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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 11, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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ayehes, a lot ostfpoprt,essiali ha plheers,fl alot f chariye al tdonoions sii'veot t ples, ota cherri. thn's nsit ove s ne"e ioe.t"a eanksor wathch ing.t we l sesyt"omorro.i bybye. ks g. weseytmoro. bye. lcomto "d ey" as ved by hug le > omal "k seyw hostew by leles s stew leso dy ley. wh isomg up on tight's ow?whg up o n tig w'sco ame ri? to hsh ta oupy rmeye? whath do i wan ta rye al ysat. do whi do anwantt? not righow. ys who nt t ghow ou t story its a bad m ca gheourototeston wlt a b reet and y ca t itecaotrost w land t et d cait discors ho t wa dhecoootblwaheoobl.
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aninly dhe wen in an texains lyurt th flings o wfen ru ishn lugh? xath f lig sobly n. ruh? ob n. nestlyi'thiingf you righnow arinaierr stlyhigou ghw in spkleie o >> im nothinng o y a al e o >>has g reg. inoin o y a al >>s gg. hy ioothe gives th sun hyotheiv a b roethun golste bburne shis t dectoof t l gte fa p jernct. sh t to tobvi lsly tworo s i d't . beeve ist. viy oi d 'ti have yetbe te st.ouith chil and ha you yetan guessit someone ch cancileled d oeou was iowannue omdoinnenothng. ncedas in th.ur las choicaslw me an j lho doslw j his newomosedy c cameutst montnd iis c leds thew ed re c oehest a nt q ite cdhe rehe assly t woritleor an tvav e eve rss hea trd wleor anavverea
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an wou le t welme fi t nou guest t w fiue he is writer, micn, a me dian nd i w mic an, a brd n.mean >> y are a>> beasan. it isre ourneyo b timess irrsespoent.ur go toeeouim pinch. pot. gooouin just g bk from the oupy wa ju str gee b rly f. t oupy andwaheyretraking m re flyl a littwei. dy m f l ♪ wanhe m n itts iei t.he w m i t sehou ♪ ♪ a seuperhou li s |lian] wiuper- |anwi allis -thars ♪ lidovs eilltear ts star ♪ovil l ♪ ts tis the dawni of he ar♪ ts heawhe ♪ stt e show. nstt sonhod vse? >>o, i didn'ri tha
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t do vse. >> iid tha do >>heumbersam out n henework's umnancrsl dirict am anar o being accnus w bs nc dict lthyan hy eyre c calding sition a gring onrn c.alitio a gr gton wrn said doc wasn' metss wy? said thi u wdeastifi man me feti ohiu a cfianarts ti carts-- p ca knows te b-- cano mome tas be beyd mamoattaandas o bateyn's cataln matad area calleatn's occapyln d re al is akinthetrts atocpy s leasinthealng atsut it. at >>here s as p apo i. to >>reake ppo to the strt. etrt. think this hinkhisss uest st
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>> t i n rsonot ta the tree. tn learly ta hheee saw "edward lely ssso hanawds" " mwaany, many time sso an anintl mtay, dem mocrac mecongssma john antltaemrac l ewisngma wsohn liss deed address of the asmblydeecau heai are owasnf thaimpo ttant >> h do ly faul?e snhapont h o bol? bo conesen c >>e le, what the >>e lhat leep tidet mysel into. >> they f oundepetys i to.mselve
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t ysomedynd t t theyel l just measuc t ty lust >>ay - freed om o>>f ee. gan, y f wedere the tod >> was ga youere yereehe tod whatas t moo l>>e? w wh is ouhee sene at tooe? there wh ansd ca y exp slainne t me t stheufand anca yxpin t std -- >>gersor gbbin sff -- i ghat quest ioor srsoor inlo.ff gha qst s wh en tloy a ansri yes d t n ao, doou s that?
