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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 9, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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chl t n arou:0a. jemy kitn. re rnsouom and h jelemly som brea loo. hel eaoo jere s thefrontooras unlo ed ndrehe l sight ts wro onooas lo insi the lht w oou. as h passihe baby ls om. n hotases t bbyoor on, om ichsn't or nl.ot r on, h'tak uorpl. dr a nd the ciaks to up gbacko che ornd t e ba and d cors isato g icksohe o band rs isssin s anti theamileahes ineom ti he il no sigofabhey la. theynoiga. ey cl 911or help. or >> aund 00 ts mning h p. re nifie 10 on aldd tmng habeen aken f m h nie 1ome.on enen>> fansa hcityoliclaun ae. sech dr tooornd n rb y>>satyic un wo d to rtheyotica frt wiow on th e omes. has b eeeyicfrwiamred th om b its op witthe reen pued n. . ambitopitlee iens pu iued. bu no s mb oit ie iue
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l a.bu s o e >>leas bng ha.e. >> as h wedsday drae.nd jemy eday eakut b jegemgi fheaf turn o fkuthe b cghheaf r tw othe boys rern itinfor plea> , jutw droheherysff inr ywhe .ea ju ro rwe d'tcar just s wh he d safeherearhean comeustwh hom e, fereheanom >>udgeeani: caain eve youn is weah thkans cit p. pol e de rtme .>>geni ca n ethan for eing itunh wthsns thiits p.oldeme even g. an or ng >>hankou.hi s jud jninewellall en ri t, c tain>>a lonkhas. ud jhappneed sllcel yesterday ri c inere lo talsaboumeta pp s es rd tects, si e aloutaansnd minctessi ag w hranolse we onhe ines of. ag wat i hgoin onwe ohe he ?. i in >> oell,s yo menionhe? >>l,yo m yeonerday afrnoothe f cameut he wh mal yeda af oodeeteors d srched t a me hw m beyo the p pe y in hete s shed ba. at w n't om ayoip, he was in justasedn ba i de a wt aha, tas stsoedbodynad a we tug i hat woulgivet ry.sody a w e todathe ulvery dahe filyecseed o the amilnde ceackecse ed
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withetalettond e il ech ckedeutkhe actharalannd e ro anddhe rt out ihet is acar st ware try g ro endry rthin og it we p si bly we.g eryin g >> jge jninewhatould p si meyl dectordent.y fo yo j jneat ld >> w don'meknowdend iordoent'tfo re ly yoater. w n'we towught ie woed gi it re trayr.nd yev tnohtw woatgit tr y ywod tuev up. at younow, w have b wo tu u wo rkg th s inceouuesdw, andav b tracd dn 0 psrkth ldsce andsdnd ps f m tracd the p ts ldsnd line a fm t thinhass panned outlio the is robay noinmucswe pnedut wilo t isbanouc w tr jud jeane: m imesse wi the epar ent d altrthe effo s th you ave de.ud ea: im se capt n, i earwi theart ale foodthou te ha. pt dn iwasr takenod f t a t nadnrs t en the areahoad a accesto hereacc ithearag code ofhe itar iagrwin code fami. oka i i hine hed th flted ound mi have t chked ith theka hheth fl d inndstig ors bec au tvehachtdhhe anleme o t he i nv inestiigtionsec i wodn'te ab to cment anme i nv ontit.on wo't ab oain, ctment ions n ft.etched to n,
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ink at o dettiveare goin nto c ftactveryetdyedhe tyo cak and oy eetrythveg tet in cct ry ey c d ca d e judth jeatne: tu kn ptai thi is t c fir tim d th we e h ea ngudboea: nakn aihi t ir imbein ta n thme omeeo hnebona you ow, haven h rdin ttahaom eo at a. u , av h rd t me wt atnual. >>ell, gain i'm wt su at t familmit >>l,in saym insug but t cam't reatse theetaiay g ofhe i nvttigaon. rea se i'etnot aiing y tht it of ppen i or at wgald b. the i' t g thonlyitime at whave d onenitr w b t i clyane w assveure yo d wne a i trng c evessine ag. jud jeane: knowhat. trand ptai eyoun stawith us. udi saeadown: ithowt. la' s d aiuntath . ar ensawnh brradley a jenemy brrwdl hea jem dec frommharwt happ ed i neahis "justiec" fmmha ex usive. pp iheres whhi the"jyus" exive. h re twhoheay. me d myh neigh tborerout ay ont lkinand t he e my nghou t ind t boys we innd mia s h be a in urm-yeaold sught was h in a th red ro om witheahed anhtdas in theyave tv nd tthyrederroe whean tchi someysorte fndty falyta mov hiom artndf mea
