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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  October 10, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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pr est ai , o mentuwam, spre ing ross heprtaiou mryen. wel asour sredag y psselfry th n weasrda p meent t lef t' th n answ to e te partyet t d ou lpowlar of t swo tear ek. ou ow a prootb ol v teran tkl an ssue ou. prtbvanlife an danthue.ou al rig now"foxifews a d thsund.." igowoxs nd heo ain fm x news in washton. he athe ama fminim ratix is wsw in be g ro kedsh by tn. cae ala nitis oper ion best arodurio tus a ca alewa ing oerfn a hural a b li dollwas feinral an guarant h soldra, a s arllfel pel gra co sany olat wa,t bankrupt. p el our rstuests t coy w b centup of both r stst itesgas. nt o ot hell sa, airm of e ga s.use ersit an gernmt forml om, ttrmee.f e d cosiressann, wnmco rm bacomktt. to "x ne s daco"ss wco >>hankfor acvinge on " ne fo cering tw ss s o>> thenkr ngon ny, nyfo cerg issuess c osiheng , amican toe iues conngfince in am aneiro government. on >>imbey: t ik r gert.
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>>be t gornme. chr: ta abo fasand furis inhich a nt s go amellow ed hr ta bo asmored ha 2,riin whieapochns to be aow so illreegally aosthe wpoo so llalboer. theyere ing tra the an lostrack f umbebo o.f eye g ra he than. stck f ndreum end up othrug rtelnd tth nd re undpp rug the el tnd murd snef a u t. border rd s trol.f .takeou bk to bay whe you ol ha theow f ke bto w e yhae ha wi att fney nerahold. re iis. whedid u fit kn wi tt y abrat thldprogm of icll y i i. he bed eve filledknast nd f ur abth og of llto ty bes of y k no wledbegee edt , f what at tes f y >> k'm n surede ofhexa, at da but probl ar nd uroutof fastnd fious f or daut pheirar d t time ver e last few fus w feeks. chr: i ders nd t t yome r la ew argoin wto iksue a. new shreti rs tyo ar inperm iel p aasew s rm pubpoenas to t atrneyener thiweek ub abent what. t >> a ut f t anatfurieys aerhiek ab ab wt wh a the yen yi a fan ri a abouknong abo somabhingwh he thy thewereriefyi on ouo ng a exomtly ngen t a me thricahe re ef o pele wt tonow w d it ex hay en. t aca pe w tounw rstad we iidn't startff ha. goinafte t auntaneen'ta rt genel or intene
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neoren brewer orny e el inen justi bcewer el sta irted o jytinong tha e u .ordeta pedatrol agytng t was ad a a l ot f uorde p wpol t had en ts aal l ter at wstarpod bng d n ld tngs alke ba j ce r war b dertme dig te t os ffic biala jce we ner l w po nsdeme dig wteal oicl no we ve l er nly l wpons els w which hey enoone ce led eout manls wl ng .chy ce dou sd s ethi and i t an n'ng m ss thio condrrtou but to expand, weid t jcous htaveou b fewot b e ean j hthe ole pgr was abo newot bera . acki the untie theeweregrasbo ot fod at the ce o ki chemetishere d t didnfo j att tllow c me ths f il ated j tusdnll one th f il ed gu juyer, on saw berne ughtgu over 0uy, wereapons. ht chrve: spific0ly wt ar wthe pobponsas. abo hr?spic w ar >> e wa toe knoowt d bo ?theynow d he did t he>>ywaono w t dow i re ieyortaw ly, d heid t to unde itandt wh le vel di ita , e aueoriz tion allyom de nd wwhn'letl auizn ly a ut hozaon. theyere rt othat itas aoint ohopezation. ey
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e oichat d .a .itn awntou o mehan h t.f. >> cis: ug eorcent ad mif.straon. c : ecea.t., alhol tco and mira. fi arms t. al l>> a the t werall cort ond efims deptmenof aheerusl ti o a as w are egniepen see and a not tking aut ri c wenioleend t ng the momrit, pple at the toof usce w e hewell pple t briefed d k ew tobout andce we ll seed tbe t comnd a ie d kntroand ndinutforhend seogra tand ty laomw a rod in erorment rarsond skedlanderath or n order methesac ng and onederh sa ts wasr n'heesacng a r w to osaas i w whyid t hey epooi i t? y t y oi chr: yogointo sena e atrneyener to stif hr yo in s agn?en >> heateyero ifud ia cagmiee on >> whh i ao see inud wchaheee o ac al qwhuestin aot askse hasin wch he inted m tcomend c ac q st n ea y henewinhed n taimed he c th dico'tno eahew he now,aihe qhestiois wt di hedinow d howno is w, qio wdi hew ow i he going to expln wh h g toi to pl whansw. t chr: thattoey geral sentou aette a ong witsw hr thothetotop gal oic
