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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 11, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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o theh bby's m ther tho pice,cl bnd hed thi b's ve athin toer do wi pe, ttle dhi ain li d'swi sappranc le l th as a liami mber ppncow thsayss tha lisis mmothr belves ysshe halloon islacedth undels ar ste on weave choreceon thind throarhoutur s w.wee re jushi rout s mutes we ll us he a li upte fm mes loce h aaffiate d heli cptain fthem poocce caain, w hasfie bee c woininge po than, was caee. woothegfox wsh ale, aca > he x w prestarchsettile a undeway in w yo cit rprghttch noti hund ds odewallytreen yoit rotestrs mahing n thno pendonal oll homeeof sesme cooratmangth welce s to comeriat liv" eryo, i'exiv lcegyno ri kivlly. havyoi' g veynictus cing ky. as coavle gof h dredeopl tu from cg t occy wa s otree hedpl otesomgrouget tcc reway to vsit ee thpersal esoutre htoes vt f neyorkthrs ci exetive h thenerk ci cludjpmoan csexeve theeo mie udmo cimon oil andaso e instoron ilvidnd koc hed fnd inor mager hndoc pedlsonreal f
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este delop hmawardr ml evenan ponal rurtes dop mrdoc h therd m ceoenf ns co.,ru the mpareoche mpan of o the noxewscohe cannere ace ganlaghivehenwsur w ct ne cot nsroo wite gghe mor tre? w >> portco: anyou' n gotooit mo comnityorroup ndtr lab >> rt an u'oupsot moom joityngupthesabprotts ps men.oi noas ty goesonot ea day ndme hasno tgo dfereheme agaeaay king liv loo daswn dre eyga we ngivoo d eecti up trds. of awe ousa peoe. we eti cat reuplysof tl yo ahow ma , busaiteo loo owe uscare tmoreyow likemaherebure aundroo fews rendrepeop at x th a kere a drw ki ew rotereing,ophis t th a thepper astki s e inew teg, yos . he eris ttme tay i sinaimet yo main tinin tnew irk ste'sme 2 x on inilliinairew s's whh is 2 atedo en th on re e id waswhois mch othe edenth y. hos of theidasfivef m o thee ty's ho of healthstvefusinsmenhe 's thisagai i thoreinen tpe isearlair. i ey'rholdg sore trotes dorl the, th is in'rldo werte manh he thain,shey re gnng aer rfivef th w lthinhtn. n,y bu gness an inewyork ve th the an ito whirese embussin
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ant rkeckso sw e ithemowse ch lshese ent ks suld yifem this l% tase ended e f e, issyotasaidwho dee bein f denstredid ago nst e in pertdetragt rt muoch,amie don, e omuh,ie o jpmgan ase d, ho d no bacgovement opmn belout d reme er, refnoed acventbail butut be steames at, ef fir t. il vid ch, beongeameatir libeariawh d , lievn ngastillyoweraxesnd beia evlimid soal ti syviceeres hn auls mie'sso a sce hed fund lsnages ain,e'reooki liv agaed un as th ge otes mn,ves re thkiivga as upr eath s ees ms inth mhattup.ea hn p slsonin hge fund mtt manar wh ponmade biions hun nawh de bebiingns agast surime beggasume rtgas, hard phisti w ga h d insted hvily iphti wbank and in ed tels h ly thenknd proeste wersupp els thday st a neonfencerote rlie iter npper y a maerialed.fe e al ty iet naids th are saplyal. altryi to ttyheimessideth sly
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yio eiss o tomoowseiu wi ptest or mo beer js,iumegyi pgyn:straceallaer, ank be j u. gy >>and fox ewsn:cela, k al t fr >>e cad aignxs tra. theisreakg nealfr nw in cagn thraceraor t whithouse.akne n inour n th caceaign thise carl caron r nfirng aagnigdevepmenar awithnheop fld. ir aveen th f . carl >>repoer: megn. ll, ere'a rl igpo d: bateeg nighof t , e'epuican caidat, an dte the wil bgh t sobodyuakinan ns caatan bereha.heil b thcurrsot godyrnorf nein n jeey, eris haristho h thrr goor bene the smmit je, s st h behe sit --ubjeof emenus-- spjeulatn toy wi com todart uthen coegespatto an heretwiomo e entiterthecoe wi endansere mt ee rney, e wi frndt ruer ithe m r poly,. chs cisti will gfre hiru ie suort miromn fol ch c ti llpres gent.hi sut imn f est. thiss fo ttomne st of folling isfo pa sf ter f merllg minsota gernoan. tim awlery drped frin ota ofhe gno m racetledrookdnly a m oteroff daysefor he ce thwisoky mer suprt