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fataov a m erytng w doper erytng w preyorl. yt wjeopmyever wks igyts wrey orl. neror ks er w oveksrnhts ne ksrtaiy. ve jud jeane: is ilike the rst me t t yowork anaivern ht. ud>> teas is: he f ist tkeim e t tyork i anrn. ha t eveisr f not tnome at ght ha sveo.ot om >>udgeeani a: buthat nigh who nt tbed trst, >>genibuat gho td t, deie? de ? lis th i p theoys a th iis th p whes to sle. th i >>udgeeani: thneig wor s go s wheeyou .nt t slee>>genithig gohe u t >> y. jud jea ne: eed yothin th wasbout0:30 y yea ud >>eaere : e liyots oinor o thasut 30 i t neeath >> oe li o o >> j ge jnine and s th th ont or lked unloc d? j j ne d >> ithon't remem be t ld nl typilly lock t. i't r em mean typiy ckt. efanthe computereftoomhe cpu wiow o >>udgeeani: sohe mput roois ithe ont wi o of t h ou>>.geniso tha sutoo ie t t hou. r ig htha rig
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>> jge jnineand d -- j jned -- i cat imine e pa youre i g hrouca.ime paou wasou the a scrn ohe mput she scr wutdow? ah. >>eah. w>> jdoge j?ninether w . and hen am e>>h.n j a jne her w trieto nd tnheam wdonw becaus we mostie ner t e wxcepdot fo m be obeuse st neredom eept wch i s fo m o allyff the grod wch i s mayb twic o ly ery tnce in yb ic awle w wil elryelnce t i aw will boys wdoraed f tm sohe y dyson get w hotdo ithe f m su er. so but d kneonthatethat ot iean thsue ha.been'm t neatt ure the th hahas enen aouplof tese ure t elefthe windo on s aplut ies no enofth w tdoo where you wkyut i d i nono to wre i ysky iormal t is >> jge jninewhatoro yoma l meanhen u saye k ne j jne at yo whe c ean in n f smeor k
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>> w t im e he y fororll me h we,t j yemorll h 50 theemve. >> udgeeani : th nig 5 0 he yowerehe l.t too toed. turnhe l hts t. >>geni th igere s a reen n thyo re l to witoow b. theindo was rn ls e a enpeth wi b he do s >>es. >> jge jninewhats th ne thi>> thayou memb? . him omin in j jneatth t nehihau bmbom im in i di't kw wh timit wom til e diat kwh oim h w said i l at beusi di't cck baid cami beusdi a c b he amaiiwhy a all h th lhtsn, ynoaiwhy a ahy th in, y no the reenoppe out of the e en pe o o fwind, acn wahe a corne r wasndacwa pop ape out cne r as or sometng a i got up aopnd iut n't seton a k ino gwha utp a i t you' talng knohabout. u' and sonas sepingboituth m d don s setepimesin y kw, i setikese to- myids he aay ihen they retomyitid slept ie beday ey wilept be like to dohat whenwi can anhe aede le dot enan hy manicha ael was
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therandeas jus sepg m ha w ne t m er de as jd i ess ith gerytng h ne ts sang o loud to m ou i s h yt h , he hosa oughtou y tno m it a m ute, you nohehoht la's abedr mm do ie,ou on a we la' waysdrlosedot whenhen goe sleep ys aset w nht goendean le ba and checkd and h neht saie-- baamndin the roo and hed ai ere lis whe s sin t r at. ai d hee ishe hers st. cha he aryou you h know,e said c ha she not t here and wareu ouot ke s ai and sta rted e crotea tngre fnd her weot d loing ve whderandta sheedng f er wasn t relo.gvewh r d he jud jeane: e is0 sn mohs o. t re. >> s wil be 1 mons oldud oea: is mo o th 1n ld hebirtay thsexth. month. hertson >> jge jnineup nt, a j j ne nster aus cl from -- ofne er cof t stoleellho fnem ne wh ds t telltoole? ho ne plfe whsell fe
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jud jeane: 're ck th me ofy exlue v inteiew th t udea: e mofexe parteenw tf ba la. ar whatas tf fir thi tba la. diatwh t tirhehiy dcored tir t dahter as mishng ty d t ir at ght en y reazed da er is e w iocen her t t yead asn' w iener in her cri aawn' n al hof tstu. cat ithe irst tngou al t s thgh wheer y co s i ine st tng and ys wre i thisheery co i n may onef th boy s pd ke wd i is heup a w p layi ng aynethoys withd h he a w pdyi put h inithed whhem utand kw at wasted h he mpossle. d thate was wasn't no o ss. th whon'htt. o wasust wrehoht ass wre shest? he jud jeane: en s wa't ithe me wt isour firs tught udea: s di any wae co i toe wis minrd? rs ht >>ot rlly.
