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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 11, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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wll u.eta y ramndmoe. h. "theive"wstar rig now.aadmo hee"arigow >> it o ny'st eion carryions hehiaonles afe robecayi hefrs madaelahr s be ommes aaitefmdhr omenay's mormn lion. itn apped tmra au livo.terit con rencawheppta efersau o esit roding ittn rncomne. p th is at hrs a d, otwodng ttwrnmn ths hacnide who'sa gooodwmr l rson r a brn ain o' folowegro thel lo r je son ab rhrin? fthe ower e ehed lond itje wsa clrly r thhi? le toe e asd lerotiwhe cly thwase aslih rerrinwsto omney, ere insai t at oonmy,nis is a cul t.a thi we ave so s et takac39 lit.. hi thweeso srprter asd me etta rsoally atout m yh elngs eroutsdme msoory moismt m iaidls tmronis ismr omt d i s i totlelalr sut.y. sta b hstee lomts. ormoni itano hs m
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ch.isanit mooonsm nir mohiss rs oo ews. ns th ha s b eesns oa esmaintrethas bvieew of mvinelices >> ihaww s tofhpnsicor a rl i day sts al" meri 'sy esoom. thatas"fmrri slauas tham. watn heaidmrosm i fr aua ha cuwt.n hed mrhor an cut. a nsrida aboutsx weksan g putbut thsis cuinweg u tehs uwateradsaid e r avdngelical schistia cldn suprtagec chia nrmo sut tat thre as anying on mow th beina t mthmon, ustas pi ntnygg ou w fir of l,mn,tpit . irjf fferlook lik n undrtakr.j fer okat du deik i can'n imag ine n ak coul gie great pe h.u e i lon', th wasg ane i ssue ulor gi e gmneeyatpe lothas nns2e0. he a eeu rd him togvea20. e u rch a laim ygcv endy, o w a a ahalic, h seec it w, w ah c,n ssueec w hn wead mie hcbee ins he rnc we m
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th . c thbe iins bigin tbast hurc on th hthi i t i rc on itnctio thei tnc iobaptthsts beleve n ptsevebpis for ult a posed oisfr ltaies, ed okeei. whe ithi goaitos, ipct mo. orwhiigo moormey? itwt oulbe i thesot. ose staterwmilg o ritblan l i heanyy. .obab won be eanst itesue iwl g ring stat s. y >>e'l abeon te hn ic ni tesg ta acti in >>' minute. t h t's ir clisnnies at tin ivernue. rom neys ir is said in e ponsrn in ratumrdaey >>si n nsosnous a ngtugeda d sn't vancour caue,us aeger d 't s tenenc r har or ahnged ngleemiend. s thne bre sshgsn edf leid fith ay tb es respsibity ociai at respec ul spdbib oe. i >>riac? ets get t ereec t mel>>ei ? st rai t. s jeetfe aeottmalditostduci rick pjeerfer.e hetonce ver uckdprmronis he sa nult orer uaraiso. latesina vate eech ht r id. aa tho th ne tte iyn mit oteney chh s refrrint .athth net yity
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reinagnlemawho s gng osakatern the day the ttomlinea os ig'v eospsken ert toe j er y e oe e,omaed hse iavn toj lk, im in fvor ofa dha chriian eingn te whle ihous r i saf ohm wha hppenri ifan ng t itwh mit romn whuso i sa mha morn veenusaifn wh hos aid ue qurocave iad oteb ma f whatuhe'u aideres dei fit i n osharvativehor' a espublan ii h iwhi eat ehousa an tblhen ie'd c ehtai nlyhile - o >>s d n't thi anit' gongdtciy l mater i d -'t t nk is go>>g tdot hi mat'er ago uth we hinmari d t mi it, bgoauset ofyuma lo a h e poeing in ih s, themi basellupf yu lopol re pubpolicg s,wudhi t efree hrowa molrmp lpei nteubcd i y ee ow80mo%.rm indendeps,eiys 79y 0 .mo ats ys ulimaty you'l lo at th emo s ndi%.te and oulnattersyou lo ayou tkn oh -- di anht' on bitg procente n u n th--o e s bi nt n tooghes thiis not inignifict. thinit' shimazi e's goottignic. in t' awziy st wit ts far tis yeawr.y inobods rasised fa i ryelly. w noodra sitd ' on r y.e ome n sue >> t fa tthat h's na orme n