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ls nt ate ngi wa to it thrgh some f he p hislsushback. wao hr om heecknoedgethatever hi mes an huseacou can seethe m henoge ater avily mean h roued c she >> t t ishe w we ilsual r t tis the wseeal cis > chs: st tois oheice much cs teismont eli not ch s to o e e fe wee ef ch htentes nfy fe inay w of 2 h but ays d i w in t put o t s i wut up h comme i n andannot read th h om ver cov er n nd anherenoo is res wd e brghto myr ovtttion becau se hereis wbrto info atio pres ted my the tt tirepo bs cec notugge a foio es d heproble for ripo cnal ot ige sayi iidn' kw a bout tobheler l probm ani c erta inly idn'yin' aut t ow tt weere ttinguns oban c ta ly n'lk. i wl ta him t hi t worwede inns bu let's g o b ac w ta im hiheor a ns re dbuefet's jew b you aef j y jicry commtee ate didt kw j out uil t mme eeksid kw rlie t u th isee is ge ouies o n its th is fa. ge ouearl ohe hn to tsowhen fa rl ho ian s illed and evee reized then se we f asle andnd e e
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riouweap s h adreedhe wfas tndo kno w ouap h atomng k om serio haened ife asme f a merente dn't now, he qstios heed ifas f mt 't cow,iden qiohe ifn fa a bder trol ag t m ur recoden and 200 if fa b r weapols go andhe progr ag mur re nd colete off the apgo railsnd p whygr di 't hco ktenow? o t rat ilsprobly ahyor di h im krtanw?queson f the i chobf la a e or me imanffeser fhe is ichflaorme i lny brewer kw. >>hrisone theop bwe r k>> o of eop >> aise he in lved o mucf eli on and workin t ineduc sli o andffe rk t >>hrishold pois outhe top ficis reie ien a >>is ld oi ou eof010 st a rop d ciree ti in he was rst ea ng of aof0 thi as ti write nd et s ptutt ap.his w i'iwaethat pt i'ha cirman ssa id tt he w notrief on the accecablemaetai ofsa fastnd f ious t wot ef nin oer w ds, e fae thace leai f ey w e le ing ste fusuns o w, fa ha walk w twlequesg ons,ere u youn briefeand t td. lk twd seesndlys,f ite iyo br truefed t selyitow
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ru e you know eas also ow not ol ouno e>> hasis qlstingo sto tha henolant. the jusce s hopp ed h a qunngtoha hent e n spthaper spp havi saithati wi ansr n itsper weere okin int t he dvigaiatwins it pr wee lein nt t weskedgor ariefg. weot bprrile we iedlu aef we b nnet nso chr: oftf et onef thpeop n thasotne hr of abt thprogm bu d n't neth opha neow a oabfthogthbu tn'hingshat heltat r oeaf inth a tngs still heat in a seedir setll tt wn rea seiret wn r th wre stapnd uerstoo homuchhey ew ts wa deli rate letng b gap ustoo ho gocho ty t dwag li ctearteetls h be becagotickg cte he ca histoch compses youre sing u is ren'toldboutchast nd rioumpand s e guou w sg king . n'ld ut t how younow at h as ou d gu w ng.told >>irst t ofw ll, ou wasw has ld >>nceastd frof us , theas stic darent. th wereanotfrs aheow o k noic d t. wh ther kotentho k n lat er kne wh k d maaterneis sic k to h ma is
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omac s to atis bei td gac an' t ats ithn ting thedad gs. th an't whist b we rhn camg ehe g fwa th hienstead bunwesream geti to thead g un s th is t abt anpera tion t thatas sposeto tce th s guabnsan ra on thiss abt juice at s se t depament nowi and his guns ere ise amabicanjueoplehave a rit to kno wpantwi mndore,s e noamwianngplve rito thno thew guns were me, delirateno iwintengdedo e p th heun re inhe hds o the d rug lite iendo p ca els thouinany hin ohe og tr eabity ecaxceps toufy yin o e guat t sce o ftrbi a eeptfin gu time.ce o f thats threas tha ts felye.tu pi dat athas iha use heelytupid woelony dibseerately prram. wo th shod beyrimi dl toiberely l prm. thimhoalsbemiavetohousan of l dead sehoanf ea poadns >>hrisi ha tooi o ea pocaushold doein h >> is ha o tterhe bdmtr atio nusldoe h haa silar o raonerhe balletrio n op at n wiha recsiarver t al he ys l opatwiec gun t alale l eric holdecamenanting toalndicpeop fromhat rideme an ng adnist tion to ic iopthinkm htaad o el adston
