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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 8, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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m n. :00 ne t p.moxeastn tht bl hem 0 ll te yack i las 1.mstn b ars.em e miston and t yk ias 1tori s.. mion dcoved herri vedern theoxews chnel. >> b: fiheettischl. bfiti wcomeo "r eye i'greg gutfe star o f >> wstagme scr"rnye a t elisi' gut my o o browa show wi llagcre a t peormi wit t hemyriarrowahowille ung pen'smiheatiter t cpa ani am aitni g sat rforrs for t fanal aleaitni beeen e hosrffor 4or and 7ea a.m. n homeer t wrifte yr n aame th a agic m.arkern y r tri y nake n cest. aicker ntv y andy le i off keonhtst. lling in i wtendrle i and o di llessein ioytece.nd he hur re g rorest.oyce jess h what's comin g up o ror toght's sho ssw? w >>t'hanks grein o s,to fghols snchoe a>>gainnk arey vy w nae f tak i for ainy to ni wt's snahoe at ts po ftnd ystos sho ro tpo ss frequentl ts brol's
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da f wreastl growi tg da ouas top srotoforhe sonds ti in sareer, t op s rrobin son llti cn wlhrouar ar, milge rofinewag for fre om. cou a ew g ftim rinres swed up at occupy m swep ptest provi ocpyhat pterohat dree rra canoonge reain ro yelling a tdreo rraeano ge wi tie ren ylieo nd morganwiie nd mgan fem hurtic sas. yoknow fhat emrturictketic sale s?sa thplou theyoowt ict the tri umphle othouhe an amputeeriph aut lphin. who ouldt wt to see an hi o ld w to am spue flier? and conrvat e whteamalespu f ed c loneastat likwhyesoelie in cle c haeng lstiky el ieonero in say s, "cl chang think conser vaeve whiteales aayre " tnk jecorkyererkva son wtees a th stement w rjeeleaysekyon th ea sngme rengueasndy polar gus ars." see pou aarthe lf. s." ee ae .
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t'weome u guests. she' so ot y ou ct'an fe aun g egstg on h f ehe'd?o y c eg wh oou?ehd? yohavekillet wh? yovell ery op i thentryry int d hes csided onof th wst ameca he ctdeon jarls thst adenl aeep tar t gre mlp t g - green rm. d heakes h owntr gen rm. chee, do theessk m he howill eedosk me h sc. ttinnext tsce, writer hn evore.inxt wter an h ieve. a spidalng pe tans i good tseeal yng pch. t >> wkingor teend t een youreg 1234 * t s wng t ee wend in avel enre 14 ts we hn eelisay pas.isay mindse t pas. torrid nd saffae ir i t had whor fa iad parh eight nap. p ghva nno pants! gre >> w l no dane,! friend. g >> tnk y. >> d n't wanl ie,ri en
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wel t y dt el ho weppoint a ea weppoi a peat cnter pointea cer nt thothe des a uorthy thhe dcopycats. a uthy yet tea arpytss cfed at t ea comparons bsween the a owd d thwall street coar sotes brs.enhe d oneth leallrtr sayg, uo , esi. n't ink is ee leat s answ tohe t, eai pty t movek nt.s l t anther are lotswfo teopl ere veat. don sanuppoerrte tf baraeo oba. e d spo th are ranhbapy. people tha n't ow wt th anh py p weplll the t seeto be growing t w thby t dayt.. weheee brong tay t ai-capitalist cwd t has ai- gtaossi gir cwd s gos g sheeceny shed uat a prott shensh u a ot nhe sw n s hlaan humpeys. hus. anaylsoak pearce sananay slsdooak
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ar son, tim rdoinwho not ote,hi s isso wn,heim anct rinwho n assrts movemt ookshi i w ke.ct busrnotveryove istoingoon th r ow accord.butry ingn a eftythowrg aorizer t da ttyrg er callerteisnidt ll oupy the biscni prost. ouphe p >>re you payg th? >>ome e ol>>unreteerous. somef threayn' >> e i cat intifolyuner tm. methret. caiify >> [speang snishsp sni awa so whi a of thiss go g o o of twaohi isgo fwall t strt what ar the ll seet t ca d oing lltrt wt he enjong heir sllt caot dnng gas, oourse. jongirn ooue.
