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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 8, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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foxinrandig w ha.a is tay t reoxtatind fora bei e y,re ittiorei vies eitelevion ows ad spts healwabeen es novaevve an s a sp hwaen frleswhen va a mes tang fesen rks. >> we s eaack t i rs. hear ne wsck orp airm i andar np rmndeo rert rdoc has aays en aewsm anhe wacomm rted t octart g s as asman wamm d firsrtclas newoperionhat, o, wld bersasewer inovatt,e a cuingdge. >> w wecannnoue t iat a st tingcuge. of>> wfonou ttngewshanl. i kw th rperts thews an kind n th k tthok r rrtkshe a nd put ney iskth t t ba r the a >> t y sk m. muoch t tahe his aith>> mmuh i foxisth ns chmand i xeo,oger nh aids. frtheo,er bginng roriles ai earlfrstateheissi fox bnnroes ws. rlat rept alsidesiof the hex . ory, unb sedep andaldehe unlter. >>y,he aricannbdnd pelear veruner >> aca smar pe theynow e dferee beteren neacts ar
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eyw dreet a lysine tsmmenryspinand asi bs. e o eren ne oanizinionsd n't ll y theiffence.s. wil o >>oune ar oizns about to yheentefee. e il >>ar no spou zonte >> no it spon beter rur >>ouny it toet knothe detas ohatun thei ecteoffinoalse ata o at dog? i uld gue, es, ei is. te thefis a peo ae wh ddo't i d e,, lis. in s heange as,eowh d neyork lin n frciscge bosnnd tosee rk bi citfrs whscosaybnweret serv t alle tbitime >>t waitawhybarkeresittg th e rvll twaitg tomee >> serwad. a weervekettth i >> iittohinimer weveair d i bala ed indin fry. >>r aked latheuest fn.. >> wha a ddes fr an bance e stmeano yo >> i hahink d f fanir bce a b anceanyo imeansnk f bri a bce thnews an ri acratethws tthfuy, b wi ac coteact inersptive en icame tfu biout cotinewspve i wmeeks o fr himtthate h nev ws frim at inteiewethisccus h isev tewe is inexsablus s wh tt duk sty rok --exbl thewh waserio q testitsuk t out isokwomas io qjusttiidn'unde
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tandt hyma th wer't bei s. stn' invtigad. >>deou sndlled rat th i der.ei it invga >> wa s aedatterric ex ple d. of t i awa sty evybodrrelseas dxng e anwe df it in a diffentastevodwayse d d wean dt it rit. i >>en a neefft ty wessue framit ini ways>>hey nee t rdilyueamin ysy late >> erybo get rwhatly goi on ithis coury. t inkte th eboet thatoi li tha iiswe ouu. k w, tk th d'th taiha do k anyby he . d >>taou yohat t mybrehe pple >> ow au iewats teco m pe ucat aheewetto vors ty beco . at >> itt do bieve thavo t frecoom o >> eress iealdo bvehareprim oy ss fution ialf myfuon iressnfwatcng cr yr yowss th i youssretc in a y tru a >>hese a ve nws. ruxtra >> t y>>rense a nextr. >>ou a gatringheewsrain tn alti and puttrng hat>> aatngs dictlyn tv ti nd>>uttuspiouspack esdilytvonbod opispslanck habo ford th e plan toeanha qranted. or we n't thvee detls o an who at qnt. pace get etmigh loo l oe.wh >> iwas a tnseacenvighnmenoo l andhe ues
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on w i thes pl tese a in evien r. d wh'sesgoin wtohe pl h apen n xt? wh >>in th a hn ?youn amtiou >> a sff unrkin 27,amou thestarup s neinork 2launedhear nekun tobe7, 96 in benly milon in hsehos. mpetory il cnnwas hho et in milnnon hses. allou h to i wlk in then ilewsr hm. ecalle ho evybodhere ias w inhe tecsricalm ca ge ing id levs,odreorki mo anecdoinalmore b it wgeg lalmoki moke ty w re alinre s bockhitders w wemo tese t weopl ralallyhis skhrs we t e movate pl>> w rlys anydy watingn mo tetobe 1996 ? w ny no at git wike ing be96telesion in ao w vace m.gleon n we cldn'a eve tch iacn cn've h nhatn beuse iere s th argunt whth cle atbeompae e th gu w at cpa had nhatn wed. i tink ndad to atcall wd. t k mr. rdoc >> di ha n th onoll my isa . oclimi dha >>o yo evthny st andsa mi refct 15 earsown >>e royovand tink stoutndhowar ts pceef a 15 rsgonen ro d t>>k wheroge tilew wou t pet up a ne an sa ihe hgeve aleou fupe-ye anan sa
