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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 8, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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es. mo andmaoreifntsanays evege sinxe ew y. monde ysvein ction by cled caponinserves, c conyclapinrv , >>reg:elloeverne. 's 50 o t easoast anthis is>> 5 o ttual, itas 4-1 becstse wee anaitiis fors ble bole. t al geitover-1 herec f mcavuwe." ti ori h beeol toesn sto to geerer f levuure heles uy h on snto lyndo. ere le ie hesn he? nd n he hr ee i ye?? no? he>> k hberl hes onhe mo y. no >> ec: m be h k wonrles shon upmo e m h greon heho asup pblem doesreenow wree hsoing p em >> kberl i esoesnw w loo h ling it. >> b k: isrlhatim?sn oo gre yes comilit. b froiscavut." ? heas o reesiffe nt s wmind w dorogvuur how.he o >> b: whfe t sw hel did h do w. dohat f? b wh t greelid heon, c h do htr f ? re bobwe c getn, comeo h h to te s ob cetlaceeo
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ma e he tl lea hld la -ce ma he l kimearly: hhat e yo talkg ablat. >>reg:ere imy:t yo ces. lkab >> g: bobe hey you c. ve goo >> kberl you m eobey iou appuse veoo krlou m >> e ic: g ridf ppehe t. e g>> kidberl bobasopin yo cou tn'thow p. krl ob in >>ndre he s ho ng.yoou t >> gwg: hwasopin y'd >> reget e t bho.arctua y. g hs in >> b y: i' csoleour t b wifeua go aad. bi' c leles gor fe gre a. lego'm gg re gfeld withimbe gy glfoy g ldsult in thbe goyuspeers,ob ckels lt bacn ofours ericpes, bolelngac af andars ic taaros. thisolox is and pacd taos ightis th bro sugs sac letd d .ht you owthroug t sesre tghet is d a rtoohas u t take as aay cut oot tos sviveeut stopson sve son mt ice eir yches inalf. it'sorsef youre m e r heinf. k. 'sseou tu o k ses s strt the istu oes str pertyhe is sicke pupt pty name skeily,upighlhtin
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me povey. y, i prehlrin ve ire "scby-d." ey eounted a msterscho-d wa a croryin ent ao uover mer th rwarorimein th u seeerth difrentowme whe th in teeenat i w bckedifnt thehe dem tat wchin bed bilas he beiiscuem an inepubcansil tri t taceicu job blan a amementubns ri ob ta saac past ob bow 500ment time youhinkob he'sa bas thlled 00 no me unk the' bems nixthed no it. th inntiosix unmked ast. potica theerinhatio lea tonmidend s th grepoca joehetea bido wen athre oe coeren yesrdayai the idamer wan pple alievthat e cotry coenotes maying inhe er pee evat coighty irec yep, othi ets paht ip,hisovea j im.e so anda, wt hapned la. nighon t sen e flond? wap dla don und stan 90% gh ten of it.lo >>onndre it ndan0%f cplicedt. >> re t mplited. ink id lt c hisic temr. aot oflid.y souk es s he lis emdidn havthis panned.f ou s ae mccnell disdnssedavis p edven endmts t t wod b
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a ccll brght theloorised wh rein foudm o two wha b t br oft hehe aorndmes wod be wh eiou oama bs bhal, t whi h of di a't wmet towobering tohe a b hioor hr aote and hedi wpatongo stegulion, e r aanicdend andaido, y can uln, doic dd y an th. threas replica are o dog it the iplitth thnasepcaredoit thdemhe cau is oheit js bi. thm iau tho oht tyould gethe j st blbiever liasseho t ld et bobwhats a berustseill? ob>> gatg: d't ptend ytl? do t kn d t, b g. d p nd bobi got pnty yf i dokn d>> a brea:hey' tryg t obgo py i regu te aa:y'ry t guust. reianic andt.oses his temp andays you an'tei doicnd is.esis goe to hempnd parsamenoury't o inhe sate. . he ss o,oe ioaren ingree se. seeith mccoell ays y can hck andmes fo co us.l s ywhatoesaneid o? amefo sai'ms. goi t ortur theats d vo. t eryonsatom voie. t oisur ishe vo unp cede eed.on v hast hspened bor rld nprde. as i h ne rry id ds b n want h d ucuso h ieo te ny y d nan h vote us h ts.
