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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 8, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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oplekill? >>t wa relaeld tost me that i ottheyidn'have tolexplall >>wala to eanyttng t eyn' owas tola das i ytas t ld.e. >>sreohey d iying a. y >>ey ing? ng a sir y g? his irvestatioiswe d no t gus wstk. io >>ou a entledo yur no guinio w n >> antd to you y fas. >>iot'sctua ny ao cossaoufa ilur>>tosua a lders cp,sa wiin ur atf, wi linrs te unwied stes torn's off e. f, >>wihis tun se ofs th rn mo amef mffents i>> ous of govethment hisry. o thi ef one mts i ouhe sad stventis. dayshi ne iny s yes inad yscongssin syein ng wilnot rst untever ilt rnt sing pern resernsib for alof th noatte ngeresibwheror theyalh noe,te are ougher ey re ghstic >> wel me ticthe ecial editn oanni. elnigh te wiacontue it ourni. gh wnt instigion intoperion ast d inurioig."nnt er ne t highio
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eontrersirogrgh by thetrsi at grwe'v been ollong ts sty he fo mths d i see ehat nd 'venlo t st eryeekfo me inrmatn m s i coeesut t etakes the ykcan mlin at ap ar wseco t tanke prioushe an ough apnow we opatiogrewut o tprus th atf gh w opioew o soutesttf brder inittivealleprojtguutt bnnerer whh ben itveleojnderhe sh ad nistertionwhith bee innt oer redinge olencrimadston h socied winh o mexedang imin en imorgazatis ci wperang ithe s. aex inexic by gatira ie pr enti a thosorgazatisic fro gttin r tiguns osbutgatihero gin ns t illonceed ogra we offoursllceventlly em werira the eryweffrsctitynt iy eminitrilly hesyutti to supess. it y nighmoreetai t ofup ans.ver ghre ai unldin ory.f in an01rhe atfunin y. g ven tf em g $29 miiontoxpa $2hemin prect lleda prectun prt rueder. e ofheprt o shts w eratnru.ast dof furus wch o wash run wut at oft ur w th phoe x,s unizonfielofondion.
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h incoeporad aew onel gunlking di. sttegy hat nclowera a spect untoin lteray stgy wt kwe aw sct wit lra lega wypurcsed awnsit i pesthat garcd the ra i pur asers atwoulleadhemto bgerish e the guurer traulickiadm b nrwork h>> is hehegu trat thki thg tued nrk igly. we h a t tothcth and tu adlyy. co inat hn oond i ompelynce, coat o reauatti ipee, maeasae, a annti unautimasa a ageana. th sentihat ey nded t do evythi inge thent the n powd tto vsmeahigunn dears aheowblamthem r teanea aprobm. >>orehanamem 90% of e tguns coved inob >>exien comfrom%f e the itedns veintatexi manyrom nomhopsom the ledn ousharordte. >> wnyt im mostpsth l roniou ofarrd w i costse, th the gnifeale co, thhe g thselv whoere waingle ese tooffial tha thgs th lvhadho gone wrog.wa g ie becoingfibviohah tha dheonro rges isuppecers g theioha mican n v olenespp iss he the man vens vafhe. it's t --heyre usg t deersaf s's th--capeyody. us >> t tdesatf alwed thealhpey. >>
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t of 020fld fiarmshe t susctedf 0fi ms sm tgler whilapprimatusy 14ed of ose fearm a sm serll o tilprat14 f stre s ane frm a unaount s o t seral ndrehaveeennantinke crinal. act ity,sel re incvedingn eke ri dlembe 201murdcty, ncng boer ant brn dbe01rd bo abrnerrywho s kiedear aizonbyryo suecte opekitiveofar aon a su te xicarugpeve a smgling caug orgazati. inrnaltf-maismin conrmed gao wetions und inhealai sne habeenurchedoned wes ead ier tha years rt o t s haench ft a ea rfurihas ar o trogr. f>> tay ri ardeadmerigrns aa tresu of thiail andaradri a sufhi reckilssndrogr. >>he nion at sehow or ck her isgr ju>>ice nmocrn is sowor r ju ree onsicre fosthosdeat thatou mntiod, tt re si foasseosionat atsffen t juary sen2011en. jowaryenat11 charsgraseyaheangiat ars mberf thasgi jicia commtee nterth j iaer mme kneth writg meers t kth
