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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 11, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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>> d at wll 15 avars oo"e atct."5 s >> en y're"inaln th no sn ct ne. y e hidthe s al .to ght, ide cdrishrise al entorsest,itt mne c cautn, y areisbout to enest e ent the ut yreuto spi zo fromnt e masshuses. "t pictorbegi rigzo now fm ssse "torgiigow >>ill: hi i bilo'rely >>l: repoing nighfromosto ilre po mag achughtts.omto anksor wchinus. ma're hure ts.oelebte t th ks win. annie rsar tof t foxebews t ow. stons m secd ho. ni army toxs par ts m .here on m eci aende b tonniveityt ar m rvarreand work loc new a de in bhen citvesoy ware ry hap ard rktoocewelebte ton htin init we apssacsett we w l ha thealkieb poisonn me on e far lft actt whahekioi prosts ttineven ore metensn ifa l o send smenttoroght.s in enut fe stns i le oory. se santtunntogt. ferre p lot y.coved byhe nnd.a. andherr pt ve by d.nd f.i
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two menoth tiedo fhe oenthrani d ds foe, a ricalni rani opfoatio abasein ral tehn trdni enlt a op cariol tselop eho emtrssiein nlaashitonar t andlo emiehi nkillhendaudirabin bassor. torn genal ec llold de tdibi aouncent rlie ss. rn entoda e ld >>th t anct ieomplnt da >> aeges tt isonspacy spl concved, s aespons ted aas irecsp y s fr irancnd nsonst autesec flagnt frra vioatiofst uess. a agioio inteatiol la u ancling convtionha teiolaxplitly oteclgiplots fm nvon bei liy ha lo feiddit n to hhaldin. hese invidus acituntae foo thr alged le i hinhise plo indu ac thtaunitfo stas isommi edthald ito hdingo ithnittais amiountle or h ng s acons. i ant >>ill:ere w o acs. alyze at suld done a far >>l:e aze sd on ar ir is ncerd,ur rcknd har piraces er rckdu. o gu ar aeste p oneesndu cu ody gud aprent atene coopatin 's a cuy apnt irian-eric op in rest in axas dnher o thirn-icla but a stn atts neyr geral
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th la ut lderaid, ttty gal unid stes d therobamd,admistra ton theye gog to holdran ni st coun ble. thammira eygoto ol wh doethat n an? une. whathoultheyo? wh whoe dats tt?an? atuley exacy. thwh're d a dficu t posion? becae th plo ac th wase ot dcu cosriedn cath lo ouas anthe cspecedhado ou exosiv ane ec idn hisosit n sexiv it iis mplites e ca. it wh s there gtng to to d is rp up anclionss nca whhe g t tran. d hava wh e a rayupfcsn sationalrey inlacen. av agwhnst ae inian vernnt agsanst onereince agt i ranolut nary guarnrd rps welagas tt quorce anwe rutryua s el tquce sangle o indidua to sctiobut t sle opastnduahe siot unit stas un tr priden obamhas ne tardst a ittaunpren multamaters app tach dere ey'vwait on her cotrie the eu peanlterpph fore exam've, oittheyn e gor thrgh coie hethe u.neuanecuryor counaml. oeygo hrin ts ca becse e .nurooksun like tcairececoverent vernntksosti ket, anec aert rn warti a a ainst the uarted ates becae ifhislould aave st he en criedut, u woud hese be carcaed oif on ss.oilld e whic was f cgraned, ouctf arbear o n agnst eoi unid stat ics f tant at ty sh ld dagbarrt g anni
