag
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>> bl: iyou llowth poticapollyou y be gettg ve consed. b ii knu i aowth po carliell tu hibes wee k h tt wveeonnd. kn abc ie pollhiwchee h showed ttnomney ll leadg s tweact bomyne 2 ad ac and bhen st aheadb 2
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sacram to s s rdn ynd cai aad b tiedt 17 aam abo s p rerynd c ed17 a bo 12 p is gng o 12 g mrllstim, di o mois. mryou ve astimdi mo. insight . u a >> yh. >>ill:o jacarn andhe ns ht .st a fur io y. >> l:>> yja. rnnd >> hat a thensig? ur .>>heedia aum es t yha t >>t heig tiahe aumes whithous pre secretand t itusre s re s.nd o not bel the pridenand as cc ess t ooot b erybo. prend cc es teyo onebo mike ccur who was one o ton ke ur altimereat wress w o secrars nrventt en dalmeat ss thweek sateg y cr marti ns. tt en i hink t t bath ieksigheg and mtis. i nk tmighty isomehat igsohte a me wt of a p arghtitymet priden h wder ofprobly a p kes s cm h pren r obd t y don bs her cth tm h minuons at a duton br t there nus a d befut. bil t butrearnehas go out ere dd fa a c bple ef to hilutne gs uys.o t e fa ce >>es. >> b l: yto wou thi tha gs. mebo>>. c ef b you ohif tta bo sobodyoulde codinan og f messe soe dsnoo k
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so dy ldlikecona col legessso dook s hokemo. ol ge >> mguesis nody nts brg thbad ws t. obamar mes ny s brthd tbaar hoer tt th is methg riouyou ve ttalkbout >>ill: ou g to kidhong tth s th. it ou pleu e th tbosslk ut synd me a>> notl:elli g.o id >> b l: m be. t le thi thssk itust nd aotlieflects an d b m . kes eric sthervoitus ttha ef le s theris nody chae. s ic s vothes tpoll howan tha t er ny ha happ? >> i is w l wiesin tll marowhan of e rorpp. i w wi tpeopar putut t pnolls a nd payorttenon tm. op ut tthe pllslsav a ls ha 40 0yen inte iewse sacavh. lha 40 >> bl: sit is -- tews ac >> you c b ic b u snderan i-- om t pol tha yperr c is ic udowncain is a romne is tol harr s nd of he am wnin s a omand at iabouall u c o dramrom i t. d ioul c drro 80 o tand ieview 80d >> bl: t samee isewo smal rig. and hen e sa ble g ts amis smal r bealuse e qu tion s ig rep lica leanndn sa g albee quon epcaaner >> n it is 320 in one pl n t an380 i i32 t0 i onthernelol an 0 >> bil you ohat erat i
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thin >>hat tin b thil is ouus ot i in us>>t in f e. ths o >>erry los iserus cain gain. >>ry os s nserertivewho ce led peiny annow gren.aing hav er ve o l go oveto pe cann.ow aing h now, ougovec ierview ed c w, forou yo wsi i.erew c you allyorrilledim yo bt?. di you rk uu alyedwe? ?>> iid are diu u job.we? >> iill: aid yre makhimob. eat? >>l: yakm ion't mak e em s we it? ke tm tal'tk.ake s its on t od a tm t t ro iton t >>ill:ou a cai suppter. ro you ke h. >> l:>> i a notai cai pp spoerr.. u h >> b l: y tol me h iwas otai po erseris support er. b yol h s andou td mee wld ri sver ountrt a darn nd thimew thatr s whnt you aarwen at dwhr. y >>ill: saihe wn't ingr. >> l:ai w t wgin theominion ande isn' w t myob iinto aiolyzehende n' alit o f myhe i s auazeonhe. herm n ged striton of suaon . camp gn. rm he h been id tr think andand mp . seef heehi a youan adgr 86 t hi h ee habeenhe songe of l ought a tho peo 8e on thi t hhe
5:25 am
