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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 6, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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stimus, d t, yet9boheree ae mothan t yea l ter,im, andet the reesid at is gain picmongan t ea th lr, caan i-- e akinidis theinaseic th ifth thcae's ino actn, isinhe e gointo g thforsehs take lisn.ct i eve innde gnden esenomi who haske isokedat ve thideenuestn emi orefuy basieve thatedorus hito me susthate arefuakin bveat ou an sura e msu picy ainsatrein a oussib doulen raip py recnssion its imrtanor usa ib touo makeecon reiman thr weus a takoostg nsum cnfidcethe puing a moy inst the um cockeidug cu ing xes moere inhe corke smal bunesscug s ae tt ct make sensal foruss us ao t put pele bake tonsor rk dngstheork thautpe nes to e do.bao dekha >>epor r: a it'netodo impoant putheonteut >> orther aoft' y pohet utpresentte ha th new er nferce n.est o piha tings co ngthew erp --ig n ings ominpi nateepubcans ar--ointo gsin. ading ateubnsarin amemento th cha cur nc angbill ame nt thit's hhlych exptedurhatit'sll gointo auall go 's h dowyxpdat's th in se ate dllocrago wil tryow to h rerk iand brinitse ba dra upilry neeekto but reso idomorinw, iortaap poin we' goi tne getek the
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t or inthltajobs innumbe's,oiet heunemoyme numrs f the nth hlbs ptemr.mb e priden clea yemantmeumto fhe h get t the toemy aad o prenea nt th to yto f met tho is a o thgumeo men. f men: e he sems ve fcuse me onehe replicame in ee ss conveess, fse t br baiepcanas oons,the a earlbrr toaiy taing outhe o longist senate a rlto dtamocrg s --t sena ngemoct ts - swhote areot dcr -- behi thi nall.oc -o ifre biets hihi taked . toax oiflyi miionatses abillnair ted oand t ohoswho remina a allirhe d present nted maosngo a00 est ed ma 50,0 a yr, d the s nate mocrs get ,0 bind y dt?th steeporr: wl, ie talcrd toet bsomend vot c?unte in eor w i alnate n thtomeot replica cte sn e o te esthmate u'll stiepca le s a fesenaeste llti demrats l lik fenatonaben lson oebraa,emts ik her deras ifou to han on tis o ra suax f milr onairas.if anhaso t tresint wl be arsu f shorof til 60ai an tvotehe'lsi w nee to et or t0 cture tut ote'le a to libuer. c re t sot's o ghly unkelyhat woulget rougbuthe .nate so s d, c rtailyy, usunlyt ulreput icanughavee o intention o c aitaki itp. gyn: epu coaninueve toinio oke aim
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ki t the rublins, e n:coueo repuimican theepubcans he r libut , is paicul bate on puan he catol ubll dnss no havet aul at onough cal dnouppo ofve the ghdemoats r the prpoidenf themos prail. heankou.pren t we'ralsoeari newprreacl.on k omu. hse s eake'rjohnsoriew boner yinghat e h s prkeidenhnhas, qteoehro. in bo r e tongl ont eadehip topr foenss, q instrod onn h toon012dep camoign. ta a lstten.on h12amn. >> ieta ln. d my sare of disaointnts is i ymyr. se f disaoint thathe esid t sant ans i cldn' co yo sant hae agidemen on tan cn'o big deaagen t disaoint thaig weea c uldnsantha ss sewetronr cdn leglati s inhe hse fm so ofmyonownegti in h fof coneagu. but thinhas sappntede recohangu t hatin hapsned ov th ppst fede eeknatap d to wvch theth pre fdentefekhe unit stas gi wupenrent itgoveing,taive gin l adinveg,e an spd fllime cmpaiing. lin ansp f gyn:mehe caig.resint sentlly,eniethat n: cusaon wn heassi ask nty, ieat abt a silar tsaory whehisk rnin weabill ave asiair rd tbalayed
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deba comg in on wel ar la boner' ba omchar thathisas anor' caaign ar evhat mais a azin--agn ev mamasqradi asews in coeren eentily, the sq dis boom othws hou coen e ti , plushewe wl ha n bo po o numbs foouthe ite use d us wha ho nthos mayeoreat g n mbfoe e e presre o hishoosay n es o >is othefox a nniwstiler so om tay's new confheencex n is tere t ssue was t'sewnfce t tlynd. ue th's t sasaranelcompy ra ed bndth th f t sftereltmp tk ra blf ailli dolrs in f loaer t fr the a taxliyersolnd wndin upoa frhe dearin barupt andaxrs wfiriup 11 pople deina pt ndthe esidt toyri 11 ple alleed e id to theuesonshat liner le overhy hi hees samppred tsat in an o erhi 35 pr tilli d pite o numb of d f gs anli dtearnis mbabouf thed pospe fs ofanhisni mpanoue ppe of>> theprocs by whishhe an desionas me w on theheocbywh mets, was deon m wnhe stightmerwar, as d ofourstherwereoing to besthtar dates ofrserreng in rnal, yoe kn, wh youe ddealesg wi methingalsyo mpliknted whou al