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>> nowiet i >>ow i theplealkeut o the wa str pthroteestndeheyke o hee rht. thwa's w st thtre facat p aterey ing. r th are listeng oth wthfat rgae mug.c w hichthresisorble. r ga nobodyis tensmu w reggasor bl anore. jono, idy knonsou hea r iseg wi theallantreee.t joi prnoeste.eas u ha to admwiithelhaeeitts pr nny teatou he p ayhaodm protitesrs trgane ainst y he p pi tali. ot es t istan a tintstunny or i c?pili >>isince ytorred m yes ic? >>in yorred y at ltleoment tt lile leeconom ienstronic. econ i >>soou tronkc.he guys are e le aner t>>heou t t he grty?uyar theare hele hnbal tea t rty. y? d th both h e hea leot hbaea coon. y. ey a bot thot lot raging ainco. th arot indua rhtsei ring in mpro sed.thndua r sa party ainst big rovernd.nt iluenng pty ain b
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rn i enpersonaliber and wit the cupyalltreete rs, thrsaler nd we raitng t pyltrte, ragast ariscrs. yo kganost arcroo yo kno mcduck,croo theyre dd infenci a in steyre big mon. >> ihilehey e on t aheinst bi mon. app le>>ley on t lapt app lapples ou pt p to ca it.apples to cat. wte said, tar t saiar gash -- are heshy the same de?re whais gng o tn with m sy ut? >> ty ne con thao g b olockn m tneon btheckraic. >>wo sidesf tame con e.eic >> >> s not aestt a.eon e t party knowshy t >> arot the. a ey a orgtizared ano h t a arssioheand now. h t g o argiz abouit. the aliod swee ht go prote erouit. ath c seepilation of sdero andea aer c wlaon w hat wl d ea streetbut would le wor w h l er e. st
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ofetr a tb at ougoman sehsor a o erm the wilofaka t s buthshey e going a ut i ot t the ilongay. youant uty eooi aft e bg. ou t sinessou don't pte nss d 't wa strt. u pte on k streent. wathat s'shere yout. pte o k s ee street and otatalhe strout. tr nd >>ot taltrpl did stat o th m dl >> s o was h ealthce.. it w hashcntoba. it thasoba. general s of t tea gen paaly - o t by e wa yisd eahat entipa -rely she s ply gingwaeryd ti aly girl e pl ngband airl nd kailehe and te k st kreetai he >> dyou ndveymth tyowd thstet dalu letreeteowrs? th >> toale csided trteerus otes r yoneed>> to cde powdeerreus eswig yonded n sbro.ow i ig sn iorta fir sstbro. step. sn iorta f h eep didn't saye w payin th. idhe stthayw wer penin-ha th wathe oteth ey eren sther -voluhaee. wae teeyen me a ll tluteeayshe sex
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treslive ande aeltayhe sex trli nd he was aldanurrounde heby s wap aganoung luradun >> hat' ssap an intouerti l teo. >> t'one wonen annt --teoon e n dorse. --on rs im rins w there with sign singin where wd and otgn sg eed.d a d. tt . h ty all of us ver?. >>y ll of usr? absoluty. ibs dag withat sn beuse u need aittlag w grdoha s g your w d ibene hiseetl depressegr mart.o g>> e yctr.dhis on y ou gprseot tar w d, the e grd don't on g see tm s wod, badhe ungrl yodou a'treeft w s ad>> onc y ou'veunotyo t aee wee d. e yonot nec sari s ournc y 've youee yot necri s -- yohy youre tre -- anyme. ou>> wn yo tre saigold ymsache.i wn't wyo s-- iust realch hwowt funnyhana -is ofus al h --amune. you h o
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ldenacks forame.ouhe en macks th m point w tedth makes th thingeeoiteakes sli htlyhi eeguty a is i the li gitlnng welaye o guhe ister typhe bau tyere nnwe ye al. they ade vererypery ey.ere and t n.ou meyhte eeer other ey. pele that adn'tneou that.htee o erand at'shen u se pe tayt is iha organ e nd t'sugn hseay yo s iee t movonrgorng tug the. yo tov the rts near t pte e etengear psed off .e woetmeng are tssn fro pnt osef ff. thr tdl erwo a therare ople ungro t ohef th tdl erbathomand avin ere le [bl ueeng t ev here thom d therinis pndinof dblmsll y a er pinmsll a ifou want tobeak se sly,ou houe to wove t aktheext e sefy, htoe rotests o e th n era offho yrostres and notera ofexho h ypiree w ke s it nex hasy w for i jtkasses. imeiazy f makinun of jkaes. them iaz yak hove if o is ue wha do y exp ts oemme? hovef s ha yxp o?
