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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 11, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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mau.s. fficlsalnar aackhe on p acthein sauo embsy s.ic akn in eaumb shinonn d. and genta. as in wl as the d iael d ntmbas wandshe imbasldor as d thenite stases.r >> sh aecisn ca oyehe te maithst. the hd s ofaisca o thh ishe harinf di dd.isio th iin. d thio is/11 tefecisn ths1 t. >>eporr: theisraved to ira nd>>orheverrand tora100,0 wid to uanercor bk acco0,t hehoug bongeto wid o the uco b coheug bgearte ththeyrresd aabsihen th plateande i new orkey es asiepteer 2n th >>lan thde iayew skce thete 2 defe ant'>>arreth, he confsed sishe pticition the fet'rehe nfd alled pcion p t.he as wl all proded p oth w avalule iormaon a emenofrodheth i nianlu ima a go rnme rol inent. i an >>eporr: a orne gogenemel erol hderowed t u.s.ould old >>eor ane i nian neer hgovermented t aountle f s.ld d lege i ploan ve nt congssma amarcntrubi fsits on gelohe hse selt ngmarcbits tellenceon hel cmitt.
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>>e shldn'be llce spris by we s uld>>esh an'rmedhis i sis thbyameoverent sd a edditis to ying toill two e ert bassors i ttio uningdo lwo stat samgovementryin to gss ahos of a tni nlear apon. at amve nt>> rinorte the pent gonhof a sayst'sot n parnning on t r teresphed wint for. th i notyss pripin wir f mi taryspwi aorion nran.thotp iriran f predentalli themiry a pln an. anrentli fabhecati plhild ory.ab ti >>ret:ener for gffinld live t the entay.n. thk y. >>t:er or g moin fro ve jamhe rtaetan stath y depamentatern thmoro sho am rin man ntao iscu hepanterth howart terr pl s m h nsecu inteigen com ttee rter chplrmanike h rer teenomee chanes. r thk y for bng th yere.or >> wt doounow b aut is? e. how riou wdow a was ? i w ouas i>> vy seous. th is put i orati plo to vommises.n thsut i asssinaon otilo nmi ssna e uned stes mae me un ss t unid stamas. m at ort aion, the tni wasta o lo an, ofhe disssioarlyas onnd chaian olothf intisligeioe lymmite thn kep u ai o nt
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geinfoed itthep ulong the roce fo re. earl ong thehe hce conv sati.s. co ersarlons n' o nehessar hy ma nvti cme.cosas whatippenethisarmaas trafer c of. atpeis therar of mey.he ey bieve m.heyave the co bect ven th was ayehe c-cot thas a c t-ou ou th mov the meynd i to ito atherthov lheel. m i iranross a s ioustot l l .>> bt: t aorne an ss sgeneusl sa s lcifilly ere re b t ele antsne iide he nesa sfi y ania e govnmenle facson ie po t iain tooven theacorce ttas partf tpoinohe iraance t rt t relutiary ard. ra wh is the knoedge o owretiy d. whhighshisenthenogep? dresi nt mghmoudst madijad youopinn kn his wassioing mud did ouin kn onsasng tal authat w knon th rep licaguar wer al a tusin w anoions tth geteapoepcaarer in a synsems t tgetet po s. sdierin iqsys tt ser. i belve ty didhe se
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el t afgnistid. s th isroup of iivid ls at t sfgtestf ranth uses tupf iid supp t t s hezllah an these t rrort ctivppies tat useezah ahe noo pro orivs upyriasend the o ro tionpiahes. ons. theyave cleaisto o spsori thectivy. ey e we keawhisto is conctedo sp ri hetheroupfiv ppleho a ks s onrespedsiblfor conctin alle up th pe a actitieiust sp tblkedr abouon in lin athitioto thahisct iie at ste th tdoldl sous we' aio ha sgointo g a nuc arsttheapodl s anwee' donare wha he in g uc wod thkspo if ou putan toneha pies woth totheryou ifut t kno a oldie b.i.genttoeer calud tt no clue ald th doe not l ki. goontalor t e se orue l dersp othoeot ira lnoo abily to densehis lrs o rapartular ilto oratiens rtar oti bre so methg ts codinad th pnnedut cored noo hapthn titho the cona knthledg pof ted pside conoap ohofhekndg t pde iraq o aq >> hd fothemo arg ty di't he a kwled of h fothisemrg t gin thlarg mon nvoldid ha in khisedfartilar is giperathonrgonol in.s thti soprsticionfra ung
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thei ithelliopnce,icnheir lita u ei int iligeliee, fcesir tsidtaof the coury inntge fs me co idheouin. me ey rruit somody o s a cutut to do ritomy asassinution,rett t sophticaod sff to aveas ainn,tt high evelph ofca sopproel to me forwghd.elf bre thettory ro tonera mandther inse t rw re heor adnist tion raderns t a pdgin adst on the wi beonseence a p inwhenheyear tha inegarthwie tora it'sesce usuly a enylapr onhanar to tht'su apn wri. nothing gnifant. whatoest mn? ri todaafte nog if a utathes m thwaed p t thdaete wil b ea a coequees what oes wa pthil b tt coue atsean? t in ehorterm,his what hn?e it mean . weavert hm,s miocr at he stport fromea wee h t m ecropea srt a iesom. th is the t opp etuniea to and a s as tse th aresheadppnio d aacto. s th is t a natnretate tha es rtoourc to sthports at terrteha actitie outse o rrco sthe rtatef ira rrctiets o dangousndee e era we an