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at ki of t milary str ke w ch tsh d rr thank isroba y oki thefilyabletr w giveththisisba ohe admistrion go leforwd wi ramd pveis dmtrn o sanc ons,rweriowi oneam niti onethat a reancys,io ne gog to be ttisneategim ad,ea ofours gotohmadejads t deing y ndim a o ofvolvrsent, ad couade, b g deg eadnd d itlvt, ou b ilatallydon'adwaitn d e eopea andon'tat glyn'ito th eeand't u. bil i d't kw ife ha enou clo to ke ipain.l forra il d kifha ouloo iin t fo makra a fferce. we tn frze iaknian asse. worwlter.urop n u on we fr i an s iraanse sset andore halt to wk wiop u t w rantertionet d ha counitto cvinc-- wwi t>> bl: wve ted tdo tha er on foeigh coit we ied do it b w t t i thhak in fogh as. lot e ke td so it vingtheeninhwardith me t form tion b omin ava ablengnardh at tir t e ntenrmonsn bine,vale 'll obab getor t t en coseratn fr thee, intel atioabl coetunit of crse wil the coatinesfr theheurop nte iocoitunion ce il foexam e.e >>esill:heoesnop tr, thiough foam rus>>al:sn and thehine d't th gh oper e wisaustionndhene ira d n er surwive a tt'thesa cron theattera it lway ha n beenur a t t' e canrean eure. hetetaya en
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both ay ann milurar actn noa partf th thuati. >>ilo, ion'tcthinknot's the rt thtabl >>ill:k,tiou know i th>>k i 't nk yos re heright. i blme >>l:e ha kowthraq ayo rit. ghantan oopshere.haq a ann psre got to pis the omeh, thou. an it'sotot tobe ia p pubche waehto t wld ss it ou a an's t iaub t waunit t sta ws se it s i wheer a make se aests of t ittaseitheople >> wak don s kno atsf wheer ts rogu ftion and wthinlehe w onno quhe t hs high p gu fonnd win iis .qu h obabh a rue faion. iwe d't kw if it sis arove by ab r fan. clecs a ahminej. d kift ave >>byill:hey' alws gog tole ahmej de it. u ha to >>sumel:fy' it'lwsgo ato qu guyhat ey kdew abt . hait.o me irt'an a thereot quuyt kab . iranhe freencin >> ectly lookyou re tkingbouthe biest ng t m steee sinonso e ly oferro inoku he tngutwod. >> ill:bin tht tst ssorld. sinof 197ron and hewo >>slaml:thd. in97nd reluti, tham coury h be expitin terr .retithou h be>> bl:xpin tt' wrrt mke it b s t w imrtanfor eext mketlectn s hav sebod wellim tanughtr tct ou abou av sodis.ll t ht thas whthescandates the ouou g.o .ideed. to ha gwhesndes seri s foheign licyuestns.o anid notd jot g sel tingrifon cyst
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an - otseleing jelng >>ill:y an lgeumbe - le g e, b ins >>l:an lumbe be t wo. b ind aoorkg on nlearbet. we ons. a ey'rcarrng okon tse kind nar oferroist lotsnd ifwes. 'rrr otheye ar td wiin uclerot tsf weons,hole thereyarwillga. bil thale youery ch. precte y comweg ups,oleerga bo ha ouxt oy the .ndow as wec yomup coinuerom mass husebos, t. ocupye owsall reet couem ssse t pyl etroteer gettg ev bolr an teer ttevolan acto "ftor"nvesgati uncered at ty rely wt. wetol te you "fr"estinced tre w weteou haba co. yeahi to nygl bud m std stbed . [ mabe ancounce] uth ah, nytoil dygsn't d st-stust youd nose rely? mance h ny d 't male nnoutuer ]ou se ka-sretzer?lus quidels fits y r wolet ou ] co sym oms,-sers ids ps itelies yo stuy no .fi ywo coyms, [ eep eathpitie yotuno ankou! at's he c[d trp h!th nk! 's ctr malannocer whaif tt herrho pai nontop seale? alnor a thehoai justonarryp ea ?w praratn h tabl. stscrery, lile t espr atpackh wibl bigelie
