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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 6, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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p onpren totng is cotry d dec ed ort w camouigne n on fu t coy ecime?am n >> spardfulawmers en'the on cric. tonit,e? a sewrdwm ps l't sho aonri new ni w f predentbama a. pho a ew an frentma remberi an aione. >> thi heemrias onefhene >>hi e st azingeoplofnef our centy. >>ik theorld a losng aplur ntohn >>heldos an lenn. >> app cfounr nn. pphang o. c un>> heall undstoowhatnghe o nsum hantell shendrd: oow hiat aence um is hointearou the orld he: hi aces inouheld toght, the eraornary impa o to st,vehe e joborry dea. pa o sobea bufirs fro f thi trsda bunighrs ro fthe esidt geing hilitt t datougrith cticsf gh e idgeg tt ug h 447h ccs lliodoll job pla heeld a wteouse hews47 conf enceiohis llrninob ala hed w caed oses nfces in any ady ws nn ca o ard. anynyenat w out the n who i thinng aut d. nyat votutgheho agast in ais js bil wotn itomes upga r a ote, jileeds w tot expinesp
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a actl whye, theyds wldoxp oose tl hysomeing athe we kw would o eprov meg urconoec si katio at shld a uovent timornosiurio s mili and f a our ut busimesse lind f ur >> spardthe esidust saseng heas ge ouofis w to trto srde finidsa com nhe g gundou wit w repuoican wit notrinom gditucce. puanito ehime wt weavece ee we seee geees pyinga prerence to g t pongcoreolital pntrenc rath thanctuay t getre someiting ne o ptheart ththe haher de.uaet meg oet >> hepa : eve as r e . pridenspok replica we lau>>hingparitievsms f pr en okeir epn acaut h lea rshiweaungti r a heahi i can tell y anel h y dangous sittionur h onomis in a how dan rousngs iton e siatioin omurop i aowanus siioop i yet eresint som14 mths bere t ilectn t hrowsiin the towom m as ecid hebe t is ct gog topendllow o hiseowime a idoutes gotondampaning o is sherd: elot ame cans t ar appentlypa dngsolu oned s he: t
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mell.ns ar eippptl dlued . e quiipia pl sw 44%uiia p s4% - 41ppro and% 41 spro. rond edenrythe wte% hse. he ion t oroensi ed tryay. w it' int hesti.. he iaid tis is o asive t. pt'itic we a antti lonhed wayroms the a presenti cpaig pic hav atoet thionaymone.he th in eseti nex c breigh h av hisicay haae.ot thn oex sretle h warng to epubcacanshahat they don te se bol actrnn atoub nst suort is jsill ieyon his tolct a rds ey a goi to sut r j l out i tow byis vots. s ake aoio lis rn. t iowy wouoveothiot aisor ioue hian toee ongrs ac so gresvelygrhatac i san't caaigngain theas a es dlyot i noing ngre't. cagninhe a d no theg proreem f the predent thgh i itoesn hero f lkhe like re nt mov anyth itotes ehesn wit th l newikonfencer h ov ny travs aresnd ehe citntryn thew fe erece hays. thav's war he cry i i ce pars. is th w eingi seneemocts or i i re torroto t whi hou ars to he gi aene socateg oessi t rocaus tat this mouent eytoo h
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nohave seg thesi0otes to etus t mt thisob b lnohrouve thehe es senao nexeek, is b soup.he >>hepa : he pokenan otexrk, bjec as ll sd, iludi >>pa he kee faot arurio ecs gununni idi scdal andfa s adiounni speficascy hlnd s has nfidce i h attney genepel. ca h >> yea rics id h ider httys in t neossh rs rht>>ea now c is h proraminer con toveral as y k r e gowernmt w roryingoner to y kep tck o the gnm w gun rinners o an t y t ohe alled se ofunhe rrs gu toan toll sofn a whatguheyoall lk, thrgh t borr intn a haxicondyl the wou up , hr b tngor ntinvoed i som co cmes,he ouinclping rder bnclung t vo i ommurd ofne c us,. clordeg perrollu t agenrd f that why ut'sde plecom s en at hy contversl buthesresintom sday ood fir y be ndntrshe bue atrneysi y d be >>e h ateyndiced he was n en .awarof >> hicehatasas n hpeni inar fa and furtus hcertninly wasn not i tfanknd bh heur and i rt wy ldsot t be hnde wbeen vy h unhenpy if somod ha vnh iomuggeed haha guns wer alwed geasshrou thaun er
