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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  October 9, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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idce. thanyew mucfor shari. alws enyid. youanrw ucrha resns. lw en it r usere iounr r es ns.waingt. ox nt s suusay" e up xt. i a go one chs waace wats dgtn w h nsu" p . go ne th ou ch owaverse ig d committee thou orsomtt darrissand ric s rrsa ric santorum. chr: i'chriwalle.anru congssuarepuicanare hrdemai'ingrill nguapu aannsewe fm to rn ey mag genel er holr abt a a fetoralrnun rniting neer goleaba fel wrg. ting ptioed bylosecapt ning rvic, in wr wi opetionast d fu ousio by se ptin tng cro hai oficin invewiigpeors,onhat t thefus t ro aillouffor e obama veigs,t he ou r o ma minirati? 'll k thheadf thhous gornme ove ightniti c l ttthadthus gome veht daella,nltty on "foxew da l suay." nl y th o"fhris c st su and." sar th pan tais a ps on astndar esenti r unpata p o a theime rig for a thti r candate mak ahee move?ig f we'lspea with c on ndnde ak a look mg toe?ill t oiwe'leath c rmerokenatto tick sru er plat, th oupy icwalltrru
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krlal govement >>hristalkboutast d riouin whichge ve antow >> islk ut t re t n 00ou0 w wpogeo sold llal tcrn s 000 ld bord. crs ey we gog torackhem and st t ck o f a numrrd o wgotock m themd t o a hu nredsndedrp wi a drug cael a twoem e nded hudsedwi a at d t ca awo e ed rder sce at of.s. b erce paol agent o .s ke y bacto m wn y pa ahadgent n famou s yac mnxcng d nwithttoramy geoural slder he it >> hen d yo firsknow th or geaboul the erograoff ia ll yhet >> n beliyoe carsed fowt a fio us oue ra f ia theestf your k edlica fa, io us at d e? het ou r i noturof t ect date dut ie? pba y he ar iotd abt t e ctst a furus f te i t fbasty he ab me o r th last aewur wks. t f st >>hrisi unrsta tha you o th st are ing iss aew >> sisun otafhau e sug rmodss pen of suoden suben the attoey geralhis ek. s abou whe abo fas and toriou g andals . ouabouwhyrehey d ying boas d ou nd out owing a ut ometoungy re thathey dre befedng o t wi utexacety wh the a atcany b ed peop wanto kw hodid it achappwh.hen op an kundehotandide dn'ttart o pp ing ter hettdeorndney dt o neraor g rhettory ra lenny bwer
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a onelse i lny jti. a weonsetaedff by tt th u.swe border pffl ben ktwi t s de and l o th.s breaponsen d be n le de wndalk. o afr th we eaartensbei be le to thi ws lik. by a jus tice afthe teei depament des igna tedtohi oliicy lusti nev let weapo nspantesna wdk. now,e ha lit alevetea e-mailsk. inch t y ar cw,hacernital ab-mt soaiany a ki ngin tar c rn an y saisom hing nd absoy doatki eaann yaiom tngcoect you b dot eanean didn't jtec h y a ew n b eraed. dn' t t e wherogramas bo uta not ed trking hem tilwhhey roream ut foun at t s ne f trng crim melsy an the y dn'tunus all snef ri they fac ilit edan jhey t'tus in a ne ey acit gunt i bnuy, etruyer bo htnve70 b0etruy wpons. bo >>hrisspec70ical whaare e suoen bo>>utis?ecalha e >> w want osunoenw what did ut ey kw and wn id t wnt w ha knid it. mo imp ktantan, we wavne t knderst.nd awhatle l d mo mp nt we thavauthizatn rely ce. rs it aasat adn ththatre ctfe. a ithoriaszation. an ey we pa of it w a jnt a oriration in w pa whf h. d.e
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. k wne j yraonore in t wh.e ke yor t a.f. chr: dr enfceme a.minirati. hr dr nfmet.f.alcol tobacco nd niti fire ms. f. co andheseobere acl pa of th re.epar ent ndse je pacef and we eth binningar tt oeend j ce nd t alng bo e ri e bin hngde tro al athebo een people t hder top jti ce werate lleneo ied ankn ap ut itnd jtier seem to the omma and an conrol d fu aing ir tt premram o d anhelamand col fug nf torceme pr pem on aaned uer oh ot nf uncer oa comes backi ng a pe a u o ot says hi unasoat c tom bkiight way d oyshit t it.ight ay y d t y ke d doingt. i d ke d >>nghrisyou ing subpoeni thattoey g eralo te ify>>is u g ubagaipo >> tthto galtey judicary omaittee o t whici alsservin jic whichry theomtt actu qicstion glsskedrvashi t invid hi to me a clear tu io gthe corded cl earlhe k w wvihehi so ai ahelear e didnrd know. clrl k w sw, t queion whadid he kdnw an koww. i tuen had kanoi to plaiwhyeave that ai yeswerav e ha t >>hristhe torn genal nt y a lter l ng ither >> is e her rnpen ffia ls . y l r
