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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 9, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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lifoia j ns 1liia oreer stes t tw. alw legafo j 1 oimmiants ost tl app ga rmits -sta tuion.pp itic ta saytu in. i naff dablic ay dung ste b iget iffbl du s btuts w-mai itsdican inder pus> forai syndr ica in r th cuspanyor go s adr00 mlion doar th c fnyeralgo ln a monguartee godoelly fal upnd l leeare xpayos hoing pete d cyayhog g.oinus wth te d deils. >> rortenrotol w w des. br rchedtehat cordgtolo w coress n isbr isedt therdg big- he wanco tossisshe kowigwhy wasan boacheand en the k goveymentent poc as bhed th surdin ed tvesntt loa aheays h s fosudin ttoasn't ju soldrays the's hfo pattn n'thes injustmesolahs d he tt antsoes stnmehem. the eric he peoe wits tdg thm.overl licyhe icndeowi hothey thickeer cy wnersan hoey sershis kes a 500 willirs dollearmk rss aeffeively00 li ll polirmcal apinte.feel methg th you ear abt lil
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creaom jo. b th wiltrk coinueossiy t eao pl out th ilyou cn't veco auesi t weend plut thu big ct thoued conover. thig >> s nnonou lt's lk autoner the saw sonoll. ls a ro ul des wen s strl. poll enrot dwe cos ptrling wi ll poteialovote it phanngs.i te usow telte youtantrawoll te srks? ouawl s?we d 400 risted 600 regi reredtearly sarday rnin 6we h a gied llygesaay in cwd h aor n paul lftere ske c a lot dissated uler s a ot's vy goat ss orgedizin hi veh le vgo to meinrg anin hi he tho wan smit heisee th wvote froacrohe suntrt th ajori came terorondec ed tr th riam wantg toear eec ndides. thi it nttor is id.nfo unat hithat rois ul's cmpai do thifoatat ey b ng troir fks 'sn. caiohi ese re b t f peoe loingor info atio jusetheror eoelo weegnd. tthere jusfotoiouserear o ee. ca idat votendereavus
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12:11 pm
ze stngthpe o e a ricagoment w famy th's t ssagtof tthalue aca vors.amth t ag t yeweuewantvo s.rongcono t weave ye tnt ha strg smiling tonoo wi it.wee tatr li>6 ronnon tonwi pt.kins thks. >> rank onu.on pns sha on: th is. yo tur>> tk weh in is ha: selignour a t fctor forwein you is whentigometochoong for yror presouenti en cdidame?oo y we wt esti to cda hea?rom u. wo eam >> snnonwewill reasome of yr res snds onrougut ellhow.eame >> i new ofrk t yess ug anw.-corrate pr este iw tknowas cupyall strt e noanorte takg thrte eekeow off. pyltr to y a wnoak00thke f. toa mared wall new rk cy ma rllst.looerg has ccusw the cma preste oog hurtg souri.usheprte protts wen'to rtri. pcefu in .c..ot w'to a secity ard pfueppe .. raye a owa oforeecy handpe 10 tryi to yerce theiofeay anto the smi10soniyio eeiirnd he spac aminiuseu >> detls aut a ac a sreteu
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12:18 pm
phoex ba tsnk y for loure rome. >> t nk yoe for hang m t y onorur . -- t y or>> snnonyou ae m pt of onis goup. uave gon-- as far sonu e say pof gisp. t ng veonsmeanattoeyar nera holayr t ould eiteranto be red raolor he ld shoditesig dthosare rong hordshodig ose ng >>hisdsis a reatot on to l enf>>cemes, b tour a at on tize lnfmeboow onarth czeld ouow gornmenth c facitat ou 2,0 gugomehes areacat 2,gu mifuyesre autatic apons fu -47utic50 calonreniper 7 they ve tm tope tmost fl. violtç iminsn ey t notoh t amersta. e olç minxicaorug erart s. mcaug sobody to swerrt f th. whate ssoriffdyo er t fh. at jori 9 o of sffth t15 elec d ri 9sherfs o ofrizo are docra. ec weer o ae asngzofor pecie dra uncito we be aoint aasr ci becae weant e tr webe arnot ant gttinhe t thca we frt treric rthold and ghein dertme o t ustifric aldnd demeatf.ti a >> snnonth f.ite use
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12:21 pm
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12:22 pm
when wseehat th -appengin our erct eyrows reen w raieeedt a peur kn someyhingws dsn'tai sell a ghthere knomng >> dhann't: sl she ff t pa babre >> nnthanyouhe r yoa ti.ab ur anu birtis gro yofi erif add toi quistionroand lls r mor ifdd ansrs anuond u. s >> or snk y.ns >> snnon catc more o >> fst s y and sontcre o f --ast a d furus-st a o fox neur suay oox wi ne cugresan issawi that ai rig cesfter sa ohow atiig iier ow esbyrian ii crchu.s. has> byan oaine cchts fs.stga s mini oer.nes fter-ar-o sco annirson. wa r--o --coanon6-ye-old sc twa-- anrson wasye remldedsc0 yes ag an onsterway heasem welmed ckye ag and t a tanernghe oatioateld hisrdinion. d an the sprem ocouriohear hi arguinnts n. a cse he puyng s emghtsurfar guurchs c ainst png emtsoyme dirimition ch ast laws em me>> if ydi donmion he th rig ws tof chse yonourwn h mthssstig
12:23 pm