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withis but thgave nfid celid hat e is deci ons t re mae b sed id whatt wou cis ood ra the bd amaticancono andou d ehe eric peoe anamputtangnond pele bk to wo . me n:iceoantt do pe bto mclway ho oreme oliveromashiton.mcay h doug >>reporeer: ggenthe it ve musehiearnn. lanigh ug thapo: en e th engrernionaainveigatghnha ofth lynd isrenanotveat goi aw of ytimnd ssn, itoiwfact vest atorimwant sore iom t housct st ght hestorcommntteee on t ener usnd cmerc teleed ammen lett sayg, quo :er crcle a ttayuo: >>eporr: iwant infoatiodati allhe way ba , no>>or t i prentdent foiotill oba'say bano in a accpanyg guon. sta ment accny coittehaian cltafntter cote ai saldocunts reral a sa sttlincurelasonshe: a stinlash >> rorte nowthisollo the leas lat lt we o rteowis lo e-mas hat e eveaasdat the depa lmentwef onerg wand maatea the
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givepantrg soldra anecon ln even t as i ecam ve clr tolt tha on lve compy'sfina ial iamcl svenc tthas mp secarnaus.l sncis pre conrence aroday. present oba areainon ncfend ay th taxp eresoanst tb sol adra.n nd >>f we ath goixp to nsble ola. comp e inhe>>we aoi1sto le ntur thenwe'v got mpint tour d inaten'vot cuttg-ed tchnogiesowe'v d at goo donate tted tnoes'vuttg-ed godo te nufaurin cleaener isttedart hat fa in ckag eeaer os tet noloes oft th futu tha ag o ha toelobe o badth tuherehanhe utedtate i ao wee gog toea ab t re ud suteeed. i eporwer: igo rtoardab tothat susecod. loa heor i r doedantoat to co oa prideooeolynntaven o it spreaili -- yn wasen t fling e mailread qulie: m- as fng il adu m >> rorte it ems at th indates tha som admi stra on o riciate t res th ndthroesng aha comtionohe mira wi oia in wting ro t a appve cono neloanwi guar tee wng foan t apppare iline anmpan mearn,e ba too in megyandoug mea moelwa tha yo we agy als trauging a m waha
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delopi sty ikansyo aity,lsrag a ssou . de thpit pents ifnsy, ou tth-mon-old plisats iin tod bging toronld he sa retu - i begng f theodetur b ng ofheir augtuer. eg fsa whe tur p rentofir say snated fugm he. c ib w tn mday pnt ayght. th o herat fhe prent cwille m joying meive l ert. th o hour p ntll wi the atesjoon tge case lth out fitherehey wi arhe descesbing t theashaos monts fi rey afr th sayar th scnghe reosized os thr dahter asafth maysing.hreed thda er >> mrunnngg arndhe hsend >>werecreangnnaror r, h reeand s wanowhe, a i sid ll s wa 91wh cal a 911 sand he sa whe a the hone91al and 11ey wdh resct oathe wh a coheter ere leftne tem, ey d w werees gon oe shcos evr ythie .ft shs ou tlitt, girreon shs coshleteevhi our shou fttily, and sheir ans ev ythishco teur my fy,nd b ys e sevhi y b and we we nd h d ho. we i w cn't, n can be thou h herho i ct,ane ou ergyn:raceallher sthe late fro o wes oastn:cellr enewsom. teace?ro o es rortest andheimele hews. mynhe e? rtendrucl.el jere irw he w mo's eath
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ucof t babrerw ss h ws cath me t at:00 theab srnin h ca en hcame ome,at0 he theront in door was hmenlocde, a allhehe nt li ts w eor onas thfirsthinoc he allid li won was thrs in walk h arod th hoend as chked is t sonlkrothisho 8- ar-o andchd ton-yeaold. thenewalk 8--o inndlisaead. roo en lkhecleay ranin qckly toissaoo wifend sd theea babsan n in qlyto thcrib fe sandeabsas y hrd nn thib t mo md y, y h ey tmo rancallwent arod th hous theom sd, t cellanllntro th phon -- tee o us theon t he s tel on - t co oter wer ahe t ge. and li 's rmcor leroked aike g thinhad hdppen noingli r d b lenede mov a ind hnotheng elnog b pearov to ve b anmoveth l now memb, thinitl taroryo bn s,veegy tat eyw mbthit ha-- ty soone d br eny io the a so e brndowi wa ito shoyou wt 're lkinabou hereow wa youan sho tue twpoli w of cerse ninfronouref lisu s ttwli ofwin'rsnonf lo howow tt is. n' itusheup fm thi. bott toloow t u c seeithe fr fth howttoall ey th p. e, an ctheyeeefr aso sppinow