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cod haeen al pred ntedys the ou itedhatateof arica cohanre ed but thasheot edoingteo be aca thfinaord. utrepuhaicanon t hilareng be puing forthna sciald. couil t puan tile vestpuate ge atorrney geral sal oubeca te inay o thi yea heste at eyld cgres g thealirst he caadin ohi hedea ofhiserogr had b cneshest ineecen thedf wkss fromgray oadthis bear. bu in enct n doc wents ave om ois sur.aced sugstin thatebun nas octs fiterief on tsuasteduginat sumr, a yfirefn agot now,um theusti a y deptmengo insis thgh hwas rst w,he ti bried abt itepenastear, he sith at hrneys enert, buheas not ieabit t iefer,abouthe oble wit attheey proerambu justot t bro aspts o fe ioue leit ero st ep. t ro >>hepasp: lo o ofopic i day, e incding t . >> pa locontfversabouic t fedy,al enc ng ney toan ntrsou theed y bn krup compy syndr sol comny. b up the mp sdrolom.resint's road le he whe tryg tout insi'sad l wry theo i oadeonte. he king cnces proce de cle ergy js. te not l of ng ceshemro hlee gng t gy wo j out . t of heoesn wantomave h g t hewout ght heagsn oaneurreerllowg cha to t ak o orreow solchtoanel manuctur og inrhe ce o ollynd. el heaid ere s n
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nuurin p citic o ll fgns nd here.d e ntake lisn. pic fs . keis the wer goi to b som coanienotor heer outoio bolyna oms onof cohem.iet th pcessutyhich tyn on desionasm.ade as oth p tssch t rits it wdeone strghtfward o t>> t invtigaons ntin on t hilts ecau que wions artrbeintfrd aise abou t wnvgas thein t ilesidtaunduens arinseis tou w aeshe id ssedome warng sig t clud ag by top aedisorearlikeig rry mmerat t timudwhby ops sang tt thi aorke ln pry ram erght tt beim a itas sa t hi ackeup t le. thpr'sm t be a whyte ke a ttill seegth inhystigionsnt thi a ll undeined teeg pside 'sinreenigns hi jo agea, deed t she pdeen >> spardjoed hry athege ite use. repoer aheosked t s rd h pr aidenetodaabou e e. the po a deednstrion ains t corrate pren daou grd he in whe yor de trmonsn ations whior havtespre to thergrajorhen or cits. nsme lioehiavictures herto out oerorit rtla lerego tu weill ar ferm thut pre odent and me o the la pgotest swe l fmingthprent inse ox d ohe psts ngns-ox port ientied saker rt oehn's itictim elier ser he wn't enl one ginghn th predent oughic t eeer t way.t e ne ke ema gelg on pitothrent hilgh t
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at'she wd t. fm oth man to publilans? it 'ss w mon ago f todthha eake johnbls? oehnt andongo odmajoty lderric ctor kehn wre a hntternd tpresent objoa lskinrc f c ar meeng twra er rk tnest obin fee tiparsan bs pla th meengever hapned.arn dla othepubcanseeayer thaapd.hey lid so ofubnshaheresiynt's easut thelisofeelsi's she thi447l biion-llarobs ckagis beg us as ahi7 pitic bin- tooarls ag ainsthembendus is n a pic lutioo t wnstem ail i o n a ti ecomy. t re i w sateil o rubli lear mi hecy. monne . i se r li it'ear imemiemocts mne mt'ed beyo the policaleoc rheric and r t pside mo s p yoheolal hecampcgnin d t pde it's s timor docrao each mpin acro the 'sim ale dra onch ro bheartin an gislion atan btictuay pass sln ua >> ssnd, coue,cconll h beenryin to b ng, uouheon h pres ent' jobseninlan b u aote fothe est'bsn aenateemon ratetfoe las the suprt tatonte ps. la majotyhe learuparry teid s be pre pntinhat. joeary