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spirit fge d n s t>>t?ow did i n piottice thaget? >> and idotic weha t repea tndhat othepple w is thereep asonor that? hepe tt'an i olds h ippiones tt? sngt'anld whato wean hpi sng atwe ets people gng. nd themetpe ire.blive d ni.nd t think tir hrt aive in ni the rht pce .hi i tnk iisrt ay ton dismiss e thems a bunch o f oot isto dcae thss a b unch oemaun of ols. th bch s. they he a valid ey h aal beat. th shoul madt tseea wh gth paihod thousan mdsdft mes re t n th g gai d i w tasan dapfin t s t sthee g t w as one win mad t a t s t gornme. itas j tne w mhgome it jpl ah d you h ade or seple frohe mha dt touhe a desoonas? se f doheyan thao tet rf bank o?r r p eople?dohe tof nk r pple? >> think their aigty is recog>>tion t that th d'the ha a ptyn. is therceog won ahathor'tha the ha p
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hathe lk t alernge pntsorha heanvebo hha te et20 tng an hour. veat wbo a m hsagen a bg. an htheyave nev had l t o wf mgen b deg.nds. i th k they knothatt ievad o ally omplicdeateds.and u thve tth havnoe aat i iq le t al om leicedl td o figur e ttav o a.q t le t furet i thi weave a pictu of y today hieic yod actuly you wld use a cap gic marr ndtu tly fst w u wo just disap peared >> fstsed the c hirewousst dap arrkeror t.iror d, andse t c th i tug well, ieril tlir or d,do tnd rest a reathl t mkeel l, >>hat y h tisheteo aeal d tn >>theeo tasiclyonast innions. as iicean,ly aonasontast ictomynis. in, to tonm ass,ic itoon undetandhy. ti doot unrsta whyhey i aronnot d de ondba.. doun thta arehyappyybout thear -t - o sane threpyutnthewar snnd newas wtt s indn c yon ndsttad ello k iittyntiernd but nobolols wtyand ter get int thutat. ey j t knboichaneopl tet nt haveoney and ey a i. bt jknpl veeyd a
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th d't seem w tha therare t that many r ic d m peop. t and ey c 't ere pofhaf $ma14 r trpeon. d c pof $ >> t heytr say.he rrese 9 meca. t es tayt lo likhe r 9se to yo u?meca tloik yo >>efor ar yo eson, was ing s i ef wagoin t calyol my a um, s g s ithe ble f wain unspealaklle trut. e but e efitas u takpeen. ut t ak >> youidn'isten to ythi he id >> ou yohaveideen burng o tr th fa hie yo-ven >> ntho, j t --fa younow. whyo you all no, that? j--ou no y didou c lt thyt? you itshaongest m tid ct tt? it szarr--onst t iis a sequelo m fir zarr bum. a >> i sm gueoilo out oirn a m. and s ay n iob gyoi bghutt y ooun fitlb ordhe say tyle y fiorhele >> itas m pure ome int thlast in ut iase om inthstinut ank u fhelu >> reg,k d fs t llu lik 99 ome ri?>>re s not d lsn't look ke 99% o99 riera t'took 99%
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itooks l te thie.s ithi n i dot thk its aair represtati dothit iahink i i srees ti ke m these unforna ihi m t congre ution orrosts, i u wi. th aresual comcoereon ro stco irid wi threal come by un ndri hpies and ty a byunch h ppiseudo an a pudo yuppand s aot of ppd s aop ola ffothi i uerstd what eyre f hong tgethi de. i un't ste h wt nything i ho tt ttin ddonee. i t hnyin it. i >>rooke, youin anere arue acti ivist yo>>go ook ofouour wreay a truoeook tist yo or w utor kidhi iss makeyoueel r llyood.or k iss keulyood. i don't kno w. yohaveheiraan m it dar'tno pporng - yove >> thearera hav minitg aie orday. - >> areheervie it to theavm on a a y. lverla erre.vito he ont as a a firt attorney er er it ia as f great - bst to aey firs itelt attney is gat s eatay rstel atty s tay i a s pro to be
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amerian. p i te t bsay ts, bhe er . wa a p toi u t lydo t s, fabookodhe tha t swas pto thfae arokkidsodhat enthatcoor ea ringthardst ap thind cangrrng camerapa bizhi nokia a ca iprrneand chey are n ia complelylueles ip neere d no yearreessage. it impalehamlu thaest so much e o ar esdiasatt.tion goes t o t iam hat an m they hen ortu tya tton toayinoes t anhe hnmeg,tuuthe to ain sayi aoluty nhi.g,uthe a doetotheyou whe yi y aolt .e oetheuhe cld e tre >>ave w cld snhi>>reen there? >>ave seen lotfnhi re chilen tre. er >> e benl,ot now you h avile t.tee er t l in n y have yo tu l hav b following poticsor 3 35 eayouav bolwi yo wpokecsd o 3n 3 t5 deaaw kiss yo campai w andkehe n oonn iscasmpaign mpaind n cagn demratsre starting to nser emtsreoi sngrthi t mont. ey srtedhe doiocngratic campmogn committee.. s thed had d-octi tche wd
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mp c mititi. of a hunthedad t dpportend t he h tif h pesi and obama. te1* ts gohe for h the pe amo oaticmaarty. align * t go oremsees w th sohethinthat couldictyentily aurgn io se wsoinat ultiuro nighmare ghre >>has morbi i thk weren their annirsar too.or thwe hevery sad v niar sadoo. i d't tnk ty wi ry ha s the ad thi. what you er say ding t twi thhaehe a re lhit oouferayg ti-g ernmthpeop the a buyou ll s aot si -glikenm tt.ophe bu u e t sea parotave ha si mrkeket t eacornerede ha theke rned party se lik t ne ptyr ta abos theal stet c l'snd one has ne ta bodictheed them an hest cnd o probly s huld. ere e a ctgo trnmeanhe oplehere ob th s ared.ike, no, we e ame ge g elenoreh of t hithree,o, w et's fusnhe enoofad cat in t'f llhetree ioveadlo crg'sn commes ee th thiis h uringeurlo rg omuris if hethadhi h gone treur ery is ere oustifeadon e theyre g eing ryat eauc e re binesthast er. ey gg uc a b besha dtiti. >> w isuppod b t trio indicti.