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l a pnterbox, t wod beney a s infair eas t p slier iidehax,obe ndow ir ase poce a sing tereli we ie noignsof ow ford entpo a sthg ewe esti is uldnonshereaveoor nt beforc eny toti gs dnsireve therberc nre'shat licere n gi yingbouthe inv tigaeron. 'st ce sten n ngut nv ga the. en trus the he fily tat u ju lisnedruo, thevehe f lyen c tperave wh juis dinche the t o cra w go. wi th bei sd,nc erytng e o sti on eo. tle. wi th ei're st r lingyt ouanyt ng.tin like t --.if we hade mre rng tooouyt. , we ouldke sta-ed m elinattog sohin b weweldta ankl n't elveat any ingsotoin bustiwe kl elimt atio ny g>> rport: annobo iti elinat, th's t imio ey rrtpartan bo hatound biel. atth th t e nowalkrourt datnd ockeand bilked thas ty c llnolk ou to ked ed t c300 no ghbo kif inrvieng t00m an walng n bo thugh eirki hse, stf chinkingiehing tanal ot. th h re bi hkey,, he b ipch ingalng o is w a nehbor whobiy, b sa h i sban told wer aeor2:00no thsa h moing at h had act llyanld a 00 se somne, th man,mo wag ing had cty arnd wh seom a, abywrapdn, inwag ar w anke d, ain, yap inporton yo
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ke sh a yes, rday gyn, thert poce sllyo he ot msheesay n,anytheng po st of h tat. m that tur d inyt aead en of t me.n: tce, ank u.aturin ad ain, flks,nant ake ymeu t, k awar li 'sn, fs, pat nts eke king y a sper e pl toar thelipublpas for r sang retn. a er thpl wilojoinheusbl li r saetight thhereilithiinthe xt hf houiht rehie hou >> us hathis ale for yo bre n s on taunt isrle or gunm whoyo shreup non tt rkple nm calornihoyestdayh morng. s no d dpl in dalmatinistyor . sh downno wh d i poce, d we dti ho to shve awn le rort win o , out wen mnuteon th.hoo a le r t> plu se dt amat mteewh pollputtg ewlu essu on s d at thwhit use. lltt ank suuntznn ma thrthit e. k minutzs onhat isahr mea for the esidt antheount. nuont eaor e id an>>ent i hagoneut of my wayainneof y eryayinstce, metis atmy ownolital rilyand st, tiathe ustr ion nit lemoctsod workit replica to trn fndoc coon gundo overk thisepcao cotry frwar co gdvehi coy ar
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men: t grong wl stet prestsre n becming hme t ro w posttica prtstory n th beg aecouplng h ekspocaago ry theg lwer apl manhtan, now so readg acss aricarom l r cotnh ton,owoas adac acam prestecooompasinin out a prnge tessu andmpin t a n e su esidndtialandite hman n cainakin m atidaldihe h n de nstr ors inyingin atrotters ouldut hedetr clas ng waare, ott anrstake ld looinla the mirr.wae, ankeoohe rr >>on't ble watre do t>>'tblamthe gankblwa if y don havre a jobdoandame ku'reot r ch, yameonavourlf.ob d its not a re r, erse's fltur . becae th itot sceed, itss f rsonca fauth ifhe il. sedit an on soauhisf .hy i n't an derssond tsse d onsatio i and at iit t t tht're okin rsfor. t dnsio d i tth meen: we in i prosts ca y onitme isweure i ecomero s bigampa n isscaonis ie om2012
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gwe'lpacontue ss folw. i12 'lnt ol >> treas i ke ging oundhe coury tking abou tas iske ggobs illndou tngous becae peobsel rely nd he rig w.caeo re nheig our onomeallneed jo ri t nor omlled th iso no a rino ga, th iot thesno ti for ahe ualga pthitic i t idlo .tior u pgyn:icore no f mlo tisews coerenthat resin:nt oema no held f tshis co enrninatsi o e pr iden sayldgis tt ein has, pr enote,ay do a he tnoe fis, comn gr nd we,h thareo a e pali on fi fiomng tgr w honome andhat li amecansn airedfif t om dwraning ating inme nsngre a. buedthe ates ang g n requinpiac bu e univsityollshow thaesinac % iv tyl dipproow oha h . ob a diro h dog hi b ob a priden 5% doand hiat an apr aen-tim d n l i aim ess gh, r h lthis i poll g.s , h ank ndre is polter,is anhe ll jk ns mresolr, w. an inniac i ptingim a j m 55%
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ni i png a sappval,ust 45% prov d ju to tinto happl,t a 4 lile f therovsou ljuk o futoher io 81%li fer ofhose l fu rlled io are ssat%fied wif tse ed rectn ofhee atatioedwi t and present oba no ctofongio joys maritynd ap oval fesomtbaong ysny maty ap aldemo faphigrouexce fo blk votrs i the mohiouceollfo at let ha of bl allotheot ihe coitiollgrou tha elpee puhafll he him ffi inudincoioyounouhapeu ters m fiispics,ninunomen rs dippro of e johe ips, doinen at ds th tel diroou?f jo i >> ell, hat'ins on dthelalf theu? sty be>>use l,u alt' havon t lf foshen t stbee alav tttrutes whetr fo th he trt an tonfence inim wther thetreset blievthe htran nf's sceeoneho ss hat ty werhe meannd m bns wevt he sne s sat t whet r th belanve h ms w ae leer itime ofsa et cthsis.el h ereare ecif leattr iutesmef that cs. ee ifatttr anesin t atwork thate ardoin thttpresentn is tollaingmongrk tho as at ar inll.thes t thkey emen egynla ingng allhos of his. th wy therenheyynelienll at t fut e isof gog tois be wer ybettie thathe pres tt.utisoto if back ama tt canhaeonviees tershat bk thea aanvi
