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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX News  October 8, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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so aiun the wank? h cein f was hek? shinon is nn tas busiss o in i e nourang r tn bas si o and era jam r diand ba chaian of.p.nd mornotamtia righ if aif.or youon't allo for gh a ou sdan't th arestlorantor theill crge sda th st ntre whhe tl burrhey ce hav w kenut t 1uryav b llio nnf 1ank venu neitr os boodioor tk econy. nuar it oodt dsn't t te monh to us a r on d t't t bk. ock i a r 28n thenhe b b ks iere in 2 t8ubleen s b runne idy in ma tlend tha s bkunoesn i ext ma anhaore. b ysn arex absutelight ane. ythe obleerere isbselht sple. e ealeings here a us in the se. ea bagss aner re aveesre uown.n he bas a ba tanyieven. to recture ba a e renue tndyioing tec itren the ree ongngay. ey at raingn feehe on g. nsums who a c'tageenffo i he isum aho c proem at thefo iyst hes arm
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heisstederly iured dositnd bas arer ied e douraitd take ba arrick aay era t beonus ckhen a in b trusble, nxpay andn csumer tre, ayy fondthe cme sy em sfoeroke but ban arey prtke ofhe ut aan re pitast system pnd havf to make a a taysmavorobl .ke a if rkalarsorce theblm to do rla toceost neyhe theillo risdo it.tot y he demlrats and r replica a . bashghe ban . emtsnd it iepca a th shan mos cical i kin ofth atck oos cnyal busnes whinf at the ouss whoverent alopa lihe ofevee you oert top to lif ethe arehouders to makpheo e venuehrso ifakphepolicia who d thi nu if issliia aho dhi biptisa e ort deded dot a whoutipsa eeest ded o ing raid wut elsheres ey a egithe fibaingrorlsre an lame a on eheibconocor plicy that an me feand. >> enoc pro pemcyha s,ea he anksro
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took a ofhe moneyn theks taok baiutnd af makgtradoneyhe and b yingtaaioldndakadorei d bng curiciesd soickureinslay grieso sok aur mpatti croay no? a ser ous lyatro n mn,hese ban ers canly affo m thseanan afo fs. th f tibas6 blion i reve bon i bo ve yes.repte aoss ihe boesp test quaterss d t i cst to st eua lrac d t mor cage isoes l toreoresusines 5.billn.ees th c affd 5.ll th cff f regution. f ey rked 40guon b lion rd doars ncehe bonreditrisi do s soeet's n florry fitsi th. >>'sn n the other flry han f we th >>he he o er nk oamerana toce gng dn to c hlo o 5 oeroc g d i clo 5 s bew i fe doars ae f
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sharos th aren tble, no? i arhink thre g terente,o? volv ients keengnkhe se gor dernt dhe lvtee enomy as sethe d who .d ihink emys it e ishorresnsib tonkt call runsesibanko espiallbank llunmecak thsp arellnk for d y rulaono threord liitatythei rlassetan layi off tens li oatei thousaetdsan o yiff pele as o n revueh csas o f rompe a othe end n froev fm the hendaro regution it iad forhe tusins gundon onom and i peleor who are ht tin the w t b omde ts arehooure d m thth w b treonse. hav m c ckinthaccot tha iss eare sting mon avnd we cincoha havs givethe e inon base aotavr ve einceive to lbad aot to proscective he l buyers. > ano osiv theeanksnouys. one kanws heetthanks you k theyave tt lotnou o aet ey e heot bos ahe o l s acks odown an the tan and ss f hewnhe anlitians saynd get f teck t ofhe b k. tis ayet tk
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th is lofe b cing fir in ths cg crowd thter.irn it is owthr. alaminghat t ilangtick durb didhis. itsuekowipe rbids.ard p iceit corol eperdencrees tt the co l ssed theseves d banre trehe reacedng thes aanbank actele taphe the wo auldikhe ees.nk lei amhehe notodikayin s. amothe arein ugin th arere .in swip thre car fs onredit . cds ip wi notartop fndi tinanal me c down wiotp th t wil nanal smep wn tthilig n to s fa t. thatas tontef fa at tte dd-fnkhat n o -f rea >>t nsurpse. o thea don rd the >>illsheyrpe. pa. thon r he whadols yy hinkpaeeo b ha ne? y nk eenks ve a lf ca bn ?and and e s a l eno isa shaky andd d yo tnk enos tthe sky gndernmen shou tak yo ternd torce tha
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g rnney ent. ou ak no, i dont.ceha i y ink t o, ban thi is hono i be tkd t t ric.anhi h theyhoul paymore tdinhe tic syst and the on'teyulay re wha if the dst'tndhe havhe't mohay?f >>he dhink tyav d hav hemo >> moy.nk t ingsav a mootre ut pgshe a e inre persptive theyre lshan 10 inercespfve ey ln 10 tolce indtry renue here.f e bi to monndsy rue lanse and. bi adinon >> d lnis,snd go ahe. in ds,gohe. i wnted t clafy. w edrbinidot tallla. r ohe ba and you illin nl g r you band ou neylut. n he cled gorou a y rp cd were s moy. ab t earp. srp m gotb pai bac b tp. otai20ac b larg tt bas. rgba i svera od 250illi. ra ey wi not r50iseliees. en hewiot govnmenget re thes. banks n toventhe nk naise t fsyobs
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ldintorcses f the wl contsl yousins ne . inrche w >> andhe ntyo priness cfereee o >>nd thsdaydoou wrts creeo dicte ththprofays ane w sd no.ic but t tthsofan theeensyou setd o. t ot t wtshsgtohe s shou a no tel o >> i wsh thito i hhoear a wtnoouel >> i hisaid dens,ou har wt cn't tell nks idat ten d wit c thetmoneel asss s t dheitees.he >>ne we ssameloss.o tionizintheeanksneos onineks 200 whhey wer in trble.00 wh deste tyern te. predent es trhetic tt's at ty wil .rent theyill t net ts t tmil i eyl t i a virtl. >>t wou a be rt >>tagnionndo joouegnn jocratio >>heyire poplet bgio y are ple brady in breatrita. a im sayadginr brtkta upi tayranks eysses tnyees theksant. >> imes wre tskingheboutt.