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te >> b: he wans. t tak a te h can pas bhean t youak a undstanthat? anda: b h, heoesnanas wanthem tooundanakeat an ndup-o bdownhesn vot ntmn anyeing.n he ants-o thewn tot ducnd ny g.ver til ele ion y.hetshe t >>ob: ybe uct on dt bur certlnly le gn ngn a >> : e joon bil d he c pasburty g wh joile cas w 51 >>reg:hen tha ve gog to ake51lace >> bobg:whenn s tha v vot gogointotoake eace?ce soo aoben the tustot is innish.e e? oo a nehets sh wk. ne ey'lgettext wk,s ng a the w rubli ns d't 'lt t obructhis. ws don' ayouhenderand rli t ds? wh isobcconctlls. comg o n'the uoorerod do this whis stuon?om o >> ric:e herers aoreatos explatioof wtut we on >> c:lastreightaut theat b tomplio wwen le st ht he -- wt, bunf bm polical l b.s. - w wraunlingf btomineolal is s. this rang doou b wanm te pas t i job bill itishoul pas he rdohtan t as tway,ob t-thi majity llulas se rte a go t hy,se. thi ajlet y emass it sehey' ao t hver .ing t st gy' r g t. g t's int ehingut. bob 60s vt
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.>> ec:9.1% ob v.nempymen efor ehird1% mthnmpen r rd m row bob 10000 nobs.ow >>ric:8,00real n ob00 n jos. reat. >>c: 00verialn nobs ceack. jo c't bri in aat dghnu ris c in o b celri becsen a dere nu 5000. a o >>imbe by: ge it tece. >> ric:e ut 50.till 9.1 >>be g it t unemoyme . no>> worc:ng. ll .1 bob100,0 obs. emme no orve h. cretorometng. ob la0, nig tres.ere n hre jets. laand igl te n y j didd i yavid yr i dohnut th 1 y,000 jdout th 100 j >>imbey:leas >> donbe. >>ob:as bobug. atev youdo yon get. >>meth:g.ob . mber, i nt t bri evouou yet on t er wii the tri mil onain t surx wit ihetasseil ai >> kurberl givme a eak. i is i whase bot kredrleiv about k. last ihaight otemced piticut eate whatstreheoing ht re ce pic ling teheir atempe ng it gsslyre lg iespoirible peen y hav arica out oit gly jobspeop are ipole sferi
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. yav aca utey wt rl ldersp an bsopre ey'r snot rittin it. w r lrsan stea you 'ravet int. pple finr po ting aeauingou bke and pein fort po ng bob awhatngs b irsponndble r pele o rt of w k t tax obatirone milpeonai o w taxs? >> kberl notilayinai it' irreonse o beeve krlotinaxt' peop. >> bre: itseoesnbe hele >> gg: t monoesn op b itsn el anyere. g t onat wl tsn mon do? ny bobe. h eeopl w t on o?>> gg: y unis ob hplhe g yichis for >> b:h r punhinghose wit b ch stos?un ng >>seimbey:it punhing su essf peotoe. and a: docra tol>> usbeunng obamare suuld sfkeeour nd d wiraest oleamssomerue. ame thd itas thewit timumss anee. en dd-frk anth nowt thehe miionamue taanmakeal o d fran ouowdreaheomtrue mi na>> bta:ke oo, t dusoueaill ue. gre b theilliaire t us ta newlork l make. are re hettinviolt thliatsref ta eweyk lkere don p s hein soltethaws the illiairetax.on ps s bob good he gre seeli youree fx. go obodones t t reee gou f clago t >> gob: s. kimrly:hat'lawhy wais ae. demrat. >> eri: whais spe ingimy:t'y $ aemt.
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rihapeg $ $850illi inhe - what didt do? 50lin >> -ob:haave 3 illidio? job ved >>:eachse 3liobsob a dchops a $ >> ec: i you don$ive me e iu $on0 biionenempymen me wot go abo 8%. it now $binmpen wogobo%..1%. it ow>> b: th mada miske. %.d ma a mis keith bthad you is .anytng c hap n. ma >>isreg:hat hs teibleou eri thawas oytean. cap >ob:g:t ittele wastean. riha s in.ove >>:t youasn. ie bou $80billn dn'to anhing b >> ec: i notoing toe80ll ce t't himannghe rt f the e iotng o sh. >> k berl t youimere ing r hecesh efor t ks?rloue g >> a rea: theilliaireors t tax problynoug to aeta:he re thelire vx eseroy neeugo rehe nt vee n we. >> b: th is rig. we. u uete bthsig terbly. u>> gg:imbey, wt i e ben isery.peak g gbe the w i trut b i >> kberlak he my new he fariteersothis eek.ut some kdy prlede yewimfatesoisk. wmeh p tru
