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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 6, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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ift pdeo aior souds i liifcampgnouli spshepd: tnk y. ashe pside madhe ep t y as p deremas,ad aew bcks speer boner d hoima a bs pe bo worr . heoiccus the predentf giviorp onushe trent c untr vi annow oo citol t ll. wh dide ctr anayw col . whid w? >>port: toh lauage om he eake>>of trttolage ouse spker sing e pree dentkef t the itedtatesehas genspr s upg t coureryntto e edtes gorrp abt t sou relecon. d norrmore frospearb ehne rec. no re theroea predent14 mohs ne forehe ectio ths in herent tmo wel d re eioth deinde h wi tpend th til de h cpaigng.i arend thi lislang. i cig. re lla. cam igni. its veramni iter dippoiing. >>port: a moh agieoig. anmajo ty>>eadrtamo ctorg sen a an jottero thadresint sa cngr len's s aown a erth mesi d ta iassa lr s delopwng ae jobs ptattin pe ileack t d
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iplano p on manun ameicansack a to j wor an pan m >>aneparckike, toor >>hankar ye, fromapit hi. th pesidtnk y omitlsoalkhi th pid abto e wa strtk prost. is isabt watrro. iowin isi whiing allof t city in si hi g ere elleop teverhere d ty spked e operre d donsttion sspsimidrly naonwi. an dstononaan hminty spetime wi thenawi presteanoday. na and h lipeeporme om wihe hi thisrteay is " udiod i bor but,i rst, is fiend co "orkeio b and t,llio oft, app fndoke fs wod dde moioningheof ppssf seve fo mong s e jo. ma conder m a vionar d sa him as a jo le ingmaorcon r ain theviartech saim aaeginduryrc i he ch qution he ddaccoing du ippl aquon d56d cog afr a ong btlepl wit a pareat afaance gthe ws be appredit on paathe hece e pagend sea onpp mdyon ofhe he vice hege son mfnvend. atppl stcees aross the untran anden heatplst a glsse. he peop hav beetr lingndflows andgl lving opaverseeal l nogsf ow gr f dung aan lngrs comncemtos
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tribe onan age t dewaib outonde his hme whe t nighb sai wa uten s hi her hh t nhbai n sshat her ed sas t n ercot h th oove s>> i lled myusba co ve i who ed my wobaed aappl12 yes a iho ye ed t mwo apl kidyeho a wer ye t m stai doi theider hewor and i ai soid,he ste hor jobsdiednd i hewas sigte prtbsofd s p yr lfe. beinin ts comnity y wi in tomtyi fami mi.. no pduct he mn pa app ojust the pctictu o the ma he neraplantuhaveet o tohee an unce-fbut ere raanveoe cmpanan iscet plning a cebraono oice chisanlifes d lacyplng andit is cra o o eneurag g fansfe l ynd shsethei thenghtsagndgan hei thts ndolces ols oine. >>epar re muhea o fre. the cpany on his>> iar u aseame. fr th creponyer: nis is as i dayhe coany asd.been
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po: i a epargay coy en ar fo readng ielf r. heasfo en ad iattfng pan eati he caer sce 200nd wenttaneti ca s resied s wee00 ago the w w aense te endas nr nd si seeegohe w ed ase day tndfterhey n uniled e latt ainveigatayn otheery iphon anded opleho wreat atveat o eereseatiosay hond le wthatt joeseioy abnce s ticeleat an se jo sayhe abe vcuum cou ceanive s y ril ch fir vum chceouo cche ui we reir tchih ctock tday. u th hawe hi fctuad. ck th we ty. owntha lst reptut mo fua the alystwn say lhat theep pect mo pces a stay hoathe stedy ct beuse ps vests kn ts dayho te s cong a hey bevee st aknlot tay of fah co ay inew c.o.t t offa cokn co. t o w c w js' han jickean succsor. ke shepd: mh mo his cc a ep mmo hiife ale a the lac heleft bhindfe a he uld e fincia lmess ft ropeause bnd aothe d fiiass r
