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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 7, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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th mpporenng ateeng t 0artk trt ery ar e morying. theres eangmo newshate trto b otthp o oueang n cstrte roomtr k beet thow ou llin ctrlo. ooa lmot k ofeohopl you d 't s olln the a a l w o teonk t a s o n repte a gat t ao see w everyby. nk t ha g ad ay .ep t s er had megyn: fox new artever amgyicew n developmesust breangev rigerht n i t case ofevops msi mis soureang bigaby cisasae msiisur irwin. welcom to "ariiv i megyn kly .wi less t halc o ou aiver iin g gy kly ass tesraleouao terubin r hp t arentsralea baboy lis rp underarhets piceaby microscop is the deric mroabopy 'sothe admitti day that she failedhe a ait pogrphr olda t saihat thahet waai ainistere by l po henforolent anai polhaicet a ainccusteedy her foenan pe aus hing somethingoo wi her daughter's hinom hi disaoeaoranc e. wi aeraw enforaumete says that th dsabieae,nc a q euonfteay that f led
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d bi miray that qieuo dectokd test ndmiray sattartedieweatg, thi is a orstngnd tohe p sicrtedhen eat fg,.ihi. oris h aer oorfngoic heis an ehe is.or h ofuc m m orean eaki i right n. trce galucgr pks m up t m st fromki the rreht n. tr gace.g p >>peporter: the lstal aomilhete givi m btrbse.hells i n>>orr: thesilte se blls t eg. remeer it w veryey wn eom t ee me i w oery t cel phon wom s missi wn t ohey wt to che rooph w and sisaw ltle t liy w moishesi. r re cndel pho snes msili. poce m anv.tiga ting chother nothe m mad aho cpol nv onegang f ter c lot p mhoads a c 30 thene mning . t that coul p be sery c cal he piec ongf edethe. c e ght w tarts are doi ng pi aot oorf t ha tnarts a pic d oi lice saayor partsal are n hang c peceti s p areyonre such beyngond tt, t t prenreow s in s ucouhey t s aid,ttenreow pinnt-blank he cops have sd,ccused them ofng pntnk volv iconaveccedhem tf ng deie bdlhe motlvhe irn ss at one point t dedlolheeotheuar s t hat dneowoi hel put a picre eua is a onh the d towle h nd phe ay p said l k atis youonrhe aby.he
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do tsa rhtk ahi aour tabsy. hat t hne rd thtohi aer. wh d y ds t ter? er dhawhthe yothe saidas ju part ofer dheott. s as shjuayars tty tolder s faed a sh t tol ldet torfa t a serabl and watin d theton did notant ra giv a herat theid husba a g he lettor h a tt l causeteto his sry ccktut usis s ry10. when t hbaou out t . wiwhaid he alsoou wteutd to t st talking tohe olice. wi heai is t hhee mlsomo on t t t ay st alshowngalnghe autic thehe i the m o pongrayisn. ow >> ion't a rutember w thi o it s, bpoutis tn.he jus t i k'tt rem sayrin fled, i b fai td,nd j iusaitd t thays fleot f iai thsosble. ot d mean, wtos dblo d yay w so monn,eetlsou dohnd you knayou widn't dosoelsouh you knoun't anythin repter: remr th crital timelineer atheg ep tee romem sthd s it pal tel t by ed adt s p 130. e a d chm at 40 in30he morneg. c th wdowaspe a thet l 40 n
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were orng.he dthasasnlocheked and is a waresisheng d. ast as t fstnlimoce anishewa dsadis ng work t a fn ostvernight s. t wahes d tir trke t a o mrnig . ha was leftheir fnteoo tr open, and a teeeftnt cooel p onen,s w e d t c w miin poce ting get trepb phmi po rec tg dset tck t there ph pinecgs on t t cck t pneso s if they can pin croonrahe p snetoso. th polic seypein cg o aut ra thparhets not s cpeti ngth pic list o. a >>hcoopthatiormuchot c tpeti res bstie t hey >>lihopnio ch the t s house biehe tyy innt atth heav formion o hse wt'sheeen goin i on h. ey krmio the child. theyee wgoaybe neon. ey k tur c besldt. ey w ts helpneurestind thi childel ye, r doorins t on cldnd i doest h ye the, r orn dothenvesgaon. >>epter: rembe noby yehas en crgedn th. ga thone pen ts a t>>epolte a rrebeob ye s ea crledythat osth you penee a ool ahe le hyt ss oou theee screenhe le li srwas beehen seen msing past liricalaseen2-ur msiarask,t men, that acaajor conce2-rn ur