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caitalne'sew cashewar car vesou a0 peent annu bon.caal's shar arso y ear 50 pcentes amorepeash.tnuon if yu'rearot s pisfint wit50%re moh. cas senit bk! re sfiit%moasen b i'lle rit he itinfor .llri hewh woul't wint mor cas whul wmo asinses chping ll ke i i' makseit rchn upngn he. l i [ me anunce] th newi' ak rpitaupone hesh rardsard. man ce ththe wrd f peo e ta e o wa r 50%dsore e feo wa0%e . whas inour
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llet sor i'lcleathisp.ainr et sh uldnr hav'lmadeeat rais. sh dnavdera >> bl: psonastors seent nigh talngoints me he b r plnaor rseeat n thghalnt occy me r wa strt rearoteths tkingcc ace. rlier twaistr mornteg,00 tngeopl ar sted eree. in ie trn0pl aredestonn membs ofheo-caedccup wall treegrouon mbofca ese up lleeouantiapitist ople geing lot a enti e tiitt le ge usg lly t th a auesttin -what do ty wa? usy ast -at we t, "twa ctor has fou t. we nu"ter onorheasougrou want nu inmeeqlity thats t feds tingou mntney in fr the aeqluenty and fm at t fs tg mcorpyatio andivinthat fr hemone ato ten pndor and wking rp io ndassin iat thene t porf taxnd bres wng s i anhe oraxtitlentsre an mbertwo,tlts theeft wel dersndhat esidt ob a er iso,n bitroue beheuse ftel faltrsing onomso mt eidnob isbi iounbe e g lor w lt ag om m parally
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i fuing e emonratis ar l w a aring lye fug resteon totiar g emone thwethy,teo the stregyeing on toink ich thmerins wh thewey,he tr reyblicng par. thtoplank sh kiri wfhedevi s.reicar thanki f conncehe eric pviublic is e ealtone a coricpt p lill seet ople s e ttlt he a or de roye the onom st le and t thahe h epudeicanyeartye isom su ortid thehaad gs.puantys suti hein t gt way, pside oba is t reonsie. t wa pdeba s it the .o.presi noor tpi ittruhe..p therare me b p tple ipi fi nce. ure'sn exple. the ere fo ber pe h iad o fie. 'smerrexl lye.h e stle o'noll h banupte the coany rr tlydinin mtgag st'n ante he rivaves. coneily was tred int magalk vas. ils d aw witlk a awit 60 milon disgcefu ymwe stesse wsgfurs t v is st seneil w>> h are tou? vis llio of ople il lt hre?illns olla a mer ll liof leh. l yopullll lot f mnela a outer lf yo thlle andidn d a verot go mne job. o utw do youeel out at? thandn dero b. dooul t ?
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u kn, aot o pple usteyou. kna o pe teu. u dot he anying to dosa bil oeill d h notng tony go sa he i theil oll pos r gudforot whoat's wronwith all sareet. ieosgurh's bu theonreseth el conoetcess is not nei's buult,hese enossrobls t we ei ve nst, bausearacbl ama'bet at aoste n illi b dolsers iacfedel a' stt ulus at c ul tlirnol ide thecono ar nd cul t presheent nook a ar f d.ho felflat. all eset arotes nho the wod elfl. l te ll nhe chaoe thd fa. whayou see o t strts new yor nhath bfaton. and othhauee o t trties s no what ou gew.r bnndth th e ar eeseavynoolitats g inlved tharvy itand tha ined ia me. dha now, imeornoth vie on is w, e tthien pr nd m dl t css amerans ttin psed? m this ceek on ers inpb d?tavis isk snley rupbing seri sayg ye vi ths are sy rug ri ere e abayt 4ye6 th milreon amicanlivi bow t po rty e neab 4il amanvi b t
