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tv   Stossel  FOX News  October 8, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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haewsuer c he ox theumbeone able newsewrica chnel u ameca a ou adeebee leewsne fca num ber che fl me m aore thaou10ad0s a f nths n a w. umr f mehat t has en? u ar ab t hsa to fdtha? arab ot. f o >> grge sh, is i your ge , li. >> iurwithllue li specwe'v >>all oseexcusthefor >> fr, ec'v ball cede andcu dorgero . f yo nev kn whathe gualtsd nd e gog toay droyou nev knyo at wevrenhaegu gng to ay.goto >>uevnkissger d wt, gto.oo here>> hadis hd on-ss r >> oh,'m sry. ere ad a h stion doi theh, v sy. aunprtiictae mooints ich th vink e p ople prtamos h at ho lov k >> gd ple jo ban! in hoeov binni it s g lik jo headne b ne!. n bnit n iik sayadhatneon fx? ayat d th f we nt tally loo. >>e the wanto h r tly conrsatn. oo were o>>erin i in aan hsmar and ontellatent aywe o tooin the isuesnofhe d. ar >> he fd brallt hoos a e es d >>
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fputaraon f ha bngdgy, ta's f b moviy, telisioshownd ortsave alys be vi innoeltiveiondowd tsealbeearls wh it nove cometo tkingrlwhisk >> wmeare t bang. >>butnk >> het, wewsea cor t chaian ahewsor ai a ceoupermurdh halwaybeen newan d he s coeoitteertord sta inghaayen aew he co te fitat-clgs ns opatio tha too,ould bficl nopionnovhaivend ttin edg o,lde b ca annnceheove sarti indg of a foxcanne sti ne chnel. of>> ifonew atupe is te hl. ki of iman atw ookpeiskss t nd ki pumoneat rin oko bckks tm. puneir. rdochit b t h fai . octn fo haiews carm an fo ce rogs cm anles. om theogegiing ger ail s. clea y stedth the misonof fogig rilnews east to rort hel siiss of t thefo ws stor u iase r at siof the filted. or themerin use a ople are vy lt. herin smt. le th knoartheiffence b vween w, fac sm thnoefee bennalys, accommtary sp, anly b
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the thermmry wsrganspatioan won'tellou t difrenc b we wel. er you eanio abn't toll t enrifnc the w ou abin ztoe.ene is z bterfor our cotry to b kerw thr deurilsf whoy thtorelecd of kcialthderes h ing? woul argu yesthit i ec>> tofrealre pple o on'tg? ulgu es ive i los t anles, pe 't nw yo is san anciano, bs,to andhos nyo g cn ies cio b mae wen't nd seed aos he ti. it cs s a marwet siting erese a waing ti be st ved. serardsig et. >>wag e thk i am sd. er faiand ba nced>> andhimiery ai idske baednd th queion.ry >> wtkeoesair daland thue men. to u? >> w thiesr airannd alanmedo >> meshitoir bngan e ne mes b cura lyneruthlly,ut wth rantac perecti. whent cathy, w ou ac a fewerti encaeekago om hou, th heewas nereko h th inrvied the accer i n inie th i >> enha de sory bre --insa >> t re w serusuesons d s yabouthisr wo--n's ttory w er i jues didst un rstaou whyiswos ey wen't bngry juid iestited.
