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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 8, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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5 and y eyred.tho th's i nt ft5 a m here d. th wasngton. f buamera'serews hequar rs rasls oton buer ewllyrit and amhequolar r on e snding by t o t akeverind ol from er and b t take t igom, erjudgnde ig , juntdgemanine pirromane with ero ptsit e of the msi ptsba t tt's t f ts t ftoa >> hello, m k >ig. elco toamerica'elsloewsm heigqua. rt s. co t >> jie: erppina'the sws is hr, tre a posheble a rt w les inhe ce ofthe j : insse g ba fro h t aose lessinou cri. of e new pssersobanro now qstiod i thess ouby. sa ea raewnce. p sonow 're iogoii to ha t heeryby saearae. la tee oi tthihaseling la t sty.s >>gightow,otes aut t be cstas. a>>htw,ot saw eol ce athe valuole vers athmmit lu v er ts majonnds a mmit t ajhereon >>damiesone the lon ast nning a c on ovreal >> ie e nershen ftbal ll have
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. in a thlooack athe rsfal he lacy thoo k al dahe >> kly: beg withe ac anticea rc forda a missing k: eg it nheon ld ab itinc or a mi msosi ur ne repons toy, ahories ire lnooki ng i twomi newurea nepoto ari the re lki tich uld ew t firstea lhe prh red since t littleirisa irrenanisind fro h ktlanesa acityome mony nigh irnis fro hand keran fathesays ety e on tuedniro ndatayeorngn tued ornig shi. ly fdisorngn oighida ht's fcribd pt the fedalol's earchi ngib thro a leandf fill forol tea hi second timro a a cesdf or tuing pt lnd hou co im ter the ces iltud'g s mott hel hays rinvehestator dppedil d' ot mbshelccat ainst veor dher ed j iembel ban arains l i nerur j neyo newan r withor le in tail >> f st, lly, j nt ewnt w italkut the new il deil f, y, he nt lnteahat are comitin t ew in de ppar ntly, aea tnatgerer tomha li ins xt doos ary,einage t tald t b yhoris es a d s parentlyhat ag who al t th areotri n ain g susprelyt,t not shoing anythg o therthharen t fac thaspnvtito ot s g ha spothn w oiterhha t ac tenage appartientotly ds kn ha po th wcomnationo gnt
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na ge ae gaarge oyhe dkn. thm ti nandohasntll w kgaw o ath . poi . nd and antill, by lisa wth iin'spare tsoi reayin d tib isata heas sna tcheid'sre fro re hay criasomnaimheed monroday nht o rlyrituesday, ahat theon n o abdu ctor aytllyesnty,ed ha t he rough edow f the abor by'soom,ut tntedot r of ug h heenw mthth o ld ss t 's m, t otpo ocefua t older m t o ld s sh t fle a li ettouar t tst. sh fd thle aiuse h of b eing . in vo thed sehow h baby's h o dis bpenganc aho ugin sow they'r eby notxalyay inis c a ho gw. bra raeyey're says tlyole ay ner sh ed h the esul ofaheraheeyesays andol dens nesh hknheingul athin aboofut whates nd happened t der suger. g a inbradboey athe ha en tbaby'sugerfaer ad a erem irwin s l wbaas's duct edemromrwheiransa city wome. rwin ctedmir says sahe als to in ke aest,ut the police sid ts ha a was not nessrey. a t,lice tre notol omme in g thaas n onss y. wh ethecer n theotar hmeavinen ee nwhhe rhe rtf haveongoing instigati. ee e pants y, p ice vef go been reing heini ltiike pa s spec ptse a be braey inhe le partul has ec bee preri b hers inf fhe psi bilirtuly oasfee p argebeinfile agait rs f he he p si anlithen of t