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15% po they opulion. in% heuln.010, 60 bilon 0,llaril 16of t ente feraludge waspentryi toarelp the 16 tnt falge wapoorenyi othat up lphe astndin or atp 400% sincstin1970 but re'shestat tha0%t may ncprove so70 pspecve o povet y.'satha accoaying the eparoventsof p ec o heth venduma cog seheicesartf hebouma se9% oesarica hav som kd ofou sstan odecandenavom m kos of th se peanle cnotardeenf livi. th sopeet'so thmath c.tar 15% or vi so'sthth 9% a icte% ybe vertis n ate excsive an e nomie probrtm. n joing us xcw fverom emiob l anges e vis inus smi fym lng ndis prossormi coell st w teaes a incenrooriver. socorofel or wealiea wit a you whcee am gng wroerhe e?sofeliit >> oull ihink whamroheou' goi ong llcaus ii thnkk thlensu'oi at g usththns y're uingtis no ting onac t yt e1% ug othetino ng n pulaacon, 've d t % oe0% comerowt go t thela top, 10e pper 1% o0%olati h
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mewt t81%eop othe er ocomerowtin tti las h 251% o yees. wh doethat ean? mewt tas 5 ye whoeatn? ose othe andiste the thepla, i slesso bee hereheith ndem.teh e an i'm bhessedpl o beart ss eir vemebe, thre'reh n. an m bllinedforbe t enti emen . r me ththeyeant nbs wh a ving in r wa.tien eyt wa ng wa ey kw th corratis d not kyth xesorti d t es .3 tllioof o sho tax hans f theell do. t iorkin opeopho payax the xs aha fhel . th're so lingobs s inopayhe y ha to aook at m th de r l gs s brotr, yill, romha theook vtageat m d int pooandking eoplote dl,mhe vge t oodngpl the ws i whicouendhe w to i wan wt ticoromo rathnd inannsel tnotnlyog welmo th but in theelt toolyelgrdy. my theoobroth. >>ill:gre're.hasi s nley o'ill wn t thstet >>l:resi don sey thini'm pmoti o'nybol t whost isoingonun wardinm ptibohohis aisutng unrd th. ok -t'ot tha the a - th >> c onic - -t'ha he >>ill:ait a nute - cnoic fibusringhere it>> notl:hatt he mesge ite fwronusng reit'sot tt th messite isott es i wron we dneed oon tig en'sp t thethssis
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on d loedhole igeverody ows heat. back oma - >> wt doou mloinle ery bys . tigh n?ba o - bil w bardok oba ha mchosin not do at.y u ha to vegh at t ilarob hawheroseverody t payo s.. haere o en'these kin t o erery doyes. u ca t pa e mo'tyse inerse, th kinof stdof.. capao yes. t wh these -- ny o th tinsest otesrs a may yos. wh bhe- o t wa to dt my n xtes q astioayyo to b wao dtays. n qio u wa theoverent foibly waheert eize the foly asssnd then disibutzehe itss tther peop whoenheyisutt dem terorth opf ho y thmonethathey at'sociasm ahat th notneaty . gog toork re. 'sia a what do u saot gotok . >>thre who saings nuer o i wast soc lism>>re appantlygshen baid o nu o thbank is ithe asrst tace.ocsm palyn ai o th nkat p ittye t e. mchit a tex ook p yfinion osoci mism,hate difor e bas tt yon'texk want oni o cim,tknowdge,umbe dir t ymberwo'tou'r ntight abt ow the,factbe te.t ertanl'r o'nllhtb thct spec tullyhoulhaveeen nl asedown 'ne siwalk he suld ec alyedulven t oedn asiountlk s d anitaise a cplef a t qu ationnt numb ansea conef knowou quon d 'tmb onno
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-- bil d wha do you min liedboutit --il hawhatoid iie uinabou >> edutbil said at i you were rig >> yil werrighaiabou >> bl: ipolo yze.erig yerghou >> lm own. b i lolm d.n. >> bl: i cal n. d b ial >> evebody li. ll, u e, too >> vedyotheli . bil i d 't , lie, profsor. tore y he goil d >> ion'te,now out ofat!r. t y >>ill:'m rht autgo i'tw t ! o'ill. t i d to orre>> thel: r a profsor o is ayin tt'm o' l. pr otin thati ndto i'mrehe nof r is protininit. t prinat 'm yore rht aut n prin. yo r -- a -- bil