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be nd ysmittorthsromn. chsup ch stieaid bett woumnot ch hie rud forpresen on maer ou ofwo wks a ruresnma wil mer onof w a e ste wi ttromn ilern his de stwi and frmal gimn s s dorsndent the nat fnalalgi frt unn. an her rsgn ot heat roley's ailit yfr nto clesc t anr o publanro's a it suort rosshe csc c tntry. he h beeblrackgup sut ss endoemen c verry hee ackgresvely tryi to ke a vantdoeen ofer ri a esly pey's ide the yiollso ant andfri solify pepeeptis e he tha helsnd is li eneviblepetiha noenee. as jgernt fr tvieunnenoe. the ditiaf chs jhrisrnefr tohis am wine e tiodaschis endo emenexpes inse aida matt --doxpeenedpe nsa matr ofourss a v ytt- bigpe gyn:t reofrs ais vigde carlamer brein than: ns firs than yo sorlerreha nuch. chri rs tireanltyo joingh. owrire st of per ayjog on xnew ocom liv pr chs, ts waonn dorsen ewm thperriv catold ch t mewa rs thrra expllditlyt wod li tome ve as, r th it plwaslywo notlio mnt be, tht s
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>> donot thi it s mrobly be ev mea to be >>onhit s ob ceainl chr chrtie d evea miobe rneyre cenl hrthhre more mi modete k rds oeyf rublins fr theorthstre an s cade k o pots o rli t eyfrheppeathto ne ca me st of po o rpubl tanea tablhmen sviouofy, wknew thait rouldbl ve beebadfor blenomn ou wewhald hadeed r chstieptedomn g in eha racethey chieed wod ha bn gn comping r thsame cevoteey sowo ha b th sor mpg thme ofteo recpitutes thor mney posion th racof ectu whs's ieresng is eimin eyosn thof thiac thwh see i likesa ss angeinmome for thehiront runr to th reelik t sge meat m b rthehent mosunto iorta rl enrsemt he h m reomeos i tita. i woer wenem nhe, an hd t mame ve sethiti to wi the wo w nan fa thama wve shieen o is surwihe is p lsfaha f werm cai ofn ur late p megy f i wt toalk yormaif abt th becse t t is ate gy wgetok poticayo hadli abthec tis t aay. rmanain s bepoca risg in hli the lls,nd o t. viersnow ann be isthatiny now but e ts,ey m ootvisow ow atusthowow higut the mas isestw ig lo athe latt pls, dies edgent men.lot theattlate p, es ntn. llupeollte up slows
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rmanain yin mit rmney ss justboutlook tann in tha almitt r eyrighat t sam velst asutok mthalm romn .gh t am mpar els th m aonth mn ar a wheth th cainas a puheing ju 5%. an herein anherugju p%.l, sth ancarorena 2 ofnrvote the n p s roy th 2 wouf preertoteeehe n th ouinre asheomie, necand neckithas rmney mi and ke aook ecd v ginickh ranoteyr kestat d aey'rk sayg the itouldbe vni aotke biateratt twee 'raythitld ca d abi ttmneyho b hee cme inca 2%. ey b cok ain pey, a istt thd, 2 at 1%. a e ch as, ft the whth bieve at th%. herncain ch fhaswh a bve flh in the paerand tin rea a coendel tiney nd pao td nktea ain. co welde cle tly n mit romy' gon.g toave thelklei ain ombecae it bee angotoe hunalyed a goodor t ca itmneyeean caaign ald ifou lk tho od t n mberey mittcagnomn if has l't ho gned a ner ppor and,tts a tterfmn ct, ass lo guppedt in ahe orllupd,a er , lo pl.ppin hasnot up befite fro t p sere dngra i asicktbete peroy's t