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hwo y go to theal d laff the f her? y gohe plarefre t n t poop. p >>'m t pp. modeum. >>'m clog y mrselodup a hum the pa. >> d on'tcl b yheel a h t p paar.. >> d 't>> i likeha. i n't i k le iit i te or no i t k i i or all i sayinno isf y arng tose a i someb sins isf jo , buaromng t tre.seoms jobung tre. baro? ifou u somebods ba throba, burosom?hinghe if uom tseople in heba ro burestomrantnghe welcome y. teo plin th t ifstrencnt beten w thcotea rtynd. the theeifncet pay.tha ynd t the t party thepaad he perms. p thty cle ted uaft thsees. pe all f thesethleus uesset now the. pisse ol ff tseseow ere oehe guysis g o whe o t e goowhe?uy s >> thefolthea p arty .e t g the ar milons o>> lheibolals p tythat. wated tirthth oarfilheon tea pty. atir of wh a lot pty liberal whre aotry peopl l serwi ary ppl
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townmes ahong up poti cian wn was aat t teahoartyng up no tido i h sanpa th fs or tearoty ame ca -no-o k iw, i spa f ha spafort. me- o kt tt's wt iha saw shemrt. gi as. tt' >>sut a wt i gawg said,hey s. didn 't lve>> aess. gg is iaiesstially aob. di less. isal a theyreeangesses a ey ea gog topless in fnt ofse a go ddle. opit wssn't at w wit t o tea par. >>o, b thelere w wet wit t signs a eqarting he>> p bsinthe with e osambin den.ig one ut oaeqng psint wh amn n. cro ne o of a ound. c allt taes i one o thifng a lae .ou. llta inehi >>he a ree a p thhe a i thisovent. >>he tdler a actlly a ma isiedovplene. >> ter a a >> i l aove t. mad pl>> jk anmaroder. let. >> w janar met them at aotck w tm a dinner la wk. di>>era w fromrost to blkbters fm d living i n ablrs red d s ltainteg i a hat d uhordi to e h slyod reporter you pituhdio affeyou t te
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inpo ferlicks.ouit es cialfe youourtsenive. fck th sesyalou y 3ou5%r oe. publans d 5% ofeaou 3 rtblierss onsir5% ofea rtrssi cebrity'osit before ying ory' bore ngor f lm. fornt instanc e y orn't nt toeeovies i wittahen' ch leon hesenttoneo bauovie s wasresiitnt ohtherach le onand seneseanenn urff 4as0%sif oe publans a j iad ann fff r erbltss repe 78% of dogs. rer pe8% oog no argentere. norgtere. >>hat' u amazing. >>ha azi >> doeaersos pits affe d wheer oanot u lier o sa sh or a mie orsnyin fehe ot li shr min most aorsndusians ost
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are libndalus ia nsyou e lited you libal u onlid ou tch the mie euy was fpp ghhebo moan ree nuynd w he i ong boe no pay watmo list.e nd he no pat i pt.icre him wit lined pic h w listnoin peday, noat ent craz ecstse morga pn, ee man was a .encr ec hadseor toea m wor wkaro. ad go tinkos wand akim to the lis t.go >>his inounds like the aim incriblethis hk >>s ndke rheie no crle pa nkat. n> ere t hipa kle jaso ise ayg tre i s khle he a unjatay o tf ih ler --s athun ttrue o is of justt ler -- sere sn e n tumerus t cos vati one ande nno e num beer tn topeakp? >>ti absneolndutely aee wh be t toak th.p? i he d r>>umorbsshaty a w ahel th joe w chein o rutumha forel jo in omcinut o fbvoriolyt was gog do the rain.inut o w godohera. ter ofhetory, cour tse i afnottoryurne o ur at ing to mief inow turhe actoras linibgeral vws.mno t e
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wherim t urnetod oas lal whews is vinge eribialne ohe messe. s nge ofib valaw tarss -e. of v atar far inans. >> "zardf fog" ins. >> " sialism. "di any ofho dogs p s fiaorsm. y of t heny movs?ho og >>sha w t ofes tsage iovs? >>ha wesge vatar" don'killlu people? >>he iasr"io n on'fll iq. peoe? >> iio o >>am camerq.ade it know >> iam see aam iic al s ciowce fi iion.eeic sfin. >> was agast pple hoing eir eat for a >> as lo pergad of pime. hog r ator a lo erof te.twas erbl terrible joke >> btl, yous now,eroublerri on ke b y wa "yes,w,ouiras s wa "s, s par beuse uhink the rafrs pe bee unkhe noteal. i nl.are i- ty are tryingar make-y a ting "dolphin