sto >>yo hav't a ed ilto a esti >> ye >>avill:et d an toha the a ti ye >>otesl:rs w dntto he is picys ince redi ribueson, wtais hat' pync whatt isnd tt' wha y dibu, tat' at anis tha the y profeorwa. you nt fced anncomhefewa distu buti f.d >>om'm sll gng tfini my int. u'reighto goftertanl stti >> s g tneilniy i kn yout.idn' mea reohtgooernl thil. i knn't ount tn'belieae th o meot too th buttanl th neil thei aret ou t olirth me fivtoth utblacnlceo' i ilherehis oiv aco'coun iy. yochoo a g atserri ly huno ma him-
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yooo gt >>riill:nock t oflywithhe mabimck bines wilyou? >>l:ckofth bes il>> u?bill w o'ill? ll w>> bl: o of e thigs tto'l? ppen. b we oreatf verydy t sam herehi tvis. youendo n. weatry tam re bil it esn'matts. ouethe ntheye blk orhite bi ilt n'tt the bothemeyine blorte whbi we' talng aut hesheot fae nesswe'ralki abo whe'al a h juice here, wre fass tal'rng ki bo abt not jue hee,roteing w wll al st et, abt on--ot ty' be te g wrest g ptest s, st, onbi, le ty' e anrigh strestg ptestpsst l t abi le an ri ghght,ow tal on fostx n pewst l a is tt it t, t costinno tpaye moy fopole to titooin tye mofoolo their b, n one he nneankhe c restundrs ofk ptests t c nne stdrofanr pst nas gane t jail f h cres. g t >>ill:hey dn't vioilat any f h cr. la .>> l: >>y 'tiony howo yoknow? la >> >> bl: hdit.owyoow knocit off! >> l the b h. oc fredary leing.he why uld u say somhing le th, brdaher?leg. y d ayom l u dotht evbr havr?the
8:17 pm
iden. yodon'know doevav e >>ill:rofeor, ld i en ifyoou'rn' goiow to mak >> al:fe, i if 'r oicusaon, opressoak a lene sa aca, micprhatso a'nei or e ot r faleatsncact wl ei r stet bke t otfaw,ts bck it w st up b t whataw d thebrea bt up at dheea >>fe weble to >> eagef in w instigion d loe at wha o s gng o eetween in07ign lotndha g owe 08 my hch s we ouldiny me havi hy otheweld bil youhunc >>yeahwe cvi't get tohe it il ou nc bil may thas >>ght.ah c yoetcan'omake anit accatio on il ayhunchat. yon'ken ccbiio, th e ha bee -- nc >>ill:bithhaeeou st >> --l: maj texout ere. you' a reer. u're re-er. ajex t you e.ow tt. u' >>ill:ou gs core up,. you re re . ke yr la choou a t >> l: g coincep,n orou w reve ylaoo ael you ceor devep an wve iegaly ani wi put onel the our. ve noan ialanwi t nhvis, pertyn noamera. is i t focss, ptynf youer i tpboc seri thiweekou pb jt rihi peksent sta tt show thatover js n pnt justa a t
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econwic probatm,er iis a nus soc al on obprobm a i aocialoc sponbili ob aoble pernalia respsibity prlem. u knon thalis tr. yetleyou n't erntiolthat spbi prm. kn ha tr . fiett ofu t ioatal thasot te, ll. fiof heregaindo yourha t ho work . you jretinoloud d weshoorko hi u jtol d howork w you you. u'vehiot sn the scialnd ho rk noread heu ou veanscpts. s th tald to s palsonshore noad bstaebusssc this. we .alto p nsu'reronggainmyfrie . ta weso ta abhithatwe iss i re thngsinpeal. iechecit ou we numtar be.t ss mberwo th isis ape. sial ec ou obleumbut 's ao er po itica a slprobm. th rank of tlet a poorp pocaob thnkoor tn this pountrp arn isrowint a exnentl exnentlly. st othemwiomennd c ldreexnt almo 50 llioamerans e ling b ow tex povntty ly.e, o emit'senot j ct srestan mo0 buseio er s anthe ottoli l bine t isov lhat the 's j s woant thg yocanose oane atoes humabeintof ahe woces,thfyo an a lors of amain a cedsss, a tmake th fee rs a csvisie, to m teke em f ltheesi doposae m nd a er f ough-- bil verspecic destisa. i ha a 30 se >> ilerece ti don ha0 ses. radite .on >> bl: vis, you calmn di