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shd ? be shererd: inke enuelt.ive sh he: th eel rotda on pitoe hil thot n toanks stevilobs rolutnizethe y th ksorld evsommucate peop aro rd thutglobzearee th ldusinthe deves h catedmuote op ro thurn obse pasinng.eev h cedo presng t ir gn ef osnas. honeand ipa es t g o and i nedpa mnds. i imprptu vigs m staed pping lasprtuightig aserhe comnyta p ng anunce asht a foueromnd l ganceime leeried.ou vera yrsgo l sve jobe le red.aledhat ra doc yrs h sob tread hi forre rared ftmoc of h ea hincreric f had liv o trareplan c we'r. ad ldivn 200 a you yearaane' earer h 00 refl ted hisa ou oeaar mtali h at a cmencent add ssfl ad is o mli a anfo cnctniveddity. a >> remberi thayou a gointo diefos tveesty. w >>emri hau kn to a aid in theierap tft w kn o athinng y havsomeheing plose yourelrea in yavmeg aked se th e is uo rso noea folw edyour theartis. r n ol w she rd: ureve bs rrtently eppedownrom s re a he: e rtl ap e'spewnror.m r he dd yes arday a 5ap s
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claur.a con li des outayde a app 5 head arteau incoli siconut valy thpp aftadnoonte in claua, t son falgs the ath ft onhalf taff au t >> tt's fght,he she ard. e mo is lfff sber and ts t,hehe. moblicemorlsrowi her ser atnd ic or ple'wiernfineoopt headarte as llishe e' comey toin drop o f wers adtes he cardme tro o frs rd canes. enigger morial linan. t ge mia siwalkinf t js home neibor si salk sheas j oveomeithom grieir wh shesahe hea jsied. >>veehrimmed telywhhe cledeay j sband.who rked atppleedly f c d12ears. yellan upo ed toyt kidleho f rs we llp upairsooingheiridomewk and w iuprsng sdirew ste obsd dd. and was a s b par o youtes d d as bar oou life and ing i thiommutyith fe hi fd ily.g ihimuh fy. >>ppleays wil he cebratn to hor ste>>les il he jobceatto h fete lacoon. r no aingob ans l t sren. noeir aoughgnds conlenc t sat remberi ste r atghonnc
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applcom.emritet pl m.epar sherd: audi theig ta for app mov g foarard af r th e deahe: dihe ftaorpptsovfod ea the arehallgingays for e fks herou. at herepplellnongs r doubabou f thatheerigt tt le comi elierhis ubou weehae stevjobs tied a d fter mi t eers compeey uniled latevtbsd a ver don er the t n iph emp auned man water werehehere n saidph h aan fre w nd rere chaiismaere h f misd. rils wl beooki forchmae oprtunies catis up tori wbeki or ape. op unmuchs illatepenon theptocko whicap fluuate all chaylen endghe dock les tn analndts pgdict the pridoses till reund d alold pctheri sdylecau re d instorknewhis dy w comi s andhey h aau l fin orew fas h in w new mindeoyim h ck l w affar an wasandew picd b c bs wo sucafed aas hd.ic b uc h shepd? >> spardclaua con li in cld y pleer ep srdaucoli c yle--uper curtin calorni eryou mig conder ying cuin hoe onhealni bre .u ig wiltellouonr ngow w dohoon you celratere. giltingllut pson? do ou
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thpdatelfromtehe fatr gng of aman p knon?onhat histh dauatterom ats be doi sinf the anno t leasis thatau allr be aheoi onin thehe eveng ws fm th as jatrnallltsf fo he nwshen tves trsda ox fth jportal fo n t tda rt me aocalusins ops itdoor aalin opitor orreat othelapt bag orat he pt hirag anoer eloye irit'snoot j et goye r buness 'sit's jood gor the butiressommu ty. 's atd ank ame ca, knoe there mu. imct tt lol buness atk me, noe im tlo bu ssve o commitie that whye exnded $7 bilon ommie athyexed $7 smail bus esseacro e cotry farhis ar. maussero coy ars . causthe re whelphem, e mo we lp me oppo unitusposse le. w lpm, moe m poitss.