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keale" se "hin ds le ty a frienaldly. e gnto the area i loe t t a feny. facthey e in gro oexhe.a o t they are. cty thin's aroact. and is ialso f achet,yhe ay. arthe thly at.amlspa d iso f fr human kil l earh e her pafor e fun o it. fr hanillhe r f olp i d that. t t. >> ty e srkwith smil. i p tofy thae you crkanwi get a il lot furthit h h thanha you g a vigar. tth h theha dnolphins i don'tvi kr.w. eth dol dinsinnow tt. i't kw. looket th shrks ey ano tt. not ilin peop donok likthm.hs a they t ractinet over a op onik miion yrs eyct or a mi gnngik ye is pictu chaie man on icth aieanor finish.on that wha - dsaorl f finis atha th'shat dsalin dol nith aret.ol ni re.olph are. >> don't w tonowph how a. u k w>> tont.noow u kt didn'tatchthe wall tons"
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idn't ch thcae thallreonatist and th iidn' watchexnd t atis a in' wnd s tty" -- "sex and tit an si dn'-- watseandit anharm d an'at greg ha actrend b o thereg ctpeoplender le >>hey aik dg qen fhemy mderik to movgie t qo murd . mde r whatf i ld y theov was cret anrd of ati y theas etan oovfnm atounm amensnill or ctureist? a annhereil no p li ccret? rerds of thisre noan's seresrati o or echiionsnd the iso law thasettir ec nestablhes e cmittth oisr l establiss ho t itt orate tabls ctt or estaisho oyouraterobayou s uamnyou thatvil geor sus am thi is hpeni n owatvige unr t adm trat n t of hni n t peace a pdmzeneatr o oom. eane bomric preure. m. they s they p omcree. th she p aqaa terristqa oan a lt.tet
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acrdinto a lt. rrs i i acin fuzzwith r sndrsselhtfu fuzz th a d blt sndelht w ay. lt hesheirst americatoe w aylist. the and lehe tir ari esidt wa't req uid tstohend prlee tis e llidewa reqd ten e offheist.e off is h'teen this eed out ythi since y aysee tllsing res t hi in sceyrend. ges inrend iol you. ev iyboly i ylung mysf si o the -- evyb i lu if mfh idsi ohe-his ithi.hid >>ut ifushisi. >>idushishi esry ley uld u in as. it terble forryhe s led reons es.nhand the
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t ereor he sso-cled enhancereds and he in-crrleatiod technuesnh werced teible. in itio iec ahnsn aerul precenctele ey wre it a bad a menulre bla ey bleahlah. ben homanyears u bntiln bl amlaic citen ishonyrsilnxeted amic it iors wer boardedte or brd for no rso atsoer.orso howong illt be?so. hogl b thohts? >> h ishises smpornt hos? an h tshiesmpr go ssip tir t? >> you aiggo.ip irat'shy w t me? t the y storig because we 's f wede t he cn. or bau fed >> that'sow ias are made. >> t t's >> auaas wreli mppe. a cone. >> aua w aone. at what yo cl a c ck. i s b w oneyo a c >> i i . bad all. o i iadl. >> i tnk i am tos libel onhere n s ri i n t i am probm witlibe tontre s wharits nr. do ou w t toob wha dra him bac kdo w to tohe u.s. a tryra i h b
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on t ofheto u.ry of jor ihi weouldolve it meidiaty.ouldol at >> hesn america hero. h skail a qriuily. er >>ero problemithhi il q .certainhing h>>e to beroproemh seet. rtai ng i tstto o pit icianssend at's t piticns tst pnt s.'s its nike ty a gngst p nt ss.reg itsfeikty onnghe s t lgt.fe on t lt. >> thet is y fdut out e peon kled the thet st, it notd sutret t pest kd he whent happe ns, t ot ll, veou 10 w seconndst. hpe i , 1 l sikonehe a als t l viee "brav hrt a a t >> i t oovi "av by h trtay favin a i t by fav list. its to ve it its a n li. >s hoo ul at. liberal ppita li a and whore the lyerre pprcedo ea e
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ac other wre te aynd st oedea e oer a st srve? xt srv why ahiale xt covatihyses liky hi cotiesalpt s? w. i alrdy brd bs? this gmen i lr b b ts en
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dseing a conservive it dud mak ou lei thangnon ud m shwd?ha a sh? spi d ep say s blicpi repearcin t s les sue gbalnvir onmeicnt rrc t ange attem kep to e elaba whynvme peleik me arege aesemsp ela lhyely pe leik to m belreve cmate cng toitels calmale coolud nds on calseativooelhite malud nd in t u.s. te tivhat hhi mtoalcallwhite t.s . guysav had fteer t h obstatoclesllhi in l ifysavader an otaitess somhingha t ould lif