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itmes t jdiciy coitte havreceedumeus jci coteavce algatis thme snctied huredsf saalti wethonso pu shaseti who hudsranorte thaee s weaps thugho epu seho sohwesrn bderante atha an ap th hointo soes br mexo. aan to assiantex atrney don kow nald si weit resnded atey on kllin th ld algatislateiutesed falsin th en ialebrtiry atherat incent am icanls i los hibr aer inntaman li.ohi li -yeaold i.. e. mie ead.e. e pattasunnedowny meers tt of anewn mesof daerou dg rtela ou one daponas a acedo a el we on u ere on t ae opatio edut ofcialwillot coirm weit. u st f twardopoio s temb wheofaalll condrimeconm arina w. frd s mb helinko the otchndmenri w orati. an nk a invtigaheonchevea odti th two weonsold anv tgaea th wo wesuspstedd tra ticke turd up a spd volenrakeurupconfntatn beeen oli vndenwo suectsnfat ben ouidelifsuts penix
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weeklatecour cumesoue veal pix ekteur me th otheal40 fms so thrgh ft a fou ruth rned he f upsohr in f aouupasoexas ed inup nuar on 20soas makg itn e ar o 20ird ow disverynakit e s. o d waponisryost rougthe progm, a the fi t on o t wson sif tht uge bder og ou aidheion t th siphoexth br areu in mch phside oba wasoe re publly aed aut t moper pion derbaas t ve rst blme a a t b ern spa tshe tvt b neorkpa unisio >> tre mv besituion nerek in unio w ic t mbe seoustu mn takeas in w ma. ifhat'the se, en wsewills m kend o an wema ift' wie hol, wll osomedyaccotablan >> o ma3rdwiolattoey meco bl ge ral oic hader dstifd bere tto houudic ryge l hcommr tee.if whebedid tuouirstnowic outmme. hee prd ram?u st'mw n surof t exa da butt i prm? prably eardbout n st aur fou tr rxas fo hedautirst timeverrlyrd ute aastou rfo feekst me r >> r indst to a 29 f arek affi ing rdonfencentoexic 2ar erefig holerfeenelired a sicech no onl eol acowleinglid s pchject no nl gun runr,utacleg p bracting ab t
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n itsun expsionsayira gote,ab itdepament xponyi mmite,ng 1 new fpant ersoel t th souwest bo er iitthe 1ew xt 1so tthou dstys t bo ie 1 suppmentur d tongog pject n ppnt runr.go st ds agbran new pct domentwereuneake toews dag an ewganition tha indidotentrekeos tt er holr ni aonso nha abtdihe progm t berol a nulybof 010,og cordg the bydate mo0,o rd he hoerfrom mhaelte f woter, hothe domrect m ofel the wr,atial dre iellince dentect f >> ishe iric, ti dr iliete cour iir t, at wh theur t dmn wh fihet oke, dric i thold prosed geto e e, cbott of e ldrobm. weronow d iceto hol r habeenhe so ce ottthe f oble allob wew alon >>olhaen so oe junle13thll theon rst arinon oratiastunth a he ur rs,as t ineld oti bt a t r hoe overghtd b cmmite. athe h tringso calorni ert ngre cmanit darrat hngalni renrr isarillsa asstanllg weh. >>ou masean atatent thewe
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atem>>t yo msign on atet he themyognn atmake eryffor tointetictkeeapo of eat be purasedor i egal andtet poevenf beurheiredransrtatn ialnd enmexi. ist thir stansmentatalseow wi wha you kw? >> xi isthtantse oiouswi theha havou be k >> alletionthat ousheav calintoe leonat seris qalestito. >>ithhedocunts tha now rieen ovid q andtiade >> hblichat tcu s uha noww at n id stndemenewas icalst >> tt's y yo are vestowatinand at's whstweens lse ts yoe stin id esti'sting wh >> ao teifyi a e arin we ithreting aeyiurrt in atf e entsrehaterenvoldrritht fa antffuri s. tst >>riororeol m comhg to pfaenixan h nevri been>>ornvold in or momo p ix he d of hn revseeolinor tt la he ofenfo remen ofice letguns tla walk the foea ien oceetnsnthiable to lk e i st lanformenthileo oicer i a ot rs laepeoredlyntais coerns owither our at servirs. rponspewe wlyesold wconsthur si sly vid. n undstan r thens wld pl. >>hreeeeks aternsi nndanhe ly 4 acinpl ounng>>eekser scruny or thbotcd 4 eratinn,unnd cls f ru oisthtc at c resiatio f nson pear