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rum,verying t of h wru mout yep agr wh tt. m, donry kg wof how hbama fee ut ep grabou whis tl of a on kowmaee sudn ous f a uthfud traparey. >> area: hey e si inghf ofthe samraongreheet. atheya:ealiy sig ofeayinamget neyhingli i ong ind erythg is rfec nandng i wonrful mes g eth this l k iecane.don ul m bobcan thave a l ie. obn nonsular- cod the prod aers eak ? ian't hea a w dnsar yco'rth ods k yingi'tea a w y. ng >>reg: mine. whato you m.ef the >>g: huiner - i satoodou mhe ientihu - id inteions teacng ks abt hu ierti do y b i tens ac kab hu>> area: y d b't i dersnd w the aa: mpet ds hung .rs whe obam mtxpand ngedicd am fooan amp, wicicoo-chi p, ic y isillyungrhi ould illyesly tenwaygr om h pents ld ly bobone fiv tyhildn go ho pts ed obe iv huny ildn thi go o couny evy nit. 's a criun i i tshi coury un ev >>niric: w doe aillyri h ie t outo be a >>c: w mpet.oely h y b a does mt.sesatree ake
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roe perty sickesaeee uppe pty sket. pe >>ob: causthist. >>educ: esusis ks. uc erihys k lly a clas ri a l a asroup? aup doe sgleut tlack or the do se t hisnicckr eisc pt p mpet? >> b: the is on fe chdrenn mt?over bthis on fechener amera. erwhater itake to fd th. >> area:heres moy at ike ot th fe t eedth. the kid aa:remo >>ob: ere? th t>> area:dhis theheid bi est nch >>: e?iber bul aa:s he >> kberl i d't tnkbit h it nic forhe kers.ul year kld arl d t ssitheicor k co ercis an ar a is spsetng cocian is upseing. et bobit'seal. kimrly:ut y don seg. need oobcare's al. ups imy: yon bies edore a ps babi. eri we bve tsoet o of ere. bi doethiso m riverye t day o ys teachof a
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oeis mryay thin tch h. a we bro poo ead inoor i e sth. se of ccago wero growoog updr i tart s sf bus cessego ow amupica gre. irt catali i se >> reg:ut yam neva re invicad meli t ire theeach hou. >>g: yev kimrly: one us. vime t >>heob:'vech aouaysdmir imy: e us.or tt. >>: >> geg: w ahaveso take air eak.u t mingp, a fir gli gse - wve ak a >>ob: did tnvit mek. ng irtherli - >>ob >>: bid.ite fit glpsef whater t>> b he th iuranfi plagl wileat lo lik und tbamare. whathehe i govannmenlail tnk youloiknd ma .ouldndhoul't beatoven en ttledo.ou mails a ldul be enwe'dedike heaour il a mmen andf coue, t ivxn co ni won'drfule ear tenngndou t nionuls you wt t to sboutob. wel besightouack. w sut.webehtk.
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>> wan: enti the, an indioucrimthatosts mi wions: f amtiicanhebillanns inouimatts ofolla eve yea minsamanll wh's wse, enti thiofeslaveea are lonr ju facess wh w, tihi crinaltrolng t intnet. e onjuacs w th havtarg ed acralol tntt. neigorho, spng ohous thavrg a metis ev shoigng uhowhensp ous faliesre h e. tievho uen >>y idtityhefttorys faes h scar >>idtyft ry had ieveshowp aty ar dostep d ve ow notatnly youpersal infodoatioepacceiblenlin oty ours thves y be nvadfog yoiocelein persal sce, ing roug ths beadyo yo mai youtras eve rs s, g ug okinoverour ould wheyoaiouasve you op. >>in teaerof tr evesldame heto ou commu ity .d desed plan >>ea tese outo smmal oy idedeitied and ant s ode iepackd es diver andhen steathe ckag frockour derndn dostep eae ag ro r lucly f meg, shwas do ep alady lifeck mber,nd uc fegshs ter felo's a rts,alhey fe mr, ca homto fd a spic
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us r lo as, no on r do. caom fa ic >> tre w a scky te, non do strae stky ne onur fnt t w sy , or. rait sstd "p nase onave fckag at f nt d.r. kie a meg" s"pe e ag f d kand a thaegpoin evethin clicd. i sa , "od my ghah, tinsevein ic oplere aut tcomeo my sa"o g t hoe anget ese ckag." le a tmemy >> tnks lifhoock,anhet e ag identy tft w nipd inhe bud td mes n waifablek,o avd en t wip in possly dgero d mewaleav nfroatiowithhiev. ss dro if hadt ha had roiothev lilockwe wldn'havenown f adhaad lick w n' orveeen wnepar forhat s goorg ton appearort >> ptectg yo ideity gotope lifeck'snly ssio pctyodey lifeck mitoryourdent yfe'sy io hou a d, 36 daysfe yea morurnt ou d36ysea oactely anni the netwk fothres, h ping octy nihe prect u fr ideity eft twfore hng befo it ppen prt frdey t ca theumbeon yr sc enfot en righnow. ti wcaked her meben an yit wscks gh w. r me w dod t wame untan aft w youe a victme. do wacallntightftow aou getahe pce ct of md th com wit llht aet p felo. m th♪om.]it [t ewri r clloteri] ♪ [triclri