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di y co itoas jtind? panic >> pac. it j yodon'thinwhenanometng ke t t is appani. yoyoun'on'tin tenhiet. tis ur tughtniareverywh ere. u't t ey a. racg. thtevewhe. a ac the no -- nhingak sens in y thead. n -- uakust -- i i l e nns yea d. re al, s a ureus i--tsuste re, a re a it nigshtmaus. >> jge jnineand d th a bo wakigup?ma . >> ty j jned th w e bopak a?nd ty ty imediaty kn we aere t yreamg henamend lki im at knfor e re andhe yer e amherymeg lki r y, wre ind pumpkheer g is w lis ia?um jud jeaisne: d this udea : th remydidou make a pne ll? myll mdabououtheaka ? p ho mnes.oue i hn't tak mho t pos. wo h wit m so tyho andho t he phon w er on tit so kitych a on wer t itcounrnd. jud jeane: ere s en r ortshat unere re ree ones ud ea : onee as o thashe ad rts t e at j t be eske a head inet ohaead sw jchedo thb new one a soad ere as swedthew tne os us a e t brok a >>udgeeani: whe we
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thok? o ne in e kihen the >> gecounnir.whwe th >> udgen eaniki: whn didheou rst aliz thatunhey ren' ere? >> geni wh id i s rtedcrea ng t iz cataly n' 91 e? l and w seedea we c 91 l packinndand saiwh wis e phes a iwas gpaoiin td o s gr t m aphnd a he i had has w g oi t e on h andnde hadeuld out on anduld ut anald. didt ev rembe it w nt h e pidisevbeand in im hint poc hkeetnd we i hi dialeocd w dle 911d. jud jeane: apin sve ung sti witus fm th11 ud ea : aplice separ ent d je i ag tiit fth receredarbit je a. welce,eff. re d ancaptn yog i .ll gto u fi t.lcef f. ththre ce l hoanpts thyopi g fi thre hossg, dths itake en to yoifomne w er e toss dite bdenuc t a yo ba w whyerou tohe gobdnto tcheanothyr roum whe to cellnes wer hendotr thr llces perhones?nd t thais aood estin. ce thonly phingne can reallyay ha ad ti abt th is can c onfithrmlyng c ea th theamil tol ds t ha tabths an c fi rm reeell ho sth wheilolds t taken
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el st i wan aoakromise y if i an a th par ofhero iseesgaon y i led any ing wou havthar f puthe igaormaon o if would havenyelpeg theouav cas t i ma o f yondhat, c an't alulveabpethe the nd dt,ai c.'t ab >>udgeeani : th i wel gojeffndai w.e a l ki>>genith w ago sffemti wce the familyki mehe re the hetche fis ciltainy heposi whe the b aby'e she r cmin si wahehe b y' sff, t memsk y thi havewaou hrd an , me yhi abdveuc hrrd a or seone knappin a bbdabr wh b sotnehers knaopp go into bth om b to kers clo gnto pnes? >>o n ksaci unfornate wead a pot onekidnaping >> k ci ca us ov theoreaters we a o idat hpensinn th cas the ca ovarehe ceantrang o one thing h nsth as heand e c trat one tng id p thd ctim ey ually'tid tp nk about imthin le ak ug lyll pho'tne t aut or d nginthe elsakeg illnhohe orhousorpangrtment ttht eylsehe usare ipame ey jud jeane: youmind a t uenual? >> hat udouea: bouend ig unua sual for hem >> takteou thateignual cniti r m akep te g tohantto another rmti an tak c ell t phos.nt a
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th if ty arm in th e santcakl p babyy in g tar t in take by by ainea t qeck as a poible. ck a>> jge jninei ta fro yo las answ thapoyou ve ne e.rythg yo coul it i j j neta ro rela s to heyo pasnesws.hau etherthhaveyoeenul i ror lato that pnes. a erve n 38 ahatne call w p aneadale lfrom on of e pne adn yoe omonfirm whe th ronrf ot pne th was donyoe?on rm he >> arlootze b i can't tkthas on abouthe tailof the>>ze b c't inve igatoun. e il f if heereere thatveat 2:38 honef cealercapten i assu youhaouldt be bl 38 topnein calpti om i a suinould outblheop i i was dein fro he >>ike saidi chall ge s ro anybodto t ry t>> te nkid o c sothinthate han'ton od bu ti cat lankout o everyth ing so inat ha t th we don e. bucalaut ve >> jgge jni: an backo the yo jefon ere ve b n re jrts, jotnianck port iyo spoefke to ere y bres, rt po irwithe therust efye th sho w cwione fieredt me at h arasho b wroke nn c ink wasas m onth h and heas bke n ma a p iceep t. k asas m th wo ad yomake cneion ma p e ep bet.een at a thi woyoke cneion ben ahi
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abctio >>ell,s annvesgatoyou ar alwa loo ki orabio >> l, an escotoectius ofif nt vearwaoo th hav hpe d. coti of anvees aolutel y, t thtav h ped. woulhave o be ooand to by aolel theole. ul vetheyberobabltohave b alrdy de e olthate. th cou be eykey ece blve lr d infoat n its a elat t at th ou e the y dnape ng c ase. fo ita at t jud jeane: d to capte n yoapg, rortsod caye. of ud ea : to caliptrniayooupl rtipsts codingay o in, ry liiauiplcklyps, wig a by , atooksik beautuiiflyul by sa. ks ik bany utllowifp on . tha t?y owon wel inow ther washa el llownop. th hast leto athinthat i'm are . so fow, ju o as manley a tinipats m e thate f chejued >>udgjean e: a it th at he reect . i wl go t o >>oudgan at rejefft w g o thmeta decrs o the ff thtaecrshe prer o theoo doe tha make enprseer t ooheoo deha you keen se at wld ty looking f ou with sethi lik w t thaoot?ng wi >>hen su dohit haik a l of evidhace yt? tak ste >> an sdoha l f ptai y id s yakdte youake a step that htaiie s ou methg.ak itidn' take oo mephat effieort
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th put t he itn'ke mhff met al ut tetectors u et ere. let'etsee toat wcan nd. the f ind a e. a pap er t'e wn . clip w ho nohe fd a a anyapinghat ip w mit lead somng in the aha case hat mihelmighd be s lki i he r. >> thise, catainheghe young, you ar sta ng >>hi wcaitai us.ou , u cong u p ara t ws specials. co uitiopof "ste," hat t ks decial oferso bd a iost b" y?td be eve orofot, sopocebd h a a p ybee r, gd h de a y stayith d. de ayh
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>> jge jninemoreith lisa parts dra b dley and j jnereh jer ysaar d bey d i. re tery tly ofho they thk a.ucted the tt ohohey dau gh r? tha te the >> d youook tsid?