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>>shard:he fanci cris in ropes ve serus anpose a jo hresh tod: fci isn peveerhe unaned ssetes aonom threo un s s waoming om sthretaeithr stifngefo t sewate g s bataingth coitte if >> eupefo te is basog lge ancote so>>eu oselisntegted lwith thean rld ecomiethat el a svereegd th crheis i duropecieat cld sreause cr i siifict dageopto groth c re a arodse sieic deworlro a ro d>>shard:e is clingor rl ropeto tabi zesh gd:ernmist an cng nks. th european learsbi gnm ancraling to ontas. deb throroblseain gree anrang to taelaneb andbl p tuga ee anan sain. andnd pga an sn. aly. a gman y. wspa ra gallenduro "theost dpagerorlecurrcy," do wrihestbuil dro orr a," fountionfri deil and o icke." a annow, erriun on witend usto kegive san hw, twrio itcentus ve htw on tnt fox
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sine ws. thn sreta teithoxr s ysne ere .e th st sstaoth s e mimizst llou gerr he is tking mboutiz wh w dd in outhe we of rr teis t ng fallut wh dine wof tf ll layannd sre u thei fincesand ay you spubl the u eifiepoesd maetyohe bl seheet mketthat nobyo kwsa abt, cpani se mlendtg tatob her k cmpans, ty iedab cni t nd tt thn r betr can t foong d kethevernhing oveet bod aoo er ngopen nde boill a se >>epar eveoneay en w at ll wee d,he s imul and>> tarvee restid n w wor but it sulnd t did stork. n e polorics titasid idorkek. u mol notsike idut ike rked m itot stoedheke claps i but id n ch ge ted toules fo th cps t nks. n so thchsame t proemees c uld fo hhavehad enxist ss. n oso youhmeutro th are cd be er ved st napilizeou thre e >>rri:ettepizeapilize therare ffer t>>i: res fortepi ze bank er e bankerf amica e.o. sa r the or reas he cha ing enk nkgheram a isahe bec se asee hha g w er i rulec eom ngre h cosngimul 60re
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llio >>shard:hey osst adnisttorfees io sshmewhd:ey se.adstres s wh>>gei: actl . shepd: t eurean ntra bankge totl sts toy wh her epey w tl beurnenou rankto tanottor mayer. whr w be gerr greou queion. ey otma. sd rrreeuen. willoon bk silon b - an unlited one ye oannl ed d edeane he isehiseansn ey wl a hssns be wstabized e so that isoing ourarke abwhicedare sohais a bngnch. urke shep d: tice dow s up 1 bh. rcent t ay.ep t owoane o u en bas tone. ne oa hong ne ey cld leit andnstd th boutoreo c nkslehic nd ma toostbig thou fare s baics, w ma oo too gg tofa il. is thaba what o th ing? . is ha >>atrri:hey ued thaoneyh payg? dwn th arp>>i:y dbt s uha at weyhe payblem d thih yourpay he d aimir r w pem hi u hmi r - probmn rope - ther are ob trarsthat cide ey wl taadvaage pe er thee
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ratuatn anat try t ode dri wtahevae stoche atan ry tshepd: wl weri ke up oc d fi o ep fiv wwe hosefor wp welce fi o uiv theouroporn w maets lce crhingnd u ihesopmasver crorngills theix ereece ll t waylo alyherogr? ce t gerr weyo donnow ygr? rreon ithnow is lkintodasayi its uer coro andt wll hn s innotdaeyi cattropitcbut u ond is w port t wht euredoesat op thettake re of ts rtwhur fundesenta heke of pro tems whh s nd tota mucros pubc dbtwh to shepd: yuc areart heub d be teain bus ess,ep yght?ret >> rri:artbefea it.uss, t? >>epar >>i:the wlist. rept ch >>ar wsepay n fobusiss ns netwk, ging yo tfoowersi n ts tw gospeg mortge ryoes t faing er the pe lowe levrt in rfag isto. i harepoed at te weevn ha >>porri: th te isim aweme >>i:h low pernts f thfirstwe me ev. w er f>>shard:thf crsers yocan buy aev shi shd:f ceyo an >> rri: ne oyhi tw >> i: o >>epar 3.werct fm
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>sherd: a de oit lice hefice:is csero tal afr ade bot hece rai ce cr end wit t aaf shting eath ofoaindit ltle gi shngth whil a rlity shorew le i cord it may of ast il rear.tyhoew mera wererdt y rflingt aspolir. raid raredetr rtngaslirea me id okintror aea m rderin spec a an ofices gwent o an mer is ec sanen-yr-ol oce giednt o aslp an onhe oac s -y olpoli sayd tatsl on tc oflicer'ay mache t nfir aidenlly t buthe filyofr'clai thech irficewa aeny arel st a the fy y poaice tedhe t co rceel a ihe po u t t thprosutioohas ch igedhe co u thoshereios invuntahd malaugcoer a a swre pduce withnv pertarynd obructman ofug a s pjustcee. with us er the ancrbctof o st wis he "freomncr owatc " re atc senr judial a anyst,udgeen di nalita. thprosutionhas t,enget, a theensenata atornth hasosios een
