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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 6, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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♪ kimrly:ello everne. 's 50 on theast cst ♪and hi is "imey:ive.lo er . i'm imbe 5yonhet gui coyle ang ds " ewithe.uanillis, ec m be bollg, mica uiowleleand a greg thnli e gutld ll ma led eg hav a loto tkut abo toda firs up, avot pside tbamabo da pues isrsp, job pdema bl puob tough. >> beopl reay nee help tgh >>pl riteaeeelow. ri ourcono reay.eeds a r noltea rigds a ow. ig. this iot a ge. is or teorolit ial ggridck. kim trly:his notit me. id'll .e aut tt. im y:s ott do a pre coeren . ma al dif arenc t sarapali do irecoen mautifnc
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rali and irmanain teshe lea in d newann p tl. ea hav a t 201in ns ew ming p up.av a t 01 us, ne f e fng usememp.r li and lacy of, f unnovemor lind l any invtigafonna steov job annvganates. b o scial sprisuest jo us srtly o sal the sis sho st u dot wt ojo miss sly thi o "the fhoe" stas do w rishthi "t ftaow. r. in ce y msed t rtf c ythempres mentd t omaeld r othenews emest cferee od odayhews th foc cre theobsill.ay thtone morthfocheame.hes a th looneor i he.e go out a ooo hgo mut oay m in ery insnce,ometes at eynse, poletical per a frusatioof docra to olal wo wit rublierns t ao fd mmonusrounio d ra o youre orriwo aitut rourli t f n ower ofonun ouersuionri ar a erf mae the aricasun pubc a isn'listingmath t acaubou n'stg t
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>>he arica peoe rpond en usia>>ical a toca speeofice prov rion nd theeniaalopec jobovn heill. th areob skel.ical aut th rengre' abity act wi coness keal a sethi? re theab cy gresctoes sethiwions i c't sunhi ainst he cess s hi -notng cgres c ast coness ot ces doe othihen on's ns aatte of meoe hi ruing nains the n thameran pteplefil rune em orug fnsown.he th >>erimbe py: heis fingun em u a on.ittl bit >> soubeing h fg keolit ian, un ttl it mpai. oug ing e it spen,hes. t thi gng oaiork g pes. reso tehi gk? whatakeshi sech and so pu difrentromhe res at es>> iryin s tohndigur outpuifnt m whateess tryg t o o. iinourut 47 b lionatore.e ry t tri $85billn. b on e.we ri ted $0 bi85ionll on t tp. $bin emplmenteepsnoing up. t the w tomro plntpsng morp. he woming,or unemoyme is ing comg, ou heanay ps theemmeill,s pasg om the llouass the bl.he p hehe c'tl,assas it e sheany b csty.y t pingt tough t
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pg tgh tsena. kim rly:na suld h pael i out out i imy: s d hroug jua >> jpan: t iutount o nee i b bi. ugua j mo tnteeolls a biverw lminmo e arica wanls the j as ll. rwin reblic s sadon' give aimca an hetheobs j bil ecau . reicsa then'reve etransent d thil don auwanto gehe him ant thon nt g athinim ain butheresint sd tt, yore aing asf the i buesi s t uency ndyo a tgresshe no i needor a thin ucy tchecwithnyoconost in ed a in the untr the wil ecellth ynon we e trheill yee a pno educwe ficispenng, e dt. p nee to makuc sur w don cien , d ip bk to econeeoakur w on receion btoon. but ceneed topendoney to . stulatthe onom t >> edc: yondan'tey sayo restblicat ecoe mistom >> j n: e it' ytrue't ay >> ec: l eralre icftcost jt'ue leing onom ets t llalou t end ur w o ole ig om t >> j tn: i jus d w o o i tel jng ius youatiol peleelreayin
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u thecony nesiope smuluin thon thne pvateec sto wh slu n of meysn't sndin itth is n pteto w perofrm m't sinin nheirerin >> waveoverent imul for re j yea. a it w oduce t ul >> j n: nr ea a i itepts uc oot. j nof re serusroub.t t it o he erubit tru. >>onic theointf t ru maer i theenat dem>>ratsichent t t ma k ioshhenat the beml.ts escial the vulrable o ksh he up f b relecon.esalheulbl o >>uan: m fca you rec. kno wh>>?n: m ou >>onic getour facno rit.wh >>uan: onic>> thaicis netr ac ue. ri the ct>>n: is,icha t n tru i . thae s, tru i ha decrat a insting on adeat diffent ndin mecnism ao nsraisngn a tffest inecsmno zil >>onic morlass t war ir.ils. >>icorss arrfar . >> jn: ainut ago y saidt w som hingarlse. no j a yutgo cha ye the id womrgumngt.e. greno can tk a yutha hethe essumonfence rean tn a e s nerafe e >> kberl plee.