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mean dhat au going onn y douk id heans wt hen oiu oeanzen s yhe is not here ahe wn uea cze s11. do y tt nk mrebe s is c tsid o is he f yst p tson mhat cometo id is f pinn d?t >> obodme comesominind? i n>> oodomsi ando wentinhe i osind wt hbor w the or w tp. easthere grabd a ashight ap.nd we e as tran rel ov thear d and s heaba h ig a n alohe n ovhearnd s o alhehe hse. ther owas thinout helace h see wa't ers int t he .wa >>herere repts seo in thed man >>re r seo in a ro uned2:an in t rning cdlin a a by i his in c a b y have hou hrd othat we ard f tar but notng ve h o at at wknow o ar .e d f t weut n h 'tea rd any wthowoar we >> jge j'tnineeajere, yony ga seval nes tthe >> j jnereyo ga ev n t poece >>eah. >> j ge j nine withpot ce ttinintohe nes a it does>>t mah.ter. j j ne th how d yo pic theintoeo ne' ast
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es ma nar.s toe t w yoice peoole'e. na toy diyoue hi the might ve sethi t o wdihuabyhe mht shi t o lisaabisaparce. aft eve thinsacalm dow anwe sap dowarjustcehe t. of and sftrtedvein tlmnkow o f an sowst tf nded tnk of stf, jtnydynyind clu pple t ha havebeest jt ny in thedouse r enluy, peeo thaveee atave eehein tse hou a pngeo ateee tou ime a people heim pplehat haiscaiagelate, pele at he go ha dorces orcagetepe h go eati on the d horbas or tianytng tt --he anying t or mi ght lp uytry t--ocnyat h t mit ury toc h he >>udgeeani: diyou me wit namehealso dbie, o >>genidi u peop ? itme so i dan se, is ooeaif iop i s s oe ctur thaieaavife seen. yo u mt h eone eur inthaav sn. yo m supeearkeon andeoplntmust ve bn stned th h. whe i pe sketandrtplst h bst d h ghts hat as ohe oif the s hthoutshat went thr gh ytst o o t ouhawe t head.y
4:25 am
the ugste, t gcery ad ore, argee west go t t get g ce ingsor t house e, agende tet h gs t ou d evybodstop m ahe is evodop a buifulndhe loves is uerybuly anndsh i reallyov frndlynd s w l g o yb anyan rlly frly sl g ny e and she -- > judg jean e: a strndge oplen thneigorho s, i - an o>er tn thdganepor aoftr a len cthdligghoi b y, o tthor da o c youg ticey, sangeeopl cing d o rougou younow, ar ge ce sgepl ug peouw, ai enpe ady payin duetttiaionen a dy aywalkg thr d? e >> spett a lti ofim lk th tsidand ?m alysriin g >> pe l f heimout. i id layd aalriinlank o ut het. ay alaenkil ol ay o it or i brig t outeil for er o ind o s ihe b's tut odeith the rys aernd mnde a s meiutboderith t oue ide alot nd h me out th t ks. ou e pet le w h buty and hey iv e t by b i mn th ispe t w l byndiv ing you b mth think l yo don'thi nk pgplereouhi wahing yon'i pe y. wa ng mn oou know,
4:26 am
plan ng any oing.ou k w,i me youon't- i an m ay ig. me ou 't i is a i p si li .is >>udgeeani: crg hi is withhe nionalicent. for >> gessinniandcrhis xpthit nnahintldreorn and eve inne adetir hi redetenive th t nd. d e a crai i wil starwith te youe . t wh abducts a aiilar bthy?ou. wel judwhbd tse typ y?of as es, yoel wudl t t u al havas , a femal thatithehas h a em al tcentha ltt a childha or cannot aventld a o cfld o trir o cnot sovetime you may o have aare o takesowhme has y malle inoveavar o rkeas al i cans aeut thehildpl ansomeim ca t aheseut tpl cases eaandmeim tse a ces releaatde. genelly u a g to d a el it wl beom ne wney aanonod have chi wbe wrasnoectl y vehi lostr o tl jud jeastne: stev at wld bthe otiveor is k o fudea: ev w be ve uc on ? k o f >>ersostthmen ucon waing e chd. >>as wsosaidunab to havene a waild g ch the o wid andab t t hheave want o d fil t ond t t void.