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l want o gohhrouome o r hiffia. pus ac ntgo ou he a onowlges at seral memoand p her you c s he awls s al he il moder y ract. thais t way ehe ually ac t. ge ha theay uly chris. ge >chri sento h offe as ch ahrten .nthsarer n >rien h ff as thfew w ks b or e a hen hsarer tti th win mks o bor01e1.e t ti t he ss an i wan t mout011. he sananto hisomnts. do notnd canno r d em is nt s. cor toov . do ot c re nissu werbrouemt to comyto a.ttenti b ec t nsuerou t formion esen d inhe a en port canot sgest t rm n en in oblem r c rtmianl he ssst ying dn'tno a ut tm c mi he s obleand c ta ly dn'tng dtno kn thawe we le ing ns led d wat >> wil take im aknhishaor wleg but et's wa b k. >> ilke a s awe btefore j yk. we bore judia mmite th hidn' know ud ia abt it unt wo it wthee hn'no ea ier.ab it ntthatwo i ws d ingenueaour. on ts at face d in nu clrly hado kn w ce cly ad kn w brn wa klend eryone aliz t brsewaere kt aryon
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furis we onse had iz tsee t aonow riwesad that sething tonow at siongus happen. we sumeor a somenio he didn kno thehauestn s en e me aene dn nonfidhet?sts in ct aordepatr ent de did a 2,000 n a de wetrons ne a the ro am t d a 200mplelyffhe wes aaihe wro dn't elenoffhe thatais prably w more 't portnot qutionor t at prief lywor e nfcent rt offquiceron t is ff effer isf lennyrenew. lny chr: onof t >>ne ow.the top ahridones top volv>> m oeh eoparern a wos in he lv m sam een off ic. wo in chr: hoer p snts t th tooffials vieffw april hr ho p s th 201 just rotound fis the ieme h ae wafirs hearing o fll01 tstrod e hheerte s and l'swarsutea ing of up. t rmte awandre ttutp. wat hairn is saidhat heas n bried o thunac ptabir detn ls os fa and urio .idt he n ri o in ther ords the thct tactab et o they ere ttinfathendio gs iner ds e twa. ey e o quintione weryou u s ied annotold. wa and qucondon if er iu s tieantd. d ndf i h
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t do y kw that h w a t tol d. y kw >>e is auoti a sry tt plated. ol etice ho ed>> aisrountid sto t la . the ew apes.cehoed a un hang sd th, i ll awer e .ap s. werlookg i o he dharu sthi ar ob erokm. i he d ask for briing. got a riefing iskncluordiringg. otri i lukennheln. >> cis: atf. nn>> o of e pele tt kw c : tfout e prram t didt of pe t t know all t pr om er dhit that ow a ultimely readhihatti lt rea aled wtiap thatheead ed ttea the wirest andnderd w mu theknewhis s de berathly l wtingread gstunndser mu to heheew ds ru deraar llsng g be meo sic dk toarls beick h stoma coriseso y areayinyou h weret toto abo fasand furicos ansethe ynrealinkiu reto bo as honddo y knothate wn' t rian e kito? fir it ho all yit wnoat to concirled t om ullby t w justeepartmen ey wnce nd u a tllowed t nostwar en at wnenneth aowno nelson l k w enth and de n l k h himick h is d
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stomh.ic k h f i beingol gomunsre i bei geiterinto t baduys. g e wle lo rit cin tads. forward wwhen realized gr are c getting f wa tohe bad g uyens.ead re g tiis inot out o pe ti tohead g th wasuppod to race i t t . pe ti th is out stic thas po to ce dertme knong a thi is wherththe s erict peoice ha a ght k demeno aorhi er ke icneoha a t kat tse gs weor deberalyntnde t e nd u t g s we theandsf t d ru derantde e rtelwith t anhekindsd t druf acealityxcelth ian yinou fd the n at he sne ea atyxc y e atcrim s th a is e reon tt this is a fonim s th as ndre i t ts u thef a i rd felonel uathe ogra is seluld on crinal atet ra crim sinald ri havl tusds o dely imalavus o w dens. chr: i ve t point out becanse hoer ds in is hri t oilett o tush adminis at caho d in d a mil o pera tiontt calleddmat er ion de ra leiver oharaton alle so hsayset n r gunvesr w hk.ys >> ec h golunr ca in wti indt pele fro that ec holcan ti mini rati. nd pe t fnkrohatis standrd of wel l, niti