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>>es e >> ki tmajsttat ons eda ou t rf ou>>s ki eragn u agiout- >>aout 75 ofipeopleostaid >>the ao tknow7 t o ry mc pro jlest sa i lile b abote m orowmo st >> te bigr uss ion ilis bbo rmros tebgn i moons- iitacl so wou omonsi aoinc l i s ouol o mo ult flowero nth i el emo thlltery, thheyesed thy'r weid,thehy'lt -- uh y ow tdhy're thfrllo wersete'- tlors f kith oerma. rmonf krhe omahathie be ter-onlook g. r thfamies a aeatractieive. be r-ok itth'mi a odti suld rain.e. wif oul be t haoppyd. s di wo d sto . if l e daipyking t opwo to oke ng live ogerng t>>p e ieyuerwantt hang otwith he husmawdaugnerss well. ag >>f thatth' ha u thuwea shugulds e l.all be >>in hutts. a>> sve e appluatiotfe,shd l ns. s appliof
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ddy. >> we ave y.ra ctn w fro a esund's soras, ta e r res ndinnd >> doyou ink, h atitt omney ishrin? >> thi k shein a o dmou kndhttne isi >>hi he o morns fehemsees aa brah of orh istifaney. h m ise aeiathe be iraveof th're istitianan u gttii heb to wtherr no tteythe e ore an chstian uan anotht giro i do wt therkno thas reye leent t chis ican aign a th >> mot dothta rle t rm ney scaagns he' m ristan. rm nomey ans xe'ert on mo mnism st. a i kno wnoisantat oneveymommo sm i kn isa no oo atna ecevntymo kn p ison, a rt omraavluesce >> this p n,ia rt es ti i so nnsuentl as sr asthiscampgn is conrne nwe he elintgasioust lasancis mp s is c ou tryon nen d u nd hersanli us tfferlt pencle h e vis sc thr fyh. n u drsanhve aerpe hvi thf si crel hel lhfv faih and we laveitasc lel th at.l oaith od ae l vehoseacnit th. the n peon wae didse'thear fromi ohen n e reeowrd odina irt i om govrnor poy. at l rst weeo dn't ove te pie. one f ove orthpigs t.t wa a l w qutiont as te bpc.sep seorh twa
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ffes wquaonintducg ribc ppryste the esti few become--nt corioupte he hdtio deal th beismebefo- -- the psoi hdiotdoalcingou s asfo - he me inthaptmig be tnsidored nga ltle ff c lo or hat tpgroiateb thn idd ledf olo r dianc e opuselfte i think herry moaignce dic downokay unlf ithnk h ebrt thyegn c earl d awnciny gn round the isse t a liyle bt be arlused in poli callrthiuidstha biisgsda li b>> tw bll,e a'sell tel l ylioll thihi bioble dorap r y thl,ere'slon it l y wasurphsed he dlet ce our y hst, he nse id warpdha d b ci o dea e , perfemanc ntomoowd ngt. iab d ehane hrf'llnc moe ne. iyse rlly be evelltha te n th pro lemye y eisve yhat thprm need ansther ysue geing thene wa taniter o us ofethgeg hewy t bng wat up. t >>ofi 008 o th bosoftu. o>> tt0 remoemb tr,h gsverromn id giva btiserm ambbou ivrrn gi ith badonseaou omnism, but i h thin dericta's t fn , eu pas in rc t fandt a oti in a e future he'll he t ondss itoagain.n wh do u fhtnkre? hll >> he nto dodt t hnitg i. i' swhao dngh u ap>>paning theo thn i'op aoss eabdru pit oesnag hettr.
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risanit y aes bri mat t rssnto t peo e, sbuitt y notwoyiou'lmtele t a pr sidt. eo suesunowoy uol e ce doeasp'tid esatr. rman an is bloinge owtr.h an doornf lng th wt race ig tornw becae race toesn'tmter ae thiggpiwer. can waes wthatmr thmgtpei?. bs jobnw iwf at des matter, b eife rs houlendseoa overomneyfe beca eul odbam'saa oceriian. r mey caa righrt. n. wel h' ot a ih. hwyplocr e, he houo dot a. >> askdte hupscrio nhetoudo on >> s d fox ead fiuends" ae toud mnor com rtab wi ax morinind h whe morusthan omabwimr whosan sombodyho spen 2yars as o meodmyero en 2fuseya e sereveend's rght' curch? herm cir afrvan amerdan caidaton t pugicant' siderchadh? t hirms frto er casaaty t puan sdeaade t ofitheuioo" a etrda a>> i on'oftebelieuraci"sm n a isn'culitrytrdciysm hlds nyody backn a bgytwdyy ds nisytyre ockea-- ageere somye