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ilalarl of thi smeosri t is aj goin cgce o men:al ora, hiths yosouri. iinis m e inw by oho wmeh thclos yooouk a. the seierein bgyho w h deloen i sos mook aheuhan de rmeren l i.a.p m.kecve a a fox wsuhan contribor. er .p ma., anecyofo ar b ng herfo i nt cotr.taith ma, anyo cboupl he oi f o mbtaheitsh cing out ofur c ple lol o repti . agaisn c winhout lo ourep l.ocal ainhda i o wanto g lal toumda oian t oatheyreumeang tha the moer m h heea ung the hmo hllpheo m a call at h 30 am ophn teo m cl mnghat baby lisa on dappeared nghehatoaby h b shesa p the d ap areu down a tto 130 h. b he w tast d unt 130. wst unt:0m t h sb got homeromm the ernit sb gshi h tthe fst reized theni chi wothit ere. f stifhe mree aed pheho c cl atot 30 sol the pol mice a a p threelf a teell phos we,ol ote, pol m asi . re ethfey saidlhe pys b wvee,d that e, ver t. bab l sa, t parentve s taid,ha mt he tveen t t b lla, pones rent sd, te t ne sp -- to sw
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down the cls pole. if sp tow sai do thone cal dingol eimife sheaid sheai who c sleeon a elehoim s theaidshe suos tbe m is sieeon w are elho u go tith tt s a su t bedete miv w >>ret's a goh tt areat int roga tionte piec >>s f informaonre megntga on it ecbvious thafhat infsor somein mth you ld wio t tha i ha h me c yeoup w rig w from ha theg cnie ip wasig arom 20, i made egni ias p 20, iad e ll buthe didtayhat. thatns she i bshe cceing dtha some in at nsthe s c ilshon csceerineglw a re d f gme yo hav eeomodl thant comeser lwto a re fg yoavoueha ces a takou a 10moh-old bynd tan t a fi thr clho a ndmoh- tean temor w fi tlho ppo ase? meyn:hat a oo quest ppo ? an im t:he at thoughtar ue th t an par tts or one t thehtm th mit pave d o s oomhi heosm celhone m aymitav d sexd if som hi h helpenedn m ay atoud exted,if oomrade h a hpene d non call aot uexnderd,st odr e th tho r ecdsal eveln ifou u rider odhe cthel t pnesreds ven of cours eid r oriab b c of
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clicers?e ri>>abbsutel megyn. pele hinkce tt the ut elinrmation isn mhe pne thepe nkinfo tat tion isn'tn t he nerm.iois nu maheke a p pneho tne fonlatn t a t he gunela. pne i f ima as p aocal nlll ioes gu n i isec aor s that n rmioec b celhos regard t n o bnl cs herehordne that s ndiut the oho t ishehoneha t rece ivin sg, ldialutrhe t is othwise. ceis iin l srething thats othse i setng a tn sch tanup an tan itaanus record tt yo c get ridf by getting ofanheusho co. tyo it snd gs letid af v y gngesheraho it nd l la-m aute vttempt toel ara ho fulllayreventttem som teboy a fm acallyhoetrentomymho cly ror. egyn ainhat'ho what i unds lyne toha mark w i dse fuhrman a t lawark enforceme et. it n f nrmesri a w ha w ppen. e or were gtingt. thi sit besakrig w ne as enyo. we g arengndhishe pice gve saidnes ttherearents a t saiuspedctsuthey havtehelso arts sa the are no l get spe coeruting heth t polavicee savest tatio re i wao to t togehe oer ieco ofg b takole new s on tstio arwak,o to o ich iies he pofarts cew o o n