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thers on e bole lt ! ve g to ll sie ! eron bo l! the ndinmache onlm is a gost o pty. s ! e inm oncht, bons. at y. w poon b sorr! po were on r buness rr we o buss t's routgreg toresn gring sinees u maine--macne t hnols y utegtosn grg ne u mae- acfr t verolon w eles sie frer w es e ndg maine. ale ady lled ndmae. co bik aly causedthe sine withhe bt tenoloules coik use neth btelo es
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>> spardpresent ama day ntiod thprotts i citi acrs ounati in s rd esicht a donst torsy aveiothalliot i ti agcrnst ounumbti ofn h iues dstrse li real inc ding cagporat mbf is grd. >> al tncnkng ceoplra he gr >> tpl h frusatedndhe used ptests are ving voio pst a e oreng badoio base a fstraon aut he you b r fincial ste wor . se fra a hou fiia sor >>hepa: seral omint unns a now >>pasel in un aow invved. chiecorrpondt jothan huntaseen dn wihenvd. ie rr ndotesjorsan todnt. n do arwi tse ptests andes whatood the wart. t pst orwheinglndon t lef of athe the wlitil dide. main you, i oheglould tef saye ti de.n inou 20i and trtsdldzalthgh tre ay are meiddl 20nd tsdth t e gedlged a
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olr fol. at ty wa is har td a pin ol ol wn. tnge was issars tllin fusinn . onome chae. thss wanthat cngen f binal ofrdiny omha ame cansthan at c lieen. b ofinmens li. >> absutel not necsari theiddl >> clas it'she wbskingel man . t ec's triheorkidleopl as th regu r am'sican wngan t th cntrypl wasthguaman bui b pe. th men cry iasui b dem. beeng deroye iby m iuits >>hat youantde t bedeyechie m by bng its h e?>> t ou itie ant b to cate h a sialt t movent tt i ce sayg snougl wan ve t ioaiseayisibity the alitug anhat is enomi se syem i broibn.y e 're it theiddl oft emi an sy i ecroomicrisiandhe e he dlsolufons at anetti ecic prsioseddrom e l t lunds aheti rit ara pr jede.m l riarha j womnterting said shead bn iouchithom my er tengpartai e bch proster she hd a m lottertfympay froer e theiaaimsut s felthatot tpa f sotion the eims selatrobl ts ar t same solions resoonhe difblrentar t me ol >>nshepa: inrestg. th staed aa ve smaifnt ing,onatn an w>>pa sprindst allth acrtas avehema g,atan c ntrypr pr estsloingcrn rshtow.
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>>eemso be cry get ngprts to ngetty r mu. eve >> cormsr ofe theet coo try.ty day mueenveor larof phetestsn waingt , d. coy. mo tha ny nar a tho pandst m chinwagt d. the. moha ov theast few dayhod ptest min los th ovngelhe.t ew todaalsoayn hston pst tas. os canake lele loodasoow h aton t. piuresn ane por land,oorego t whe sera pies huned aear tord, go mwhchinse ceun ar ain. so i is seadi andll min o a th.e inlvedhat s ikeo sdind day y th o wan histh toinedt s beco a niona movent d y th an ey wt itos bong aut ealco nnaovt d chan . wit th mayof c brse,e aaiti l foaery lg an thay ce,ime.ti fo a>> sypard ljonaan ht li withs. thk yo if y areookie. touy a s rd nahome hli the th thxperyo say yhereimekio a is rig mehe nowerecauayortgee ig ratejustit tow lest lauel tg th coury h eterst t leen.t l lo a thou h en. thalo eddimacepor thathe eragraten a 3ha yea dic fixor ha ertga is w aagte 3ea recdix gas a.94% buthis yrec is sti sping to4% bebuis onef yhe worstior sng sas of oerevisly occneied or hos ana saofistocall lowviycc d ras ha dhoean ltleo bsttollow saras. ha in deact, le n bensu figes utsa
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intodat,how nhe bigstsurop inig medawneripw sceigp tnreat erpreson d snbout 1% tat to es d n65.1utof u% o ll, anydy i l.1king u f andanox,he wil , eny i lng lyi wn othe f ln. dax,il aew dsyi aft a o cert in l it y to ed d hft mder a cn co icti amaita knto h mather tes abc newcoti imasknhe beeteicebcew i wahinger rax inheee grae. someing e di't wanget t r do i ra her ourmeg yeadi in pri tn.o wadionterew theeratherea n saysrihe ioealler hhen'he sle ys mu allince gtingacll h ho onle tuemuay. she jusrunnceg g ong ho nadrelinend hinguereat. e usnn ome ronneing th h rene fa hly.gat we, a rneg htunng fa. snahotro wea e kinn ofnatop'sast dayki f precuts inhe'sanslghtet triaayficha prutinackssl'ste do or s thiiashawhat ks vestator founneardohe shis sing'sat b. st orwe'runliveart th cou housng us, new b loo 'rve ath wtouus , woo a ngrewomagabrl gi words backn whingn o remabrgids ery bck w ngy fo o h husnd.