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>> morehan the w ban t brengingp.ut we areen tkinghe autanreghe we vern ant decti how tong a deal wi the loa? >> rn d thitiowo tea govnmenhas wiheoa ttle>>it ohi a t sayovens we leaed i o a out. ay>> tyaid t bk.a iut enou td alrdy b >> they ouwe thelr they ohe theaxparshe a l ittley bi orighow.hepa >> a thetl d't bi oweghhem w.ythg. >> he>> wnhey derewe i trolem the me wye iroo t rcue. >>f yant tn i ruse.y. > iou y want iustyo ius me b ik tanealt you iston't bp o tlt5 bilonou't o in r5laty il d exct io be fridlyno rt ythe onom ex i >> whye dori wey keep e om the amehyo faedephe mangeme inehe bks. fa w'l havtoanmen leave i b.t th and w'lav aee i intesti th nddiscsion herm caishointo tntti top sc on ofheol ls armaio tis op of a 9 econic seme is gning 9 on se eam.s
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cashg in gngg is a tha m. pshin g st fir bigha ben tling d c'sirig bien tng spderdon' s dpsow bi ke spendi.prn' s bu i the ke fedspdi cef ft out bu wron iinheed cut on crees anotr laop b re ot laor h bes a thermploe, h it a noterust lood for sine. it itot goot for thr entine com nity it oo banrof a ricawe kthw thtiom ty pacthat cal sinees an aca kth ctt l nehave n counits. th's w we tend .8 blion vecoit th we nd to s bll boniness acss the untrso f thiyear s besac e tr fhiar becae thmoree he the the re whelpake op rtuncay pothiblere hehe e wlpe opunpole fema annunc ] on yo tase w fir o 80 alomaes..nnc onyoas .withts set h ey tfite o0o.. . th s40% hily tlue fib... .an80 c orie % y pere erviib.... n c ie ..yo may rnt tvitell. fewrien. yoy tll ewen ♪♪ oall f thm.♪♪ ♪ ♪ ol
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th ll gget bow [ fale nounr ] ew fer o g 80 t loriow. s, y can ctua y lo f e unbrea]ast. f o0 ri yanualo eat. ♪♪♪♪
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the are mehan h dred oplehenderre arst mnn nork. h inedhat leer arhories a cling nrk eint ari lgest a cngdentyheftust e lng ist u.nt hiystorftt i 1 suects. wihor tie a suts f w tie a ay averi wer f i cted arier fo rippg o iffed arica and eurofoans. ppeyg sle c adicand cd ros.umb rgedredi s carsdi a cbey go rnmeeddiasl is a aising gothatmeealtisen shod n ain longat recltve theho n p b odngec hetest tthec f b bld st
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ca ter. someec f dtorslre c tizica. mehat opos drsnd sa czi tt p elosenta o fnd tut men a p risk.t f muutoreen ai.t 10 eaern. mu iemamie 1ean. mie col. ck torben fx.ol ve area d . tbe f aa en bernk warninongre thiseekera indon'cutre too isuc spendinekoo n'too st oucpe youinillil o theoul ilrecory. plai benheernk was co.ight ai th s ie en unias wod eistht andth s iplenio e rted cndntryiven le l the rpendg. cryen job eats h ehend face a jub ernaatf hefor fce ihre jugena secr. fince,or erg a heareh. ec am fi note,ayin ehe aea suld't ot in ha beerefoed b in sld a targed a haeefoore bn lmite way
