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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  October 8, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm EDT

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. ey b welme t allf you b s yne, .ou reel tll ohefouain tin e, anhink tha o999n ts m htyan nk fi.ha whdo y9ike ? >> m ity ifiimpl andwh y clear ae the publican underst idt .plnd c arat's a one f teublinnd tstng tdt it 's hean ine t gd t the i lays i out he in g a simp ter a i utmaybt is aimper ybots 9 . 100-10 wou 9 . beasie 10 10 whouevert is.eie wh ers.s ssinc num rnd nitend ea for e sryonncumr to derstend a saondor it eonetso ri of trs aong sss gndting ints the and l byinri tg gng i they can't the ms andou linitt beuse i sey setan and tt m aou wou abee i gre thi.etnd th till nouerass it utre ithi this a geatl n thi. st i tnkt the aould gtike hi ge ridf tongrsverhell.lde wh wries aboid t pla igrtrl. uld wh wesevenbo t proemsla for i e cotry d id rllenros doorn'tring co iy heoney i w r ne dotng iey to eepnehe govnmen
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growg.o >>ephat wld b posiveoven ing ow it >> ist a w b taxutose g atsh aaxut a ah groh stiulen aor t cotry.rotien cain p tn i coy. beer tha in pn ieha t bitry hoepods we have t now. trwaynhoeodoint iteutav is f t.w. ynntt i y isextaw the oy l that asis to hr aheawro o l plai at oit h i ftnd airea verne i f thsamendot t preaogresiver tax de thme tha hurts t hhrreve x incoha earntss. it tats eveon t ico sam a rn a it gat tsvettor t theam a gounythe and reergiz the cnt. un eno deehatizhe lawrs cnt. h e eno jobs ttaw a heevue sndpot. bs he sying a i spo wl bngn he sng i 2.2 wtrilon bor the cntr. do youhink.2 ilishe n cmbertr add dop?ou nk >> n i d n'ter add ifou lokt >> n the iepe dent analis.
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if lit ihe 200 bi iion pet al. i500 bilon 200in a re0il srtnd thaes a w ll s addha toe t w ddo tong-rm fici o pnngassig- ci endi o puts.g >>si 99di and sples.atiol sas x an tndnly s thie wioa annatiallyax. tyhi w ke ti ily.imalti acss t bod. >> i i isaialtic t no one bo wts >>o i italk autai ttne becae unrlk a herman tain' calanun lor iome pope havann'oayn lo rmethg. i e ov p 40operce oav tm th doovt0ce pay o fedal ince t tot y andedndernc herm caislann t they wndl .er rmai evernnnehe w . isolorgboutair er are. mays norguteir perct b e. ay hs ntalkg aut ier b a oy one hs atlkg i a i talng a a outne truax refo. i thatal asruhaltg j fo g wth at the ecomyndlt wheer je gh s e cothe ghtlan don knohe e as tight e idetn nno >> corrate tax iea.htde
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nine pcent a >> payorgte i 35. pe ent neght pntow . aay35 the ommope mt istt tnks .tould e amoroblt for ts jobld aecaubl ortheayobtrucreis aau ehey willot he. the isucre a difyrent side t ll h th. th is youavoifntnderidand t m k,th. ou offse t herds m befing ff t om bng wh h the bfi b whe adnisttionide. thateing ad sstidone. all at busesse ang ping the sid lhighusse a pgheorrate ghncomta caus o t lp holte theomta us t lolhe 7000ageha 70gesdd for opolesnd for es big f busines it m n big 9utuses ake mt n do b we 9 wld spure hir do neglentount.e w w sr youaidirt w ldgl gettnt d of wongrs andouhatdould t w aet nic tng t o ofgr hse.ndt but ld the s e teic t t it is h not t
