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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 7, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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ur i ha debtnnd myn kel vnsheth bt ki ming qaeel wh dros isth constuti al.kig ae wros utio i youre aut to nsti. eer thno sn zo the ioactoou a t begi rig n. e th szoheto giig n captns b osedaptiing rvic pt b edtig ic bil hi,'m b l oili, o'illy than foratch bg us o tonht. esidt obo'a hely a p ss anorchus confenceodayasicly ton . t heidobepubhec partyn the nf cedefeayive icout t job ubtyreatn. he >>he rson i fee ktpob goi arnd theatount talng>>bout rn i kthisoi arobs bilhent isalut isecau peoseil sallyee help rht n.aueo ly elr r ecomy neall nds a jt righcoll n a n. j tthiss no a gh gam is i n theime nor tisno usl piticam i nhee tgridck. us p>> bicl: t proem f mr. ama id. spe ing noth b tro f halfrilln doars ord . a tope cgatethore jlfs.ll dos thrd's wt heantso d cee aatio jl dtth whetso d
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a aroacsio d triion,he aac cews rvicrirepon,s thhe oma c adnisttionas addsore ic podebtth iess o adstonhandde bt i thrsears thn any predent frohr grgers shinon tnyushrent thero geldee in aed.. thinabouh tha theee y rsde a. inouha ts. 20 years to bfairhe deb anasis not 20nsidedrs the birnflaoneb factna buts verydy suld b t id geinghehe msagela ctutry sd b mr. ama thegeiggeg mendige predentn htory . but,a e ishege crecthen dire snts h ry e amican cono neet,is cct jobn s doe no amuestann.noee reblicbeliobeax coes nnost nsum sreic ali cn busess, comned um a witheregatioin somuss, dustes womlddtimutehe theg io onomwithomt mo st spe wing. mu sohat'he omthmo impse. epeg. ridlk,t'emoctsnd pridenmpobam. ant todl sndoc x prenam dlarsot t cate s js. publans nt t d assrst c ebusiss a j pmote bls tss cons ptio si it itrue as th predent s pdte day at t pay llnsio t iueutthrent s ovid amey can trkeraywith tmoreoneyutt alsncre esidmen erth reey de.lsre anincrse taxde onhe ric
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ll otancr mitataxnthateryic mu. taing intsas sd manit mes atey fed he t mu ta tigg ents s d anup czy s pdinged b hore r tsing taxeigon c anydy. p ng an bher eampl reng tay. xe therare w ac salg'ssny. thatanr pl t jus.ce epar enter e ac ficialss dar lat fosrus sntart ci thounds ollaaros s dingnd ou s argeit tlathe taxyer. d g is gs rig ge telongdeaxr. g t ig $16uffieng tdoubout laeek. t 6fi ten tresut laolyna ak.he teen bs monit iyn a genal n on cord ig tohe dartmt ofen bor,he u. vernntpent rdto dtmof r, u rn nt out170 llio on treen js0 ion trningutery fen peoe j actuly g js. tr itngy com dow foeoe thi tu bi gions jf tomowo taxyerollahi bins spen verlitt to sw foraxr la evereles enertto mr. sbamasor not c coue. no cinhevera porolioasou be scessral. itasor allioed be sss itsllo hp compies,or emplestars h to mps, e lear adncedatte manactung he in e uned sotes. it hadpededreatteantu hen un job s
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s. >> bl: b notnougit hdat jobob b. pr bidenot forughe meyob ent. at'she m en ornow mr th top sry 's chces me w th mop oba s wlon. chs n mba w t hi stilu n pacgehat hi he h iti tyactelie heanti hob i catio t fox ws alyst aie ti rio tk c io ow s rx aura ast a iraha we aee r t sra whe thi iisha a goi. e priden knot's not he gohig to pas oithe. pol prenno ssot tt agoricatoas want ncreeedol tax onhe s t a ca wethy. l thntpollre sayhataxn ihe c wenviny. peoe th thethll ay publtans e i c stoing b in eo theatihe, heightave bls campgnssue to g >> n y an'ttihe rhtllye b mpue n y 't r seyous. b e nopin ne c't b sayg thataracobam isseoings. non c to b n away frog his am sthatnge isoingo t too m eawrois th aec ateferisdum ng the t fot m at therm he f rubli rli i wil telyou billthe d befe i micganilelu mc nnel lleante to defe bri iic upn mc foel ateo ve inheri ipenat fo gu vs whin stoed tt. >> tat guemocwhtsto t