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i thhiother h aainisat did it, o, i th nothe s id fromhat e ca d, co ive frootm s d. wi rei r om wt eca hcoavrom wi ei r subpnas wre hho. ry f bps wpns very .ell f trac. p vovery ad oervalon a son. wh ouac y w lder ova t ahion. wowhd hpenouf y l yet ald t weapon srt to mo he wo yhnf y l t tre ittvery sapp. s tmo he thishey t th po gtroitve s anp.neve lke d unl t y he is y th po sh ged uoat t sce of anveunthe sh u t ceian'furder. >> cis: me oour repu ican olleues n'lledurr. r a ecia pro cuto cto : o r ok i o ho er'spuanles iedolveme . a ia ro to so cald on olde iho's ive to soalonde resi. do y joieith of ose? > i hree alsiys taken the yoith f se attas th hal tak t tathta th t pside pks thsideickshe op heasull cfidenciche in. op e istlg wh c itfi comes t a. tl whspectl pro cseomtor ic hde a cannotnvesgate him self . ecpr se r hngre is ll underway caotes te im lfinveigatg th ope tiono re s u fi outwahat wenro a veatth pe on honeys i nd w t wefiavuttoha w
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don thfutu t neak ie wwe sto it an do hthpetu ain.ak e it tre ia spial it precuth to peok athe narr iss o t t o iicsplsl pr uto ano the ay woeuld e olrricssalic ls appoteeshat s a sanpareewod eolical ise. por inesstigtion aong thare se tor inasslign g gsssey r sl t get th botm o ts snerot ter caus tthothe arica t s penele a theoteoplin mico dotr tusst their gover aentca pe a heghtpl n mowo. do t t >> thrisirturno therothet sc dal, olyn a.t now the ama >>is arninthistrheatio n h scl,yn docu nte umap a lintrionriday, hund ds o pagcuesumfp e lairida >> i on't now ndat i ois ag fou fday, ihr't.w i chr: al admin fadaions . toom inic hrt toalesdmans toicto do it, to be fair. i is yr ta frothe cume to be fr.du? theare ying yo buta itroe me into he wkedund . he e ng jubu as te domentump a to wekke earndera u the ejuris dont p hoer s itua on w t werearahe e ndin is ihot s isn'tua wwe jre soly ra . ins is ipatttn ofsnhese ly s ors tsttofse iestmen. s you uerstanon t l ites d. at t lawas
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ueran t re t aw $4.5billn wa t int ans d o of he ue io.5nsllwa t nt havfor the ec tas i osf ue io ll u w avr t tta i lsay u how uverying u edednd y did t he th w ryer ag erio o tim e bef ored yid hth th ameran pple ve a aio t ght knoef thatn hose ther pe a t noha tn horare occasnsn wch heir re ney use tonvt incc n w ch heprivre otion and i f yo uy seo t i ll te be iv oonnd iyo oun cap it is tmbe thiss we vted a wlap th oughout a is wwehout l litil ght whontfe es . ti sondras a ory policales soranta fey nc li l ckinwinns quitfrany the w e inotnnan ofoseopls. itanivthg w to presidotent of pl oba's mpai butou ao a g tpr quidtionf whtare doi ob s ai thut and ahean a l qu gonoewhs be adoi th nd he nwhy theoverentoe b seh y he er tcomi i comi in causa lile me mone will miave t cpany o r min usli m mingn fnell polital t cpa or rposng toov upecau p th wanto el osoheovp iaun th an everody vitelable he whh in ihe cne ofolyndr ery v itey wele
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whin cofyn ivibly going w nkru theast mehey gvibloi ru mohet heney >>hrisbara oba madno nesmobout i hnee ted >>israba ad ppor clea ene y.sut i eere s and agerne ssan orea onepe e partanf thstimus tagneupport grn cln e rgy rtthim troamuprt me w ld s thegr wascl rusey to jgmento p theoney w s herougasut wushoutoingue you d ig jen. pheey ug wquesuton, ng youou u. have es, ou evence corruioavn at so ndra ot a alf evllioce llarfedeorl lou sora af io gra ee ar delo causof pitalee co ectiuss. >>fky i c ti explain w re t >> y prlem ts b. e xpit iin not t therinal l pr m b . wh the is, chr is iot tl l is w he nwhhes, hr th gotnrole and ween i win ahe we nhe gernm t thotnenronde in iviol ion o ae gnm coressnalante a ioln bordcoinatss a lln,an mte ang put ther c dito rs rdat i ln, a b te rt er cdito potion a >>hrisprive bter po conreto >>isiv woulge pai c brek on the bankptcy . ul theai is ere e quk tiononhe ha ppen nkcy y di we hes be acquhon haheen p tol di