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the eopl o wnsaluplpo strt? t it inds t jus deepplarenaltr is us >> i dep am t sin tt these peop aret total i m cosusin t t opreot cous i am noti sayinghaotayha >> wtoddss ts. ever t see >> pictures ddi se e p erple epin i sicre ducati se p rke oin wreve its le t dhey m f th cou itle t m f thou. >> noted now by k. a >> th not apos. n k ey wl lie on a t ct yth po s. gate a wheyie nap. ct at met theheap.tero a videt oamro a de ey pyideoam yeoam inhe morning d th are cat itonnicll day rng thre t hat' sc n p dteing, at camping ightt'?s te in isamping. camng samng. >>heias a boy you w
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t alled to sleep>>.as b y >> i was wch t amed t walokle andhilehey er i walaski wch t ey we teingalk aneyerleey neraln the w te gwe not cheer eryby wa t ot cerg. l ybwa l this. >>llf t were ke tt. t s. >> i anto>>ll t to o w me et. ito toen nework on saty.n eworon s >>heyon't undstan. >> ty>>he'ton >>e'reot h.eroet >> y ythi't. uer >>e'red.oter to>>etre h oet ythi. >>hie're ere giv>>re er evoytething we' h t o hive >> re e iverytng. evng e' h to wytre.erto giv evhing. we'ere toer givtoe g er hingev ng >>.e're w tive tiv erytng. er ng w reer>>reive evythi. yt .>> wre h to giveive erytng. ev hi we' her e g wto iv everhing yt .>> w e'e'er tereong w from whoeo youtolevething. >>e'rerohe pmeoe w f b yolevethg. >> re-- f promem y b sto
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erhing >> o f.m m >> y wtole thing i tnk ng for urse o >> w tngre speech, and r se en thereathat he peotheh,r g. thi for you telatt he .>>s a hi porfeouiol agitor, wh s hse tnkinotiol a brgingegap hone?whs tthatnks ruumbe one .brng eg yoapu bnering tt n at theruarumbe o . on yo b ri somody id t wlehe ar poinof t hisons t human omy t miop ne s p eoplin reait s t anever hodyanlsanear s, put iplou can r eat ianery you anear i i c i u r don't uerstan it mes eve sentee t n't as >> mry t esayveene o tngor easg. weru fy t>>he ty kds. ng iore being w rufy te os.ver by b your o mpattic btus. y haveou se guho otmpatc10s. mi iovefor sguunng merriot lyncintohe gund. dot tionkr hunng mri ncto gd. tnk h fls bad t haveou the u c le b men a y w ha avewa tre u the wacritism d t yen a we w l aike,wathwaitm t l ook, iwem n t lhee, rmalblah, blalk,m ti tnk i im the halad alat laleast aittl bit o tnk he h at-conioushame
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asatlit onusme the very leasthey w lessro f tirer jyob lst w ssrof tir j >>hatoes any of thi d >>takoesny themore t d se-cscio. >>akt don't ohe amthorg. se-cio >>dot ah >> they ceel ahamefu as hey anhey eee belviondharamectices aslly ranemin t act. beio nd th wralic nev cha rem tt. th wlev c do y kwha mean? >> don knoif y hav y everweenhash mamn?ed >> on no i y ern havsh absamolelyeen i h ashabsd. ee>> he yoevereen his a ha hyoern a at tnd- tnd oatfnd eryct you are- tshed. o y yre >>o you knohat'm sayi? >> o atunos thtng yio? thethare ltlng ks.o? tat' heheoient l ks. wet'reocoiusntin onid ildr . reocid lking a
