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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 11, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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toinpoisonousg nlangu.agha nverposous a guchagngedha ningr mn. the b lechssieds oig faihcarry te . sponthbili ofivlbesi nfiryte onlifi reectldate. thetacks oromny's cordre arte sled ao. hetks dirvems the rdar snextop resintiadebe, whic hptee n nxwhmhiresiia d bat a rtuth coiceg omorwe nnig.w hm inre wa sh athco iort kl c ameon fog newsin >> cagreshonaltaffer e it po king c mehroonhfo mo e wsm i ls c anesal ff ermos lateing otpoeng o a loe omi san e s os ytdrg n teeergy irml. o ni whi ho ees fore gn gy i mfair rres ndenthihofr edall ir resnnt egoald tellls uswerthe vestatiois gin >> ang t ,0 0al elpagus owfe he doment stthio g aindmi stra on a t leas latfr0day ago on e do ntbakrup soalmir praer cpa asat aylynd areo em ile baup th pt hct su est ndhereemileegy de tht artmen sut s wnee edabt ovstepng itauthity theeal at en ul mate onldela d th w cpany abnkovptcyep itthy hel ultenl lath csnyu nkwacy iin rivat nvesrs fir cla osu a syndr's setsr atin hang es f rr ulampi moremey to hesdr ts nng upi mre m ompan an asstaresysetary ld the an d p auty badetr diresor
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"inry feb ary we r tstein d pwrittg th re dneeb y hee rdeptmente n of ittheerg se e deertme h of jepticeen p povaloae eg prosede j ouce pala o dnewtedge, g.t a hauneve happed. hoseoenwht, cmmitthave pp. hormanarrelo iesa wcnmsitt to anarel isa as eretay chabo oit. whydd we bechasetretachboi . prohycol hatd ase rqd? ty dd weo l ot smthqingtrcy dd ohited >>e oie has uesgionst abto eduara ees theropanie s the nsweabretomd on eratemser r ni th, eth las eday e ted n gislion emat ahorid , lath.y sl >>n ne ari tdqstio we ve for scetary ui t>>ele l ust io e why r y tat ilstdlyussm ew uy d erythgyou eeedt du diyn't vmee to ver a epthriou of tebe fre. di t vtoe io t. ntrhous bmmite planheargs ofridty,hu bit u tanar oid ay ntcll seetarchu u sugest g t nthcllassear arcg.u e priden suasts at h fials loan uaraarees ap red oen a sthe ritsn ti anras he a wasord sh to be tst thseptber th deline mrobahe tolasor srport s bn ath pt r news onfence dest wnek t e baol
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s. utrt cosmnpet ewith wschifena'e w . 0 bulliotcoin etsubsids a nhia' so of he comnieswe ack bio argoi t ufail id a>> wnl so f ae omoesekeepk aroionil u whgl hardo toee ak suoe tat uh gmanucturg is lrdatedeet nea ussuessearee locaadh re nuur isand lned etecnoliesne aus se revelolod hcareh r >> oth ed nmi se shol steve lohr oinnhr, a obaissh undveis nn a whobaba a n eundergyis depament fici, wapushg foa desionoba a e ongypant ci swaoshyndrfoa de onn 20 n yi whard iss it drhas? n whathe wa iing yior?rd sits? spin er'satwie w fing orepr?entesolyna n spin'sw h edfi beenpr atedlind to stay t ofthe press,thofcial say henirsa i tono eiayenceofhe pres,tofalayo r anrsyo l s e nc eexersed prop infence ne e lo dison. n yoon gustl s6 t thered openfnece lo i de rt n wsts6otn iderhng e anehe des$o5.5 merlionloan oan lynd whe a osaide $. em mled onheanety obdget nd dihectoraandsa eld emthd e tuageon ndiorepave dnd "lad h mesua" afr a cfereee cpl he at" day, o fsici s aftella ox newresc h thte waa unanims dcisi y, thatcin moll nonw sh uld thwa ouanimsdsi at n oolyna. on s thhd coman ied f bankrucy two ayns i f hanban? ru >> o
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n >> e dusellu.oeig cmiee e eig ihaian darllisaays he'll iueanew set i d oissbpoesashell o iattney nern ecs htoldr bousfasbt anoe furi ouso. tty mernwhiecishaol wror uesttaner utius mholhiroday roying e eftilrd gurun ingper ionolisrote yattogey eeera's dresp sibity.gungerniste to ea spbi. lli lonenns hs n date li on s gon te vngilia. >> hatgo l evtern details iyia >>man yh t n'tleretls y elievehe amtornn ge eraltearn of is opatiothisear. st a fur us bean iitvee arn ll oge al0rn09f ba sdop ioisr.a aur b iraeer o 09ba direive om jautice oicia ainwahito. ree jce oia rdin woitoisa oinuments suest thsee sistt atrneyoeneel a n esupttythee stt ag wereyee iatmate ye wre of t asagearer marc teoyfwr o21 . a secoardly, frciialsn thoe ofce of21. enn y coby,eerafpvedls ntof o all re aps,en nda pedau se o thtagen say el rks,new i nd detl o th xencayly hw tkhe or atio t wach torio wa ru.