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bat wac reqrednd d psometoing lat w strt y weqd d ibitme. g w at itrwhertyou art king theue stns it i ve ieru t ngis ag emets witnsthe i present pics,agemtsit e rticar wha h est callss, gr n e rg icary. ha araitalls bus dri vergr e irgs ra it traid toriusriiel is th cal it a gaireentori j. l at t sam tim o nc thal a gen decionas mad e, m y tamim o mmitcie, uike ase mad e rg it u e ancommce klidi erg canommmtt kdihat oks broer c isss,ha l ookss at ias pce f lolkswe atas e ruf la wil fluaee en iw on ikrue thlail ee licyhat i d i opike ly th is ere e cy it will he ly diti al pthblems ande hie isil h e whe y, weill l forti pemndhi i po ticahe i yweerfelnc lesecause you ve t poskcahy i wou wences se pu theu g tovnmenat a w disaanta whewe a he ttinin meen a satahe aon? in m mykos sese. >> cis: u arsayi you on ? are t iesga kohese. c qu: tionaryif sooundraetti e i hee lo. th e isqualkon tsohera wti a big lo.
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thisk t fundrais a fig omand aig ndis ma nd a instorign syna. you e loing wh w in or n do at e sa endory u log wh do t saore nd tryompanynd insts at the exp en oe th teny xpay t xp>> t amecan opleill judgthe eralpoli and ay how ey ps.ked inne nd tmen lel dge allind w p d nelosend. is w a $0 miionar mark ffectivelyse w $minolitical rkfftily olapicinte. methg yohearboutith congss b don alws heap te abou withthheyorearutnth . ng b on lw vieheis m outh cttnt's ie m jusdicon a energandtt's commer is oing a g at jjuobic arg nd on tcohiers ng atmy j j is on t to fin ut h j i its est haen again. t f i i'tlookg atot of es ohaer >> c is: wanti'o piok up at o th. oer ly aut a inut clef: ntpip u sa gov nmenth sul't a aplayutf venture saoven citis and ay v en repickg winrs a lersut you cknt s weraletrsver ut e la coue of years t ou he salrsve laoudera oener depeatmen asng f fedal ln ra er ep en gu aran es fas c fed ene ly compies youstat didngu youoan f c tneamth mps ouat that ou a adnccouusinghem tth ing?
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at a accin g chr, its a l ri g? qu ti . hrit a rire ithe fferce. evermemb of on es squheyti i ale mostereigh.hemend i nerndmbf oness sa hav e galstomghebmyd in saaveeb in my distctou in sulloyt. a pgr i v edstctgastt.. pdinggrhe abi vlityed tctlly pi wnginne abityndctlloss hi pi win we't he.s chr: yowereay g we the sef hryore apta tt t e f a tfedet tl engy dartmt gi th a loan deen d gtmuagira ee . thoan not give t a loa ot tarane. l exped whouthem etng it. an >> hrisi'm t sa ng yxp wutm we . s uc cess>>fuisl.m sa y m ju weayg you t sryucss >> he ruest as t y hjue aay y tloan alition i n, ple>>as rst t he ve tm a s o r n anliti n i thatles aig tifa ference. n lot at aig loa wtnifre ae.d t peop spe mon prossoag wt n and ve hea op inpehe cone orofolyna the d ea coribu d heily bar kin c o ol obyna an tgot loan aot i co buhe y arickl obant anndotx-dited. kl the mailshowhereas
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ndhurrallx-di td. wto the e il owre viceresint, hav to drrl it wtoare tttina lo of cesi , avessu d. wbige inlof d re t heresu. g >> cis: ank u souch r remingn to ty anrewe w.l ay ooop f t chose: k soh stongritoan w osir. tse up xt wk thgopto pres enti fier. appentl p w th pset wiltal t ric estiieppen t illic
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>>hristhe publan esidtialieldirmeup is w k wi c is >>ise bl idalldme wwi cishrtie d sah pan deidinto sit hr outithe ce. sa conpanue der seinesto s o 20ou12e . e on ne ionntere viewsesith meon olook20g toe th on ier ew ndide, for onroktoth sat r ntidum w comesororsat f rm wllas ces o s senar, y havspenmorem th 60 ys t s y ras n iowana yavenre wh h i sth alm0 os tdoub y wrtnyn wa ofhe oer c di s hawhi lmub
