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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 11, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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lineas bn deted. at whyst wor ng i ne b ded. maachu tts hyuldou alyt to threstorf i t ma cohutry?s d i wld. a tothst rmney tascoy? fp-flped w. on me of t reyssu. f >>fld wn't cofnge t mi. su > mnwhi wontvers cise mi. velong aer a mhiuppoer ntrs vernlo per a aaspo r entl quot as rnerallg rtl ots hillhi moono relion a cu. that ppen li au ryat b enef b jeers. >> dwewant a je cs.servive dout nt dee cnvicon? we crve wa at caneedatewho c ic a? e odaora perann,teor do w rawant ndidehoer do w nt bornid ain folwerrnf nhe rdesusolr chri? ri rrye a povenusead. rihe i s ari tr y penonseativad and i ris jnseivnd wi foowerf j sus rist. joing mwiwithheatesonoerf s st oi mthes
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th 22 eecti, di mrris bk. th 2 si frorome etidi tonht. mis b weome ck. >> si goro to meon. her we e all.ight >> gofirso ofer a llhthat strs a coent, atm co rt,lly i d 't kwhy pele a ry d k pe a aacki govnor mney relion. no a govkinorovr perid nodo ey at.eln. buheovr troderedo . bu perrodat t valuoterrr tummi i thk th lu iser g mtakemi th thpolicall and ilsoshink m'skerong lillnd iooral toin beoing ng th. wh a youaloe thonghts? per sho d ha gotthn whthernd s ad iou jushowants?to maer clehohaot er t sat iio nus regdnt male the tteray t i nainteg region as e er ltntnd ieons oul not iine ybods regioubelie an i uld t beulote as ciatod wireoulian d beybodasati wh od dwh demnthem if e spker id w dneedem aem foller o sus spr wedhris a no some j w, ollwe o nees a whiisno me caidat n jt so o blk, dee yohi ink rry uld cave jatt n so
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goenbl d p aniven kis y eechd j go noanen he ul hav renochced ose renorks d dtance avhimsnofdfrom it.e it'soes ffer dt tonc be msomt. 's erto e antiormo a an-chrtian timo a ti-bck.n hr ans bitry. n -b fa.nessmich eiy.achm fa anssnewtche girich ahm hern an wtin a erybogi elsche sa a erit'snffhe tle a suldn be aan ebolsa 's t a iue sdn bend hinkhat' sm it. doou tnk ihurtd goveornkt' perrand wha abosm the do t ad isrtve e rrerrydampan hahabo useheto dgo aser mney rypa ha earltheyrese v ewin ag rmney ey as t toprleyandite. vin r eyll, thk as tpdi. , thk e moon ct thk sts onthe pblicy th mo c are thpingstone g p witic th te ng adveisemt. g eait a t legimat uestvenem o ea ashim autegat obaare st he'seen ked atasm a aumbe o ba timein tre ebat's andn hed said abe ve o clely as me go trnor atmassndhusees i pporidd ve it,le a t oor pside of sssehe ui tedor stes i wldt, opp pedeft. ud d i stink i's ween vry cppar
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abt th. i k n bu vit dsn't c huabthtoeep s fe to e fe abud to d't keehisu cus ttp fessueo fi tnk ato th ifees it s tt wer't fue at t mneyouldthbef rningit er f aw witthis acet th eyld int. rd ing ink opleave aw ditbtsis edth io k lee ds hrey romy diuadehoseoubt a i h inkom t'sdidesebt a a k legimat fors peyto rise th.egator letpe mey g reh thermcain et ehe wl g be joing usater t rm mad wee aotjogf cousentser aut to t. the occady watree atco movtsent. a ey sed ty outcc towaeeovetovt. s tou to to 10 pnsylnia enuee heaid yourenot rich 1 p yl a ameue d ou youelf. tde schd i n't eelieouf. raci hol sanybi ytack inie bi way odaycinolybkmera. alnthatakes l of bi ne. ay doay thahelper h , doalates lfhat rtne him,dohalp an hdohat youhink t >> i m, thi it rallyelpsanim. t ou think i thathehole pnt hit he hihat u hahaele a p he esidtt ha aho is idis seingseg
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viimizion. d th you ha hern vicainiz n. who thou ihaer kingine o r ih youelf. bodys ng holng yack r exptouf. dyol ykoursf. ex anthey are two verrs aney draticre wo alteateiews boer fm ricaran acrica teews wthbo f difcarent a ca fexperncesnd whink th canifnlynt helerhermes cn. d >> wat dyou nkink thanlyboutheelrm c >> w du kut po necsaryt wain poecrywa s. a. day. saithoswh ved. f y. aios obam v fn 20 with wth swched am 20120itnd wswed 5f tse 01 vors o swchedare 5ot tingo bac swed the'se gacnl 1% th wouths poteiallgo bk t 1thou tell b oba t. isba thatishe sng vot h mde up the minat it' not sot h mely tat bcaus m therupwillehein t'otme t bus erll lger rnou in 1thanin 1 a most o loser iloubeown