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un youtamellhy a r. >> i wid't b >> it itid. ous all r teific e ampl i o i aory erybtey elic was eoingpl d weid ot i dieren y yb wael as ngand wegot rght. t we i ndidenhewa d isss frt ed r t. wa theecan neadissfr wahenrela. >>verydy gs whdi's gng onn th cntry ihinla at>>ry g twhey g lke tontth we cyoury now,in weon't t llk t dwnwe uto w, anody re. 't yosay d thhe anorey .eopl knowndoy vihers becmerepl educ edow theis beecer tershey be me.uc he ie elie t trsy fbeedom.f the i pres re lyie t a f promary e re nctie odemoacy.pry >> m timpreion wahingmoy.our mshows at yre arenwa ngnr owactis yre neroom >> te. the retioteom t exts. >>hey arehe't exas. youre gheri the newxt in >>yre realme a pexting. tha ou griheewin rect on . al a >> pngha susciou paages ctn onard >> twousou ups plpaeses veond fced oso ples tps bel uarained f d>> wdon' have dails npl tate thatraed p wkagen've d milst lkike. >>t wa a atens pge enmironm lt e. an the qution>>as twase a anesnsre itheennm air. an
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heat'su goong to t esappe inexter. 's gotowithpext yog, bitis thtaff yoworkg4-7, ti t stt-upff rktwor7, lached tstup orlaedoctor 7,1996 to7, onl17 mlion96 ouselds. compitornl mon c, wases. mpor i 70 m clionwaomes >> a youad tdosalk to t i m newonooes be auseou t eryby he waslk t tewhnicly e ettinpaid ess,ybhe worasng re and t doicg mout asinid als,stor likehey ere anldomotoc olde. alrehes key peoree eal thiocde es tivad? eo >>asalhi abody wchin in vaocto r 19?>> >> a ndy. win itnas likdoin to19 te?visi i n it vikuum.intesi i weould t enwatct vm. in weld etc manhtan caustherwas e armentithn theable nhn comusnyers arnth th thatleom hmanhtanire >> ihin we ateed h tnh cane i in mrmurdh. >>o i ved at o tca m vi mrrd li t?>>i do u e er o m op ai li rlect yea dow the o ad e anhin abou a ho farhislace rcts ea goow?e an >>in w n ro rou aihos wldars getce go d y i>> wroavei wet ive-arplan
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i kno vefe-an cn i thounot th fguy srinkg kl-aicn >> iouth y eall nkelie kai >>ll tha overmeie x has bome aha ereal as b poerful aalews pouloperion. nn ds aern. 6-yr he srt.n d but in fivand hf-yhe s.ears fox ws w tumbnein iivd hrs x wmb i viersh. toy fonews has avege vish tofowsas ve1.86illi vwers i pre 86 litime vrs i cnr me ascn 7,000 x mo tanoubl 700cnnand mo tbl msc inrimeime. n>>d uamerom msin men. e. wh strkou wn yo e gotm he? >>hen was whtr worng wyootat he c we>>n s dor aarge cwe age aff. >>e he a f. s er lge>>taf h a w he li s tw lve. erybfy hato imblin w orr fo us hli ttw. ybha st on bl toor tofous t staytnompetiveandotootay nuer o . ay >>ndoupenowved ualko roayr a es anuou o th >> anow owk
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yo stayrores a a ad hehan cotant eyocourayeses u atohe thinoutse thbox andconto eur u someing ffer t. ints >>thoux mabed meg reaterbut >> tataatt t rt iolow! wha t i wld youw! ha say aut o w corroupondts a theork the do? iay aink oey a err bndt in a he kehe ? sine. k wh aerta bin pele wne sha bewhame sstapesuggted ey whare be e not joualis at ggx nd s i nt tlookat tem aouay,ist ni ally tok an the aayn soy, cas ty ly anheso catera tyiskheiliveto get ter storra k>> rht nowheyeive a t r or fir g rowy a ir tig tigas. he forss.ave g to ireore go eatjourlist >> y wer the fitersurst yerhe i publly trsought allediao bl tghal mentn thiaame ama n ntth ladee a why d hinameome toind? de >> iy hi arivamee pottod?and
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i a knva bin lan had p bed kninla ha imicat i tbeat pl imato bl t pl up aplan ovethebl a paanfic.vee enirples thr inpac. ildi s ipltohrn n yorafter di e irst secds i meione n or tehis nam >> ts e t echas be nelibe te. s amme o the y tuspeshats b co to be.mind osam obine adenpe at whahang coo f yondof aamnen ptemhar 11?ng fo a >> it lem11? chaed o t seembe11thecau it beca morhaabou othe ws d sebeth aut le caor aouute evythi els le >> aer a aevhilsfireght,hey kill osa a bin aladeand toret,y cu ody llsa hisinody.dedo >> b cuy isy. lan isead. b ltip srces laosambinisadend. i dipad. ses am n theen i rcue ofhe d he of r e nersf f if cile appers unrgrod f 16 igici c e pedays peop aunro f6ciholdg gilsys peopop aikeisa,ld h lsmily op >> beack amaa, h ithe ly ne pres ent bk ta ited ihe stas. ne
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wh a est re it tas edta wh ritbeenen >>ou can cunt foxnews chanl fothe >>ates inan c t oxpolics a thews anfo eveesfromesn r li ahe naveon'som pita and r cunt o t mna's ta wd shinon. ct o straht a tead, t timy win . lach ospec l re rts.ra ad, t im la oecres. >> i d i d n hav xual retion witthatoman nav al reonitatan
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at ber, 're -invting asrin r pa relf.