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tonock h of af fye cnn, tooughckthe of y wa dnkin kooaid.n, >> ghe rwally do din bieveood. ryhat doerti bve foas bece at ti rallyfo ecpoweul rly ns we eratn. >> cn had n at >> 1-yeahead sta. cha tinive d a hal 1eaadta yrs x ne was nmber o ine aal y neas ner on viewship todafox wsas anvera ewip dax of an ra86 mlion viers inrimof m ncnnim . h n 72200. fomore th dbled h22. n dforeh ded msnbin pme te. yo ce fm nb p cn t what truc y wheyouyo c fot here >> wn i cns atucorki yheu re cnn we wi haki a lge nn ha l stf. >> w hav ast sup lar w sff.av >> we havlikeuptwelar. ev sybodf.has be>> nble e ordeforusavke toel evods taynbe ne top,deoro ayay cpetive, d tp, say numb one >> a y c ktiow, yo t tk t
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sroge ail abmbtnehat aand y kyo h t tyou ay fgeesh,ilb antheatd hconsntly enu urag fh, us n ink tsidthe x d ns tlynag dos methg dieren k id>> ye ay tdo th gdiat, ent y thy g, h pa is s sw! >>hapas wouou s s >>ay abo ourou rresnden andhe wkhey ? >> thbok thur are th es besenin nd w thy buness >> th thwhenre ctainthes thpeopbu whosshall be nene le cin opggesd thholl a n le tournists t foes newthi a wa to ok th and srny,tsfoew rely?wa o andhethnd w isome scase the re? d w ime liserallhe rk teir ves t afr a liory.ll r rigow t tyr s are afa y.iring ig tre intier er s. >> torce he guno >> t fece hun f urnasts. youereheirs prson nas. oue rs blic p thronghoual mia t ichrou ntiothe m t se osa bi ioe sden.os bi y dihis me ceto md?
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n. i'mdis a pvate c pil m d i 'm pknewteinladehailbeen i ewde implatedn thenplot pledn tblowh ot airanesver e tow irpaciesc.r wh aplanhrewntoci budingwh a inanewto nework te bung the fint 15econentnedew k same. thithfi15 ons to bent dedbera. soe. of e ke hi spect tat toe comeodera nd, soama f n lkeen. sct t >>hat cnged me for ou , aa l. se>>embet11th c?edoru t alsebethhang on alseptber th bauset cameore ngoutn e ne an ptr b se less mee abot neeverhinganlse. ss aft aboerng e.refit, ty lled samaftin den dook fi t custy of edmais by. n ok bin stof bladeis dd. in muiple soues. deama n l den is mu dele.ou. a >>he ls resef te fir >>f 33 es mirs tir in33 che trmiped underoun for6n a ncingh tr dys. ople aredeunor a n ngldin vi ls. oplele lree la, in hervi faly. le l bark ob laer is
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esid t ofarob the uneds tate xtwhat idof ridit hheunte atid h en. . >> yan cot onox ws annefor e l yestno on liti and he ner vent om lt our tind natint's catal. oud we cot on tea tical. waweingt.o n raig ahead, theimelagt laun of eciarepo s.ighhe el unf iapo i did id notave seal relaonsith at wanotese [ laale snounr ] ntgohry a abiil h wgins d a reehat re m t [ are e d mauncal ] uit,go abi hns a et m ich ovide ma fol thet,r evry fancl ned. h id fohe ev[ fhundnc rumneing [ hund cra[ ing ndumg andhenin o bli ing[ linknd ra g anye den olingnk an theitreead gen i las bueiith eeeir gymon ijameas finaldvis buh r onme thn hadalrepaisd foevenhe uhinkle. thadpa foen unk. ♪ ♪ andhey nced e wt a ymonjame ad isordan dy for edu. wa onme ador dr
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wah evy tohdowfrom evergame on sday ternns wa nflevobilto owomerme scay "strn," " ar,"-f-lfl ilto d nloait n. cast ","-l doa n ly fm vezon. fven.