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yliscall ra peak g. krlle >>reg:t wa isll emoonalak li>>suctg:n. wa zapp theife out omoale. iliouldct onl eel hepphese sutk o ofll ildnl ole s of us. re oyo dums. arica has hre enohum of aca as hno us. f why is. y ere? iette this te?o. ite hi >>uan:emocts a sang mbe w suldn hav el>>tionn:oc a maesa m w sdnav theelon a ricama peoehe thoswhore acaontrians weeo ould ut tosmoside fortrns te ld tdeor mont. t >>imbey: hwantonhe canamoan b. nd tak >> abe h trint out naf b he.akri ppyt pce. h gre i y m p.etupi re probly a i d't uerst mdpi sayg ob a paki an itead df ustd pistaay likeeopl who rol kiheir iadf "r"shen the ptaay keplool ir "mgari." i d"s't gn ihe an i' "mri p babl d g i ani'rong pbl iayngack-stan i >>ric:k-anresint o
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>> c: nezua. rst me. >>reg:si ougo. zu >> imbey: t t . " >>sg:o. sint. >> be>> g tg: tt's y "on't goosi ven.uela g t>> ks berl we' hr wha't boehgor hatoen saylabout thi krle' h ha t his te nt. ehhaayut hi roll hi te it. llt. >> t predent4 mons bere t eleion towsn tre nte tol.on be tlen de tdesse'll snd t timto mpaiing. de swe'rll segis ttinghe iims ai g. ca aign'rg. 'sisng iisapinti. kimrly: oehn sayhecagn dappotedap ati uet. imy: hn aydid u expt h o s dpod a ythi u els. mond a: oxp h s crse hils onot. o onthin c thaeumpe out a . mehes o the aonin tryhagpe ut a sel tobs b lme to o the ary untr also t el t fslow b o de tcratwho n'tanto tr so t te o ts f thiwecau deat ito toott oxpen tvehiau itooen sai weave toave b acon t mee aieeohee bac tee ment. m t. th is all ts man has don g aion. thsll t an obamasare,on timus, o arhaun. ofealtare.
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hundamdse, oillimusf oau oflte. nd doars oli her a the. yehe com tdoos the arica peop anderays aanthe t. yeom the a caend opndst t me. d dohe m one las b thior do >> jn: iassonde b to flhi ha thehow. . l rn jhing i ery dde.o f ever day.hahe w. i sh, a l ligbulbngent e d off! er y. yo kw, siglbt t f! facyot k i tt pe tle i thi cntryhinkac i th t predent idpe n ihiut crynk ough oneyn.thrent >> ec: ty're nll libels. ghey e tre jua tha is nbe.rue. th onlay you lik tuaoha navee. th anlouik te cversions -- i'm teing u th setim the cct trsn--ongr'msion budt ofce ssteheg th simtimuhes t gron udredu dof smus dunempymen.mpen . t me g bac to you eri youan't do tha me gaco ou >> jn: riou'toha wha j >> ec: t stilus sha gog to cree js. >>uan: t e ttis did goto re j didreate >>n: job id >>ric:hen dididt iat
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wacrea orob se j s.>>c:n id i beuse eynew ywaeaan'tr s janti howanyobs itbee w y ved.'t ti owunquytifisle.t >>uan:he con buet oice id t qufi. >>empln:mentnhison cousiry wo dbu oe t be plntnsou 1.5woometng hier i weadn' eng.5edet enged thhi tha ipendg.n' th isng truthng th ha>> kberl taknda lo at ths th. t th is that yre tal ng krl abakt. lot th lor dthartm t,ths y theal ab th l unemoyme dtmhe ca youerfo. uer ca ouessu? fo >>ric:y so the u passrd omy - su kim>>rly:c:h,soheo. ss ou - kw w t? imy: in horf teve k w js, h vethinyou ouldse it tod. j sh mein tu ld iodull scrn. >>uan:shhise rem tds m of-l cr >>imbe y: he it s.>>n:s em doe'tatte m if heofhoke >> be h itder essu. stioetefeke lov r su ti h.ov jua h at .me tseays i jusuat an ts toatch thei gam i heus to ask mo wcheher mam h ki canou tn on thesk tv m w mfor . we havkieanll the temotn. v >> gg: whaveo xplar whweavhis iheot kim grly: weah,ve wrela wh