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stat to ese d trard ick pcees rman ca 'sato pied tup a th p suort,itt ancairomn ha't b anth able oapitsuizt, ont thamna b a sb leitnhaoint- ctain s poin hern ca goentfrom cin ing poir on e ritwho inerca oe omlowsomneo g ontueoion toio ogre, anat a wsneertn potnt becoosenui treeatan atpo mtt co roey, uid w ttay s tha pl m rot wh, w th s habate tonplht aingup ithe w wh hathshir te weonay ai s ie hwmaainethair treadweitt siff hentln megy younow, eaith l dtt specfftotl gyouw,mr. in ith no dt th he'ecbeen ven a. patatno esethe' enbate butnby hisa flow cand atesee teut stly s,is rit? fow sohe ndesquesonersarg ly i so . ca, butheeserfellg panests the sge vecabuotell allyakenim a nes he sm. ey'vbeenakinaim at lyen a roey a pry 'v enstlyinthosmt ro ao. p th cld cngeonig. lyin posticur, roey m th c ceergepig hs ga pl pcuro m ogo rg aftethe hga auor oplthe 9-9 tee auan. oe >>aybeoo sn beuse 9 repuicanjust . ove rman>>be sbee in. pu anst he cnectwithheme nan a
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kcadi issri. y, t siifickctdi veloentsodayt lesst, a. nu er tsi oic slotsthisayle a sech. nu wh do kn o abohy tyis is ell?who n >> tbos ses toe t a si thatararg l? instigors st k d of tsetoi atstumed un dung the inigs kof nvasin t nghboood. um u duey cehe un th hme as t nhatbod. been cvaca u forh hveratwo y rs.enca ore he itserfs y.ollsed, theye hato me hts su it s safellnd ad,oo eynha m aut qu ityfe aoo asssme befe airefhterquy coul rap lasmeef dn. ef erthers nopeci c ti ul thaap se d tem tohis ernociti homha it' seless tha atosalf mil jusomt' ss few bcks omhefilus iinami how, anthey bant s lea n i iston uurne hoan ey t megy soea n tre'sothi on u spneificn tes ofip gyso t'shi g sc t tilspic orteof ythi alg the lis th ld th sc t or tohis we ?hi >>althli th l>> nth this isnvestogatos trygeo >> ex ore ery n o tion iss es toe loryl ex cre estoyers oson ceivlo ove 10 tps reledcrtos to tsase iv witveabou 3 t ofel thos bein t foeardetoitou 3 vestofator men: a osin rayfo tdese areive
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stor cturme com agbackoay us tfre e e sech o he th are turomck isus se v oant hthomeretndeeath e de, agn, s vrchitmedeth de thag wl s hi arhe hmef ts miingh w baby . h t e's ieng msing n by sin st m day sght en mnger n inmoth saisheut h dow in my t r ib thfteai10e h p., anow whn the athecametehome fr.anhan e overght b at 4hememe ar., ty say e ert ataby w a t y issi. ra i wt tohiftoy wthe othepiec osi new odayra and w toft it cld peove be heec oew siayifict.nd poliit too the c inv ptigae onbe to a nebysiic lirocooyhestornvga the testne lueocoodsor-heest al st oz w reeds-ow ty arst rerted w sayg tar th debah re bredley,ayhe mher, andth aeb unentibred my, re meenr,nd a bung w e, paunrti p mtes nden pkinaboufive bu wpa hrs psd bor inou ve sa h bradl -- m sorr deboh brley iddlshe- terrr boby ibry therib er t ight they e sa ing t motr anheb a t idenhtfiedan w uyi eysa tot an ne pl aes a en nedkins wyi
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pl a wh do kno n ns is >> wl, wre jt bennin to who no len th is sto. w w po jce abe coming ouo wh tse leth coentshisto. mrnin po a om ou do wow tt o ter th coursetss m in the pas o t oth ek t tse heaserta t divials canta bstescre vis asrimilan inrman bllcr alg haas mien tlings theinanwant alus t lookha mor tng clely hethent moth and erha tsomeokorly e latiship s thndndhame asciat thathe has n thtiip cmuni.s at megy oh, atoy. as thray,ave we cni ard gynythh,g mo. y,aboue-- owe cal dffiltethaso rertin on f dayou o l whil we nt re in air fy tt theere phewhe re rdir tt ttheephe ty, a l re forcent tficewasayin sh ted a l 20 rc.m.t ces phoin cl on sh ath 2 mther.honeho athe conime en s caime msheer wane ae e slping she id s s put cthemee bawa dow at 10,slng s nte soute slp,asheow at0, s didn awa unt al. whe e huand mehome a dnwa went a hewhd fr a srce tt athud me ae 2: hefr a. s hee p tone tcordt shed sh s ming: a a. calhe pe rd anupdash on sh mg a thaal we notaveandan a uatenha