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the ar the heri >>s so th cmmodiesfar he eartenterises cods >>e mewhilete hea areeres w stting o>>eilea rrel. in augst t eystng annnced r actg ug tf dectonned kenthct neon an dto.s.ttoryen denis rkene we leang tanir psts.s.oren neeon tbecoweea an t ps. adv or one t co foannsic scnce an burdv to o ave vernnt a foicscean togher. ur osistt u. a ornee rn a emy rley wasogr. r assisted tu. ane msser siti. ey buasaccoin rsi t to th loser ti. bungelcoohs el mes, s, nell's surviss,he atfe d'srect of opetionin suis th f wt, dctfpeonere ansf re fthm arona washiton e sf f ye you guesarda it,hin pmote >> a comg ye upou neesd thet, sturngeta ps oftehat a omppen topehe borurertaof ttrol agento brnor eness rimp olis o mospopuagr protio br redobst. tre'so ma cho es.en s thempuestlove ot.ospuprio ed st [ale nounr ] t's e'slessma ho .hrimtodhe at sted lvebst. [e un] ess amuch s yoimliked t lny wt youike, likeaew ch yoeet ked spy sh mp woue, l fo$15.. ke t spsh my me iange tra fo 5.d i a fo
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a bur ll nr oure theast d rioutor may havneve com ut d it het notou born yorav oveomajort dit tredy. t s brtedear t oor mexantry. rder s ed>> fr t mecan ug caelsex ossi the boa is er ust he fme n ginng. cas >>hey ve msies thewalk oa sforehey t anherest >>tepp unn >>y m tlknfoemen nearrey an re citi havushpp u thfoen intar ti av rehte aas kehe pkh nt caon re a p notious ca dgero smugingot cusrido d4 mroes rth th fce. the ugg teain c isdo m rgh h it'sotth friva.e yheevehine,s it'sot r 's dribleyvayhi 's v. thviolcenrie at ea is ryhigh thol
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uchf s gh pk chanyo oks mo le p afanisn th the yoitedtate s>> t remo l arfisth nhemero edte ave t ar throhout the canns a nrove mounins. 's vroy exutemehean aerrn. yocan' g un vexe t depyrr yo n' exce g h b air >> t yep is th ruceed b ir la scapthathe y ithu laapatarte wag woregain eacthen amican silteag youreave ineacmule pacng hethe ugs nd tamy aan s amed, ou e andhen u'velenotac the pee le s whare ting a to ad,ip hem udn vethee whe >>gt'oeen lledem u sggle radi, th rea>> is n ed sle hotot diforth ardas carel ripot c ews. r ar rip cwsrearpeciipcall caimis. at ip c ripng o drcill load mi fromat tirip odrad om c tpetirs. ey a themost cdangtious. aind rimilshene nst ecounr ngs onhe bndarde momiofhem he ve e founer on b de milirymomackgunds hrom eo mecan ar a li si up thkgdsm th d gme tnfficarrs aip jus doth d thes tic knds us o es ks reme aa taical oeratns. thedon'haveny proemem a astaultial peo oe,at. th
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he n'n'tve ve royroblhoot gas ti eoople th>> i the t o bk bl intot mleico ithouhetheimercndis the b nte gog toet mo kil d. ouei sorchat'iswhathes akigotoitso il tohsot'ator ui to toh uightt a it is t geingveryht at volen viencegain oth groesgry and in ven vipartceulariniolethero dn agnstrt boarer alencie offers andtheraw agto a eieforcent.ff s >> o d theer erct. nht i oheo2010 br nn tey ias pa aft sll10 brte elit taicalaft seamrkino trk r cre in itta ale dknesam in ne tr r pecren nyon des neec >> ant tr's filtte on ito anrea the a tcanys , anltd the i se ana upenyanhe seup ononinteicti zon and a tral. >> kp intetionndindrian has wrarked th kinteamfnd sancialas erat wnsed operorth oamorkg i sal eat dk of er ork iight this s d of truhtoug is rrai >>theyru sooencoteredug oup atai lea fiveyoo mecoreach p
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t ard eaiv wi autaticme wponsh a ficeshooutar wiutic ens wd.ns >> nfioothe dne menscan tion, a >>mberofe rime n crew layona er woued ari bri tey ewsyou ari te dng. dg. lasnigh brderatro agenbria as agh ter washot b aner kill inro eniaer taot lne of lln duts t lof encotereut seral core saluspes ar azona >> bripeerry lif ana o seice riodryif fily, oee counyand ce f y,und c fe ell lid. ll >>uri strghol aong >>trol tha boer w agagenha bo werryen fal std. >> idoesryt ge eier, wil f te youst ies thage i doot rish er, ail chf teou o theha do rh rderchfatro o
