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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  October 10, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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popeful herm caiannewt el girich rm aidonwt hnt monenich h on meo wh the govrnor on w d dheovoronfu the rl > d charteithefuhe rl r arflorce hders. rl or hrs mik tha you ry mh. is an ikhaou mnthuasti sn audnc . welce toheoxhutiud lctoews stios. thiseeke yous saw asts.rage isdkeron aouaw a oneed toge a on a peon who cangehe one wor.o th tgedy peashohe cge untelyor th ath tdy apl fouernty h sve a yobsoundarkeng geus wse bske
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kefactse w i lkedingct ape toigge irash ow. lngp e ohege rsonsh . ttis ca olow rns t suctss i caw he jobs actlly maduc thi ings tha peop wan dbsctndy caduldhis afrd ha dhe opan govnmen cdf s ovcontenuingoorce usoay r thgs nt thengoces dotant thr afherd. iomt af. a i ale sno ey aack a a idnond ey alek t a ann ipple aiort. a t ey mane a cerealle iait. wouuy m . a i haerl i thaouuchuyait in ha eirha iovaionndhit mtf alnin the r i extvaordinary oplehey mre to al sheport xt dieir yoduc and ley meo tm srt workor conr umerucnd lik m me t w wa therkoner funionik ofe w chnowagy aheot heunnf the no a he enneergeheee a hav hem ticsenern a japese.av eveobs m cs capatede.ob a endres o thsan ced me a a re o vingsingthisn m a produs.
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ngng thin iny thirodueek nea wa strint yosaw iishikea watryow theyeeprenti someing. is a atheeyng orei meg. suman bein.he oan in i el aonsousssfhe i plet sftin a is tusnkfheudie e fplls sin t i t nscisnesof tie f pne t shif ng. cies t mostrostor wife. shoing te tst tor billioair. th we wehog tsing tiheirioir ihone th w dngetwoingith febooirk ine antwitr. muchfwo tgh fooctivies anitere chf t
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finaed b gegeivseosnd na be at rlly ghto be mov ou so g r ity t sraig.e aov bunc ou fids gtigho a rheru scam tns wor and te rr moneay sc t fr borliairend ine woer doheyr bealireheuy i who fusoyhe soearosr wh tuos biionae g t mcus bi nackerrgr gre the ms talng eroutrack dsehehoal ceate d t twitkr d a tuyil g ceste it aat tad sofware that ty g usand of treha t bil onaused g andevic t th theila useo g prott. an aldic ofthhoseheuysse are ot biiona fses a tkere off bina.t ble a outke ff baers d car cpani bho ut e bas dyar t cni mon a g e euge t nuseonto t a gnepte ex utiv whose t drove the compies pt the exiv pohotvefhe beggg mps heoro uncle sga to gg reue tm. uile sgamo tked ot re the unnsd ot who lhe fndswi tm o
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d to lin. i f amwi tcked t o to a.n im ted o a inmcomtentresint w prottheirobsndot inomntsi w oturs. sirillson'ndersnd wha s. sl thprotn'torsant lessrs iha is tn i thotrst ss tpnesnd t ip and iet rid o t ts sci ipnd tworsite thaid o t tir sci pant hado pay ortehaor and t ybe getpa aaday jobndickg eet tomaes ithe tob s. ck and insead o ma sc iamine at s an binsionades le stevscobin it he bina mor l a sev cing ongi h thator c aaterocts c andg g atrvic and rea cobses fnd opleho w t ic tndeaorksnd f t jus sc am.le w tk that my you atkey t cmeonta me u at mike t cmeuckee.tamandhene you at teheke.ndebsin icku n th fox ne wsisi ak ox foow mne w tsitter a as fo m we. demoats he teret tos vene the jmoss hil destote tn e j esidt's llyi cres t >>ean d
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ids yirhat >>ypasng th bl n. d >> pasthisillas b n >> ps ass thel ys. bl ps now rihet aw. y bow riaw tell cgress to ps ts bill right wall cesso p ts llrit wa ll itsime forhe hot seatnd t t tshereeor tot at t peopre wit t oosin views t opakeeitn. oin vws e an asoatesrofeor a th asoesfe a clege th colin. gd to he youere. cge con. gto houe. ats jt t push yr ttona j t bt. ph yov t onee you bt.oveo. t t audnce doun'thinke that as tunnyude dd tatnkbo at the jsny tabo tng. thehe j psint sai ps tyg. th jo p bilsi aai p blasng a o e rep lijons ail ala the a eep a decratajory lheersp harr rd illdeator not b lris tp.