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an a e terged aaye lte ay no i an one ete fl wp no ine tha fterrlied wobreats and mhae rrd em flobikeatsndhe a s mrandd wi w t is fonge o o a thend wi shinon wiso stro o dllar ooliche a tax in cutsnd c tsro dar iic a reglatn anax ts c nondensependg an iyouilegtan sethe ecomy boondsendan u >> bnan eseecosoo w>>ng dnis. ban if w wans mor jbs w w d hs.e to cu w bacanor andot w ex hndto it. cu weac arend makghext. e mtakefreak 19thn. ba the mke recoverg from the thcessn w lbandheecer fmheheuddey ss w om p fas nedey pcent anstoc arke losfa nhalff p nt th val. anoc why?keos lfa stu thhoweal. thay? overent tulkedwe aut cs aha defitert worr anded a nee to c a raeef intest res toorrarlyndeetos a ethe te rooly cutthemlves i theutemes deb-doer thg.heebo bby-hwner >> a tha i ba >> y-er st aeha i didt thea d>>le d
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thaveeidometngohe do d dith tavengs. etheooverenth didtas. tantlly rse tax aert pid nty r aaxibu aines regatio p a crpleduch f the ind astrbuesegio a >> credh shendsndr fili. >> a tha i wh ss f 1lihren was a ha the ing inwh 1en gernmtas e gendi wre goes nmeoney di co fom? ws ey throh boowin oco tax fg?r ro bo ininti mey. oaxg takeesoues a putn tti m. ke ouvern antutausa facry a t that i stilus, rnivesa mac a a bratk. >>hattis, doe'te m a me see. br >>n betankeoe i mroblyeron acco ing benkteve >> ibctuayhinkon cog vee's >>ot ua ycessnkily at wroit no's we wlook ss ay roiuts. no art th w tok austis. depament butt wre tobsti a concned. pant uti tnk w wes nee ao ncd.roce wit te utioee andce rectitepor io camnd ecoutoram annnced firis wer upt er 2nneeden a a fri bigerp cun 2 isoverent abs a witig cunore
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vernnt js exctedert toite cu inehe crnming j monexths.edoe cu bs an a hug part ongons. u havi augnar o enocecovy. u vi whetr tyre govnmen or enocov t. et we t neeooven proredith c >> nro.h >> c havn. >> wo for av y ncerngooverenorpendg. y sondra th i erererct endmple sora >> ofthours and ele davur f nati'srs debtnd is aav 15rilln ti anthatebs i a rghly5quiventll allanat good a svices rlyivhattur ll coun y produces a. sce flattn at unpres 3 p centatat anal re an 3 pnt an r actob earng eimat forob the rn epator 50wereut tohe lohewest lev ap l.50reo thin areostettiev wse a p n tterinnd wrehiton theti w a reas nhy. er >> whin hee nd to as sri.overent >> d no g nwt?o s ri i d't kw iert not?hat d ks i t atck i wod tke.t buthin tre ateer tohe t. we a cbuplein o yes tgo.
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>> iwe wha cee wayo. > i whallay cerinly wllotmploent erstanlyrds. the are ris thalot are ans. rais buthe loore ais tha aore instry istheyutareoo hire arod tucino bter inry rs.ey e w he too it odrinnd i br .s ouroot o taoney i to ro theurompa. >> ta teys ceo wh rhe govnmen pahelp >> t c w i kn youoven don lphink gornme ds kn anyouingighton onhenk sho gome d bugivenygheht on govnmenho cdit. >> bu sveve, sveoven ct. fst o se, a s chslers f a forgnar o ampanow. cher it ioriat an tt. isanag gt. it un tns we gsen theag ogther60 un w g rcen he fi oerot 40 rcen d the 'sen fi me t40 t en > he dust m than t ato isth i t wsteakt enomyn ato an bw out onth i t wak e spemyingnd an thatut takn resurce fropeg t at prate akctorand gises itcero to pre or podticis >iorgat you thie poci a betgarff. ou >>hindt i dt ahatetf.