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eme s oft raecs e eyes m e gfts bc t oa sf e dosn' t s rw to thi ecoomy hao' is rw rhipecle oy efct for isv ry economi epe ef and eaur cnmi backareee or nd e a e isprort onatoyueyed, ey g ht h wr stprwrtheatny e enomd, oli es g d'tt wohrk. >>we keimombrly,i yo'ved m o. i knhkmmprsony,ly.yoem i knowkn himmbeipg veon.y wl. totaly areek oith iei hvei. l it abot wh tout mke ohee portitiethatouh ae iti dobot t nk wwh shod bea o contry trtaiet atcngesg arsande doy t wntho beoa coaryet oaur es ersiefs y d ur job progrsaeo rand eevefsthinon eitlent, nr pdistogibutn o w enlth. ve inke nehat lu'vet,een ive stheut oprtuniesh.and he ed ucaont vee anmakeomveethinof itop uns dtha h ads caake hisanuntrke mth ingrea thosiare the ahakes trpr incip seahat osrmaneain hbeivesae our r ngreipestt aninssrng.a e at ril peealt pats. >> isfr ou o n'tthi racmalis p taliv ad>> wiell inouo 'hii racm iv couary -d w ll>> i ididnsayta .h ok. >>t su ldnou -e m ihdng wy a. lo tokci pple >>ouelvesaus adn e cmntry >> he's h ocipl ouhivea aweever
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ryyou ee a hmsvewhen a obo tier u uncmons,ve wlel bo th mok mes t ofhencs, ba k,l tha tppenolibe ls wh her ns of cainalksbbk,c ust thea canen o lanbea wh seref mad inlksack mn wheocn ject aoesnmend iltcrv enti. oenev h p ensi ctmenuh andtti ev heh cpensditad wor nhste adn fhe c eneititmenwo rh tn teliadbrals ju mel >>eniitwnonder etheheh to t ia al studt lojuael fro >hie fewralnd r gheernmt oo o t udcolollaege r onefe l whoaresgfnm o olge e hoesfhdd. te ucatialsste is ha in t innrd dty. >>eth uetiducatinatesyste m isab ad tin overrall t >> i s no>>b neuctinateisbd te eullu s. i >>nobdb n eeryere. why oued ouue >> a ifrye. h de e g asd itflan >> thatg asdtlan ta essefde.f e. >> areu ea hi rbo? >>hgavema isignbdo copy >>og v his okand i readsg i .o y >> shiso daiher eaored to hasder hreejobs becaustemecan dreawaso bu caeeiac.s ec>> usliketetmen
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eauas.b hs dion.e a eakerkae jtobe. >> is ere a fa didn ofa e haa workaandj tbold hm>>o aenmke afa sodethofg of heohaporortdity.t ld hmo hakd osohof pron.rty. thepobl the e'a blda kid wh ont have thahprsolhe e' what'sothae hnote rr fud.l. >>ou c 'sgt a stdentl ant fr au ba>>k. c g tcaosinentla pfr awe're u tgettg stard eit's nsecrw' ettt ar th theeresinti i's i aecrd poticashap coulbe aajorhthaheeupsi bei cominato h powcaap ul aorhupbte houine?o h 'll ve tse dails memb, e mole? l t dls mbm
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enmber are ad foriud igt ere ai orth lls rosshe brd, hs tomak s ethis woss b , pecily gng to a eltions tok s hitwouht ciu g af . el>> eoneryti i ts tuu wt eopl e trt orke id ome ht su ren'dog we iplvetbke foed.m my an'voe, do wenoti choob loyal fover.he cumyry. 's n a vod o hogoch ooo whaln eryou' pcreus.den n th gs ar 't hinggweol yowhu got u'opgee tm nthe b oh. ar gtheyl flnd a yoook d at ogt he anbheo o b.ey f m oikng for a hos y, youan ow. o. irah da vidou a e.rod ouldb dagdet ewader a to ldylacbe. he s o gi gwa ao ylge.t r d o ogig elro org d ro r jrtthsi ccle you ant ter ptthles iloses o youcwhlen y uu 'ret unde tieeplike oses th ? o >>n uwhny uthree sunded eimte bushth >>amn trahion serewaemat majsh staffamn rahn keup. t iefo ajstsfaf and ardh k. id t te pfeoint, thin sa f wou bnb sadorte hite t hoe ife wie, moinv ouobso nd eshte ho ifw oltemo tok ovr nan theshjorta hange t te thtim ad at aos whe jh e ltenorhge thdmcded d toawh j en wiscouto
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and pridenbusappied tony ws ow ao th pnde s spreenrusary oaepri on t cpleellass r thy aemake a b idferce c avinyou theth piva yea b ed.d f i dire esidinnt ouobamaen iv ysticing th t te tet e de id bama as.ic g t kntew t het loyalt os't alys s ve y. wel w n nw cos tote sonneylt b it's realrdin s to y elh w stf cod ito sinkeit'a gbo dt' inretoin too h >>of'refiied k t'>> g ovedr i ie o' e e>>n sretaf shak s ine h white eose ten a e 't ake aakdinffence te the oosls. it does t cht gee anytdng.e e mea n t he ony goo ne w oeaso th thytbuh. haakp, t hyn gytoo erid o tum fthd. >>ou ikeh kh o. >>that wids he oynfei >> likeked. ho ny, o>>rsetwwsh gooy e i o d. eh , >> seouwsc ngtoc hag e teudree h of otcag drwha t'sgoigon a a econmy. wpeoae d'sooi't sio aak h ron's.a ew toa do 'hnsis aillb brter.a doou t nk hsouldo hn sa l >> boa sutyr. ot do t t hs guyld as rised a a songla s chd wihout at fuytr, arnded heas a sen agl l oner chow ut ha lff.t a dhat' h the wa e alneis.o ih e nt' iheon't think eis i .meth gi uusual ei dont th ik'tink gttith rdu sual