8:19 pm
no yotold e to balm down yos,calmoumwn. got no yoldtomdownsends. yo lm allight. . >> ill: t %re s. l ri t?ll ht th can wor>>l:k.% th're ing be poo ctyou ow i ri thanor all ght? th e g so, eiloo ab e,u if its l t? be, use subancebabse at d youtoit tho be e ubopleceabvis douo doouho t the -- dles theis gornme pay hem?do whatheoes d t govhenmen dreal go meick?aym? >> can swer n at15s toven dal k? cond n er5 one,ou d't doniz thesnd u ha don you e,n't d diz crihenali povty a you hakeon to do a u out fdrili ovprog ams tworkor u hosehoo d a haverobls bud the mogorit trk se oferics, veain,blfbull he race bi mitf all oflorsic n, o all cereedbiare t sstanll rs l abers.ede theyon't san he wor beus wa strabt ras.d an ey't pileorage thnatial tasur watrraan >>ill:ll rilht i'llagive u on thti m torur ato thin>>l: rabt. lle onthe munorploynt r e aongo llegin graatess eunoy r ag eg5%.raes all ght,e'l hav meith euys at'. a l lt,ely'lav meh disc sion we asreci ae th bei her a and gagi l in yedebe. scon a're ciing th diseisser w d gin hean cn isbeing attked e g is by w me he afr can-aisricang andttd lar, 1yyearof "e fr-afacaor"nd havsome
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la 1ighlarhts or "u. fa crr"k uphose avmedv'shls we' be ght ck. crupsedve'e t . tltltl otiol he? ar't y getng a lile iustrl? tl okayiotherhes engh e rgy righarhere yn ametica. a li itr yeahover00 yearwortayeren eyghreama. aher okayso yar meartyou stigno thenvirment acally 's caneray yeau nohe irnt d, i acprlyides obs. cer d itelps r ec omy. i pres s.okayi'm steng. it[annpsncer ecaty.onocphilps ay m weene heing wer amera's onomnn er wiat cleocer ailorda naral s... wehe g r moer jobs lesomemisons,wile
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ada nal .. moob esa isod as,wer r evyone soby r ucinthe ima ct o aprodr an protting ur so rlandinnd we oodon anotng nd w ..mighget job on we adua. ght b one ua
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8:24 pm
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8:25 pm
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8:26 pm
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8:27 pm
it's's . not ju. it n >> bl: it.escring s md 's ott! ju >>the condhing bs iiscrg m solu ly h r yo poi and>>e indng toldisou earlr, i a re lu hyooih nd u, w ld mushaverlespe i and a vil alogn w thiusvepend l ogount abt ouhi lici.nt when habermou cai iulte bla folknd scid th. wer en hrmai itela ainw hed,lkhen s saithtoer or pple youeoor and you'nw notd,ich n daiou on't p e ha a joou bamrnd u'urseot.h diyou't ha cock bamse diu hern ca but c yowanto chkellante w?er ca>> butl: hd it i yont chsagr la e th ? h bman hin oit aot o i ingsgr on ts h on , i' ogivi a o -- on gsis sue, do t ooui'vi agr- n e,witho hi >> bl: lten me and'llgr givet la thworhi b ln etands.l heai velar thif thta he afhican-eric comnitys th poticay brnwasd beuse theyafote n-mocricic eomry ttye. pocarasbee ey e thcr is e t pot wth discsing i'm t ru ing ths m dowpofor at. w sc nggo m ahrud.g mow r la wor go.. ah >> laoro. ltword. e i >> hs l. ot igog h t g - everody se ngo t - erbray wash n.
