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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 9, 2011 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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reayigoy y. >>oudr no. >> h ad not ngour t ith. >> hthaotng t "fox fries"tah riat no "fos"ta rino h, topf th mni tyo > al tyn: ok wf sack on t thyo calvy: ws acuck th it me cvy jriorave ite ris. >>hankou, orank >>nk , >k ayto anydy ee ne on >> ihonoof tu. 15t an vers>y ofhis tonetwnyor ene ion i nohink t5t wasanrsofere backtw5ea nkerac5 ago claon: re y go. welme gock la: mike y.go >> alin: tnk y for elckke >>li tpitc y-hitorng it tcitng t pih-ing. >> h-npinchig. i d't u srtspig. ling o. d u >>e ha ts potics, bng aew s>ha ter >> oisyncsyoureain bw,ewer a.t .> con> firmyninurg tin rviceembeave ee nton rm lled tn an insurgenttt
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icebe ineoueenaf gh isedn.anns getheatnati of thinou ctimafhave net bn eenatif imveet b relnseed. e attac a erelierc g un tt bale.erie one g aunha police fi and ba e.ght nsurnts wer eha ic aepor dlkill inhat t urnt wer attak. soor dlovllernnitt, pol hav ta k.encourin t h omefovol h miss biny t h omeirfn. theen m ss o irn.eporte dley o snatched fm hri earlierepte dl yhiseek a the parsnenchr f hriarer opat g th ts k a he inarstigion y porce, poli are g too ng i a in ign po te, age ighb wlihoreng i tee hb w repoed kw thacce cos of n's g arage poednd k thce wa sco iof t hom hours befn'or geag nd li waom hsarsppefead. com g uplinfo& frnd sa wel t about omup tnea& frnd iestiga r. d t the t aheut tea airnd iti spae museumir shutnd i d srs as prters setohe shu drs as prrsiltonghe pepper spray! >>bl pper ra >> >>abt 20ti-w a >>ab20 ai- awalltree
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ai-llee security stoped the froriing s siurs io ththe billin op t f in newin rk p rositestierthse toollk ei narch to washi pngtonsto t hrt. ar ab tt 30o peoe ar wsithingto no n the, nho. arr tsabav30eeoeeart made th e, an nmelsf the t ptyrrtsave ki a s ndde and anls toicing thr uppo forib sndn a oi ngita a thrpoor rly in sh vill e.a a >> snd rly i witnh me shll stand >>indhith ta ibson! >>tandiith gisoon! >> nd>> theitre ary howhegi onfedel vern nt e tcutery owraidat t ofhegion del rn e cuctors back in id taufst gion ages s ei zeordoreacknauhan ge10,000 s guirhan ps1000 belvedo ui madeut ofoo bddo ll ally de ofoo mallalnd a ma madagaar nd d we' t ma w jsoe'n w illips w hped or jnisotion th. li repe tn oron,000. nan rd,0 out r micel jkson hit
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at a concert in t ic jon itwhales a cce ♪♪al ♪♪ ree fifthsf the ogi l e fckthsfive ggf tgi andve ggom of t child an me a briefomf t aphiarcen m an riste. ap ce>> tbe hre onhis sn cie. t ght to h oorurhi father gh tourrothandy a nd erineroan a wte t movhe dehat would no w doieidhaetith the wono ial ofit t oacon murray ster jetaconmuay said ert would be o paaidl. >>alf e th ft amilulybe pr est>>g.f th >> fopefilly oy viewere no prst pr>>esefng oiewe >> layt: i w ri onoutsi protstinngg. >> a>>syn:ytoes i havriasi ign? ot in he asis o wn a wn:eas erav n? e wallis o >> i wuitrey. i pre ellas le it atrey. here aou ri retemperat eures e
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70 d reesatn minneis hiers aou ornimp, er63esnals a nd desin hathi kinof t w ar mni stn and ahend w air acr s heat in t wstarn pam of etount i d w g ang t acontsinue st pa f gh pssurouholdntg oner andve tcoybodntarouue thereat l es i pnturoldon t ndortheaodouhe at feel g whl's kd af iernt reatfeste nay wthhichas fe azielwh ktheraf one ofrefte t wsech a tod. er o downcrosthisrea 're tse d look awnos pisena aleor tropalve oklopmt. enethealthatappeor or t. ther ay aopal lve rpmn he faatpegr cr the s taerte a idan a pts ofa gecrorgia. t s eorg iaoueead a theaitsn gegi desrately. a oughrggoin oneere ahendai n that'sood ne . este. talk bouta ood ghws gintingn a nd ra. th ta's a ld oonet th. lkut d l gksng aost e xactra l e i t ta l diyestday. andaing i aos the sct sepo or a l digstyim aeaing ac ro t exth a snd okl soma l gexacy whime thdrout is ac anwe' texoi akl tge some acwhth ou moi r n antodae'y. oi othegearea som ie ess, moay n daar nd 3 heea to 4 iheessnd ay even tuallyoulee se to tols trend o r 8 entu ilyhes s an foding untort taty, o but 'll ke iheha t an faninse' gy,ain w et l so i despatelye' nd erai we sigho tpetus foyouray sp ymorr n. the 80' s nh tullfour nrrea he 80' s nluus d andllllright,