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undrwa.lltrt. theyon'tave cle g aun wa meage. is gup i ripeeyo be'te e explted. mee. g ipebe that's he ppld.nt. its beg elo canateesro p l.ik c eitbe pioownhe re anro le piohe eyre being eploit. at's the btom l e.ey bnglo. 's bme. >> aouroxpition? whaare u ta ing a abo?ouro >> txpse ait notio kids. theyhare ie thetag a 20s. ey tre n a chiotldidren. ey ihehey re 2.ehaving li n hi ldildrn.. y avli dr >> would s t average a >> w isld 18 o trve ugeer. is o i hav seehe ptusnd i ha sn thr f pey ctu sinsg sente nces hath fes c toingetherost stees of toert them. >> the f oact is,t i not -- nehe i i gng>> m ftter.s, i n -- lasnet timrotestg m mr. anhing as tofim madst a ff encenngoe ofrc mstans. ce n o>>t't m terrc ianhey n't t pele >>'t mr t pe reentaves
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>> ty have anrepportanitys -- a ot o tfeoeav aree graorty tein - - -ra oeore t geingnd in they sd --ratng geyer sdoas suorter heir g an t will n vesunoretr ir th spe. antheyill t leilthel shapeveet th ei mthespege. is toteyall lehaeic sha gheng th m. sot ic public ghe gatnghe. is t en a prote. bl ic at iidee s ael sharpron. ther e. iidee ahan soer you re he becaure yomad ric peo pl asoou h yohaveec a 14 trillion tiryod iceo yove in oriion the auisri tyin- he aisri t - audaci o theoven ase h daci a seeheit isen nothe e pol hicns mov sement it s a welno pns movenovemen and weita el ve ticre t pve iovemnd ticre >> i c't bieveou ud thok c bve ud >> i am interestedn y tao bere w i iakees ad bak. tabe it oak theelutto bak. >> i lot t he bt ly btohenutto >> lot tly bto
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>> iasalng abo t iasalng a tionhat the rh c get us outf d bt. on havt a t $ tllhio cn geb o f but.tou n dav tll 100eb0 bibutllio niresnd they wou ve tgivell o 1 t00ir0 webithioes t whehich wouen't tve 1 *ir 14,0 wche't * ,0nd t prode js. t p js. the a notiooet r ofhe ric w eilthlll bot oet ri r and m eoof r buckingilmll pala and illavrindomes m aeo wilucbe gkiat.m >> wlatndisl grees abo the tatoilis y g i.mane t g w s g reo we tobohei n't k noto y i t g baela angot tweheo ai n't kno o t has no idea welt anot t ys >> i te paslentoofde tase. ipnt >>ook,her i aun. tofu,oo tk,het l a food? >> i tofhat gng b l the a dr fook an shafu l t ihi t.t b did tou rlly t aat dr an withhaful t tu?. id ry aat
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>> i havtheu? >> iave the beingeat aellyfish t >> eat by aelfielfishere. e belfi >> o m god. >> god. >> amazing a zi >> ds buman rigs atrneyean u h d a rsight um to es hum s?ateyn h a rht e h brkedtein dcuss he brlakest bk.din you e a moner. whoes u erry a bro m tnk. abt op f eas?whoe ry b losnkhe abili tyoab popce feas? thehought l alio pce ehoht
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he wte tok >> gpped wte t tot the drift. ged so c ims theot m thinom dft. who yshe sora cilerim to t rn o ssy g lraaterer to til was isleiy a g was lat t ilexpeg mo thr ills sisi a as sheid apeny cmo tls rs wouo. heid a eueoud heo. fm's stritor wrehe fm's pr otedhe frimr wreheo wre pr edis filar to tast andhe furi s. shexpeiled aast tasndand ri s ock ri shpe at yo, b k - y knko but it has vknkoy lile bas liontrivingnhe moon ptureontringn mo p redespe theming a run she op insp the whelmo a ass tionllig a ll e top he push t perveyors o fs toni all t pu ertraiyolers of spkingf misleadinook ai rs theollong pview spng thisisad upcomin arakn. helo pew thpcinn.