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this morniar the ot iheheeb o adtt haist t poroliceolhe rot she had fleebd ad tha t ppolyicapeh. eay ss h that's ios te causlye sh. w eleng the tt's uth. we a husengurocelalnghe filiate from a lh. a enformeur ocsour famiar th t c li atfr th n oy dhenf fail, heuramr t th y dotaiailehe miserly. k ot setesai pleice wilisl tell s ebodyyailehees p icpolyeilapl w ll seby inleact may he ey ly dn' th law eormefficer nfmi o ouraw local ffaffierli at t t smihe duridoc faind fili sht s fled d merlynd find srted shswtihen t f.b.ind s rtinfoed er oti thihen t en said.bhe w an fod an a ottne ty andhe y hadaid to w stop ae a qu tioninang. he theyad had n ierest itoeiv qutiin theye h husbandes i a pygphiv becau sthtoryheed hbaut 1ph% atec astryor 1% t w helpingo cstruct a newtauc ow h pi foaoaw cstct e ce mentw to be uc tellg aowepor rhafotaheaw e ce montero aile d a tell naot jusrthe faed but msmoal pa and a n stteust satg, wfa a bre thesyal p adoing hste, mk. w >> first t the gave t faminil e bef ofhe dbt t fhest
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weav f tor ham s ry b. o fey wt f a t for kidnapped sosryt chil wdhattadeen ten. k naeyednvti gailtedd aheee tenamy nvti a dynamics exratynships ssle ratnsps thedymiy acsre vingat thensmpsheen it of tss doubt inshipsorhe a lon agio ng he mof tim o twhenhe cam eub ihiorongio t ero ename ingss egressfomodyero tt didng eessfod t livte in tou did going into thiv hinouse wn ty saw all g tointo hse nd tlags s gll uphey cam t a po t wlarehey had to dheo c th. on t did hipostreheyndad d heth. on tfail m diserablyhi tsy reasednd th informationay ndil mer thy reased r adarth i bortisend th s lrr rar se and when she l d w she lyere uphe iled miserly. lye th que ustiopns sai misebl yeder meiso dbt dthueouio ai know w here yseblrer deghoted is? do ynow what howap wnedre yourau dtegh di y iou hs?av ny yinno dw oatith d he r d isurappear . di y me hn: ieed qck qui dcko it hswer n his. d is pein you expmeie ie d qck q huiicid er ntehiive i i ytossi for e soone haiicl heteivsi f pe olywainln
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ct theyereelnghe trh. d pnawn ct ahey velnghe earftrot d thereaw w yan at to belve. is itossibleo me oerut aend an tke t bt itsio me k oin a of t k dises >> megynf yav the rigt rs g ding tol ra>>pheg allf theavhe r rsgg tolralluest ions eondeng thr pnt p tsica and st nsment stadeteng fthr arent p gca candntateta tf t ahat t g ndat t i t 99% iccate. egy99% continuo ait mor onhisccasate fm t hegyual c ti rentso whoadit a meed t comon s as ts ft show a ndntffsho us aee tom te rv tw sd w s wld like a t ta t up o thatff w ldill. l e soar tay nota t u tuctk n fl.di so themay nltohougheyuck f pdiomid u s em theylt whold be on yesterday. rkmid u f uhanththk u to b you o. es wilrdhav the det tiveho has feenpeakin wk u us oou th ilasvehe shoetrtlyve. yo heahards then sinpb wt b thasho yoeahe b snd by fm h earlier hwill b joings le. h h i t eli polhicll c bta j volved in h s trching for polite lisa ilvrw i.n i wil ask srcimng autor a oe ts ev ensa a ind weil l ci nuilesk to foutow ahi osors
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en a t whee nt c tnu hofoss weorttempt to uat t outrnformation . thse watesttnfptmaonro umat poli is ouat t penorts atire notth cooesrati bonharot the y li s are t n pen s apect s. t w cl coonnue reptsha t he yget ew e n s dpeelmes. w cone ep ts. fonewslertor y as ll. w retionominin fm th hous t taywsewrt ys . obresonepin f th ow gusheayneloewet re epfo s teerge r teer.1%ga 3,0serga orderut 0 sabouer,0f thoserder verinorrs who r etur neoudo,0ho th j ri aftrs w dro rppurinoffohe paol jln aug at d troohe rike thpawhit hlseay as tghetobss ra is s llkeoo hig hitnday tobsseeds ra i sfast sr ellooc gigroh to erandsba to wstk. e goo anbao w chfhi hse spo spon dentedch henf l s onnten washington. >>eporr: tse nbersere tterhan shin eonxpec.te d. anys >>hoorht t t nhererseou er onn be ehec catio anho ohtf t60re00 onbs b. u'h cigat you s otrache rizo n wor kers y eential slytr zo in reao o*rsurd u'd e right een whale th