4:27 am
nt >> fudge jeane: n't i t v d. unual, c o>> ggeea: t io a un l, ivathomes opposd to a a hospalatme oos setng? sp acallyreaknto hete ongr thrgh an o aclydoakwo a ond kehr a bab o do at ia lo a difrent than ke ab taki it om liken iloifrenthan inst utio l ki st ti l.en thais te buyou ve t ostio sti. dersnd ithe eral ha tbuu t o stisti andhe h rs ie al oy st ti nden 2f the cases y port 2thas since 1 3. rt of s tt,6% wer3. t enof fm t t,6% er healthre ohospalen settingsm an40%th o o thospere tenetng s fr h an% ho threm tning4 w e t enfr om oer c cu tathncesm sin it we t en isdd b i oes ccuta hespe is b>> jge jnineand at w es kn and'm cing pe agast ard b reak j jned w at wknknownds th c theg abyga dwas bken akom aome. w owe pethon thego iyo the hom s n a e.woulhaveo kn the h om pe t i t he omnew heaby, kws theulveknhe h w pantab yhe >> n necsari. and pant necrira li d couy, missri, had youngadyrali c thatnsred t fro
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nt ss, ooadr,ou was ttac and hat tabroyakoor, fr ins ide s aceound h aby e peon a rres te dfrorhense cre wa a f eme w pe aeste lded 40 ilescrwarom ere foe ppened to s ee a ig40nes in tm hee en fron yar t tt sid a nigaby i t gion. ar at wid the neasothatab cyld s t whe so at ciumstces d tfeenr. each case. cists dfeac>>hudge ceanias: obousl th knethathereas a aby the.>>geniob sl than you th mucnefor atingre a y withs. en wthcomeack,id t an u uc kir appegnt thhr ough a n wmek, t ki wipeow hr gh ansomenroubng dails abouthe pwiart'sow anmeub dls to oueart' kaas cy poce tl uto xt, ju ic e. ka cpo t u , juic
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4:31 am
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4:32 am
alkne w, bk tojuste,"ith btost"h dgan >>udgeeani: laes a geleme thiis aluidnd fagenila a ac geme ihinv atiidtion. fa poli neeyourelpac t findnvtiti. ba lislieeurelinrw if ou hbae ais iormati o rw r d ap
4:33 am
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4:34 am
cryi thddf iger and s - -yi jud jeane: at dyound ink ppen to baby ud leais: du wh do yk en b tnk? l we don who eonno st w ow erybo w ebo o there. eryby istillooki o folling p the. ybisllki llg eapds. st ebody ghaomodasy heandante t keepas heerd fanee emlves >>udgeeani: wh wou yo want o sato tm ifou emink esmeon has >>geni hwh?ou yo nt sawhat touldifou ay k on tsm? we j t wa heratldk.ay t m? weeed r bk. e j wa ere nedsok. home wit h wed s. bk. miss he aneomeitehs. ishee l her and lhen hust operndff. t er>> awhe. ff ywhe saf a re dartmt. a spit al. polihe staafon . a d tm ju comand eave h a it lita tonre ju anomdveo. h weust we t w er ano. wet hom w er jge jninecaptn ste ung h witthe nsasity
4:35 am
liceeparent. j nehe jptns ust a in g ite as yall ght ceart.apin mo j u sin the l btabonorasmo sn. e eshat oublorasou? n. shou she hav he arest bl some ing?ou he h av>> whel, le i id ain, can' t co entmen t dg?etai w li o af, th n'cotn testition d et i ow pple l o ofr ar th problyratiwion heir wn i pe o r r lusis bu i obanirwn pmi si buu i sanethi sms o or i uld shi requiren i oti otir d r i'ui sn ttitietti are i'pursngha tti a judrs jeane: hae pants id tt thwind was pe ud eadoes: t mapake snsef s eone t thnd as re tabdu besmaye haet seo t t du wod gohrou b t fyntf e hoe ani w herewogoou yeerdawith ou a theho isanwhe ye sdatheet aghthe tsere y nogo t tac k of t st t re hous no wh twoul tyou ductacof baby ght om t susee t? wh ulu ct b cle tohe seet? t t i'm sot geeng ttry to cl to sfert?n -- i'm n g ng 'm g t ty tr rn --'m trffer n explanaonor ff th gs tton't make ssenla or th th t stfa'taken therre hingthtt requirfa
4:36 am
pl anat n anerireuanteengre ir th theetecvesre atan i rsuiua it.nt i sth on hee scecen tre i re a lice ffic on he ruioot.f s n scwith t i a f lash a ceicnight r.oof at cld t y eth lki a fshight. c te lkior? younw, athorg, oun just g, li jef saia ltleit us t ag weon't he uclihefai leit ag ge't on sucweilry everythin s get on e roil and getry in ve th e backyarth he mt aln rondet de te we whel ta m anyaling tet dee cate. wtaoiny igthe rig ca dictio i>> jthge jnineclea wh di 30ioboo o t ro d, j jnetaea 30oo cal,tedald, atfou have l, ed al so invtigaon gng o ouere k hnsaecity nd m haso offnvoga g oou . e sa ty bu mlas st ion, haff i mn buasstn, i n this- th case, iissth aas fluingoiitti. a we a noweari uioiitti. aow ariut tips mingn fr aund t ut untr ts u we conngctinfrwithd tion tr dabases a nd l ookewedoninth suaonl p dredaabtorses a in lked t
4:37 am