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th. e ot agen, tt ju a ue pots t t th rlieag co tentsjuby thepo t fily t th ieotsmystious all thr ceth fy ones sappthre dinghisstusllthce incint. gyn: nd nes t pp dgs fily the ci .therthe n: f nmily t of dorah fy he brley ere fsugglytinghatof the dah beeve dbry rhapshebeliesggngt hethathe wl be arbestede apsomeeme itheearli fute. at >> wndbethey ardeed tha caim me ioerut anot r neork>>ey th moingha o cm ich ey'r otnek speinghmo g oexclivel to, h 'r bhepeg clelo, b kcp captn steoun hasallecp at aurd a ptstaysen hasas hle ad aconvsatis wis h h vestatorabou nvtiwi arre stor ou comi. gyn:ay, ank u souch a r te udate mi wil stayn:, on tk s,sohnd w twill he utehat ptain you ilay t ba on e pr wram n ju ll h t aishortimeouande wil asban hpr mju all o the que tion ormedil h theal ohe metime wveueonot thisox n s al t fo> heou,meme w li picres ming is i nalfo fr new u,rk cys watreet liics ng prot itersav nowfrew swed cwa ee ouide e ho of a c pora otrsow s exd utiv can u imouine e is?hof cra exiv ey'r n upseime ? abt t txe at 'rilliseaire payab amo t t
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otr lire wh e paiculot hou thiis i nnot tehiou, butewhpaul loukedhi mos ofi ot tese veu,ut exec livesdan th emp yosof t hund ds o thoands ec ies notthmp tens f th sandndof oho dsople iot ns stthvarnnd mines aay o le wh's bindhis ndstrn shoind a o ey bgoin to pple' swh bd hoiss.hod binto pe'o be re envinmenlly are,
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e vieny e, wee prngone an s we oitched to erdex case aot otheipacking contns ane cyclch mato ialsxca a oeickg nttell hem at ecle atlsdex es. welwe'rnow ing moe eltricllruckm e x . d ler essio p nes.l'rw gmoelicck weevenffer aeusae enlope l ew, cion't e atpeasts.rint onthe ck des f us papr?weenerasaenpe ctat stntat'onthe e ecutk e s usmpeapatiolist.? t'e ut peiost [ ma anounc ] suainle sutis. fed. s utio thama suin sti. d siohaat.
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gyn:ox ns alt, wt to ta you nowto mssou wh e we hn:e nal wtoive icttaesou owming ck mto uou owhf we hearceatct ngnear hom a u ho tha ois cle tohe hercof aromitto ha baby clto mi hing by lit iwin. by he's ai rgorte b onli te whe i n. th are earheing a rteell undon a ousehe th re t's arsteng a >> oyll nd do tare fse a s enecif amo t of oimey b ore o ey trin fema o if clemoof 'eem u be in anseargai o we'rgoinleto'e hve u ntinng an ar vera of isais i t 'rin h in raf eveps. i rkinforyou li in the noehlan. inruli n gyn:hether you henod hean s exaini howhey en:etterg ou thheheworks i o texniow wy ll.ett it athearsnowrk i that ey w. e a rs wtual senng pple do t in th w ll alen whe p theeyo a in thconfming what ey'r archgforhehe ahis bab but
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nfng nt 'r ch r confmingisabutexacy n wy. nfng ouarliac rad reptersaid w theyidn' haveou speficli tipadepr id th shead bn b oughey tn'revepe c t wwillip ctinu othhe mon bor bgh t at. w ll've t th cnu leon piures . ming ntoe theth conol ro l an willes upde ou angsoontoe as on wero hav w >>pdfox ws aonler sw, t avnyg. so-c>>ledx illiaire marer t w tang pce inew rk -cdli re arty. ta pndre ofhe iw occy wa . stre pro sterrefireup andccwa ta ng t irre ssag rigroerre tsidof tnd omesfta t s me oagig e id topfivees buness ecuti ss o he ive maattauss etis heu vaey i i homataf "vney comp y" ova iho thfoxbusiss"vy netw k, mp oand ni eton hxsi a tw dx ne coniibut. e shn s th neibor a aank oneonut sherictheir ankxecuve w oadthis ic donet hiscu wwnomeis b neiseiu e preste b, an she wness it u al let stapr witteyou anhe t watsst nial. >>t eah.taitu gyn: torgethathey' ni >> mah.hingor. is in:apprgeriatto heaty' ndre eoplmang. stor ng iprat hhe re prate mespl whe th'renotor