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lkintos ihis he is imy:h, w owin us in thes creee sav. s bo inhe eeav >>ric:bohis thebama e. u geepar ent >>c:s hema lors gember darivert dectlto l s yo ione. er d er jua youad dtl yo tha ie. be re. ua ou >>ric: jus can gha in be. my >>c:usan g in pho.y kimrly:ry aut tho mber at i not a hpy end gimy: a t siatio er wh can t l iou.ot a h nd >> ec: tnk y for si iojoing me,wh bany the wl.. gre e if tu a yor goi t ine, b gean w appet anpp t tref a oi t mas yo lau or a jgeepp appn t p toellma youyoaur a jpp wre ato goo l restourant is. wh do y w wan a appoo on stnts. emplwhmentoigur. y >> kberlan in a rppl te.n >> jn: ec plntur l kesrln r t j e t lt. t eri 471 day 1 hrs ri71inutay 1 hnd 36 s onds ut gre thais hpy.6 sds >> kberl we ow nreha we h .can lyall forim o krle nehe n lreenoravernis o iphe. st i pea. po ste job enfterer whaouph d wi i theea ipa po te donob kwer whaha t saybout wi comi up on aft kwheha tayut bre.
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"t ive" tns mip intft "ere "t ven."e" t o spialntuest j "nhe grou don.t mi it. spl st won jrho iou coudo be!mit. plusonweill bri yhe ioue! la st 22 n l ke srie t y eailla 2s n at s t thive@xnew ecom.l say wth us ♪♪the@ewm. wus ♪♪ ♪ [ me anunce] tte lovthe ste, t wt tout bk on? try mart alan m an bucetery ea teov e e,'seart ealt wer to b thon but?r. ryrtan buryea ith ega-'s. rt lt% l s saratethfat.ut h a- a li lcallsaprovte to t.lp suportealt choster. alillovo su rtlt♪ pho a lertle ve youhear♪ p le ouar♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ >> jn: wcomeack "the fiv" foree g o j wmek dhe's012iv ws, re hav g a big surise dr al2 o ou , av aigure wchin . al he oive"wn d wainerin. anbob becle" doiniin anbec uni fro atnta. yoreown u thero f seaata. yon haity'show theight fis ea th rig? ha >>y'hat'owrigh tht bob wtth aig gat j you >> t' ghare ing. ob the wytou a dea g jou wh bolng e g. sma h e n tea bre. wol >>uan: h!ma h t re>> ec: wl ymack him >>n: fo m e w y smkckim bkel. fo m >> da:sm bl. i w't sla h d untianni's s iwonig. wla h
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-yea nnivtisarypeci ni an s comgig hom s ea toivryci sak anom fr atlomta t do she swo fr her to s >> ob:t'sfrlobaer warng.ig me dn he. >>:sba 0-dearees. dn dheere. >> ec: tt foball des dyou' holng i thenlye. ti you t eched tfofootllll. u' olrf f itbalhey all attuffti youou teled usot. that ou fal pyed l ffou ps fooall. at >>ob: pookdt it pool. carully >>: kd reetwe thet les. ar ly jua n ightreg.wehe no l. fig uaht inig >> jn: iustellou en iin cam i j i itlhoug iam mon i an ia or kimrly uldugive me aug itas eonc. bi sprisanorimy d e >> k aberl i ge yt e bi sis gh-fi . krl g y >>uan:ig ectio new - day,fiarah.alin >>n:nnouing e ioew thhe i not y,ahunniinorou g priden th ta iotnipren ta lk. outf l pyerf coiderion d a t o ut fscuson wh th pfamirf icoer n a o coludei elieus wth cmi be efftiveoiceco andde ie decive r cee helng t getffvecend trueubli ci rervaes eelcted t et to oice. ue ilivapoloze t eedhosehom oree.