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te otnkrta admindistr oion del ittoo, s notro g aooinis d fr wha we n ditiso,ver f n g de rec ve anfrdhae davvee f r suoenaforav those very ew sunar weaonshoerwel ry tred. w ns overheadbsereltionnd s o at wtrld.ou w ouovaderonhi snk uld appe ioue a w hi weontarto ve w re yd oupe e a ace at e ry weteonrto y th thelet e w eans e t ry d ner looked til hey thhe t owedp athe sne o ne lked l y ed at sbrias o mde >>hrissomef ou re blic col agueiacallde for spec l p secu>>r tois me ou look nto lderreicoluellnvolment. r ecp cu tome cled hol roko erolme. to cd ol gn. doou jn ei ter ootho? >> i ave ways.en he do jei o o ? atcks at > ie ysenhe ats tact at the prent pecta t p p pks t pele h has fullondence in h as ulwhisling en idences t o in isg sp iial ocutoesericolder t nn invtiga hse .spl o to iccongdess iwellndery of nnnv ga h se in.stiging is orati to ng i ll ndnd oer wy tent wro ng a ndinigg o ti o hoys t and hat hav oe ten ro
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a in e fure to ho mysndt savure can 't n apfun a tgain. it sheres a ecia an osec or tlook at thin . naow i ue o f t opit oreffa iaia ecwho td thoky thul b pnait i o t o apinte tha is so epthaty ul issue. apour tevesthaatios alon swithp is e. nator grassteyioonth grassley tohaass to get to e btom o gfssy hi s toor n get latebeca e t bmhe omerin s oplernd t peoe inexic n'tecarustthe govhenmenri le trigheoinic. st chrhe: tu g to ove otenr anda sol thobam hrtudmo isotat h ad daola. a do mentth damatiseat h fy, hu reds f pdoesnt o e-mails.y, >> don knohuwhatdst is p es about eairiy, >> chronisnoatis ou>> cis: l ainistrtioy,hr dom in a c it : bies ainio omint es dot, daio t, isour ke fm thdocunt aimp? >> ty ar tryiis to r ry i fthcu in the ee?. tar yi o st a ithe cume dum a in he week e.lier gve u s t ri ace meum a lderit tion hat ek a eer u t ri findg i er i'titont just so ndra .nd i it ia paern i the't j sora. or itspan he ofnvtmentsorts yo undstd onhe last dtmayen thathe l was
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yo uston lt d there at l as $47 biion shrown io re loanandne othe q st$4nsbin i we he fohe sec reanryd ohe ns tells w hy hfoheec that last day ll wsomehoyou had evethinyou t l ayneed andou dn't ave is hou veoverin perud ofim e b orede.nd dt e e amicaneopl have erer o im erighto kw b tor o tse amanplve gh k t rase oasions ihi ti ra moneis ud t invesn oasns priateperati s a f ne u t nv nwillake ts pretiaf on c it alisllme th is ll vetted o annd wel cit is m thout ou a ndths itut vted a w polical thouou aut interferenc . lil lynd is storof pontticafe. nd ints erfeorrees. po ca pickg wiers d lerntfe qu e frkly ere ere ack lwis peoe qufr givy ineeo esen eo ama'campgn b youlso iv o esestien of y arwe dng a' mp bis aou wo a l oan gtif sarad d a wh ais t l govnmen gsad somehow wh t ov encong in? s eh cong ibecae a ttleore mo y wi co i saveheomny co i caa le ecomi in fmoorwiolitavicaleny purpmies tn cer u f becseol ital ey wt to d ayrp t t uec w toevybodisab. ich thease soldra evod theyereab h hee ol idrnetay gng
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ey e bankpt t lastime t g ioty gng nk tasmey. g chr: back oma me no bone abot h wante t ohrba o m no supp t cln e rgy. nebo h therwas te e er ss , an ppcl o epey.n er pas of e stulusoerssan spo ope een ean nerg paf stus programs.po someould ay t re wn a rn rgh ro am toudgmt tout t mon me ld tthro whout ritho doi due yo d iligtoengmceto ton ro ut quhotionoido yue you yo dig h e quon you iden of crptio hn ethat lynd got hal billenn dolls fe cral ranion at ndotalll guarant ll fel becae of political gra co nneccaons.of p ital ifk i c wherehe fk oble igetsad c itlas n wrehe origina oan. lets at tre i c is it nherina s t i cis ey g i tuble a w went s innd wtheover ent g wentle a w en in n vi atio oinf wheert enngreiona m da nd inviio o subo inreed anaoa meaning puothre rs boin i an mng et puth rs isiti. chr: prate tidito rs hrpre wod get pd bacto t barupt. wo ge>> t pre iwher bthe esti t pps. ba pt . why d we t ierree hti thepproco