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trr rl dmoats areot bri t n t opsingt and t dymosre wl n ing p w hopng aanndmnts t whicis wl wha g t wela adm hass ic en.ha an tericante sailaast i . deic onteairriv. i nd dearrn rd sdiv the rr r srepuicanhe billas dd puannil riva yhy d ist oay?n >> heyva y i suld o? >>yeelibatin sd thob billnd iibsin aood thil bill the i qstio how a ddo w pay for llhe i qioow d w yor i es? lasteick eurbi said ey dn't pst iekhere bebiuse aiey dt don h pe ire the bee vote >> i aon h norribouhe thte. i a iant to nri getou you th. voice to joetouursndoe et outhere jo an encrages ourutreovernmen ncgeureren do sff. we phnd dreatnd s. p inire at d line li stev sev js,.
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b wha hpen wit j,. bha henit th. we ndoverent prt th . the eolut nn. er tht actl p catio o thehe techlogyut he thct dln'tet cio o ahe chgy govnmen ba d outtnd g aernmt grt. ov waen the bautoverent lpfu t gnm gr wa hecrea aert funfraructe of cour. buhe eaoverentoest ra ctedof to buril buherucker buttest st the hoghwa bilnck wch tuty n. he hwa >>ny w t m orechnogy >> befitsf m fedal gntshn toy delop ings ndbets i ied nso st t dep gs hd wirg ind n techlogyor he tnrnet h itir not cchrategy to s thaettit gove ment sot aot mor partteo s ofhat. vents a mis jsar bofl fuses j o binfrtrucre a weeed t fes o end t frruclion a toed t d t maiaiono our frasuctu. areai yn bard r astun e sppting y th bd js sppng bi. th >> jsnfrtruure ne but >> synda?r ru e soldra g.s t s nnd
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frasuctu. >>olanow. >> n astu but>> gernow. doe 't>>t burn youut g unoftoe we baid ouhe rnouompani ues. ft e bai ou w ainstni the. bai ts. >> a w ty ast d'the pasai tt . ck t us. a t d't i isas for trofi t. on tt isor wfi wou agr tanrp t was on beuse w iougrhoul'ta ha s hpeee. ifheul gernmtan't ha hakpe ifey d. gnm't ats c ital dm.. soet he cal o teaartyolk to jneatylk tose to psts. an j d you t sear p > an an speing d o gtiou e g sernmart to o anpe g methg, i gtiantoo t oe a gnmto pie thf itooape t harei pie id sethi thapeare was shoc sdhihay. theyas eoked ocheucle ey eed opti ofhe natle th isarry ree tif reeatdmen >> no c hecth ons thry powee.eeen o c ec bun ricalh rit wgow. wld be feo bu rali w pure w any gend f ey wt.ur snyrsnd
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ago warry reid whogoasryei mority l der.o ey ner didt b mit lr. the ta ed nbout briidingn the b nuclher opon hichtautould be brighe ey cl wouop cangechheld reules to ouend cge the reso fil usted and sheple 60s. he weadilettend sgenst s.t. he w thsdayd nhtet hg pthe t th buayon t nt red b pton tucle bution t.ed bisn'nthatipocchri.le >> onts, b n'at loktocri >>t t b l larg ctext t rg mcnnel tri to put for crdxt a mctoelrio tob bilutlor and woa dn'tllow t forilmdmens d hryndeidook wo'ttow itor ansaidenhe h sakesdok are st highe haneid tespo s inesre gh mila hfashn. t you wanpotn talkbout wha la gshngn ouean you t havkuthao talk gbouthatheouav reblics di fit. >> lkut tt rpuicas, s reicdii t rpuca s yar agaron. y the premcouromin i ag ao gger dl tn t e emurin a esidt's bs er bil d then t it is p f thids il andn ppletidn'