he aua pdars i air, i sct? i cldn' com ntr, on severhingcthe dectis cn' havome o er ng d ti do bav gnt you they do b ve de erythg. ntclea yy we tre uon ty doof eryth of the ouseeand wwee a u too tryfin of heeversehing w a >> jge jninethanyou,ry captn yog. er ng>> tnk y j jge jneanu, >> judgptjeanyoe: c.ld t t y dnapr hen t t hom dgan c t rougaphehpen t tom wdo re i wha tugheneremy ihat irw eminks >>erem wherwyou me he, wh do uks >>emheu h eewh?o ioundhe frontoor >> d youxpecooit tbe lo. d looued?ec t yea its alway s lo? lke ea itlw >>udgeeani: ok. >> iis aays locked. >> ge ni thokfrondoor w i a usocked. lke i alk n,thosontorhe uocd.igs i in t houn, werose on.he >>nd wt diyouhink w he t ou er yon.saw e lits >> wdiunk w on?yow li >> ihougomimes she n? leav one r t o iug butomimtheas av ne unual rr tne o to b bet onas
4:38 am
in unalmol nery to be i mooom t house. iust ht and stard tuin t tigoundut ar tu t toheomputer rutm a to he sa that theomterm winw wsaashathe ope. trieto cse t wnd tw is w owhen rea ze diehe c s teendn twas is en rhe seen ppedut >> jge jninehad u ever ed en t scrn li tha it j j ne wad push inttheveouse or t cr li haout? wa >>sht wantpushe intsethe use and at is t? w hy>>waheshnte e wdo w d is w wodn't cse wo't jud jeane: uld sesomedy f thrgh t fra whe itas pped. udyou eaid i: wad p med, f debhr tra wh it p d. e? u i notng mes pensed,eb >> jud jea ne: uld otmeon m en ha fithrou tha >>f th hademov it l ud ea : the d ayon. ha it ou hawhy uld u re ve i>>andthutadovt ite alay bk. y d re id th doe't b mk.akeense. th>> jud jeane: dsed e the m coitioenit wse in,. udea: d heou co io w n, one ve ge throh ta ouat y saw ? e g ro t n >> yudgeeani: yogo t the >> geconiuteryooom tndurn t he
4:39 am
ligh ut . coermn t alizyouan loghse t wiow bausehe fme f he izuan lo t scen i nt fe riwi witthe bse f hendowoingow sc i wfet arriyouithinkeing, joweremngy? i d 't kww. aru nk l ofhesehing a all jem istuff nd n on d o kf ofseng m aakes a ff non of mes any sense. jud jeane: ptai youy retiono sse. that, the de aud tea: aiou re on e scen fra tmet,as bhe ideta t was nt i w ld ascrabd ito s if ty ca w thrldgh that wind in toont the ou tca hr ke tha timout the scr eendn t he ba on d t n lea ve a ft terimo ut t he cring to ban t lea aft he g iten toet hetheiten tohoet e >>gaintheris ntellg anif tre i som hi ha>>in er n ll quir expna onnd an t i s ha ob ouslthe ndow s airointxpna intest r us i erta in obsle ow aent det tis antt userta d pursuings that >>udgeeani: caurainin g youn thas so uch r be g th th uatthis veni . >> ge ni caup nnt, etion b lunha osoh be uis ni twee b y n eon la'ls parts a ee y e polehenjuic pe" ntins. olnjuic in
4:40 am
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4:43 am
jud jeane: sed rea cas anexpeence i10 udnth ead b: abyd ea lis a scaanpece10 ab cted heh i bsyisstill alive abed is tiltoy. a vediesnd gtlem, ti is of t ss ce tonigtoht a s es w geemtis t ss ce inveonigatt cas ase o bab veat as sa. and w to bhe tgled .
4:44 am
d to retion tip bglweenhe pants o reon ben pasabyis at hpenewhe the commicatn beiseen e tw h canes brhee d tn. >> wt abmmt reatrts beere n s tw fallt wi tcabrdolice? w ab rethers are e port thaon ll wi thuray tolre wic yno er e thisrthanima d cuur t w y and is yoniu twma sped f icuaar.nd sele t h r yoordtw for s oed a iar for l. se tath rrdore h apened? r whei we dow to t coand hnterped? had a l hefweow t pe le acod er af r ht bef orpee a- whe i s minghe rishtt efe - hed t t t ywheri e meahinheis anher ea he t teain anr and i was- nd packed ind was freak wg o- anwe wt d n t hereednd wre g ked em ihe ath an w d tre ing , wh is h pe d ng? i a th u kn , we hav a g lwhs o hfpe? mes bknwe why i l o ery -- s why evebody w downhe ry lo -ing - thiarea what i sy vedy ow ngoinhe lo og n.hieaat >> jud jeane: wha in happed wh thdiscsion of the jeudeteato: r.ha yoppsaid what theyscon te d yoetuto
4:45 am
thatyoouidt td u fatledt? >>hey id y fled thet? st.>> y y saidell, fowle ddidhe i . d o? idl, sou d aidnd i'mike at inot paisie,d whado i u me i it psie, f wd. d yo meaile you killed hd. you ow w re syo isaile youil h a u w mi ea i on tuesdayi ea to i an iisueay not heto f irsti . i >judgjean ne: wotn diyou he take lie fst et ec tor?>dgan wdiu >> ykesteieay. >> jge jetnineecso tr?t wa twdaysfterhe w ye. j jne m tsiwang. tw yser w andhen ey tel youhat msi. yo ndain led t y it. wh do u t nk o thiaied i jere who . tnk tey tl yothatou wife, th m her rer ab y tyoat fleifde, a l mr detector,rowab dyoe that fled ma you l feel? decr, ow >> ihadidnt reay make m emaou f l? fe anyth ing. i dn doeea't cangeake me fenynything. oe ci dongt --hereas neverny ny in dot in do -here n mind so idoin lerly
4:46 am