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re* ad lyd rig whth expected. car whe aed he beliedhe p esiecntd. sho ul bar wreecte given h t fac thalit he psintho re echimsivf told aacbchaew hse athe begiing of hi smsee tol a pbcsoew s americ aanarehe n gi o bethitesrven thamericeouer yea ago and b et tesorhe numbers cti eth sh thaou y ueanemploymgoen atstu he nberse atshha 9%, umpymarsnetuy insisted pr identuld%,eeearlenected bensuste od his v is npr f tentd tureeele eed e ast being h v acnowdg ted the nrsre restil e bng owaddg. he >>e neere to takile action too methin aboutad t eno eee t ak day, a bioautoseo hathuts no-- is t y, bau anerhat whingtos is suld just was tsanan of that whito probjums w that we a o t f ac g?ob tat whaewe shoulo nng? andf s f explain weho whyo? n ng repanter:f the ssxpin any sier linhyin?fo r he ep adr:nithraeson it' jnyt that siere lin hhe b nriadtera st'ecto t hajob roh, beut h asarnneri sintetod t t reb croh,nu b beayarhe publi ctetreecnutor, te acrs particur,heha psli c whthe pdeec'sr, j s bteillrs p ticuses in osn hawh iheardet, b'sut js er is one serosblem w oithha that, ar ye ber w ihesne prerodebl w wash t hist, nyeeronre h saihed rehedead w met aan
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risecen nyromre mass sachuaisedtts ho ad h mad g aotveann r threeyink sshuslips and hai gd y need treo pe thi bil inrd li a makaiur yeha ed ppl peikeil n met b k ak the csshaom. ppleike m be "bk os tnerd"omurns i t, ad "bsnay cneyurns c firms. theresint didn'tne aua meet chisrman e . w as aetrehesi hit dn'tou auahe y g etlo tan e w aeachtth ttheose g garden,lo eych didthn't act tlly meet. ose theanoes haravn, a j rht id a llw. mee thoe h y cneynchil ed t t cne nc esent'ed b troriip tas trueha teach ers nendo go ip ck to ortr ha gyn: n talchut n tdayo go a tor tc heal gunutayunng program unde i entc scrutinun fmunng pam wmakdes. ien ni s autzonamheriff's wt tak s. kn morniebout tzohena aory he ne'sral's tlen kn oraoronasbot the anurus nel'nndraonast sdoanhe falynd murdereorher a nt fa brn terry mde ey join us lre aignt brerhere eyoi na leigus woman sayshe ihes llus wan ays aumati izesd aerll bei kked of f o mati a serwest aeiirli fligof f shis tin tirne swe a
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tig cosh t ciminirgne dcrin we'l chavehe linest ghacr in iosct ro a'lusve o lft ha taking tus o fairpe ting his oont elabh war hn. >>ave youon off iael rhpoedar >>e y elizathffed warren's cme ab li how seid tak her otarn's abowid ter o ff [lauter] haod o aur] hamicrarties ente thelood reamaste hacrti d rtehes heliefod amto tte sitof pn. 's cnicay pren relve p n re ass ast.ef tit p ccapr el past. nebayeadvaed airin neye va ain [ le aounc ] inlindasteests evenagu s che pro. pr o?! t i'[ bee abuyinc ra forinearsnd tets enu chpr pr! i'eeyi raorrs [ inki ] iondewhatther qutionle cices've de? [ ki ideaterquon cese ? '80sanceusiclays sigh ] 0sceicys [ le aounc ] chse tte. ooserego gh [ anc ch t . se goad ip bdy. le's p sommusi on [ d man bwelc.e tole plearomng ssinishnn thcar. [ n u'vlcgot to be arkid sng mshthr. ah, is igood'vt ed m vamas. , i vaodanos man. ma grciasvaos anacia grias.gras ia ♪ gr♪s.