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>>he namof tovie? >> he"s nexamnd c tit 3".ovie whi o w"she cit ". >>ust ofhe off s g.hihe >>t fhe o g. you kw, kin of talks like is. you k >>in s o ifal jus aik b k . >> i j a k >>amtha. >>irda amth ir i' sheated oou. wther she wedt aree er dog? weave stortre e is tsir l bonwerse oorrril sirl b o r--l brillia? >>he is an ot. it bll is? dgr ief a.not it i eovgref. promoted tiam iceotns.roted dy, isamsuits gnsoing to more , harsumito gng jewisheoe or an athin t hyid iohat jish evi it i awf aul.thin tyid vi i wf .she i adi. >> can'tpp hi s i rea asoning. any hin
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ikean dinnerhi r ato dnis ine dner d >>es i you don'tnj somethinue >> i y d one p tax t the me kining ofe hoywoo t kin pgaxheingndue hoandoo t the wle hlyodue monarc key d. t le if yon't getouron's narc y rt yonet sron's tm. rt >> he kn s vce- h h nvind m- nvin l's occup my snaw. 's o up y cinema.w. >>is rllyntse. t here>> wast enntse actn i t m iead treas enct i thearwhe t guy stos e gu's eaed.e tuy s guea >>poilerle. ion'tven k no>> wt poil isbout. 'tn k isut >> its aood mov>>ie i >> i am getting ilk jooacdkeov >>t is a bo i sge mang thatil j dres a car a>>unis a s mhat dr a c be brooksho a thgs g sexier. be bs a th g
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it ssie likefa aeuar qus y t >>ro ae, youar are an s attorn, cod a class>>ction e, y suou act ally happen? to >> nco i a suctllap n >> ion'tee tas o e cplaint. >>'t tas o e cplnt. >> you aed theueio in sh a mec>>hanical aed way tio sh a mnil w >> w put myawr p on. ther>>is nbasut t thisr co lain . un ss er s neoasctll tys yled coin fireun in awdct tllheatyer.le ren wd th tats no. bisor th n or sitmento vlee. usi aenretoe. a bigot in is cou nty utoorna aly.ig >> y! ouna . >> h aven y't snheovie so >> i hanen'tnheovom smeont- i >> i wtommehem- all t melf. ithell f. he isuyho happenso have curly hai is uyho wonapns ruio i b ut vee durs h ba stuff . on rute ds >>batu ady rne for me>> adyr f me
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the cl me blah, blah, ah l melalah, >> t ah o time ty t talk oujewyis ohimey t- j ishwis th- is jheis ty talk thsbo tutal an-sm mabo an-sicma--nti-seem rrorism.ic--ntseem >> reor yrye re he nothrye sil. e rrieullathh. -- crie iela mulligan sho - up criithour haircu llan shopou ircu >> whas wi yound yr bum. go lord.hawiou y m. goord. >> halfway serious he. >> halayere. >> who is y? w i s ishat japaneseuy? >> don know. is i n't j evean kwuy wha?i wa >> onyingw. fore movon, tvehy khawaan ng
3:28 am
yo reovn,ue the ctics lik perue thammd? ccs you kno l thi sas mm a ou k . showki ts ere s a a m tt came . ow t an the publi dn'e li a t ite anhe pub n'ey sliue holly wo aithen thudge seruect was h tlyhathe er yonenth ageca h t erct waash th t fil nen h t wathil w c't- ally the is lt of stc- ally thateamthis rteality o afow at is n umatre 13. r li >> yavot o f iree num me, frid. otf , rid. >>hat was yrueio >>asrueio >> d't rember. >> per >> d remr. p hammond-- >>ouan'tueor someo'sam mo opinn. >> buthat't g clearlyomik in ever y s gleuttov g c ly anhe wtes one erenytence.eov an w tedosn'thin he ineeal.ennc do in'in debre.l. d br-- i aee i >> aottaee do. dooue a cment o t>>tao. dooue o
3:29 am
sh t e-ma us. cal lsh mas. al1262woun --62wo 1010. tonht'salf tim ror 1 0. poored b ty z'sbial t ror the reanima tepoorybi corpseee nnth r ni rrorico lpsrgeely dranro "orghofo lrgy d thivroing dd. than zomes .thg dd. an z
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t's nd o i w eav e>elme anytng wng s ar.s o foravhat an wyte w s go to john r devore. we g ioee mohitnh pow rigevht w. i eelnt. p ow what cigorld y say w. yo swe er i gelre. ha c>> lorik y s, uessyo awe i g lht blue l? >>rongue. ht is ra b lushue >> ngt's lk aut s sh - nd i s a look ttp. its ilush itoks an t otanlush, i' mits sorrlu itananlushi' rrt us go to occupy w alusl to stet. oupy aotf you g wuyalsl wom ingst. down h oanot ifou haveome questioomin gnd i wn would since ilyik to askve.eueio i rsulin gavik tsk. hav wld u smealltrt? wld s u wetrt? we buffing the protesrs, t athe s befi he me, u we talng tt ot theat, cat s should be , wealt that chod shamed howld you ame e anamed aial pto ndhowhe nu e what he d n during h ptot at d erriur lyn, an h what his
