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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 12, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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i'm ll oeiy pase r'memember lly e spin srt pas rem rigrer pin er -- bumious bumio areefiely oo fo you. aapplse ]iy fou. pl ] he bregewin t pre deial ceust e wew t after a oureingdee l uldt not te aou gseeke gd offic ne cis c isek oice is esi mis mneyisor a j . in j mnt press cfe ncmne thej g.ernor c allein jd ntrencuote he ger noear cle decis io >>teme caant savi dis noth ur ea>rsme ocaf barakt s vi oma and m tth omy eaiss t o manbak we n o t a ltead aomriy and wan need n him now. l ahe aivnd a edimreow. priteec xpienc aand ereperice p ote over o mxpsancusdts riknocengowover nterousts not a noeglaowtorovryingoo
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gureutw to eglator ugo e cu vereto porut will u evecutive poowerro mutak we amecan lives e cubeer. at i erhy i' ammecaiv eorng m ittbe. i mnehy f pi'sidt of torng itedtate e she it f c pamsiedt hoursor t he edte ebat e hett c hurs darortmouolge. at ini artmsolge. ni hsty howres you? h gstat. ow shere i ou understd ave. he i uer prdest and --. pr st s understan youand - u omean pourostora ishi oupy newam hi remeor is> i real h oavupe nne id.amhie ithe areal h aavrgu ngndd y.el a l of stuf heregu frnd spe yecaliv and welllf stn ne h shfrpeir >> sivn: lnd'selallk, rs let tir about s l yo disn. et ou rll ayut saidou sai ydo nois no rll sut peoplai kdeptom bacto n you. tell us peoboheom b pcess u. ll wh udsyohinkhe ppleep pce ominto y a d hwhyo clonkseidep y cin t yo m haybe gti iolos theac y c to >> w mld ybe askhem i first of he all i w ythinskk itheas fstau ooffth
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ll ecord we developinit iw o hashe. or w oevop ieaw balhaancingsh $ bilon ea in defics,alci increased t $es il third l efncasegatns hi. l more ste wkersns d overent wke utrete wke d percnte t anyertatet inut ericin t las0 onrcs. tnyta e p roicis tedasll0ovrnmeonnts. nd l t ax and w pere deliovverime othat l i ink thaax a were is liriat wi .k thouhte cou. aly t he rt houhetouery c. rt he bourys r a bs hughtrit was alys no but you hhhte pitpl we seou comio nou b y ey ppl s, se neemi toouive t sis aious r nonsideratin.iv t did b i jus t fioel r monyra. coitm t o d bwam ihiust f w co tmtoerve oamhihi term. w nd dthat erve i flik tooha n dat flik real wly was tn'otoha h a isio in t end. ral as sea y sai y po toio t ndome he ear can ydidateai y pou tpokeo h un tse ningri cte ke asicly hall thenandari thhouthe pro
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ss ic blyutlhe u'da bee in thouut of wit p b tt mney u'ee i nthen you hadof wke t ogheey tl uenou h authke y t cse t gov unor romnehy. y >> fst of cbecause i tnk ovno r neverrom ne fis o the bcate ink canda o r breat bomneack bamahe t nt mber an we c bnot b hk anomatherour ner years o barack oma i hn tnoheer whe hous ar o sra first i i bi tve tt is t hewhous s biestireani sipo trtt t rney. bist thi ss ipo guyho ry. h ehix iecutiv g exriencinrite and h ex putlic exectoiencri nd h kno howose g poverlinm to auority ah anooverr and hse ger ttur hingy a aund a aers a an exec ivtinr bushiess.d alaly a eceliveuss.n intri wead aelinnt gatime tweo a s gatim d to talk t tohem. thelks toomebodeieve canhe wi belsve weomlebeve c ke wiur celnt w a diffentur deco dn.if >> sn:ou wer aed auton. being sn:ouis r wning mate.ed aut qte tt i sin notg a disisn rni m e. ve to tnk aboq rht t. iot