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ngsrankee uphe astso ma the les misnkablep awe tsghto mahe i loon.isle th is t ctaressa to i chinn.ave ths c beesao ine inslled ee th. th iourppornityonsed joth the res oth the iorldndrorty t ajohees oheldtop t thi fmhe rroratio sta.p t en thire a fays to or iota ter e foe a he t as t tivies aund,hichs r morefo a aress e wh vi the ad,ch acrevityn a issq wheacty. iq me wh ahanian. it imptanto sd a car w ani . gnalitmpnt s a c. al the itedtate won torate.his. bre is is e ed rtehed?on e ancytotes. invved ret'ss car r d? whathey d. a y t thnv fdts c the at stoy his th f he paicul pttos this tha arepaul phiuckyha arre w vulrabl tohis ky atck toughhe exicarulblos cart at tghic s?rt >>n la enfceme theore epar youreheucki >>la yonfgetmehee in ts sen t sarsou wkingki
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andomebyoy wht aeady t en re trtin o w retngad deb whacti aty tdyrein the oet unitid t stes.he rugniarte ss. a ivit g.te a itrtune i t sseha is is un i guy they s choo s apoacho pheuyyho deaapch p eatogeer a l o cditbity the ganition ge real l dea to o tha ctby hend wenionere al founatea t i thankt swsee ublifoyathe t seatengt a cntry likli t irgt a cryould uiko cduct anirld u opatiothatouldesul cct a i thdeat ofopioatldulmbasdo io the that fited stas fm sau as abiando posblyhe i ael edrighta her fau on iaos ye il gher.s. onil. l of t shistatiohat was . ed. nd tf t cutut it s stio uld tve s bn dficu t utt d b tect dcu . erybcty i gueakes miake ong .e wa the etteybi ees prered the lmie g wa enfoemenwas d th aree te were predredhehey lould fo enhopes atchthtre a ngweredy theld w. pe inch ahisnstae w caut ihe eay in the w in oratiwhic s wata wortuteau ieainheor otiic
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tu us. ceainlthes. saus. >> bt: lt tngor ce thnlee sptic abo tau b ti lng o t thi the sicbo tnnouementi ohi juice partnt uer fe, gettg subenasouenjue ort u f the ttoperion ubst aas ouriohe ern . a at d yio saythe dadmi ystraon ss wi the esti of ayeimin ofe t mi raanno scemewi ofhe tif hisinf t nomefs vestatio >>'m cirmaof t stio mmite, a >> c thema timin of it ais whe desnedrounin tf w seesdun t ielf. if.. can ll youhat.. th a esten indiduaou artet.he cck tic ngth a tend aruaignmt. it te was a c jiciaic cloot ar nm litiitl clk. liasen, have a l jialo o sagrment ithticl li, ve t l admi ostraon i tgrnknthishperaon w t oper mira andl throusout rae w hann erdls.out itapped whtnnapped.s. 's itpewh notometng tpeyick orhoos whe totet t unfdk orosheed.
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nf bre tha youorour time . >>ongrsion inv tiga rsre haou fosingrn t ope tionme ft >> grandonnvgafong t furus.peon f thaile d oratiurith. tthle xica car oltiendih t a new sucaoenao atrneyarenerdi ic hder. ew fonewssunaateyerearn hr. tha tfows suoenaeeksommucati rn from dozha topustisunaksmuti om ficis.oz ssib wit thetihite hou ci rson l ibitheteou day,he onerro ploolde wa aske abo y, theroloperaonde wakebohe.ra. [ indibl] >>ompl inbl in>>plndequis to trk itith wteui he hereo d witohe jticetrith w h depament re dit jce. pa nt >> bt: wwill have . specl ocpy wl seet b w llav edion the gpevi late ecoc w s text,edn he gvi the enat aste present ama't, jobheat bilest a'ob. , ev rv' il evv'
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sesidert ob oattacd t ke anu. bs iue on id twoobaac fro ts tay push g le islatn. hearwog frheros teopl he h shle at ked r seor wte hplse feigne h d he afirs orreondese wen wll h f gognr has that sry. af s atre adeen m ting igoha pitburg ha spres.ent ama t a e mraceng i remmenittionrgof t cou il est ona bs and ece comtitirenessen on td toou the aones oo and mu asom theti css w houttohehe a lp o aongr s.mus he c >> s wurut t s ogr r ort. s idtifyll thosereas in rt. whhidfyeseasn cwhct c admistravelyitho addionalongrsion thoratio anjust et imiralyho ddie.algron orio anst i >> dmprong t rdsnd idgi a>>portro tnd r seart p li of he gi aecomrtndatn and rucea heeeds lipprofl omof aatebt d eds wearo at citol hilea tenn cseeolenat cker il suestethate hhe nnong ermulatfor creatrgsuteat hob g ulrat jobs >> tre a oth this to me ebs cou tep in a tru t athhito me ou jo tbsn it'sy hop tt ejosill dol.
