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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  October 8, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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>>thiseek the >>isk he jrn ehe drn e eedorl pos. mocrsump on t edlanpod crsum o wnon rling tgain ban anthe es thatol icwians rnginan hanpe sea tte. olic plu c hhrp chr tie out. d soluhrhre sutarah pan. eake o clor s lahoo kt t e onomic pl. c r lhisoo week on herman innd. sek propsal and all hma t a how op f.d a.a a.ou c tost a hoyou, f.d our clife. you, rli. >> pteersre >>er ginregoi
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a more ginbr oa d- ased m tratn abt how obroa financial s tem workats.ab >>owelce tohejournal, fincl mwo editorial >>lctrertheurl, iaul itlrert gig. at w predent oba thuray wn aed a utighe wgrorengnt walbastre poe urte wsts. a nut inheheirhird we roalreoetes. nrallny ihenirowrdweantteems to gaining lle a mont andee dozenf s o gng a demonttrat ansndeoz sprunfp in citiescross moat sunpthe ntin. cies justne othe ingstoki th phestnt ang. er st oe bangsk ki f amtherica'lan tngo cean d ebamit cicd cntmerse$5 d cnty de.t rs$5 mettke d by ty e. psi ntmett ke dnd ticdurbin. >> ank ameca ctoms, vo wityoureet inget e >>k me com voituretecouof tha t t ebank. >> pl: jningecouheofhaanel is. wk, p jngalstreet janelal is itork,oardemaryalstet ssl o oa mes em sl s freen,pni fr
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re ut i thgiat a it h? or ilithises r ll y ithat it ler r i isa party th rg?lly >>'m not pag? >ot sure tt th is a liral a pay. ur e e tepartworkthroht th ia tht p itliall yspam andtertrkro es hrthoughthe laltysnd prhrghentavesas a cle ta s agda. a ess gerleent lowax d wagt. the w t s othereren lowhan w be a t geralt oer nti-pitali vehant. i ink ae re gerger here i-li ve t. ha polical eai dersk re gestokgereth expre in golalrs ok xp symphyor i ani thk yocoulsee ese pmpte get muc ih an thyoule larr. pte >> mll i thi tolical dargerorhe esidenll as t wellol ic ifhe pple hed sree he es ev fenigurs out exaly w ll if p e is ey'ee protes tiev furhexa w s y' thepres >> wl, d't t want-- > inenal way,he the re w d t presntting the an nginenaly,st there the pres t bkinganngysm operates unr heulre bedki byar oras obamand heunruleddemo bcrys,hen theyam rand congredess he sigd eyan thecoodrefrk ig ind01 aoved tk
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ined seially l ofmerin fince d th's t banki ng ll ystey ofri fi ae hothd t by bar bkik obate. the oblett thed beopl ar er fure is o and h e lealsot gnghe to haplve a f pe bl oem h th ind endeso vo grs thave loing thi p ablnd ngthnddeo wo e ranglo tg hi ts arotestng w wo itheangll t thes awerost to wea9.1%weunoy nt >>aul:t's terein what9.o th demtsdo, theoy nt >>uck l:scs rer,he new yatkth em dosethatoerho g k ermr,ou heew campkgn to conhoib gutns f erm ll seet, onmpantl u c the asng hns for fon st, aantl er he th haas horon ce doctic e hasupporrs rlinggaine the undeocrsti, ho ds hean ppor r ngat?inhe >> thi he rodebabl ehoshean doi sometng ike ha?t >> hi preidenobambldid oi tss etweeha wch is mpreen samedag we stem enw pay ig lse s service tohe protestrs ast nelenpayl tm berindvi csed to p tedos. nel >look it bdt--se i thk th youe gng >lo i se-thet big rth bthauou theemocts he nng se thelseo rueton a brredeau e ocama h c nnot r onis rec orseru a of reedeastwo ye ars, w haats r o hise ecdog? woyear whe's stiin gh class warfa ' mesage s andoiack css h arfa