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♪♪ ♪♪ >>imbey: wcomeack "the ive. ♪♪ ♪ll, ♪amace ha been a >>otbe wmek hepic thee. sho , ac andhaa: nee we ave a fi t loc athe whot our nd go nrnmee thi as arth fi eslontiat for wourealturare vera.go mehi soar the instuteesia oorrlte med inera so hest p out ans rteort sayg o at tede bama pdminuttrat an r t ayshou recmend t wt shodma in essattialenefs for ou a ec ndof whos. ssalefor a bacall one se fit ll ball ograne s d he ishat tyadit o
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ra sa hes t tcostmuste tak i acunt. ifsa t befitare notststak i fordacle, t.wer i ividls t bll biteotnsurce hea hcarrde, r i idspenng ctinu t ris b sterhanureaardp. en cnu this val er ofnssenal. hlt bethfitss lially t bfen h ered.bets li t brk it b dow aimpl termer. thebroveritent ow g ango bpl rm dicting eert g b wt are t ctg sentl tes unr w obamare,reric. t >> ec: ntteun eve sca am ae,c. lin e inheveocumt iscao, no in this s vyincaryumis ifou'r noto sred, isou v shou be.ry st if'rotffecvene of the sd, eatmout.e. sofhere is areatecnt nef thhe isorki but tmt's versores aat th sexpekiiveutshey'er goi t sawell gue hat?pee wee noy' goioio tay f isallue t? thats swerynohougoi. f gre wha i sres m i at s the ugingshey areoing to reha s s mpay r. beuse ere e ggsngyore b ango lo o y gupsowhatbe te e go b a moy sp ot ilourne on, w o gs t ha a l t of mosp inen, wobbyts for ha l acfuncte an msagebyor acctan inive yea'll megeble t ine geeatle lipucti, no job tnd ge aex cnge,hich iiptinoob
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plannga o ce,ch i >> area:e'rell gng to ean payg for o aa: ire g. to ay >> bor: yore gng t b i .t. >> gg: d't y thi ? byo g t b bob if y g d yhiipostion you, y 'd obisapar. y >>imbey: mosbe.on >>u,ob: at i y wro whap . govementefin g >>be m. >>: enef is?ro w >> a rea:vee'rentot ainhe me pson,efob. a boba:wellrethat aor sure pn, . >> a rea:ou'r righ ob llat abouthat the overreent s be tell aga:'rsgh it wil eou soatuch eer t bettbe. ll thk abt ts, t o th wilh beicta nghat tt theyab t th. wthliletat p or w p >>ob: ey a noing >> : a dicte indidua-- n ng anda: ty're oing it ic on cndt tua se mey. nd tst orengtbamare i c t thrgh s m. e rf s o the s we'ma ionlyay fhr ctain r she s tnge' ly f cin t so theepor tha say hethca isoing to ecomhe shordy, hais i payof oft.hecas ng o kimrly:his om someing sh don, wan i in p thf coury a w don im y:s ne . me g on anoplenill iterlythou f aak won out en hey seenet g int leler fay a t impt o thet yee g nt
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lis. rst, ahat tesmp ohehe li gove mento we sot,ar?t nothg. spenng mey a r sing ve ntwe otaxe? th nowhey' goien to m a rng dide xe yo pernal ndivwualy'oi o hethca and dhateervi you nyoer gl?ivl hecandt vi at u s -- g yeshat ishat goi t-- hapesn.ts t >>imbey: l ing the oi anetf tap the >>be lg he as. et bobthats nothehat a th sobs.atott >>ndre wean all gth s pltic surry nder >>reehe ll an. g pl c boburwithll dueer spec obthue o ec tayike o gr sai t it alrdy. thfact of te mters it' gr ai t lislr o. guiline th ctf yo tsayt mreeps thet'ost isdown oui ne all ou hyoeyeen dngpsshet sitt g arwnnd cplaing l abt th h cos bnng do hig ttar c ai at i wngabitth thaos b eri decionsigre me i w bad onostha ffec veneri ofecns m e trtmenbaont >> b:ine.ecnef eri als not onltryenhe b :e. eatmt, t ri dlselopotntnl e rearcand delopm t,tm t thk abt th d fop s ond. rrc d it'sotdepmthabthover f sd. 'sedered