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dageyinleainit, he anen new twist.da ksas ty police nnou ing tw a reon reknce s hatole irwiand ouadlein aque,onre e t decided t owitod ple talngo e,deteiv nd i donci'taveto t oilstrateow ttet aivffectsnd ion the investigat ilt traha t sp aks fec itslf. inhe sintatestme inhe i t sp fts . sa gh inhe p sarentetshe insisted hehave bee ghopativfrom pay oen and hehe y jusi wedthe tveo feeind l a opivom oandndng h home. hey t t a fndantvi ew wndit hudme a janinentvipi wo t pen deniribeheir hfioc ordl. de >>be wheirnfi y rdall. i n>>he tn he wt'sou first i >> didn't--e >>wids aounyon firomto mind? >> >>dn-- meid aon nnd really >>t wasus - ni paalc, yt asdon y don'tinhe n c, somethg li thais on happ ying,onhe y do n'thli youha do tpp g,think, do ou everinywk,he-- here's no --eryw ot re n y--he i not al i a y dream. i t' jusnott a alig ihtredr m.>> f gesust have seahed are f arbys hanavil swi a a
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bycle toaniscu wted wi a themo srchthere. stl no tuspes ar incu t custy in hiem casshnd yer stn wanoh thpeentiarn int erew st inby e asy, t exc lusive wathti intentiew tonigh 9 py . y, t xc sisteron apecial te editotinigh. er a ope jalticeith juddi ane, kello ce >>elly j ane, ll s>>omlyetnge' be be satchg. ng ank u fothatpdat >> je'ie: b looforwd to be ch th ink rvfow,atat j ge j: oorw jtoni d itthh tw, jgepant ni res ow td poliche s tay it eunfosdeow t pic s on oober babyisa fo oeraby last seeby h motr at l ee hot at:3 shwa putn h er:3cr and sh p rn fathe rur h fm a w k f at ur ithe e moing fi herissi. we pak n hola pre ss t i coe erenmo andg sk f the fiersi aby' spaafnol pre coreenturnnd. fhe n o ob y' 6th,re prnicelaim oob h,isa's parts a n lonr piceim a'opatingar a with ahoonti anstday, opat sgakithutti an destdain they'vetopp sak opera ng ade tonigh t jgeve pp th ainteiew th e pa nts opd wel leran a moregh kel a: wetel taw abo e at jpat nos asweulle re
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mentione d an elwetajaboe, jnosal thentnean pentse, of by sa sitting hewnn a pts oysati excluvent vi ew th jge jnine pir a xcheresor ovifewhatnt vi j jne pat wll e. >>rehas tor oexthitvi t wha e. u>>re tmb?exhi >> tim c in ghe? >> bedroom, im in idhe w are t lhts dr ym, w a kno w is the y reoppe k out o wf ofhe the win a nd lipe'sut oedom dhe is o n a w in al awaysnd w wa d cse whein o saoe ws alys to sep at sehen nit. sep a t d wean bk anchecd an he ce ithniet.oo ae we bsand, wecre i sa anheere ies ithe seeat. an wi sa i s's n hheerre ibs whatre. yo ansa and h e s hder s he nibot there at and yoe got u pd a hed staheed nothe reamng ord heer a g l uookipng taevedywhere and he asamn'tor h l ki tre. >> isywre inds tenn'on ol t >> >> she'll is t ol11 mth s> s'llol [cr] >> ry tgh tes or cr t fa ly tnd t cch the rest t of fa ly juejein cch heteesw,the fparen of lisjua irwin, the w,he ec ialarenfisaedionwi jsti t
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th j udgel jnidineonal ti jge "wh je'ni babyal li", wh as b tonig at 9s ete herniegn a ox. teern . fo. ba to shinon now an americsct iofon. ba o headinarte n ande're waitg heer ressults oct aion esadtetialndre ithe s rtresaw ptsolfr a a y gathealngfocial scornser ptivetoda it's ardl g thehe onlfigial adli thgherveda cin out 'sdlhe o lith of c utthe vae vor smit bombshell o dpped y es rdaye va vo sen p roboneshled yesay evael p past equateditt eroey's st qu edrmonaith toroey cu. on ai and t notirtly. ndot addssin ose mm telng tddss mmi s he tkon thelp. >> we sul rembe the i sh donense lpnd civil it>> wre sul r be healue to dse ond o cthile speakers tt f louew h me day s cssed tha t ears tloli me y thiced t poihasotous language est hi aanoiurus ancausage.e > > d do galloy fromur theus > > vodorsal symmitrom hewainon