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examp, in ach , in br fingu .he top fpiincial lear d tti brcngs tp i alng ader bouartt ncs abotc s 80 w eangponersoutroh ces sbraw buye wit80halfa llio w adollons on a rsaloar ee awd o yeitlfio ll ononl alare a o100. th kne r nl wr.taps atthe ne was rbuyi forhe carelsbt did t st hpsm . t e mas chyior alsb t2 h d st amtmachbriein garygrihr en a deput nowbiin gry glis chie a o eut nowsa laredl ie ota3 sa gu weebughtwtia onfo dgu w ampe b uhe wht not aesd, twugh ih en gunsde bo ugshompd u p wqu iotklya es t inh exho. nse oghou u ly >>iniexf in atabrder pt ol >> ent'ibeen at udre b2r0e0 weons e o et' enti progm u ds cm0lete gowens off tohee prilsog m y sdid't hmte offko ls at's robabl ai moeipornt qutionfor 'shblacmif lawir quon eorcefntrofi ihsi efnnawy ewer encew whydid n't eic holer knn? >>er wnewl hholdidern' eli th aoltknh? do>>n'trwad odr ie ehyag th a hsdot raideagivei nde di no y knhabutast d riou de unvel eily nhiseydiar.
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inaknltuttt to ou unhe attisy. trneyo geneal,h i sattwie opetiey fast nd fneiousl,as thwi e paroent'etimos signstican f us tgun aicki case. etheyou e izeritt' eosor gnan n at,kiyaue owfastnd hefu roe. ite i s ouryustfr or sonsiitlity." i todaj ticeo orficls sietpl"d, dasayicefrooic hesat tehl torn geyinel toro theh a coternsatout tain trnagetnestothe usedconsut innt fatnd fro serisly d edhatthe americ n pfaple ro eriey rved tte a ics lepse atisan e eshveowatinad mose e rsoaiblesa n sutio toowsinoppia dgu vilen ." o nolef ssbiootoaoess coompi out is week,viitn w uldnobe teb o conoe in ceom cuts . w k,this m ightld fou s on jus iceonn depamentsff.cias. is ehtirst fneu onjse opantia a fst bak tou. >> wialiaf tha you vebat u h>> protesrs occyingrewom ia plhaa neo tveh whehousu ah es reccfusing treo plne tgo.wh h usey s aent ys the e dsir o st suosedo lethve tehise afteoon,ut ty di't. 's t cl arsueted leh ttispole wite do n,out tdi. cla pl an new wioo kt mo micel oombg sa t etpoeste in an ws ci wilo kbm oloiced to mbsa presthemplvesoate lno g cisil eyot
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esbemyes th lao.g les g so tough nownb yth thas em.ging m vlemengsoghow n seio pol ical anthyst emit ng hu joi us en goodseioolalat huoi odeebit. >>oodeveng,eesannobi. >> dere'e thre elad sa chnoaracristcs - oraniatn, focue'shralad chacst -oiat cuadsclin f gssros the a pty had algrotreem.t. w hile it pas a dcntrazed,t s roeive bwclus of ainten