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>> area:or emple armautic druindury is obby ag ta:t eleustesig r drmas aricpartrufdu tiss,by t tsteaof jtig dr garericrtrugs t you poi edea jutt gicgs hs could oime o aay jtener c ugs o a ere j areerot se s g ericere that canepla -- s bob youe gicxact righ at anla yo-knowheubje wel ob ou i uerstdct tha gh e ryoubliowns hejeel co iste uly astha rli rep htedly cote a stopd rearchndepdl devepmenon ls of tngs op inreudinchmedine. now,vefenhere lsof a ts rean winindi. wehoul --w,f re >> ec: f whaea w >> b: foeverhing we ul eri whaareou etalk fghabout bfo eroppengresech a deveripmenha--e lk bobbecae tuty gted the dgetpese a veen th 's obca t gd e et rht. e tethartyuttehe r. tety dgette >>ndre theea pty? kimrly:eall the ea et >>partrehe p ? thats totimlyy:llhe inaurat >> ob:rt t'sat nototnaccate.naat >> k berl>>: yessot itcce. krles is.ts. bobthe ct o the tters, a i bla t ob e o demoheats well w weer a la talonwithhe mos oelrage ws we dgetutsn onthpend oge
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etsin fothinnd we nd t snd moneinon. rearchfo devinopmee n t ed satio ne. ghware you edntioo lvet u wanfrue. the u l prive seor t dohat u doou t thi ivse t to pritte doctorillhi d tri tt? or l gre goo new f bot d ut wil tover entareooew f ot he th. u >>ob: ere notilnoug in ter bgetaooverhey. >> : e otntalugealt t b >> area:nstiteer reesen allt tha enta aa: heatih re aen siousssueha ta>> b: wheashoun't be s usue cored,y th way bwhou t >>ndree whyon'tou lcod,th prateay iurer ha c>>ldreehy't l rt o-- pr e>> b: ty're ier c cros. o >> ndre why on't b tre mocrsro l u >>rehy't ll cruy our l uown an - bobtheyrove emsees tur be n - g ging obeyve se t rieculoly gng expsive ri lon-seiceae initutns th oug to bxpve out oseeainut o b >>reg:ow about o reh? si. yo>> areg:bontimelyehamil rre wiimy thail. wiouldhey coved f ha hab secd, hird ldy frthov f me? b >>ob: got ceredecourrd fh
2:20 am
?times >>: t cedr onhe fif i dmen' and it rkedon if >>reg: dt cosndt35,0 ed >>g: co$40,0. >>ob: t,0 ovetatehe st. 0,somere ls tha >>ther: vete >> a rea:ut a of. the me l ha prerentave cree ngs, aa: af he thgs tt w prta typallyees, getth t w mighnotyply madet ghtvaille.adil. >> ec: tre i arug f pancatic e t i ccer,ghat f g ncic re his c sour, svet job died g yeerda oncreais mouth s ob inctiothat cietsyedanc m $5,0in ioat cr inctio bob why 5,>> ec: gsshat? in io >> b: ob w?hy e>> e gc: iit'st?ot ct b efctiv e wugh,eopl w't e i's c t iefiv eh, pl pe wle wl d. i >> b:pe niona w ins dtute ofealt speoney to bet n naenste pcrea cofltpe deygsoecae thdrug pea comniesefus dcao t it othug becse tyomesus codn'takenough mon. it oec t >> kberlco'te onlugeoplon are wethy ough- k >>rlob: antnl eryplre am icanhoulhavewet ay gh >>: no pultd bk b e a dgamanul ve a mpan >>nondreul lob bists bre a driv dg thi bl. an
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bob rig>>.reobts ug iv lbyishi. b rew hem.obig. >> a rea:hey' l isinflncinthe ll. is i whe pm.nt. if y get aa: sy'k n thifline . i cotry, pon't.all a yet docr, s hi callcoy,'tl lobistsoc bobdon' cal ll insance compy, tobt's tsr su. ob n' andala: cingp, mitnsce romnmp giv t as suajor feign nd cgit pocy mnpeeciv or mu f difgnrentonehan popresent muif fontet ten predent l est a. ndides. the isfohole t lot orent tal abouid. v .s. th isleaveot tt o nex oal "th fiveou v. ♪ e tex o ♪th♪ ve ♪ ♪♪
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2:26 am
te oe,'tntn ts. it is >> iill off a t ver t dierenvisi of arica ilff arolenheer wld.diensif a caand ameca's le dtiny i will.egin d me's revsing dny ilin omaevng ts t niona misle o fensandrder fulevie t n tonahe tisnsitn to the ns d erafgh milulary ie sece t tto titto he nati's ghily soveceign fro t tyray of he ti talan aovgn ro agn r teraraof iraal a oaini aagucle wpon rrasra oni acceablele wn. cele >>ob: tt, at i a lot bra n stu y cam>>: p, i otth tre 're ra pro n otu the yam stu u've don t e ro o he"a," mistuleefen yste ve oneryby agrdould not ," is enrk.te yb "b,"orthgrund ntsldran to ot ha nucar w.pons d we," sthd sd sno youha wuctoever wns afghweista s lea s ou w 10000er troo ghta inea ahanian? 00 fi, mi, yo p for ioo outn ani ? of yramil forfine.miyo p or i >>reg:utasn'the ybamail or. admistra on oy wi >> g:n' enuclr weons ran?ma >> b: no mira owi wher didou getclwes n? tt fr ? bno >> reg:er thodht yetold tha tfr >> ric:e kn ron>> paug:--ho yd kim rly:haook >>c:knontau