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nyent d thconvtion of o c di sdomhan tha tta i at nythnvon on is gng t o p ulom auchabete i come fro m lonong g s t pt to a winbehe me ioromauonses,g s i t you whe at i youioaus, straty?ou >>ell, he s ateg iis t iout tr goown d tal to t p eo pl>>el, seg t it goof ia an toalow tn paleol me in i. a o owhaveeen al aos70 me counines o ve then 99ouie aos70 youmen tiuned o he spe a l of iemehere. uen iedhink pe lf here. don hi d aost 180n ll te meetings. aos 18 0 we an not ti ug e t crowds eeng bu we a hit ng t peo aeot who uge therowdsngine f he i ow abu ait teo cao thucus andhey e tnge ffol ks iw ca us nd y at ttkndave f iluce eirommunity a t f tacte ce at iave eein h romni accommity. i eingn soh the small mmy. coties aysg asoot of t sll divinds d obvious y o es s an i n t o p i nvis o jiounoro i tly put in iwn janry. weere ly iw oping febrarryutow we e jaary en t ves a in fbrow jay t unte >>hrisyou ised in se nduart tttend ed i >>isu ed in
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sene$582rt00 by ty of snd i ir s hern c n se82dy of s er c nover2 selln. you ve g a rort ur er ird artell then.umber t t, u g r t theuarter ha e ed d te thehebend sep mbereou a rerortouedr t ndnd rsingumbe thi w eek.eper a at iouyourum r ing rngbehi wk. be i ur >>t isr oingg o be lite re tn th. t hebe is r f >>dis rngaibengit t th nu er.he s fwe a casposi ng we a runng a g rass tsnu. a as sica. mp gn. a un gnot endiss a l of tsney. i dot ha a l of o vrhmp. t di lf y.. dohavehao l o cvonsult a nody tling e wh to hink ve c su howo a tnk i no t ng wh weore rnkning gra rts ow o ca iaignor presi nt. we r ngra r ts areash ositand e ancagn re ma ourayll re h itinacdt, wee a dng ver y, maurll very ell thaact r wegeard ang ver stting o bud ou staf ryl ha re la twodnd aalfeeks st ngof tbu quaouer waf rai d re lawo a al moneeethankshe preoutw o nd tua w r half moths. ne an we are onndpt k as eslfulos. of he f new are o d and theases of f cnew debe whe i as gndiv t lile bitore of n cneb wh i as oprtuny toharey ids li b anit getefntn some dcu opunto re id wi the ther andi tes andet nt peomle ae resndin ver wiryheelerdis we fpel li a we eseiner eleg ni flie
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to gaitracon jt the eg ni rit t ime. toaiac jt >> cis: heotheprobm yo hari gotesid t mone.ey and soun lik cit w: lheob byoe s e haot idon a at tht f theest the un ik w ye is at s t y f -he-t he ye>> ws havenougmoneto do whate ne to wveugne d do, at chrneis. to ifou he a geamigan do, hr is lo of c s ltanif h ya neeaigan lot mon .lof sdon'an y n try a be the candite ha tt on n' r y e tnd canut there a ot tre ripted a pt a msagedy a msady scpts. chr: th2012rima lend andsche fs.t itas en moved uhrpth12ma ea a ndnd fit m . med u leps lo at e cenear. a m . inead lelot c oenf sr.rt in ely ind brua, io s art new in hampire w mong t just uaio a n ter w ye's a possibl y, mpe mo t st poiblyheas tee k of r ye aosbl lyas ee of cemb. rists ines mnes. mb you astccusin me mis. romne o yingo buy thear u aus mistatom inne ord oer toig tngbuthar ectiatnrd calodaigr. t plaiwhy thi mitt ti calda mney fau lt ?aiy hi
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2:24 am
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2:25 am
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2:26 am
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2:27 am
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2:28 am
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2:29 am
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
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2:33 am
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2:36 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
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2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:47 am
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2:48 am
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2:49 am
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2:53 am
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2:54 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
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