8:28 pm
you ve t ackwled ashhat when u you tck diedespeedtresint en ama theouinteiew,hat wdipe a ceain nd oersosil a hetew, t atck w to ceand n -- oso at >>ill: ow d ito d - disrespt m? >> not>>l:n dis aspowin h to answ whe otou he a ain ho exch geswhe h ev aybod aknowdged ch tevod t way at yr aisreowectedas t t unju ifiey t cutng h off. ju>> biel: p fessr. ut h off.tais b psshat' yo opion o the oma ta inrviebutt' yo ypi kno owho heked thobamnterew? inama!iet ynoo d >> i tham noter s?ying y cana!sk toh ques>>o ins oti'm ying slayng y tansk pe toesns m ngy t everpeody ameca sou keepdiespeing m y er y cuing m ofme s epdipeg m cu bilg i ioferrued predent sh jt th samayecau ere' ailtim iruitrentor the jtham au terve'ws.imi hed i - >> a rig. rv. - pring aor igu. prayg foyo pr prging r yo prayg foyou! ayfo yo bil i'mlad u le m prg yo an you'ay prafongu! f il'm.d l m d ha toee i youanu'ra hat fme pl ty mhae ahod as ieoueatme alon thispl mevahingas
8:29 pm
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8:30 pm
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8:31 pm
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8:32 pm
arrs psimpan blo tes wi che foriverrobls. mecprnt mptelo youesdoct abowi heher ordiciers yoblre t ing. teouctbo r ciyo tor ve musc paior wknes thatould ie a u gn of ssciousaiide wfectes at ldask a ur d tor soutus e highctholeerol. k dr tghleol plue bldup. d ifrest is ght r yo pl bup ififstou cs 't at ordyo yo med atio if c atrazdeca yoy beedble io hel aza bee el >> bl: ithe pactegme toght, b ie ct eme tot,5 yron theox 5 y newshanneand havhad ite ride we a numr onin pmeti ws nene ind av ad ri and e havbde an um on fo12 y prs.ti y? nen and taav a lk. fo y. ta l >> thinkou' a scining,timutingoman but in ju'on know why y woind sag, tmu stung thaanou t uno w sa. y yomust ave woown sau we t tu ha gog toet i troue. sa >>hy? yo st bile comn onwe thi isgoto i
8:33 pm
ameroua! we>>e se? a tea ilom eroionnhi thr coitme to er wediseppro a ofrug roe.n thcomeo that one of g the sond obleis - >> satp yonether forl on e s d welel getoo f -ahe o s yoeror. on i wegeo fsagre wit ou. i digree >> s whogrsomeit ale c i anyou ve gatteetdiee u kn s iho gmeot allle my c tth an knu ked gt pling etckey a kn i fatr hajustyiven te- knd pl g he hey a h art athastentack you hnow hy yo frid biie w ckkilld? ou w yo i riuld ver nt t bi w spec ate llhyeas i killd .r t >>ill:ow o weryou en ecu goe so ig?ll > l:was owayseru big r gohan e ? otr chdren bils youysigon't wtoiln otchen anyb y, d ilyou?ou 't i wnt ttrea youilhe w ybu tr dted .u? yo ve k led i r tean,ouur w men, urtrd hildn anour yo kbiesd n, bil i kw i'lda kanler b es m il ki' kot gngo klanody. new rkerget ur hotoan g althat kany. inebraa, tugh. w ert ho al at>> inhe inra th.tracrs, u kn, it lik who n i wating theac, mure it wknileitikho iatg e y're m ie we thton? >> bl: yowe i come you did tth tuto inta holwood bomouidpho? tu>> nt i'mol ood tie to a ste,ndo i'm yingo 'mmysef, ohat t theieo
8:34 pm
a ll ast dm ngng ohere?set he>> bl: ner tk it a riou dy. >>ever?. b n tit >>ill: os chi ren oun't >> er dersnd w youe aing biza e an>> thil:beveryhin tvery rs wou ag trouing chi ren zaoan donhi ry ve rydireion. i tnk is my oboug ahisn onn ren. t i my arst tbe o a treushi ople ar tbu oons. t >> bl: thire i a kind of le bus. b t iinf selfensohip. do y reayensothgs? lfsop. i ver i nther ?do! >> ull i r feaers. my.othe live in t n h use! i lew uin.eas. my heu'revenvit t to hmeeere. uu're.ot iited tonner i wo d nreer eito withe. you. re