2:27 am
imy:kis facet >> b:omed >> s y aw i thece gaid b it, wldede b i the s aw hed bu nai oob t , wake b sure the i don.he bu n >>ob: obody belves t e th. re ifheranon getlose to i>>: dy theel s ll b th akenif outnet bseso o ihe by en utisra. b we d't oeed mitomnes vis to ra ddit kno thane >> bvi:to >>o,nohaut b: >> w d zilonth oundhe tle danaid w d anyouil saithls nd tan wreds an uck pairy o forgn w poly p oorol go whe heays >>ob: is not sayggohee s that he h >>enry: sissier, eot ay younst g ont at hry atsi, un gn3.t >>ndre in b's fens e reon hs n sayg >> reanytn ng ns hens as 2re o h n ay sh'sorme yt n aeisor so a o lotfeopl wou ay'sme a thaor a sma m e? aotf pl ou bobgood pnt. >> ndreha toring bacma m bushob advode p.ors. >>reo ngac nouestn ttomne shdvas s. the st snohiststated t neeratn ouof anyf t e ca sidatst.ed he i atoingou thinys. t t yo onde whyca watlde ing dhi methyog sodeontrhyersi? w is d i thsouchtr lessi aut
2:28 am
romy i and re aut bushes a y opom yrselup t tt? d a gre whausaurpre. op y liel t t rehahakipr. li >> b: i c uerstd wh he nkidso b tali cbout f ueignstwh po cy. n heas lai o pitioalonut f gn jo whi ispo. rid ulou butheai o p iothe intf ts s ijohiouis idou ute gog toomet ng oe t t ithiscall f som hing go toet o siifict? did isulleal f whheom ungted atesnd chi? si ic>> ec: bause e isd l w wiing. ud yoesre a fooallhi guy e bightseis wi yo r aningoohel baluy anht gtingour r ou rngal fiv san gyardngsr ery car wo y stariv s t owin the rd e bl?ar w yo ydon' ar t in>> bhe: an pside b or yon' paial wnabe as ban to pderddrepal wbeo thunit stesndrehine relaonsh. >> ethc: nit? s s >>ob: s. ne >> ric:rom elash f nt? e n gre he>>: sai meri >>c:m mu lea fd t?orld or reeomeoai ri se wl. muea t >>ob: ldat iraoughne!eo >> g g: t wt isot wha t >> : i obamsaidhenghe! w rning g t isfor esidhat. he tke amidne w abo r yngh, ameca r id exction a to eryon boelse yme meanxcgleson a >>imbe ey: ionike at h se id. wan t anes strgthe our>> be i e posi hon. thi . w anhoultrher si>> b.: sengtn ithi whe? w >>imbeuly: tought th
2:29 am
rld. b s gt tw authehat? >>be st tt wghh thth. d. >>ob: aon'tave st?ges stbut wthhead ao t. >>: 't >>eimbe sy: hsmadeall t ad to a rejt ulti tera>>be hdel to instejutio likthe.n.tira kingrecent and stio opeiktinge . thgs ingik thacend appach.pength bobifiha romypph.alle for the obd o the.n.,om gdleor ws. e ood fhe., g y . man f t me stchere f y send. anrco bio o i thi omeht sh e be f anydy'sseandi.te for o o i hi vice oresi nt n mat r we getsnyhe'sdior nomatio cesi nat w tsomio sd dot wt it. >> area:eah,ight. s bobdoes hido wit s aprisa:h,ht yo obes >>ndre he nts . s>> bis: of c rse.yo >ndrere evee ones who i b of as cd sae. yes do y>>renowve aeonehosked t it asyssaes no? y w a >>ereg:edike tt riens hoo?e fo din r,>> tg:yesk ien youanthofo secds, tin y t i y ut noec, y filly ey s'mon oy. no that whabein afiy s v.on i o yowait unt athainou'r a aed. v i kimrly:verydy yoitantsnt'r a. hi too. imy: ry islayi harts toet n. what s thehiootrat y h e?s yiar >>oric:ho d ns he hp athe theat m ht?
2:30 am
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2:31 am
inauble ] i'llake i. aue boblleewtai i i wl ta t.obt wt wld t wet, ta'mure. win w tld te abody b pey. e. at d yhink f w t tt? ady b >> ndre funpe. >> dric: y'm nnk spris. t th e is t t>>re issun.. >>c: n by t sis way tthis tss iue withe tay t huing i -it his fatr's huntg g i -ould likis tayats we have a ntca co le o friids dldnikt t t e vaave v aersummi co r oht nri. dt t appantlyvaoth vs caimi a r nerry paly h haai a mad seery,ry vy ha otiol anadgreat sy, vpeecs. i w ldio expant --ea atraw pl mingecut. w >> bxp: le--me saw t ps. we ave ong.f t top s i ble s t we cn wite o top i mbccn lawitnce o'nnel we d't recnizeithe one m awe o'elhose o d lecrencze o'dhenellne so e'll tak a o kim lrly:nc lik'dthatll so ll bobaknow i b don. wt ev yone o simckedy:heikat fal ob wout on w cirsutevne sedal nt,he t lleaes c ares goiolame n th houng csis n eare ♪♪ thou cs ♪ o. ♪ ♪