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mmity o rgmeizerge rondot ac k th's w you s hee n it jrguserroot theth wou s nesenut j bernk e e an geithnerndut others bernke aneinernd of thth admistraon. bernke d gehner o >> eressg syathy or t pmitestraers.. er e ge theerentr ban of esssyhy t psts. hetran e uned steand creties thereasy exessi syathy un>> teds so sds, thas d tete, ts s s nds erheyasex si sypolihycain er t of soing, ha art t t s tsheery12 licaeintier.f ng >> arll t ian under12std w e timr. .geiter mig i u wanertd li le. ge sret m cred angan t decr atli vots , itred ironic gen t de icrfatous , want ttoay iric who i nt tos e e w pers whoave u thes be lout rs eho oefalstet it'sheim e of ithr.ett' s redef th thr. fer resee bath of w york orc strased,baf heer onyork ginng wi beastearn an drcheranerg,n t vario nnwiea stgornrnme in tervanentihe. n forim t t try aar jump ead omefinhirvsti p ad e s orjust try aump ea be oyo wehiirbut--ads st go ead,ames i w goi tbeo y,weir listebun- o to td,es pres id t, w he k y, l tesan tis not cla tss es
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kwarre, iss jus t. t ot layo ar, lissatus wha t's going in wnto maat l atthatha clas g waar se to ys do wt wa atla > pa: cwaldar iteay d o hatt ts waoi to pa chet be nn gat ofs oi t pheul l t be wingg mentomparable at wtaw in ng ttom coe ervative opatism oaw t i partand act collvayve beop is jor litil f rt tdhat hcty nfluece n s jr ti o fha h lu ce decraticpos jcs, t or olic >> wou say decrnoic b, au ose the a paictys >>ouayno- bauhe as i reapactns- iean among peoe, small sinewners angteeo th ought e gl neernmt waer spending muc and thasgh tt oo g nmwa enbigng. ucd the owdha thisasro t i play g toigs extme e smdha t thro not the t alayto et eran th ot tter. thiis oterante hiis the mainsm indepeentn tse swingheai tatem sin i tpehit it'n tunseme sntngally ffertet fr theea par tys t t'in atunme >>oodlyolic for terfrhe eademoarats jumon atis >> >>dicor tnk i t'mos umer bl is polic >> anwhatheseeo tnk are i llinfor morof theol anatse sam are e t
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inr emorraf he inongres don wamor t mpleto veraor inoneson le vor more of thsame asvideed bthe actis m thee reent'jobs thme asde be ti pl he. t' bst hecan'go fthero th ft a i thepl do hen'he fy'reerth are tunelectable dhany here w. >>e'llollothis unecbl eaheawithn cisy hristi and sa h >>lill blootisout, teath hr ispublndan pside ial eld h li b finly out.t, t wh h bl candidate h pasdel td he in st pn o s whehur c sdiinkiteng t eno ? stn 'll ske ae loo skit e l a herma l cn a hishe99rosal ne. er c aisro ne anccidt don't ha to ow y dow aniddot hao yow wi betr careplemen
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aible ly wh lirty mual a o inrancwi etcaplen aie wliy mu ainnc youcar'totad, we ge yothe ney r a r onmodeyearewer our'ta gyoe y a on todeearnarore,erisit s toy. to rernonsie,lityit to wh's your pocy? resity wh urpo? @@ ♪ sg poy woy dole althe y ♪♪ spowodo ale ♪♪ ♪ah @♪
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>>wellahalin and >> chlls chriie he me itahal offndia ne her chls lri s h m te g.o.p. ffesenti nonationner l avinthe t pma.ory f.pield. all, ti but not. naon so, hich oinfehe pma c fonldtend ers l, ha t bes , pch to cnd f up ha beeconomy? p to is wk weake f ulose ec omlookt h ma ca winwee lo okt hmaca h 999parosal. h 9we' back arol. dan ' ba hnger
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anand my ngro' adanyndy dan, you wrote i tnd to teou hotma i in tseously? e forne tng ul w liv e se i aouy?orld whi or t osiulrs w l runor thei a presidcyhiha rsjust th y n woror hew, esheha usth arty w n oonw, conol the nona ons tye're noon foledhe a the omnoens wite'hre m romney heom ck pryr m seo e andmn t m ia h pryororr less a ordained that tse t wtere thorfroorrunnesersnd da tiny'hat t ee on p eopltheohonnre g toy'alkab t. on i t pkple l g at tokab tk hma acat d inact, h a int, herus person wad anerus acc mplrs wd busines careere at pl d usillsesry heyereet ent him ls phadelphitoeeenspect en h burger kinand riv phdehi. ns ct ty enrgt himind oah. ne astka toen timhe sam ing.o ah he r nior pneresi tntnd t s hins gg.iousde o nhe or psi taxes arade a ndh o gn siausde o serityand tho ughtee xes a rase arved clo sia look.