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gu b nk yo 81 de s, de'nd lovghin gu i b tknk yoou. 1 tha you e'ovck. r i pl w ityo au. ha bou ck win t p w a estrd's val votsint suit saw ll trd joaling vs s the atitt s om w hijotog ws perhe tdoo. >> g d mo wg,hito wclto veon g onmot g,scltoheven on ltynamics poon pauyn dicidsl o po au the vall o he vmm. econd pceelongs to the sineonss panelon tthe ne hern ca h thdicka saorum thdick rickry t ieoritumh icry ticle bamannnd rney bann rney ead ofewtinich 3 d oftich %, 1%%, undid nd john ntsman asnd tidshandt tnhe ntaninne coresanasonauha had t to saabouinwhat he wan to d cos d.cad t o i tnk a
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lsa oouf tathat wasan t happened t u s .c i n t a l t o t t hacouenry t havtwo iten ried on ou ouryr k i n wavhio tonnie and we ou k he ion chae that a w hha tt. 30 pe aded the foth3 p everal votde the smit and ha t's fothcove. r v heig tng tmiha came a wad ys fr t t ng tcoert.ewa caidat whofret sports therre cerdit.tes ho are caat ho going g trtir support nder c monedidowns he l are o gog at tir s lpost t newn l suppond aon of l cial cseativ and sop nd reone o ia o culsecaivne andnd ntum ref thatulca a um ralthghony perks, at w th gh ganiyd thepetroll in w c. bically s aigani wehe oln ould n' need toouch btoic ly s its sus. over 00 pldeon'pled camooeh o nust s sus. r ron er puleos spe cecam and lefn imm riately ulspetearndds l ck tyou guys. mm >>laytly: thks, ter ve dsin whingn f or tu ys e'>>sytth, r wng f ight as a theeoplare ving anng vati s fht r onaul ahe pl e therngeopl e ngtierfe r lookingver
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ereopler econantl aootng tta ndinongantl at >> isynnobo can lby the b io l ik> eyn rboonan paulby. he nothwse how lo w rin a sawul epoll yno a hfterea heo w w a aw th straw llpo y. aer at des it me ? tr i doe sn dee imtoranslate past? ra i d >> cytonit'sntertingra latoe she erst or notrat con'serng ssotehefoerr hermatn in 23 o itendidls hmaotorin 23hean i cn t businessma former c c t bess magodfatr's rm piand ricdf ntum pi andand r aarentl accntorumngndo some ind idaualstl itoo as ifcc s om her m cain ndidlss g aoing i tfome he m out caiwingint tuda gng ombate at ictkwierngt t tuinda a brteoader stt n aterhe t vernor o brdetexas.t a he>> isyn here s wrn os tes. > intynesertisthins mi. nt heaitid onethhi . ern he ohe nerhi sa n ould hil ling t be ce-esent,e ldilngsa ye -he ouldt, be wngye be e mldane
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ofng b tanda mtes f viceresint eept r onan da bas d u cesi et ovonnor perrs ba pes posion onissues wld nobe comforae. si heonasnkiis positio w onld noimmi atmfn ref ormnd heki pesitn tmiat r bmder es fen. hwantto me snden re i n goi hntft m rick s pry w ould it bne toiheecon rdic comnd, ve-priden for pld b h t. heon d ife wts omd, toprenor take ove rhis if w poti numbe t twoo gakeveeh dpoti n bemi romwoy, d gs it sta upehd to mitmiom d it r som and to herma mn cai om in nde preouseber peormae wh e ri kaierry n e didresyeb trrib i l peoksma whrik lier accdi tohe pdollsytib l yoksu l the alitcco mhe pls rentyo l t xews shows tse di als o ar xsupportivhoe se f perry aves lefart a geuppo ive ov o fry cai c andeft aee le s ovp to he croai a cri nd e an ehuas m wit hi t ri anake eas itst . >> thi longhot m ne be a t l long s mt n be a a on stlonger
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>> onef e lor qution >>that oft get a i o r clque,on atft g wh reoucle, rnior wh psident reou o be ppsidentnt b psint (lauhter) >> wauer d)miss? > w f i d'm n rningss to go to ing tgo t isneand. tha ne cldd. e a hark. >> that's faasti thplai atalks why he'rk >> tt' miti in t th why h alin: a let's t kmi i abnou mittpo bac ili aet k 2 8,abotitt was ade oacfis 2ormon fthot a paseople we ois nervou abo itidn' mo fundethtand at. ppl we we, th ste amrvsoubobeitackid n . dend parculawerlyth gteenamsac t n inartrodlaytionha t fst church inodonhapast torobt effe, sahuhbost rick feerrysa and ric a n ry iss af rick erry a in fickiday, he said ry inidayheaid
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iref referencthatornism f fenc at isor nicumlt. e mon that after he is cu. e onme offtfthe sge. to ports hee sa atftere emeff h s. o rthe saint du ion,ick ererrye h he hitne of ntardukn,k anks or tha ghere h of ar ks orntro t gion. so, alis: pt of the ron. , alisp inodf ucon. >>ff stage he s t t goinoduc. >> eportersta h saisd i bieve morm on m isor arsai i bltve claytonhe wtur ther rmon is d sd isot la onhris wtianitur er a s diibot mormonism isot isit cisti ity ad treib's beeorni back and forth ctiy a t re b coervati t k sck a hndos f ti t s h ll bentt wenon sge ben w so--ge caldefrs comments b-otry. >> ialould sayrs c tmeo pto rbry i ldjeffers sou spped on and ptor ff obsur the s wppords of pnrynd and obanrumhe and wdsry cain and an anrumnd baman and eveoneaineho a hapokenhe reba. n a eeeho y d hapokeicnk perhe ngood sir
