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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 7, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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at i wasyryin toart pla $5 llion mes at intasin sondras itas goi p5 io m dn. nt tryi toave sorahemitoi dperaly. d e wh e ho e styiped oe andm stped . d ra. onemai whhostd nd go hitestd h seon ai offial sd a of is asgo [blete] shoand h m s. fi s af an indatiothathe wte ho e walestar]ng thood sin mn an ndio laat thi w sumhor.waar t in ju daybefo t bkruplay, hi th this wumoingo be a juayfo p.r t bup me .th hi wcond, thnge isbe set af.r ailsboutmeteve ndthispinnet. is a ls obautveundrsehonn . th wsked ahebamaba ergydr depament th wd i 29. ma heas esuppyed opant not ie 2 hevolv inpp toolynaot negoatio beclvse hn wif t wos fyn go aioec l hnchifhat wo forks r a lolynha. t aerie oks eils iaveheyn aie o ficef th evicesresint and i e ite use brehing dny ceth necesi abond e ere solngdra. d ylkinabouhow ne wanbodo pl a bol evea. inouw wh golnan sh els,ardpl bve hat et wol shs,deteratt anher int sw wking it er w ha i an thir t wha st i wng ht waitg haor? i thend o ahihaf th i h the it ad?nisttion nsishe thi owa a outthcheding he ent arod adst thonishi soltdredg loa e ro
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nodabou ressingthnyonol d whoae hoe fficlsno iouist ssthatgll oonhese emas at t wh ho eend ic it ito at n o swsemaatolit tal d t malfsanc n theyaybe showit sppins, milfakesnc b eybeotw pol sicalin mi maeseasae, b sp.ol al >>hepa: edenryive the maite sause. than s. a y af r th>>pa preeddentrye he sai e e. protters re g ing an voi a afothrent oseai frurateby otrs gg oiomeri's e firunciate sysm, tay o of thtopepubcansnhe hrise of eprentatfies hia ayser t of di erenthpubake ns t h ofreat h demotrats wh campdiuten on e lltree tparkg rote smoatwhmp rosshen >>rk ite for ssnt one am iornem incasiny coerneabouthe grong msncin occopyinnewalloutreeeand e ro otr cies m aoss t ount.ocinlleed ot cs a s an telie it nt notomen an ie tht otowne hen actlly thondodn htheitticty o aricado ainst e ti amican o aca ast aman >> spardmobs occying thdemotratnover sever srdbsccng caus butthmoatenteer aunder corpate gre. an theyusut havrawnte adompasons rp theeea prety an moveyent,av ich,wnfter a laupahedns he pnovt,
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09 h,errigi all aaud an pulis bagilasho th atimus proam pis d coorat bashthmu bairouts. coat rri llisrom e fox sineai nets.rkit u liv i ism no ox who e the neeteopl uiv gri? no >> loto th o clegepltudes. gthey?ave f>>edot o the cgeorst js de mark in eye fears he a loof tstm js une loyerk n a loof tm stingownrs o lo twall strt. wedsdayneeye lo tad 500 sng ofn o th lltr mar ing.ed ay haveot ttell 5 youhissf noa loth ofarg. pvepl tll in w yoou s s get nolofogetr. fa pn yo bigetrrowds foret famfig protwdts. or l ov theount. ta parndia ot l.a. new ovhent . orans,taarostoia.aashiewton, 're seeg hemors, ctop uphin, eeryweere.g mhaveot ttellou, 's cpp n st clege yw. s dentve tll, hep. it n prey cgeiver. hav s seentp. rel kis of peoe iner. the avees. ki of oupseonhe sherd: nceroverl ri peop getng r her,ps mor heport: tly ere mierleri c ss opet ju sor rr,or of rt dy solvmig. c >>s we ju havorf sn dlv >> fwemavensu s ta mide flass incessu havet gr n inomeidssnc ve tgre.ine her onyapitism. ey d't l tehe rol
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r yhat ll seet ays initm. shin on d le in eol catiotof st sn in legiatio some f thn objt tohe cio ilouof tanks we ave een giio l me ofthbjhatto n juou fro tpeopks own owewallen lstre objfting tt nthat but ju loro ofop rnular oll arica as rebjngatut lo fll. rey aar reay aoncecaeds tt l thealtinhe . aea ccentry t ncen atedthn a alllt numr of han. at's chat ryey eneda ay.l um thr cal them lves tan 'st 9ers thothe. thalemesolks t w the sayrs th hedon'havehatealtks wheay n'vetlt >> spardgerrwill parof thbesteamn busess. srdrr ll arr reptthstm rsuss. 50. ep 2: pacic. not reut uphe 5 dia o the fo2:busissac. t netprk 10 yrs aia ohe odaywithfo thesi natiet sti she s cked y a aft ay ththhettac of titihe sedft 9 1,th t unidacf stes wt to war 9 >>n tniy o ers,st wtohe uarted >> stes mitaryhas os, beg ud st mstriarss ainstl qaeeg terrist aini ri cps and astae lita nstarratiot ofni cnd the ta taio flibanegimehe in ba afgimnist. i>> spardpresent sh anunci thenvasn of affganisstn. it oppl s therdalibest and anciheutas of al qae o thafis unitplheib ndbut yea lat meri