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coving shinon ilike inkrom a fre h e beovuseg in iitke komomes fonsp sto it i h flbeing.e i wt yoto lisn toes me.ns toam i gnglg. t wyo sy thistoe. gain gi t sth diin no have sealrelaons wi thadi wan. o>>veenlas wiha wn. jaary 18, th sa day tjat pry iden 1tthlinn ge ata y unni tpren deal, inx g news nie, nagiewdito gi btot hu was ld b t waingt bhuas bbure chf th ttimeas n wagtauncre chth me na nhtlync pgram athow, he scial nlyepor th pam urew, cief, salor the c brif,haye hu'swife k. riye >> cald r er d hehufe k >>al r he sid sossefor a montandaid e's r >> wcome toashiodd
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s t. on wmeohi m br humand ill bhere ea nigbr onumd i bhe srecial eaign ents at - sal ror to mit w abig e s al t get -ou. it was ro bto meal w aor tg get tet. tas blr h tre. twas cite aoutt. in the h me.time mor s te atews in ion he thay.emeor fairws balced. i th. >>ri hu iredalspecd.l portfor >>u te yeand tecay ntins as foxrtr netehannea t coribur. >>elco inasox tonenn wasngto cobu >>coo asi'm toett bea >> wha aice aut m ritt giv ea yo befo you tok haer? ace a >> hit sivd two thgsyofoou t ?ne >> be h stwth yourlf, d teo,) theews ur, ive t t show >> thess is y eeed tow a ts hmvee >>nd td ns ha tan h beeit out the t n sdioha tad onhe road bnd t heevenn so on ad a00-me bien de wiound a vet-mansind pridenwibushun ets mu cfesspr youensh at u cssou pections >> imustaveeen etty lw.
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>> ctns iste ys, tyn ty l >>ere. y t [lauter] speal rportas bn one. topfor 0 aur] pe m rths rt a bon rpw. r y doouhink pple tch ms 6: r? do>> ihinknk is pe h a 6: fmulahat ink i wos. a fla itt woorkhen it bit cate the theholerken suctu. it b cehe ele stu it ne drin. th coespoentserivet.ri th d th toco hpovetsveanalis athe d ofhe s w witho the pa hl, 's aal ae of swi eatiohepa aat rked >>nd y eiothinbouspec l ed repo, yo>>u yinthinaboufox wsouec sund , yopothinyo abohe pelein whou sx nd yo 245inbo hairpe towh snow, g re 45 hirand to chs w,llac gre youelf, hd br . ch >> to ac ws ouf,ewcrer tto w levion.wc ana vy trighnd tente vi. an v guand ghsweeuy tte a peoe cod seehat abtgu hd chri was aeo coseetlegibmatestar h t ri abas ns, ahegitearbroutthis ryab n a hi dege ofou is prof sionism thi thikegof re at kd
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oofon shm s dohi the ea tt th t ia a kunch oshdo e tth i conschvati odd lls w ha an nsti dd seto gr wdand ha air d balce isrhedd f. fr mottalinisur cerag i f o tt rertinn our c quagtiong. o >>ow dyou res ndrein nuruoneop o>> d sayueshat yr ampan ha opbeen mes s f?ay >>t y ansomepamesha e ge enes s f surisi ansnrs.mes ge >> iish u wodut adesusins. i h euotchuestons. a but srpris, chst. ut tey sri ca happ any wre. td micaomn -- ppny hey k wrl.. whamireatmn-surpse. ey goo k. to eha you >>at therp. relions p wioo eo ou he el nsobamwiwhit e hou haseen amit colicad. wh iouwatcas prns coeren s, co edcahenr whistcr a colldoen he'sed onrn outeam n a. >> do's o creingou andam- n >> t>>t's no wt i'oing regend -d tsno y w ci'ney gng at it ck a c fyth. gt d thet wa a so se f. th spingwa s you whe sobody sromngthe
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ite use ouhe clledodyme e e lutic. wha t c ameedcan ppleare out euc. hafacthat teir prmeiumsn p arlee gng t up5,ctt r40 prms ar 60 g we he topo sethi abo it. letme 60 hto inst sis.hi bo you .had et snifintns . ou ind rviewithresint s obafi righear e limbinie maxthofsiheba gh althrer mbax bate th>> t lislaon i n leftte not ght, they lla a i -- i n unrstaft. i t allyt,on'tyalk out press at th-e ar nta lot i ly'tfk t quesprons s thar the8,00 thatot ta abo pross. ess he00ha taboro . >> se ve criciz you s caing ancrizou ierruatho whato oucag ay tn th. >>f yoare not irugetthog at aners you treh g ting>>yoeotttg filister awersan whs e heou holdthe gllng f a lg te, li yoerkind arswhhe of o lde t to f liew ts t yoess.nd >> o apotogizeor iterrewting t s. yo so mch. mporeze tying tget the irr mong for yor bu her m>> t.nk t yng ver tetheouch. r buer t arecie i yer >>hank yoh. for yr ime. a>> tci fin i >>estink foryoor ye. you tin ti ormy frnd. thiou bereo g bllyfr.p hi re gundetandhere a sond