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vid xdorodthi on to cghant athin >> m be nd axedlodu oisn o conoanc tm ould go in m ne not ld gothese hou gotoite hinke hugoto i$4 bilon tetesame nk rba h got il usm 9 .ba% h gemptymenis gog o ork thisime.9 plepe, eni goha ootl oisue. sethig,i h a te, til laloshi hyu tw lptantwatu ust id istm i t hne nthldug o he's the reisason m aveiane hfailg ecnomyightgoo >> o plhease t. >>et'ssohe n easvea wh yilectmyehto ole >>s as h e yo-s o wall steta otesing, ase o- tewllsta esg, ebns n' end. >>he oysconntros wal n' tred. >ysnc.nro al th 'r mreis gided>> comlely thsmysnged oly f. y eter is sponsibf thistri onbf iseoo i ridilouso o y wa todi uscontnue o defd h yuatimi llonai son e dow ther f nf. >>hyou'r milli abler ow rhghtr >> yns >> >>oi'r i oowmerny t t
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ys %>> test oandla mtnybactk yu at nda tbc u . 5 im a bokng.5 e ak arebookibtheng vernent'eboie ris 'sn rn t'boluty --he's o rs aso ton takr skboonut --hela ifso you'e getong freet kmne. r >>o thae 'reiifgyotu' gietve fe it >>to buhnesss eat a ing gtot i ere tt bueosspls e at wg oork . >> ecmo plin wo kn d>>ecm n rea nsure ra verreody, iepeo ple ardy, repletemit's not isiepol ad st le pli's hotstyle ckthest le est oplead sticth tsm.tlte t lea ds >>ic o t't wanttge ouch viceut, but ->> >>ownge ohi's ceked t, rum -e. >> havi do''s and dd on'tsrm >>uldsgei hs saituatdon's dd nfortsresint obm .d s g>> oh. i >>hll at one o fr sihe oi tha t i othi. i'>>s t. go o eneo hisai irtshi pi'go e tt ith hws ftshei stapf ht tits ftesa t he's-he i i'ss-ringht er coinueloyalty.
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howeri od sa do ngntter coue oylt ject adv icewfrom aoless thao t ght t bet inctthinnevce om cille, btcau ty wa t t t b hep, n thneshou t ciem, do cu . wa they ig hthe haveou tsmeo go ey avtce saheuldm oa ake. s>>ld advc o ogo o stthrsda . d >>nter on, osh olldn e wilrng dao tro>> tutnte h e boo hilt h has and r a w ewoo polcieh caaus nte r pyboothey hav benpo uieng c usnce ayj unes pnooteyhawrbkin. u n e athej neesd smtng neww.r i anwhy d hae yo omt teow. an y d lata? ae y oll,nonetf la?hni's be t l,ne frids,ft wahis1th aivernry sihw,b and wwe i ins,ted wais u1sts. it wa qeruit shn ao wowr. it ins d ies. wqit n o ot geite oed >> y idn' nhave tofero e hetatack andd care yin' avdeanto i feehelt adlckyda oret that dada.n osf andlaottadnts. da n ake sartan ataco .li eevisn, ke th tat. ac >> li eoeeisu, to m said hy d>>n'tyou fish eu omoffsi ob?h y >>cdutdoufiih addof o?a othe>>rudiadoe?
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>> aado anheoher one. >>h houl ser t s m aknganoh oe a in. >> thinthou'slswrhyt h ses preased . nee inthwy red ee. heeed cul f c.ia ett. heed he rire s at fcat he 4re: a0 buhnes thecgarte. 4 ob isudhpeed? e s ys. >>ec ghre. btas's sope? >> htassd 's depssedf e had to itd next tdoeped hyau. t i sitt to y uxtt an rz . leso ui. to alutoaantvy rnz h so su daynwst lktoatvhsosuws.y tloveo wttose. let' ienstoos.rep sentive ve oul rantt oone. "m et het' itpnte r pness"m." t >> socal ure is nowhtwe doss in." a me o. l >>ou rhinkethat' ano - t w i tnkhe dopineidena ise >>doi nkhttt' a i th-k h p tyingnonthe en isotio of e oi evy ta d thh png e aer. ioat if notecon stctiy e t ifyg aam.eica i ti tnckn tetise bon isprisefy as mca tn unierbo anr ee' d ivi ng eopl n me ha's eary tha t' plh e moesyurce. ha iingen uso guy his oliciei ey ere i i naces w ol
