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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 8, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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legroimat poin of ater vlywndreacks had eg at. in so v whyreks wadld any ameca sohy hat e te wartyny me yocan sagr wit ind iat ve oteomety issyos,n bgrit why i t oess bhy trio on t t oth sidof t sptrumthe libal mia io tthid t likethe ospupy umlleib strt m prot terske e even ohougy somef thtrt a brea ng t otrsaw. en sougthinmethe tha pay do not a . ea t .thes folksoine pa basdoallyot wto blow eslkp theasly wt ntirow citaltic stemohe achve so-lledir calc comeem ealitimplchuto-ed th wan me eit socpllism trt mehen tthlanouew i oc smthe n iona medtrmenould give tlp thr i omfo ablee nnaxistedce tldiv ve o erthfo peoleeheirst t sff. so m y of o usere aeotir f s. mof arese a skepcal the far lef fre demo trat sepl hehemsarvesndef eir ediamoatsmss spathers. r weia d't me a sths. mal we uivancy dtwee m ahe m antiapit ist vaopley nd tee tea rty. caus aga, thtea par is tiitt le t a y.acef. an wantusto wgakthaithiar thes ef syanem.nt w t te ihihe u
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so sy.hen x ewste r uortse ing n s a rts pspecve - we bgng aersptivehat iacki in pec - b mo sp mveiat iutle. ki thknod, st o you mo resct m thatle th, ooues per ecti . at th's whe f new chael donateerti aft 15earsthn th w fewha r. th 's tdoteft mem5rs th w fothe top sto th tonig.em foe ingsetti wopseto dai forig thobam gsti a winisatioai or nath sver. tham the hes. aad oisio t ene yth sr.epar ent'th he an o pgram t thaneart' pam fnelehad $5 milon, eankrt fsolylera cpanys $5il, outkr has r igne ly und cny preure. ut as rne andzona tenre se.riffow llin f anaen a feral sff in f vestatiof atrney f algenel er hder. anthe fasstiondatey ne feriousun hr. ing anateas w cometel fus bomp. g womel mp bohed. bod.ddit n, pside oba ll nbersontieito pde sinba n rs jointig usow fm cvela toin rt inus f i clao allut f new ncho geldiver ll t's fake theall strewtho ge
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protertersirst seheltr ot rs get st tea pareing dfere th walstre cro. >> t ea farstng hpy dre annersathalrero >>bill fbeen gat h ten yrs wh ynnsa app ciatll it en the galltreeen y w ycroware illypp att th areheleeaive ow eey m bely isgued bth ire ink ey a alsve me scere. iguhink b tha whek als hont sre inkhaeoplhe onmparwhat goi on in ll stet aowplpreang to ar atthesoiothenrn cits to thest a ear ea t da of e tea arty eshe atit ltost he wh i d it'ar t o shodaf tetyt l whhat dt'he t teho pty rembe wtring teaul pre vr rostubes a the wngere dresng althe vtu ahee es aatries wn stonhrew theri w teanto tonew hesea off the btisheao tercht a shffs. lohe at ese bsh czycheoplwith the sh rilot eorne c hat a allplheth ree oft ihinkne thaats whe a ll e an og isre thaf w iasy tonkhawh ck t teaartyn anhosesha w rlyyoays. t ea tythesccupsewalltree pple y ry eys.o esupllee moc pe but the ea par e bame oc soal m emen at thehemayar be so men ahe y also >>ill:oralquivencys beindrawandeing
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draso i >> l:al paivrs lcyes t "ne york inawd ng mes,raon ibc pa lews. tne rk t th are rea y ds,nghe sames.hing tea thrty reesn'eaave d mas me otesng and a y n' mesas arrts. ey a not earies thendyste m down rr . the wal stre aot crikshete wn he --alre c kos hathei w we uld b- spai gree, tkot'sha tei k wd w d smg b ty ant. ai reyou tows t khat. >>mgocia tsms notoing to gt. u outf ot. pro emsiaowotngo g ll. ut u ha o to mit roere s . enhamouso rustt tione n the untrrigh now enopleusre fstlingoneryth ndy. tr ghere a sse tt thow peoe who t us le i fong thiy n.ess, the e s t theo baers ve o us gte i offhis,he sc-fre bathats whe thi gff rentmt. th's wscre tres atheuddihi re come rtm th wrom. t bildi we ll r mealkm. ith ile l dobbabout tt cingk u h w lt tbb walou str tt cgeopl to u bran theelve a w tal thetr noplo thin an par.he ve memb the n notngheo inartyar gembldo?he i kw tot no notngtyas geo? kti-i tigra par. o i otte the bil let-i brira thear n i hethinparty iletriack.he n the iso ompainson rttwee e meage thek.ea p ty athis thwalltreepeoppa butn ee t melibee lhe p n adedia ith tryllg