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tionor yo by asdendre s cdeer. [longhte yo >> n whawoulshate? cr. [lte >> nhaulat o, i n't kno >> o i tppin no ♪'m h hoip, in ♪ him ou h n'top,i st trock'] >> waseeli theomenand twent to a chitck e>>ent asdlihetheyen d said hat ntnoou a dch i id ian't et ey tid. t i rembe d rawhen i i'tas t i i emhigh schl. a thenaid u aron trd. d i t i up tghere dch thd ar t. i up te founaty i foati rembere i ♪ theang-ngndem lrek th i ♪he be.g- lth yoube ouan ♪ i] >>rettearoinefox wsn a coup yea afthe >>ttar lnench.x fac ae upeaft staedthetlaa lh. ac reau inis artme whta ejustlahonend auin ame w stne ftion chin put ahorsnd corrpondts he be her ffromonhe in b ginnt g. ars whwas e fit rrnd hn-abeer omale b nn towhs befia hir foroxle ws?be that ansr afr thir oreak. and ming ? atns upafth k. d ngean hantyup l
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frdom ng.n do an wantoe l a feedofr m . soety oro o wean wanto be a f ado so nayyreanstate a nayatradldl accent esn' ve tslowou dn. cct n' tow d th bter r reacemt lablonlyith bert tualuto sura e, br reem
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bllyh rt alo ra if yr cas toled, weive u thmone for car e mol ye new. ycatod, wee thne r r mo leaye morew vis us day. easponorbiliis. s y. at's yo licy onli 'syo cy
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whoas t fir on-r tant tbe hed f theox news cnnel the ho tirn- ta t h fhe answ ?ws cel esw laen grn. >> la tr of>> t ises. 9/1fwas ts. /1s t gges katra, t esinaial mtrltdo t.nal mdo eepourand of my piyepr ndnk. o you can tal aouty pi the . ouanal bl ak vate syem >>he lten.
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do u kn the liratibl --vasy i ln. sties o thknlogyhei weni toti- smina i st>> isidn'ask.h gy enhat ouay tthe s crnaics at shat iren'k. ar t fromeing t feir a0l alaed?crs s t i ge up omng f car agla wh? crics g ink longp te aar.h rimy psions k ng piticandt t a ems be hatthe ponudie peicd s ete iecareeabou my tax andours >>f ireou doue my yaxndaxesrs at's>>f ice iatou i'makiyandes0%. 'sou d 'te 'ki payd0% in tax. . >> m dhael i paynax %. youave lf mel i t cou pry atoest p an incoou e taxe tou aes thetheral p an cotera y pxeyingll thbill and ttin aheer basall ra pat ng theiheadhll d in yingou aasl aen'tt eiad pang eugh. >> t tim ng aas ame't pa eh. timfor s fordle hlthce inhis untr r >> a rd hhcins heahcaris a sject tr a nnitand s guts ctinueaar a sto dctate. and yousk itd gu cnuour c donye. nd gornme do ouis kd stu all e te. ur >> cy y wan to b lgo meto k of tu l here t you e>> w ylcomto gan b l >>of li en re su an, don'have w omanyt gng oi s, n've ytpoloze fo not yoor anye. >>his iaboulothefo
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t o snystem ic>>s smaningoue of ts cotry. sem 'm ly 3anyeargof old tico hy.e ner benter tedin 3ar ld liti . h yonehavebeerd awane ati sle ing yove git. thi isotwa wh the le gnsti tiongiwrot thishis nois welrewhhe ate.ti on shootd no isnoel a we.fare >>o weanto be a a w frredom e.soci y>>wentbe odoeantoerm ci a o nto nay ste,radl trave >> fedom nasts adlig tartve fom oafgt you prram. >> outmeri's froudom u agaiprtm. >>ourri tfrannymhat uld u aitr forc tnyt d men rc n >>he renswe reed . >> hen>>ewe you ed >>nook heordof ouour undik domentrd r when do didonthedo- ere. dowe b our e. creorwe bt ouurgovement >> ihinkhis isre ou vejornt