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se ty >>d khohtmaery,e youve l ke d ed c lo at ok999 pl an. >> kma y, yateke at d o you ke boplut. t? >> ell,t mean dyo herman caut un>>rsl,nd thme importaef not hnishg cn it a un thath funmpmetantf getting t sh c is e noat g fnggain et ng d t 999ngga pinla wl n t he a99 tax9es c papal glns ae aax esit ll c bacally,ns a cbantivcaesy,nvesrs t p eir ney ck t wk and c thiv's tes moses t appealing r ing y out tt and- th>> n toosdivideppnds,ng no g xet nto -ateax nnd idihide is,t n imine th e ayll tax a i i i t it alan t t's onthay ll t ncomit, 9% on t bt'in o reipts nd tn it om , 9% o n inoduces9% nat ionarelts s tesit t. >>nd ihink in tucut iatnnal t inco me>> inkx, person incom t is impornt aco l tx, pso n nc fane isitmp thatvebo l stts ping xefa rneig t venowbo there st pg big p roem that owoshe hal of e vg p pli catoes not h pay o iome taxg anof copse woe y nou goto po thaxe pls a you anvof then w y yo gove a diffent etth o pf aouvo incent es tyon someo aneif tfet's beinaxed t hece cur tnt seos in ax inmeax trate. c
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>> %axra. >> to 9%nce t% ra. youust lthat. o t wt do you . thk of theu l naaton sal taxid w dyou righknow e ste ahe on al axcaliti he ses taxe s,ghw s b-- >> wdon h li ati nat hio snal xe t. b >>ouldou nt wdunce h aatonioe? a umtg g >> tldhintdu enacdon wt g g t you'd he end w an enroounmenfore tmeous grth,ut t sds o enroenrou gr h,pote tnt syds eopeanty te essopeeanty gerent and tialales t w ch wee gn't erve aen aalso the es tness wax pcht of w ie whi t a he he c tle the et p rot ss p of x wasically a v al h cleddedhe pt t soasalll a ohoatddes ed ay a tt 9%so i oea at it' simp le. 9% i itea t'mp. oi tgive eitconoc grth, t ifolitians do veat ty eno n ormagrll, ifitns o, t nma ratet t rates u o time r. a vteratyoo gerent andtime v er compreoohense ta foo grieren t a thane ve no tha s recoly arenstaoo driifficult y an e he withhi plha, rea aajor dfi lt fly i y d't gheit rid ohif the incor tax and flnt iduce 't g
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id the sfal tax it's incre i tf nd ntthdue rcees sta loth b salouaxt' s e th ipe cehat res s unit stas haou thpe wittht inunme t is itat ttaheha res don't s wta low fovein t s >> t agr with at bun't s ta low ink e iorta pol ical>>gr itpoinis tt wrebu sti ng k ita ol heal h ing tw a sti sstti he nvergtionbout a h pl stti a eronut h hmaca's p fls a gh withi t conmateca o'sf seri fslsax refitor r tonfw. ri the simpsefomss proped tee psonaw.rate he8, 14im3 ass oropra tte p ratnaete 3 aorraate o26. pau rig. >> rila o 15.% auigpeon >>27 la rpore ande 6.5% sales taxor a an6.this is wre a seriousal x rerm iaxsoi t oc ir, w a sio it's nrehe i dscuio t o ese ssue and we' ll's jn d cuve tioo tough whe ther e ue nd'll wd ue'pith a s ales t t tou w orerno l u >it>h sast jt yihe oth eror aso her>macaas goi toyi hebethakense sl yoernowoi t hat youakreenetng y plosonophicwly i yoo k t ye atet old film c lipson ictt yoo oro feyro the n tt'9 a 200ros, tconser ve'9 a
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00ns pro-bortn, glol waing uff,un ctrol he' mo-edrt lo waofg the osf,io cnsolownd hed ckndheionsooe rm c ai nd d be rmcl cton andee h lendarylashclittohnhend form pside overea h y lacareh coshets a rm pdeisver ploph yre os hasn't change p lo andphyf yu sn pposean tion s alndes t wf't y itse on s t w 't gi the itreside oma a an t run a gain it gihe de sa oma i a a gasthi san teg rssint seive t on p rsa pend sthi at ty wa touy iv t o n rotheand od ae ev ythi and tantswa taxut for t rihe, d bu a imposev ohindtsax ut on the poor? ri>> , well iceainly, i wionhe be sowething tha hcermanai ky,inne iwi b e will hsoe tgoha dwenthan kne lle tweavi,fend viforsly.avi, hean dend . nd i thk thbigg proem i vthatore,y. rigt no ihes d nd ot ththgg ro i w l-oratnizeandig i ne's no gwtiorze tdhe people he nee' tsoet o t i pneoe i ndne t w hashiro a i if he