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idisaointn m he bn heasangntfrom the tis in t as cplef h bourseaom he t bievehey w tnhey ce ke ars stepack wil bve y w unrstay whyhe disio n a tes mekndil uerstdunta rhylly u d d't niod mitleo u mste riffeynce d in n thile m cntryfee n jua was thehiver reity? er a cryhanc sheas run ng? uaasher >>rereg:y?aid a u anche sscialun? coun ling>>enteg: outded for a ic sal b ling unngteutor dea whour bng fling ea wr fng of destatn. i'llaveotf cdeoaat a ll feece and hug c >>ric:an a i fe get a dug >>c: i snetgie. a yoknow wha wast te --y tsne.ay yo owha bumd i o casis t-- t rist's we the um oth i c nigh >> g g: nste-drper. w he >>ric:tho, gh cncidtly, g ndr r. ha en t >> c: itasn' the tim cidy, erobl ha t it fn'heim m ebls f wt m willappewith the t par vote 's sit w beten h manll cpenthhe t ar anrick teerry s iet hn c d't kw. anck rybob,ob ob. d k dana b,.elpob.
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>> ob:na i'mp sry.. >> dan: you'mre gngo s . givee a h rt a ack.anou g bobi fe so bad ve aout h ak. sobahfeoad tteing he s race ng i can cry ce an o c >> jn: b ot's j b ingestn, n a hrts atck nica >>ob: inrst st t nught he waatinhen i thocaht s was >> : t,t thtowe ion't are.wan ho dan s yousedashat lin 'te. bere. anou d>> mtica:inoth cisti and bobbe . st ma:h cti tkg. d ob >> k berl we'st o tkir b. k rle' o >>uan:onic go aad >>onic tha you jua >>n: ico bo o a the ade >>icha decionsou ua that ereightbo for them ate the meecns e pblem sat thaehtor t thet movg is e ove sethi p fasem iha he tes ofov mia nd ee shi as in irnethat e arica te of mpeop eve fou yea re in etokint for e acaewes opve ouesheea p iticinr es he b pnd.ic inour b bot sah pan an chr chrintier wl y ot s paanhrhre westeay's ewsper. wil bte d'sficu for the tosp. il b dcu oveorome,he likilla to
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intohad ough tim beatgvee, theikreshlabama and.tod gh im jua one hingathathe sh caugma myye in he nd.sf th ua dnengt ugasynerma n ce ovinth d in tollsma c tiein n tls wit ie romn. ifou askitonse ativ mn pe.le w reifsk selidenfiedseiv pe w aselened rl as conrvat res, rman ca hadubsttialead oonrat, an mneyca ad at d y tnk?stald o r dan thais te. ey i d 't kno h d y man t? day anha t the ll d lagnod hhree oranour ys ay t heheon traw plndageer r t to get oreatiol meia aw patteion. he toet heioo m feen ten. he abl h f tn bl contue t nt his- i wldn' lltisi wn' meori ise. mo slo andtead re. mri but ate. surisese smolo pndryad r who on't thi et suldures cot ou pin any o w't.hi sd co ou>> ec: tnynk y. >>ana: wut t nbern th poll are eeall tbad. y eri may>>a: t nrespo ? th llat dreoulld. mea rihey'ay real badpo d juaea ty'rey'ad! alad ua >>ric:econ tre pla.!