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1an sca 1ote a os owhoould e noallyend bewn ca mocrte. sooou c'takeld thanoonely pod e da tohe cr ban so cbut ene yhaeo daoan comt ne tt wi y e shpl dinisdom t wi thussm f h ob dais ang yng us f peop tinob a a y arica ericops, y arealki abo noaresintho a aca isn se ousic yre ki booubl >> wsiat dyouhinkboutoeises bibln? w goe diunk dutn'tlame tm for bi ing d atoes beusee dret me chge. t e anor o mag theat pbepleen thisount arech.ot betanrff o hean pe efo isntreet bece pr iden ohow youake esetatent ec antheno oprennd me e ca w ou e de bidte aneno al o m say g ca the's idgood cnce eylcaay lo ths od ce in 12? lo how youakehes atemts in d th mak the? casthatou ar thew ou rige peresn fo em t thjob?ak e >>asat ar welligerseanfo m t b? wan sic. iwond if esi b ck ohisi mindndf obam ighttep b osside nd andam hthe mphtde be rogrmingor a esidtialndun m msel e gr ang a pridaryal agnst llarellint .
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>> a wh do pru thyk aut tgt ar whnte. >>who th decrat a t wh pty? ite anat intestiheo. p pry?ident nditnancynttipelo, theo pr en ecylo wthappi the armroun the nati at ll w spireethe rm weun se our amer e tiownt here agn toy. set is here nyeur nefieror sidewnre is agistothe typisre thi that fi cos ba de to s bitehemeyp hite batausehey covebaote m misierpred ts ashe bsey mole eqvale si as pre tasea pay ovemt?mo q welle thes arepa wppinthei emarmsroun it,elutherounre w theinei msunt, taunhe not tbody thitaot tdy veme . th arehiespetelyryinto tch wit me t. th thre ispelyin hliken it ths oba cpaigke witht oma.ob d cig th oba hasalig od. hself witholdmsachbaas andig sol hlf th hidmelfchnd outoolhose hif $500. aut plsee dner $mpan0.n of hi d tplre's a al dr anofhi feing t's he' abdonea d leralm. feg inow e' theight at'sardabne fo l usalo iw stomh,hehtut i s 'sd
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tr. yothinfoabouus hernomain i tr yo whintalkouabou thempoanceer smausinnss oosed whlkouhe to llpoce main stet oed dffertiat himsof fr mney at sing derat 's w lmsfr ey seet, i a mn sg st et, wundetandhe s prt,lemsf sm il bsine mmen, en y loo atst, dendthat prmssm bnen,ha yoo etor isotatoo dfere th the oris occy wa stret dre th etorhe. anultitelyccwatr hisor antily s antiorpotist stime is real botonhe efttipond ost the rig. smes alobamoti dot thkst o eig cialt. heamoesndo wanthgovement owrshi he wts a b al bankhe a bsnanvent bunessowa bhi u won bndnk big b buvernssnt. b uand ll vvyig beten rn. d us. y sli theie betetensike ey in . lihe geretny ad frce. e d th 's whin 's cering do afr. ag nst thal banwh an sma c g omedil ag cent rs a smaanan homaital and alldi buness. enand athinmahe occhoy waald lu ss .stre peoe se d in iin chccwahe sa re wayeoheseteapart i pple e i sawe he aay veoa onrt our pe iebse to hy abat v intnviewg heuran ca whe he bslks atout jabtntewhe he d ite sfasc aatin j t
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>> aight hermainby t . way it is sc inming rm indick tgooday seesou. ngank u. >>ood see u. ck >>odnd sakin oee the. k >>d eeccup wall>> sinheup trell owd,e wre ba downt threscenwhatas d,oing w baon thetoda wnshthenatpoke wingomef th th da nfus protterske whi ameth now teri the foth wk usf theotrswh a demotratns. ow u ar not riing heo b wieve he day's moat. art g bve y' vio. anlatehermvi caihas rd wos fo the cupyall an steeetrmais wofohe moment he w l jopy us lve st fom n hampmoirent as w jonnits connues t fs n mday n ght.mpes iton es malennouer ] anbe ty jue? w me upy nt. ♪♪ leou ] beju wup ♪♪ that goomorng, vegg sty. atoorn ggty hm [ ma annncer fohalfhe corie--hm manner fo pllfs ve cie nieriti. cld' haa v8 plve nti cd'hav8
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[ enne rs ] en r] at mes unumb one motcyclinsunce?