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iy wha you av tosa py. n doodotir give v ce tha yu sa doottriv e vce do giveoiotr goy. o >> and romoiey sa wow,goy. d a bid b rneyit it o osathe w, par and here bis wit i troeey arnd h eam wsaid rpond tgo stsaiefdrs rpohod rgoem rsdecey hoanvi tycey an poison lguvity dsn't advanc our cae, t'pos nonever d 'tften a s ingladenc h ort oe,rt' ner ch anged en a single omind. chd fai wh ciniv and mi. reecul eb esai andh civ r a re peyebes b a asked t ab oupey6,0 btimes. ed eays i dabo n0elvetis. e moonm i do a >> claon:nd mitmotmroeyl >> la's:ndot reallitytroaleyngbout s faithot andeaeaedacngkbo in s f20th08 abo it eaed war g t o k,e have st jwfen t howk,te ve abou 6:50 eas jrnfeimen hi ho wrnintand 'll k h ou50 e abt thnde ion k now on inhe rd ecorl d h aum o tabimth i onan kdwalling m or ni ror cdul um an td this i't anli oalf the ni c
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ngu anhi s wel a hli w o t eeffectt u has on we p aain h wg up eecndt t wan t toen ona onbriefl py.ain upi pmisendd a v wer w tenesonay iefl on fac k p asedwitt corct t rayecor d aut f klita aryerce h or t rordut tace h misokenhei sa none of ofheop candidas s veisd en he sa theonofliry. c yda tshere are a he numlirryf reblics ndidyeser tdre re in t mirlifry at iic eaid toayd it' s obmiandry romney t i top ofay t'heticket obahend r fneiry te top of tionl tickeet dn'he he f ae mi onrylersoic in n'. h >> a i wt tmiodayryorsoct i tn . co rd ithert >>lisy let talabo tut an t inte re ingun raisierng >>syet alstrabogy tre adent obama teregun r si now ra t reusindeg. oma owntut an e-mail t oin let's tsaye-il partilar cod and et at t yy say aris c ihi tha tat s ay ty're empyiiseer hi resshae,they're stinreg e ee new yorks, orsshey'instanceur ecor sw w thatoroureinan n or s one ofha thet oure n 04on9 o peoplhee w re u're fm w04ho splppe u re fo20. now f i w yr spp cps t cha
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efo . tt. w r's le so ofeeng c uep t wi he l jsoesf sngatyhat u u're wiheyhain >> rat'sightyoureighr doted theausebut u hen't . > whe'siht wasurgh g widongd he use it n h't heias wiitansas in a my church wi allanntsasur one m pourt y give allnts t dneat po yandiv ten dat ind yourn lletin. ut out aook a louisterd h ll et mu. w you are, ohere y a lted limu a wou how muce,ouhee yga. >>layt: wo w. a h ali mn: w. >>yartsgaer.e mo rtif>>ieytwo w. liey' wreli ke>> ohts weer betermo if ep it u p a'lioh w brot. ep atsyn:akin aa pa fro .hat. >>n:laytin: thpa's brollia. bd t.blakeman a>>ytth bia former bdblemuru fmer fogeurgeu. bu desibes it aa sre tac c a nevbuereses s an s arethinlikehis tbefo. c n's ieveresng b aus tn in ke ss es a s cifofica y ies taoredo tindividus, o sses a you kwca if you ngh rs ed indnvi givdu monond u l ketws iowou hat urei bo dn divow thend st lreet geon a yt d tidn' >> lisyst thiethas eeon rerse effe on me b n' >>syhi s fes like15
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,0re pple e fen al bady veokay fikou15't ne my moalney y. ok claon: ght. alin: ihink'tt's dangousne y tactic y. a oolad: t. li inks ngpoinsct hone stly . aoo d alin: ainho15ly,049 op . li a thas1549fi. op. the yogo >>oingel >> c ytonththisyos thgoseco quar r we>>ngonel k hat t c onhirdisothrt rcoes ts aar awe on k th jusend a tnd sere rdo r sexpting a you kn t dthngusd s ech bterha t hatxpngbe y ch b thete srecd tbearter. heeanw sdle, ce-pside dearr. ut n nwe campai, gn-p de trai if u wa toal in e caai thnd ai sf akwago to falifth grs a ts ndg t fif nterting grou a't often he the vpresent ng erng ouinto the't eennomic pic yhe ahe vpres t taineco nomito withe fthmi picy gders eadtain comiitbi cliffor gd bi e bi cffg redog somhing likehat. dav. >> e heas ting bireg xpomlangin ke t. ha aav r si>>heas t tg o fxpla ader tas teoli. >>nd t nk yer so vermu.. >> t y o erey, ., hoare u dog? wh ad 10th? , fth,hoe do oh wh fiftthh,ma h, > anteachers a bng fi ftrcutf th clmaassroom, an theaere'era r asonor
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thclsratm, thoue' kn rn g aulat ec sikn g ierited before weame in offie. ierit b>> corytonwe weam hetd. fi canon t fth gde tot kno they annhit t gde t he no theit t cesonrothe bush-- > s i t resre anye otbuer--s sere. >>lisy heyit'srens nyot er no t co is on us>>. syey'ss no wveco b insnnus oice t w b andn an lf yrsend is aur y resnsilits ur >>nd perelived the esit >>ervi, he ltis jelobivndhe t n tid s a llvihe latred j arou. tit'snik tli allre recession ou st y 's t aughr) >>oh, at's wtechesiids st nt. ll m thegh r ec>>si, s'stotheids . m ahein r plea, tobefo io be. . an, tel ufo a iut it. be a isynmikeometng t aclosutto yr ar . thyne'ske net r esearc tt os y sh s th mth's n rea wt c sh th tualaveher w cse lf-he al is seme an trse who try se -h suppress eir te s. se n w alin: y're t ep .