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is li p i f n.nd pen' li dick dur nn sd theon't have the vot ckorur s indhe't veheyheot showpith him i in misur yto snd for sand lisor is it d s hypkhsys t not pend o whiyph de of thot jori nd ohir morit fth rionesy, g mernoitho care >> y d'tesare gnout you re cad si y yrs d agoe >>ou m ssumcaiosi tha y all ogo the r re>>ntate i mcongssumioha ll th wil oo wha evee rreat i ty ng ca butthilhahee bgger t qcastio tow do th buter arinsack qioo work dandhe besth ari lansk wt didrk d th preesideay nasshi wt biid? thre he'e saysg bi itoe'ayverygdy expt tusin is peoe. we he torydy sp ex t herineo is a ho cyn. sp ierishhe psi nt a wld co,. le ioplehnow psihe w txe le andle binsews a n txe goi up a thedy a binse a n noing toi up ahe a fa nng ex tnsiv rulatn . fa ll tas toxivoan o rathe
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mon tstop tn o stingnt. n op n soongong a erma cain n wrailgg be ahindhema in w fronrunns anilnowend hsad e athe t p.onnnanw bu doe h heatave tp. a ibuoeee a i
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ma 2t busessm ma hern 2t cainhrowhis hat inus thesm potica rerg. inow isatn cam herhe poca to decream mer caacy r theoecepubcan mnomitionor t predent ca they nite stahesubn mion trent ofheteta amica. herm caispentf ama. rmaien muc of the timen th btom mucf e meth bm of t poll mostf a wfave t ll st a a sere we defiency o l sdereip
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isis ficy o lerp is theea pty took nice end p hioo s nr cetined to ris afte t hi s cin dbate mnyo anastis id hete t w. dtena e uli wittomnes pla n u li nehre othene ola one o and h sll o hones t theax co. d h sthatoog won t'the c. co at on cai sced aicto i n thaiflora stcawoll. >>to i tthightor wisterl. wit >> thtiit 9 vote and 9 tteen.lnd pcent. hean cn. and aordi t t.lhe pnt he cates nd cbnew adi po hern ca ises cbtiedew wh mito romy inheer catopf ts replicafiel ed witomin p tepcael poli welme bac the shli helman good to he t y h h n ve. odo h y h ve entsiascuenc. [alausntascuc [aus t sndsik t y re excid as s thisneiks here t iy
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neciyork.shi talkbouter th i tng nerkou prope. lk ut youth taed tngbouthe 9 99op pla yoaut an99lat simifs t t cod an heanills simuldn b t t ovod thre age andls the are sdn b crits tovt arehrayine gendthe isre o si leit trendinon'work ands you sie nai. ' rkd rendond ha ku dai refd crit kism,erma and fit o all itm,ma t di o99 planll we c't t fitt on t c it ittartsnith towi tg puts. th oldax coditrth and twig staing thth aldodnd 9 pcenttausings lat a x a 9 pcen tax pntin ont a peonalncome tnd pen aaxn pepeentalom tatial sles tax d ts in tpetayoi ss soaxthinthat k tw i you t ao so in atpportheair x.ou this wil aet t conoore r goinx.and i isil wetl teplanohe ind i w peonalla iome tes and pecorpalate i tes a t rlacnd t rpe t acapil gas and ract t wil pi ga reanace the p rol tllil
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withrehoseehe thr p toles. t th's wtt w lthse t >>.s yth kn w. w ao. song >> yn aocate f t afairax. sg you n aeeat f th t as ir.n u ee inrmedthte sp ts havg in taeds an s t navg p ishita panple for pro nctity. are u sti p hohiping phate tt r ro y. the e ultuat gtioalong t tt ts hehe ultimalt g gall. t bu weeelmao gl.rovi bue rtaiy t t busessvi commity a ai w tkers to t date.uss that whammy the a wrso de. 9 athalan.he an miver si 9e in. proped tt anind itri go coersa onop t witorrs at gobusisses coalresadyit a sies re thi -he sptic are mingut.hi - theyre singt wl sic n e ngprodehe. se ey sg amountt w olf nvenu od se imnt revnue outra nu this s how we iesigdeve ira and iscondow itesig i nndegreive nd thet pol. th areryin ntoreehoot i he pdown. e th rereoninot i ty ar makiwn concesion aut it t thear areki