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th doe't snd b o m>>c:on la .isin $th miloeon. s b >> muan:hat' wha ias in ing say $il. er e>>c,n:t'reha youyes kay? g ay er e 12 tha isouotood.s y? >>imbey: aot o that12 has moy mit ha bd.naise >> be a be ore tha debe as wl.momiha b numb goe bacse tougus be teb it a wiffilt - orrymb jusoeacous teing itu. fi - juaryus it'teg auat' fac aac heresanrgumtbout herm cn. re is jt tryumg tell aut rm bo c. trng to rais h j sryakinl feesndryin bo t trell h tai h sin sine ldersp esinoachg.l h he i not o on nehe lrs cpaig ail thchhe man iot who onuns th c repiglica par il nanowa. hermho cns is not outep i 's na. worng a rm talng c tohest vuters. t. n grehator aal i to spiou vs. soci ist ke trespint i kimrly: donpi bieve at. ci>> jt n: i tidn'in imealiy:on b ve that. j gre in' i'mli jokg. at ihink hre is'm spris hok i wenk he has don hs i sis int hview him o uesdweeas on anhe is n itioinntt.ewim o sd >> kberl he .an s >> gg: tt thi he has goin two krle this go gg thieas over- im inwohi namdropr. go twhing o
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rerihe oer amop ndide, h is labletwndng o hes not a o id h l polleicia heot.ol ia he cld b v.p cdida.. c>> k bberlonsirabl.p c da exrien. k>> brl: a chsibl betr exndidene. heas ba gwn enoousletr id ithe shohe gnosl vality ohe reblicho par and how wea aly oe fld i avinrethaticsidearhisnd isow ea supped o b f on i m e. in atitdeoesnss pp b worn m e [ aughrsn ] kimrly:orll rht ke i t ey[ oveghhere imy: r iequi eent lfunveion. re out hernain, d seuihimt speunn. t er tn, oer nht d sem pe>> b: t sippe oil n rive- b>> kberl oh,y s gpeh, ve bo k rlh, got sndin g ovaon bigbo fuotrais ss frin evebodyn the om ava theigovedfuisfrvedy the e guy. a heeatedxpernce,houg he jua i w in loriy. thet othay -ere,ug >> ec: w ua winri areeth - y -- e whis tae an beayre andhe y- bsts taantlaneand b ront yoneho i hotou'r-- nt >>neana:ou'r mad ne at iot'r me? >> kima:rly:hy a'radou mt ate? s? imy: a m >>ric:e th bes he' s
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awese. i >>c:ovethese' es ie h. beck isrobay m hingut th a guy fm a anta ck s ba m bobgyou y hat auy f a ta 12 mil awa ob u ll b bktomorw. 12 i'ilwaick yr -- b b eri heyoreyi'ey.k y-- kimrly: riey anyy.. jua imy: iny thechoo ua teacr. i gre thiishe whyoo it' "t acive" notthe rehihyevent' actu"tly d e"uote thi rk pey isen h rt ftu t dea hi r pay? >>peric:is alw hs t rood pa for >> c:lw hi oo >>uan:ob aor da wil hiick aund. >>n: atheye outher i t dil ksunsne. ad. all od me. ey ouheer fiv t" no que ion.ns. l eve mbs hang iv t wld.oue n. as w now e itithng tis w. w w novatve tnkinh we'rgointo pay our vaspec t rigin heron "th 'rin ayfiveur ♪♪ ecig er th♪ ve ♪ ♪
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♪♪♪ ♪hen ur cin osupp ♪ ♪ gs frere shahai, tha'♪login ics. c♪ o pp♪ gfre hai,a'gis.♪ ♪ chi frohere bods fm the ♪ ♪rackt al thro♪h thhiair,ro rethat 'bologi♪ ♪ckalrothr,a'gis.♪ ♪ carincusts li tha♪ ♪ hur up tim cflatin stthatl'halogi♪ics.♪ ♪urp imata'gis.♪ ♪ a newechnogy ups ingso me♪ aewhnys gsme♪ ♪ th'logiics.♪ ♪h'gis.♪ k me youhinkven e be becan ly l the. me asoume wnkt itn likbewhen bemy tn pur- ldic heves. astalk wo soitone iko owen tan ar-ustac e ves.ion lksoe thowmostighl a tarecoveenden bed ameca. thsthl ask co abode my d mpurmedic. advaed eo. k boask y abour havcg vaal ethe ght ves. thesk are boal tavpur alvance ergt ownes.. ese tr ncrgne fi oneor yrsel y yo frids onacebk. fine yel yo rie wh theonhaveeb saynedid. asme wt it liktowh het a vessag any me yay wandi as witik a agmpury edic yrandanwner armoreatised tn ur icownend of ery tritioarlre isttre t bra .
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nef trask io why'm g d ire ra dn'tait til m to k hy gi 'tt l to old enj thi staraski reaowne. d njhi trt yoselfo th ultite sep eareriekie eane tr yoand lfve uthto $0-dungti se te eur eieo sa ngs ent. d u $du te esas t. pl, vit teurpec.cofor ll pldetavis onur 4 earste pecoeciar fina ing. taon 4don'rswait he tpur iagona g.vingevenendsctob 16. n'it tr ngendsob6. visitemppedicom w. ter-pec thmostighl sirecompendedibed m ame ca. tepethsthlcoded me.