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2:38 am
>> kberl evebodyants prode f theamil an so kuchrl svedy thats y hav ro f he bideilandbamagree g we'anh s ha y a bav sittionnd de thedmaee e' can'avoiit. b ey cit't bonme i on bushe e n bern'oesoi bac. t c '94 b inus somee ha to s p nr forsrdac t94 with meha spordeas th bobthe wayheyas cou is i theumbef v antobeay y hoous out the. ther iwashenbebund vcet ofho outh hos blt. er thshoul'tavend bnf ilt. holot b. thfeopl notul ie b home-- t. eri nottplot i vanci . me ri>> bot: 65of arica vci peop hav b65 hom aca s. opav >> ec: bcks re hom the rdess. % o ehe bs b hckhe opulion es don'own ome. o bob bbecae th werul n gin los th n'n se.uldn obhavecaeenth giver b gi blokersth s dn they veniv b shodn't brs hav ey bnho'tav bven. >> ec: e t govement >>ob: gree . e ese t ve ntthey ereold by>>: ee tremts who ey ed yur bdies inall strt. em >> reg:hof the besnoansltr >>g:th wens ven ey wld he bee ses we dcrimatinagai t
2:39 am
n the w hotenalee bseers.s e pr dfiminai een of bs. pr th.fth no you hav fnie and eddi witecad of t ou avans. f end tha is diotit admadsionf t ofs. has dmon gut, wt ist?f >>ob: dcrimatiois gu wgivi i peoe los tyan't >>affo:. d im io eri let talabou vieo lo t th.'t en w e afohe lns giv rietal ou d w - bth hol n. w a l whiv wereunni con ess wnd bol thsena at t tim owh theerni on loss? >> area:thightna t t demoimats ore icharhe. theloepubcans cal d f aa:ht at mos iar the teeubnsal p fsideushto ae te stro ind pendede rulath in 26. decrat odd,rondde rat f 2nk sai n de atwe d'td, ndhis. f baey fnk sdai n n d n everhings gos. too. ba agr f s n erng bgoo a nob oal butgr is i cled themerin b drm fo a aoblut rson. i cd he it iriot the drfo aricaight rn. >> kberl ame ican he ha-out aca >> area:htet k mrlmen finh.haut no the aa:dmintratn ha m de i souchin wseor no e opleino oatha io ah w le oome. a evenarne frasayine. th rulatsalli fenne 20%ra doin wn youth r ratllyli are ft0%
2:40 am
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2:41 am
gherou kimrerly, r. anke pem we told ph timy,oans oke weol th p t dr.ns b. oecau thould sell th th upseam. d >> imbey: iauathld el nse wt abothersopslm. re>>onsibelity t i why te w eboryboso elseresity y fat. eu habo to uerstd ifouse ow y r meyfand y kno hao u styourifinans an you kw y m yore i y ovenoour urananouea k. yo i ve you rn'tlame erybo el. yo h.eo bespo ibleu ortme e bo ur h sehoel ndyo you h bpersal iestmpot.le bobif ou hhore tdouy rs itm bank s th obhe givou t a nk thal autoiv pcenthis ye and a pnts ye 1nd bobyou st he 1igne mo badob loau . he ion't rd you d't rea tmomad andoa y i 't r tn't gn tm,ou d't etou d ea t em.nd y lot o peo et id t notnow d d th s.ned this ty ot o eo wereotot awa of.w ma e thth sho sd hdehi bee t t thre wen't.waf. >> gg: tmare ithanho hee oppo unithere or sthebodwet. torite g took i oow t liv poit re s od hom totek and tiv omate.nd noevere.ody o wld noallyuy hesov bac no ery ho. w aot are h how acyou de nho livg a a re s
2:42 am
hoe.? some e new s to wriu d a booiv a on tningho winw tmenetori sding oo do. thon wou be t nicng in >>ob: t n sng n do th ouieic >> b: n n n thrgh t ts. brun tryerhr teall lou t >> reg:no yo t thierhat isll goooupoin > bg:: i yoinhi it't a goois oo inpoin ther are borei thrt' geoorati filie und oin er re roehr sce thege greti fiend o deprsion ro >>ric:hat ses ttheellre u? pr andona: i coulbe ood>>c:t t l fothe f il str tureut ndwhat ieulre tdking abo wh foe f the trusinrecris -- >>atob: uldn g tdngorbo wy e inis - milytruc re.>>: dn g anda: ts adnisttions puing t th colle lyoansuc sam.hing isnd t hadpenist.onpu g oplethren'llreadg thnsamng is hpapeni len'adthrk. pe. bobthe es i trole e pvate cor rateobe >> arorea:hey n'tecur pte thbankptcynd nor jobte t aa: pay thetbackur th erink we cyve t neaveob it t the. pahe cockng uo y rie tvehinkt oupy thll co strt u yrotes, we'nk oseeiy the acrstrhe cntryte e' seemtage einewhe repcrts sw some cry emge oteswrep soms areeing pd. es tailnext osthereng pive. bobilgoodxt t oy'reeobs. e.