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i but a ehaveset. >> adge rnpoliasno: en i usua beca e tht allatio e thve the>>e li: rodurs uacath andll tio thpoli trihe to ke tduideond t liawayriromo eke t procutoeo the pduce wnted to iraym t roto th p ce vide w becedseo t speaculo lo at b de theecolice d not wape itulo r belouset bit cohed ic ow e ddencot tha c ldwatonvt thbepolie ooficed encha c sotherosenvtiont hargthli t oce oduc wit l ingsoe seonrg trand juryucandit lg otrucnguste nd and sding therydoli ouc onst an snghe wii oseonhas buthe procuti has sewit an aseas trotiase ans rest, therand jy of o peresn, t ohey ste in nd e j ounio veer t od, the ostinoung stembut sioe pe oittedhe ngderhe co tituemon it ste pe teurts this oner rsonotu gr id jy s cideto ts indi is ee polonegr j ter e precut dedi skedol t gran jurr pruto d . send tede in t a montanurwe d ve stbo d thse tin psecuonntindi poli for homide both mmitd p cu duri thedi c urse theliorome ordary it wo. rihe cshepsed:heow, tre arerdy wo algatis athis ep offw,er t reforee we iide alti tis is
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ffuse,ire d g re thrweghhe ide wi tow. at ithe aegat ne, froe d t ghr fa ly. wi .d itas iate aatrobull t whi ruckhi fa. siten-yr-ol girl sleellng ohi ck th s-yolrl ceech. o judgth n colit.o: dg t atrney kow n ititeell i not say tgnd tatey k el i t triayjudg t wi dece whher t ju ll riehedg vi owiandecwh ro t t juknowf vid the ow veo bstaiatehe the liceersi or theamil v rsio but tae grted e ce jursirhendil t prosutiohave sion thet grurideo. t y os caiove sdraw yherwn eo colusi s. y ca esn' looawk g yod forhe poli .co si >>shard: as n' aoo g ungor repter d lire r entlshd: asasan a o gep r port , yo setim r tagtl s ongith ohe ps rtyo d simouag g h fear aays, you kw, youope ar you g aomets,ngou tat b kngsou trpeh to t yo g sceten t t, bgs the tr to tar is alwssomeingsc goindo head a i ilw wmederg if acce wilin n be a wlimird. if >>dge poli no: yoce sil n thee sws onmiet >>e li:yo s wos, d e th sken a lotwo d meyth and y awond otdoheolic doerta mhin nd be yuse eyarend o nico tlevion?ta
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in jusce beeinge e o tvi? fect ?usng is gernmt fce ercis ct becae i l ks gnm fetteinront e is of heca i l cama.tent of wod thdo thi ifheam wodth camhiif re we t tre? am ifthe wame w t t t?ere, f woul weemehave w pro. te, ule ve >>shard:roow eryonhas a cara ironof thr shd: eons a camas cast iikel bughton toths stevam bs. judgelnapo btanohtlike o manythesr hing ev . >>shdgard:poou cnoke atch tnyhe ng jue shd:n c e fochbusi tss ns ju eknits a 00 foeastsin, ns:00 ni a st cent0l on eox bines netw k. nt thonform ala bkaesoverr a tw th rm foxla ntriertor rah alin id hesot rning for x pr idenri r h her n rd hend effe rngorpren o ther d esidt fied if ohe a aft idfi that the esidtives hif ta anft th atrowi wal se eetides ha protts. u mathsay, stwial st ot. a mabuncy, ou knwhat butou oght toeenc th knatutthin oopletreo thin leangrgr
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thafteoon bins th me pa andore lls. thten bs mpande s. theveng guts aive. bacto se kns. ba to re pls.thengu ae. c skn th days doba buto ang p.... r door rommeed ave. thaydoutg . do r me ast .pillcan ep arritipainway l da t lln ar tiin wiy h fedar pis th tylol. withifeis lpia whthchosyl2 al.e an few pili l fowha daosfreealf pa. anewil fodaeepa and t thall y pa relf ale in quidels. d thl pael len ids. leme tl yoaboua ve portt phe ca i me. le tyo ou vewhen gotrty ph came mcareard, i re ized neeend ot an red, medire sreplemedt ee sura e caan, top. di s meemcare s on of tra greca to th gs aut tning5, mereon tre th a tng t itoesn cov everhing fac it ly ps upo 80of yr pa b eitensesn ov erng act pup 80 ypa ese ifou'ralrey on elible r mecare if'rreon li e mell nre to nd o how aar.. n o medi ore s plem t w arsura e pl sureby utedh lthc e di s inemranc comp y, rapl re udh hehcs co r so ofin ncthe mpdica expees.. he coso nofpaid y mee carecaart pe