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m umbne otclsue? we le bis. lbi lovride. ovde d mo of l, we le toide. perfmot haf eve tim ltoe. lead g thrfpackha ve im mot cyclinsunce. now,hat'progssiv ad thll ockclic toda otclsue. w,t'ogiv oicda
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>> scks llieat ho nd ss ie erse as eopeao lders shedo get sesa pln eea pce lrs to edge prent othepl loing p t prt heog medown frch pside and t mewnerm fr pdend chanllor t sa thewoul rmtrode thr plo anorsa ahedresul the debodthplrisi a esmeanile the utureisebot loingso bght rsi fredaneeheur d log bt faedy. d foign instor ae nofa coidenin hefo.s.ninor a nogovement guanteehat t co entwo ancieare.ecu and t eyventuaee at t fe tha oolits a cieldrecuan t eily rail hosefe prohases dowitthe c ro. ewlyoul hisilean seotheros ow emeltwn f t horoing. mark hereuln tsisn he co try? lt fre tog witrk re ts alysifromcoy? the x it buness asiom nworkharle buss nrk payrlay anmoni cwley good tseeyouuys. hi, c >>ey saw th od te viuos.of i,oun. >> awdth raldi do at t oupy i
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meandidhe dra ldoou dtn t oy andra dere? >>hare, big de.e? >>alwa do thear nd oig thgs, deme dow i thk twao mhstak wa o th, ow oldi th fox t makwamic. youdi x tnk y are ou wlk th tugh yatre bcrowwith a fox w micrthhoneh >> tyourrediowth a heid te ox th cregmene. >> th,urdi ye. >>ere uhe t gthing tometay ore? >> no,e hayeo mov>>e a cple gg oy tie?s, t pol eo,ovedhaov u the ce crow mov ti toleus.ed wa uath vowyov hosle cwd.. >>andmile vasos c. o nd . we wasn. le and o weas rsellndsimms. hend iad it roullmm litthe i t. wht botrsme i li thott ds like whot l o tse ks iho inhe sse t t i kow ty ke e afrid l wha t oe t k in s wo tdi k t at ty ce.e frdon'thin theyhare t teomost t . yo n' kinw,ey tunderivigedkids st ameca. howe r, iyohinkhey k aredeeingvidds me .ed wed inkheny threng ge pele l ke n ssel sthmonsr g gperge l or rren eluffe stns ge or enfe o ssan #* a sn
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passi sa ruell, a y own cred carsssa coany,rul, theshou y wnhrowg edottlar a ycou,y, heheou to me howtlwns yhe a dit toe hcard ns ani sa thas a d wse. u arrd argi meanoresaha mon w .to ar acss my wn giney. me whaedid ayon to t t?c y he y. had hangthe e sub tct and idhe cporaonsre tnge ub ndwerf. ag n, is onef t cseras t tngs ere u casee rf ag i tnet t tsmayb-- e ancawe sent a lotf te dn t theryband an did set aothan to t d spea to aer lf thed kidid coulyou ane whtoe a lot ea o a l th themreid afulid.u wh a >>ot o he ner emaf. >> h sneen mor s cohentmesse. i'endi ople dorn the fo the radheshowveryss i'di le fo thhepersadowry i spe thrs walkg arndpople i. da yothini'm mangt ulk? ar i' nt.le >> yyoinma dn't nt tgo io the u middi'. n th y alw dst sh t you ithhe outsdde. ifthou go intthelwh mouddle rget boutts ifgonte i mle it b. et>> cutzy. theoints th is e fa i of tit b mo rn l ct an.d hent sthce ths doa nee fa t parcularmo lan agen s t th poatesteeor toarla ri
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th go ten tre, ey pst ha ao buih of iffent pthntso o t, ha view buroffe ps o ew ti-citalm toood difition >> a the are -caltoatid-amecan cafies.on a he there's evythi. fr thetimecopn kil r, aca s.n he evd sohi orthfrhe p the's il awhol solleion so lefttht caes. t iths tink wtolisle drn ing em al togefter icas.ho i behd tk w th, wh rsg readalge it, eh wh ha thcheswhated iea and atwh is a esoheredt gr ip. 's t d gbal aerr soc list t gvemeal. thameran sialiocs anst me thcommeristsangrou slikelian ve onrg ty mmts aroucertnlyke or nize theonar tycoornate and eyrrt areyehin getorngzeheorte thesd most kidre ainetging hipp s ou theres st id>> b a havtong go bk. ppouer b theav etor, the rio nee b to y eheir airorthriee she,heo cyss warfeir rherric cinsh dictlyrom t c rfhetop.c cthe pside has dilym t prsedp. e the pdeas napry pdosi sraidhem heihinthis wina com pbacki to ai tehembut em emsinis lkeiomcko em t they s l rurgite wha tey hr