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chalanngeheit staomtungs qhasouchale ta some qthg cosnsvati whi mas wa to sn. me coconsnclution?hi ma walikeoggs. s nser vati lu? white mes kes. erigtinong t rishi cmate chan in is ce. igno thef te itisas to coitte an den ndin cthe atusf the irth it t idtityoit tied tohe wdehiine ushe ma idtystabli tshment. t w ma rry outhat,stlivemeboead. y t,vebod. iate it wh i fd it i at sus.t d it su op-- whatever. justat this veo.op--have stat teo >> bes par abo the gmt, iyou a b marbohe iu a this sdyoi downo if uon hi lsikedy ioit isowecnseo i
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u a re y .on l d i y iecse y t aheey yo it. is cause yo a they it that t ca seayo. >> why areou amath? hy re why youpp?ed matma y ouedma >> get where y a comin from g wre aom frm >>f wero man m>>f e climehang iroould ban inised b thi cl >> getng i it.ld is he bshihathe sdy is. >>et i it not a hethe ss. itonse nerat les. its jos veus nds.onseat metimes j ockss. w ikeitjoveds war n t hiti insme jnckse r n tns --ike this itae, i think -- nerdzin. hi wha ido ye, me ihi t strdy?zin ha y e cooltud y? is s et ngol myun candy i s -etulng mome y wh.unan >>ou k- we ha wt,ove yr >> nt k wh e wver i comove b yyhe h wh i c omal baguyy- youill hr f her on ceokuy oul h fern mbe t whoe thi ng
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wbeit t w coervave mesit ishi w va a mesit i ssub b limb nio thing. >>ts wimteb cseioativ tng. lesnd they re t>>he lsst seat factn ofur socie .s tyre we tactdofpped bocecause. i thin the sof ceouweoted bau pretherse b wldthut tof quoutionin totms oclimte pr erange but lo3 qubackono t o95im an w ge out an i ce3ge asck a ou a i mine. th nev hapned. therobl witthe clate anges it sne thevap d. the shutheowblit thee aumen cle geit at compl elhe tut manheen esn'inflnce is at c viro tent. you now o ann' dflnehe gume wasroeot.ple at ou w cideo it wan d00 cta measeople >> t re yde w00 >>hatapped fst. t noyou yve tkeics a >> peu hafn. economi recesnosiu tke ic swhe pele d't w anthaoco ar aut iecesnymore thatpe the dig'tgestthaoen a iis pplnydon're c atheigst >> don't et ppln'esge about dot. >> i ont a'tesgehaestge ibolmt do alguyi a anti-esscgenchatt
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y nt>> i aotntscience. >> antscnc yreost science expement oscien peitnt i nothiutainnd tres itotndouaipr wal. oupr. and ahoughesfw to umaneneeugt.hes i gss let meskenouee thil yohaveo lgr meith me n yove gryo dhisage e win me o misy. feelin abo ag manwi madelol elin bo warminanadel rmin th spl pointeris i u wat g pub lied splntis i hewa gub eaest thi ouould doshe be globaealestan mhi b ecauseouldo lo l is mtudy bau s b itro atdy anyincoulbe pblied iyou e p at globinul wmi >> iliould iake u e oppos pit ob roe ansay at iso ilde oos floo ded th propleanoingy jus is that. youake he oooosd r pteengus yo atillsibl y gouete ato rte "red eyo."l bl>> t g is a stohort le "d eo."? t yes i s
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>>ehe srtin ees the ory>> in wosnlhes pele doit woesnlpe d apprtof ol dagre wityou. shorr l theoris yap o d ere looitkiouor- i do n'or l he kn, wh -wu be good oo exorple - a sdorter le thknrywhwue od a t kiexe dog s.rt th thaerareki n ds. ifou er talthkierg deou d wos.d behe ir i n lin e.eral dou wo bir i lin >> but see at way,hym ta @ >>ng autut t ss anyre a?way,m w astatu d a t aopic w tu>> iike dog top . pies nd t is. og i y tou heom nt o . the owes e tail us.s a hedomye o e eai u at fox nescomrlea a foxes m voeaemai ill com thealti re rt fm jaioyce. l omhe hes dtiightful. re f jce. hed thtigfu'salfime report isponsored by aleachim rort th ehonsreor ofy lge bodfch war coere btheho lge b sd,f g ralwacoe or rockraents.l oroc k thanm,en ptses. an.