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teeop ut ke t o. be fa and nia furus. thi iry t tngay o grofa intndur. hi t sothinront bil bolna. is t gog torow to soin anhing alre y tr d itil ol .>> sking s gotow dope it anayng ecom retrit sngpe someting. >> re. st aurio. bi gmeg. >>l:y.tory . a a hioe bi sry ary a h castroe fo eriolde s a like ec ro foalwari thoht hde w a ke ean.ol bilwa whyho h >> ihoug he s a wn of stro. c ract ilhy h est, iuge a f ear- ed iro h cct appach ht, r- i th h-- >> bl: hppd ith let sto y. okath b h>> bitl: y lik erict to y holr. ka b year-iked, icnestuyolight r-, st rig. ht>> bl: tee wds. rc righ b tardo you n ex wain .at t rhdo me u ?exn t >> ty a parnheeoplee ? who ssheir t aar but. pl >> b l: d you o t ta thatir into accnt? youot tute t t b i dou taha toaccot? >>cc? ou t t i t e --co >> bil theig pture so let tet t-- ilhe big pst tre et cht in a trica hisry l ig thim f a give im achinardo acais l u, m aeral -- ivw mu of a do bier ptureo yo
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etal t- nmu f e bigst t heatbi preyon t stor >> l meiggree tithat y anut st a furus a or his rol le ieeh y a aur ol >> iill:kay. it' lik rerleme . who >>l: y. nt b oret'ongrs aik r me legeyhoied. if ri b heder grene aaid i'm t suge ofyhed. ect if date h br id 'm prablyeardbout suastfnd eat b fuous r th fir imepr ovelyrrdutt the stew eeksfue ss dthir tetve in m e o thisks s yea t and tur out ow t mrere ohi mesea dat b kd urut fro tastuly meat b rot 20. y bil we ow a o tt. all 2 rht. the ointils, ie he a lie t and ll r. ifhere hent is ierjuiend the henifre ths's e of hjuhen th car er.f h >> bl: iis pjury >> m be endfisarareer b i p ryif o ma me e maculslyetsee cond t m. o heay m havuly asiffent aorney nd t he genel. av >> b al: wwon'convfet th a ne guy tevisn. twthin ne it sn't b wn'nv pthjury y tis be use didtwtinake an oatt 't its aga pstry t lawbee iden as dgeat napoittanolrea hasgaim i taw thes e penentiy by he pono wayea as i were n goi t eoentihatby heray webeca ne wereoi fr. sehow at pyst outer bi mis ke fca barwek oma fo secomew ut y pterd andayute toldbiheis far t oth.
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e pside doe 't kmew yrdnd whher tol d t ld tru to. t . sa he d pdeoeuts kim in thewhr ol t riruardo. ixonsa dategy ans h i hebett wat it g orid ioonegan h solyra. tt nevat thet g cme 's i alws th ly. evhe c covup.lw th >> bl: syndr rig now the y wh wnov. chae ofhe b sdr ig owney, e is e outwh w othe bighaofig y,isut heig earrament on pside era obant's dootep, coect? i hink pdeolynbaaoop,s -- cot? rember henurinnkynhe cmate-- angereernummiin i denrk, cte thinit ge washeremi i wen, a inandaof hasre w the da hlima chgehecienstsad gid mathe rultchnden falsfied t g re lts? e at w the rndtflimaaled t angeres? mentu w towhed a mand of snifintap andge m tu adeow a leglati, fo oxamp s.find solyera wl dohe segetifomp ly thi wdo s toreen eney. 's thi end.toen >>ill:ne hop not t i ntreen eneyut iantd. >> itl:evelopedot i enneriva ily. t it can be itel delop wit vernntva. tane mon d.op it bil tha s norntheheme thehemeon tonht i il badhanoeeekme emeon i adfor amak admistrion.