th raini righhur r migiostn th rni meghs rioitt- me >> curch att-choo hve ha c ach aminierialooxempon hfreem o ha aniiamppreseurb s o ee o me ploynt lswithhe goales trbo oallo oyntit lathoir al t loanitao re >>omecionsre lt to govementome are>>eft tcis l o urch. ch chesveave nteret t conitutnal gh chhoos eches we isoing onutleadl heir os corega won as whongs ing ad tir tea the faitoto tga nex a o generion t.eahe it tex >> aase fore theern su.eme urt day uld a e angerehe sue t y dat. ge eryl prish .augecul yl pshg tocsndul le pyers and to biblessole wa prsirednd becae sh blso devopedwaed naolep ca.sheved hooloffial na sepy its. beusehe thaten olfi s itwsui >> i bee canhen faom ui h the ian constuti cou bea nstrd isuch hhe wayto nsstioue tr i chtoayen m myivil rhtss
12:24 pm
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12:25 pm
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12:30 pm
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12:33 pm
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12:34 pm
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12:36 pm
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12:39 pm
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12:42 pm
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12:44 pm
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12:46 pm
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12:50 pm
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12:52 pm
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12:53 pm
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12:54 pm
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1:02 pm
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1:06 pm
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1:08 pm
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1:09 pm
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1:10 pm
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1:11 pm
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1:12 pm
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1:13 pm
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1:14 pm
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1:15 pm
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1:18 pm
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1:19 pm
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1:20 pm
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1:21 pm
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1:22 pm
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1:23 pm
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1:26 pm
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1:27 pm
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1:28 pm
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1:29 pm
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1:30 pm
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1:31 pm
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1:32 pm
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1:35 pm
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1:37 pm
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1:41 pm
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1:44 pm
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1:45 pm
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1:47 pm
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1:48 pm
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1:49 pm
in woriners v ju around 48,000.or althgh any ju pitro job8, crtion s thoony ob shaon: arell lking foron ha: re lng os ivre j creaioiv sis. c taea abo whe we e in tes of a d oublsie d tabohee in cess iote of whble do de std rit nw th t posbili of ingssio wh dotherste?ri n >> wl, i looklike hird t os li f g quarr gr th w p ba blere? w i okke rd arou 2.5 so w are proarblygr w p ba blt in ression rig ou.5 w ne.roy the inssirlitysi doeexist ofig mong io a .cessn at ae sityoexi mo la ira tassatge a anwhate ne to rig now focla on w tota createge anat ne o igjobs ahe r egw ulatocion tohat cate weave ght ow bstrehe rat impeng j creweate on.t re anther is tew pe jre elon.r an er s pe tlty thewhe nealthcarer lathatakes effpeecty nn 14eahc that you avlaeatoresffhatn 14 ers u h eat touavor pay2,0 pe ors h per toear if pou pe on't htheerightea kind i offou heth i uran . 't movie froig49 wkersino d he i an rkerwoul cost vi aro wrso empleryerulst a $4000 yearecau the e pl r fit 30or rs are e $4t0 arauhe
1:50 pm
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1:51 pm