justoldin td he ierly don 't carste.d t d >>on jarge jnineshe a eat ther >>he ia >>re jre jatnee t er >> i therreat jud jeane: en ty ld y tha you ilederou dicad in ublied r orts udea: t that hey ren' yveryhaicu ed abcat itinis tliha rts catorrey ctn'?ryic ab it t >> rht. c re >> j?ge jnineyou t itat wit that s, tt ue r j.emy j jneu no, ot atitat t rea ll y i me we we ki o, ups r i meee ki i t -- >> iean w ar you ppos . to r eact w--nomody in aru osel r ctu snethi lik tyt a y kn it n t rue. shi ik t it y to e expecd. kn t t done.hi the y ht e o aho eec lot o erontu shio theheyjuho keep c t o bertu soo t us. ep >> j bge jninewhy you o thintheyon'tave uy les? j j ne y >> iouon't ineyno'te y le jud jea ne: e ca t i 't sappr inhin r. >> rht. udea : ca pp in n somody >> he h r got.o beome wher weeep lkin to p ple omdy >> hot be ecomi o ut .er we p in pand e ere ngll he mi o. d flyee madandeoplhavllehe en gat, e pice e ye ad stdleiplng gavreate a g, wpkie ng st thei g eatrydy. ng >>udgeeani : wi you
4:47 am
contue cperang wh th >>geniwiou nt c ra w pothce po >> oh,h. jud jeane: profsor of p chia>>y wih, thearva di ludea s: chooofr p ia thwiks fhe beiva wit us. soo plethas fe. eiit whado y makofhos. le as hao. y ak f >> wcomento e tredy e da to. le. w meo tr y i wld l e to w whda the t l e. dyna cs a lik nd w n lmatowhhe rcuman s anund snas. aik nma de bra uman tanedrf and overelme de a shlookat ye in e aye. ooks erme a t ou ashok yn bst into tksears. at tha b tst w that he to t noharmal t dea w wit tstrehas.t at aut jemy. he snoms raloteaeit treo m a jy. s corolled, most t dohed. is tt hinorl str es scoll, st d hespon. th e is o mu t we hint tr ltr s ow aut t ir f ilon th is mu>> je ge j tnine whenou s a re tte aetd. jwhen jer sne broen s int ea re a d.ey wld h ug .en sro nt eaey sm to hav e wnid fron andhe n s tav cfrtedd wi theact haond youwi fr te faed ie wihetet yeshe fa id doe't bhere,he dsn oe b rse fth i her, wh doou thk of t hat? f i h , >> iis ptectotiouve
4:48 am
thany ofod hba t wldt? w an io pct y h ld be wo protecte of his wife. ropossle i ies h cluel wes ma e shssknow isom ihingse c el esn't. or imas poshibleoweoman'tngta wh islreadyt.n is m iindpole'tta whs ea thatne w mon'td l any oneno don 't rateall kw w'that l anyno happonedell wha >> jge jninepoli don kn . pp ght ew its stl an jgoininve jiganetili.on kn if he h bee t itstan inve abdatite if hee door, his o qstn bd at rover r esredo, s ost ab rerctedhildn isery, very gh. ab diffent ed theldarenis hady,ery me . nv veffntt heenad what hat areskinnow fopeopve to ntt iolved in at t the rese ainw ou kno w, ofoop to ive i n toake re t hae a tey llou knoo t poli tt t y m toe thay pholine t t m call i an h do hou cvie e blico gell nv ve d ai ho c e methg abt his? icge a you aoing a g at ob othfab? .ou a oi ma a surthateoplknowhat we n d anwers s the way o ma ur at pl doowt.t peop rea y t ayo wish e c ld fdod out m e opea ar abouwhatas h peni in e sh c ld ffami o yes mrdayndea mth
4:49 am
ouat hni n o. miesayth s li ante was eoniv a nd thenli tan te rria d ecids tooniv ahenorrd. ia ort wasomeidinghatas re nwte d. orwa meg w diastheyal a ro d he d. esen. at ddi it ey to t airroifhee en to th er. d t o if wcoulknowifhi we could tomaybxora.te thi s c wplule wow we ou isufri ng syb mcxohrarhi pserhapl w ok aisitufricr p dfe rent ly a >>udgeeani: anbase up whayou w wi d debfent e >>genianse upothar,u wiebon sttl y tearful and rnintooterr, husbandsttl ea ul indditn t o d iner hba wng ining titonow t mo a wut her from b tefore,no mo a ut er fatou y bskor h gng yfoskard? h >> ishe eeping at ght. at i comig up n hfod? ie pit t. i midreaup. h at ithe rst ssib ouome at s cou imane ea ie t ib obvi ously e d h souma vi wouy hhe al wht. w dersnd me auter hping rervoirs a hrse maer or ng rervos hesesness. or jud jeane: anksor ing th u h es anescomi up, udea: crukscial g c ue anmip, ruom tal d.
4:50 am
e t d lui d'tradon lk. i tre onundantal luandoysi'infoadatio l trondaal i anade isradefochitiot. th is b-bad tradg, r visui izede deit ths ba ad rsu edreamg, rl-ti quos. eaingsnalys. am rtiuo prabily anysis thate'gswhatlyppornity looklike prilanisat'it'a's orl vityal.okke initiv and 's avlablfree's vi. wherer t webs. inthisivs hotrad sttegid ar'uiltavbleeer teb trearctect isly fhom tdadmeri ade.stgirelttrrcct ftdrie. welce toette ade mmison fe lcr 60toayste wh youe pen is acc fnt. 60s whoun cc.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
>> jge jninewe'rback th m e ofur sw on here is b y j jisne'rck and, f murseoftime ss ofonre t he b d,f semeof t sencenhe facthat abducted ab s ncen fac areatery often duedre er o enretued. we n go rwarwithn cluse in r ew w h thtu. n o rearnts th usin br wythis and i a ny s inveigat bn nolue yoo a ag or t sll. veat no e >>o yoguysave dog b y o ll the way>>yoys e og >> bes weo. e >> j wudgeeani: anwha k d >> dogo.o yohave. j genian inha d >> labix. og yo av>> bck inab >>ab. big d b she actlly rlly s ma .ig he ct>> jyge jne: she s.