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into c rporepr heae uartss,he he thprivteomes the corea rt divials? th >>ivightes he yeahthisapped ayear nd avis? >> lf aht. and, ou kahw, isgyn,peaamar a a a fi belver the d, r kht n,of otes fi itel verr muchhe parof t r cialabriof ts es cntry -iter ch armegy t andere's al therine t c ry scen rht o what appegydndtoe' heur nghbo e ba ofsc r oatpe eric ecute. go nbo ahe. ba f yea but,icgain whenutou t egohe prott ea ou t,inen t pubc stet ot and u gopou and ub yosurrstnd my d gop nndighb'souseyorr andhatas s, hwasuilt nhbse osimpndt bein a nk hsoflt arica o mp execive a imeina wh a ca ngre was ecebate g wame streh rorm. reas waathewa teati his re rmplm.ees ba y?wa no ttiis was pls gilty of omeingba no awl? s no gty ofhe sply mes angxecuvef aw bankf am sy ancu we h clo nkoama. 7 hloroteers arm aross 7my lwntesnto h m ass lacirc his l hoo a h te oriz hlarcison w washo insi a. thinte iizs hase was si of whe in i the gue c't getfhe tir the thgu
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c can'getthei whetthey t wanhe thei n'teigendh ssedeythey can't ge whatei thndant edthroh leeyl c meangeat soth ty gont ahrod,le a than tresoass, a tgo th, inah tis a se ithe thw yo nowres,wher a theye trthng tin tet, up ie tyoower me a at ntioeyontr tt.t, in tups t casmeatiohere wh the t otesd my nasghbos me byre wh the y,he ayou rell esmy n bogyn, ereyas no dia e th aoueit. theyn,ust br ghte alg --o a men:.they d artm teytrt walt-- mea --meheydidney dtm wan mea w at ntiome --y >>hey ew wdndan albee craticiziog it >> y wey d not bnk o leact cr thiz i aituall li ddot ross b oe ct reeti wr eboutth i all andli sscomm ted e etwrut iafteardsnd memmn: sd is e samroupteds in pt, me s i eiuamup ion, ho's p join wit thue oupy ll n, 's stet ptests in in hitpinh em g oy oaniz and go tost pstin pe hle'sin mes. g oey sizm tondobetopse pe's e s. stoeiue esidt h aieceut sayug thene mand theid haveceis toayg cr te j s.e is tndt hoheyou doveo hatcr j >> i on't thinkhoo.u do it lk likatlea ali ment i'tnk of resi nt o lma w wan tik
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eax thrichndlint the ofsi o wan de tnstrors o arnow goi thtoch t hos ofheherich detrs ar wey soim to be tloseho aofignech terof stobeolic objset i ane ha s anerow - obicctivbjian hawantacts. i - wod haobivhoug thiwas ct raeri daerouofor hae ug hiesidst to aln hselfo ra claryou witr he idtolmovent - hlf cl it cleayithve - a movent at i coeaect t ouofth mes do ovto tt pri ite hes ofcot ou s tri hof exutiv. exiv men: o of eome there ing me os jaf eme dimhe abank atg ason itja ow timnk fee >>e rues iow tee >>ruank whi ploy 2,000peop.k do yhi thi he' gng oy t 200 op ployore ople yhi the'basi gof this ptest oye le thsi jami don'ssouse ps thst hte theank-- mi megy d eve'stheseth one h enk ke gy ve emorg chane tha hped levie so of einaial rghaha h credis. >>he visof hana alll ba it a>> blketha dllslikba it blant dtruslt d i ikve t stss iis ure an dus da eroufor i e t predenttr i
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leadreg decrat t dalignour rent sor osel withad tdesat tindgnfo demotratn. elgyn:thell, td rtaiy nay moat n:pelol,'s town r suort ai na bend tm, t pside s lo t n gin e oprtuny tosu ctment be tand td pde n conmn n topm.unto cnt at dyou d d n thonk? t ke y@fo eaki newrighaftehthis eak. kefos. kiewghteis k.
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♪ ♪ a rrig ator h nev beehacd. a onle vis has rvergttacord a rkbrd.h eveeac anlvi s eraca kb. ♪ ♪ ge yo cusomer he aed flin of surit gyouser a pr ated ftatennt s it r reipt ovis... prdte ...reth mt .. is gd foyourusi ss. .. m. ♪ ♪ igfoursi. nd en bter for ur ctomes. ♪♪ ♪ ♪ e br r cme f safandecurways ♪ sta♪conncted fafdurys vista uspnncomedail isspoml mar, y gotandrf? acallyhead shoders is f morthanandr ma y otdrivese a althscal ac anlygreaadlookhog hars. forandr esa thes ialdo athinanelseea okhar yo i ainse yo ? no? yes.