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uy ms ki ieihp ee ri er aced w poorpoplm iohrerp rerithe oedvdingo ppl noer h pr sdenofe h vuninged p tate >> i nohi you wold lske npaf h of niis plan ectese i igetou woi ld a of orpat e lfar tphant-- ec >>i 'me o firofp ar t >> pmiatizg r dic >> tt'sn l hah esiizd.g i'm noticgo n g to'snhsi. mot hrtnhandgit. is' ryan ig, thendit s 'o rrey n ofpoblem i tms ho diatiacti wh toe predep --l i sdiiti wthmate s eese- it t neoomic pa tha s wilrob ly briit he debnt eo doi andre ate ahafe w owisb b rie l dhbtes idotndte eause ito s es tacklse o thhtestiigs easei ck oti thae so oe toteir elie. >>thnd apeeopleli eoe te irhat iedoes t >>inkeb eoplesn etter e it's hetf the besggtest scak snper tuat ber h a'sty.e htca erat h >>a. w,bbis m rcing t>>hat taki on eprobtebers.i lien tmthe rrengside quia o thkin ypthipng oieths. th li te deui pthtestrs ayi iahnthsconree. >>ood. ppowst to e ople. nscn >>o. the w o r tstee. ar e giig votceet rte rmreggvotbod-bed
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fstraeonaot how our financialstbd rs.f ra at oeteryhwdy'sboern flowifi nal sthe rulre. wa str try 'sisbe awin xam e oerl watr thsat. tase d s a xom offlks ho ardointh rgtth t.hi n atr den'ta ff lewars d, an daar inotogftolsiho a 't ar't ing t rarihtanthigar o fwardl. s >>geg?ar t gtrhigar e rd >>?atual i'sil taing eot ul yanatal i' halin iftaigt geott yn an yhain lo e, iti w lel ficil be an ultche it >> tlt'swhat ou hacito b taey? t>>st h o'as ta cpmunk? a ? no m e hn'm -llin we'lbe psitivmu. ? co ng uo pesure onting -onin 'lthehitephouitiv vrco ure og nthe hete oubot hedv gut ergram oed atand rfuriou at dbpoen cou beissu this wee fthatrouall comi up on oe"thou esu fives stayith .ee at ♪♪l mi n th ve ayh ♪♪
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
rr timdiaty. >> ierthi?nthey we opoin.g th s atuldgo i hiwyey. they nhink evertods l se ldis wy upid ihe nke rrodilous alnde sthat be tidere s me prbems i us dwit thhae c re man the pb s past, ht it whh hcsuldret ben hablto o u poen . s thhtwhsaldrbegc ibls o bpuenting tthf thjuste deratmenr g >> wi wh e lie abung sothinthatthesterydedy neen wwas wh bade roiegraa soe o inedat e ry>> w t ss eadond >> ra aree o e>> wou ou g o wut thrs nnd re, u rpo wseu lie gv rta n proam wh re s ouepoodyse ieadv rded a or roesy idp rageacr s tbod? y go li bout ht? >>ecau theigamepgeccrntged fobo goe wliite ououse hh a>>auhemecnedfo bo der we agust ian hrry ed, acaus up uil thn i w bas,odr agn y , us ult i ws,
2:32 am
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2:34 am
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2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
ap. s? you nt fs m hcuo the veme . so owu wod yofm reshpnd tcou hth movent?me sow lewoityo ridre.s t th hre we lever? out ele rleftd e be ter eru ndt ande s m tivat n, ftwhi hibeevu dnd mtat thit's nta meme. ev ll, y it s t ot thes indttae meame. , yt deea. >> eh o oingaina pocear e >>yeso ank u oinrpoiting hat ua >> ana.k owas tingo nget tuclean. a. is tesgng y weoul dtbring c upenen. pcu tes y wolbfrong rupit bloiu >> t piur wastk at ftoe rt rote oy roin i t ti aastkat er. te >> o dn' i t ut o picres.r. >> ut o pic s. > let e st mak a oin y>oet no akalng a yony aoogi fol g tesycaitis rgi-f rotists t walstre ndctis ill-naesr its d ialllrenair at y kee suorti -- i lna ke e do inigl ir >> t yieer ottsuti -a s pre det o n0 i ti t. rit y a500r citiestacoss i coiun.y. >>hree peoypei5 0vyt cesiy ss b. coun >>eeo v
2:42 am
>>aomo thathe a pay pele, can ll outat. >> i ul putomney onhae pa pe, tn ha t. a .utet o ma ulutmy b etn? >>ll thet aent.tma stopcblint thepeole>> lm she ne ud regniz thea aret.eople opout herecinheeo ms reizhereoe t re ht -tee pepe ha legima h r -evanes te agenst p syet mthaal gscarew them. re than hav aagt s tiah cew to peo e thnavd yosouldt be alli hm o name e>> w n nid i cayol thoemld aemes?li hm me wn hi moolthue, y a esca?lle tm names! n howmdt, y yet ale tm ae! ote scrwed? >>byte c baedkers e>>lyng eme mogage and > abrslm moge n > tespeople >>theyvels theitrepole o uete cau oh tihgat capi alio syem hat pped hemu of t. g oetchepi syhlt pleednesm ndf u dot w aoeto ttalkeabthe h llees dowct that he nlkber ao h esid t toenef theost fromall reet tat n r oont butn is rackidotoaefahe t >> oml etottise eckaa pent beefi. >> ne >>te buy teewnnerb vfiy time n >> is no tttsem e,u ob. >>er vbb, y ome' e inotsmb.s yi>> hs yhole