4:54 am
j j: he baer? >> s wilbarkt pelehe do n't ow. ba ? e a t an a sggilressrkivpeeog doshe t . rea y a an agg ssswe. >> udge eanie : yodon' r y woy th sheouldttac s ybod>>geniyo n' >> n shewos nothaheldac grd d od she lik a m nemhenoofhe e ik a m faly. shes fa . >>udge eani: sh woul he ha bard ifhereas a s commion som>> sget?nishul ha>> sarifouldreav aba ed if mmn om therwasse. s ld avi meba i i the wom hi ng ther s .t of therd ar y amend it w t omhi ng ud of i an, u knar a it but ud s he - -i , kn >> s can seeheut front o sf - the h se . sanee >> j fge jntnineis s in e ck?e >> s stays out j jne bac sk.n ? >>he's sta o osi ac >> s sle >>s'ssi uer teco s le eids he a uert po gro un id ouide d sotimhe p sleepro ou. e so m e is dogo she sep o iously ca hr reaisllogys wl.ous ca h meaeally >> jge jninenoth g th nit. u dot rember er b king j jneth th ni dore cerom bting? to t th scrn o i c wo?ulthinthe ou ld o thcrn
4:55 am
some woulinheoise. me >>ightse >>ht >> jgeeani: ste la rered pd decti is ck th u j faly dnistla n red b darkitings u fa d bkisuspious >>hat ouldaise fla so one the ousen th spmiddus f th n ht>> yt ldousela so e he thsek ththdogn f iddsotth n ou vio og w ld th bthkgn is or ma somog wldkr type o nmaseom. jud jeane: framypfrome a scen wdow bseusd i udea : am om li ts o insche w hwouse b c i ones akli. oin h se do y makof a ofhis? es>> a of ese t.hing seem yak a f s? beed fgs i hink t af e arengee no c sistbet wi f the ink s t a the reen s pu ed no bstwiothe fa eugh f ome eoneen tpuot ter. fa h yowoulomthinneif ty we atte tingo en r wo d trr. yofromulhein tacwek tehengenwohetry womould be lshehey lely wold ent er l lyo e ntneigors olaw eorment or igsw ighbors comg or eboormeg oror hbs cg bo gnggromhe grohe redenc. jud jeane: eir r wa bre no abo a reonncth ago ud ea : and r thewamade
4:56 am
ol ebrnoepbot. onh a y cne ion? d ede e >>ouldepust t. cneio coinciden. >>ldt >> jge jnineand at cout nce liendeteor. you ve bn a tecve f or j jne d ny, nyt lite. u ba ycrs f , nd. y sorsbodyails a lieetecr, so dyls l wherdoesha takou?r, >> o of e to s in bagf eres ak toolandou?t doe't oivf etoouinagf oldt a defitivenswe a they c fi bveweectf abo ut oeyne qu cesti butot tther bo o quesons at a bei tiut tskth. jud jeaesne: s en't ahereei ntro thawoulidenskfy. whetudr orea n: it 't a rrel ro ha faulen answe et oorr d neit r albout fast o? ns liki sa, shmay ve dei a ut fail on or e a ont sr ma y iksash y e haveaid o n iln antsmaoneyccnt that ve o th areayinshe nne nt t bein--hathe ithsreinlae im th tol her ine i-- ntot beingim th olr i ntall trutheil. >> jge jnineand nall th e sa it js jnen?d ll th by>> ionean orat i.really on't sa t n? ha thamuchf a p ro em in i ea with'tecau y fige i the hahach a p ildidt ryth oaurig wakiehe up en i w bng cakeed ou an the ierso d bidng n s c ed ou anythi he
4:57 am
ay hanavheer dot an hi the mahehaveayeen hhingor th ma ver tnngea >> jud jeane: ankso much t memb, ifou he an >> inudrmatean on: he ks di ppea nce ch bab l ismbif han inaton di ea e irwiabal ltheansas city p. wiale saci we kw a .ace ere tossg anturng ve gen w to eepi. ka e essanrn gere weeplo s nipits eld resul sep. e plni d es s. d lusta n he you get ere, lu a heke iouhas r t e, manpeop befe. is anen toping efnest don dri orpera macnery tg stonri orraacry unl yofeelullywake waing,atin dring or eunaginyoin oeler alyivitkes wag,in riwhe asep, ethouin ore amberitg it he nt da whas, ou reerit nda ve bn rerted abnoal bavio maynclu agessinessagition, breedno bioaylu agsissitn, hallinatns oconfion. in dress patnts, wolleninatof d oressnfn, n. d ssatcluds,g riwo of inicid d ssma occu udcohorimayf idincr se tmase rcuks. alrgiceactns, ch tone orhohroayswelngcr t r.alicct, onorcur oarelyelnd m be tal. si effts m incde plear nt tlyte, madace l.siff mnc ea t, diacines anmorng drsine. diask esur d tor an lunrnta dris rneht f you
4:58 am
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4:59 am
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