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vo rs y, uminderstandhoul a mmtsrom yeste ay uerand stilul reverra ng odot romes ju fro the fmer il ma rerachutts vernorod ot tells w t'jusro ghengme mahuon?s rnor >>hat' rillghwt. s gng rely c tinu to an sue ?re da y. t'ri ghyou hea wha m ret r comnuneo hn e todaay a bo i touea m rom as toth aey adessed e cntionhis ornings innt roadducingd c ntnroey alk ni ngow radiontrong ho falmekr ow r iocretary ofduti fmerin etearofdutieagaadminiinstraon excoriatedhem r th ea emarad lniistestn . exri iedm ldth say t ar lastern . jfers yteed on a s obcurrhe words ojfers y rr o a and obrhe wdsrr an sanru a cain and achmannd eveinrye end w s spen here. hm yan did r eickrye p wer n o sp regood yid r ir p inhat you h ogo say. > mney isn ylso y sahed, mney scriticizedls rar whohed, jami ngit tizetor who n his va lerry bmiy me. to iwille in hertingoee va er horyit pysy omen . th llinngoee next ho p c on ouplof wks a mons an n
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t p c camign suinpla w a on anatemteads rtt theamn in go rn dems noteagrith rt t everin e irnue orot everyone ev knows te i suepor hisveone no s pocaidisac he getng i onrack nd ac epn m dheets ihi o mrak ep soten witdvose ghi m rs espsoialltein wta e g li iowandou rolina rs spellutta ery t woliownd g.o.p.rona te e iutntieshe emselry ts gas a.p. vaicnt osr a els chst n cserv aive, mie. >jamiic h oer n eson chst crv aboe,ut mi hempor tanc>mi nesonbo mpnc of those fait. t me osk y abo ron pl.ho ias w ingfaisitnt er vi me ybo on refuy. at kd of rec epion w is hge nter vi ge ing the re dafu k ofheecee a l hite b orgeein ghe softda skethan eal a l t e he gotorer good ft rece siokenan here hi se oterood aucetoiorin was pkedor h his rerks i mningnd auto ri wortl aft tketorh a m ee re s d meeng t intleft t mtee m m tr dch leeiteral tly in ndre m oeoe lo ngm and ich lal ven sreee athg leik e long a i th in iteome me a n s 'so t luiikte a follong thn e e re, a hemarks s o tui a mooling,e are ssednd , hars uad mog, laibertariedanm to
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th teaching t he ibd ler irim t ma ny eag reheecibts. h cit edma sever alreects bli hit ser passes fro saelook ss f e, velerse 8 andeopleoo o is el ng a k vg ase talkndg abeot thpldang of thais a kre i a r ul lkab th>> ingf mu ha ahoh e i kulw i heas going a thoo ahund w lo he eoi tdvedheeoe o flo h israel not tept hehe o sraeng n ecau t heng he rn ng uld au n be hnerous. d iwould uneine the neus ler. io d therwoulbe mee thewa l the w ld m eerul mwa th w mtas. >now, ulent on to s athatack t > and entoda oto the atst impta g terng a body to isot anghebu f amil y i erand ng he b syd hais i anbu f ilwasyngton, weoo d fteen r i on o askitong w ft a tha le r got a on l fki a ha alause jaotmi ae. >> mie:eryntesng perausecti. ja mi anksor bngin us u> to e:ynt es spngd ont. rwe'l check btiac k w h ksu bin u toay. sp onit w l bein 'lstheing, b k wh thks, ug. to >>. ellyinte stin wto sbe thleas instg,ac t t th i, mp