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clely. r a bildm gettrworsn.and rse d wse. >> he hasole. doomet ng il d eso f h wasn'. b n h ablasoet to.ig so fndraill then' b endblf verno.nt ierveion i so greral he nd ergy smulu it mrnht iven ilsoreorpe gy t slu m esidt'soobspe till. ids that theigs snifince. l. bil thas nogointo g athe sssedfie. ilhanoin g c, noo maneople kw ed is b gerdo j ned n ian pl nomber k of 200 b erwas re f jm thd e i b inni. noer twofmont aererao00 cen s fth bni tw bontd, f a newchanralshee c s bo fewanee aieve its nbe one stat. it allue aovets n galdone all o our jats toitlleral. g doraldmadet ll o hapurn. j how od y dot?al how dlddeou do it?ap iw dame y bord in w nembe d we wet? e bumbetwony jaary nbe w of 02 wwereumbebeojay o. coindencor i tref wrebe a oink innc we i t rort. you dece. a 's bn ank hor we worng w rht. youu theecast bn hecad or w althe me i pentunhe aftanisn anad i qale and int afisan wh r ind natn's solers, slors w maris an airnightatgs theols, od srs rianirightht he >> bl: y wou n't ve bn
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ab to thaon a othht ne bork. y ou t the bdidn lete doabto ha o ath nec. k. >> bhel: idnememetr whdo you ognedhat g coractith nb bnd iemwhomou edt bcokawcth hed younbnd you re lked theasem btw for ree h yea. ou hit num r onu ld rat shewemt but r ie wasea locd in heitumonat s bwemenut >> basl: ty wodn'tocet in geldo o. heould bt tenko b two't geo a obody geraheo rildra tverydy. mindouig ady nniv saryrari speclry. nd 10: tsivry veni ec anched b0:emme t ne on e ru ch b dn,mean ecerma.n in pneln oru dne t bgest upse inmameri n p oisto t seringhe bepubstc senri nonatito? mi huc bee wilsengubanale. th we pdict i no somti miuceil polymistal a nthe pemanctng i omthe ghto mar .ly st ree a thewill nane he in e jut a fewar. momts. e hell hin juewom.umv8 á=pk?zo8ñ@ññodm0óngó]o?zç
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óv-?nfxwzç;eów w;@ó-?ów@óóókwvoçwwnp@ñwgep =ñw$u?óx?ç?m?>úñw /[vxúfgy(çú@s(]yoúv ]@ññcr+@z&o?yçóó5soí]posavúfq?(ç@(]mówv=úv ]g? ñc?xwñonpr++y&o?yí] gzw%z[ño=vñxp
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>>ill:ersol sty seent nigh no esti hern ca is aig pitic win>>r thl:sostse t ll. gh o ce wtittenerff aca a a picargilinth ca.idat w mr.enain aompeng a in gi naonal pls wcah miatr. romnype n d ri al p ca a wmielatelomy ixpernced ri p cncautogetr anat i ered ornizaon t t cawin gueke cn nomitionet nhereow ithe n hoorza tca n atmpteto d ust tmiton ourre ie ars o mi at teckab dormet t r gornorf s mi abme aansa foxews goor anyst. at a thedds you asaox s inio tha herann ct.n ainshes ou theominion. io i tnk i wouhaiveer csim 40% e in n. doe't h e t ioue 5500%hot. oehe h h a 5 st.'s lon hhot. s >> ill: our 'st ofon0. >>our tt.f 1 >> l:>> br l: woft is his>>r mai 1fici you ve h b w ais0%ishoai o
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secu ng tci u hominion. at'soldi him b k cu t fminn. sa'sngdi aim0% b sho >> mey fndm org izatn. sa th two k tngs ve yho got m hav irgat stas lithwo k ts yotowa. it aavery, i justaldlia. it fhion y, yo knous havyou t tave fon bootyoonnoav tu t grnd. e >> bl: hhas ough oneyoto t mpetin ia igr. tnk bain. hs gh ey youon't havto hav aet i iot t of mey in. ia. ou yo'tdon'haveavo he aavot a o mney i new iampsre. yo then'ime veu s hrtaetti o to sth cy olinew imore fhe ae s timedi bud st. cflorina is ery muthro irell diud ex usiv y orisy med mh budt. >>ill: hat ans exu haiv to yed tevisn te. >>udou he goto uy a>>l: lt s hao fy t is t >> hgo a lime. bil cainow at his a pler. ere e thee. pyers woul ilyou aireew h wit a m pl. rht e nowth prsul u eit m romn pry. r ow>> i wldn't cou anye p . it's too i ear. wn' oull, ny's t. 's eooly. ar bil ast stas , t n. nowou he go e.ain and ils ta rosey a n ow per h.go n nd bil aft theebat nextro a ek, meboer mig roct ilftheatxtp. , boigoc buain was wrien oy ny obu us. >>nasrieah. o >> bl: hnow os. as>> t cvinc h. pele t give b h hwoney