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cann ot t igi tnktboappeg. nnot ian imagineappe ianmaneappening. mbe hapeni s.ldsk ou heskhe >> sn:n forou. >> ian 't imagit. for e b >>m ne ian youma donun for m omnehing loueonun tfotomhi le.t heorty t.makehe oicehe pson h thinks ill tke bestce s perve hm as t ank rsunni meill nd serve a sstaveve t c ntas anis vice resi snt as av eeentde cs sve cesi prent s ee wl.d th is eing o be h cvealo t nomna a w pty. ths g bei go a hot o cf thoings to do nom w hashir. i gomitt o t dthnggs my t jonn ha irnew i hashirtty j i'ot gnng worry haboshutr stuff iav ei'oon gtrongl wryver. bo >> seatun: ihi yiavenetut oonfrol you way t>>odayea i th ye enditcentgain thfether ou ay candatesay, i jthe ctinhoheth go rn orndes rneho go rne if ny of t ohe candidates f o wfe o erge c and tereo wi woulyou pporany tm? w e of coueend abreluwily ulu ory
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t m? y ar rht . fou ab tlynk vern yomry is ththe be andidate bhe rn omepuby lica t to veho be fanromda bhe this ubcao yc to fe hith nee t d ultieately redent nf uned dates tiy i'ntadonve atioun wit nuer oatcandates i'ad veioaveit gre atnues octndoresm. inhe e, i d't hink is aere clo coralov erinr e rine dis'tnk a t pern th cloanwialn tsov rectn.neis terth c we tsca h ct anotherourears b arac obam h kno athou understaneadrs i ac iam noouie uer govanerdnoomyives i he bsthaeoveryivoes be bleheto bt backbam ntobl neember. bbaba smn: heterin nemasr. h matained csincy in e bachsiany ha flen back ch ans f hlea bkbaer s hmalen b ckai i surng ma at dyou ink cf his andiurcy is dng wel l d au tnkis ts m omdit? is >iell think tsvebo mas the > moentin thisaveboas t mo trtalyhisa ay m c brings aot
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to tab given hrite c bng a sto e ienc t ab iensreriblteeandidate b is on'tnc thi irisngandahe 'thireadri eerience a r omy eeren. ry wha is odbo ha iomy' sod exriebonche hhe private ectoomy' a expern exienc h brieingva over xphe ntsnnows the bng opp tu teres exe ncuive pnoer i t tgovnmenta osxeiove p>> s in: you ovta chaosrgio sovnorou hapernd runni an a er against mnnd who r iti the ast fnt-r wnerhoas onhe pollshe wh hpne f-rrasneol wh wpeeke at the valued vot w summit when vue d s int sduce by wa enstor tha rerreo s i mntmodunism ay sa aor t cl reeo toer mmo p aers. a lth rne oer p c.ampgnnd y roumpgnnd cllen him. y overr pry cen r hep.iate thereremks.ry youhink r wepilltend you thine iemt. ounk wlatrs? y in i >> st, nkatrshen gnr st
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prry he a goon a d pepony h a g thke hav an oortun to pe g th hwafrom oun to thgefr sthhere i place fhatypere of pce bigry iyp o politics ig cetainot ptiredeial ceinot pitics. re i den'iat tlny erpusic i esi tntiaampan wod suort at kd oferus lage. we houlidia jpa twoheolsukst kof theie.r expe riweceulorgani jzati the eir aracolrksndnt riei.experigati wha rel igr acn tnd othi t ohael do th i wtshipas hi t sean.o i want peoeea o experiennd i intri.wa pe wh govnor eerie pernryak eentpri wh breaovr geter away omak tee ndeaers gwa and t a like a sor a rela apersike he' sayor re la rersdiat those he'om snts. i thk he' d i b ereuse diiho om s.hinke is a th hood bee i pers on. nk a>> sean: du' bn kown fr takipe on rse. mia aeandn: bei ng bn ki on spokm a adei tnh event
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ook it's the anhntpiedall s'strthe ovemt oupedonal il youillt ere gng emint the o suptatef y new mpshe f rer in tonsetive watks, fweve wouw ysh hdl f i seiv w, ve ou yhdl >> i tell, ioing o i i llnew, pshi. i weaome ofoi teseolks w ihi ent iathomofse solteapitol nt ith mall sroteapolcompared to w la wee theactf tmped to atte r yo this e n laeehectft's te anoerhixasmp hown frurad e arica peoplet no tmpck how of l ead ashca p oplbectt obama. fac i lsad wsher ou abreba the far ac is lert aight o t s tpec ftrum or lsome er iig on beeenhene sec o r hingrybo i smeeree igbenhines ng bopredent'ssconocolgie arhia faure. 'retgr'snoith tolheie occarupfae. wa str eet fks'tgr tirh frtracction and ngwa i sabt he taiirlure of hisfraon pndside. iab ailu of sevebodypsian. agr on t havet.dy >>angr 46.2%me tca i n>> povty. 6.i'llayme icatvery in nigvy. ll ive aricaooigetr.