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wme bac let'find of we h e> w ac ything wro sot'nd f of w er th we teoessedy r. ngro o >> wt'p,reg, h ow athree ose dyyou?r >> i wt' gp,re hd atoee you u? >> goo d i toee y t. d batoee o ynour wardr ob e yoodan y . tke t e bat fapou wdr y pickang toe he. t te t aually s isck whatot h wearhen do a child resuay s i sh in hae moting. . ar n is cled aun w chld gsreg" shand n i moarg.y . cd w g d r sherber
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my ne is captacere s rb >> ne. n is cclsy. re i ke i >>i also rea y prclia.te tha i i you ked t o d aoohiserpr ia ree had a lfea ou d t beog onhes e a ea beon how manyeople were n the stefor me ihoouw l mean tyople the ow ore i >>t wayohneevor te, h nt to onhe t le.>>wahnor h nto n iley, ale w had a cple opleorki in heey faloor w h a creha w ted tleokio int.he f orthe wa tt h elcrs gy,d t o vic wat hel c >> wheyou g mehe cal>> i wheu oughturely m c dane turelanena-- nas fht suana-- hara ssme cha tht couldn'ts fira ame clean c ce cld a- c canane- c an cumbbun. john you moned mbn. when ou hnou ed re tkingbout thehen teanguthe rty,ouefercedea y,ouer tdhe disdain r scrooge t
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sdn mcduck soo d ds abdaruck bdti . dab >>es >> ion'tnow om yti awe, but>> sesooge mir i't w y apinoff chaawe,erut fmoohege mapiff cer fm kenzn lsoouthe evs of cpitis nz >> l right.t evofit an>> r thtnk. t teaarers theal s eeteannk t the leaov eal te chris tas lar"ak th ss bec sehr at ise endf "the ory rich manas to ths ecke ce ot fe and az ye y ch m blee . c ofazy ee. >> thas ectly wt i arnefromt. haely wi >> ane home was hnted b ghos>>d, a h terro went.nted kle osert. k yaid tai t th offed job a ese opleould dythusfftdyumob the haeo ore leldordy dy goldn sachs . heoror ld s nohst t.e. iou outnool treane.achs has ou aohery stric wte gutanachsith a oh ereayochiritr pic git eariic >>oureight. ey wld he t get c ed>>ou
3:35 am
firig bht.'m s e the w h t woetd dot toork airt bldn s t chs. wodo to -wulor't y? a raignhten up yr t s. ta off he arulng ys? ig en>>p t tasffs? the mpcaon that i not clesan at t momt? t >>mpes.caonhat i you aotrele a at m >>. dir ty iuiv aanreoy a ir wivell,an i w uer wl, u t imeson tt i owedp and eryinad t we ve ner metim bes i ti e d can sme you romd e net nmeoum he. >> s didn't s wther it a b sabmen' t >>t is ws abtht b >>isab my preous sws w my p sws w na. obousl >> y neea poeredigo protest. obsl yeepoedigo otes parely y nd a powred re y n a pg reonvicted i cans aba. eonviedanab not of best. ho htt i wases hohtas smling
3:36 am
>> y knowhathe has done? sm she hklnged you yndnoutatou h f yoon ge. sh e h>> iklave.ouou yo ge. ie. >>rettyhi girl i >>omreyyhi g yptote i. er i vyy ltl canay to toer where eryie ltl c ton'tur w n'urne. th canaught yor sly pi sweaterth bhe saneconghdyo s make fpiwe kaierlei a a bhe son d ckas ke it unfr.aile a >> i i totasalai t nfr. >> iotai >> e f ihoyhtt w fadorle y got s personahtllty w tick d byor t yhe g fternaha ckby lfer tn sadd ia f it name beuse had gol d aerndsa if iame s be us e in iad g i andt kn if u kn twa s --theres aompany i i nknf kn twa -toffsrehorea bankiomngny stionnn thphippin thais calle fsreanon ld thhiinhale mpent house boyen h seoy >>id ynow thatouere ta@ tingbout any the>> ynow t prereste dowherere
3:37 am
@ nging ut they he bathroom in pr te owmcdonaregol g he>> reaaty soof.m i n yes i doard gluy on t ad ea sf. talkg aut i es a ii d ho gyht on thatas i ntestita b aau ise i mchonahts isne of atnttihe bau or ena is o cofr iterety corporaheons you n go t er >>nd t bat cpora inu etgo t >> tat -ncdited pl ea et clea gi tt's ue. ncundiked mknpp ently.ea ts . knpp en y. butre theytiingt to t man? utre tyg t >> nel y tan?one. >oheryy ne.e. >>id y see h i d t wi ohy >> yee t >> s ouwi dytu >>y theayou and gg>> were d bh>>thayou andemiscing a bo re b thmared couplkn temisng a tolers th red i heou tkn iorm you ha t ttors i paratedorou t rad cing recoilab coanabd aildoobl youen ao il moutoned at dph rtz onlo amated th dilphltzir o ownin ama that cou ld notth psi own lin accu te atouotsi l cute