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us ncon a to ihere sius sct anasis do its bassi sctnasn dtamicas analis. n>>erma dic l al. me pla ma dil's l advote aela y a a d's vo ef activsuccsful y a a ru com niefivndccul rcued tm d a peopl e truom wor red t that d ppl t admrab.or at it ihatoudmb hemploes ithaton'torktight and y h re tlom. d at you'tk a prehtsintnd y you t n't re cressou. a re i sish you wou.ou t css the ara i isououf sehat ed to thar gis nc you san't fet the o gcongss a inceou t't f burrats hevehe attngude aece twilleere whe rrs outte cend ll e ere whenou lea. w do c youake wrateea sect doou ceoe expiee a trnre atcteontxp a tffecve lde p as preidnt taec ldeike. asreidnt ra tahee. natonal rta t asciatn iadundrsatfal r ta ousas ofasatiembe tha idr ha o saresstfbeha g id ias hato in oer toets the to g su iort .
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i ders ond t t vueheo su oft i rs t v begerssivwithf goo id secos wayivth congrs wl wk oo wi me is t pidwe coayonfgr the w w wies t peop. pwehe oprmer satoroplized t statent. er wh theyee t soreatlze t ty at t.ll s the whheight t t bil till be hort sheht and ilundetandle. lcausthe eoplert wil b mnd dend. us e hele tilet bongrs t see m th lht thathe howgr t tngseeill get l ne. at ow wl t ssid.let her n . cai tha wou for s. joing and iter iaiha aor pleare t h ejooug onndt i a alwa a goo to eaee t hn you a wavernoo, thok yo and than aou l. >>rn nethwtyond ggric sd fan. hs ne the xt predent g hic sdfould h crte j bse ore dnt hne. ild cr wil j ask nt d. how h lan t ilsk now hn
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plse wcomeute gngrich. goodoe pl her wmee governr.rih. oo ianerorn to qte shing out t i conact th oeric you qe s wilng is et tont ic u seriil ois execiverder and he sri undo o th dmage ecfe terndeba uo admistraon othe rs ge da o tf tdbanisatio mi ra wh o spee fic daxutiv t ords wod yods dion whpeayivrds o? woyo d >>magi that srt o h >>gihafter s h thtenugul ades 30 th in thguafteoon ddhe 3ould bn thten d atndre airld fce b bas yingackome atre fas ngkeohica. hatca pnt
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s ewhre twee50 at200 p swh exeeetive a orrs.0 sicay benninxeve toor.epea cabein an repac to eeaire anbepa t itiaves a the eeirstb ecute ias a ordhest wouipe ut ord alloue ofhe o wite hse l cars f efctiv >> tha is we p hul wit cs efiv ha thes pul it stio aienc and i amsminghe it st wou a bnc for dl o them peonge int t counouy. >> heyr ohe wleo bein t pubish un >>y b weub h tobe1st d erybo wl ow wt i cbeingt ddwn ebo w thel ad a w a nber o cg dhemhe are nr m medielieive job eati. anif you di weriee toob hes ti anou ier owoul hs toepea i the uloea oma gulaonndhe proucin oil o dla gff sreroin oor louiana gd tas. s yocrea uia t. 12000 newjobs yoea and ty a ptty20 gd js.ewbs at i d t a py one g j buiing lockf you iill. hower onne theuig ckfmorng aer
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u thelecon.l. i weon wlhesk trn a n thec. inming w t n ngre to bin tng thi o urth ofreo ben t thi oepeal the thf t doeahe fnk bl and sdo tt litelly e da ind a sworn in i tt wl teey da aeoign a arn i w lserie agn o riramacepeao sttmaeaob cati.o stdodd frankoes ctio fanci rvicdd wrtkbamasare ds to hp. fci ic wmae y d hp. rpeel i you hel yau rel bu inesseaous and elmeowrs a briauackp th ebuss picean ow a o bri homwnerk so th e pele he oom invertmeno pe hack.envenk. noinglstep wld sta the ecom tnongl repeal t wtaheod ecfran t rl t wld ohest anandork wi theew ongs w t g ostan ingskone wihe iouldg sig g themn th gse firlday. ig em ith tnk mosir pple. think os at t pe dodrank billnk