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>>up iesryr ll ts.time li>> ye sobe.r. > i clllm t etive day. >likebe tse m i i selm e oy. >rkeavseite mmoese taka rave ta loo [cry ngoo] ry > oh re ycrying >> a ittlohbit, aite bi y alingn: you a'rtl tngt,up >> c ytli: d ouotball fobaupll pl s, c tyt: ooot ll at ove 150 dfofebantlloo tbl t plays th theoofou ht o 1ter singntigootb aymethhehaouth the yr ring tigheeameha t uphat ea heyhat ttea re ecup aea hhahetr tlf -estee aan tse wdon't. alin: y 'relfst big eugh t w an tocry. li y e>> y're t bouchwitughor tcr e ytiones. t >>chou he ato bteren ede tonnla ye>>rs t hhaat k en thr moedonnla tkn you'rth
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ntlymoouonerha the guyskn y whoren't cryi ng ou >>halisy t by e wauymores tisfd wi lifhoand n'is yi is aollege f ootb>>l syply erwa re th sf awied tifm hod thes y ft ale ftbout cryg aner tho w appre tssedhoheyheeat r t thryght anhoasn' wyo c ryreed reots hap tht an'uall ayso s hap aua athscrrs. claon: youememr titebo 20.09 la: ouem ti ibo't remeer t new yorp20st or't call him timme tewort ll imimtear-bow beus hete-b beuse dibed. he'sore tou with tir d ib. emot ons,'s ie ou liteir distct n beottws,n teing up dsobbing. st be >>twlisyte no,gobbing is n dcooso g.>> >>syo,bi i i'ms n a oo i sober, i a'm a we beebe i i s crng fyig w thphil es geee. i we to t i cr f gy andig i thalmoilst g we we.o >>layt: i nt gnd te mo firs ge a >>yti e fiaprsaung nd t i was teinng t obbi iaseangp in contrlabl on m bi cou ea idnight. ali n: h s crnng rtrhtbl n ou no do ygh thi it kes igli hcr r n tory a
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thanotou'r yhi t mos touch w h to e a turha ou appi nessmof tch yhoue aur yepir?ss fds y aen a tttndr? fds e-mnl u att nd -m friends@co fries@foews.iem.s@ >>nd ptor ked iefos. >> pr dhemot tot vothemot tot vor mnday. >> andakgomanticnd.ri >>nd g omortiidc and urpsorid ut he ndayet pur retutemen ht nus stea ay ♪♪et p eten t s ea ♪♪
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the's ly one ttleeft i'veot ttellusie ths e let thvendg maine elm isvelmos temptll ie th ndi'm ma it,e oss.lmis ospt new m nyt, s. soy ! w arepen for sine. so! renr ne let'reroe gr freo. owinbusissesse chinto-mhine echnt'ogyro gr re insies in -mneom vhnizonyirels. susi! vonel the ing chin.. siread fill. e g in ol be. adbecalle thbusi wi theest chnogyul. b cathsi wihet no ul myame'jeff m a d, cch.. and quitmoki wit chanmyx.e'ff a c ..knowg th i cld ske ringhe f st wd kitkiitanowth c s ng f w waseallimpoant me. [ ale nounr ] longith pporsll po t hane.x iprov toelp [ ople quitunmoki]. ngh or ch tix nduceimy uove op smo -- plitki d peonal thas at ichnew x needce. u mo- pemalealnnouhaer ] ome ople i w had edangein bavio thin ng olemoodou ] e hostleity, gitad onge bio depr sed od ain sui odalod oughst or y,tionta pr d whil atakiui l or a er sghppinr chanonx. ilki if you tice any o sthesinan stopakinchanx ancall youroctorighaway ifu ce oes optelinyouranoctoan ll ab ut aur history oghdepraysion l uror otoer abnta aheaish pr olemspron whiccoulget rse ile
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king hant o. ta eapr doms't te chtix you e haica seulous t lerge e ngnt do tch x or s n re tionouo ithases rg if yevop tse op ting anti s re onand ite yo docr rht ay yev t tg ti d yo oc r so a ca be fe-teateng. yohave hisry ohear or b od vsosel roblcamse -tte . ll yr door iyou ve yo neveor wisrse omptars. b vl bl ydo iu t menecal wlp re ht apty. if y havsympms of hea attk. me l use rutio awhenrivi or pera ng m ofeatt e io coenon svie ef ctsor raincl me naneea trubleleepg an unu al eamsco sefs clna th e artrthe leasonep i it sankingnu ms thar [ e le aonounc ] i s asngyouroctoif cntix rig forou. [ anc asurto cix igor.
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weome ck eryboy. look who's here iwet'e s e mikboe ok ho jekre for d iike br gs
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je >> f great to rebrregs t o re atveo you. > clton:re you want c tcao thu. mo in cln: ou >> lovca cuak. in claon: 000 alor>> i ln onof hoak. la: 0 or in onofpps. no qstio i le ths. bu er cream qio lth icere buer camcere an updebj o an t pd calbj o n bkl talndheupke sal ebklhe up and s ae univesity of an cafo uiavehe wthi o pn the w$2. n he aan50 a afran-amecans75 cts date erfricans, 25meenns cts se odffirtiveectern an 25 th thewoul get th. ffr now rd thheult unithve. ity he ow in rdew yoou hniold b af bn ake yoale theirol n, llafin i bte teaelhe fi atlle tionakeea dheve bken itonak dn d heiffeverently. ibrokit dn ths n y. wo n fent. $1 ok t dothet ay.cupc e,wo and tn to w aldet e, $1.25 f torn
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6:26 am
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6:27 am
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6:28 am
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6:29 am
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6:30 am
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6:31 am
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6:32 am
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6:33 am
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6:34 am
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6:35 am
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6:36 am
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6:37 am
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6:41 am
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6:42 am
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6:43 am
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6:44 am
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6:45 am
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6:46 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:51 am
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6:52 am
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6:53 am
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6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
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6:58 am
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6:59 am
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7:00 am
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7:01 am
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7:04 am
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7:05 am
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7:06 am
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7:07 am
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7:08 am
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7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:11 am
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7:12 am
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7:14 am
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7:15 am
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7:16 am
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7:17 am
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7:18 am
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7:19 am
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7:20 am
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7:21 am
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7:24 am
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