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3:28 pm
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3:29 pm
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3:30 pm
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3:31 pm
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3:32 pm
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3:33 pm
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3:34 pm
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3:35 pm
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3:36 pm
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3:37 pm
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3:38 pm
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3:39 pm
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3:40 pm
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3:41 pm
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3:42 pm
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3:43 pm
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3:44 pm
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3:45 pm
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3:46 pm
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3:50 pm
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3:51 pm
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3:52 pm
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3:53 pm
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3:54 pm
thab tnid ththnighn >>arur:h dregh --. ar:re >>est:ute-. c sent>>t: t mayb cnt dr.urra thould ybe r. raed bul . b . arth: i undstanbut th wil beisting mich lth indant thil b jacon'sapestg urrich he iso acck'se an cle lyri troued a ty he wisave t pictane of allleth rugsou a o ti e the. t ct ofnot lle or tgs o vthls b t zensor tanddoze d v b t teimon ns sterdy ofany wenze wh ave en i tolve inte hon er lofe. y w i washone the hon w ithvein him h ls, i i tastedhe hon. wim i ted her h pient tted hind isr ying pnt tdhi $1,000 mon. ng >>epar$100on $50,0 a >>ar $,0 mth! >>nd tt is t onl m rea!n >>y teis tnl ppleeaf clifoia prsusedr. rray becse tere c nofo wa ifus . weayecjohn doh te uldowa th ase bewehn posecud in d th stae,e creinal pcuin curtrm.
3:55 pm
th wasta siesral ctr thas sesvent justike chael jckso was precut beuseent w s ste miaeael jsoas pruteee w milackn. >>thur dewckrew rew,>> ur jo d doewoulew notave w, pr ate phyjocian oeickiul ote neles aprehyanguy' hakio pnes himo s aeep. ity'a p mo sp. wou n'tit hpen.out h n.>> mhaelacksought t th trementor whver as m elks avlablghat $0,00reant mwhth.r av blshepd: ty ha $00 stimy an ep t harray finrpris on ert timtan buto mhael ay jasonin prints. on d t l yerst m thelkaou.n t tave ps. lrsthu. te mreestiny. d n in mrouale,ti. oren, n iney he aoue, rbot thre crrie h rth cbombieroun d th is intesti tembvisi.un isok. nt tilook and at e etesi. . i
3:56 pm
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3:57 pm
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3:58 pm
3:59 pm
>sherd: d bere wcall aay, n s re th he: hebe wll y, n stalervi s ish fincial trble al bviauses of e-ml, inal olkstre bsef do n-m sen so. whatkss t ate nen pno. atto tll e bget gaptend pn me ju betap m mailu. ju ilail ilucrive an ty are yingju t gil i cocranieeano t se e ng t mo gunkoieo semail re o triasizekilsham os t ough iaze raleet now,am me t jghk co ngraoet yo omhew, pos ml j co serve. th is fro"stuoos rv ths an ro tuwalltreenot bay anenco agin ll seegnst b


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