2:43 am
ing temm rmsyi hl g tmmrm thebnks peopleloang peopl that hcoun't afbfonr oean eolt aome out whf ohese bas stard t ail ente moroageseflewh se aat d tthearyt o il tythreores fta d aheo grathrin aran fanead nad frede. >>wit a minute e id h e rdb ale>>d a ouintte ldma idc hsh meeillbe u ma csl yncmeil isln isdsgrefu andsr fuenpble. hat do y hnthe ep pelee. ht y th pe would be ealingwt f o ltherhad notb eelnngat f al- outer d thatast toh eiseion,nabutt at suppotoed byn, ohresentb tsh and esidoto aa? hat o yohthins thei lives d id t ulyobein lieike ght sow? if therst ofh ba nks aul ie td? gonef hofhbas uner -- everd i nglne one them. u
2:44 am
yber weer'd ietglne d chnm aners be eck idaein. ars i mocrt presidts werebada ei withhil cntonand othecr peess idck reobjdim y thi cond he ca ter nev jshoum arey adntion at ebodycahrou o ev oure d ne, tt doni 't ce u iehdy hu te otion of the o tges, d c u iandh tio sfetlngthemtg nd sremuentl >>omeing portt h rapped toy. thdemoaticongrsiontl >>mg rthpe to thmoicgr on coitte-- dccc uo hi cote weite e antt aise cmcny o ock rswee e twtt ase nhy all k reporesers. inl re teoess.upp rtno svpnzuel chav andia >> d youwant me tov nszyl avndia dnt et he a par is - >> ht sa ar i f sci st countrys >> y wa t o ciback onnt ryt r y caaing e te arnmes ?a k stoped dtngr ca g i t. stpcallesg? tod tee pepl e stp ccmunilsladaacsts.e p leyare c ni>>da ae leitimeamriyn thatav beesrew ya eiima i nsys m,an datyou ouldeeewouahtto
2:45 am
be ah meds orelu sld >> teout rnia n hprede ideor n tian rden veneelan presient ve ce outi surt oveneansiit c an ht'ou i a saut. o youant porti ahese at. out thse ms thaska. >>t proesrs ed ep beauha th's nkt ir>> t merssae. >>f yo nt dpo betaueth n ot'i getmeasatt cd. >>yo >> do e' te ret aprtocabl y >>sm eple you' rig aboutteeb trbl mpe u'igbo h samb t old upts a e thhe rmmc ode ol nk tupsaaacsts. >> wht'sthro rimcodd t ik? c >>s.o y o wsro ioik w>>nto o d aohe gmenon ce n?w n h do d en c o nin?st on def endio the pepe? >>e'r odef ening ofdi sheystem >> ou pst n ef>>nng t seef eng opeop. s >>em'm p i ntog ot thnen t poc sy of theop mdia>> pthietw y the thereco ringoche o he priatsts h rsusw thye tea ecprngyhe >> d poubelise t ere'us th someeaing ong thpry dtheo fuali e' went mehrg gh tg s hoing d bankg rhes aan otone nt hr tho g nket ail? nk >>rs nand no en t he govekement >> aawel?r my qu stnn. o
2:46 am
>>'n aovnwentng t a qusion. >> whadedngn' tt usn.any powhitians go dd 'eitr? >>thhuld ahyv i >>so th n w eit ar>>endsmtng.v s>>opd fheningwhese ums,ar en ? d i'fle ngbsey s,o a sanywicu. cong ui'pl b ilowin eao ta icbein in t zco ubwbokwhie tht e in tur o zus wl dicu how azy lifoia sok bcmthing e >> o ob w.diow y fo ♪♪g ob ♪ the scaratioide ries e ario e esknow leasg fa is topriory, 'cau witowut tas fanfa thise'd op no orscar auit tan thd o ar st le ift wen't for stoms, therd be lo naifonwiwe. tr om that whyhey rve eir cuomer nee erbenawi nosharatoldehyprofy s. e rcuer eebeca e as mutl, nionwe esn'repo to ll seet, noardeof caasut nnw n'poo st, theyeporto tir ctome. ey or td th c's jmet on moreeaso y thearnrdt mily thha jtrusond nareonwiso for oreth rnthant 0 yelys. hausnawioreanye
2:47 am
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♪♪ ♪ >> hy s he hw oer o ? i jussi ued it wasw once t'so s nall w y e ts r ere'llnot myuc tiein r is e' tblomckof ctrse ere'not, causit'sob's bock i seref e wel ha vo ck che orte' t, ount f tiuse's'a wec ca' efwe halkautadht ntcatipetalitsa butc there buh oa ntescomi aout lialifora, wbtch i tinre o n s miood,b ut t ifyor wien hre ob d,vibsly te ong tyo iconlain star ng wh thob new ie viiy gn tbide cooinv rn ar wthe broiwe t itn devbo t probits li fripounng rso of tslega mmfrgrats caughdrivg wioutipun af ga m ra tsicen . gheriiv wimpt on h n.a en ri hse nh.mal ba to mexico.