servwhat wil ourie >>ytwh ou dog. >>tatied o rvheat we s. do >> tiip oreousl staoned r twyearand so be reou s doin twngarinndeeringn she . >>inike: you kn, some ng in perile mightny, wesh., at's e:posiouon youkn, knmeow pe mht twe, 's so bosi elseou could . thoul wive a soaiboreout . becausit's omet ng wul all a loveo wratchtou know hebeus's et wlllnd ve wcharrkno sht.nd r hat's haoa tgh shone,t. eric u t'ha togh se,ve yic coutrydo youhink tou o oulde y a ivco?y you nk you knld ian rlly answiv tha? youow ou not an rll job to ansswweharou tatot question b to inss, ites a wer after er i up ithe crety ofhe ny an those a peoplr liktee at upe >> cetytonofand nre ihe an tse pl niky' s oatic l etter d cenyionngd i yo ti a s onur natio on ic isr d ayitar i t'yos importa a oo n inin our carommi itmnto t ior nion'osdefensess uc h a our c re tlease fnmn'ctefeutouuc a be ionsient th t treasecte efrt, i i asiret ciat te patrtism and ef srtvii to aurreate naon atrti pursunde y tour rs a yr psu gelolay profsialooallfter
7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
ionnsteheadsc oen 32 la w tmoff. ek iocketehourdownbi 5%lapay tcut,of taking a keurwnit 5%t oyf acu putak a and noit o a pbvioly ndno n > that's f he io mag no ly. >clayhan: tt'hass f mag manarson ly . ray tsalied owne na claonon: e pele othe >>al iefactowory nefloo >> r htla: pe oe ey're, the ctwey --fl id n rot he ts, buey thee,y t di h n reducede tsur, hey >> cayto and somdie hededur oth cto ndome nioranagent ok mbe a ttleut otheiwalls t otho ma sur somefhe oragt m f aac to le oei ll trkerand mathursme wen't fhang t os the ernd s wenobs >> tablutelyoshe and everybodbs ery abrticluatedlyn this. nd er and it wary spoed b y icheed nis .va mor of ndtht spo edindi bdualywho rkedhe a theor cof an andieveralody o uldedathe a s the perthn net tohem r aiannery d he tir jobha ne tero neet t thehemo withou aytec jk a without t ee t health caore th wasritillyec aimportitant,ut thoseatwoh thing sta in as ti yplacim rt>> ct,ytonnow,'ve t tthoswo ng taal ik abt prits. acbvusly y c'ron aw,rie va t com pa. ab pr s. thaone the enef s ly he, yo'rre n ariva plic om pa co any, on'thaave eheoefns heyo n to theli areholdecorsy,'tav e >>orit. tohe
7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
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7:58 am
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7:59 am
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8:00 am
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8:01 am
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8:02 am
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8:03 am
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8:04 am
and jt pheng t ng isupseay f. nd cytonno t the iy' senoayt. falis : ar 't cey?onno youhehopeno you his tarhe ? oudoho a ylisyou wat tthere. > ke: do get som e sy wai >> althyn: e.oh > >>: mete: smeonienow >oeals: oh thi>> m onno col hiayne ivesol u i mai anomes phill and g m to the daw are river. p a >> glayn: ho u tt go at arat. alirin: ir.m he not s ur>>ay h u e point igost . tlio be i heotod s >> clayt: pnt is tbe od cyt le s sellowin >> sdhe sin flu-floggi. >> ian tgo this nt yefl. fl theast n pa i othe tgo t untr nlooktso, nice ye a thl ostfpahe oe oiure cros strheok, ice antr plain b se ofre'soiureoss highresse he andothi tris gtinginn towards thare ea gh arossunhendhehi gre at gakng otorrd t orth stea chroo, deheoi gt,re clelandbuffo, a th th de oi ecta lar day le nddownffcrosfloda a geo ia ta r ayou a wnhroslot for a so roca leoiaevelment ere anwe'rcertahrly gng t f
8:05 am
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8:06 am
t wi cau proeems and m floodi acrs me tco tt s wewi, guau b and oo tdicryomeu. t we> alguyn: ank u. b and t you. al: k ndhova >>layt: vava >>yt hosts t oda show. mik i t yoos >> cyton let' talkaboow ro naul hiiksi yomoin c hons t'lk on ronnolther straw ll h hs ses to win a lt ofno sthtrtrll pol and hhe toin ai o i sowa straw olnd pollndow aihe ial sot ll ow st phel iwashingt tr ingsthe c ppeti ion 3. >> me: 'swainade a careetr g ctiin 3ning str m pollss, in car 2008 ein wngstrtr polls.ll i n alin: wn do 08 e s translate intoll momtu mli w do ople i theia ay hsle sto m onof le iefrontr hne. s itonasf t haened t. >>laytfr: thonwayhe str lls itrk, ashehaayed hear >>' stytcturth iny fltrid buy s , he ar t kets g ost urn . fl id b onein ms tts g. neouedmsp in buseand the organizatn edp in drivyou t th e.sed alin:aybe thergheizon 'tivu th tr slat to nliatioaylol an seemson to be a trscatne n. iolol n anee ao itno havng r. pl avin wo n
8:07 am
hstenboutpl ha tine saywo he's enboeay sging we e ling ideb and debt ssngot a e li b iiblibcalnd bt prcip, whsherott' a peonalebt b whelithert's nat nalpr pwhr pedeal. t heer we owe 3 ritioln llode . op o llovse. o a re. fengrom a motaf debt becaungro wve accete himos i dec thate w ave hisceesnsibilshat molde theswoesrlibold the pelendold theldheecom ol t gornment cabl pe ofndold he ing that. gomt bl threspsibity o the g at thspbi o t gornments reve t enronmt which is ppe to goments ev a tow us to enrinmve wch for ppe us t to rk ara und triave fhe us ar incndti. av claon: 's ieresng, he wins ri t, anc then a la: i loesof p, eo e de ismiwiss . a ey hestor lois peoss iet dmi . tfha ohor ron paul wis it aga. ha whcomein ohonseaucond? w ga wh mermacain sonsedndith . >> m ike: hae'ins nit diisd.. >> c yton mhe's ne:ote' n dmissedis d. an eryon s cyon t'sha nt dmied h maan eryn
8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
wno hris mitmot o a is romne vs bara omae wou then put momormon inshe wte ra o housou t mmonnthat was hs oy us choi. >>layt: anspecical th at asasd hithat o y arac obamoi is a>> cytisananec al as anhid atainsmitt mnac hame i s c is woandhoseit tan rod eyns ttt mn htheree wa a n umwor odf ro eydivi als t theightho weer upswaumbo o nc divis heht ll weenpsnett who camboe o n ncdi toog a enne h weameas ther oo athi s aece and said tha hth cald it atigryece a swhathe pto rha h t coal itsary >>mike butan ouha leve your teliosan at tkeutoorve o f ur io60 a penvaniavue? o f isn'that o f w ho you p ani avanduehe? ab o w hon'aou ar oe. whoou >> alis: w ved hheeardab w goveor houkabetalkboutar is. > is w ve o hious, aorrrkansa ve hbe lk utgoveor a . aousaasortorksa ve amsf, msf, the rhit and-- in y event, you whetohnowit d-at t-hey liev inan t evt, y emto beono ne wan y tour y evin caanidatto bieven em methbeg anhave st ofan luesnd cao beaton btvebout thit aan theven the of vors h e es be onelies, cut dealith a thet t vo h long
8:11 am
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8:12 am
alin: bken . i s >>ytis . li bn i'vver en y qite- >> cing omhielse 'v>> an:r nei yer w i. e- cg omhi mele,ou a oioeily w hi.av eigh s f-mteemou you believe oioly the sthe nem r yesea brciehhich shedied he 1 col rgeea footbl phiyers the s asked em 1ol is iokayftb yp lrsos a g e t a or ame t ioay shed y l a fewe te arsfteramrdsend tho tsehohedew sai tes,fters c tan cry. ai >>mike crybi ces. >>lisy wercr see n>>skery hingbi. ghe>> syereenses-esteem h ain being hese-eeem appi. bng >> me: gherelf-teem claon: t yo pi e ti mon serf-em an rela--: yo and hav a lot ofai an writre--g abt t d av and l o f ighiai in it ab aton fnd hi xtsa nga f crngelps wit rextef ng crng ps iit 6-emi proootball i pl er a i cedem wn piawooall the pl a cnobook. aw wow, aaro enobo. av w,aa ro>> alyn: dit's a av refresng and alup: ft t' a perien t hatreesrengafndrm sft v ues, rimark. t go forou, y iret ou vs, .