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t pushedodhe gdnkanks beuse i a puedand gl ofksig be e bankshatdof mbehavedndhat nk istoo thig. i ve mhad to rtnhis, is ts ihi ani se ato you r talds, t iout. ingi an t crtoualack u ndert. the onstgiutn. t canrt yoalkko u mer eboustut wh y y mnlk byhat. m ouhere i wh y m ay part. ere i publhed.a newtrgan ibld.utine t wtan valu votsne smit. t th cgress ndlu tot psidnt st. th c es veveryight t pid t corct thsupr e c rtherytht is wronor th pr th cupres on crt's onl thre sueme iheudicl c 'sanchnl it sue i isicl otch sre o r the present d coresss the is sr ohe numrf sespt cooss take th is ere aumrfudge sn anke antoo e who issued ageung to thathossd opptuniesould tat ay o tppni gduatnrld o t s the gat wor s pyernd eor invatio and cldn ptr a t anviencio to sdnd o cdnt me aion g t a anc
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this sudge sd of tey dn g a he is ll lgek u sd t t d h l surint udentotal unamican tnd i wou say sunt nt alti-arica anaman i wouou movay -aca toboli iisouovffi and rip m atoliudgend hfi ndould n p bervige. h ld >>bsol nely. b thanyou viroing >>ol mey. day. anu og wte g iny.ich. up nt. itinh.s nonun itan aenatg thun g be for caing the aat th g b orag i heve cd. if y havit, u kn w ha it n beo brthe i c yav, kn hat bebrd whe thafes ke co incdes roni onchis a empsema whhas concs ni ch ampma spiva lps ntro myopd mpto... spa s ro myd to ....bkeepmy awayspen. .a fl 24ours .bep aysn. f 24us, rs red es cd fle-up , ed cfl up irivis t onl on-dai inhed pd mnten tre ment thiv doe tbothnl onainh menrentth oeanthit' 's oid-ee. spira doot rlace fastctininle an's d-. irdo rcestinle r suen sptom ll yr door iyou ve kidn proems, suglau sma, omoubl urining, orn en yrgeddorost ie. u dnros,au, bling,orenedst
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the mawors wi spiva. discs almedines you ke, en e dro. thmars wipi.scal diop tsing irivu and, ecallroour ctorightway tg ivd youbreallingr orsuddhtly wysens.. ...yr that ooutongea swegs, dd wns yoget ves, visi chaes oeye in,. .yth ongwe yot s, .or siobleha pas ong ue ne.,. othesideffec incde y moh anconspati. r leas u.hedeecnc moannsti noing n rerse pd. iriv helpno g merereate bet.r. ivlp meat et eaing th cd no all ing. eag c o l ask g.ur dtor abouspira. k drouir
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oaknd. ba to ckab.ak. bao ab i wt t tha w t our obaha rsonur atoba rege b che ingon t t webtetoeg bheheg esidtial tomy.coeb uan pidickalp hcoew prodt caedk h the oba odcahe anonusan low b pl an nuers breowualiedim pl for a d ate.nus bre li 's bee rn d ae. pub
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c ee twten a deba with dub tru. w ske baoit don hruts m rlie s >> lt'sa h m abt y ur paie way to l thesaonatn.b ya you did toyohe bassowandt you u sai dido thigs bss thaa u mybeai alhinati theha conseativ mbasee what ialstihe you ph wayonseivo these at i nonati numour on payheeopl undetandg th knodtiumon of vernpl w .dendthf ma strrnm w matr cserativ goveor aelies iife canderiv sec dve ame amentndi pro ie owthd ecreco tment crout a th tcok t the stat cut a tumb one the andatest tmb neace do buses nd at i a rtcord i me o prous of. i r>>rd iouro bypsow and of p youryparblndn the new ha pshir if ur yblun the rewk i hairew hashirare you don t r i>> it haireon is cticaytmpornt. are y ione i ccay you don'tor. wi here. y >>eouon you >>an'torca iou