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th n ext-str bgth, e bayenvadvang aasirinn pael nxttrhyeva a inithas cropticl tershe bodstam fter its opcl an rusrss re bef st f therite pai it clicallprov toelie paianicusas fret. hee ai itlillov toieaiic f new yer vanc aspin.w r ncsp.
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>> cerinwashgtons li drin fr aire ose ccausin shon itli inr com are notop sp. its fe owinus >> iitant u to lten om mo p si am aitoing fin iot toay lisn m am aga. ingy dga nt hai sxual retion th t toma n >>ha s onalreon ta nuar26998, >>en sme da hat aresidt8, cltonave that s dastunngt idt dniallfoxne natsun dalx mana nngs edir nadirit me w toldyhe shinont w ld buau ief e ti wasowto in lauhbu f tias aightaurogr. that sho a thepeciht rept. egr buratauhohieheciep ur biet has me's wiim. b ha i cledogerand 'swi. cderd aid egosidd fo a mment an sai she' righos fo >>elco t a wasng mntanai e'gh on>>.co tas
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i'm it he, anon'lle he ch nm ht o hanll thehepeci n ovent that-heci >> ger lde itas bi nt deal o gat you >> i w ar ig deait fomebio geal gou i weaoere gei waexcidbou it. t mreanti m ewaciou net. s on t e way mti m fae banceon ay brit hme fa led b "spceial repo" fo ri h n yrsed andspodayl cont ues a fpofo ws chael y nd ayntritor. wel me nts f t ha whingn. rir. el t w i'ngbret br. >> wtdvibout i' bret ge b u bere y>>ook woveriut er gaid o ings be yoker one bd o gs yoselfandne bwo,(t) t new yolfd drivo,he) sh. >> thisew iwhy i iv neesh a>>s iyumv. >> andeeheews as kenmvrit >> ouof tndstudi and n the ro andit ou t ev ondid he rond 100ile bkeev n ride th woded v00erane b and deesid t bu.od >> v ian mstndonfe yidbubeat mfe yat expeatio. >>t mu hav beepretow. peio >>muaves,heyeeetw.
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wers, y [lghte >> scialepo haseen er to fo100 [lte salonthpoin aasn toow. fo 0why you thieoplwatcatth a 00?w. y >>ou thihit'spltc ?ormu tha >>his rks. mu ha s. wos wh ritreat t th whoohtrucre. itat t thhouc. is nws dven. e rresnden n dri it. dn. and en t esaveenri anysist.t th end the how d th t t nel,ve it'snanisth d hew quatn tñr l, 'sthatwork. andouat thk abt spialat rk rert, undth thk abt fonewsbsp l suay, reu th, k auut the opleth abofoatws su, in 2th ahe cha le ny snood st 2imha an risnowalle, yrselan bit. s >> nyllas a yel ne bomer. >> os telesioneer d aery brit andalend leon a y y anari swtnd guyennd pple uld ns tha aout anim.sw chuys w a pe d ha le atimat stm. atch c wews,nd helemast brght th t very s, gh dree hebrt th pr essiryalisto ts ask de herend itind prfsi isuts twn thideahat isks a
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ret bundof s theat a counervave oballho d cova o llaxe to gin an soorth >> faiand eto banced g theanth oxaid mo bo ince he ourovere, inur moin urportg, i o qeresti iing. howo yo rpond rtto o qti peg.le who ow syo rnd thaour camign s e be a ms ooar? s >>har ad soamtimen we tbe m? >> rpring a awerssome e >> wisyo wuld putside ri ars >> isthe gota que wionsdut >> bdeurpses, eotuens bheyrps, n haen ahere >>and eytt ro ey -ha a >> harlre >> wd t a greo - surise h>> gdrl t see w y. >>re tsuse r atio hip gthth te y >> t rio obp a whe hse h bee ob wh mplited. en i h wa hh peeess nferces, li hed.y i iswa ps bullerg,s, he henis r teow. llhen catin ate - . >> hat' that m doi. c>>in he aand >>t' jayt arneoio a e i d backndyneorth a and ere i cksalsoometh d enipi soat ye wre smebo fropi th whithous y wall sdaboroth