8:13 am
goor, ou mar >> cytona twt, cis ten ite real men ar en a conaitw t c ho w n teem rioeaen >> m e: didt g at a emdissionting opin io . m id g a>> cytondissting pini ssins. ink yothisif aan crionss ng on a ni regar yoisbasis, are youri rba s, aractree. >>lisy on first tea ct i >>symen -- > s fometsthi el . >> a>lisyn:ave sonete well. >>layt: mae a f aaun: eon mayblleityo >lisyyt whma--a f wn you g s ybcryo thi nk >>sywh --iteart wawrmyog. claon: t usnow thi >>ike: i'vit hadeaotf la : womeusn wcryn a f>>ste: v hda. ot rig whemenyhen m stmeda . claon ighe nfrids@fheox mws.comhow eou lacan mails a t ffeend oin@foxomw witt n il a t ali n: l'seend o ngo tt li l millio tax yegoolrs dow t ll drain ayeewrs d eai tie din a eoldra eaicaal t edrcaaleople onhe mistration. eo plchriewalle is nhene. mi>>raike:on andhe dam arictllis. pastiv ing tme:ndhe dam a accs to ststivegmun education af ts proi t o eay. e icathat good t id?
8:14 am
ro we poay you. de cideiat g >>idli? n: do t wepoourydede >>li when t eyay iookeryat yr piure line hen ey ike y pie ne♪aaaa ay! ♪ ney ncheof os. fo gras co tother♪or naariti! y he o fo perract hcomony towitherreat nasteti er hnyth athonetebunc s ofats. nencofs.
8:15 am
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8:16 am
d olll. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ke t fixent 12 hr ho chaenge tixt hhohage araned, youmoneback ♪ an, ouneck♪ try xode cleser pluscopengreents y deler usperets wcome. >> c yton had w waimefor that thing. to con fd ai ir n at and tngly to f t. >> mnde: at's lonly grhic. anwe td ou . about m 'son grc. an td auton pa'strawoll n athe vae vorsence wipa it ve aawnffl tat o n
8:17 am
va vo ra. ce>> asyn:hrisalla joiwit an ustow. o >> hey, ra gu a.n:isla oi>> asyn: r us.aul k ps y, wiingug.trawll ahyn: doest th k tpsnste t a wiin g awonalllhy? esllthnscatee, alo i al mean t n be r o 37%hacate, y've t up there oann the n ber scenoohapr siy, e u he the acthe i ihink heoo got, 0 e tnk h vees. g somody id0 hev. r ll omy id kno h howo oranize a balooll no thow's boricaliz whaeit w, a llro here alasngto th bdale'has werin ga rord hent asng to suortersnd t heye' come gt en a tsuyte rsrtomipatte, but t t a don'typeak t breth rtip at b spot wchoesn 'tdo't sayak t th bat hs doing ba dl choesn ay's up th i h d angut badl ely in e uwputouble edigily iroed w oue gi 1, ut thadoest trslatwhenou're tking 1 aboua tathanwesid traten'r run t fkior the oua atprenwdencynto frounun fr t stu rey it'snterntting fhat ro wour doell s 's 'serngt ticallyde iedodll th s ialsu m wit tichly ielibearn sues a n s alout the s menditcope of be govementeso a tacuttha tth s hpef wvent in a vacuehaoter meeting
8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
nter ofoth the inveigatns. t mike chs. >> nd ten wel ta on e ofh he 20 vereatde. l rikacch to >> twetan ic20 sant rum w is of those caides loong to mov nt ws o.ho nowha t lheooie tld m t.. pal i sowou tt. t. alhristiis out and umsfel ide're isti ondoium warel wit ee' candidates we' gndar w c dites look wgo b the ok aolt berti nsertiveo mt amney. >>lisn: e'ller wveat mox news unda thmn.ks ri >>sn: >> yll bet w >clayn: the dwspedateth search for yet b ay tpetesa w s hearor rely stcdro h w s ib. s c dnvesgato are h earcng ib her parts ppert f es tore edeearcng e. ere lear inv ptigar wirt be re le wi us. e ly& perpes®. line on our leone.nvga wie or n th book lwis. & rp® ne onr e. gooro suthrpagok® and t thgooduys savehe d .gosuag® d thodsve d [ fale nounr ] yothinyourids e gtingnougvegebles fe un] yo in urah,s aybe ot.gng ugge v8esv-fuon jce ges tm a ull rvinof vetabs h,be. v8fu j g t a l in vab us aull rvinof fit. bu it ast tl tes inke f fit..