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y we thatas rhuire ando he sothinthatas sic ly at rrend pr at thatss whe yoystaraski th que stio . ib . have atwhyoarki dis rethenue wsth th prveidenon policieis w th partul ly w t h epren c pic een ne rty. w h if a tns c b d ve r ny. a trned dve a b dver diesebus ey c l it trred athe se t e,nc e a citre de jsion. we, m y at s tnc commdetee,onnlikthee, myney mme, ik ed coercehali omcomittceeeli tt lookat broaderomttssues,t oook broer wss ps,rocessoloolowed. pce the le of w wlolwe guarant evenf we don 't le thf e wl ua poli thait i s d one enw on properth. is iwher th li ihag w i dlav op addi onal robl is aer tss i w l wrees, wiloo k fordialbl as litiwl, nterfeilre bec fauor yohaveo askti whyouerld wfeeec au pu t tyo gveovernmt at skhy ou wdiedvange wn were pu t gputtovg inorenmat dian wwe mey ttin e mynos nse >>hrisyou e sang y arnot nves tiga ti ngmy ts se >> isestiu sa of ylynd get ng art es ga the an ere taltif hendre wetas b e e al
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he fu wraer f bor oba a b fura f o vest i solyndra. yoare okinat at was st ne a sthe ynil ea. to t to yoe in w a e shor eupohe compa and veors he e en se oorf theompand taxper s he e >>enhe a oricathpeope wil jue th overl po cy a xp hotheyicke win rs a>> acaopil jutherpo a ho ey keinlors. thisas a500 llio ear ma eecvelo. bisy a0 ioar pital maecve itpoinales. someing u he abo wit coress ut d 't aays ar in. ab t wime theg prehesibodeit .co ss d amy vs w isy abwihe creommiee. vis risdtionnd eney a c mmce idoi a gre obsdon ene a ioi a g myobob hioin d out hmyow don't ppenga.oin ut h m loing a lotf t >> hrisi wa to lock ug onot f is.s. onlybout min>>e leist.wao u you y g ernmt s.houldn't ly ut plinletu u gnm sul c'tapitalis t and pl tu piinginners and losers c bitis and yopisentgeverinrs let ate or lers the st cplef y rs t oyo thenteretr fee cdeel enfgy d yartmrst to he kingor feraloan de en d tm ar tees orngle fan ealrgyn coaniein yr ste. di 't y doares ehey same in g coie yst th you redi yuso them ofam doin
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thou us he>> cm is, is val d in es on. c , s l heres thdiffence evy meer o cgr they. re thmoff weice the sen ev andme o hey y i h g otmo someiheodyennd h gomy m diri you should look m a a roam i otdiou sullo against. a andi the ili to agauasty. ckdihenersli t andy loser which ne nd don't have.oshi >> cis: u we say ing in 't h o c: weayptg erahahe thse pt a feral ergyeparent ve em a l fel gyaruat ra ntee. a l >> n givuaeraeehe.m aoan n iveguartee. a oa it eireditho thegetting it ar e. chr: i' not ying eouedhohe etng re it ce fuhrl.i't ng i'm st singoury.ceful. theeque was heym av agou lory appcao n, p asheeueasy a givehem yes o r o.lo a o n, th pas is b ve dm fesnc or a lothofs lnsen ife ancnd lopele snt mey pcess ling a andnever hrd. pe s the mase pfss sgdrahey anve h ntrited avilto b ack he ef ama ad gohea lo and g it rid il bquicky a golo a a i epote ic the-mas sh the was
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huy al ttehe way up he th mash heas vi predent we h e tohuoal t w ite argettheg a t o vi re nt hprestore. ita biartta o diffenc e hees. bi >>hristhanyou mucfor d comi in day hed weill stayn o top of>>hoisanu ucr smirin esy wel ay sioopf ho >> unextork e go sri pr iden al fsild aartly u xt k go sewe wl tak t o r pren f atl santum a anseda w ltaooki tng r toake move. nt anda lki toe ve feme anunce] soyou ink ur ks ar getng eugh getaes? emance sou k ye kh, marbe n . et e h tav8 ?fusi jui giv the a fl seing vegable ye m n siuiivhe fseg egle pl a fl seing fru. butplt ju f tasses lig fruru. tju as v8li wharus yo numr? v8hayoum
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my ne's ff. i'a da coa... and quitmoki witchan nx.s . i'daoa .knowg th i cld ske ringhe f st wd kitkiitanowth c s ng f w waseallimpoant me. [ ale nounr ] longith pporsll po t hane.x iprov toelp [ ople quitunmoki]. ngh or ch tix nduceimy uove op smo -- plitki d peonal thas at ichnew x needce. u mo- pemalealnnouhaer ] ome ople i w had edangein bavio thin ng olemoodou ] e hostleity, gitad onge bio depr sed od ain sui odalod oughst or y,tionta pr d whil atakiui l or a er sghppinr chanonx. ilki if you tice any o sthesinan stopakinchanx ancall youroctorighaway ifu ce oes optelinyouranoctoan ll ab ut aur history oghdepraysion l uror otoer abnta aheaish pr olemspron whiccoulget rse ile king hant o. ta eapr doms't te chtix you e haica seulous t lerge e ngnt do tch x or s n re tionouo ithases rg if yevop tse op ting anti s re onand ite yo docr rht ay yev t tg ti d yo oc r so a ca be fe-teateng. yohave hisry ohear or b od vsosel roblcamse -tte . ll yr door iyou ve yo neveor wisrse omptars. b vl bl ydo iu t menecal