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nae o troo are sll o the t eaat grod.ri n at's onge oohanre s w ohe spe ev in vieamro th f'shtinge hasnlaim the wpe evves ie th fin nasrly 00im ameheca s troo. anthe st to ny merimen xpays oo ane trin aroac ng ay $4 bilon arowi. aac $4il a wi at's $1 miio eryingl day. 's $mi egl esidt ob a sa y. tay w e serfter a decide atobsa t w w. der ss wcher wncreecedat e nuerf wroop i r w ghantan w b 10,0 are set nu toopome iome the endfhe ann b0, a et ye. totohe w zonee hendow. nor well stryeming ltoe won. r kabulltrng l afgnist. bu nnor >> spard i cfgerinst afanisn fo neay t eeor srd cars,in havseen ot oafisfo ea t chge s,avenere. so goo oome chad. u.e. ombaso trooosere. supsed endu.y thendfbaro 201 hav see somupdig ndthhangd hereincef01 theaveeom mple ntedrece is nhe u. couerleed insgenc n rate. thoubig esti is at tef ns nccouny wifghastane wten thg ti s u.s. troop finly d pulunwihaan o. w n somehe osit ess. hope,in dulhe o ghan ecur y fmeces hite hor thanoubl toore anur fs h tha
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300,0 pol e a anbloeoldis. th are gwinghan 0,kill aol a capalitidi lthoh thth arere gng ill tll a ful patiapabhothreust l yet.ul olen in abe sth hast decl ed.t. ere morensecun ty i s pces as keandar a cl. elmae or tcuay i ps anhere heverda a bee ma vi tencecros fgharestan hree is thevi risce osandhehaan tibanaves l nchehe ais d wa t ofane asassatio lhe a waf acrs a ssghaniotan kingut senr crghan ann ng oicia. toy pridenen kzai pnted an e oiainge squtoelypren kit pakisedn yinghey geequontiying to ispporhe ngy iurgey he intigo ghanortan. ose rds ve bnchoe ige bheyn u.s.fficls i theann. pas e s few bnoe b week s.ic ieasew theig qstio seks u. begi to hand he qio ove secsity u resp sibi ty tgitheo ahansano thnextear ved a lf oec so,y wispbihe te ans afgons thxt br a reao,? iwi canel youfghepa b thaea an ogreou heris bngpa mad theris ltle ubt haathe afghs ar reer b tadly rdy t tere le t over sec ityghar resnsibity t rre t tay and there i rea er quesecons yout ethe theesiby t wi bend frely i capeale o desngs t hehe it i two nd a hwife fearsap o d iwo a hf
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rsepar sherd: d whher e corrt gornoran ar uppo he: whr trrgoor po cor pell,uran i afcoanis pn.l, th i fhtin ck afis ainst th coroveia fmmigintion law i ast cove aligama.on aw nsid ied tbe t touest th natn. nigh why alhea. id t f tsout ward itat co d haghhy de f csequces. arus, ite m onviedcohaf d trng tblowp a cqus. pacd , m jetvi toetro ntr tow aacdet toro cistm dayas angehis ctmind. wh heoongeay wts t dogesnd. eninwhdayefgeis w torial. tonit fr the in jouyalis of x ne nionfrhe aouis fday xf rep oxs. e an aunce] f soy you ink ur ks arep getng eugh getaes? ance sou k ye kh, marbe n . et e h tav8 ?fusi jui giv the a fl seing vegable ye m n siuiivhe fseg egle pl a fl seing fru. butplt ju f tasses lig fruru. tju as v8li wharus yo numr? v8hayoum
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rr we o buss t's routgreg toresn gring sinees u maine--macne t hnols y utegtosn grg ne u mae- acfr t verolon w eles sie frer w es e ndg maine. ale ady lled ndmae. co bik aly causedthe sine withhe bt tenoloules coik use neth btelo es fordusiohas w be nam thmostepenble dsizcar jd wer d socies. rd go io kims rly.beam thstene izr d r any ough on ciis n. s?o imy. y ghn n i ve nideahat'goinn. we a out i neat'in aut at w tha theyold it'the st pendle m sizeedan wndha ey r bacintoheirittl boeyd t'e nd mzean ractoir tl bo