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t ar rd. eroc ctor ss tre arear som ringsn he tha weeran c wrk s t th hreom o gsheha e thin wery rea hnabl sd o t'sick t sein tngs outyf theabillblnd sork tse. sk te priden twantstout use his th llas a camk igneapo t pr en ntgoinarouse thes aam cnntrypond ain ip o a businouhe trinext cry n ek. o a >>ill:usill rixt wor bil has een. >>l:l oing tsor ilasnng t zzle daze i onhe offeive. ll, le hasazee ioingnhisor aonth fe hie.numbs ave , tas med.ngs sth numrshimbse tod dai m g.lup acki pol sumws himtodai gp0% kiol s apimoval 52% disprov. he as bn doapg tal har ph, % isthov harhe bdo telarepubc p obstctiost, 's nar woubing. e prlem hisolics stdon'io, nork. 's n abowo theg. prm is picitic it'sn'boutisk.olic s. n bo het heoesn wano r pic on 'sut s rerd a h isic tryg hesnhisan ot rrn tng. don'rethin ait'ssrys worotng. t. n'in's or. >> bl: oy. sohe rubli mus b o so rli rpondus ough so ii'm rnd replic candate
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gh i m tha sge. i'mepc facanith teesidt ha o sma's. mac h idcusaon. d th's wt it o's sa. th wit i crea a lotf put lot o i ople ackea tootutot o lekoork. e priden hador twok. yea prenad decratomined cgresnd wo heea pusdhrouig de c eshe pusdhrou he stilususou a alth tare.s. asus rest, woutti hspene a th cou rythote. measnes w deb >>f hne i wou n' woroukhe mirst eb timehy d>> we ihink iouorould rk tsst d haveg thenk iameldebat t tt . weavhe he980s at th t lefhink if w ead h me0s th efregution highnk tax w. ha m tse pernent ent lemeguon ghax ha ogra in tace, theerwent ant me gog toave a traivinn econe,yhe and a me goto fr.e th's wt th tinon ptests a d me f th wth pst a shing. >>ill:ncomqualy. >>hat'happed in eur theyried. tha>>theyl:asicomlyal d>>t'pp wha i obaur waney to ed inhaeyic haba euro.ano n >> bl: tt's at ian't dersnd robout the b p tsides 's i't vion. rsropes su aut dister. he pde rig. vi . bil tha s whpe allsufisisr. onomig advors >> tilseha hwhlloday bilathi
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om presconfdvences nd h t s hcksay s cht oil and aides nnf isce h e ss te. chthe ome i n.nd d nthesroteers wn o wal t reete e i sd r nreses etes o albroar naonalonce etbout s rse th ecomy. oa nai'malce tutnkin waia the ar mcotly. co ege kidm tinai sd. ay?th ar st othem mive yf thrcoeid pants. l drsed ? oeme throte erpas. drd heet ippium. screteing out w t tows etcameowny a pi. conolle reg t tow moli on. me nis s affsonle insity,he pr idenliof t. unid s stes wodn'tecogzens iniy,ally the a papryen tni ss wo'tog anily legheimatorce pa bu now tseegatceroteers ow a t knit cste as a it c a aac dir a puoverir bil arehey rty. thehavet be wched puer il rencey y. hehevebearter wed ainisatio >> iyou nto g ete kni c aisio iu new g yk you can thereni c ewgone y >> boul: aeranhe y shal attkson the ne b cbs a corsponnt y harkintheast nd tknhe furusbsoron stor inyou ed het on aur or m lauu 'shen a radiprogm bro this sry mdeau ope i a goi diog toro askhi h s thisnpe a detoil. oe dicallsk t h whiouse o
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is et coent di ollattoey thi gseeral o hoercot ctrad otingto h own gal depament mem hon fnt o cfadng hwn pantem f o ngre. thguy sultz ericonsus. re th>> hy stz risuurse h m atkson. i' tnking mbesehis wle m tking,n.hi i' tin mhole-s w becse the rackbama hiteg,ouseas beenrettle tigecretthe onckmatese enttig mettage. u wond age. >> yea >>me note. woag >> coticituaon.ea the>>say eyot wl bery cic trsparuat on.hing he y wlooks likit'syll comtrgaronng ks apikt. 's >>reakg o. i ve bomn havger o m ap ow s>>ceak las o febary i bn thiavs o ise. sh has sen rortias. eb shy is a verhialm. is sh is ashs rondetiul sh aerm. ede cls wte hounder juice dartmt ts c w ecou schuz ki d ajue stas d scrtmming at ternd e csing t hu hki. atacrng e waat vyorthomin cng on h my sh. wa t's ve wh shethaysin ony your shshe ys w are ys whheursi as o ur me? e wdre app yentl hsiaid wl, ? pp tlasonle rorted en't w taki -- en'toingow thion rte ad.'t sai kihe- 't reangnablhi .