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esn't geshiran the, i on h thi he's g ngn'oge m the, i hi he's io m pau oka mar thas, illahd, he i we allaukaarhano w l o chovd,ernmen relltis isnow ad or o oven buses re tiis is bahhed for yor alus? s ahow tdoral? tood d dr admistrati cou cosyou ur le ne. oo dr miti oum onost, bu s. lne w poon b sorr! po were on r buness rr we o buss t's routgreg toresn gring sinees u maine--macne t hnols y utegtosn grg ne u mae- acfr t verolon w eles sie frer w es e ndg maine. ale ady lled ndmae. co bik aly causedthe sine withhe bt tenoloules coik use neth btelo es i he a hd. ye, i og nuil bui'm ild ubbeup. [ hale a noun.r ] trutyeis, i quil noesnl bu m un-sd ff yber no.. ally [ e un] ut, il sn [ ma ann-sncer y no alkaeltzly pluliqu gel ghts our marstnn er ld s ptomkatzluqu el lus relves ur sffy se. tsr t som deebrea ]s els sy . tha you that theold eeuth!eaaou athed h! feme anunce] soyou ink ur ks
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ar getng eugh getaes? emance sou k ye kh, marbe n . et e h tav8 ?fusi jui giv the a fl seing vegable ye m n siuiivhe fseg egle pl a fl seing fru. butplt ju f tasses lig fruru. tju as v8li wharus yo numr? v8hayoum
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>> the unid at fd anhe drugdmintratn baed r-- bad nior yr he falthd an saug thainatba over regu la-on i sd or yth sahaer gu costg erics thsandof lis ana hriv instg icthnd li andury eseas. iv t f.d .a cmieioasn frer t.d 2mi5-20io07. rer joins m now. 2wel20me. goodto h e yo bacoik on tno progra >> t nkseldav h yomeac >> pau l: tedogal dices ts induriesaseen o >>au d ic esmeria's gat b inesindu
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es succns st oie ts t in striry t g b heseadaches tccngst s tike ea v alsndry toi h daes tng eplame s, ut y sayea i vsndoi danger a ayla y hayding in part a t dlegetrayeras h diwhn >> rt atwell lotwh ofomni >>ll ot mo tniperations eras a c't gmo t approlpeti thrsoueras he unite d staat'tnd g proct asl in the t utest fooan pdrug adminstraheon a mart th prodt woldwioondan canug oy gemira aarth todhem woimwiov indn curop y ged ca macrem in tm urop ur a loo c pacaes lerenindia, op hinalorazil lin acca,es whathey na cl cozitryl viua, ccou wt wa to c mkecotyhe dicen , e cpany y hwaave ke he manu dcturicit ie then s cpa placwhere iewas ro d nubyur ihe a acer irod relary. a andouan't get ithrgh lary meteahrouave manufactur yr dice a mo inouav mapefaurr ic pau thaseeo o turn thepe wld auuphae do andur in eseem oecldal whe nure wnd binhe unite stemat es. eche nthe weer we bnite. the overreg athein and ey tded toheve oveegulate indha td h tpened
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th hasow made ud veule stat slor th h eurnee? thweas eaduropee h md e atlo thur flex ible we a eachopfehe m prov of medic exevleicessh he co ared t o ruovfheed they evic ha mor eco sreinge theedheic ha mor e viand i thihas edic chgedn rent years,d i t th tshe f.a. schnidficantly ar i ireas thear th terms of sni thntmarks hee in he u.s.ias hean t mmsanag oemenft thrkhein ohef s.he proces msag jentsn't ver of gd ight owoc insner v g td ht food d idrn admerinisatioand yohavehem ldi u oo p duct newd dr pdmroduiss iio d animyo svetum es idifac on t markct inew euredu ind ime' stu iacn rk n r euiurringomndhing toe'dy oducndase i rhi ingomhi ng t j com ucndase analtan.s.eahile, have , al 5,an0,00urea whhe easahi p, ducthanthem. 5,00 >>ive aea e wxale ohr wo ofcthe pctth a.pprod in >>e eu epe fxa whi orandasn' of pbeenpproved here i >>euell, f ihinkdhe mn' en ro dmpelng rheht n is t >>l,he m rticel r v nve is replacemt. rigow i ficac ig you he bad iouba aortical ao oicr ty ve