fos onraod,vnmen penngande bt. f iits enscip ne swed fo ontoe en enllecve daisiodtowrk . roug s ipt sed r ubeli n a rtec d ioinstd ofwourting ug ird-ertyr frtlihawrt st liofly he ngendeup ed-pyg tfhrt haw demoli h ndura. e sppkinggftd cratmo somof th, inudinthe esidt ra an nancyspngdatom th inpoinlose id annc have bgn to oos a e gign nt heomsees wh theocupy ll seet veme in th n thepsee w t ito pyring sst pmeortn tot hdemoats e tehpartpbout it rpublngans. t thrtwallotreet mos tert ocouc pie bls. an thllee te're growi ocfhooties aro dan he rwi ots rod h cutr em uisclied, sen t he skirshes wh pli tat he usc
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brok, outin n tsehrale lc es eir ssag liot h e ento eokuti e lnlc .e r agot tiocerene, mit ha e en fnde on asgerne miohan f nn new n sg okon ew "woek ea sweping "wusefied e acha ngw" it ngad. heeedm n atngit a.d sems o e mreprent h9 ofaamdrins ses uportsprt t9oise k. ittos son tdsi ie s to s an mo, dbsti s arsa motsemtsrcloser tatthanteteatscoer patray. an e>a hy h a heita ionf r the dorment h >> ihinkhe endsemehs ha ta nbeenfertttive eca eor thnte i nkdehocra, whndilehey meuld have ento have tvhe eergyao thh dera whmoleemeny d d pe wil h eot e fogytheo ah i ted hat moen dtea rty d filor or pbfoens a ght rtedt i l a y f t.b we'v st eenkirmhes th t lthories. it dtur iol t'v asnen hrmses t olit iansorere s.socied w tht ur itiilw ald beh a itnse ci wh veyw lerybe anegave tng or tev >> ga tbihan yoo. >> e b>>t. >>smepeople wait goan y o daeroubplas for lewaoof n.
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td wheue sspd ten.epeing contcernwh oeerue contnued ileceeg n rnagaitecristns icnned giylt. the ader aairc rlsmtng i mniiary g ruers or no eproereina themmiy rus n weoseow heyu whas happing i iro. sio runnwhahppg t et o.battles i urenminientf theeypant ates volutnin, ntdown wn cheio ypn buned a lut t hownu candsiofo chribuiansd rtestin tnoterds richurnsrin fough or tst inlicet ur fgh o he ar mce broughin arored peonne carris b ro rghia ore pe nerotter ri they run hem don tho ans, tsaidrhi ey hm dn t eotra r,and id sht th with bulls i this ne.oandshthhbulli ischri.ians gathre mondy t ben uy ng trihnstremo erly 30 op thwho idthis30 ek op chistiswo eiythveek alws bech undti thrt, benjoed prottionrom hovm lwpr esidebetnd hr b honinjo oton mubarakm r snce de rhoeignati, vienc s i creauseaak w ith e ert o r namusltivinc ieasewte rta gs ra psln histn wenwihg a impity. ny chrisans tsup rtedtew milihry ich ok ornipity.
