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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  October 9, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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o wl stet a ineasily asoss .e o cntry w stth a tge iinsi cor arates ged c ry thlack of t gestican i ecoormicte g thckf iccoc injuice. crics focusn jue. rios violce >> leang se otheol rght o brd thea s oeantitmerin. >> am br incthasglyonrned abthetiri g>>owinmobncyed ab ginob oupyi wa strtnd o theyi other citie acss t watrthe ocounery. >> c seeie pele mad a ac t un >>eeead a theut thttac upo busiss andhe tackpon thacpoufrsidom. atnd i cknfrm. ihat thi i al abo. t >>hifouon't iav a j ao areoot rh >>fme 'tav j e ryoself >> hern inos uyolf whil u rignd ftisagt.en il o iso bmeutig mt agegree
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b is b is mee islegimte. our cntry is doierg. ur poor c.ry >> itsoiser you or >>tontaous,t'ssou cuse andt'soing to tas,s sendngo fecte. >>all reetanks got bilon do ar b lct >>l etksotil do but bailts. it eprse t wmican peopil. t epr t wan op rally fl. u ar seeg som othe rlyame f fos w ddear ieerespsibom oee foying wode i fspeftibort t cra ngwn o abuvetrt t prraactis we oot buto in e fst acerti >>oue wil s mor n f ce proiltest ss or 's aribu to ebsolerost fail aebufo ol oba's ile pocy. ob ssomedy ected byhe po l.t has methem d eonstedtingy las auing em d agstnst ngs poicy. a>> sngll agt andy. s lcalas bn beef up nd uniony ll b lebr ies efdp uonmedis.
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>>he wl stet m ve nt br hs bedis. >> wst mve a fur-w hk dotow be manhtan livinwhichas reado f-w cdotiesw all nhrounn t in ic costrya ing e adesllun t coyg media tea movehe cerage fmacko vercus c ag>> if wnt t the ko st. evebodysus i w the orage how t. debave isdyappeng at t oge t state bause sdapit hil ape a t ste e itil a shinon. at i dicatedhe 40 in. iperct. >>hey d ticoneyednd ty dot wa to disrctrute i>>y t tyey t dowaoistre i t don'wanttoe taed. theyant f n'ntta.emsees ey >>t 9percen f ofmecansho sicasey faes n>> the 9rcfnside cl s or he cafaheor class whore dsuffing clor froo cssho ffgronemoymt w ar sufmringymrom w cpora ar ericgougghe fngm cra icugidd dd clas >> wt wenea as wweea tdos expe peop for thevil t tha a
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goinon rhtxp oporheilha a inow r >>t i nbout pitic payow it's a>>ut i nut pic payt' a us. >>eyo frustrtion. >>yortronnd rage ♪♪ ge ♪♪ nighe ar at largith ghart ah patipak. >> welco evebodt's ti sunnundapa >>elcoveds nndaerenhis ty paotare fm gsoundro.y ndre m bepahsands o f gnd o.prottorsnd ampere mren o ot rsntinng tirpeonth in tth lg caaign t britntio to l ca gn t juicerinequyndioo wl stet eed. todajuequ ty mah wst peafully th d. mi da tmaeallth rmi srom re t shin son squararm k t near in sarar nr u in aingrnwicville. maed ithettemptoloc a trafgrcicll ma ie othept boklyocn bidge
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st afek he pro oste bly g bnsge mekmeu pa of ero mme paf e mclenhat has been metasuppld b en orgized b mmunatio wkersfrged laamera unio wrs er lal l 11. >> wt douhavenmmon11 > w we dshartheirvevaues.on >> we wte arei soctyhat isvas. a w decrac righnow oc havts deac ghw av coratoacy. youre a orgizer wit great experienceou cotoy. ou argerit eaxpieeot to get betr wgeso geetr wsnd woing nditns. youan srt toaiseghe nscisnes of tit. ou ame srica tn seopleheir c ntrcisesre bei tmeca ta nleirwa ctrei tawa frohe iis h nop rolies by iew rieop h who p eoarngesy al thew iweal in rop cntry and o trningrhe walth al th aln crynd trng wth outf is
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untr >> mthewuteige is predent of ur ttre mew tha'sges niona rent nonp fitofhich t sresheha's nna nptch ss gos ofheo oupy walstre alofoughhere no spefic oconnytionith thealre theyre alghreenerolypec nn onh sympeheti ey ere theit iero th lt empti p gr sie shee ith pgrf thsi s equaon eqtion whatan ty do wherthdoeshis uag >> i hinkeqt ison iatorta t tdo er es s te ttheres pol iicalnkis ita t parts ry g to t corep everyolal sile mo mentrt thto is ovy si mont othmens t asee primilyn casprid o yng peop exe cisimg tyir voe crin o ya opdemoacy. everhingxess toingo wrong in thismo cy.ntr t terng pspleng wng liknge is ctr t who t pe srcedhsands oikge jobsaido o t sxesed y tn o peop her a bsd pying ts y t 0, op, er a 50erce of e fed palngnco totas. 50thatcef edco toeem atndamtall myem geraonamll mynows wcao gra wsbett w ithe techlo .tt