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ey her opleay. >>his rmesgiut oha t the h mth r ofle ty. pside>> ofs s th ounit stat notust heer tast m upleof t pdef mths tht tit atotastt t t uple ylers. m s tllioiresnd bliont as, le corp yate .t oners ping onioes bon arporionsbig rpe til. o rsey all peegon toay ornsg the fair. ll sheeventhoutoheyarryhehe ai ssiv bush ofentheoutaxeyburdry as iis >>ivhatasbuyf pnt.e xwas st grdng t ge to i >>t tha theyarry p. s ghe tgeop e peent. haey k p ta ingeyry abop theet. 99. ktag bo e tneerct pece9. 40, bott t pacrc p nhing t0, ten ttac pa nng t75. it emsnike we ave pa distbuti.. wht e issheir colainee e >>hey ust donst anyti wh theis ir thnumbs yoare rowi out>> y tw,onnyost thehe donmbknownd thmb yo e thewi utes t t d kowt whelon ownorehat u e e t d sang. k wis ret s wta. wesmeabou whe amica e pr widenhas eate ouhe c't r on the am ea nomyproen s has to un ote c r thenhe bron e my onombut 'sasto no omyheroault andomt unrtunely no ldslt o a d n veuny dece i ha l nion. a's s becse i asvede i hopg weha uld ntn.ore sec i uficaonin op
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weis cntry d >> n goegto u cappen. he's y cry p dict nn,ohing wien e fhe wor. p thct wilng wi be for thileeryevici veylecon bausee can ruon hic recd. >> a nevetec a boosean ru hec cisis aev goo aaist cis i go emnuelven ifouave tst mnufaure imone.elen ifisve tpresent mfa neee thee. esteehe desiness. the's dg. th is tthe a pay. utde wne.ave ehe d kidths e pa nories w ae idnio mbilid, ri gus ahat,tiowill cay th mughliext gu yeat,throth ea leks but ll's aaut obilthing hem t for theealectron. ea >> hereksre no t bla ail peog e dofoher rithect ow. >> reit'sheolaameeo do peerenta ofri .ack ople hat 'suwould seee at aea ppetytaf ak let ul tee t prty asacis p a n the aare tryi t to bri t py em i hrouis a th nhee unio yiori iou thiond kye we was do tretoda kit gs usweas doway om tda guswhatade ericgrea why iatde
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iceaee meonwh lkeussl mmon on layintois ksss loo at me i meit b auseonf th in stem k s>> aoo he me s m a bbitseard there u aremchar d to a gete yo own amone td e >>areah.artoeto >> mnwhiwn he' ne tllin the to>>h. fht a inst mhie' e ma tsinhe to f ast ma -- e ma butes the ma >> w hav-- tmaout lave th rman wav cin pked t u le te.noth an strapoll cicto pdver uhe eken whenth rall we tome bk th wilerjoin lve en en fom n hae shir b th iltheyinren' l dgin buthey f n ha irdefi tely ren'eyn' inbueyathi. th fiis elyran' du, exahi th pay e wesenter ba dow uex the ay oc py wlntstrebaow proster an she goihe to rert tre anocwe w llalkre t so ofroer the oi opeope and tind outan wh thek t ogripof i all tabou opndduthhe ip illou ♪♪♪ ♪ wn ththin♪ ♪at y♪ nee♪ ♪ome justhe ght eed, tha' logi ics.♪ w thin yee♪♪e use t d,a'gis.♪
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♪edice th ca'wait legabrie the by ght,♪ ♪ictha'itgaiehey t,♪ ♪ tt's lostic ♪ 'loic ♪ ♪ freht f youbox r me box at kps y heahy, ♪ ♪re foux mex k yea, ♪ tt's lostic ♪ t 'loic♪ ♪avintimecuttg stss whenou u ups♪ ♪inmettsten ups♪ ♪hat's gists. ♪ ♪t's st ♪ ♪ [ malennouer ] the ad inot actl ♪♪ a ace int[ ligelee.ou ] e it tl hihwayaintance is derf ded,a e ntge stindrivs $6billhin a ayarntce rfd, iniv $6lla d cntle tir. wh h dr cersle ir ver tual che cau there by, ecki emawh.drs r alhe auhe b kima thiss whwe eineed aar at kes 000 cisns ery sond. iswh eeear t s 0 is e sd. th newudi is re. th roa is nth ew i an s tell.ent ace. thoa n ll t ♪e.♪♪♪ [ me anunce] in924, tali foocameo oh. man vice-ripined t4,atoe anlirealootalime seaohned at. viip toe analli ea d the .od g fams. ansoonso d thehef.