8:21 am
but t s . w ft's .ur nber? ws nr? ♪ iwas e be day♪ wooh! ye is beay♪ ♪ it s thohbestay ♪ ye ♪t th st♪ it s thbestay ♪ ♪t yeth! st ♪ iwas e be day♪ ye is beay ♪♪ bausef yo♪ b se[echyong]♪ we me a eat ir. ch ]huh? ma t .progssiv anthe eat tdoo. h? og makiva grt paan. e t oo akrighgr totpaly. uh.. th's wt i s thking hmm. ghot. .. thveri w thehing thati aketh ng gat. rihengat e no at'sth prtdress ge. . ca or ick day. no 'spr ss vingcaith r e pak y. ofodere toever rhmato art itis. ngh pa coulmean ivinof erwito joier dam e. rhtortis ulanin wihelpoitop ame da ge foret sts yo lpp da restyo withumir for ny alts th dera to verea, thir r as ra o mirar' prov toelp lievpain r'ov top d stev joiin dame. stoiam miraan ler yr abity to fht iectis, ra l yaby f iincltiing bercosis seous,ometes fal ents can cur,uch inftion clg rcis ses,et f esn r,h nfon
8:22 am
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8:23 am
>> wmck everybody. >> uick headlin fmu, keyevyb meet ng ck the h edluropeanebtu,ey et
8:24 am
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8:25 am
we ialnke abo t is bac yardinst ain weal a brg usp b to y sp eend. >> webrllus toain, iaispd ser al>>we t es we raieay hen i velod angoodeads s aer t'r we rlingo hry a th log anodds ainhe ac y ar're wng metalth etec rs whe pofac o y th w. mal nfortu nate , ecai w d ptof ing any os. or>>e'veteea reports tt g ny you'os n.owue ningveea ror teighbor, a teag u' who n hadng rhap the aghessode ote tagheho h hoe? ap en yoteles us todhee o t conntionofhi ho ? peyorselons t >>well nnon i chian say t ipe disc usse>>dllheai o the c ay iestigati. sc didset pudthatnfortionai o ouhe i' not siurti w diti idpu atobvioronsly i e houea ti'ot scdised dt's obvio uslyvi y i fa h to y th we't talki ng scd s oioly o vefaboo dythhae't we in tkki migh kno absoldyelhay t anythin mi >> asyn:s th ke a enag who ad anbsccess de? ny >> dino not aknn:.tha ag >>o laytan: iesantdeo p a >> d osounotb kn fro.m t mo er>>yti p undebron tmhehtmo oerf h dghter' disebaparan and t ht ot tofou r hpondo is d te tar'isan and took rndo >>su ta >>ame in my roo m aok s >> wherissu li >>e wre m sheoom ertli iairedhehere is she,t s
8:26 am
'sihe n e, h ser'srib d sh is he'sn ot treer b sh i anhed screami f heotr, trehe an nother >>crhe imi he' he ten monthhes old.noth >>he >> i bhee' t mth11 d. [cr ng 11nd theres e bcr some ntversy oundheamhe se b this smornineg. en ynt heavethty ndsound, s ismo in pice fi you 'r yeeaorofund,s traiedo have top re ctfi ou e th way. ai youelieo veo her? th >>well ouie the oy tng c >ally s andheest w the yansw th cate d 't hly s a any w uspe sw and thike ate sd h astda y. pe ey'r bacd e a the tledithstday. etec 'rvesac ai he r nber ne a o goa ec s isai t ry toin dnr ts a c old g is an t w teo realliny bve tshat cthlde rentancoopatio wand e rvolvllent y the b veinve tigatt n is test w aynt opiod to maklvet thehat >> aessyn:hat the status toak e ptenpp'en an:t voheemt. stus here ad p beeenn' repts temhey t. had reeen sped repts ty oorati ng ndd thpares reptehat and satheyeroora tired durg an threre hainv a gati . sa ey e th cooirrati d to eg a ful st.nv ti i u erst d th saiththatoo ti o d i ink lotf peo ul .
8:27 am
migh t ustthaiat i k otf peonderst anghthte'me fand stressnd stinlv. heos tfa iornt thing sess. ty i or ntat t downgwithur decves stery afrnoo at'she bt thng owth decs terhaafcaoo 's bhappth to is tin vestppigato io >> cyton there wasf crse e liine dstetatnd c on hech wlaye a boc te liac dt th wa achla aac lie det tor t l d th tha tt debby h faed. ian get i nttho thha dby shs wfacomeedoalk a ut ian etythi i she lik thsh wmeo aut i c 'thiheetiknto e deils. alin: wknowhat obv usly n in csgatis et o deke ts yohaves.o lo li wowt bvlyint ti amil tfirsyo youvelo alwaysun a t pal l in stigilion rsth ou lwe faayly asnd a st p raerinign ab du io fa a a cayou salt kheit ua tion ab onhe nht t he by w caualk uabductid. weone he nd a tt of y wings thathe c l p nes ucre takewefromhehe a usofha t thegs ghtsatere con ps caken yom g e us mhaorehe formtsion e out e casc yene?e m or >we ian o bviormuslyn t sc e? coir >rybo kwsan ohaiotly theyd so cel phon we i c at attebofromhe thsoel on ome. we c t teknowomur detectivesursu that e. as r ashey n g ow wi d iectvends ifurtsu at yies ldedas
8:28 am
ay g wiusle inf iormatonhat wou ie ed t ut tha woul furnfthor wou ut t wthislnvtigaurtione ctain wou havdone that >> cisytonnvwe hgae a p on nu er octhe reenf yo inknowounythavg abnet th. at e nu er i crighonther h oa n nu o e yoen syoeen owthabth nu igher81 47ti yo numberouanaltiith a lea ndsbe irnhisal h ca. a lhica. ptateouorhe tapoli tepament.ou >>lisy gooorluckhe >> tnk y. >> lisyli tha you pa me al.righ >> symeaoohileck, anothe crim t y se>>syhaou al gh mand kn 'sea mleanhe im seconvtionas orturd as ndu kn. what ade h snvdon tri o sur as knffert? day,atne oethe uror s inri th ase i ser pey,ak oine ornou th > iayto andveree a pe ak vie that didt e up > qutoe, dndn't erveeep to t hee hatid e u ail? qu dt t o roba tbly. beeve or t, y canilow sufor thba. y. le mbe ge or yyan st su loretthe. le g oy thi sisst lre a nber fghick fcksis tha i wa tc nthtrairs f. hi t waai f
8:29 am
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ti forour ot ofhe neyti orr t funn ptohat h gone y ral nn it'shall a hut figoninegig co oralions nd ty' 's the aut fig co evilordoerns b somne cicehe poi o tays that ilerom ce oi t ay prtersharet actuall omotg or using prrporatiorsnsndctua can see otorsi orio there, c oan ceeapti sho somee with a the, otianhoon me meraith and a t-shirt. on kranows whetstartendd, a-srt. but on it' ksws wtprdngst quiteckly tt's d onne auily cebook. rors b one gillet. >>celisyok am as r borycannogi. cla on:>>sy aam ias b le thecano hair la:e. a>> isynhaes t nic ir shing r rote. > ynagged bs dd niebaue, y shg r ge b knowdd youeba getyhe pot. ow ou>> mikeet aom i pen n stion ke a g iut i p sfront,
8:33 am
he a wasut a protesterndon aheas a p stcopy of o ay wst et py ojoufal, llinbabiyes. >>layt: re allstboutett. >> lisyou he', inbabi o. >>anytrellut >>sye'an prest. mik ye >> ayto a prexesa, ikexyea. > >> toisynand et's get r extoa.ou > ynd 'sete headlines, to new de ailsadnemeing abo ut the hiteouse m demaimeinbo auth ore izteg thouseil mng of thorizthilng of alaeda ldernd.s. ae datizennd aar awlaki thze memo auesa n a la th i aue a justiedecse he s deeme tbe a jigecfiseca he th at td amecame tbe and a tigfia th mem tomeca on aly pta to e awlaki em ase. on one o thee iwlliiur i e. t a nde ahe knox irili ur spea iking t a nd sayahno nxever bied tha ea kn ayn for nerieoy tie were knnor nvold inoyieeremeredith mu er .old he ss he spentotf timmedi loinger athe t nd s he pe nvceotdha tthey w erloengt t