2:51 am
allrgh. se m ala to lameao.s i llr gh olo ffentla thy've dono ifs nivi drnk, or hater, hthyvc n'tos vibd -k, they crn'tar,b -ct or b with-t a eyn libc n-, hycanr impo d ththacar. that t seindnh yfcense. pothc r. th frsattseone s rakfg teh. law mingnto e o ntry.s e ysn tra t pounth ew ang o a theshotrd go bac to werev ty camun th fra. >>heouho gokacow,t ifyevo gtet inam fr >> an w, acfcideyignetcinaliforia - you hat nha ve acinsdeanceio c drae-inifor -caoulfornia. ha yotn'tlece e nsltece w hdrin aora. it. t bceter low hhave isurae fhe t.i n abccri entoso th ae ra a f llt,is ni co?t th hat' sa n tlls ? h t'reevan >> itoreillal, yo shldn' ha a caat el,e n iight oil, yo shn'haca >> fyo' reht p led er r ivinwihuta i ce e, yo' e p d don' have do mentinto w in a th o ntri feoety yo u'r n n'ved oingntbac no anathdn, whrre fr ot yo cameofr'rom, n t heyeno ng gcoingo a toaimpo wdthere ar.yo me r>> bm, theey wgyin do you htoik toy e woulr.pull yo u b ver if theydoou shw t youulr all iopanvr fu ?he >> i'svew bee p loued a eir. an ? 'ebep lhr e
2:52 am
.>> u we dreed sah r sp> icgrey >>ah, mygd. the po lem sp is oucan >>o ml . get h em itatifirn ol t his o nit ntit r even rrestd. th'll iis atouhn toiion, en recan'st y fothth l fi. a theyteed uhehar odiiven, o n' fowork i>> c.orct ey>> id ve o rkth e carif t y i ow he cas himped, htyyll d owve eout dtcarefore reae aip rd,isk? y d bet er s wht youatntrtofo saea euicaklrcaussthis? gmeneis atbrut s tho oud. n saicnklusis en abt nn. in n o tse y.uminyns o cifora s r yt eor u ayms cor not,ryb tr. ywa ao ut,hb ctifnia eam a? >>iw'aaa moaet. cifa m >cazyii' atmo, w. hen c ay hey yesrdow clenforni-- or ovet ew eky enye gernrd br n hatosgn nia- bveuc oefw glawsnasseby tebr hagisn rea d onobhemwas anwsingse y f gs mirredtan noningohmas anngfs ls, orrran nng wheve >> tal's oa b ide wh>> tnning beds. >> he than' s bhdeo g tni ci rettes. h aren s tslhg e a tt >>ait minutetat'sateh s n thab thed>> t yo mu tet
2:53 am
'sthe dtrean cthidnth b thoer ou? e eai undcestaindnt he eco mic gume , anletuhed hatae mtileec c beg. me >>atet g >> heydntwatppleuder to i a anng bendtw 18e dr 18o ? a >>an e e 8a. >>na m i8ored ang ab d >> >> melimineseda nogbb. td >>iin obb doesiht. are usis, tey aedde i that whate oes iiro red meanathat at >>o d an thin t'jut m>>inors.t i don'kno ti'veev een one i m minrorsrs.. n'o veev enodnta emi rsuh ie e sot'sus taaout nh partfie hssosus a t tn ream actpa- trt iahtsa child wotamct tiata il s notsfu is brout t his couny o illall fmuketieiray ou thtugh chhos ol,un n hey gt ll stlight sadrcn mkthe h ac ol, ntrition o ysogc ety staht d themoinntk iltary- ri >>ono andtyat heir emanrtent hive pryi a >> loof txesadiotherr a ya. rnt >> ne iy u tloi tnk esey ihuld h rst g a >>naa? u>> wlik deh gf ey'rhera ill way, tey shoulgoh f e'rer
2:54 am
lb tacsh ul gthis part tel llows borc ispr instatl tion flwsr inatif ilels. w lemeethis stagh my 13-yr- d walseto.o tle collse ins aghi rni. my 13 app-ylier-wats aoc l rni ll incolle, ahie'lni het ppiet lnip y llout- a-sta h'luitih -- n. youan p fyo r a t- ytaear, getit- ou r riden , a ugn ty auryr,get nsatr ena tution at'she lel ats tuon 'sle at >>do yuunrsta whathe obleishr>>e?d unt's taohaeeati as aleincenve r pele th brreak? th la s betiuse ere' aa iecwaren tha t pe tyou bllak bth be t ogbete e's atee arha reurce as u f youbae b eoegtate residece. u ao,e leg allin thea onry deeref.e t re's aalergugmenll te at y aredepivin eefoptle's allowgugenalg al yrpth. dp in>> waepaboue e nioow in l gcolege? u fill y wind uou t h eyeio in illeal, de? t e yire llaby odt tu y adue sle, tema cu bladt wha do y do du es sd tm hm? cu adisha a i yornido br okers t ?nt >basiallyalifnia nih er ke y at ebna > auynlyifa h at eb ueverydy inksn cn't ford i e
2:55 am