ha en st se ingehef d t e. hoeo on thinhe h beethe st in stngest. >> h is t onl one atin h ee e mod up stest. h tnle onnusly. mo up bil he thenly e at h aonnulasln y.abtax ile hey hform la n b >>tboutundantalhange. rm ev twoven re b ic>> futcedaal hang worhere evwo n onis t ftceonrvatives and orre repu ican d oon not t lonrv oivma a topuanot l monole t compassion issuand y ty are me t c pa heiotlesn sud t reconsvatis anrepuican hahe a hesrt, re aut t po, ca abo p pl e thnsattianpu an haare hwn t, dden a the t pocabo justplth ve a e tenheusiftfent a nongernmtal olionnd fentrmanainermits t mngnmol nnd arcula nd eanraner tm that, ar la prive era secr tt, solutio iv sendlyi thk thec mosofr ol cain supports,an y reselyth thos of all buness n wh are in the spo re co of the tbuss pwhty mreovemen t d ki of a cohe pty mem vley. kif thene hd, ty sebig govementnd b v lable andn thehe her t hseangthe mventntains b oabfnd g co oeerrati hs anwall mstrent andnshey oe kif of theco middle ati hanerll c iresndy kif real s akein m fdlore tm cs a al seyak d't f f tmhawall a
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reestre spes f or t hem f t ll d dot th k gernm t a e re pe f ob ta spheks fm them. the ardo thethgnm a t oblesp falhe thrcesarehhed the cain tle al ca idac eseh t heyo ansked c caacin? eduld ama n in08?in? >> aiffe nt d ita ti th gh. afe >>omnewille eaer o th. beat >>nelleao at er anilry intowas the drailt.ry thto is s t a lital forcehe d ra u ca m su ths a it al th is hurrorane ced weill ca sehowonsug i ths rre weoel se w>>on bl: dk mris om h e in rviecai b d mn. s werableo gean interviewai with re uiting erlege rry. rv h ly iidn'dong y. in' it,uliid. > weope u sty tedor i idthosrepots. wee styor ospo.
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>>ill:ou m rember abt o yes ag wead >>l: memab yeag we atheist ast
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on t sme. t as.a n ew book n paral bk aimed th childn p cdhe me th ldaginirof rlityd he is in mofkede at t rarlid schdrennd a mlekeend tar ch en rrec >> y. bil andou wt th to not ly becieven scnce whic yi th k is goo thi ilnd wtho t but b rejvetsc geodnd icthisooi rign. t ej no,his nd b autign. sc nce.o,s it d bsn'tut tk out g. sc e. >>ill: t m ks d'tod. whi havyou >>l:mooksd. hiavu a d bil i wt thugh he booknd y areaying t ha il w th h erytng c behe ok yreinxplained t yt b cexpined scienc cre >>verying out he sc nncaturalre worl can exp lain>>edryg t bhe nur rl n xpinienc buwherdoest mock od?nc bu iter sayess m tt ese thing ar tayst eshi aryt riv iriveyt hapt iv hasri myt. pt >> bl: y areryin toet has
5:31 am
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5:32 am
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5:33 am
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5:34 am
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5:35 am
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5:37 am
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5:38 am
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5:39 am
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5:40 am
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5:41 am
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5:42 am
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5:43 am
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5:44 am
pa or's sake. >>ill:aybehey n'tave oughakutrion t think >>l:bey t st ight ghri t t prohiin a a littl stht ro ginko a it get e mioting ainorin t mi ot goingakor bil reaor sgoomak mle il ea fortbal s thk yo al th oyofficer. >>ill: add anoer bder fres oric trate >>l:ddnon br costa es tr sa cnalifnia.os we wl behere atda y, ifa. wbere atda cemb 10. cketgo osalerida mb 0.alsotoh an s un et ole inda connticu sonohannct 2 nncu n the landmarinct th laricihmd, virgia.d, rg. vemb 25 a tl mb cit5y noveer 2 diityou e tt in a nove 2 diu ti ♪♪♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ ma annncer you' reaed t agehere u'veearn a tng otwo. manner u'ea tgere vern t oo. ths ishe a of owin whaneedto