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whit hse offialsayall for t cut ndit h regatoryfflsl r reli tutegor donllow to obs li planon ow publoans ve tir os prosal a whe h sean blficis sai tthe oepubca nonee prll halewhhe h re blicci conaiess e hisub ba liknoe h reicons is he baik wght. >>ith hth paresushi wt. fo i>>epenh nt pollsuggt ahi 2poin wingfo ien in v pside's f or illgg ter ofho the 2inrust tong in cree pde f ier of he o br? re>> bt: wdelloler le jo .in torthbr awn. bthan wller you le stoc wer tth medn. anodayou dolost 17. oc erp00 g mned pnt.ay nasddost7. p gd p7.. sdill ead, a livpdat fr the sta dep tmenl andd, iv jas roatn on tlot frheota epen dll taudijaroon tmbasdor.t o fit, ting tdi cngeheasr. fiecto tl cog eg resn c oe swg ste. toco r oswst
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[ le aounc ] inlindasteests evenagu s che pro. pr o?! t i'[ bee abuyinc ra forinearsnd tets enu chpr pr! i'eeyi raorrs [ inki ] iondewhatther qutionle cices've de? [ ki ideaterquon cese ? '80sanceusiclays sigh ] 0sceicys [ le aounc ] chse tte. ooserego gh [ anc ch t. sego teleone ngs aaaaaaaaaaaa to pair lee s aaaaaa o ir gay... he ng u ..why we ve so ny a in r na? ga.. u soe'reist fi..t y e the honeo ook. an na kn ves s ansodge.restfi you ow fheex cne k.vean ee. w? kn esane.u f cll, dex ips to p ets fromactoes aund e wod, , x s p omto a thd clewo em throh cuoms, andhat' helus x cs faer.thlemrocus, eat ea.dt' elyou now ou g c faa .righfutue t .herat aaauaaaaw aaaa ga... a ghtur aaaaaa.. malannocer sply ain lutis. fed. sutio thamatt .alnor sy n ti d siohatt
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6:24 pm
remas ma by the ria ptor. smeon'telie tha mamayhe disiv pr. 't diiesivehass bed o rigio div has lace i tdisve b oount. r io >> tse rigio s mceters t havehentothi t d wit te rio quaty o mfrs sebods ve abhiity dit oua o sodabyead. d. we e talng aut whher rmonm i ct. ise al is aidicous. wh r on it isot c reve ed hims icleads.g thrace t thveim les gadlopthollceas hth ahd in l gplhreeay honte ahin wi caiansa and pryee but te new ampsre, wimneyaiassand p ut whping1-pot l d i ew theps, ey lastwhngpo ld m iistollhe ove laain an cgresan raul td mtl ve at3.n no oeran ces rl candate treak doub dig sat in t o leaoff ccus staanteak ub iowig rney t leaeaf csta 220 ow ov r caiyea n pa 2and mheleachmovnai an per re hpaerindt mle thm doubanerigit mar hin tperrplund in ub tit plsar si e hirrun instwo w tkebat p tingand ssi exphitedo w atck rneyat tightver new ngds xp drepo tha predent at oba ry tht r d whewe hse a epoeldharent ba etinonbama re wh w hh a
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exdrts atdvis inomnema on w theealt are formexes is plemtene inn msachetts. elt e rry rmoppeinhe emollsn mchtsnd y pe in srelsndaced s cricis rryed bcrafonis sai cai ys a dpple and bonaiai cnellest s said caieedsle tond cllt " tidai offdso his " sboli cckff pip a hi blk sli c cservive. ip a thedon' wanlack bl pele t thi for crve. urse es. hen' an thisckshy pe t thehire uoret wit se. hean ainis msing ihe the u tit he ti forn mg predentl i repuheicanomin tion d oplere ltiteniorrent t puaninn le lni m >> t t race a rigio m emer d as tache g.p iss as rio the ltew ds and t eras g ssndides aee lectn w lhe l be dnd t dec ed id act w o enomyec to tt endhris o emy c isie t nd sa his-- chrhriseaid he cie tked osa r hneyhrnd pryis d andhe td deced ry p deec washe bt fotheconoc leas cer bfoenole. c bre rudgiulni ss will n runor p
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6:27 pm
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6:28 pm
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6:29 pm
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6:30 pm
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6:31 pm
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:36 pm
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6:37 pm
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6:38 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
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6:43 pm
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6:44 pm
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6:45 pm
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6:46 pm
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6:47 pm
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6:48 pm
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6:49 pm
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6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
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6:53 pm
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6:54 pm
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6:55 pm
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