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tu iing nkint s aericss std upndsay r tug t heir aicst upy policia enou! >>irhat youhink kes e ol foia new sou !anne >> t ch aounk s ucce?fo ew>> fld o fne aream ifce youuild f o i thewillamome. ifould d the wa a vion irhell fx. e. >>e ed thwa figer vn ri ft ow>> fig agast tig polical iestaishmt. ig is gaat aad t tng tholal taere'hm s a thctuly e' altnati vis anvoic outher tu >> iltti vihinanicheouer conitutn sh ildicteinhat the feral on utvern ntsh do andctheyt shoun'tthfe dolnythg th rn wa'tdondgiveyo tm ou thetdoth th ople wa >> warenve t askg for a he hand t, wle w t to w fenm. >> ysk canoro aback and ndpe w w to fd pr you re n yointoancknd ow, u knopr tou ninfirsshow at i , as ono t >>rsenatow bob dol ieill o giveou b k m>>eat oobol yol mon >> ve>> a b youkave m do ohow up o d laon n>>ht b do a ouovede o at. ow i w a nprvou la n b wock. ed did .ot h e w eough nxperounce hoing w. d hele esionghoere og thostapenow e derleon pefuy anrmeduard >> t yospere w r fuantheedrd
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te ockox. e haity andk. cols s onhe r foayndol on fo t cnnel fir twelyear theonsvatind t celir elhear ens tibera persifiefairnd blanc. >> ra was rsieirxpecng morfrom bnc e>> portasecthanoronicom lensky >>rtid wread th samrepo some an ic>> ieky t nk we wadid.tham po >> me verw ilminevidce t w. aberw in of whitater >> ispitab of p. o iter potica di gree ints,ite'veadof o woerfu twee yes agoca di>> teenk ys,. ve >>ourea peonal frie. wofu >>wehisyesag gngo t y >> kl ypealie >> sth goonseatis >> i goi kto mls yu. you ave reatse inisinct i oiyou ow m hat ou thee atinct u auencet nts. s.
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>>he ks arout theouse d i inthe od. all >>ght, kart heidse ine . ayone eell t,my face? a ne d. deep ceed. yoepsaid. n rsinyo id i han't id n the in i-woroncehat >>ouhe ha bee goo m gogorceo giv>>haee yo oo>> t gogreaameran pal. iv w d ttyo t evve?eaer a>>t's desned be d f tt a v ?ttleore lighearsd,ndesd e so t fringeopl aon leeigar tevisi tha you tn'tngeepl evyday if iidn' havtesihau this sow evnd ay i n' dn'tavaveadios s eryd asd an 'te iooutl, iwoule dving ydas a oundn thcar lkin totliul dng nd thmyser , iin wouo baski estis, g ing se aniers, ou woulbe t ho b. ki >>ou wldbe riviti gourg anfe ns,s. ul tho >> w>> tvit o.ur n >> eery nit afr t ha ity >> ey niaf cors "othehay recd" th gtaco"oe n sueran ecshe llowher g cuosit to
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su an pe le ae pla s inowr shinon anarou thecuito wo alain in anou buhe15 yrs a greaond i webu yth w achinrefox ns anne w in itauned. we wil tell wouinx nbout ne wt thch thunbrea. illlut h thea [ enne rving [ sptato] guit, o!en rng sptogu, at'shis y dog? dude's[ las hs ]do dela ] wh! oo! no w!wh ! go, , gogo! are u kiing? w , go! [ ce erinki]g? o my d. cd
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yoinguysee tt? niac o y [ le anouer ] e myodsizys ni tan ontiac withull ze hsepo[ r au an ]torq. mizi ti inn atio for thers.l h ponov ion r alanrq nnior s. ovn al ♪ ♪ ♪♪ [ gineevs [ nes whatakess nuer o in morcye inranc atesnu o mcyinnc weove kes. wee s. we le rirs. lri. and st oall, weove rid ped ect oir el,ry te. wee id leing pee pat e tin m orcye inranc no thas prresse. le g callpar clk to y. mcyinnc nohaprss llclto
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>> froamer>>a's ws hequarrs, m maembrene ffer. thnigean m acced o ro ertryis to ke g a phesengar , maplanbrwithe bomin eris thge mcc o derw r twyiyearo ago, g png
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1:31 am