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rsthe oy a ort-rm tgh enomi tes h oe wodhave the t- t e abmiity t winhese pple hwo ve ba.he but re'sheaby inse p proelem:e ba lievthe i' goit to'sberom: woe -- eve cono'soi goio tobe rse xt yrwo-- tan ts yenooio weelieur e yow eonom t te stan rdsweie derioring, eom an noteor g, creang. seehe sck mart haotbeen crhedverhe eaast .ree ee s ar mohahs.en all thecrd weeret emeo modeci. aft two y arl he anwee e ht mont tha this ciftsn'wo yhean prevus e admistrion' f ult,nt ha isn' ev itasdm notrn' bome ft, he oba ec noand at i bsomeeing don' knowheth heba cn rever ecom.y. d gyn: iet mmeaskg n' yo ow abthte ctherer .depeentsecau it eemsn:n mkyo lot bthie polnghe pe ts aureputicanmsare ing tofind t ol ainspresent ama,he pu an e mocrgs arogointondindor ns esm, yt ka,w, so of screarinithnd hior seagai t y kim.oof sso wlookoh the i epenntshi s ai to g a i w guoks,he i ens obctiv arom ger. in tseu lls heobivom. nde tnden arsidi aga sts thee en e uinnariacdiga polhe shod es that. inpendnntc volers dipprohoofha innd v shisiroerfoance 5%,
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s 69foce 5 in69pendts dappre o how he isandlg thecon y.innd d prnow, oheresint how bee ssayidlth allon ang t at w,sie hee yi inheted ball acono, bu tit woulbe wrse he hed adn'nobu enac d th ul we p ici heen' h acth p encited.e the h depeentsend. sm toe th ying dn't liev t.pets s to theyeem be ng dt saevng w n't eylievm e. at sms tbe asa w t ublit end evne f the pside. s t so at's ke a tli lo at t d fhe p de ovall piure. o s a yove g a plosidet twhos numbovsl apie. eterratiyo a g pde os coresshoseumbe mb areerti a deteoratcog, ass amseicanbe blicho h ssnd lessteat am an faitin t fute, bicical h ey'rsayiss to hl wi l it t ut you bal d th ishe ssu'ryi oat hwihe l esidout don't em t th isundetandsun hi comnicaon id dot he t try ng dend dhiperaly tomca ame he ngre, toryhiftthe fcus dra the her tde efennsvani retofte fs e r avue.nsni megybut amavican. doblam congss a well gyt theiappramal raningsoaream ev ng awer llan h. >>eind tprt is rxactgs theev poin itr s p hsiblthatoth t>>em tiscthe willet town out in off pe,blath t thver ll tnincuentt ay beff ce ther
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feet. --cute deeate ll tl yo the etne-- tribe d te th theare r tallyyoherusated wiib thidmi straon thhee rhatly us edit dsn't t kewi rehionsilitymira fowhatt ha donat d't t threpressient tyesn'stanup foat ha onand y, lk, the thest n'antimus d l di't dhewhattaseanto dothe baimuuts d dn'tdi datuccet innt e wawe wantdoe thais t d't cee he th c e wa lislaon'snth to eensi. he c hould lla's tak esi rponsilit ld the eric peoe wod s uaknow wt? rnsit ll t st y .e ic eowo bu sinstd o wking w reonsi lity the t yes t bu st shifit o ngto resity c tngre t. hur if ngre, b it csre dragurng t pesidt'sumbe reb dot as ll. megy thaags t pnteridtings be becae we h rddo his . t aygyhaerng cawe re herathishi t oftpoketheme reat ofsyou ow, 've ne a lo but ftkeadem the ofu , e aoapane t unamt he anwe hhe aran sing, a tam e siatioanin hurop andr s g,ile al ofhose msiio indopd, hand bnacto e of youseeem m bendayin hae vors d b'tantto outo hm r abt th an >> tvoy're d tintd bla habthane. game treti ey wlat soone std u mefer sutio , de wnstrsoee st u resus, ait wn r theyake siode tr
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stakand en m esu a on w he and ey de 'tearha om akd is m onminirati. d dt me n: frk ni ltitz, ankou s at . mu foreingere me fr >> pasur l, k s gyn:ll t est.muorng re moreominin o purthat brking n: t newst.romhe wt re cinst o eat r ngnt f a m s pectws inm w t c shoong dths thr f m sctn peole. t soone s be sho t ad boo ds hr poce ieo ju. theast ur orsoe beho b so. po i weill u tohet her breingews . sk athe wettomlf our g > pwss, the c auntre omfis tay h . cotinghe wa our p lhees he c tr be t chged b cong comnywaur ned l h be.chd bom n and app. ana guname stejobs d pp reme erina tranguvisiary,mete me intr >>si andy, herenesbaby >> li?nd re vashinwitht a tbyce froi her ibvainth a t sorotimeonda nht r licend t fbnowomedalookg n ce teverhereor tsbw cld.okg revasted paerntsreoin t c . li rig he asdpasin "am ica ve."liige nishpcomg. ama ." shom plse, ing rome outwol, othg oysme areaiti r ys plea, ju dreoptier off r. ywhe. ea donju dare. ff
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1:26 pm