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as i teych as t tabout bng abailut b ou il j -pjooks le p hony -pjks l bo pgnanyoodsck reuons eat bobandadsckople eus t ndwome celritiesle thouthemeeltsd. iit oue cting fostaia i iit lking back cng on f metaia i lng kideasticn marea. >> oe a eaicessa we ouo e ba t the>> o erae fsa be ill ba te ra intos baingll pocies that a toabastrgm bliefhat poes pealto 70 at ar bperceft.t ere' al70nothe factn sndg rcout ssag e' yolook at ehect snd gt evansheag yofirsokthret of gan thefive ieva es crsl forehev ee ndin va cscrifonatigain ansgder ic my bein riti ain gd idea sgr geing rid mbe o pois fo gods andea sying youegidan'tarm o pisos dimaland sngouoai the'tmrm wch
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ald mes weouldoll havheeo be vegerian meif twet's ldeavbe meage that omes ougeitan tookss le aeeha craes randou ks g lefrand eft ngnd you alnity99 pe of t e oupele. no pitive chaale ftym 99ef .th atno p iv>> le meha falk toussethat simm ls hee.k o ho a youse doin hi, at are yoummhe doinho a ou wh are uinhe ?, re i hue be cingin whe heo th? hbe c prgest nce it ia p ttprt e ir splear message i th are peesge threnveng >> c you mver thela pleeveg fo a cconour he >>impla leessag too ch mey t fon wash gton>>mp get theag speal o m i teres a e cshpoonons thepeut o o ies a gornme l cpo ts peoe ogove o. go is me l teo simvee s message. him does ttsse. w rk hoe tt w realticay? >>eelistilly y get al lecaslatn. >> yolget tiy yet conrvate d ocraleat yo t onat draohn ca ou get sweeng lislaon yn caee d all oftheet iues we e ee lla y
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ee lkin al aboofe wther ist'se he big r ally inbo wers ovethe prbiident's r lympleallyind sup ortinve e anpr putentings peo e in leyijal.up in >> wheanut doengeotin ll ja >>heoeg >>e tke jbs >> tkeffshe and j that athershend can jumat in ahereer >> a ohesehinre a anumn resure of aseunduin pwer thasufhedu corpatioand ecia pr inharest rp haviod oiarur inst av o vernnt. foxusins cleaeou callhis am,rn. oxin ceaey? >>he rllsos i d't pm, >>a rsso is decau p - >>hato yoa is?au >> - gothk >>tyo for >> ot $1 milon iek awaor $1 il i llioin buseso mywa emplees d th all payore io bes mytax mnd pl ts th rellonay ie x m t dn'ts beeusef i allf th portity 't be >>eou cld hellthritt rty n extr ch>>ec c h >>ehat'a db ttthing. tr >>hy ach iec go>>int'tod writ a chg.k is >>oi ang to suoortin wit a ch is tsut ucatn. >>ou he
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cre t catrd >> he coany. re cu ar ppl ier tco ty. e the cardar p is iterhat thathey e e rilinhg rdabou it'sisot attty rin fre ouca .'s a how uld u makre $00 callio w >> id m noak knoing $ io corp iationo. i knoing eam ty arnoeg ayin rpi amioot knoi ingno theg t arplays, am k ckin gin amoheg heay kingam >> illow t mucm a iccs to throw tucolitia b toouchccto th intests and toomucith ia bmoooy.h 'seall tes mplend i ooc happ to pay mell xes notle i hppoinotoay p more saxes ot alne. >> p havto te aeesbrk. the are alot alf y ng>>av t a ople w arebr. here atbvio y le wsencntedhey ere araidf theioture nc ed y mee aidave egiteateoin out rebt ahings ik hat e t seiterein t angt ff sbae. ime utba-oe. we w l be rig e back. -oquice cmercbeialreake wig beight back ck wheore ic crc frolake w oc pybe walhtl s breetkhero ocal s heretn ca ll bininus ler ithe progm.erca
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liti l n powe >> thaves th seston. many ti way it' lsswe >> effhativeth thansthe t rtny itayt'tart l asffve an tolitalrt rts opatio ait astr turopio isageith a chatres thiis realrnd i is groagng allhhahi al isrovll thworld. artheyoingo chaelhe th serin a. ayarey ofnghaegis tionse a tf doxchae tison rat or t t ha saye t no bk ratronus tndayake bckboewsus iou ban e eds bows i anbailt. theys ave chael tmsees r spific leglatiil ndeye ha rk wh tse spoliticalegti par wty. lete tl yoitsomeing. i bievehatr. thi s houet b tyo spmeled g.t. bvet i lievhiinou bapitisif yospd fa you ail. i ev i not forarpitrisyo bafaoutsou i f peoi eot whoorrerp scceeng ba tst th i feoeho see thsueed. t issud. sim e piticns a gog toisuppo the grp tim vite pic l aisltiono get m onegotopo he r ouof t shin on te the lslonaset o mne af heirou inobleon is e ts busess o afir les
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>> erybo is afraid wt's gointo h epenbo whesf conidess w's stoporki in whao w hve?nhe at'sheons opkihao wrnmt ev? here 's for. noby isupereftrmevre ght. r. our over entobpendisgsertr t. out urertndontr. >> it a cro tha it muchtr more >> fesve that ro hathateng. m htheyome trethe cesntyhaark i th enwer eye te ctyk i rmanhtan.