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ >> gg: wcomeack "theive. real t g wmek he be. sto al i't t stev js' beath buttois life i he die edneevay ahe j athut fe of6. he heie wasneiven a upor a aptio aftehisirth to of aheasen amepcan a io m antestho sian-en appaanntlyhe momathe s n- diat't wt haughr t paly marromaheyria so he bdiy w was hgh t adopd by wrrkinglassia o uple boas op encbyrage wngss t l estle inrestnncge tlect lnicst in steir mes reaul andctcs ara r s obs.lnd onheros ste's bath s. moer w gav h pon fro te opti b i teadmof wav c hosin f a ti iad mo fin ceinltertive image wh a holhere moin wod b inerhisve worf she agwh a ol wentrehe otr wawod b n luy fos usor tf choheesh nt ma wasot thewa o shead lufo s t inhaho senteve job ma asmakehe oehe tnkot jt f tin en veopleobereut peoe w ke ar t't. j heakes t s lee thieo a wut a ar
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5:29 pm
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5:30 pm
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5:31 pm
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5:32 pm
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5:38 pm
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5:39 pm
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5:40 pm
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5:42 pm
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5:43 pm
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5:44 pm
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5:45 pm
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5:50 pm
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5:51 pm
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5:52 pm
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5:53 pm
m ari i casey if arimil kno 's noby ias if th a chuh ismino cryob ig t thhu is weap o isrmed c- t>> jn: c i mak a aps dicaed pposa j c akhaveecury gud. ca psa m veurgu gh! m >> mica:ut t secity gud cat cry g a wpon. ma: tecy jua getguca cecury a ward.n. >>reg:'d aee f tuayet ur ha ad. >>g: a t wpon. ha >> auan:o theecuryuy w han.a icen .>>n:o he brurg iny ha aen e thgs ie a see iicat if y heae g in ourth he iee i atyou' mor lely yo h be gn r vi him oa gun cme. u'u saor i lye tak te t getvi o thun sec cd g.o thesa i sce.ak t et u thantec to g trefohe incoducth fir gun t erio to tforeg' pntin uc put irut tunre tt rio tresg' p a n ghbot ood at toesn t tlow gssn a nbod thesn hom wst n gghboood? eri whaheom wl nbod? hpen? riha home wobbees hn? burarie me >>onic thais e lt tim sremeur couie >> ruicd onha r. lim sheme vou gunight tworuon yrs agohica cas v un brhtght a manoho liv yngoca as brt anangeusivn
5:54 pm
nghboood. saige iant t dend nbod. myse i myaiome. tsupre crt t agrd wh dimd sey e. juapr i was cgr walng o w of fnashiton nd uanas al od blk g com up fohi men and ys you e jbln g womliamp sai neeo mtou. d ou j lkin wawayam ai ne m he.ays s s som hingin aboay he was i he sheremeourts ss omday ngd tbo an frohehe as i icagneigorho s whomeaidrt wan a y un t tro roteagighoho d hi elf anainsthehuggh tkidsnte thif nseggh ds neiborh td. he iistsnhe rht a ho juseice trhmasas one its rpers tha a undstoothe ho usraci t hissry o gunneaws in rs hathendooe cntry .ciis oun gregsthern e you cry go. eger mona: tre y hav ou it >>ric:ouo.till on t yav d agre >>c:ll mona: a rig. congp. dre e sang tt anying u on aig say connd wl b usad tny g u ainsyou? y now eame w may be te of u e ocalns polu?e d artmw t.eay t're ingfoell you bout al olthat dtm ext. e glouut att. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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5:59 pm
icrvice he etorunny ic earny tyre sueyinpeop whoave tick ts oryave bn aeste suwinophoe doou the tckyorere b g angte to gde tm?o lhe " ts g is ts a goo ide g t they e bre. " >>reg: 'm la t you a hoodeo do heeybr >>g:toryou ho . do i canry prounce tt ne. >>iimbey: i praiced fan ro anceour. t n >> g g: i>>be iraed i fress. iaveanr. ever- ev y g te i i ge iass iustoer sviceall,erev t doou i everake it?geto sce l, yo doveet? yoo. thi ceould frf bein a estehi c aga. ld fswervery que ion. in th a arrtet w wgaderf he er poryce oueicern. was pole.thrr w i enj wedrf tpo o ol >>ric: y na isinjuan t wiiams of[ lahter >> ]c:nasn wims laer ] eri thessues $ riheue $3000. $ mona: feralrant $30. stulus on falnt mon.stus >>uan:on'tou tnk it a gd thion tha t >>n: 't t poce ce? iit ghi thiha t ty shodpo p c pele as cithiens derve the tho ppe pu icits ve


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