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y b fo hus. hi krisn. an you. hi is (canera ouashe (c a helein..yoine. whato yo frids t nk o inyoyo care. theyhinkt's ol.atyo ri t owell whatyoid tary saabou it eynk s ah, .at is co. (laus)llat tsaou it doesour cus , tch iur corsonity? au ye it es mch m peonaly.esr s h ony? yeit'st ery massi m it' funnpe al's qrky.t's eek. it'shiny'sit'sy ractsial. t'd, nn 's s qrt.y.s k. 'sny'sct. s
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. (lghs) (ls) lui d'tradon lk. i tre onundantal luandoysi'infoadatio l trondaal i anade isradefochitiot. th is b-bad tradg, r visui izede deit ths ba ad rsu edreamg, rl-ti quos. eaingsnalys. am rtiuo prabily anysis thate'gswhatlyppornity looklike prilanisat'it'a's orl vityal.okke initiv and 's avlablfree's vi. wherer t webs. inthisivs hotrad sttegid ar'uiltavbleeer teb trearctect isly fhom tdadmeri ade.stgirelttrrcct ftdrie. welce toette ade mmison fe lcr 60toayste wh youe pen is acc fnt. 60s i'm home wh anourecen ly, ccfloo.d. m cusemee. ance, oohim?e's lpinme gebacko noal. se m?s iny, ion't venge cknove i.a fldpla. i'tt i'n got loodnsur icefl la i'mover. i'otodur ho s th? 'mer ni. fld inranc it lps hoketh yo homa ho aga. ni flinnct s yoomhoga , yo me me ain. yo e ooh, aheck.t oufred new undaon. h,ckouedw da. t anof tse iny si?
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[ maleannnou ter ]nly insi fl d inranccove flos. [ leou ] y for freeflrochine,nc ve calo the umbeon yr scen. r eech cahebe ysc.
7:21 pm
>> spardthe unde congsswon gaiel ffor backn d. tod forer husb sd'srde de ret emen ngwogal or ckd.odor sbseteneremy. coressn giords sigture uprontndemmile cossgidsigre a nt sle tched aer hbandark s he hndk kly. coressman ffor sll k . reveri afteing shot cossn or s outse a re trisonftngho supmark i tsa jaary. t ne wacleaenou to geup herrk i huand jabigy. waeaug.ouo g shelanner to hd bhukd g t hous.n ara he e cnnemono to h contue h behabitat tn usar cono nt h abat prram. osecorsein t mansught tri o mhael prm. cksoecsseerso tl octo nshtri showg of mel dozs o fso drusolto owofoz vls o anrupill btles thrgue v dr.onra anll mury bes thuer.ra
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cklely purvidetheing of p wi the med thale pde kiledgf wim. heed anhanvesgatoril f t anoronesto stif fng ain tay aut whathe toundon in j ksonif a t a atndn j beonoom. inudinvialofropol, be thm.'s t druinin daltorsommoypo use th t hpita forru drs sgerimo e but fensattoey q hstiotador r wo sri sayg h t nsotestoer qio woay h enrelyes inaurat shdi adm she enlyoved onaat pil sh bott to dmt aheettepicteed it. oil tto a wou yougreetect wh me tt.t you de subanti numrf ououee mist wesme t inour invu tigaon ubti ofumhir stnrnvga ofase? >>o. >> ye? >> y wldn' woulyou ree th mhat you n'take wn' not ndulu youe m n'tt kee u ourteotou nteseer thas ba nnvesgati. th's b invtigavehas ork. ba wod yo aee?es ti >> n th bnvgak. woyo a? n sherd: so rd aepor fromhe l.p.d cmeab heout: ra tor fin rprioms l o.dn c tho vial t tinri oho al
7:23 pm
>> peoe's.a.p. >>eos im.p i 1061-millite 61ilteropol via po wa fgerpnt w mated t ia conr wa f murrpy. wat t >> spardainge rint romnr dr. rrayurn th b tle. srd whilgeinventigatms rert ty uld t i ntif. ay allthf be.he ilveat re tprin, th als d ould i nifllie anof the to inthichalsld jac non. u se anhe tohaefenac.laim se t.j. tookenheethaimoseof. okharopole himsf wiouthepo docmsr'swit survisn. adocsousl isive t suis urthadse. e dense slemedso rohe p t that invtigars fm th th .rones o ice.dee ed rohow d thpe rose tionatnvga fth r pondne o e. w ythh,seonhep. th's the fir time rndhe de ynse dep. thheomeir iimoads wit dee tnesin ts cas e yo isawds somof titt spaing es t asing ck a yowom f tth. dungpa redgect en t prosg utio ahad hance to f. go du ck a taled tt t h os agaio youd nc o owohat, thi aalsn't t the hirst ga outimeeopl wou met,istashi 't hest invtigaons e ouldmepl sayou m s.ta inve igatns nhingsnvgas e
7:24 pm
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7:25 pm
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7:26 pm
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7:28 pm
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7:29 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:37 pm
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7:39 pm
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7:42 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:45 pm
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7:46 pm
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7:47 pm
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7:51 pm
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7:52 pm
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7:53 pm
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