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eandi out fold amecan erflag toro suivindiut f ily ldmenago suin mbers f>> iywas s la nig ofork fore ing mrs i s melaoigof mchigk rer a chrigmavacaon. m >>ig brn di ari utimalyca. cme ho tha>>rdi u chmastma we biedim c hoha n farromhma the bd hoe th he s n raednarm ju prioe hothe sa tchrimasay.u io the are tmes tenrisy. youust cat hohere bckthe tarss ou tcausit'sike caho b losg ae s us'se s it likeosinos aaephend s itik iin try fe le heas ahe tue soofthe itedtrfe lhe ates of am tica d he assoloste hated esnigh of>> a the ene ama he thestshootng ents gh ae e he arrtedoo a m ts d recorrred dree m cod eak-4type sauleaps. tw w-4e pupehasein aulzonaap tw wpubyse a na man atwasunde rveiancesart n ts ftde ei ceandst fur tus f orati. dur oti was arstedhe ntay. whe di you irsas hr red
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us if iates h knoot th tha wa in t. i fact hnothhaan ocrrin i wld hav ct caedcin w atf hadquavters >> m t agtsca didt knbout fa atf hqurs uri ms.agid kn thute w idfa f aloweorde. >>t wari rated to mthatth w they ddn'tave f towede >>wa r expedinto mat ey d't e toythi toe. sxp todos i hi waotol. >> anttoohni dodan blol th an whodtle blter eth mrderof brn terwh.e r end the merrogr brutoter th arnandhe ingr mico. is lthyer,hena brherfin m o. rmer s lte ar,ornerrenel, to urederndille s a ne den ane oototoednle dea norato a hicopr do ra neamexi city all hopommidoed wh gunsentoeaxi mexi witty s. overlenmi wunnt xiit er nsen >> tse gs gn tuing upt cre sc es ien t uni d t g st ges atugexicpndet wecrsc i tni st l dist aicothg. >>othi. we whe fa ast fdiriouunsth sh>>ed uhiin th ewha a fouandsfterns shug uth carls.dser >> tar. coirmswhat ma >> xica lievthatoms theat'sa
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ca evat thhe th copira fro e ru to ll gs toexic co ra>>ro ruo cspiry oroor dgme gto ic ltingunsalk. ft an cirorr uriomeis lniqung sk. anhere s fan wio. inhe pt aquuspe ed sawanre yer uld w arrted in p t a rkinpeot sr do t r d strret.d tt in fasand indo t fstriou.they inre rasruitd he fou aey rit a u.s.ttory geral's affic multle ses a no a s. arrorts igel' anic rtualty s ao norr i sveilannce tsiduatheotore >>hat a sloweile a idehandl ofre >>t awe ths touyndof thto ns. he'18o 25, mae up t30 . yee's olwhoeed5, amaep toupl hunddyeoloed trauck aand nise mebopl tha nois somenddy th has way toa ckked neoupl bo hahundisdme ay ey wk in a ste, ty pl fi out ndd fo win stcoup t of rles,fiutnd ty wao eyound up fve i rs,o t twa uy. giv the fe ndre i buckty. ndivhe tfet's tret. ck adaneprented ts tn w. cruid adre deden str burs w
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12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
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12:31 am
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12:32 am
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12:34 am
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12:37 am
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12:38 am
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12:39 am
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12:41 am
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12:42 am
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12:45 am
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12:48 am
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12:50 am
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12:51 am
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