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e gam anon dhef. llo, am ef barde o,m b de uali ingdien noreseativ stilin ery bl. lingen nose iv il e b
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[ me anunce] yolove he tte o2% mk. t thk abt yo hea. m 2anhasceveryoalf vee sarate t ofat mf whe mi. thabyoea 2aserf sate t wh miant cutack fat and t cpromsetas? t ut k at t sma balce t fd e mic.oms its wht yod exct fm thfolktat smart balance fmi itwhyoex f thlk s bce
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as e ocpyallseet veme gro acr ss toc couny, iis aolst meccumroatin cr tras tand ts o t.un i a preste havumin b n asd ca oed o r wes in ew ykprteav citand b a th o aret leang awetimein yitd threea ame soon we on ent ayslyerhat wn to e fys herhalf oand y fer devep ad chere mesge veora cre >>hat youant e chge i oount?
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> it out e w tch i ont t iatti wde o t commit awenesti o meri isoo mmwes ris b toail. tha bo youeryuch. >>l.t's ongha ordue a itou wys onh. a sng oue at matr w fimeon a >>ow dyou el wn you ce atintohis rkmend y >> deu w soou c ma peo e tos nit? y >> i'srea so b maeo are thit ally iea bnitere h thks f lythete h fesses. al cnge et t cnge at iss. ce t ce i bndednd bed solol ♪ is is pea of ♪s te♪ ea>> wt's urf msage p tase ♪ mo ws resnsib. yoknowhat mge me? p the aretresdo out theyes ibe yo aowtme thre boesut ey eyn't e gbo t baedout. g >>it'sn eba has oft. corp>>ate's arica >> aot peoerea hofting an they
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rparee a fcaally a elin theeo e fectof i hng d thaneye flyre ine ct i th joing i >> lks le in i wostoc lmy l ne gst h bee coving ewooc otes ine gth heeovg esn d.can w yo.c yojame dmeeri piett. tkedrito oprod ersndpi t. the t pedple wn o treods gar ge e p e is erywh te. neyorkarost desisibes sce ewh drugnerk at beiesescesoldpeop af i icat g inughe aei puic. d the's oldopguy ing iatin tpu. ths othro, nuery g wo, t ropolinu, cr. you n't mak ts stf li u. th c a u tak t pastingout u th a ee ag cooms,t tre'seen en s cos, goinon, trugs'sn sasy in, gs ore.y dhe pside an nan e. pelo put pheirde seofan prov on >> ou knloutirse sea ii ovn . >>kn dn'tea i kn any bter wouhink w
12:26 am
e't bck i theknny b1970r ounkn ne york w e cit b i ethe rse rtbout70tnowne rksit e mae r bloutberg wayinhes malorg preste caninangut trees defitely i wisprteang t mar gi ianifily was n is chge athismapoin he wgildn'nipuasp wh ch aishis. was inwn t re an w in' wh spo numb s. ese s tan pro isteran i aspod hem,ou kw, y mb re eroer as m, sang tt k y thewealyre sa the bungal piticcapil upere inashibuton, a wha picabou pithe upbore inhin, ahaou e ions and ey stt gog wll g ns d thet labgo uions a o the w g pr ectt theeab worrs a u nsey ge aal ohe tsted n thrprtte wds.or a d fraly, geere's tedth ws. l raf, e' hy lcrisgoinon or tre d th areessi uphe bu nesshyisin oand tey there stursing tup bu rssidensd at is ment. ur t renat mt. mey,y clleae, geray,oy cea verara was do the last nig d th aret extl ra fa ofasdoheas fox. ig ey thredon'likeex rporefaf amera. one x.ssagi wo dgree win' ke them orn, i on't anter e agwoeewi
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12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
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12:31 am
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12:34 am
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12:35 am
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12:36 am
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12:37 am
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12:38 am
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12:39 am
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12:40 am
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12:41 am
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12:42 am
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12:43 am
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12:45 am
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12:46 am
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12:47 am
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12:48 am
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12:49 am
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12:50 am
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12:51 am
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12:52 am
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12:57 am
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