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aieabl rerter >> bl: n reer hav't de a stor sinc b n apr. >>hey easicavly d a jning ornc thprrotes o wal>>y ic s >> bl: ttht's tte oal te. doou kw w i kw st. tha >> b ts t t do k why w k w bil nobhay ha s>>hylpac ilobha swter. ac ru and bece swr. bjecve.nd >>ill:ecyan. notyan me othe lser ec .know >>l: hosn.. otn oe >> b ll: nrt onhe r dow as ow we mtionos, ho.much trole is he w bte h nseon r rllyow inwe ov fas m andonhochro isurio w. h r wyl tk tohen ovas cnd rresndeniohis .rk has wlm tto c es enred s torn genalas holr. ter lun cy id thernenol r un itreeheee ti-citalts he far out ews w -cal hfaut s we'reentulink.. new nd o brdbancompy
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mmit'd torerovitung nkhone , peonal ervi w o branmp itom rtol pevile . nepealvi -yeapriclock guartees.. rpe . nsisntly fa spe s .. eaicckar esand re ws to custize ur thnoly. islyfape.. d wtoste tol
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>>ill:actofoll up gmentonit. ase rertedast ght. sews >>nvesl:gatitollp enni as reed cot espot.ent aryl ttkion s ha unceseredti se jusce depamentcoemospot yl thaki hanc sedw s aterneyenerus paoldentos kw ha abouthe st s at aeyerde k fious oue gun ing ang befe he saide fusun di g ef h ai. atnsonoinss fr wa ingt.di les wa thratghon tnssfr soven wa gti cnderan lewahr it. t en y fouo then mem tn cer you lledt. youheem t thwhite u ed hou f commt asnyeporrthitould oud so f g actll y ledmmas atorld u? so is ghat at hctpene y d>> wl, i wast dingeporng onomeist hne of w t iseas dg docents nor onthosepartular os. twe hocts n osrt carversion ohich you h we know aut aav c rsportn onchou a has beenweno a a dul no d. rtn ev sin and a havas been
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moulng ond ting no evork inndav b the nexmo d oelopnts the tg k case therhave een ite eex dops ew.he se er ve >>n ill:e et'sot t to get. away fm thi t >>l: qui'sly toet ay fmhi tui shyl. ic sultzisired sh. by stz ts whe hoedeo hdlehisytory t thfastwh andhoe fious hetory.s uall erirycp ndth ystnday h fus ry wa ulri y hosti ? >> ion'tant sayxact tihow e who tng too pla i't bet use ayrt ofct tha i w eho t howoolae be e o wo toghahe in shangow inrmatn sie t woog sryn ha ben. thine aratsi ass tnedeopl s in be th ar varisss pad sid of e stopln deawithhe mia i do ant ri pa idtof toay tt t ceaversthion m i o u retrted i was t accate. t crsn reed ias bil didcce cue.e at yil?id cu at>> a y rorte y tha as y rte curaha. >> bl: wt, wt, wai w, i hav h that hpen ra b w wai iav h meantha any hdy wn ld cse a me, me metn.ny w you t a c aromoon d ng , hat t yoare a u a nicemo d pson. t i m n, yyoe areusticomeby he p n. is t
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ing gethe m ytoryre whtwoul tebs ghe cur a tg et youry whwhatuled t g himo duro a tha in e coseou of caterin thime ki d of srieshas y n cof cknowinyou gth intki a o ses y lot owu gnt of diffult mentwith peoe ot th youf fft ntth tkeo thou to tut. bil nowhat i'malkio about. ilowt 'mkiere. ou uslly ghtsusee. usy ts e partular rtar rorter r terresnden that notometng tt haens eve esenay. at otwhateto yo tthinlithat hasveuse? >>ell, wou. s the atyoaveintt be some pe?tty >>l,ou s inchedibl e devepmen in ebeom pas pyeek.ncbl so docveentsenn was hen't even hak.timeoepor n aoc ofts w h'tve hame tho. or th areery afensive cumes a th allatioth grengy si arou. ma of emmee a hen'tll repiote g yet caus we eed ou oma gf more h 'tconfmatiep of thet use d buwhatou s g onor t sur cenfti f th wehe do eporbu iatur sn sries tur is rllyth onleaoartor if w stes y beoing n ryndnlate m bf repo wing eutur whenbe wngn can m b t pog curfirmenion. w an >>ill:kay. can onl sat tt i crm sn.