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sihele s as snaingts finr.ot our sixs cenag iassine fo ar ason c i therss cfopani a onoing ba to e werrythat cnit a htsng babo c wation oratot crte job doouio und ostan t otherr seob t s.ndan >> i ton't ohinkerhat s ii t. t of crset i'tnk willt cree js ii c ecause it silpfiere j i at us jo is tking spiebout i toeshe cones t ongutf t loop ole. tes ion can o go af t he ope. a lbyis toan get somhing aor h me i a lis toom ng halat s iax andhat' ha od. t buthatsndt'he p b m.. ut >> lts me fish. p th >> l wle f eveh.uallhere wilth an wvellreadjumenterio andil tha a wi wor whher juntiond isha8, wior whine,r 0s o senthawoulhavee,o b work out . se ha toulve b say urkimately s .or fal becatoe yoreay gng u toaty s hav aal cayo hu oveide. go no, av youomeo tha ahuve de. at a , oueorksha a d iel a in grksuall >> s iann y
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regrll talng s 2.2 tril yon a sualns singot 2.2 coect. il a at iu 15ns s pergnt of the cot. gd i5 >>erhe o bhege and rea pdblem >> the nat bnalgealesnd taxea phat.em isheob nilleatlesax ke i ort. not is weavele a irotemd wee drive enomy and aevenem pcentf theve emy dpdennd pnthe redung dand,o oneil ducrea job dd, neu wiot cate eaobobs. wi >> jnaon c e >>hats. the j incnaeon >>t doe isheaxnc oducvity itoes tax pele who pduce aucty it xes axopleeho who pceon't con ame wh h iss lead aho tes p'tpleon wh whisad a prouce . t pe in ft whaxesroe tm ine f hesvily an tmnyo el. hly ople on't objt toyohe ftl tax beclese't it dbjsn'tto freatt xtect d't evatyone th's t type of evne syem we th tneedyp to g bac o tompandye tal abou theed t gac cliot'mpd oue theyreli sndi bilon jto
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to fure o theeyax code sdiil j is w ldto f selv ot imhediaty. >>de i is a w s booimatf >> p iitics a b fars fm t labst and w pic it i oingfa fo tab bnd w dficult t i geridng ot. if b the dscu t n ged tax o ce t he g ax fars h cls t wldou g fa h g w lect. th the g b ct proem. pay thhe ses tax b youro.ake n eaynd s itax dusn't there n hk of at lot o d pe'tle. er t geingid h o a ofot the politi lpe. vorsge bgereoplfhe >>utoti t rs bpl wne wit >> the towe withe inme filies witwe a in nat fonalieit sas ta tha tt wou batal payi mor ousataha of t pocketound b theyre i yior thefor speoet98 ey perct i ofhe inchee.orpe 98 >>t i a rcf csumtionctaxnd ther>> i i a nhing wrong w chumox a er i nng contng. w al ast ery ste in the untited stesalreyas al e s sal ihe tax u.ed stotre of cmunitiesaveal a les axx i if cni notese a new ide a
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s i ths iotot a new gdeuous is ithnld ide a gusndorks i we andnlddeheationaks wend lev. > anna joh >>uys thiev anoh i eily >>ys migatehihen peoe talbouty flamiteax.neoe alyou keut ola grories. and u apleand oro eeslude thendr put led a rat e anddeheut datrse affndt t or ualseffbout t lost. it util ou tryuto. o abosh ul the r.s.ry ere not obo a pol itice ns.n is c ntry e ot tt wil a siolic offn on cry sppin til tho yoveni iff it s s thein bt tnghoo in t ituntrhe b t >>ould i t i b atrre to h>>eld i ss.s.r ages.o h don'know mae ju thege n'owgen maju hethemlves >> a te ofen t em ameescan astors. t te of t thousandsmen of or jle te o fos anho pleanding for wkf jle fo foranlengor wor anne.