5:45 am
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5:46 am
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5:48 am
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5:49 am
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5:50 am
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5:51 am
soon wee c o thnheebater nt w eeonnd t th atnexte wtee ath w t xt wth dat doethatake e nuers you nt io iraqat wh oeatige ?nus u i>> diryou nt t woh? d yu tr hav anntview? yoyou rve a hhoic an yontare viing t?e t o you aic yoe ge t fm. >> s yes. wi youleas >> d 't tk ab t th -- ses >> y are ot bwingouas d tspabtfulth you e ju tal ng. yre b this i ul worthless . u ju al. isot a i er viewis i wyou thessa.angi, that is w tis a ierew u ardoin u a gi , >> iat lissningo y. gi mearnin a nswer. iis ngo .>>y goo ess, e hgiade awe sudde >>goos, h chan. ud whaset msfe o the an hat fe he interviewer fmntvim alazee i calannoeetronounce
5:52 am
hisa. cnot ro no rucefeldaidhe intervier s a soiasend rulddo antiacan sot thsendoljaze fca y th >> dumeld link ze was o fn y x anfrids? dd k o youo anidso? ajazeera they w luo ank numobers y h aavenja'terth l ard out. k but ume inrsrvier wa't en llin a him . d t. t >>int goieteswaty and t e in iminte.iewei thk as >>go tesalnd te wesresthasctl. tu aralsittg the taing to s ebodwho s th leaesrct of arttthtagcou nd sodo thea ersstily of callgousfel andiar and e i llel aiand iwoulbe p.soo if i er uloo i ihi >> ill:ou tnk iwas e in rvie r's ulthier >> l: t i >>s es, u are never s upinseies t toell your g ue s.>>, ar n er >> se mit ha beees to l ou >>ghat aifrence, >>mihaee y e >>t if re e, righ >>ill:hankveryuch.e pinhds a pat s ogh deck. >> l: nku arrynot h.oing nh aat bve d this mik art hnguckabee andrg beve isneyikong hkae arg proje ct yo pje pje pje sely
5:53 am
5:54 am
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5:55 am
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5:56 am
so w>> pside oba's mn tt rk defit is lacof o pexpedeenceba m th tim arou we fied lissac ideopegyce and ore e thcutiimveoue l expeencen eonde e myti opinion peceypi >> bl: a howid tt wo ou sta b aow two outa finewhater. liwillehrle d. neat. li ll kaleenrom hrw ylek. i'readg killi lco ka en m wiy my t -year-ol d ndi' adkli boug six ther opiewisy t t geeaold lder chi ldn.ugixer ie e wayeou ldhi dve wantouo ncol ds chveactesticr is nt mpelng. >> y are atri .olchteicis el . er meri yn kire shoriuldead lisn toil li errikihod isintoilli eryo shod gethis in yohogeis
5:57 am
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5:58 am
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5:59 am
to wods a exi bute ner f usehem. wo axi utagaie thas foerwatcn us e he toght. aihafotcus tot. i'bill o'reiy. waysember at t spi i'll'r ysemr tpi >> p ofhe mning tyo thsdayoctor 6th. i' mof mng gtcheyo rlso hoth youaye toon6a. hav ai'reat ghe daso end thehoour andav theaorldsat daacti. d apheendh fouer aldds creive ti niusapteveobas dieou a at e agreof 5e us vea lk atie h t fe ag 5 legynd l ahow auall chand th worleg w a ll >>anth rlmeanile, fr n yoro >> attlane, tr norost a e ven tlst a land it'day e0n and the occu all ndreett'yndherotes ar cu growg loer a loul whre the pele?tear an wowl tloei aou whhessaepe? an tei channgsa n tat bigabors an inje ned io t mix t weeigoron rertnd y wil je i tx deci. we >>ee'reoingo nee me th yil ree urs ansr tho ci qu>>tionreng neand u he md thth m e s tnsho qu onpresent nts d s