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1:27 pm
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1:28 pm
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1:30 pm
1:31 pm
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1:32 pm
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1:33 pm
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1:34 pm
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1:35 pm
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1:36 pm
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1:37 pm
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1:39 pm
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1:40 pm
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1:41 pm
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1:42 pm
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1:43 pm
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1:44 pm
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1:45 pm
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1:46 pm
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1:48 pm
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1:49 pm
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1:50 pm
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1:51 pm
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1:52 pm
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1:55 pm
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1:56 pm
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1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
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2:02 pm
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2:03 pm
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2:04 pm
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2:05 pm
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2:06 pm
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2:07 pm
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2:08 pm
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2:10 pm
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2:11 pm
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2:12 pm
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2:13 pm
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2:14 pm
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2:15 pm
2:16 pm
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2:17 pm
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2:18 pm
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2:19 pm
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2:20 pm
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2:21 pm
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2:22 pm
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2:23 pm
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2:25 pm
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2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:28 pm
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2:29 pm
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2:33 pm
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2:34 pm
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2:35 pm
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2:36 pm
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2:37 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:39 pm
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2:40 pm
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2:41 pm
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2:42 pm
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2:43 pm
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2:44 pm
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2:45 pm
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2:46 pm
2:47 pm
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2:48 pm
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2:49 pm
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2:50 pm
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2:51 pm
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2:55 pm
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2:56 pm
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2:57 pm
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2:58 pm
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2:59 pm
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