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m megyy, whyo yothin thri're gog wipe in in gy hyrticyoarinhe ov go pewiy? 's bn outherivin ic h ov meage,e gornorperrhas,nd bouer inand t th h sm tomeee,o gorngrr ins, drovd thor heran sto in gn overrick ov perrer >> tt's nd o rd veck exain. rr looklike sai t ths o elecrates exn. ok fkeid.aith it'sthe ecte eltora fd. hs, t is 'se ecti has ltle toflra h a t "arica il" f l ttias le t ese a da ."a ca i so ftime tfolkareup e sotimedatheye dn. somelke bully so mendideye, dgoveor per butll my c didaid ve gornor rry,as never ut loy c andalectn,as comgoor y, fmve o hindeforand sanhatct jobom rerd t ft iescbed d wi ndor d s putngtob re tisc dt solwi ublut poli to getmeri w kingol ain blre itheext lio da andetri w ng week and n 're ieptimticxt thand the's enty fek ti to td rneimc thinh arod, herethlents ty ofito t ti fors in trosolifyrent fat ti coorervave be of sport tli th we hacova b hof srtill con nue th ehavend wl coinuea h ildlon geing foard,ndve w co'reue d timiic. g g is ifoa mad,thon t ae spnt a 're miin. thi
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derah adleon t ightsull in t queson doiwi at? de h ll uleabou twhatappedhtn theresoi wel as ?ch a 'v uou tatedpe er el s t to aalkabouetai t of t se, am gog toto akressou thai f t onost on e, reest othe ass hstorso ty ca geton ba tostn enormt , aseou mig ormagi tcat atheyoe be a rmittasig igindat eywithbeediat earl the was so ividatce thia ratr, srlmeheassoid surillae viato ofhe mher she sre wi somody urse, lad th vi ofdete mivesr ante me so p sswiomy , ong that evethin h teesteme ecke o p. itis n infg mati thavesin h gog toreak t ke o aseit n nfit stiwshahat e go watoat tak t storat tset ti b seyont athat tthers or tti ally b n draon ater andaor athinthat ly n ra quir furer ursu. da a in atmegy andhen ey s irurn su unidtifi man oesgyndn th sean somee otr th her usbaid?fian es >>ell,h c teln me otu ththereba kn>> whol,he pson c iel an th th sureme t ere' knho pramaon ianh oundre i and te' t's tmagoin t he thease nd indwhatevers inso ithategar i'l ddrehehee itat er megy let j it puattar it'lre to ritst gy et then j.pu t the a toryeing r instiged bpoli thatenhi he wo tn way wngh omein othig blianat inki wi orwoinwa weth y,
1:48 pm
kiwithatr atas any w cnect todathe sapprancatof iss ny w c bact? >> ell,dae an'tppncpecute at t dettivebamighbe >>l, 't usg ascu eoryut tetveghlear accoing to viuso shase ws in ry thstor witnothar co pegon.o vi sh winwas man, but don knothorit th whit i bute th. assu ms n,ut on no's nmpor ntnd iwht i uth sut go mg tourth the ca nator i all. gyn: kay.gototh he >> iajusthows thashe s l. the,othg n:y. m e. istws hamegye hadhemoth th revthled mthato poce por t gyadhis?th ev d>> ion'tnow. at pogyn: p t ay. s?at, at an hing i'tcanw. you n: .ll uwithespe tohes , nng rerts nat tre aou cel phon reco usthpeo shoesng s me res t a el ca at onco or arodho s me 2: m. on cat r e nirot lsa we2: issi o? unftunaly, at fal ni l we in thesi nf natego, fal ininstigheiondetas. i'veeardt goloat arod in ig nong etarepoers out he verd bu i'mat nro eveoing g po tosut folheow bu on 'm wit n dvetectes benguseo iolknow can addss it.n it dct men:bee uerst d. ow anptaidd i't. eenme meangto ust ai 'askou is quntionandea i meano kisreect u theuond i falyut i is anret he . miael faden ised iithsus on. mi halther bee n edh a qutiongon
1:49 pm
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1:50 pm
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1:51 pm
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1:52 pm
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1:55 pm
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1:56 pm
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1:57 pm
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1:58 pm
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1:59 pm
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2:00 pm
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2:01 pm
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2:02 pm
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2:03 pm
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2:04 pm
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2:05 pm
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2:06 pm
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2:07 pm
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2:08 pm
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2:09 pm
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2:10 pm
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2:11 pm
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2:12 pm
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2:13 pm
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2:14 pm
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2:15 pm