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>>l: vey. sentive sanrynl tt t i goa go int myveenve s t faracetoa tre isgo lotnt o maret sentivi t. is ot>> b ol: pticurly day causpresent ama uck envi r hoer and b pcuaiy y holr usest a k di't mlead nybohondeforol ngre. whever di m adw, crectboe if amor wng re wh er becae i cpecucttingifmased on yr w reptingsome ing ca i at mescung med yepngmeg m uncfortle b yoare tield a i'm re i thencrttudi b ityoookse t tld a'm me lik ihe eridi h der,it ks the ttorn genal, d kn m out isikast andri hr,urio e rn openatio, thatkned t the t dtthnd of aio orderopioat the d patl agent londe foreeatold cgresnte kwon abt it re wod thd cese k auratat ts abpoinitin te to woth aat t in t so? youould b facally s ? rrec ouand ld we b heepordacly tha ec t d eattoey geral has oriefeaha lo te t to gal ago fe lo t bil oka >> lgo meinishhat w iefeon f t and ilka leist w riou fe fnd t -- >>ill:o th he oues uto thhillnd he tel--arry >>l: th e issa uth cgresthanllrome calirniaelyou ow, ryi jus sa cund est abtm thi i liia ru lly, us dn't now.d ab
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sothiooks likolde r iyot 'tw. tellg thsotrutt ks thik's wt itooksde i le. e the llthut anyth witks extuati l cithumstces at y havnyxtti cists yav foun >> ne so f. and have pn a unepar e nso quer fto the depd tmenve o p juste, warch wre onti inger hetoepeneporon t st w s wry ttiskg or t them to slari tkay, wns emit, o heri misy,ders wodhe qu, tion e >> yh, wn was ithateisrs ew aut i a whe did ouquon pu ythat wwa req ist iat to ahe i aheid d? pu>> iatut thaeq i reqst io d iha tay.eq i>> d youut a ruesto t in.rvie d holour? a >> i rstave reptedo inie thaol reqst i ite tepaydha yes eq bil howong itve y bee t tryi to t h? ielieees a ed filowg o yee yio h firsiet iervi reqst wh a fim o manyonth rs ivigo.eq w bil okany th so y havbeenryinto g him .r a ngim ae ilka ha y't cave upenin g m a w, he yo a ha a cedup er schtz at he w hteyo hse f an aerch ologat w you hn't ve ttakehat fn garbe. >>heres no ingog to u t tket apogize rb >>reno g ofor. bil he ssedt yo po ze>> t poi i reayothe r. cont t ofile thaedyo the toiea pntntofhas
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etoryse it see p gnifant dry imptantt hee opleandlques ons ifdt ow mpnt th rea whe h you a ledless esti s. th itea nothehatou anydy a owe sobody nti itottnywe apogy. so dyagai we ve medn to tpo. aie m delopmts. to >>ill:t's tcuriity me de pmbeca.e its at >>l:s igriy me lev. la queion,nour caitat onion haveou bn dog thev how malaue yn,rs, w mry o yeaon hav veyou ben idoestithtingow >> gmah, a yon, meaav u t ie.ting g a bil oka in yr opion,shis tig sty or s it iluska yopn,s asittl st or storit is i a bstl it oingoro l id t b perhs a rtignaon bng the ltornener? t isresint oma g ng t rh bea rna bhe rn er ?emba asse is siis i othat g te b? >> i heo idebasebout iat b tha iere nooubt h tthatde wut alreynow. ha wh we e obt tt hte wlrea r orte renw. whe hncrebly imptantea rtend credly mor srery tytmp wnt rely he a tore to lea ed m s t w out. allre ha eoeaight t. llharythan you ht focomi on e proam. ankryanou you. veryfontermitingn cenee ltro. nighkon t strts ofouew yk ryty aerthe ngrne lt left gh pro tststrf y at oue ofef han wilshowroou wst haened
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d th cture ou wriorsan w lilow w haalyzedin jt a ewth creomen w.or w yz jaen
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>>ill:undrs ofar lt de>>nstrl:ors dramedof lt aund. thindetr becs eed ad. in cfronection conon [shoing] hog] >> $an hr. >> g get job i he $ h g a getob h job g>> y a a aob um y aew'm a jew. y aryou ghti wit a us? that ww. youre aru tiit fhtin yogot es?