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bonu w tt kind s ffriynanhais nu t jind wldou s the estsve iluend any s the liti l memtst i inenis ary? >> wl, oh rulith btiememold,ry i rlly as t lteoh truo be ol mo of the eg nt ry i wawaitg t olamomfheegnt wait gg's t o labookmitle. butow is c haokele. tbuo reem i c eself. ioelie the ptests t havo mahang i. hisri.iehe ptests av ion't beliemave tngyave madiser angein t las 40 tio 5't0 bie y year made ge tas0 t 50 ye ari n'hi cash i n'- ias thnk tha te perd tyer- ei tnk talkg hae a pbouter ifolyoter outlk og han. a anutnow fre.ol anyeal ha et aannd its anw pren ove and oyver ainha it a it scomewith vprncvee andndrin ihere me th n way real v uprisnc ag cod ev hapn inhe this ay coevapins they wld hcoe ty.ilary thetreeso f iwould th w ove hr.til ry >> t l.ahe reeio f t iwod ve took inno t.ant r cs, a t hoo no a t blip a bti and t
3:35 am
ip ris at the itinn aentops back n s t tal a iopnai ck its an empoweringai its emper story wheryou uld wng a gery ereou d i w jl. a ge >> want to tehisver toeo j l. ooke >> wt thiveto ll ke >> he is a fun number. h i a funumr. yoall ow tt 99% the yo ol f t arins9% yheou sm a litt nerus.f i a notnse, bok se. tt er99% merins rep re aseot one bok % meiep ne --3% o hum it--3% h how do youeel autha brke? no, hhat' d jousout al f fhat. ? th's a o,unt' n jumber.t f u wer trygo ntth out'sun nbe e hoke cw see w of re t go tea ntrtyut, of the hupey w cal slf a ty ofreetheerby cimg ey wal cat ige eter cporag ey ca ge prucnd at the se timera il agast cpoprtiucons.ndthe te a cpotis. ulyouay tea party
3:36 am
woulbe g lty ou any of t p the hu pokra seeuls? glt o a o no comment.thhu ok >>ra ttee is soh c ame broad >> vate, ambiguousuestn h b don' hav evambuo timeost answer. n'i donno theeaimareo a weenough donnohe whato y hav eoughens e tepar at yaves tear >>he arewo men th arequ able>>. a en thre threle thre gssroots gerent for e tepar accupy gss ots ll seet.en uld r u satethatar accupy st. od saat it b fa for hpie lik oee to clai mhafa t f t harpiike e toun't u pub c raids if t theyar h tt uub ro irnmt? ey >> n h tt'sair.onmt? n ts >>reou ean oha ean o >>il that'sg. e el>>nt jobn has erythi. >>hank ou. eel jn hi >>no onk. everaidhat toe before. o greve i argettghailoe ube . byal re s atreettt. il so wwillov on fro tt by d go soeerive. w ll ovwant on f cfirmtomeuotes. go
3:37 am
ntgavi yesuos. >>f yodon'eoy sothin vi es >>yon' soin s. d yosay tt? >>es athin s. broe yoy tt? >>in -ro- >>ts a checkst >> y areree be b ig>t a c ck thioury. y>> crerecte >> y didayhat? hi >> you.ry cct yid y can dhis ntime when andycan d gone? nt im i uld w reay go at i andy >>ouldou be g at t?i d ea >>gotou >>ld b gt? >>ou >> gre et>>eammo ise a g fiete critirsmo he n iots?e >> ifi don krinow,ti isresou h? not? i >>on ko.w, ou? amtryin toet the >> facther mam jt trtinin to get this ct steright jtret >>sre y supsed t fstdht the cts d thw th i r f yes s.updd e s thth f i am j trygoree a convers ion iere. t rythergwereo actuall no fts c rs ne.hat e irerereeg antua f its watched.egnt i tcd. >> thereas n single f that w m a nyer>>enre t nin f enre tyf tth w fir awo enty t
3:38 am
segmts. reay? >>ohn, in gm. ea y>>n,n den ooke cnot y rlace y. she woun' be o ofhe ke cno t irce a m up cirshouef iirn u ir time. thats a uelhi t say >> ime was.enng you .ata l s iasenou. broeoming the py wl seetnd asro omg ng t to forge aonct n. w s t justas tryin to s i tf t fgere a wa anyway tstryo t towa ay t equat t the tarquty i he a ct 4. tht brke darumenta ha 2 4 th makbrg okef ata martyr,t abt a pthes mniak oidf bngar ty madet t bome a uiciabdea ni idmberb de te auicide yet theerrailndicated it was a tlor s wifttheusailndiced cody . slo s anftthaty friaend m sts. anat frid m st -- mononstrous. m >>hank youilon us. i arn one tngnd tt >> nkou is mils an levy. i nne t iss an ly. >>oure a good m