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ece ras el rro siparay noraesusic e s l osiranoesic mirentry cpram un papas. malennouer ] rt uptro 79 cmileamper nkunap. leou ] up the79ll-nle volr wage pass tdileaniese he-nolge ssdianse malannocer it's fac yr nuitiol nes cago u whal younoe onr he r d 's toacecovy. ynu io nerope nutrion can he u you t bawh on ouur font. r toov petrn heou ban f hreeut ofourocto recoend e enre bnd ee ourto cod en b for tra tritn. ensu clical reng har reva or it anthiren gms oprotn sulil ng hao prevect, resee, anir an gprom oe muotle hlth. prt,se anom mu h anh.immu balce thelp pporyourmmunsyst. anmual tlp orurunst ensu clical reng... sulpinliyou l bounge ba.. ensu! inu ouba trion ichar! su ri iar
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men: fewslert back our t smery. we'rewe gettileng b me evropnt in o snry. thi s c're gti tnghee msiopnt baby ohi ceis t irwin t months by d. sh wt msi a iorinng to m thhersarentsnon d yshnigt. heotorngr c toim rhear putts hernd i igher c he cheut h 10:30pm. re casok up by her h 10:ndpm. ateas 4m aer ue got by homererondm hism aveerrnighteobotome singro sheas t nserveig crib. the parenints clahemhe miner eriol e areth d pevelenop cg ahe ver dimiert teory. are elcatee a fly v joins mdieer livtero tmor t eensas fitoi me misivsoe ro th t areev eralas breing delopmts iis this r story thatou a arereeval r bepting. ledes gpmo i thrhiough sry t heatoure le r firstng talle gbouthrghhehi
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bakirg ne on terb qte ilinhig biserablynenertehe pygph in ang tisabph s ainang. reporateg yesshe as - she ok. p yg ph epese -he tt. ok ey rllygyph ner wanted o om tt. the fat rhellremy wted irwin. they sheaiisattolw y em t ioin u neyoroems th tt. lwtheyan d tolatra fmro em sher. taccot.into heeyiced officers ea fy th morm e' co inre on the sene o ticouse is ea th orrit be'in bd me wre t o l ttle tgiouass l t seetn b iinnd er h te, ltle d apparaseny t lt s i mothes h e,or jusev c aldary a tdd up to theot others se . j 'shy theld wante a uheto th pothgrh. e sh said hatol the a wndan tectheives wer e apousg er sh sthatdol a tol ract tives what aus g faed i uat y eitrass ol ra you t ft afa iuyg yraph t eestt.r ou f fomts a a dygorph t brlets aun atam b toal u andonrm tbrtle at tond nd t r nce deborah bad d fa r tt pygceraphebest butadhe nt to makefaeha pple p yg phknew bau b wutor weoi t akarend thaetha pple pos si blewy bau woi debndhaahtasossi tr toawyereb u as
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she say tr taw tye tramy d not sve aawyer. ey dn'tant ty dalkot t aaw anyr. d t mo t locny mia mo tay ty l ly want toalia tay tyo lyan ntioal mea. locaed i the one tt is repoing hi m h mmee aa. t he ca meedrying t oo g ttor idut poaboug thi m t m a taby and nghryrsg g ar tctoruad ut tiounghe t ab a poerrs arutti po ulierp oig polls u ilip the neighrhd. threll erllyoncerned the ei ou eth y mynon hrnad hea arliehata rwer. mynere h h uonrmarli rorhat lawnfcement waser nrm confmi rngor relaernfecent hrts si nfhemi you a nrt sihe yrerts si whe you hadot d notrt whe yadot d n ve anyiton t aitont by's sct b psi h scents fr tschet mrear the h siver. fr>> tepeorr: nrhitsearom te trking dogs. th pic dog av eor ntsm b trnguts. re p hicrsog a time. ey bave h nuto hs. th were a t traingnd did
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eyotv h n aonythinons.he othethrte t raall,ingid megyn men: a wthtf thehert l,ept t m emeot:he mayfav te used ht t ot cephe t u saident ss g thece nhte t that lisaiad s ys was the a tbdted, she m lay ha usedha ho wt ahe m 2ha:30 i und th mortng w according to e 2er ito she wthasor wccdi tosleehe >> repte yesthashat we are hring a s weel. th>>esahawe hri w thoues telli us very cse the investie t thael she s a own ull durerg t c ddle t ofnvhetiig ha th ise a n dgust c leow megthus c appantowly jery iin is m lk t policig npantly j tyureinxa ilys w i haoleng there n e amilyurseelng us thaha the ily jesmyelng us iin t talki tohe lice igjeowmy want toin lal youhe nocew tow very nt t olatest oumegy thasno ter important. eteolic e eli gy hadha sd they mpoppetad eicoopera jemyd tin s o npethedod show hooeraadeached h bjeli in sinand oain iheanod't do t ow anyad meaor i beelid a break d can't i an sw t a m ey mstio i eethed pol be cake andan't s aai mthe e parentiosre o legeolr ce nd cooper sin
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thpafamintys came ou ltge a sopd erin arthmiyoo crae oungt w jt a nded bakd . no ou he aooraepthat tthe nded therak - heno r hore i austhet ha faer nhe mothe reralngn r therwithhe picethehe n momeheot >>ng porter: juth the patheeat t thmome. up ntil his mein tha t ol>>d yo urt tjuyhehead nthme upils hatonct yodectesy o police. we've en cckgn ict all rninto mesak o sur peic bau the e poli c sg hey our i door is opinen meur weau theal k t oli tm.ey uroo wer w theop toepe wte soe t tn find thim.s l tlewe wheiro pe uteunt tos me w n i tindd l tlu te fathe ispeg t u nt lis t where tere no ror ts t f hethat tspe had t tked to the li po tcere a n o ror c ta ctedat t ad th. t t hemeg : a kathy q cnntathedkou th et u k noegw if y get any k ohyer qnn th infokrmation. u k i>> r yepor gr:nykay. er gyn: foatn. wait,h's g s om retorhingy. n: w h gse somng reporte oy, filys teing tha jermys ta ing r theor pice, f yde ctivte havg e t jt jy csfi ed taeyg hhee pice, n ot spokeivn tavoe j t fithed. i wtee npo t to th w y. egyn t: o tot youea l >> reporter: n. no he atynhe: r. iot jt t yold you tha t r tor no atheam ilyi j tdtoldds y that jemrw had talilked to dectiols adass talkg tojole.
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1:23 pm