8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:40 am
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8:41 am
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8:42 am
8:43 am
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8:44 am
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8:45 am
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8:46 am
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8:47 am
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8:48 am
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8:49 am
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8:50 am
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8:51 am
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8:54 am
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8:55 am
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8:56 am
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8:57 am
8:58 am
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8:59 am
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9:00 am
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9:01 am
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9:02 am
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9:03 am
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9:04 am
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9:05 am
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9:06 am
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9:08 am
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9:09 am
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9:10 am
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9:11 am
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9:12 am
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9:13 am
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9:16 am
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9:17 am
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9:18 am
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9:19 am
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9:20 am
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9:21 am
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9:22 am
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9:23 am
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9:24 am
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
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9:27 am
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9:28 am
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9:29 am
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9:30 am
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9:32 am
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9:33 am
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9:34 am
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9:35 am
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9:36 am
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9:37 am
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9:38 am
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9:39 am
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9:40 am
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9:41 am
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9:42 am
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9:43 am
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9:44 am
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9:45 am
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9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
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9:49 am
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9:50 am
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9:51 am
9:52 am
>> ♪ ion'trow i n't nt t go i to'tw choo♪ ♪ jus to lean i t tooo be aoo♪ p ent♪uso ♪ea ♪ andcite tbeillyules♪ pt♪ ♪ndte t ly ♪es if♪ gowg u mea it uld ♪ ♪f gow ueat d ♪ >>lisy mor ameicanen thanver thi wil sck >>sy oryou,memikean are pparantlyr hi il s ageingith ter n, t yu,ke rest d't wanarto gyw up agngh r ty dan gup >> me: iay tt ery day.
9:53 am
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9:54 am
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9:55 am
e ds tharo thecan rlly o bethereheor tir filiey and be aartdsf hathhe.n r y u kn bere t p fularie culndre at i s cr ng o forknis. par ul e mie i ouracrous" ohator . eryo is ing m see ihe ras"t moe, i the yoheats sg todee ind th mo iweeend,ring oat thaod int. nee thmen.we d,we nngd ohadads and thet. wa ee in.ust nt n ds gi a outo d to hel ourwa men in t unifm. gi we a vertogratul f theo uren if aerat f he>> me: nny, y rai se goodoint guys walng m y, yay f rm taiir s od ntfamies, ysmeanal thas g to f st t. it bee a b mi, robl nanha goor the stst 20 yitrsee o bsobl n u ma somgood e 2 pois yth oe. >>than you. ma om od mik i w goi to y ioi got th getack ty >>anideou.ame ikbut w i'moinoto gng i t toet dk teoeat. t'mt g >>lisy wow o du ner rest a nch ne.. >> >>sy youowe tneresa worh . u'reood eugho >>ouet pd toork.r red egh p mikto thak.s rit. >> asyn:ennythan s c concikned hamen rir amica, a thn:ks snymuchanor r ssinghis ncsue.d n amm sua, thaouriewe wil th s e-chil i rangots f thghts n e. th . suharweil greae-to s iat y. >>thhanktsou. th ea >> sike:ore y "f & f>>endsnkin. twminus. >> e:e"f fds twnu feme anunce] soyou ink ur
9:56 am
ks ar getng eugh getaes? emance sou k ye kh, marbe n . et e h tav8 ?fusi jui giv the a fl seing vegable ye m n siuiivhe fseg egle pl a fl seing fru. butplt ju f tasses lig fruru. tju as v8li wharus yo numr? v8hayoum
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>> cytonalis jushit . o ca conisusorget t. t litcaleir wehoweyo yesrday snnedge tby hitle birday weweprent, es ayrpri trito sed h iryprisnet,and. we' berigri riou we'rleavg toy to gooned. e'e ou sneynd. 'r av aretoou jtoe sno> n'm no ey.jok g. re jsn n>> yeswe'rgoin nok es'rin >>are u exted? >>e exd? ur bthda bda ppy rthd! y hd >>layt: shs crng bause e haanotr apintmt. ali>>n:ytshcr bse thatotsaptm the weetlit thinwe'vevereen and t ttheet ttleirl llin j'vnerusn witnd t r pants morr on lel jn tit pa s rrrvy ncoch. we he cplet t ne y foocoge o. h he cbig etip. she'justone to sneynd.oo o heg . e' >>stlayte: weave o otageyof . e motellg th dauter >> yttheywee goe g toage on ox & mo llfrieths.aur eygoton


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