3:38 am
ery ld cill murder theioyou babs wh a ne y illelatur comes. ei oud yoabdowhny r nesearcn omat aall? >> o,yoouny r meanea me. al? i s d>>o, fou srt mtheyt or s pdlee. f ey t ma wleilde.ats w d it fo-- heyma are w not hdings f i t tht. fo hhe a yreouot able to fell t. th dposi on o athe ye tell dohi th loo howappy o thee dph is. hi thatooowhatap a dhe is. does .athat weillri es. aoole w e cdosriut i thi wiloolle lo thaone. os i tug i thihawas w gooild.l lohae. th was ttearwaoo >> iisaree. thas iae. >>dyse h has ud t int ree mesn t dy showas t no o has qt ste sioneit t ow exis f you . oas qst >> anemoonghis f pouoint. u p>>mng hi dd a pt ant d ue pto b med later a >> wcan de alkutde arod at wmenquareal ak s t awoatds eatiacher 's fquese o twoat
3:39 am
tier o itpensllhe tim ratare eryoving. nsllheim ate yovg. >>hink haveoherit ntii lef>> nkhn s haysav tehater iieft is sser tt vers joctim tng.t i i dot thkdyocm ve rrsabocmng themselv as doocthdy itsaberho lab emlvs joc it jockho l >>bight, belie i t jo ckscieif ro>>ss, elie >> t god. yo makieif meross s ick.>> od. >>as gting o thfyot ak the youre lpingoursf sk. in aa n eren>> gngthf >>thou o l ingfors afdyyois a nen >> o ifo >> you a a cbiti yo are ybiti yo j ad. andasp a nd t tt a in 1 t pricd newt icegen. 1 th can pric nce bnt irelthy f nt ill lievhat y cld t polio ro l ev eatin u ynder he pioroat und therwas suc t ngs inese peopl ers ucs g atesmieonts. mint goor oour sll. or o r w schll yourself,ad iave somer
3:40 am
yrsf, -- paverfu sme i a givintack to - p er fugrer >> ne jother aivtaco j. er njoer i am gng. tohe tease now. you d't w an aohow the tse viowdeo?. d't wano w isn't ei hviowo? it sms am tki tn' n didodei how at is t heamtayki nid t punc ates anay ielctl pot? nce joy eorel dctiscawsslesis po ma yziy rticle dcass mazile there goe >>has t his?er e a soery aut >>ha gs? s a and pot? i m have dndied anot? m h g ded o nnd p hveeo n hve
3:41 am
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3:44 am
pr ftroedm poawessi feas or f munion. po is wsieeks o monta ni. at rnes en walen a m letontear es resnse al aenttorney geneetl esple aining aor ty p nel pl niraes zot t ayerious le yl iesueot under ayer tus second amdmlent d ind tec due pce ss aamnddmt atause ohe d pcess fth at se amferet. i'sorr fth amre i'rr >>hat was dmac. >>t w tssue fst ce to the ueabmauldst t terunhe slers i le, ma dissk thege yr f sle i s abce d to c usme usksihey f ei mical ab do marmeua uard asal intict? m ry sarrt. at'shat asoveicbo s. ston s.'sbo ons. legoivehe gleriinaive illi chi fnalysis. your g tught? lihinalys. ur tug?
3:45 am
>>ooksik mchie is>> ksdoinwhat munchch is does bt, inat ancaoume him?oes wher e isouanrcaead in l omeim? is? my ad iernotisere rig in o w. ?i a iny d i ot hegrigynd a inee besgresndha-- o b es seris is ke a-- amenent sue. its ridicul s. ris s a alcoho l useenant he.ap n asit ric ofn as mme an na a buseco.l e hap a ofas mmean a se g.doint jason. wh a the oth gd controll j sonsst.ceha t areheth lowedcoolluy s gsts?ceha areoud aoet g hs?d you cat trun sre a imore?et hd you cat un i is what t wld coming ? w tldom >> i tnke shoulddyust g
3:46 am
tun ink shody g t >> i don tnk tt isafe. >> wl, t t' is d hn we t t iaf w th t howt' wse wone t thow won - y don't wthe phe m sta don gs fohe gu luhte ta and ghos ot themgulves ln thteface thas andctuall aho rotll od pemntes.thce >>haev aknuaeste theact p . th >>evknestehe -- fthorgetha - fget h >> am pis seecau >>m pele -evtheris a disble austhapp. drks a morikeveler t a oot eostplppdr a orount areoreik3 ye toe t eoviolplt. whenou g o intntreoe a yearoe a ol en oner int noer ptimardyu a withou. er therea-- pmu th ha. a g. >> th--ha h gav -- i av>e s o is h ilaoravm sro g rdyu hts,is pr gayightslaornd g r pus, unprayignd write. i wt anmerihere t n ca it wruanrire t nd
3:47 am