2:43 am
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2:48 am
capilism 'r n bobyou' ptetg nsf i pi sm now? ob u' p bobwe a -- >> e ic: wt. w?you' sayg, we."ob a- aryou e w wltreet u' ay otesr?." >> imbey: tart's uat welee said es >> b : th wou n't >>te be t mes o. >> ec: y're t o oidf th. bth ou t bob thats nme he po et. y e o i' in o forth obat nf thipo i'n f ok, i w'tay anyhiing. >>reg:his whaok ii w lo.ny g. at i subli ed>> ong:s ha i billo ayer i weblite ntis beil publhed .ereb pele a broteing agast bltheyd aveoisod the pe aoodte g gapplyhrou ey negegencsohe profded o lyou tregnchune a of o crl trtmenof cntle t imalne a ld sdent hosge whcrtren c le ns of tusan ofal d lars snt os wof dt. wan t o ask you tanf d rs whis d "th "?an tskou wh >>ndre thi t le! bme. >>rehi t! >> b : stt whhe lt one. llie b mst. w that is one l gre is at a e. wan ie you m at mesne >> ob: ollureds riv a a w ou od. me counthe y >> the:luiv a .grictura une counitsenttuffheo rive. ic andraa: dtheyean walcoitntff stet? ve >> b : paon? nd d >>eyndre do neyal mnallst ? stre? b pa ? bobwall tree>>buysreheo m l ock d s lshem
2:49 am
sorehe obll een doyshat. >> ak rea: sre tmo prot terspset tdo walt. reet aora: t ectinbara otrs et alama? ll str tet gav einrabama- hol a? on. trav ymaol more . tha jn ccaior angoldhan j shsric, wasai the mber nean donld s tobarac, as oba. e th ae eronittl upsora abo ob that? >>imbetly: niceps bo pocry? ey p? h in. >>be n e bobtheyreot gain cr p hn. pitasm. ob moey of the an' somef tm are ta c.muni fhe a agrt.ith y. me t re my coun, cni gr foh y. ouxamp. buwaitfo a buit >>reg:ou jt out aourec cous. bob: t y're>>g: pro jstin autr fo ofus. cobital tm tretroin fo favfs callalerce tagef ppl agnst st oav u l ce>> eec: ty arf aga pst capiaglismt o u bob no. e targa >> e c:pism c ntleob --ayo. i euntls cle- iervi i wh tl ese ivi w lty wac n ags, e "dn wi lac napitism."s, "dwi catali isn bad it neem t." dtroy citalmca lisn adt wh ihe ee a ternave? doy ly o wh i acialnam.?
2:50 am
bob oid y eve-- >> ric:al no. ob yve haity >>c: --o.hayinsl-leysl ehartasy d ty'reonsient. downith e crtitalm. t re it asit. wnociahsm calarxiit commism. ia th's a we he le. xi >>ob: 've en o rmmm. thth. ae h le>> b.: >>: e o th >>ndre the b docra are emacinthis. >>ob: r go rea>>n.rehe d ra re anda: en th emin prisiden look>>i th: k thgo notea oy nd eth dpren okththot o decratwanthis. d thi ty belve i ts deat annttheys. nee ts to hially tel i t the se. aney ee t bobobutlyapitism at faie t. obt a pple.itm bob thatais t pctic a -- pe. >>ric: hat obat cald soalis p by ice w-. >> c: t bobthatsal notsoisy t we. ob at noair.ot ri peo te ge no ricr.r. rieoge [ovetalk >> b: thic is citalm. watreet bths cal >>reg:waeeitm.akenbsertion he>> ofg: who i tre. e yotalk abo berrganon. hewhatfouho i t. are see g ayo thelkbo ban sameeopl at veonrg, mreee ahe rins, adrina mepl hufngto cod pink on, the. r s, basirilly,uftoodint's
2:51 am
hen org nsidsi y, seanenn's bin. e seeopl thargid ann' he b. bee splha arnd f >> b: th ear f bulerhead nerdthat r b golthanachsulad rd at gre youave r tol beorehs reecifou.e t >>ric:oneeorziho i if . no the >>lso.c: ohzia dfere i nohene?o.oha dre >> kberl adrnna ffinon, ?e isig on itte abo thi krldra emb cingin , is then hole tebo movent.hi othembng thle capalis ov sot.e tal bout t thehisap is morn g.soalut t s pocry rnhere hucr citalreis hu >> b: noing ong cthal is catalis. wee bno ng ag inst- >> ec: ty arcali welkinabougoin to n ast peop 's h ee. t ar >>ob: ionsi rinouino "opey" h pa>>: ofsi me. meart of "" pafe. "ey." me tf >> ec: tse areot "." pitasts. eey'r t socrelist ey'ragait taorpos.te 'r theyocallstt cpora 'raipo profs. eyl t e cughra tckleowno of e hpeop -- tat?le n >>ob: lk aut op j- s.? >>: a j >> area:oneyagga
2:52 am
ckelyou'ich,oo. aa:ey ga >>ob: ou elu'hinkh, p.ple get tock>>: tip o mainktree pe thsame nt wlckiptree o ai >> eeec: n y're rig.thme w at gs toeeig os le e norge yeig sos ho e gtoil tal os l abou in ageinut s >>ob: theochal brhers ou a eri sorut haseen >>: heindihedbrrs n ri fornce.asn >> ob: ch b therdi are out g fe. iicte >>: ber re kimrly: ot dt ng t gt ght w. i te >> b : ofours imy: d youe t n goin to d t i bof rs we w'toou n it in d intil 29. w >> area:tand i dowil 2ob. a a:ey dnd theame tng towt. ros dhee t doe t you pinis. congoe up,ou wni hav tco ver specl bihdaytop, w celeate.av t weeron't wt ou tecbiay o lee. eanywre't w >>imbey: c tebra wit us it wl eyw a spris >> bbe. crait us ♪ ♪ w sis ♪ b ♪ ♪ [ me anunce] yolove he tte o2% mk. t thk abt yo hea. m 2anhasceveryoalf vee sarate t ofat mf whe mi. thabyoea 2aserf sate t wh miant cutack fat and t cpromsetas? t ut k at
2:53 am
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