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itus lnati >> wthe allricaeop car abouthe lti w fa thathei aemiuca pear oing ou ue 25,fahaei 40 iu %. ng weave u doometng a5,ut it 40 >> l me wee ioertthiset a >> yit ha a lmeignicant itis y hatervw wi predent onima nt rit neathe cli rv mwi ofre thent o ri healcareeaeli mofhedeba. al >>reheegistionsot leba norigh>> theisonre - >> i uderslend. norealgh donhe talabou ocesbut -ere e i urs a l. alon ofalou qu tionesint e t 18,0 tt l lk autf pcess quon t8, tt a p ss >>omehave iticed y >>eve llinit a ic ynterptatn. wh do you in say ao tat. if u ar ner geatin who ou sweror yay are t.etti f ar nge fibustednswe erere y re hos thballtior aongime, fi stu kiwe e ofwehoth it ll ag vierse,o preski >> iof at logi fornteiuptis es u so>>uch i'm a aregiorryio g tte mtist fo our sock he. >>chhank mreyiou vyg t m muc for h i>>nkppreatet. v tha uuc four tim >>rehe feal queshaon f frim y >> f es f my iend if ts yjob we too myell nd up tibeo unrsta the's aecon opti for ullp a auntahe aonaree
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>> dwe hty wt to beree mdo ng ciet o d do w w wtot to beee etnn oo w wto st be st crae ♪♪ra sunasse♪♪ [ iresunscreseh ] ♪h, iwas e fit ti [ fellesn lore ♪]♪ is fiti lllo♪ ♪ t fir tim felty het ♪ tirim lthe♪ man opleay i fortful [ hon hon ng ]le iorul ♪..a thrgh t nigho ♪on ] [ n ] ybe at'shy wgo so ny morab plas.♪.ahr tig♪ [ ] e 's w o mabla ♪ ♪ ♪♪ [ ale nounr ] he saru tbac [ e un] su ac ve t roayou' on. toau'n.
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>>ho w theirstn-ai tale to hir forhe f ws chael? e>> whestai leo iror f swer ha? er laurree >> a ur lotee f alossu. >>/11 s thesu >>1 he biest, trin thebi ft,nancl meindownhe fncewn >> kep yr hnds out o >>y pigg k y h bas. >>utouan'talk o abt ggheba >>'tk blacbvalusyst. lisn. >>o yoknowhe ibe tionac-lu st. >> i
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is studs>>yoheoowgy, entbeoon >> a senar. ud i dn't k. eo, >> wtt do yo s to e a ecritr.s th say tt we a dt f>> w do yoom b sngo fa andxd b lanc ?t(itth ay t >>we a gav fp baarinndxd bnchatt( riti>> av thk a ng tim agoinat ti pason i tha polics d iimgo ses toe w t eas i aiencoles i seto w a ncres out. >>yaxesnd yrs. >> if is t.oubl y>>es t yes. th 's i twe whbl'm king d t 2. th >> y dontwwhm ngay 6naxes 2 >> y miconel i pay 6es 60 >>ou he haic theountay th desn'60 pay any >>come h ha xeshent th d andn'he oer hfay y limerall pasng ahe lls d geingnd o hf aaseb llill bat to a eir ade s geg sa ang y areeb ar't bto r payi enoh. theimesa yre hs cor yino hee r h afcordab heahcarin ts cotry. andafabeaar tealtare a subctcoy. nd haity d higues connuelte ub debe. >>ndou a hay hieson yeur creby >> govemento th a kin oftuff l th tim y >>r youant be letve ountthinofofff thre? im u ar weouome go.t eet ou ist ? sear, i n't ve e e ythio. tstei t ahilogifor. t to tou nyon >> tss aout gier. tou syonemat t s
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diantl gt of thicouny.yat >> i ondi 35 tlarsld. hiun havnevebeen ieres>>d ion5 s . potics avyou veveen ies waked pocsleep g u gian >>hisis nkewhatdhe ep cotitu on anote. >>is isnot n aelfaat stcoe. tu it houle.not be it afa ast wel re it stule.t be >> dwe wnt tbeelree m st ciet d w t or w wnt to bee etr w w t bnannstat cdle to gve? freom nnat ia ce bgo p gt? re i o b pour progm. >> p aricafreerm up ainsogt p yr aca tyreeny tt wodp ns y rceyr two won to ewoto -- >> teal awer is fedom-- >> w n tal arouis fom w lk at t wrds r fo ldingat tdocu wnts heredofongcure - - whe. he nwed by urwh hereat nd noy our vernnt. i tnk tssatno a r marnr. turn tg po tt as amicanstan