oca their t ir15's bt. 's bt. i iare >i would l3 to unou r i caai. > wld l3 o ou caai shod peoe beixing marianda a s admo punion?e be >>in o ut the f ct mahedamoun n? matt i t>>his test ptomat ic tt tofsmaptagatong on t unng o t un >>hehes - h is arng t cckdo. - i n't ow iit ian ecti yea thin ar tckdo i t i i ti ea in is cck d onhe guyse was lay g os for d on ys and asr ev ly o hpi f going in g etd evy tpiiroi in mic ar guanair hi., lot pplesk3arua na ntih stu. ., t p e ani amsu ally notihtu that angr banut i aamsunglyotdyhthat ro >> hara agr wrdb ihim thoughdyht to >>raho to
3:48 am
this is ste rdyu issue iscaliderihoteand s itesu thiss lirite td edal gernment l. tryi to eeis the states oedal geren t her yio is w thata bugss me bef ore er me n. i w erugs holdeer hefase problem whe erpothea--olas pblh didn hava pr blem th--ith xicadrug lor-- dnavprem it gu and wki ngcaunugsnt lo-- plac thaend kilng gu a pele.unnto achad il 3 pe me whose bdyge siis eing o ma guw wse bdy si eg mafunns -- >>hosereun good. -- >> t>> rseilwentoo to -- >> r>>ilwes abuas tt -- d ahi aboktosberft. andouen t kailey. to rf an i fnd ndome eenxtrat ky. otanage. f whaom ext ote. ha >> feelike s i getng a loof oom>> but n fl chiik s g em t bealking t loe.oo n teal ng mae eam n showingnoyh lej mae n sngh le
3:49 am
>>hat s edie >>id y g e h>>t edieber? >> y >> ab3 h gutely be didou s him y coue i d. ab guly id stallimandsom e,oui mcur, llanom ledoocur, an ddyesdseoo. th othem andy oem >>he hes yjes. we are>> tak hin yg besre.ak. coma ng u p,>e aciakditi b re of. ma u ml tcie.diti of l t
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>>it is bk. il t know>>he asopleessk.s r te at fox ne .com.owhe a leendsse set rng t read nd a f n wil .l rem.ab nd set t ri adm busyith wy charerityor so i ill l aet theusyedh c ehaty bots inslr th le mheai toed e mnthilea- tsr th mo pl senton'thia-ha my e-mail drs orpl t't stateha m lye -m in or t s hetermanow i g ue yinan ll ma hean ian maneanine whan heot danni wh h >>ot cthdown he you a enjo>>ing e cthwn lely you a pennlvania tay.
3:54 am
jog e . caelnesreat a ndnnlvia t. the isot mucca heatno at do bue o of theotngsuc he no nn dosdo fhes , kenno s ,ientt. that- a, oct sen ent thth ds a n make sten s.en whates sen se ithasoons a ns me s . th serent iswhes ove sr wi i ben a twting ythrernt-ms tyve mariotwng folweetr -m>> hs ayerblis rioolet h aeris maanloha i usually don eaimalan baulo i'm re isulys up eai aunk b lder.m is anksor i aludi hunman ldcane.. r ks idima him d ma up tneirwn mind m ma p tir marwniae,nk y for nd fling l thway ar caforn jus yto sord anfl g thmaily carnus sd a il pelly the wi be inderedani conctin y pe thny iwislane nn the resintre nion ofhe winorld y iann he esan y es yofou wldtheml d e up the j k fol yes t yorentemd e up is f rom h tpeng a m finol trent ea mma e f theuld pestatng a m mae fhed me caat is a gatoury withca ruar ins water in ave tnoury w and aw ent
3:55 am
ypesarin o wferven d aw tes muar o >> tes rht. muar t roff. wse f se a - - a daonder why t -- ner addrsromhe d ovaalder w tfito m >> yne hav mdrab amhe gveval rst m y neavr se an a e-m gaivehat t adesshe nese lilely-m dco adesselco leaneend to . yowillay f his e. d o i wi eyo allt f yr hou. tomoow nuht. -t iwiwille tol aet byrheou ti you mo nt. s my ac ie.lltoe bhe tiouac. so i willdyt s goodbye .so i w l ftin sally over ethemls uooye finly o eem got e-mai fro bob ot e-m f b ckls e dais aitsnd. ls >> thankse da asnd. >> t obnkously yoere referring toreg g fe.obslyoer rri g the.act hat you e m gen thewo tht y m maken m w deherwo i yo kno him.ak an wnede has sn em yono
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ck tjessfor e pot gamerap . j tssr wpo can mep . lo >> g wto t chean wy.sipl loww. gdrunto a tnd fun . and wwrsitr dethi dyasunon aun . a canto hi it r>> dhidyasat i what ar y dng cthishursy? >> thuhapp2:00dy i w.hear dng pr iereisf trshe rng hupp00he prre t e onowd01. on d >>ailey, or01. prettyfou were homle o pttyfchlehere c reom wein y artic on-lilenehe


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