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2:16 pm
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2:17 pm
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2:18 pm
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2:19 pm
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2:20 pm
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2:21 pm
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2:22 pm
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2:23 pm
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2:24 pm
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2:25 pm
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2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:28 pm
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2:29 pm
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2:30 pm
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2:31 pm
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2:32 pm
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2:33 pm
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2:34 pm
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shin son, itherelse ey ify co id?n numb two i in, ndee it'rese the co irmbianwo ieet'heevoliona irn grdnd the dsol narce partularif g th i the ce, e weeot e talkg abrtt aarranc th of ihe c gornme goiwe ltse. lkg ab a're nct en taingf aut gomeoi l e. madijad. e is o eaniztaion,ghis a agen -- d th e's did. o izconsn,sussnhat f enhose- hoths arwith ran ndnsst tse w frese agnst an -arthn tas thr t w inructns fm th agt upre - taleadth, frr thefficof t in ct fpremthre adleadfr, eyheic t em ayallah thiadisey ceral cisiyaah by hi thcel siby inian th rege t stre agait thnatial surit iofan e uned segtes d al ttr aithoti sit igge cunflic s is al theiddl east becagee wh c theicwoulhe bdlb, ey ere st anni on cawhheulombg b embaies,ne ie e ni sndisndmb th oth one arebas, th ie e ss iselis you now,ththne there trekingboutth trgeri aisis co lict nu thw, middhe t easngut trd thrithirdimeion co ictn mayth dd sa thiasdoest co thir amene.n ay wh tsaeyhi plesneco suc a a. stke wh stra tgic rikensidpl tuc cityyou knot nsidra c kewashidgton t d., iteans tyu noat th hve oerid thi s tsht ns
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ntedo in ththe h oegihi t thagait thsaud anagait ed n theegi rael. ai th udgyn:nell,ait tt's a ther e queson. el the is is n:l, ptter ts awhoer w es .scoved a, ap renthe, jus pto uerateouroviewsn wha weov aapnt ju knowther is uerewsha a m n,ower6,n m irian-eric whoas bind6,n this pl. he irn-icho bas cdght wh ishel coheacte wh he ough was cth reprentave othecote zetarugwhe ghas rtel inpract,tat wa oaetagea age out el ourt, hwastona oice. tri toge gut wha he ur bieve h on to oe. behe ri ota grughacarte in bve xicoo woe wit m on ug thirtn sass atioco wo itin ft, h wasonorki withi unrcov ssio dea a fnts hoski itoughin t biunsovea w al.s he t k ghvera tffirtive w acons ward ompl ting hera ir vecrim cludgire ac s rd trsferng upltog im udre $100tr00 tero u e peonhe bliev was00 t workpeg wi thstay bevas rkihayhats- zes. $1.5illits was tgree uponze rm .5lias t$10000 weeeon inse wo dierenpaymts oaugu00 w 1sns anaugu 9thto t dienym ogu1sbi angu
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ur the.omplnt algesthat is cspiry was he plnceid,ls at wa spsore a cirasas dirted ei waspre a irom idn anonstutes a agra viotion ianstes and inrnatnal wraioinclonin and coenti tt inatl w eclplicly a co prtiecte t dipmats frobein e ic haed. in a itio toprteipts roldinin ha the. in aviduioto cnspitors in counble r tir helege inle iduthis clot,pirs une t te uned ge stes icomm ted iisot, hldin t un iran st immdccouable for it hin acanons.ou le gyn: joiorng metno is acs.exas n:oi coressen tepoe os siton the asuse mmite on f reigcosstee oit affas. e conge ssmait thaon you fo muig for ing her yo reafaion thi eaki ngmahaou mu ws r g er wel therani yooveeamentn hi ki viouy, i inlved eland heeynive nt e so ld ou ihat theelienedd sothat heyoul coatit aheactief war ains aty theulnitestatco act d fa the r ns csequces.hete at and me,t isn actfaheof w that cqu wass.oile d e,isct onether w at thig,asle thk, th's imertanis tert thehi irianhth im teanoris t, ifthou wi trughtn at hcoul workithteisanotifrwi teoris tgrouht the hul zrkashotn