iif iedaso theer wo.i. n e i wldit u. foll youhere r yo iwenthe. w >>llhas ouid wrereyootnt a teat toatiolserity e>>ns the w tt gove menttotseliosaidle're not.sety e >>heill:k, allrit, ve ntdoelc.idre t.d stl sht a >> l:u.llri d goo donny' wit ou stshnd a go y' it evywhe youent. somee whwantto c dow on ds evheout.ansmsion mewhhent cown wll ve o pares b we' not goinsmto aonow ahe illal dug w in here nd o aru're be'otoing to in a a bellve y drsel why en'tinou sreing at? reng o >> illalrugs donbe yel y 't equ sg ? unprecti sex >>llgsonqu >> bl: ery sdy s sprtiex - >> c i b-- b e s s - c b
8:35 pm
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8:36 pm
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8:37 pm
frere to u thapr t c neox and a l wsasen o f the oo thha li ral newsnd lnetwks? oe yo hesu oriseth lil i wtwldn'?expe any ing yo sussse tha a fai a wn'penyg b ance dha aivera a of caaig bce bil i k w yo reraf caig il kyo - y dot kn whyou'rthe lighing rod. y onlif i is bdoauseknhy'm're ghg d.pres ting nl iorma b seeric. >>ill:hy d't ty l ke es ngnorm amecansma ic i ink, perh s,>>l: the d is t a l kettleit frmmens thrt i k,ere.rh >> bhel: ts net ark news lehr "e nee.yorkimes allhe p ple b t etat y hanwswith ty e ve " nerkes ll pe y.anwi t >>don' bullve [ ep] me ok >> ill:>>'d nn'er dllat! [] ok >>l: n >> dlet' call! i wt itis bil no,t >>t'aln't. i th w's yitr isopion. il o, thtkatert. th yoardgopn. s th telove -- rd ve - bil i tnk ts isarsh inteogatn. th is ne tilprot tt yo t is sh li, wod ite daging? au i'ld teat lik ths totyo li woitdang au'l awerik you esti yes or no. >>ill:ou'r a drgingound ti es yorre dnocing >>l: 'r u're duppongd toe a yo d ng stightp gu >> b l: d s itreistupotoa you th so ny pple stateht guyo b d itat'stu serusou tho peesti.e >>he youth theolks ho 's te erusu, thedon'knowou.ti
8:38 pm
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8:39 pm
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8:40 pm
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8:41 pm
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8:42 pm
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8:43 pm
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8:44 pm
asn' undela tfy r oa. ife d notell e ngmasatrn'h,de that s aoa ifcrim dot l en tugh tr wn't und ata oa, itimas a crim now t geth a s wpoentandndas oa it to aome .im w et at w sl then askndimno? >>toif te y' art, the 'll wth sk asnohim t >> ty' t,xachelame asquesmon. t bil seef he conadic c himse f. >> mbe hesll c.e b k ndil eehe on icy, ll, ms i >> d m h c k bw abt t l, tle it i but d i dn't aliz --b t e t>> butl: l's n putords dnt iz e n's outh >> wn is e b l goi nutds s th t w shise upoi to -he suben t issd th h pweektheyl ben nex - ubssthek? ekeybeex hehoulbek?ithi the nex he weul. wh alsthat inthiral ouhe exis wein stigwhion,lshey'atntl quesd domentspec ic t the partnt ojustine.ig n, pry'r reest th t esdontec tatf, e rt ost prret tow at th hav nedot oy himbut otr pele a thavll. >> b ol: hys inimeriot trole as otpe attor.y b hinio groeralnd h makes as thnnouemen orday. the gll balng h peo me es if ouen mber isy. herigh b teoy'll brif in eopl that re berow hs andgh tll ri ised tse mes toinplat bm. hnd >>ill: hat isd teekno? >> exac y.>>l:t d >>ill:he undeear bomr,
8:45 pm
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8:46 pm
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8:48 pm
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8:55 pm
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