aneory dy >> tt' s wh hkspedtn men t ny rdtim ies comian up,or tm'aywh nho atch n fl imfoesball n ymiore,p, andi'ml yte ayou cy n next.fl llne,d e u ♪ n♪t. ♪ catal e's w cashewar car ges y a % aual nus cal s sharar o yo earng0% m ye caa .al us ccor ng treseyochrn ev mryboca lik morcash or tseevboikorsh we mostverydy..we stry.. ♪ ♪ woulyou ke % mo cas ♪♪ulu no!moas buit'moreone! malebunnout'er ]rehe nne capil oncashewar car le outhe ]ard nr pe le piho wont hed pe w50reh. at'sn yo walt? ah!'syoal [iggl ] ! [ glt meell u abt a ry impoant one ll iade. mel ab a wh i gpo myt e idicae. car i aliz i nwhded g y aar.. caar me carei upplizent n dinsu nce rd, aro. me re pldicat is e ofsuhe ge at , ingsbouturni 65, cas of g gsutni 5, but doe't cer
2:56 am
evythi. in ft, ionlyays to % of our rt bt xpenoes. c evhi f ilys o ofr ben youe alady or egiblfor dica oualy e bl r callcaow t findut hoan ap... ll t mendcare upplentho ainsu..nce an insud bynite ealtareme re plsurate co any,su e suby te ltlps ever me o ra thcomediy,l exnses. s r ot pa by thdicadi parexb. es at c savyou om ping to ousapas ofy cavu pg o sa ouofof ylar ow.pock. thesare e on medare pplent iuran pla... ou yowck ese onede leexcl iivelanendolaed . aar en y cal now,clou'lelgetdo thar fre infoatiokit. yalw,'l t withthll yre neefo io t. enrl. youan jn thmillns of p ple tho ha y alreedy.. nr ou j tht thllr tr t in arp pe mehacarelruppl..ent surae. thtrinp mere pl t plusraou'l get is fe gue to uerstdingedice. us'lt fgu ustngic thpric arcompitiv can ep thmyicwn d mpiv d i n't ed aeferl see spen alis my dr. i t aer ee pe isll n to t freenfortionit. npluso ou'l get is feee guore on . to uerstdingedice. us'lt fgu ustng ic d thadvaages n't d the. choo frotha ravae ofesedic e t thsupp mentlans. oororaofic th areppll cntpetinsvely iced weave plan th forealmo c evetione,ly
2:57 am
ed you an fd onwethate itsan yofo neemo andveudgee, ou fonats yo ee ndwithgell m icar pplent pns ere e viuall th cla m forar to ll o. le p e us yvi canlleep yola ownoroctoo and ospit at aeptsedice. yanp yowntod it atsic d be of l, thesplanare. thonlyedice suleme beplanf endo ed b aarp esane. thlyicsume ando brp whenhey ld mthesplan werendord byarp. eny mesan reorbyp. i haonlyne tng tsay. si me ha. ly t ty. ll t numr on our sireene ow.. d fi outbout aarmedi re s plem tt um surae plon. r en.. fiutut ardi sem rapl yoll g thifree formion t... and ide undstanyong ghi meeecare rmn .. hel you oosed he pe n ndan th 's rht fme youre el u se as pith l mecareth r fppleount p ns yocan ep yr owdoct and spitas thah accemes re me carele p yon yowct d ithace mere gehelpayinfor at mecareoesn... d sa up thoands ge lp dolinrs.r meresn. sap ho dsll ts to -freolnumb. now ttorembow
2:58 am
♪♪ ♪ >> elme ckt he fiv."
2:59 am
itseemi hv morelincm n i th a"l otofitemhv ornfl planerc mnn i alot oug. fturn outlaier pliti ln doatio, thogazati leanugto t. r igrnhtut.i ties ts urprse ioothugati ranc t? r >>got pee ct t pr th was o arcp rfec>>toi teoect we'rthgoinasto w te ala p ru saecid y leaototh r'rghino e, i aam lot sa r yigh t. ea >>hat'righr i m trg >>t'gh well ithatwhy yourbasell care did n't rn o ?ll he hawatsay gryoet bbasseebl redid pt yer. o ? i weh h dastadthgreee. tb >>seeeb a f obal pcarer. here wh bota >>et m ell>>eu l rehre why . bo ostl>> ml te paers do' wiye thattlmuch money. so of ae plrsersrdt ie cheape inat he monrly. sothe f wplrsswrl ge tot h pepublnans. o lwhy? e w becawe gthtoeye bls. ehmp?loys >> tcahey eest hnfoepoys bi tionaees is retepubcans >> wn yooplaypr o bi unnarstae whe yos 're ehin ubns an w yoscayoper ou c nt askunttahehe e ingove mentan oc ep . o >> wh ay dote hy venatentoth e prep lica? >> >>ht da's hnoyte nicbcase a epca t >>ofta'nl polyers gie mobnec o a ch ritf >> wnl hererseg? >>mone bcausechthte 're wbu ihessmrn. >> i >>tog imbercusmad hhe re bestb point,sm i stha>> thei flg


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