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tre relyihas in'tbe ar recoves ay latstn etrs of hoeehol icm >>tvee aeloamyt has een ghoooling mnce june 209o asabiensloglyo g ye inceomesjuhe ave f lenb i ramalcall sce teye.c mes ow hcanv hat b ? ma ll s caus t banbornhuemplmentb? is us pprei incte lbeorels. u eduripl thent ec sson t a ragereleng of nc l s.o kr' sri he periosof ploynt sot uapgengf okpeio 4oy fr up 162 ees osi nt. r du6ng o so-2lled rescoover th vr nt.du oo-ede peroodera work er rendi finng a e o ros aby6or% to r1 diin amnhs. o moyp eople to6 ge%a job th he to.ake mypjopbtge o thht hot ke peap is -nvolve aay cuth rpethapem isr-it'n oinve a adiffent ulinew rkrm ht'tthey na ifhfvntt new l rnhwteey ty'res artinatt wer lel.l w eso a ofre thse infactscbine gethr . aot e octc rned e athmre d rficudt seiatia formreopl >> a dsul, hsecu s ietio raorphic pl grou a alady tr uggsli fe thdropninoeeso eic oualy rggli hea dst thop withoafrin meerics regteri theiesthrato dewiinethofrinmic
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egariyheirtcatalogoup, bet e pre faorayr cwaeighig ownp,o bur prfa ecnomy s ethe wbilahi norr ecmyite bsuheba redk >> at ofe tberean e're i srucd >>oferare sdueco, ea of the trt r werepayi.e o the vaeeaof ef ca on, e thostr r thwerei bac heheor'svadgee car, os gher sateir ac'sdgecomeevel drop y a erll psarceage pirnt ls tn thewo faledme tel op a mple p higceseh pl. l tshanthn? w o jafmesed t leig roshe an? aes ie thk you ve mucr saes. lile sll aad what th fedehl goyornme is uveinuc a goaterli s ad att dewgoikmeis gorwkeakerbueer
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e he fil a ateme of t andicy co rusn heil ameofcongr sdi s a repolica inu hi it distoct.c nr he eaamepeca ahos foritqe stistin. heen ndidee bmas ploans for qiseeti a es onid higbicom eln rner bace in 008.aohi im ion ead ser facromn ch8.ysle cilies arou t contry e dwillsavef tomo c htley in etr oilit a ou tlittc bityln ghlln.e to abo y200 ntra l cttalithiel nah expe ed tbohe r0aut a new lcontcct tlayhbieuthaey'v een pe ttoldr ast ick anerond til nt t edsdath 'v nchsler ld tacd a troe unilted uedta work sch erebeevedto be osee nito ed e wu drkesl ed>go nmenetoicia s om e seral atesre dng t ge oadena ooiane to sepl oesi tforeosurreli fo ra oheitpo i citreens.ur li rres ndenophil keangells h how is gin fro mia it.s. es enil k>>ai lsh d a owi inroiahardhip. y usbd p ss wa andharte t thyeu isbtp ssll wena ante ht h it downhi. we >>henpaty okm becam dohi >>dow,en hepiekmam sh n w, h 75%i sh han'tspaidhr mntnh 5rtga for wo yearsnd't cptinui to askr mban of gaaormeric e rs to mcdnufy oheras m rtangage >> ifo taeicb da t idh er gew r y ig bd abaouthisih hosr.y g
4:24 am
iwkupabint tshmong still h worr d aotwkutti otslle adworra ot yi sohrd t os etis yid t ouse i'me fghtinsohr to esep my 'm htlilesrt hoemp. m >>here are a stid o mil on di>>stsseedhremwnas like hesri fcin foreilosu didt hm egibl fr ke e ho eminrgreesu d ebl modricatn. hderaeffos atmrg mrtgage odrelatf ha ad moradfostat ima bunow teh re's el ha oiast ate-lbu pl tin e's wok o bightmteeow-lerpl e reliw. mtowneysgenera led l rlia and dtaysonraed arl retgandto d a ettheg t rincaleduc, elpg the ncmake moucth eaypeng and vid t foclore. in exkechamoe,thteen ndvi gofouod inseekxoha e,essetnetepenalesgo ek esepeal astthbnksfom moragin servic ng bbnss fo ptial orin er aicmnngety. gotistion begaa epaalgo orns otiongae aoo hnowsen hea putllrn u incloing lifoia n d nws h yk,pucllnned that th clngisfo ealn is t swyeetcr tn d ahak t an
4:25 am
isor heole wn ers, t swwetl tmck nie thshforids, em ecysore eieect anthabanned.idere eect an and. if
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4:31 am
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4:32 am
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4:34 am
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4:50 am
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