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sherd: e juice partnt imaki mov to ock e ste of he a: bamajue rt co irovekiial ovwo k st iofigraon la the a onemahats aid co bvel th touestn ira our la nathen.nets now,d tent i oth effoutt ltur weekfterat f eral w,udget io ff upld s le k eker falge pts. up sclud kg aequimenthat pblic. udchooa cheuintt sdent icimmiationoohe snttatu oicia aymiio immiant mili aretu osponiang beepiidst
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hetand by tsgo lor?ob >>tl aoluty he stas by ai t.hend t he lays ?at h is ing t a ut heenfoetaby i got hetates nt h fms g gerno t fo ntlethis i aftnoon ot heres whte he faid, gno aerhe le ispape werftoniled t rewhe thed, 11t a rcui peer ed thtfacthatheeparheent 1t stic ui has thppeactd cots a nart icsurpse. as remnommiedeaco to a n sin at trps la. is emmiullyo s t laplemsted. wilcontue tdefely thi law ains andll emd. ilnt t fechalhinges w ns a bele insts shehat the alderaes gernmt beerens enhercin thet i igra one lras g nm tse cntryhere ouldeneinhe no ieed rar ts l and tthertate cryreld ws. nod tnderte >>hepa : jo. robts le in r atntaewsrm tight john t>> joob th lin at pasidesr sigd an t exhtutivorde toda thn ts. meth re pde tigse wante ouseexivdeda sects re min sret. thisomes tfter wse tec web re st. s e ises er kiles la yr tebelead thsand sofeages lela yf claifiedea th dondment esthis newrderla creiees a sdocialnt isew er coitteto hp feralre a agenes sal sha a coterote hfe topl cret enha anfortion tethe nopccus o tryetg to or ondeto te a ombe nusry hiso undeantsn jet to o ab chrtmas yis of de09tsillt o nhrase deliringisbserf opengl
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7:20 pm
7:21 pm
>>hepa: pontiay ve big ws ocanc trementout day. r yes doors ve t>>d mepapoia veig th a onc rretinentt blo y. estyedos touldme saveheirth liv fro r aneeadllo tformfld c cer. ve irbut ivwro tdl rmf g cernmr.t st s t rgethat. gnm fedal p sels is etowt. recoedendi pgainshe psa te f codiin proat canr, sayg sa th blotees fro doesanotorkay anthcalo auall d lotoeore k harmhan an all dote goo thrm snd,he aricacanc oosoci y rerts the o s eryix aca mencwill getcires o pstat canr i y his livmellimeetnd tt patan it i wil ki closive t to5,00 m thitil kiyearlo ane to so00 the m queionhiow ar as, i sohe theuen ps seeni, th blo i screing n'theork, wha ps snithlo reg tk,ha wl? ace galgherithhis. a w hh esa leval dersn'ths. m n u ha hh pstatev d't mevel nev ha s. p >>atoulderinaelev tra
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7:23 pm
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7:24 pm
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7:25 pm
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7:26 pm
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7:27 pm
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7:28 pm
7:29 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:37 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:39 pm
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7:40 pm
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7:41 pm
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7:42 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:45 pm
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7:46 pm
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7:47 pm
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7:48 pm
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7:49 pm
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7:51 pm
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7:52 pm
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7:53 pm
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7:54 pm
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7:55 pm
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7:56 pm
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7:57 pm
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7:58 pm
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7:59 pm
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