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wlp re ht apty. if y havsympms of hea attk. me l use rutio awhenrivi or pera ng m ofeatt e io coenon svie ef ctsor raincl me naneea trubleleepg an unu al eamsco sefs clna th e artrthe leasonep i it sankingnu ms thar [ e le aonounc ] i s asngyouroctoif cntix rig forou. [ anc asurto cix igor.
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>> cis: e reblic pridenal fld fmed th wee with chr is c: reic pren f fd theethhr christi ansarapalidecing to s c isout e ra. an weraontilie oucserig s of 20t ra onon owe itierouewsri w soone f okinto bthat on o s w ca idat orsomee rin batenator rick sacaorat who ces tmeo usenorroicmk sa or dahoas. t u nato youave ent rore than 0 da thi yeadar. i n watooue t whic ianlmdat hiubleeaha any i
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of t oth candida te haveic t le ha a spt anthe nvenonal t th an da witeom iveha t ste i s ifspane enal one goi t pwil i a hkabe ste i sf merom one goi sho tl w hka the iowa caucus, thosou. t wh is ourwa ccu tstreg. >> w l, t strwhegy s to irt go degn an talk the p eo w ttry o d iow andan do tk owhe hal meet ingsow nd d t i ve b hn tolmost 70 et untigs of i bheto cntieslmst u en ontied.f wepent c lotntf tis tshere. on. thi wentotti t we de t wee almos180 town ha typeenglm t ow areot hit ng h ughayprowds but are itti the eoplre hit ng ho arth enge of t i w t retihepl caarusesnd ty ar ethe o ft es t thar talhe a henfence in thr com ni nd hethalac a h nfen i n th i he b n t heth c ndhe mmuny. th h be bg in some t oef t sll un un es p bes i lme of vides an o iol our un p l pl isot t peak i ndean je lur pl s ot july beak inow je uary we w e ju bno hin f jbruuay b now w januy wh theotrehuy b n nu whhe ot recoted. >> cis: u raed in the
2:21 pm
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2:22 pm
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2:23 pm
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2:24 pm
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2:25 pm
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2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:28 pm
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2:29 pm
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2:30 pm
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2:31 pm
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2:32 pm
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2:33 pm
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2:37 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:39 pm
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2:40 pm
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2:41 pm
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2:42 pm
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2:43 pm
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2:44 pm
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2:46 pm
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2:47 pm
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2:48 pm
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2:49 pm
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2:50 pm
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2:51 pm
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2:52 pm
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2:53 pm
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2:54 pm
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2:55 pm
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2:56 pm
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2:57 pm
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2:58 pm
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2:59 pm
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