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1:32 am
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1:33 am
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1:34 am
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1:35 am
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1:36 am
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1:37 am
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1:38 am
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1:39 am
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1:40 am
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1:41 am
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1:42 am
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1:43 am
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1:44 am
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1:45 am
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1:49 am
n't en aeord st onti miy t apcord son aymor it'sery m band. or li hasecom aor bla . 's >>y r bublid.ns argi tod lithatasom hrry uldla >> rat rrli hule giod at ound hy dat emanuu bend nd osed ors an dce e nuth tm.e ed harr s is dhavi t rr tubleviookg up and chu the lleg ti lovok up dhu co lectiti, anov if yonean findonntionor cotian hry f neuck n. >> ndnnonpicting hrry eidk >> d jo bonerctehig ylos doods, jo daing b indclosborhioor s oo just wng. >> oudag bdon'ndwantoso go tre.r >> y st wg. >>n'ntgo don wan tto g.ther y >>urinthe hlthce date onu haana ger guy >>mein oe h hc, he wa d e a hauypeedeade rght? >> hewa eed-ader ed ded heanead rt? a tenhousd tishe n rmald-er ra .he dhe suld ve be aenoneus witi this nalra thi s. d hees none i but camise roug hi ayinhe no wait mine, tre a t am a ug lot in it asinmpti ts he a tha don add up,ot ande wasastihehaon dp,ndhe fasst cite i f >> at sry h ott te y iu th bi est s r hctiot
1:50 am
>>he yth biholet008 rio nancl >> medownecaule t8test nc mewnau tst o ganition we wre gog af or scue a nion bailts tt di w'tgoafseemo ma ensue a so i hink ilt tdi prod to popleem mans i th we wernkeithroedo ple no bl , jutheerthreenno blju folling eneen. do u remberheay y ll g ia b ineso emruit a y treaill? >> ies. b es whawas ingt on tre? it easl? m >>. has norgl rkou t? t s m bumy poi thewithor oue rkou buoihe wasth to sh, bu tounto thesbudgas dtols, ey are allhbuto esdg teyearlan. d, likeherell last sp dal mos teofarn.he ckets hapnla s d arosnd 17 20 c. ap th wou berikee ing 20the th gou andeellg te aine g whic i e d g ind thisll cas i t dot antne to ic i pus d ihiyselas oo do mu int to beusnnin can yogiveel m mughten teigsbe in an inyo cve woup m te tigometng aner mybe c tenwoyeari cet lose enoun m.e it enul ar me cut se i'm un read feet ng t bu . >>e rely? in'm adee tu fac. im al>>adyre?
1:51 am
n sllin the rn. ac >> ds i talsyean u a g singin upe . d tn dles a n gg m n esoingo n craz >>ou he inrvied nng az >> h inthouiends ce a ous ce a polician the lian rmer e er chrler,e h man esseou.hrr, han aoluty. he ame seto ing.ompy aut thathehad e be gescmpd athe ti by e t en jatmyd earte t he scsat ourtiy fac he w a t jte he cherleadac w traoinar it'sne othe gateshead ao coarorat 's oe t gnaroesdsinloba co atstor finh th s tntenro for y. yourba or clong inth senor y seent, comm urlo see" is eportt,tmm becse. weut s ethise unuals rt inec. e shi n >> vtimsf thldes npe oct eart gre y e ugh vmsthoes thk th c ould bea rtrethe edsh upid enghoth th c asdme tyeae will id a eni wiuartees t yo my ll frie as, i will hawienaregain yody agn. >> nealie illa scessninthe x ag >> alws cannehelp fue the s ss ine of fo
1:52 am
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1:53 am
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1:54 am
1:55 am
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