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>> t cnc pe tve hhinke is makgey is>> se.nk s he nnecng wakh pple. re'she tng. . so peoe e haec mon w andh then p the. tryonne 'sith t. p ple. soeo soha peoonendhe c nectiththryeoplne hand en tyo pe. o andso geo the ccthpl d t ond g mohey. if hadoick e o the othe the con ctin wmoh if adpeopsk ohe he uheimaty whon whain w oprriethe y anit wl be uatwhha re iee an wmpornt e>> bl: cn isood hat. camon t facr, ioron't kn , tw b c monissd t. am tac a i.'t didknt dtwon welwith t reigpoli a busess. id jus ddidn havtheelthrame tf s. d i inkusdnavemef p plefee. i k p ueerstd th is not forgn picy ust gu the tterithets otromor cai pny supp tersregu ayin hee er cmai re guy pp ors. inhe c getxper croun ho ing uym up oo. peed c et >>erun heah. g >>ill:hat poubl me outed that>>shath.s t>>l:t samble hingt atwe hrd fm batckbamas t wa't eamns exangned. di 't h he a ftbaf exetivema wa e xad. ex rien.di ha yofhadtxe ive aansa he idn'tex haven anyyod lo i whahas hapned a tosa hen' aavny expe enceguyloike haesidstapd o ama. a but t expienc pece thaye id rmanain a. oesut t hexpsncha
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anecutne eseriee. h brgingeopl togher. ut >>ill:n thbusi ess rielm. it br in ngepl busesog rer.m. th>>e isl:thsi r.ig t dn feree a tus of pplehinkre if outhan ris a d resinea youtan r a p egovenkmentf the rfferce i aif y arehe ceof ausin sne andou reopl vent ar 't d ng we t yoeru i yantre uce a in rendplhem. ar d w bilyo youan'tire te nhea in cgresm. >>hat' rig . ilou yo'thavee ot tfigu outow ea n c wores w h p>>plet' thaig on'tyo ve tlikeguou autouan't do or w anyt png teha't ke ahem. rack'tbama bigost proem yt t andbstae am. p sideckmaigro ll, thahe hasdta a ner pde unrsto thaheoesn n, ha as the herovin n par funtohasn n vern nt.e r >>inill:art's re tn th he basilly dsn't undstan rn. >> l:econs ics. t th e hir a unchsify d guy'tndsan the cainoneopls.are t lingir mhechuys gogheo d inple t verngleft m wg go guyg rry sum drseithr anerft w tyuy so himyum thibillthanfoodsha tey gernm tansoim r prihitellds econ y an l gknmt whe r it'riled us. onanhink l tan tryhe ot'd ademi th ries.hathey dnkelopan inry o ami thesvoryty dop tern omewrery >> bl: t t expiencleve thataracobambrout tohe ew perice w ery b txpncve in. atac tham's wouto i ri s wptic oy . mbernthain. w now iu dia sic t.s o. wit geoe ernn. w di
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clooy an a allitheseeo ys i w a noolean b a cau trygll se toet mey a i s wplie nntaury somaa totoeed m sta aingeopl sie to 're ding hava pota ong pl is, vern a l e g av lapor onn , e cornroveial rt abo is i le tt erybo sai helaon f coord,vel iludibo i t e yoboai >> i ctua y dn'td, idi sahat myo f i worua d wastsat m fame. or >>ill:hey eepeasyou t. >>ight the int otam a >>l:ill,y pe isu o>>ht e t oow tt th a rll,s obsnity i tth th r 30,0 chdrenvery daybsty i are yingthut0, ofchenryay e srvatngn. f >>ill:o yohaveo u shk vae, tt is sheat tng >> l: getyo tves u kin of ashva tng tis t et ac tss? n't oplenow? in a >>ou a tal tng autt. acthat? whas i ortat le forw? >> aal a pele t a uall -- watld yha i ta or pe d tcussg a famlle w o y you ow tod >> bl: iamighte. o >>o, you woun't, od bil b i ht>> b l: ibono>>ould yome onout, hereof crse iil ould bif t iy wano toldetand upnnd comeren cnde ld t conwance o andp t me millns tt wah ton fe tor a tthate moly unny mllt t senwa t f mory ov her i'm wling oatmo ny mstenoenhat. e shk vamoeover'mn t ws ing enttle ct.trovsial shivahink is t i nobnd i kno le y yo cdidoval nk i iob
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ii dot kn whenoer y guy yoow tds orot b the gove ior h do dknhe yuy ser tsor bhe ve not h d box owin uperombiot abo x in peric hisry fids. >> wl,bibond is b auseicidsis f s. do t kn abo w o i bistose.s bil thedodon'kn bo >> atudy o swed jus ts yeato. ilathen' our ameridyn sdusids tea a mos effiurent iri htorys aosersu any fiothetsubjt io. le hnry o htory vidssu iny hebj sees tt akeslet fn and o hryid i tertningseo k ts ces fin fdnd t amicas rlly rt greng k c couniny an fou utama w ry the herehe f st preundentanou was.he >>ill:hehis doi wel f re rintt? >>t's ing ver w.l. >> l>>rnl:s oiel o ri >>s geristo >> l o rig. >>ill:hat'towhy om w te kiing linln. igant eve>> teel:gert'y a w kigin. verytve ee radolcent an thiount becae th don knory an hing ol nt>> ty knhint cathonno anng n hing . tkn >> % ohigh schl senrs nng ev>> kno whathe oghmpac ofch own vs.oarden ofevnoatacducaon.f 's ptty ns.rd sca. fey d'tca u.erstd. p thy areitti witaca d clsroo ust th reazy.ti it >>ill:ood see ou. cl oo alws y.leas e.>> l:d ee>> b.l: ap is t oflwthe artseft? wiltalk witas its resint b aisofe ts
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an tt?n ouillkitobbsntssiheth thwall str tan t ptests habsth an legimatethlltr pois. p stha wh lou s sanaygiteurpreoiou whupcooung. spr co.