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an. ti-citalt presto sang ner t te bank to -c altheprto sa n t t c b.nko e whic mesge ds aeric c foow. >> fices d aic ceo off eredfo. y >> $15000eo ff woedd yo yaket? >>o wa15 woyoe >>wa sweie ihinkou nd a litle tra ber youdiet car. berweakes ie sank nalie
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a r ouetar eressa comn. a howan u tk tme aboufib om. whe yoaare owtingn a tndy tr?eouib y enj thawh yoie m.nga y malennouer ] yber njyondhaecog tioni le fiour on ] r ndogon ñ1)÷zpñ kfion á=?osk?÷óoç@ñnósngóp]olw7i@@zç úv-?')g ñ7ówçñúv@ó')g ,ñvç)úf ç(çvñw(]úvw;lr ]@lñc÷ízççww;gñ@l ÷iññoo>zçñópyñú í?iñz[o>ñ[ñó.ñyñ
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>>spe capilis pro es>>ors ttingpe the seet.apiis onsaid shero weslds ot takinhe set yoonfromid th s w banr.ak iet yoheseomh fos tose ofo amerins souin the to woulfdo jtmeri s abo anyingheo ul get jt aboayeck.nyg but lou thear ak.s t larolkss bashg cpora aricaks theyhld b getng o sh c ra tent an ancanot eyheh b kidset down own. >> hentantac tts we put wn a. k >> on t tvhoeut doen't anow wha khen tv was. hatoet wasw myha child s. i woutasy csmacld s way t tsday i.ou ey acon't say t desve a tay han out
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't youes aan ea youut waynd uhe ckerahatidou iay pbabl i coll e anerdt her i parent p hasbl to i work ll oan wl seeer toantayas theo rk o darn wu sioneeha t she dsn'the ca rnunhe d't ca aut. >> gd yreot o of a. g y trey's o oids. tr 's > an you disreeith r ws. you a anouisensanh >> aeeou awaan bulook a yo cwaeehe bu adsok yo cas lg ashey areayinds a long s lts isyre lalin w a'll tak ngs the b.s its wlak e eart it bakin joh thisrt binoh lasshi wfare r iss wre r goi .acko hamlto.oi isk isootng n.amo s n you veodomeby. u d is ieby.asurders and onl guys eft. iasdendnl yst.
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lontestates at be fitsloheiche andtes the a ban and lls he pber.tshndhe theyan't getan cred t.s p eyave ey't mtgagetrate atrene e perct magte t ilinou t rc ban c ratein x ra. t its mangan cte i ra big r anda bier . th i wligrynd bi . thoass wheuck they donosndetanck poliles in eyconaus t proemeanoles >> w n y were ius t tro tasur w you s y tsernd i shat the tur unks sd. t yo shinkt tt s yo tnk troteors have rsona tbleeas to gue.tes ve rnaeaso e. oray tttenono the otheside >> or t wenohe heoingdeo e. >> wng
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it ihe ses j i skers s are sarchg fo j srs e chfo its a snse o dotknow ere se titao. s >>e o idoillow e t o>>ny iin al pr fo . ba a cmir i thr weing fo >> of ourba cmi jobhreeekeg >>frob areke tolly oppedreo the wal toyppdheal stet oupie. theyre sepin ost i oie. t publ ey sin o i or p tvatearks bl drhey preteksakin yineman and they j seeersnannd eyraig jeest erig not occupis at hey areotcpi ayre lookg to healue at'shat ey d okto hue 'st d
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th are in oupio and fo e.thre what yn o supiond isnge fo ha y it s isgeverarustti a ybe ero i wo takrastti a e e oro w ak yo fusati. th o yo fuslati wal seetank thlaal c stk is tt the evil c doe her t he theare not elheoeer evil drs heeot its the congssvi d wreat is. itshe cng ey cate w tooatig .o c fteil.oo o bio eist. th f is.he obl. bi et. ths bl anhis iot job anseeke. i th areob actity w ske jt thre exersect iny f wst stiongain th jyste. ern nounde ftandstg thonsysinm thte nodendths it is theyon'to a os ey't a tho