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d rhinlito itha up wh toe he ainisatioto g iein atup ha loo toto a iskeio sur gtherre someonse enceforha thioo urer acon. spificly, at meesece dorhi i ac. spicot, o ally icoulsay wh we uld do, te neeto b illilyultoyh e dshowhat are no , oing tee b li toratects o owggret ionreno ng agai tt thunit stes. to te sgyn: oounowwere alnady ai thdon'it ss. n:aveiploowtic relionsly wi n' invelohey'c aeleadyns en wi bjecd toumers i undsfy' a dy nctis, my ofhic ecto are er yo kdsowf hurng t ti ir mianofic repeop . yo i do kt sathaturn a tirn judenta waopone y orheio osaerat at's just facud btacaus wae tor o 'sternionacommity largstac bus rt h tmpos hesernna smmnctiy srg onran, bu hnonef ioseemsse t sti woonn, i no of ms tseem t st wo tironsm no f boldedleadshipem tst fom t angoning ldadipisra f angoning t uni d stesanni an youranow,eric anni tnist hder'no an ou w,yinghat e upicr hr' ehelo ofngt theuprani gernmt a behi thi e butloe's heni earl gnm a nninthisn ir higenehiluts and t rl involuisonarir g i th k a td o t flks e gog lu ar g to.ondewhat th moa o efect felys go n weeall to do?deat i oanwe'r not ecty g
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ngwell too? bom i 'ran, eot w g to no, don thi tomathat , is g wng tbe tnsw. o,onhi tat galth tgh t tre h tsw so ty of csequce or th t h oretaatio youty fow ir cquisr ta shioing u r agessi in iq bshguppting ag sie inurges i b ere. thpp shong aggssio rougut ige eworl e. theye mo ngthheihogg ioeet ug rl towa s theyunitmo stas.ei t th waneverne tknow tt th awa theth bigitta blly thanheer t owddle eas t hat'thwhy ey a areheig b y goin afr sai le aabiaasho ht'y reen t in stilizfgsa aia h f tor. t antiz ahminej obousl ds fr. not re w tanhmejwe thkb becslse d heill cont nue w ttseh ecaggrsive hel actonns.e t haveo s ethi grve ratr ct. th say t's tve ce for shihem at do uch rribthays this to or the itedtatem do whh ibhi ttose scifi e edte thwhgs shld b, sh tld b sfieft up the partnt oth d fenssh bnd,sh b t coup e, t pside. e rt ogyn: dhe dnsartmt ofd, ou de tnse, pde intesti. n: d cotmressofn, tnk y so ch fo yourdehoue,tsnt ti thepresent eleangcoss t yo statfoent uryinghat ou wa e fit bresfed tea thi ise in att ng t wane a dirted isfibrd hiadmistraison troveall a irnecedaryuppo to mira tov el
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ceinveyigatn. pocoupo of e crical eents veppenatg in augt upasf wiril e trtssferaymes tow rdeninug t wicrim trerme werow tadeupo im $1,000er wee godeg toavean uat om o100 we owngotoe wllia ula jeesse o onome mo dwnails rht wiajese one afrmo d ls r th bre. fr afr thre fr
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in trmsn rdelts th iangome r pt. th teis awist in ts,nd at ishe p th t arorists whin t hahed e plo tieds t toriwh cruihad elo td toexin uiug ctel ti opatin lon our c slther rdero hoppinon th.ur he's ser fbi er hdireor rertth elle on tt.he >> ts bisellusatesre tha rwet leve i t rld t hereus boresrsha an bo dari i ar dreor an incrsingboerri rearvant a wod whe crnge intivi aals frwo o wh untrsoug to nspi wit ivis fr o dr-tra ickitrugo piitarte othecouny todrraki asassatete fo ign heficiun on toited ates aoil.sse anfon thocighn it edads le theesl. pageof a ollanood shoipt, t es le pact ould ave geenld st, ery real and anyctlde ves uld ve ry en lt. alndy s d l men: wliam la jnes with me w moam in s gele >>eporar: ihink jes thit undemocoren two le po ts. or i nunker o, thharte con oldereo epo. nu orderth--teonord. er sendlytherd imprtan o coseidenlyal tesmpanasn' not o justnhe ug co waen tsn'utot in
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nastonale curi. a th isctuay a anscpt ina p ceedg atnaal a ri f eralthasesuaa sc in c cagoinvoing pheedat mber a f al thee or fo cgouyvogn onef erhe thor fo rtel andn itn- th inef fr thuday heelnd gornmeitth i argu thathe stim yfrhuy of oconfmeenti guha ine rmanim mt happ befe a ecia nftimast in ancaus mtheris so uch ppefa ia natial suritstinvoed i e wh theushaveero s sachin t tigard stoit tvos i roswhutioheofve the saug c ttel memr, rd tt it t os haioto b do bef ree clspeceml t itsterho's be ha b aooint byef ece n er'se antasiylly, bere anyt nng c be ld in onsiy, e cot. and nallyt the c nee s, ofn o cour, wi fas cond d ll fuheous e o that heurwiasbi uleges y kn all at out at f 1 mohs t ge dknll thint abouit b fausef th 1 mo imrtan of heir d inoubi bseth nfidimtialannforfnt tirtwa hig inidalheor t ig narte the fo naonalecuty ason teat t gunwere hloweo gofonaal cu back ndonorth tthatun therelleg ion,weack you. ck th gyn:ant atheegn, telk our vwers u. at t atn:rneyt genel wa el rked out vrsast d ttey fneiouswand sad thathe wld comty wh f us e neround saofha wom spoen tha w
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e abt to ene serundnim b sen thharepuicanin t u. abtoer hous b 'll rig bacthpuan tu. us l ig ache'sakinhis tami. w ona davitaaves plusmega dha'sins mi ons a dampleta mulesvita n usga fohaadul. ps an xcela nt slerceul ta ome-3 dfoul pan el sn a eeat stin gummme d ne aay mmie for a own-t s.inmm a ie r n- [ ma annncer drinng amoote wi no geta e nuitio ♪ ♪manner in aot wio tanuio gon] rawbry nana on [ ma annncer for a smthieith al fit wb y na pl vege nu itio manneror smie neh v8 v fusiosmooie. plegnuio coulve h a v ne viooo. ul h v
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