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vaeha dsn oal owell. y ve vathoe pntsan o gonto wehear. failure dho antots a tosick aroraire surgery. and rui retosicffecortivelypensuer hear sge adt r suieas ff ece rive chechest. ar sge in euret sea ri cht hew, they eshave etwodece thtere ty ha ave dwo thieek r tntvening on eve ati c vhive ak ndntve bngicnally oing thregh an aery i v tvehe a blegiclynd t ngeadihrng a the a ery replemt valve ueghrndgh a tdi chehete int the plheemt. vve a andt' kcinte ontf t lik t. coronary anndoggi k a lomicatednd con anggi a om icat'edthe sa bas ide sot avds t on hrt 'e saasde su ersoavnd t there a a hboutrt 4000 su eueropends, tree in theut 40 0u.s-eupe >>0,0e .inhe >> s, one.s dev-icou get>>0 appr ed s n a thes, oneever ou et jod ice prn sn a thehe oarke tut in e 1500heureaarkeutppval n 15om00 t fooand ug minirati tood g et inin a ti pital ial ef tha g ia exrint g pi pl igsl nd t she. >> t food d drexrintg ug ps admi straon wld s in hespon, lo, th 's tneoo if eurugeans d omi raat w surn j ob ons loths
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to i proct the luresns of at urer jan paen . to pso wro nee t t do t ohese er clic t als w anieemals do t se beuse eon w clic t ts ni exriment firbe one heanon w bngs, seeed toak eexrint ir nthesreut t b ms,e s see t taky'e se and es effect tive. mee yourre sptse? s nd we m when ur ysp havse clinil we re wheat wn av liu hani a l o eopns oav dic we an ha l requing mpans t go bacok icand aperint ipigsan qu shp, g t aantack d otri igs ty're gng sh, a oeaot t you c tany' lrn fr the cnicalta t cand lowing n the frpphevalca procs the d wi on t the pp vapoinltre ty' oocns thehe omaethen rope years efinet y'in t u.s.n w te sulbe aetn peea lea leering ha tt.s w pe senceul andbesi ea linhat pecend exrimttatn, if wi ofutti theevic in eximatn, e iopns, wisee e emps oferetihe ticn e, e edas e rui long-term ouom stu es ng erwhme t devices au sn e wht iceure. e deces don't f inside e an alurs a nd w hende yes pon t nslve rlaceme san ialid aend n tpig or rexlaple, mst gido into ig
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medte hrtexaipllure t g becae tnto edrtaire al doesn be fca t the hea. >>ou'vwork at tal dsn f.d.a heea how>>o 'vyork wtk to mehe.d pr al powcess wfas m? he on t ond y h pss prassuren th age y on o increa the y rul prrethge o reir emenin andea lkhe mule longermoutcom esor micrealirenndk m evic es a hat'ng a separouatom es ic dalisssio ando wre ic a foowint'pati sts aepng wit thdisioicndond w lreoo w th in ti or aot t witevic e isth icnd l ctuay--th at'sor sep tate ba. evicis the her sues j tua- m'sanagepentse f t. ro sse ar ndes i thnk wt's os oag ttshe tss a i wss t hat the t dels i ttinback toom pa es ad.nd i s t t hohein dtheelm i in l bo ainndckotom pa in advan tohe ho ciheca i l sbodies as puti aot in an coanieut of business sespu ti d i inkothere i 'the coie obune i kre cuure ere at rlly prectes e ti cosof pita and idea se e mon rthy ec s detios b ecau you ta'tnd me ea s youonrin des aauou rulory ag ytcord behe diffences tweea coany t gng agfotardco abendife rsi eecoy g fod tndhe capil tousta the sins, mber i t pi cotoaris to taeheru g n coanie sma coeranie is. 7,00cocompisieso n thu.s. coiemao ie st employ f ew00 thampns 2n
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s. e fewha eloyees. pau allightscot gotteb, anks weill 'e byee. f ol wiau tllhihtsot tt , as wks. wel ethan foreingere. f hi hav t takene or we . anornge. av break. neor en wcomeack,its d mies othe ek. re wmek,s mi oe . [ malennocer onceyouast nefibe one0 c[ orile...oer ceut i swe honne tasbene cri. .. i we% daony vaase ofiber. ..nd calies da var sofvinger. ..d al s .you y wa s to ngll aew fends .u wao a fds ♪ ♪ or l othe ♪ ♪ r oe ♪♪
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i' go t myowl. feme anunce] n fibi' oneo 0 camyriesl. ye youan auall loveem an ceeakf t.nibnecaes yeou allve kf ♪ ♪
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