3:39 am
>> iille u c>>ou gdlus. w is>> tt? u c >> thi a becse heome islint >>hi becse om mnt m doou have e a se ble pernou wit h ae mage b acgroed er beit st dsge u cedia o joe b stds derosedia jo tks d abo h new tks a book and ouldorn bne hd inew prons d poksons b bd nelddn i inor prs pso bthned ueinioorn excitese thio eite
3:40 am
3:41 am
3:42 am
an t turn yr tohe ono- tot>an t o turon pto?he on ipeak- ofotoer?in iak lollierpoin. a p lceli in .ork, t swts are pn paink,g tutge sw tslikeomet ang ttrkspa ing oue,ge phaps keet a tnutgerk ou spar phake they are clingutt isgein pot arke ey c sngis here o spoe in cal store s newer le. e
3:43 am
id one i couil n,uo stereew w le. ar aea o dealingituo te hi amotf drubuarse andea dli ug acthiity mot hf a dsend liceedct stoy hell a thi to ce kito isl iore t ki --or ignan and irrespoib. i thprodt onale a th ound sresrr aosshe co try omotth theodone thgaouzati s of e dg as he saicothiy sothehile completely ga ti f nudedg he ait's hiscusthisn thhi --omet de lning round. s us >>ishat ths q ngou. >>t q broo, uro - y p ro oo, tekt childn. >> a you yik p p. kt c ald as much s i aou p. uch lsove it- >>reou actuallov eoy it- itow. re thetateas a aua legitimeoy inte reit i. rtrti hete a l itabity of in tes t have acabssy o tfosynet t potave itanoll is i uacp assnon m pk im ty aanoll ptipa atingn in mk t a unwful ptipang a itivny. with tan oo lunuck.ulivy. wi t goo ldk.uc it i gsnguc destroyhe coiteral vbility desoy coerty
3:44 am
thasot te. oe, codn'tou m ehe s sa te. aen t f your, co't m e mang, magi sa comy? four iur , gior w c iee th e iul o tele iompteeer. iul o el jus havto pt. s us h s here. i get to rovet f theer g tprom don'knowhy thet is ere. i ve iominptrnt of m en' howe. tis e. i ir o me >> i wh i cld he a evie of my s lap. ih c he i asief sayin sp. nded to b stop d foas yrsay n>> ydeouto aor usopeafors eru ys must fendusea you.e >> i ortsurs mvery mucush. nd it hrts myoery m ih.rtur m itryoesend m e. hts m ihi mh. its tseen mollipops ai a disgrace.tolpo a r sg thece se cpaign wn theyidhe heig wn teqll aey lollops n0s.eqll lls n 0s sh up. i not on athg. sh p. h 'toni ndrugin years.thg. onug y
3:45 am
n he illel usbout s ne >> i thinkourehe only pers at isab.le tha t h ink il rst ab t h . >> iave t. >>iav >>f you wen a sre wit yo >>fid you - we a s re>> w when ias k hadyo idpope >>he i k cigetads. wepead cwing tobacets. we gum. cwingobum. >> i d't rembehavi tobacc in you >> sin d rbevi cclearn yd itou fmig leae ch arit fmig e>>embe rhech bubblegum cigattes andou >>he bbleum lo w ogantt and th a pder cam o. >> b ol,embe the coothl deaideam. b cbeaiheowooder lwhenou de re a kid? it hai noowr en a ffec at oidou?r h loe. >>t wasun aecutt was a gawa >>tasutas ga iss n aroem if y wanto see a r n rijuaan i ssue 2 yoan s rdeer wre ty auall ju an ive mijuaue in eo candy w t auall
3:46 am
mua yon eakan odyn theelale bag yo anakd ou hne oneheeyelal b drug-f ledanevd ic hne toey -fd sggev t thugirrt so frid tes me. thugrt so fd te m >>ill mene qck poin th is >>y m p wene be in galithzed.s the opleho dl witot alwa mak it iliod.ome in d e le d of w j yo u cawatak ienoe sincurjeopl eof to legayolica it if ym srj ieo t okik galit if y pce o fik candy ghce >> o donf knojie.anf yo de cdy bran you woulbe i>> troonubnolee..yo c bran y ul iro justmoot at h e a sh upbout i jt.ust a t ise a lellal ut i aens ieal a en gog,e heig t be he ieggoally aend beakheig t be law. he i eglyac ak kevki w. wt on the ac k k airnd kle people, bt ohe air belere the ppl se,aid, just go o nberehe s ahdnd shuust up. g o ahdnd s up. >> cnemmigranton at. >> ey jmmt wora. if pat. eve
3:47 am
eg jizwoed it woul be i sfigge est -- eg iz i isegalnd y w ldule ay ioigge - wh at.isal y wi ha beenay bing tohere for yeawhrs.. haee tre rea. >> thecome by yourffice d yosay wan t >>heome d bo yrun yoy an kes. d o is isoound forok. s. orhisooor. cam orhisn. that i cs not leg hat wha it n ls? wooy haveo a breakha.ts? oo av ste right tre. a bak. wil be ght ck. whst a rht t ts.. ile t k. s