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1:26 pm
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1:27 pm
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1:28 pm
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1:29 pm
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1:33 pm
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1:34 pm
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1:35 pm
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1:36 pm
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1:37 pm
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1:38 pm
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1:39 pm
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1:40 pm
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1:41 pm
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1:42 pm
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1:46 pm
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1:47 pm
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1:48 pm
dnoi doooi i in a t meg touug and i reot ither -ts. egou a ere one tngou th wtts is y ntne yrngabouy fnd. t i put yoursfn th lin t y ke se tabhey hell t he foutat yn rstheytheein gy sf ty he t yu kwfoatoun deyn't deeo thking wfrondhe are i k w ur dn' sayingdou dthidng i ndbothhe a o us reurawyersayndge ou kn d whereha t i sthoi to g awrs megye knre ioi to g me go. >>egyn have r tse instatns meg gyn a w t>> iyn av doe kw iseshat pentsin at nsnellegy ctpe itedo w you lawyehapp?ts ma enell y mpeayte no utouaw if'mp? mimaineg aab i want m toind utat by. athe nd o the aayabhatan t have hine b at bheak dow tn behaeeaw evenfme andhe re bs,ak a thaow i notbeoo e thgh and sound lik e tre aha i s aot gh snd torree a consiliatyessage fron pliolicyeodes ge i'm gng to peakin wit the frrent pthisfternoon hode kmsa co y ndake'in woing toe ntis ger tonir veer o kwhsa yppene'ed. ngclea wtot wve g g i tir a v brk dwhn. th gun.d ea rch,ea and w b wy t i y tybr hkepp thgheeah, a tarch p ley tyhe commaend pp centakut chle cma nt the crime
1:49 pm
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1:50 pm
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1:51 pm
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1:52 pm
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1:53 pm
1:54 pm
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1:55 pm
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1:56 pm
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1:57 pm
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1:58 pm
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1:59 pm
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2:00 pm
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2:01 pm
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2:02 pm
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2:03 pm
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2:04 pm
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2:05 pm
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2:06 pm
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2:07 pm
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2:08 pm
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2:09 pm
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2:10 pm
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2:11 pm
2:12 pm
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2:13 pm
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2:14 pm
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2:15 pm
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2:16 pm
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2:17 pm
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2:18 pm
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2:19 pm
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2:23 pm
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2:24 pm
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2:25 pm
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2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
2:28 pm
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2:29 pm
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2:30 pm
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2:31 pm
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2:32 pm
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2:33 pm
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2:34 pm
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2:35 pm
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2:36 pm
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2:37 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:39 pm
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2:40 pm
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2:41 pm
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2:42 pm
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2:43 pm
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2:44 pm
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2:45 pm
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2:46 pm
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2:47 pm
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2:48 pm
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2:49 pm
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2:50 pm
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2:51 pm
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2:52 pm
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2:54 pm
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2:55 pm
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2:56 pm
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