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>> ly tein s fai ththasnotacs in t 2012 elecaitionndlushes i t 20faou fr pecastor jeern'he remarks athe value v erfrs pas summer an's y masus atal heards ae mm a fasir and ylaed pitusicalt eaanelrd lis fa a joi pnsitsal now, hr elisois w, ah a a a to humer. a a a gel mlonhu jr.ns day l mgoodo seyou, n jannsla >> g oo tyo s odseyou, >kell i ea>> g hea t whaot bi bnett said t>nkll ititea meha. t bi bneaid t it hmetalk. abo thano e ou give vce holkbo bighao rye this givcampai. o how youig bot rpo t ts mp what happene dw eroue w bh r jeersak he at hstapatemneendt, w llinjesornismak a hestemlt? thi s inis the pblemni tsm tt rney i ging t ha hiheem t r knely. ng t he ha ourmine andom k. oth ose even e urmi vneer s ndnhe bible otheenel still ver s actu alnly bunlersmaybe,elti mmo tusmbut thend o the y, ie, n abo m smt hereli ogion 'se bout ijobs a it's about t lieconom utjo and think ha'st at'bo a tresty tha w e indnhi the
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t' publan partres t ihe c be our bl an owworsareny. w nee c b touoruninst b aracowk rs bamaot weeun togastin e bac ma the.un st >>ellychrion t opsiteide e decrat are okin at teis sang >>ly ri t opgeete we hadetat g ese inh t sa ngrepuicanan as aeeel wath th sho otpu tanir sn. i d't tnk tt anla th cohod ha beemore n.correct. d te tepubanca are s picohaeere atcoec the ne e gubca i a thei fld who reayou hein g t t eeict f w eanexty ye. ou in and he t ectknow i see t xtye . ery d oukn seeow spetak er byoe er ee unrcutpe horgn picy b speeyesterda uncu y see hgn p theic vals oteeer yeer wn at t sy ceeve hhe arealsot sniping a hwn m amotn sfrk, re e an y, wsnhethina ymo agrewitht orot t he e an w thmormns rethor t tend he ve rms od rord how the rai t eneir fame ilveies aiv e the rir d ow t r lis anit suld n ineieam il th a theiv valuehes vors lian sd inthere s niping a thett v rueomnesy rs an y s he tthng tt r necanyidate sninat ant roey a a s cdi daansat drosnp in touthey're sning. roey a >> ahrisspheda ro a b ak ou ty'20%.snin g.>>ow wh>>atise you'r e av bg t ch f >whouer're aned thgt's the
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ing, fkey. >> erllan andd sk'sgut g, tha andkey. ange et> ll mndskgut ouha ihand gngan t takeet msk for mt ha romne iy to takaien som r acomti amooain s acti a engicals to moveorwa in rms geing at ic>> ns ber e heeeds to sy vewan s the ssuegend ng be nattwo, n her oehe'tds neeo toyun wa yheue nbe fromtwis heoeeeoiruatywaor omis doese ha t really uaactutyly elain or . ese ha t r i llink i he tu ein >> gpoint. >>f hect ualli ynk wks ohen the > po ssues a ot>> aheut llreliygi o t thi wll b ue aot aut . li ut t d hiratsant b key. t tr ac oth ter dntst dhasut heke oynl ac th rate thantheha ve. d sght w, butarhe ok oba annot terunhaneha. he t e bnom andobnobs unn het.e om > kendy: ll think you kno t.>> uallyt' s theke ll tnk k uly dt'ocsratshe being eachth doc utspnd k dbeg e f refreshing toeeth t u nd ardnd a sglcaat r ef shll eme s t inee t the gen erar aat lect ion, e s v iersenheden toro ctn, o oner cdienteds who t woear ro ei faithnir ovedite w wrond reaga n adeieait vernyir
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ve clr wh he n twe, tonhaean ehe id noteryearisaith clwhe twe, t hissl eevee . n is aiand you kn a mit ts rslvey don't it nd we y. kn aheo,it tthithat y kn dot t e f thy c ould g thiasatt th an d nithy aro cd hi g ashe goingth t be a ro hiformabhaen gee g tngo thebe a present ne rm yeab. haen at sd th p tma i s far esen ne omyeover. >> g ahea s angthla getma a i ar rdin . er as r th geangnona gonet rd. s thkellho sociaonl coervativ ll soc they' re bot corv iv ry iornt a ty'ushoton ry urore yea f aetngush the bla vote in hioor oe tng th brigla voe life ahianitoy o marriag ig rigio iif epoan bit mi romne m assar toag pt rio i b k. an b chr , sh m esmi aom gd mso ointt herebout t v aluebs k. hrthatshany oplere aoo ng ntreut t fo v iuesheirresi ntiaaty lecandates anhe soo whang s y oufoirsiia a wndes an sha s ou wrap thispickly. >> trobl wit romy is aps p was picroklhoe b or teeblit r y so- fe as pnd whe beoree stual hadfend whae teo al gader thas he e t vern d,ore aftib ergha h andt's the bge r rornblemoreft t stem . ds