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theyome to stenhheirn. greyvance witoenerly irspeang agait th systgr.ncit er th conder ea aaithnequab tost thonr ma peoe thallquabo theelve th maeothlheve9 peent s thth moven nd ofafflarndpentthtovk in a ace a oflar n a e uple -- cpl hundd he eve y.le -- th cpl ndheve rreseativrurti th rse ivcommicatns wkersfti amera. llou mmat wrssuprt tse er pple wip t pe wionean wheetn e e ound >> whave wo anwe wiltn ntin to nd it ws imvertanan thiil mveme b in giton voe itimanhind tmey bill st gi vo thr odireion. t it notl our b i sth t oir jobren. to d wh 's iitpootantur b wea i t j reaze why ey a dre wh th i arepotea he becseeaoci y a re thre he eccontct h beevoekcibrok wit the eric peoe an nt heeek worlide. ok itose e iceoan power thrlosee. wit e he coentred wlthoserheit cotr wh vy toug
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jue lwi v aid ug ju lwidou c hav conctratn ofealthn th handof cav a f ncatof olt heth emocndcy but uan'tave f o hbothoccy >> o thet ther'te hd mtboeigeth oe erwellnown bl hger, m t daily geat i ?ll wn i wriblr,or t t dly " ishino post nd wri t "in o stmes. buit i an oaniatioof youns. ersobu in oniio unamrins. >>t tasos authe amris. ecomi >>ta a ineqtiesco ineqties you ve aipho larly a eqes ddle lasseqesowd. u a hoa buarh aresuppoed by t ir lessd. busupo b t pares. isn'thera scoect >> i on'trehink a t n'er ofeopl co te isu'tppornkd by heir parts. o lot pl orbyir eoplr her. t ir t rent wl be on thepler tyrol becse ty l t heir nt wben hensio a ol01 kec tans,l irto this s nio a aerosum k s,e. it not is nik onege aro winmr itotikne oninage ses. is i an inteepennt one s. i untr 99ercen othe ppleteenave en dlt t ht en d tr of e 99ce ick. oe p ethatse hy d tenf
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herek. i atatheng re. 's a peareful iheaerin for . ae mo eaparl yocaninor mor yonot to hadotoad soin at - idiyncricpeple. sin >> t is adi peacrcefu grouppee. >>is aeafu gup moly. coue odd ons. how ma peomoe. ouod re her on s.caus they aveowaeo exhsted ertheij ussearey?e cantxh dedmisshere reeinyj arpolical prty oran d perssnoulre betupio lil pyrsoer n>>l be donpi disss i tso >> henouon lokist iroteer o hist>>yn- whe you look ate o st - oteshe thrgh oou htoryk they h a scifioli oal eshr o hwhenryad y ey h a s sfin foril bcks toen y eat a sunor roo bs couersat w a nt bcksuno abloo tat ou s tf thlunch r bms bl tunte thisove nt asthnc r te trendou is ve ttentl rit nooanyrereou conf ed a ut nthari t n scic alyis. it h tnfbe a n trowednd sci . fine ht trwis it nwehis miss sh t tneisouses ptple as s lows he r thto defe ies as pe a
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bunc of ws r defco ioks. s jus a ncsecfd. e te artys ns. us eors g aec spec ic ptece otyegis ntionn ers a ec p o congisss.on ey he prcipl low xes. becnges. hprplow hol rht wg o s. eecepuican ol r w o pay.u an >>his vemes notpa >>s me supptingegsotislaon. wanto wrke want t pp senge.s >>la t e a an wbrrkak.a t comi u herseman cain s>>av t oa n thbr. progm. st dmiern will oace thay aog rol st in e lle comiomitnoln pocs? mimitoc [ me anunce] is icoacpark... whosnon-op d stts wh ba pai .. mance iacrk. osn- d st an wa tae adl no and ybe to ur ia da anch. taad no or oosed levee nd to pil i da foa dafreef pa. seve til fodaeepa y tgo, ach. ♪♪ t, h.♪♪ 're cturynk
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10:30 pm
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10:31 pm
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10:32 pm
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10:33 pm
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10:34 pm
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10:35 pm
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10:36 pm
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10:37 pm
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10:38 pm
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10:39 pm
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10:40 pm
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10:41 pm
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10:42 pm
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10:43 pm
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10:44 pm
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10:45 pm
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10:46 pm
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10:47 pm
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10:48 pm
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10:49 pm
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10:50 pm
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10:51 pm
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10:54 pm
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10:55 pm
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10:56 pm
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10:57 pm
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