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polics.'t buew hcaampsre i i li .critally mporbunt to .ps we i areoing itellyorno .ew hampire. we theyreantng cdida wh a mpe. mess e aneywantto k cwda w you hearand ul. ssannt yohaveeen thrgh thaou arbefod .. >> i hav beether yoveenhr it iha afo >> i tugaveeer audenc >> i ty a dllown a t the wantud toc kw y t a n wn a tohe nto k get y arnd a n thrgh wrendino yore sombodyou ge are nrt.hrin yo ey d't lomedylire nlopng ansomedy d l whoaslituff upp anmendoesnho consctff up wh realy. >>snonoughhalnge w ialew hampire,ghitt lmneyewn a home the ampe,t ey gownvern arby me hohedoou aorn by l apho frover mtt roey i a l staro ler mew ro hashir h pledellndta l mae has hanir u her han pddl goi in thi ma ha u peoean ooiewa mpshinrehi do t wa toeo be oold for wshm dotowaoot ey wt ie toldor we ened. ot a w i eningto t ed. o fash aned y. e ngwe a t o thestres a o shd hoe ptie a a tn o hhelre a etin and ho pie a tfwalls a h
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3:37 am
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3:38 am
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3:39 am
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3:40 am
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3:41 am
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3:43 am
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3:44 am
an wa aost a a then'arnd he h 10hild an anosd l e ahe said, i h wa the 10 1ldthan l daiasorn wn waehe 1 w closto ct.n w he w a w sreropp os cnd dirt waer and i sppwn tnke rt d all 1a0nd ofwn t thes at al 1thatfgeh bore agrat at [lghte be ra [lte at kd o iress me k to o ow tt i ce isseorom sh t i stngtock c and athe wasms a wo nderstulck man,ut d h washeas anoer alcn,hol. h anas i bcamewaref ttlcl when an w i fiv b ormeixre t en years wivr ix d>>as yrsebuse > > > nev ceptheneus >evas ptn dnki an tnomemes, i tnk dki a an t godes, i old t myothe a le whenod w 1ld ory 1he ae en metis wh he w 1 wasr 1 a inki, i tihinkwhe h thohtas wakiiynk hho mother. >>ike: thewa is a piece in otthe r.ok >>e: thahets i poinant and pce n weave e aha screeshot ioi antutnd
3:45 am
we e yoad t sseeots wt aou say yo ts w ingsayever degerat to xualssau the gs sacder bonegato comfort nd alauhe safyac tt aon ch d waomrt tave wafher t a ther ch werwa tamad foever. w ll mwhat erer h dndafor. mowat di h tha d afectyous lidile girl athahat actu ti? >> i li ghinklthehtei?hing >> wi m snkist bab who ing wre abt. wi weer sst theab osho lef t t kewr ab ca. wewe wehe the only tef teft tt ca ho. an w iasthy singt hig scho. ho anwhen an ie wuld go on sg aig ho annge,en we had wdo t o a e,akewe tadurns stin tome fm cl to take t ns ca of m .st hee f c touldak be layng o caf . he the lduch skeay a oidndhe h h s auld syack and h i d s kwasndubis bk ahe t s ha on leg b and ane t ha dan hegnd thght i was trea b hysel tht oldas ster h tdome b andelas ld touts he.end and h ts graed m and dou h
3:46 am
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3:47 am
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3:48 am
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3:49 am
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3:50 am
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3:52 am
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3:53 am
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3:54 am
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3:56 am
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3:57 am
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3:58 am
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3:59 am
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