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hepeop don knogeroreemom stasmnd tha. t' oi o opbeon no hisom tandha problem ande o beghhave sa ha tim motatg ro emligis righte wgghvef t haim g reblic par snigie rht w ig f t hadore me f or bh ficaru,nie w i botare ad me akin fg vidh fin we didn't g otre ming in dn't g hermaca r ropaulrick hperrca roul r an wehaou b h fpe sharg y ran winsighou h f don'forg tha straw olshl y is tinsi pace oday wit t hen'rgha trlue voisrst ce >> tay whank tou. ue thanks fav us. >> nk. n ewha fav. evopntin n the solyra snl. bbsll e-mlsaveopeent in t rele ed aly sevls hat t bbs wh-me usewaee w arned o f a le a lssshalet confl ic of tereusst wned a rssardi c tflhe nowftere bkrt so powrdimp ty.ow heituaont also so pmpowtingmp y. ve iuanaonro aiateoan pagmpeng ve fr i wteouiateanage ai. frteou peeroo in was aiton . o peoo inasn ll us outh pne ll u thmailsent. . >>eporr: ck iaugu so w eril pushi to giv e >> or i sogulyra nso w5.4 mlihi giv
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llarbecae tynew hesoy n weren finciatliroub and ar knca it ts goyg to cheome out. refi iaso heubndhi h ouseknt chgoulto ce ou onfee ca w reo hi hevseody onhe c al l wfeouca w entuyally onagast gin cg w tu lysolydrga g in t bereha somody rom theanagement lynddr bbegehat omy ro m asd a te h se aee wantagent e proem w and asera h a wt p o-wndorernsr w t o-wr w t inprriat f . at f esntily bep show esti b ep a sshws obamaonor a w sws o mantonto work f t w pamentfener gy tnttoorkost d w 'sntifeerorosketd for w's laifw firm worked fororke f soldr fd stire spmner iskeha ftoran dqu e,ol stsper nyha wordrom dque, b,or dm hehi housereatngown myb, n ec on ishi hetngngtcow gemy i nolv ifngneeded e ilvf i donet waed tha eve. and ihe doe-ilwaha ev vas ndhee-ilhait v hadntatenowledgend itknew w dntateas going onwlnd ted
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epubewlicansre n pleed gng o nandayin tg tt ubnsj,edome i d ing t the aintratioj,hoomht t dertme of thsticneed in aatppove te toanecse idetmef iced ight a velega boa the se i dertme of ht ga ene brgy wehe de ahd wime it fanyway. jamieneawfuy l of peopl eahwi t anay iolve ie fu evy ti we arn pnewple evelmentnd h are ive repuicanrespdin g tevtie t n w el nteci hre call pu>> ranortesp wein, t coresan fd up n a ndci lliff tern rterowem the nergcoes f up a cme rc l cof itternshow thwest wheinrgnd cmethr,rcheco teow deep th pstoc wet dors he th- ep p toresident o ma a- diurnglylose nd toy side sa aquot wn aed bout diur lysolysend t thiswesaek presindent aedbout ob alyndroudly prowemeekd p si sontndraent rougthe reoblar aview prolyss p a me peop felsolikraet thiugwase a re r a t facopayelkhiasherwise, b if sol yndrta icsviaynce ofrwe, samaol rdregaar reviewnc of procss whe ma w re haegve rie w siifant oble and oc taayer wcoulben t whaoo si r bit ionsle nd taerul n sooojae, a th bins dayas so gone bnd ath dno erro o f ne opleave en draggedn e rosc oandaf l.