ser y s insranc et buthe y too itlts noby innalincng e mp yersbund me toitno it ore ffic t fo li e thersto m hire w orkers.ite icfo >>hehann: weill ntin to watcreas n datcom wke.n. >> nnank weu fol ino h elpi ngtco natm n. brk do this wk. k fo h pi grt toee y br do hi>> is gk.ato b wgrittoh you. >> sha ion: ter ettio w puited bk byouurrine hare: ner ti e de catipu of bhebyarrin therreing,ner. moriais debacktin trfk fext wke erg, mia we wl gea re ewck otr t fke cere fro t whege predeew a c. o. o therero t mlk aemial c. oe undalkonext. mostastelike one jacs als. fibe one. dat. stte keh, fgot e ckacereas.bee. [ ck ] wh's f brefast ft ea um ..[ ]wh frest y t numr on um tum on jac] yea tis ptty od. [ le aounc ]f a y's rth fib . fir onac ea py . [ anca s h ibfion malennouer ] inki a sothi witho vetablnutrion? ♪ ♪ leou ] ki shi thvebltrn? ♪♪ [ ong stwbery bana![ g malennouer ]or smooie wh re fru ster ba !plusegginutrion leou ] oo wnew re v-fruion ooth. usgitrn uld' had v8. w -fn th
1:52 pm
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1:56 pm
ther e' cretthy ofngnterilr an f ur otrs cing f llery etof er an dica theotem cialg ndll tak ca he emrt ilthiss we tn i or t tohe pre de a inde iis w t i thcouny fothem o to pde enjoy th un shafoon: emu cat gemore ar sddedhan njat. that s a eatha: s >>ed gren lin.p. d i atink a e ptsi l iseu re>>y toreinedat e t s. i k p si s meane di reedtoatthe 9/11 ts. mori aan fdiatth/11 wriks a fgo. we hedha wmain lher kingouldgoe on.of t fir h es ehama lr ngldon t d icat eed isedicing martn luer icatng. we sicing rtlu .we a callinghiin lu aer kg nuer t. don c wanlitherto b lu knu t onnumban ter bee. shaon: hopthathe auti l eathmb w tilcont.ue anyou ll b ablehao: dopat ti thilthnt. is iana lou ble rocessth. i lo raing eey and gti ro ss .e spa ce. rag a nd te us outhe effts n epa . filly get ng t o eete ts het e n auful mem oria nvfieiyet tee t >> y hav to rort thr aul m em iadiffentomssions the yav rt hr nio c apit alfft pnsnng e commsionnd cmission of cit ne asgnd mmon cssof n atna l pa rk a nd
1:57 pm
seice. all ree atve anaay spain ere goeand w it lks se e. d whl e ite s a bui slt e oe d it a ocesthatook bo 2 whit ui ars. we ompaa thaestat tk o 2 s. f.r ., 4 wepaha t o yes cocept cplio f .r., arexcit tha we re yecopt c heio we r seredit $ha7 wllen. we till eedhe to raise we ath7 ll 3 miweion llday'dclos toff rese caaignut wthare nfidnt miwe wn l gey'osf he. cagn w>> se nnonidyou e cle. w geasith ythi. thais p o n s on thu mallclr h i nash hi ha p whingn therere alw sthllr h i critic ms a f olwnghotre a w ted it ic a f thohiwaor t w therwas criti tci aorut t ote at ion t he ers mtiorut parae ra id fr t dr. kinsor rema s. ra ra fr you deel kke tt isll ma oul tis selenow d sohed d fid. >>on'tnow it all w so d ttleyetut t ecfita >> 't w oft nterllr an ysel f le werete ta er tre t oth dayof anderan loed aerit ae we gree tha t t tth ay nd we lo a aegreha we wlis is after t i we w at ther celebtoom ca . d th we il wthl lo at el omter e edat n. theil lo t >>hann: weet m lionof r sito hen. in
1:58 pm
>>nnwe d m.onve to e i ye. at ithe peve fo s wiye takfrom i t? ie agu t e thfowiakssomece of an his trds thfe o jusr.ceinop e, ans s moacy dov j ope, whais t datfor e fina dy edicatovn. >> ohaober t6 beatinr ng a t na dic o erbeng9:00.m. a t the esidt spkingroun :00 m. 00 . arexcit . e idspngun >> con0 atulions a ng precessitnd aeautul ef rt t t yoavontoul snsho a pss a utr it. efank tu veyo mucto s >> tnk y souc i k veuc gl to t yeo w you >> snnonand l th best n glo ee we wher y e foer n pla sond thst s s he we r is a eali a r infog n bla the ss vy tt c le ad flior a h rin t t leave tisro cotlell f job a retu to eravvice ot hellas o jtheracticequ tu o cerhe n eng nd p rihes oera ice wh got letr fr the av y n ngsayi png hhad g b k i nt whotet fr he rvic yi eaier hday d desibedis i em ions ic n ear y esedound o .emns >> wassn jtttlyou o. oc ked.>> as s i wattold tttatly tngs d. im prwaed, ldawt aor tcengs guynd the impr, rmy guyorcela y healrey anihormhtyhiuyngs la uld t apove a
1:59 pm
rean wholdhigs star my nd ap cearee a reprenti theavy d the ary n c ee val aca my o m yprestithey the ilitand wou ld love t l a ca o m coinueeso haitd ou le shacoon: ued, ocour, th nal achaemy d so of e ot r seiceha: a ourdemithes h av naac y sof specl doterse lenes picie asmi h yo a ecra iid de erpleninsg aie pressial srt.ra i ide ser ad twyear orss pr si sd sa. he oesn't k nowerhetwnar s e na wilmake ul insaenoe't w hi aea nail ke ul weove arinnfromou a hi ho in ght theeaalues we e in om avors hon t heues s ment vo relion sme a eln facto a f y whenou pk areacsintia candate? en jo pan wates re issisnt f m ca ndoplee?utol ic y h udjo b ws hess le ol icre hning facr. ge say d s. reng ac ianto kno ha mygeay presentepends o n s inet k hier t n hielf esten onne hself hi t hirf hse


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