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bil thearp mainthe most perfu ilhep ine st pfuroup 40illi belg tohe aarup ere ve bn c rgeshat 40elielto orgazati hasarvolv e b cest nto leftin c cerngatias lv newo tv ft crn a spes t tewt. >> m gvceryilsn'tpe t t wast ul mendi. gry my'thearedicionsn't st sodi polical gn. y >> oaricetirnent't i't sool aal sple g obudg lin iirm.t i >> i wked se har >>dg pind int m i i wedicde. andar >> pd entned mic my cial nd serity ed w, iteadf cy tingal was an sety ooph iesadashitonants c ng toas cutanurphhints
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5:25 am
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5:26 am
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5:27 am
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5:28 am
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5:29 am
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5:30 am
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5:31 am
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5:32 am
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5:33 am
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5:34 am
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5:35 am
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5:36 am
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5:37 am
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5:38 am
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5:41 am
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5:42 am
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5:43 am
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5:44 am
peop whenhe say stsyhieyh t dob thopgovehementaile ooaynd wita bch oob my thventle tax oye llarand en titya b oiveyheirax ceo ard te 10-lliodoll bus. ir oight >> bl: is ha0- toioll def bd. thatind ofht cital m. b i >>ha dono havtoef atdfefen t c bealuse igree>>don witavhem the me a i wenhere tefor thbee iti sa nm e a w baireuts. orther is n sucth t wng s oosa n bitoais. er nuc fai t bil whaabouthe bi corpate ee wra a t ofai t se peo e ailhaou den rp e therwith trat. a of>> c tporaeo a d reed er sthurba t gr cd. ra yonamet evybod wan to maed a sba ling. we hegr tak yoheme tevodano f 00ma valu l of we h cakntry t oubusiss lders00ight luowf ha the o corturyty ousi to lrshte hahe oporttut, song siti o foes rt sg oti foeade ohip insad hing bdeindp thens u.s. bines hi bund thele theyre n wro.s bes entely. ey he t pois. ey th ngrearothin is ihesenty. h deenstroiions th weainsay i finse se deattrns and w some ligin s tt denderaty nes toe shom acss tig t stem. de >>atill:ne'm gtod yoshare ying ac t th. the is somem.xcesn >>l: gyoe ng u catht reislyeesegul gat
5:45 am
itut itas t ota. careul g itt- t rulat it. it haso bexpos. r atwet. xposas geralelectc os he. a nch phoesosutti gal jobct hinahe sia ing h ere th psideho tiama. ob w doou jtify hat?na sitheyg e pcan'de allight .a. dobdo and jfy it? eyaveoingon' lotecyouht guy obnd i and youeotng to ec worukuyor ler wad ou woro at'sust oreay is. l waor 'st i thksowe. >> a higr wthese. aig ait. w >> bl: dbesthingof t ek. ncy p aosi,. senor stt b dbrowstandng teorg .loon y a in pi, en se owdrgpotlht.on aus, n wanyouo oteen an tl .legedumb thi and, anu we'e comi rig gembhinde' miig b
5:46 am
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5:49 am
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5:50 am
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5:51 am
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5:52 am
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5:53 am
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5:54 am
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5:57 am
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5:58 am
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