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>> lee nd sraoueds lne m e escda >>nd s blionss. le m e thk yo te b on s thyoyote >> klly:l vi g d cooroveial ner the oakld raers s kedy: vi heas covel r yheearsld ndklras av he y readerson thrnd super bow inhe 7s and 0srrs thr she ers in 7 a electohe pro e footbaleall oof fhe p in992 a dotisba willalle remem fred by my as a aisl rel rouemsd spiri mas a it littleoveor ouauthity pi d i memb tse ltle edays th tybute h elpei d mbld n indahe ute hpe sceful s nrt s aguehet isda fu s rtnds commissio r r ogueis gdleda re te tomossr dave'og dea tay sayi que, h ere he tavefeaed the rai deyiqu ae, honeibuted to preffooedall eve ryeailevel. onib edthe toesctproomalnded wasve veevl.t in t heayes pctpleomnd ed laste nedar ulve iry tnim t p plheeoke, h e isldrueegveend t t meok his wseegnd impact wd lecyil iacoreverde leart ofhe l.or er > ite p amazingarvideo, of foks, l.ail i it fce ama ngvi dihis pneight fo i, theil
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mide o t acdiich poceanen,ht alcaug on . ido ac hicea a went alowugn an nd. how h itent wn a ten wentnow a get hi it wn t w'll tll yn abothat gelus, the par m beve i n l ybo cal orni s,he p u bhuve ih. n deracracown wnhe alni uate'smedal arij naraacn nhe e ed ij na diensies, big businessn liforn diss, b s bettiinng thenge w foa firnt beeen he goenta sti a tnd theeds. at's fiben ta a thes. 'st. gecovege oever nfgamen nfmobi. ge veca o "ster," " ar,"nf-f-lme nfto dbinloait n. cast ","-l doa n on froverin. onrori ugh,y fe arkill' me wellwe'rhereo geyou cuom ohotiinses. h,fe arllme ll 'rwe cre't ageord ye o we tin. se . scll's cust fitrtho cc ce aer.d .yee sc'sst itfoho-carcescie.ists are hindt.
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( ma) fou haar flaiefeetts. e nd noay.. wa ma halaet orotic40 recmend . no.. wa itecomnds e cuom-f ororicotic nser ecnd itthatom bess for cuur f-ft. oric er u'llet a-dayelie foyouriredachyeet. atesr f ll aand ayu coied sa focoupur huneded bhyks.t. d cosa upun b .swt. ts isreat dr. holl cuom f orttic nter sw tisat ank u... whare u ta. ing ll ? cu frtc er r lotion sedrsck lls...m. whe tag loon se scs.
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n i lp y? ah, n i t a fullizedar? for ll-sed cs, p ase i list y to e foowin menu , i alled?r -s cr co pertiees stpreso nu coties ar.did'catcthat topeako a prestati easeay rreseativnow. d'tcat toaka esti se rseiv w.reprentave. gobye! yodon't ke aomat stom serprceta .goe!yon't aat and omitheerdo w tha'why,nlikothecard d noheatte wwhen ou cl ase pphi pre rredat 'y,ikherd noteen c e hiu imrediatedy ge a rsonot aromp im atgease pphia preonrred a mpa rd oa dierencolo e hireed a odienlo honeingi) chassappre pferr is ijuliin singfld. negi aspp prr ili sgf.
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1:24 pm
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1:25 pm
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1:26 pm
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1:27 pm
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1:28 pm
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1:29 pm
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1:31 pm
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1:32 pm
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1:33 pm
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1:34 pm
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1:35 pm
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1:36 pm
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1:37 pm
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1:38 pm
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1:39 pm
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1:40 pm
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1:41 pm
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1:42 pm
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1:43 pm
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1:44 pm
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1:45 pm
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1:47 pm
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1:48 pm
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1:49 pm
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1:51 pm
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1:55 pm
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1:56 pm
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