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>>tame d ov.t ohead. iehink we ovre etteffad than anke coueteears ao? an nonecearilou i ink wers a are slgingn noceheil i ttomke i tnk ihereslngrat stor we om t i ed but wai a mins.e. >> w eutreai igning >> wgng e. it isabiall slfeatin to tnk thas govnmenill sp sdings theinay t tureha erytng.oven spng he is l tikeinge yt to.rink yo selfsober lego thenk t yolfer cut wlol he t evythiut. w and namol oneeceryhat ca evhirom nd n gernmtpendneg. y >>t i cam wn' gnm nd>> com>>g up wn' ne. thomuto unstry ie tning th arond.ry bu tng new ar. lbor buealmew t lr brakalnhe cove? t ak ve
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[rist] myom i wl...ird. [stmy i w..he wd.'t e egg wihoutot sce. sh whas eindggf wiunnyutooki s toe. shs d nykioe sh's aays uchi my ir. andhe ds s shncin afings thihi.y .nd d s innghi malennouer ]ith vanc tecologfrome, n doc rs c dialeoseou ] hseas li brenct caecerogom noc c iaon ecellar l el.ealire ca sthatomen likkris's m ll l . caget rsonizedsreatatnt en th 's aikuniqis as me is cat oned at kris ] sth's d ainitiqy s ist li oth mom is s ditah, moms prlity , ompr w .♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ malannocer we'rnot empyeror
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eloye.♪♪ alnor 'rt mp er no ewhityecoll or be coar noitll bco oro clar we a busess ameca. or car a eve day e aw ae us s thmesame.hallges. aveayaw thme ll s.t atrudeial 're lpin compies erywre atdel e in mp s findywew sutio toanagrisk nd sio tocapagal ask empyee nefi ame can sineap a mpcan e t onfiith sine. men ne n onh ne ♪ ♪ ♪♪
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>> aaing tha the lbor acontct cougha driheher dust bac o fnt theouri stac oliff .he buleff bu
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theris newvidee tt erautokersew arede tnterg extonsivrs labre ctracergain exivab cac ltitusaninsigngon a crea d proittangon ahar mllios fo ew peantsndro tusands oario wfo job kim p ys tanre o wored th t se a tob kyp y oor th tabor a t ypals o thaankrte t inorstry yea sgo.ha kr >>te tow inryuiceay w. fort >>how leupc t w theorut baile out and t hego bk toiutnd 200 t bto big three d a loss o00 tig biiohe ao doars. i
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y? dos. ssivpensns nd riculs sa iveesns detrt ha t rul saighees trha td manuhecturg woers t worl eynuur cwo'ts st t rl ctomtiti. >> ty arinti dger of slipng bk of thear uon dr coractf >> i ip b amfot sco wctrie as im. im th i a go wies. deal fth oarehders theyearerontoad w fe kw wha eh rs th are eyntd w k fo'sha a othrkerere prodtive fon aaloke p empyee dodve860 pmpe er se a0 higst s opering come a and ticeig genel mors er org meoyotnd t e wh doe ne botmorrot me, whoeottoesn m y fisn the fi penonbligiohe >>fhisuren aigioll >> fameanagent sd nur ahell unns. eagt n uas gtings munuc. mon a it what wst tucon a knos it. w at w tordno geing w cckd
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u2 sgeleg ad. i cck woun'tuy sd. bai outar iou tand il oompiesreaiut dng d a opes wel d a geralotors pangel gelor $50a bonuin aow come50he nu otes ars in occied walom reetrep t aesutnccd tal ankset d to0 pid t bac tpksnd to0 pprofid .ac no uet aout of g no p uing a bots toorke. g >> a p yougoorri abohis? toke i m aou notribo wriedbouts? t i siing nus dot i hear whatedut tyou a ssiyig abos irt t u a prot sarinyibo losik a tro goo in dl oroik xpayoos beusem d is sentlly aybeemhes gov nmenntty le. theyave nncaseoven in . bec eey e pa n andeew hir tn hf of theecay pandir of hof vet anth. the iss is, thafouetant e tss has,ha solidconotc p ticie haforeou sid bainol t t piear re mar to gai thel t t grow
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mato aga. g ifeheo in t g aw dble gaipar ifn sas d wile l pmmeandmill be bk nsa thesil pmedoverent' emerncyloom bhe >>teve wha do youert' ery tnk?om >>or oce >>veha ito iou not to bad tk? >> it o ist i frot lotoadtoadt o-timerold csts. t o gmim cnds. ch sler havem to rembercherav cono t me re auterbaiouts hoe republi nsno mutits a ho gng tepli blk it i am sure a g t fd blit d becisemhe se ver fook e b dlec rnk t b fit ple . n mor tani pl. fronc sa or >> oroncnforrsa hav fundshat o ke y sfe.orav f ds brg yrt p and papkeer y s. br y pndp pp
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sa is gdke lnd ultili. sa >>s gikeli >> ulits .e coanies i uts the coierethey ahe to aetur to - rerm. orgur owe. an gomeo so yient recmmehat.eoo th enectietiesndt.ike th the s&p 50esndehe s 50sp. reunce saritpantp. stf th tim yourece buy sitnt ohe p 50 you gthim theou bpy. o bu 50 thiou ghe. r idbuhi 12 pcent i r cape. >> pnt i ould bthat. i cpe for >> mul bt. rs ms 12our pernt wh2 r balancer w fnd. a >>ncandorga or f. >>d2ga oonth peri. doouike i >> riit do ie iery fe ut>>o. tre i ay bett way t t s


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