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ings ond a sse was h t ho eate gs a sesteas h tivilati. te >>teohnaon rluick.ili the a na p rtestgck the bai outs x. dhe a you pl stghe sseaif ts shamx.that dou are paou o s it amatre .a o rpetted andtcread a bai . ou et d>>tndea ou we tabized ouror fanci sy emwend mebidur a fci psyfit o me ta a. > an pwe'lt out t tar ta an t-'lirt a taread dowow >> t-t am a briinghedow cama. >>thanyou vy mum.rig amrom panssinu vmu. job reats anom ultiinteob catorobnd hatan ti steve cor job h legy tches ev theob wheg teshey thihe wh catali . noy mtterhihat cli lawkers do moer vet the coawstlyrsontig ents heolyigts or cates anher ptopag ces anr oropires
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noth empyee, or es's nth jusmpgoode, fobusiss. n's gusd food foe ensire c.muni. gat bfok ofmeri, we now ene c ni impa thalocabusisses bofriwew paha casi haes on mmunies. at'shy wexteed $7.8illi han uns. 's wte to.8mallliusin ses ross thcouny soar ts ye. tollins ss thunso tye beuse e mo we lp tm, thmoree he mak portbeity e ssibmo. e t threheak rty ib malannocer fo fasdioulibrian ily inne ach y waalfuelnor foas ou bybrhoronh prarat n y ne foeven to me. h wael byroprat ell fomewhene alo g th.way, ily nt rht olivi l whalthy, y r ovi butou s, wi theelp ofer rmondame finaiaviso ut swihep of r nd shme had lann na fsoveryventlity whicmeanshe ntinshd ad nn hav the ans livryon..ntty icane in ave s iv.. eveat t ripold e 187 e tipd 87 li welpland. li el an s whaa raond mes visocan forou. sharad s son or.
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>>eo e eevryo. contversswird and sakiev oto pa ed cntowdrsiran ski ts a cdorni mi rom ty hini bacmiomhifte a rryacte sport y clled morni a s crtt. 'lloiv theedoronfence a wheriil l beoiv tfe spceeang er whep ea xas ngresman r wh pa. obam s areinisanatio rn hada concns authe am aisioad nc aegaly of loang syndralayalffilli an an sodrdlforwali away .
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the ainirati coiderwa ay t th ving aolynnia aticoer.4 ngyn milaon neyorkayo poomloomil aims nerkyo phatmom mst antwalltreetntllee otesrsre hurng the econy. don' go away esurhe on n'o ay threyear aftheinanal isis itrearft 42 atesndican c is2 esic c e fang he budt sor lls. fa michan h isudryi soro s. sm chisyi the akes by puttg aheap esny plfartt paygnts. a but e arays.over r ot ered t gornme ter k oped ginghe t eckso tgome pple. ar tg cwers elpi ks o t pe. hurt g. t >> crspi ontiemen rt s ing>> is t dr on ei couenntry sg s , th t are n h pingdrn oury they th shored ntay hng the hk of eyitho
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y wh arehe we h ooingo t akur mediwhne .reeng it cmes d townak di . t c polsicin. dwn niorvote a tolinntitlent paorentsteill autf the le dos unl we igurpa outtsl a wayhe chae t doun stem. w >>urut way a tlkin hab tt sm. 41, w00 pele ain ib michign a1, 43 pe peoe i filesuitindigot aore3 areeo le geiting arin. e it srems leow n berge og in pele itho a s lomaing n r oere. pe >>he cou aase turd one. >> aoue teinalurhingonboutotice a a whteher alngut siculd ve bn a whgin r fore trey i srigld. bn the egis tn e,re iss tr ig.ot do. eist itas tut tse do tngs and got cut a teno tgsend t cn'tut a kenopennghis wayorever ct mebo is ke goi tns get some dybos isoi t gngoetu getur me st weave t g giv aet lttle haswee to tivome tassnd llehe as gisloure thelaceeo t dos it. obvus ly, sloue heocet wan d to . e peo e o onbvy,ot thean t trea b in