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at woneyou. >> f worind yot e for0 yrs ey >> t >>laneor tooown teeor y t wers tellneoon teore rs ullll [eep] >> y thi t/11 aeacks werelut [ op] by the yhieder t1 aks re oyhe er gornme? >>owid ter sevome go me wn? >> u te me, my teve b?ther tee,y 50 berrchict einee hi the e ee are the e t expts. i s thaame guy atwdxp. ock. s hath ue touy alyzetw gsham k. uo acarlzen. fo gam new a horrl fo mgare hver.ew uere a drn the. i mre hr. was e d >> bhel: y wer't ress likehat. as i h b yerss a o rcoaket. o h i d wt t telyou ahat ooa o fod. i und ne d veron w telut fo ofi d urer farite paphef occied fallteap all reetourn." >> myccd hyphesi you orrel meet rn i awron>> yit dn' havuch doypboutsiouree ec aomicon this ds abt weav d't lh eout ec ic eric is abwe dwe't le an dhing lbout i
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we a faref ic loo d. lan ng utwhat ier o bee is, aearre gooog to t e to heat oees, strts. ju sayt's ustgoto tto . it thejuameays thi. t >>t's youleas you sik8. itthatheecau sometheeoplhi i >> s oulkedo th areasou lik s wl we atau om erepl hipes ae idn'edth havreik w anywreeolls ip a go. n' guyav td m h wasyw also. mmun t.y t m pa hhworofas a fareftpeci un patereor garups. t bil funcid byeorge sos re >> ion'tnowho gs.aid r thil papunby butrgt's a s ver i't nicw brd d th sapet.uts >>ill:hey eruldn payoric . br th guyin s. >>l:y dnay the th aacuy saterhe laurjust a menoned >> ty cod if thearen ser e ur paystg fented tco uonsf arehe ien ay f the. u ths cou connuerend i get 'sthouonembleettic the divion thi courybi t.t tho on lepitoc hillhe se hiven bee hiou t taing hoout.n i'mtoll s t hkingee abo c sstag t. w farem anif y wan tto sngakbobout c it fm a wre c turaan yan sut f aensethis is wt we crare gng tee me se is, wwehink if g t tha disssio m ntin s onapitnkill.f the whhaavis nonio a os inwho onveit al. thwhon a l . o a >> bl: nber e thnumbs e ve sll h le. theyave en r bming n ar undth mb
5:24 am
the ty f ve sonth h now. ey e ybe rey gng a a cdple e o f th thsandfow pple. in ne yor g ahe ce olack th eyend p pe.s nor ck go30,0 peoe uphereye i p ceral rk t oth nht. go ,0 eookayup re ithissn'tomet ng tt'scel tth big n ay is'tet tswo, igrackbama madnua miste toy wh he sai, ckmaad wl, ha youot sttowheai wo haou undstanthey are fhtinogainndaney encom fininom inuali. th areoons th a r. inli threns a a hiee the arehe cwnshat burnownhe stos. >>here c ones ctsistt rnn tme. totheriso cerenne cst polical i'omg t haner far cenolaleft. i' g >> oill:ne gn tnks arat tt. >>l: g t9/11s - >>ordsn thr touth th is whyt wo d be 11 >>dangdsous thbelieor ath pothticis tohywobe anggns lihemsef to a ispocio a bil goothinpresent ama dn't aliovt. hself he mileooinestxcus fa i't li >> oerolitiansave hlf com m usout f e iressg rert rom oit thinseom otes >> ktth essrem elshi fminneta es r knendls tee f or founether
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5:26 am
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5:27 am
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5:28 am
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5:29 am
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5:30 am
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5:31 am
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5:32 am
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5:33 am
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5:34 am
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5:35 am
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5:40 am
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5:41 am
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5:42 am
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5:43 am
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5:44 am
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5:45 am
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5:48 am
ou and dolndse ndol tot ot onlerson h eve b. nl bil yousooth t th h wng ve and u shld b b ilou ah amedth w be dict rnold youshno b him aed de ctedo thbebritcth duolngu eim revutiory w makg hdeedthitdu meynonousithevio b wng aak h aito whicameranon fsdh b a drnol to icer f dol succsful hanovero th brith inxchae orccul aanerth mey itin ha ibe? a m e? >>ill:oll e ta. >>n t prewn daress a >>l:l ta >> tre sty ptemr mningars in 80 thy em mng preeromba offer on eontirentalbaff ormyened t tinoldalaid fewel tyoung ed brish ficeandeade ld bdk fel homelongheng ban ofbrheh cedde bdson mengiver maanr gefral arnd, cmand on of ter mage alricarn foress a cnd wes t int dust hded aca oveors a
5:49 am
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5:50 am
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5:51 am
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5:52 am
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5:53 am
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5:54 am
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5:55 am
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