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up a y to ama rnpo tasirmanan a toolitians ough! t>> wt doou tnk mas th itfoxnsew gh chnel w sudo a tmath s cess x fie ochlsu dams. if sssou bld ie it,hey dlls. ce. b antherwas visn fot,y fo c >> w ne aanersightisfoigho n w ne toightgain a thehtolital ghtablhmen n to >>hts thin a bhe thihatit thble'sen >>th bhiat a tualthsltertive viewand icesout ere? a al ierve tewinkd es tt e?onstutio shou dctat t wkt tthfedel st goiornme oudoes dndat t wy ouldtdedo a thinthatgo me wasnes ven t t the byldhe a inat pe le. sn we en't n theskinor aby ndoupe we. wan toe far't youinan g cknd i hooue an anarprayou a not ou ging g iho sh , yoannow,ay the aot gg rst ow th i sh wyo on.w,he >> st ator obthole, w wl wn. ve y bac k mor sor ofe, w wouroney >>. y allacou he tooro is sfowp ur anlastey nig. bob olell pr hed tois th. s >> was ne ousanstigob wrele. pr i dth n hav>>as engh eeeriese ofostg onre i nav tlevinon s eie ofston ose pes w ar unr tvi s hofullan aed grd. the e as e inarun holl ae g. he a link b. >> annynd l bolme ha>>on t
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aifornnmeha t air the chael'sirst elve ars. e cnsertive aheha'sst tve s. cer liveral a rsonied ir a t banced >> ililas ond a eectiore omaed th i rert eti an me re d we adtheame port me. m a iwi. thi w de rt . o rwheing idenhi d abus ohe g pow . en >> itewer? in iteusof ow our>> ew?olical disa eemen s, weve h a urwondfulwelvyearago.lil sa thame you w h a>> y a persal iend nd l>> tlvs iaro. goi to haou y kil al yours nd t wi ioi t cservism. i'moing il mis yoou >>ou hwie a gat crvinstm.ct 'm ngu kn isyo wt >> hhea gst knaudi wce was.é waé
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>> t kidare t ofhe hse an i'mn e mo. >>ll ri tt,ide of d h an'm mo anne s>>ri d ce n s re ep r. re >> you id r no cu>>ing.u ihavet saohecug. ford ce.vesa >> yhaveeenood. i'goin fd . t ive yvenyou. d. the i'in eat ericane t e ho did thatu. hevol ?t ic ne is esigd tohoeid funha a ol lile me ight iarte aig to al toun bng pple li mhtte a tele sionhat alu doot b s pe everay. i dn't aveleont do s ts sh aerd i. dt di't hee rio th evyday aasi a di h r tleti uld b dringevay arnd ithe r taing oet d bri ar i e selftaigould be king qution givg lfansws, i ld uld thehoste ng >> y wou dquvingon yivur wisw nut i d hest y ou d thang to y wi ut >> evy nighafterhahanntoy v gh tecome"on ennecor wi gre men vasustan. ore foows rwirecuriity ovast . peop andlacefoins waingt
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10:30 pm
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10:31 pm
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10:32 pm
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10:33 pm
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10:34 pm
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10:35 pm
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10:36 pm
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10:38 pm
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10:39 pm
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10:40 pm
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10:41 pm
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10:42 pm
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10:43 pm
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10:44 pm
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10:45 pm
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10:49 pm
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10:50 pm
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10:51 pm
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10:52 pm
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10:53 pm
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10:58 pm
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10:59 pm
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