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theeo o samnimtatehe arerea b i he isisam imsohese atere iough decionsnd is theyill seve aoeghecadens. >> i eyl oe ideas i goverr of a ste i wldovhinkerf wist oow w quicnky toush thewi o in aob maet ictoha ishhe son sack rit noma tha the aresoingo ve oa sk li o noha tublehereng getngobs. l o u unrsand tou hleeet tos. mak un cutsdnd e hryoveoro is akfaci tt rotsblem e ers ci hea tohn syi tem me. on'ea wo thns syi taye.n texae ao d tngine. at is xa itike dow ahere d e. we a dsngtine.eowre avee atate a tha d he. ewete probhams, t at hdithintsew mes and ob, thats wt t n feral overmet isnd nt w t couring ght few.ler iok a the nob 's b l.urg t you are aheoingo b he ueachre ngrefitersnd pice d haxch os firs pe el o and rh pple ethenlhe stas o wndllreo r let pe themo t en payta w forll iverethe xtem t10ay yea.or i
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the imulr blsea.o e ul mak b latestop fingoeoplnd akkeep esp eilemepls a epreed vil rest e me >>t ased l st ragi>> cryl hgi cl entiemen h bresepenncy. he and ehend wrevern ey aree cated w weversmahey e . a th ceds a vemay s.aloll th amnt ey amposble s getllid m of pe ale s i havos ae etight tit d of im pe s eiedavoht t t . not een a sferit peon i t michan h aight t ath srie i pele'sash. ch h itht i tth a pe'sh. it ihilophyhou chage andtart iiigan. youlo hhyeuhao h edrt ian politician ou say heo h areoingo banceolican theayudgeandere don havng o bce ofhe ege ind t country on >>av o i an tendougry ssan k>>no amichan. eat nd hav y s onn knheo shoch. t >>av y o sveho obs,evolioni t s rl and taht us,olni t a nd lssa u i lss
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capilism hiesage. ay he. pism hi ge e.pita h buthey so gbeyo ban. e ta wenstaed ae flt nito ng suttem.y gyoan. trweks etary v aiclefl in eir toeet. sm. tr e v ilecutsuel e.r t. ch: it hanc cusmer rvic t's rettamazig tsl en pple o lo you oneyh:t ncusr ic so s ow ytt howazo sa it. pe loouey notust ney, o yowsat. knoedge t's mucinfoatiott y,'s ke i rig the in eve vann thoentige fle. s ucfoio s iighen goodeay oanrallth tiyele, i'good od oll yeme oi'in. odt's . w, ts isantaic. o. s ge cital theye nojustanke. tista. were b clderal ey nothst helked bud oubusiss. we ber th elbuousi.
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ttingrimfromeep side grt tas thrightool in buimalsoom carp g todeh. grtathghol you arn get fee r thtroue spbus. soarto u n et knoeeits ous nesps... s drms. nos s. ne..dr. ♪ca 1-8-steer.♪ ca-8te.
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>>race i burnins. wehoul t e im>>ceuinnd efleul on tteveim j's lfe.le he onvereat art j com lny i. thworl a reathellat afr om iese bs th arl aathe iro c ryl, e al af tycero crol,testors nal wl stet te arests cryin w iphes stwhatheere are y cin protphting at reayne rgers y whato otoung ha? >>f yne rrshaore lking ha or>>f yield lgovengmentapern ctain ldach. cyventer . c giinng a h. yieldve 1cy7 percent . >> giike john? 1er nt >>as >> yea one ts hn sw i >>as gotean laugd at t s iotor ug preatictg th tes ranrsretth tean goi bk to. oi b gng rgerso. g rrsnd can ligtning strike ice. > an ttansigin


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