3:48 am
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3:51 am
>> so, aup of inmat is >> there aup other knmd, in nneccut ve er beun aer kd, i n leer w riting ect ampaign to prt th e banle o wti pn inam t stat ri b oktht.n in teibstle sff.ns okh teible s. they - every time iee th it kes th sick. -ve im it outrageous.tht s sk. traou >>'t believeou lhe me cre in y>>rlo'tt. biehe me re>> itr is nloott.or its colctio i i n >> hoseit wers ce vtaio >>hoer v ta >> tta say t ban inte ed to apptaroveayhe wan enronmt f teemedppro w en nm fstfe inaemertely eos
3:52 am
tohe fe snat.te th reilling toet for ble proregramilng tlit dilays pro nam t video i nys nid i acvites. n'tou for getome acit. the? >> f cose io. f etere not aight t di>>lacoy i porn. e ot aig dila p there s b oonvicted isoners e o w be c ovied on viofed cld m taontions .oe viu haed to queion, wha t re mtaon . th expre inhag tho haso ben,hare protte by fthirxpth asbe amdmen otte by ir thfirswill e aalanamcingen act he lla ianhinkng the j ge wt waive inudhe f.or o inkhe jrin.aive thank y f on.or wking wit hha y us. let'try a b wking ititachk up . oi ng t t'y b itk uoe. makoi aoe ak a fnyok gg, i fnyok t el glg, i you t t el lor-- thi isn't aut y t yingo to por t hi i a'tbout sing y t
3:53 am
ng to p autin y pe. >>hat'notunny in isonhas what i s >> got'g otounapn. n onhawh is gog oap n jumpinou. i a jt n jsoum ppisiateou about this t >>ometes w goover bsioaatbo d i -- is the>>yet a w taking boa i- t someth ag lakehis keeps dow pe nmeth pso leee it d reallyoe so t re iteay researcoeh that gges tha iouldesrc -- t >> ies dhaon kno it. i - ion no i >> i wouay itould help cut wn on sex a iasouul in iould ison t fo ogod'nsak sesou aul i vingn a ge ndoneh fod' ak rsound a eatin tee tnga es aeh day. nd u arin patsical d tger a co ntlyda. ar pca d ly can g have cple of an g have c pl e"hustl"? thathe d of wld >> i ustl d"?age. hae of wld>> wh i thatag ae. right? theyommi d awhorharit igime ey shouldn't g tymi a e sdn
3:54 am
flaniirluouse an "plaluyboyou" oryigacar a mlaakoy oouig me i don'knowf yoabsin m om aong piod tim n'ow yo bsbut it m a a bgadiod aimnd t t aea a d beike a dtyairy. aeiktyai. like dty harry. ik dty h ry. th s "don'dohat b it th drns "ha y i dry mliss." is amaziur that mli sstime." i ma he thao atit iev er me oughof t rap thinge a iever if yghou a treaphioong at por all e tt ay y q allhe a p a need if y t don't wtt bdshe ur tedo y d't ytour garden,ou h t the s p yw betr s geedsde o h he. th sw bet sds it m be ting them -- thei m heny tusg tm may b ei ttg g bigr. m th hav bn g b ming love othav b thin at. d mheinngov waleking tgh tin. ca ter andhennkgalhanggh ey s. d th tnkincaerndt uldhae
3:55 am
s perft th ininoce rfnoc >> cg up- t creg a up- date about re a th wthat abo atu es >>ets atuesoack t othe pnt>> a prisonoulacl t oofetent p mculee tei dot thk tua wan at. ee dothuaan they on't. wt guyalki arnd ey't w g >>l's g back toar shing yosaidoo. >> g ac altol ung did w yoid. al kill aid guy. th guy cav pill anduy. isuy canth't gav p a uyan here ce aunedore ankis fo werte y have auned ore ani do kifot y have >> hane shdooulde allowedo. >> h thshld qupeho aowommittedo. cmes th qho om mipeedcial felons shld b pealelld b allowe whe weome bk, a wra lo . he andomox bewk,s . wcolash . red
3:56 am
dox ew eye. ed e.
3:57 am
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3:59 am
>>backoohn dore f e po gamwrap u>>ck o >> h d aore gooime. poamra i eard y ou g>> a ariteoure. of t rd yriitteyou tt diditndyt je didlem, boke. i d. wasourteseyf thjem, be. d asrteyth foundati. iaw nly eavat un sitti i >>ui nck s tha you bi p form>>anui comg up. y eshaou bi pfo tomsup t thuday i n t tbethlehe pa at the art in nter. thhe gava ne of theoo a er av nof >indibl >diblairhining sty afto. i'm haphi tnioave had astaf s 'm seure r youav gadg. a


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