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youan aca haveoet ou coin umploym ht around co 1u8%ym aro aunnd under 1 empymt gov arnor nder mp 'l l yovno getacnse. anks yet fore. ks foreing whs. ng >h sator johns. main > s aorank mai wiiam jnd hundrs aan a agree gwiiam pteornd hdrs tod ty m adgri uownor od to mah ow frontfomf weaalth n ykersro fr camerasomfere in.ea yrs cer eer cn.ghup with th. have ty me u p withghuph av cohement ues d th queion he, do you. nder stthd the qcc wll, y str t erstroheor mccessag do ou kno wh trort mss o ou k tans. ho resuls. and houlnd
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sea occupyll street preaesccts ctinuacro the untr see doztensere aes teprdes in cnuro he ston for trheozirsicers and in ean ileon iorn neyorkirtheyics eng aed i ane i milnelirknaisey arch ng i th targedhe homes of meilai s thechealt hiesthtrg resedinthe hes e heen baceakltowesto walles strieet an theenack chao lltr to an s whe orotesto angry at t evi l tto rih. a ry ta a at t >>ri i
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ngta aathe top i ecaung a t auee they ar keeping heselv ashe tpeehey a kpi 1iclvhs t >> ty are kilng the pnet. > ty bau a kil t phet.y can fix > cruptaun withe canorruption. fix >> i'm s c of pt. w >> weon't hav cruioemracy. i sf we we e'tedavracy e eed gor > they got rh o of g our brok>enhe g bks. o >>apal o puts roke on bks veryth ing>> apclaludg ut asndr y on ryg clud g eve aon is c yommodind veonthe cmo rth a cmodi at's raceo t btoe h c ndier tsst money t o bcein t b to ith. >> corpo trast m ameca h ts cng bedin heh. ente >> cpora wldme hco cmyng fedor tir own e geed. >> wancotmy h fousingt a o h lt h w an re hsinduman rights and we hwanlt our j ob sndum rs bd w anur b > hi.. >>ean: gat iuitiofr.. the >n: down ffgiofr
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in inheg mes t p dowsiden of the stite in omef t p thedef e itla wllhe anisnguished lectuland w ron die hanisnguiedtu syn dited die lesi dtime tynal s wlesi dme tw ht blunngm h bl ppleunng getm richff of urpacetks r o thersur backs-et me ask y a er queio bks-et mesk y creat a svice ue poeopl nte y reese at. svi ptheyeouyt. t e ey kiof ipnes kiomters tipnes getic om tew is iff the bks oetf is he if b pkseo oplfe g weahy? first of i a p y gar lng w at a s itirti of where let ame say s essy is wre aetay trie rm sys it not a . people arm itot p rotesting op >>ea pro isttsg garbaidoea ther som ie pplehave notar i shdoer inee ? er s >> p washereesteveay.ot herehe shoinee
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we ve the >>as reeatest. renequality betw n the riche and mor einstce thenealaty depssio twth ic u aough mt toe e ashamedep oiof ghha you av t aam gattap hatwee tich a the p oou t w dap that peeen?h ahe p sn: yo don't a tswer mtpen? qstio i sa ifs youat'te aooerds a q seiorves and saeof buy y tmndoo serv a chooseeo bmo.nd wlt was tch csereatedato. was way.tat heling y. terivatives . >>tevobs creatdobersiv >>thesev peopl trehatds es peoire tha divateswallir stree d atven'donewat. >>tr ea n:n'ne youret. othis? > >> i would sea ts. ou thre a erty o hthasis g?en us iou t ocupied mthoventsy h as ghat usgoingn t ltisocied m belitsed the t hading jiah li w trighheand bad ayersn t iaoval oicewghndndyen with vaad o immyarr. wit h he are min sure tha t o mamyr. goes tohe ltreo mine oma h oetotsto relec h agina worln rec which
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in w ayen nd writ witch in the a offic th isthey w tugt ty i t vot for.ff th sit urydut rotenoron gt itmourd conute a b rusax gmo utons a b ctinue which mostut nor eople s cnurt. w ch but mos the noreaon of the tplea s. pa y onbuhe ltouhe seeea ofhe funiong ricapa whoon c lleanouee upfte heunelveca howhen couan goo peccupveally en goo youupinald filteo tha ou canint fd rklt.eo americhaas bom l ikantn h foud rk gamssic wia theopsnd b tom l botnm a touide i sg gwietnheg t a ueezid n iec g then rh ueez sceed b b techese of fannieh maand eddimac d go rnmes. b i uld y to byec f orifadie r mad di onc e go tme aii nd to reas we' ren on tre tisase' becesen trgovnmenndanise e an b frede ma so gernmt ov clsenhisand nanow e yoanwant t oedma give m gnm per tlshi nd nernmt? yoan t aroyouiddinge m m per nm >> it' ntaresutidi m eregatio n iofwalltresti tha catedhe tcedes .youaveonmer pection and
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ou ouavbank omeriav teing p tiond c rg e peoavplba ori tin $ rom their crg eo o account same pplroho chereatethe es oou nowave am ppl pho cplrtee wave le pinic lsayeg dinfricksant to ayg g ri rks ofantot. g ri coment. menon. >> raped? >>as the cmeap >> t corporate cr i n w toake cpo back >> icrwant i ask wou t aoack i qntuestion aou a >> anystdy who has a >>ornyage who and empyed, w mas or agccupd wall d pd streetw m. upwa t seepatpropty tes, muchhoul i k paop t, chul ive k llai make?ve a i e makant fair tat io ne.air >> w'tatio answe.r tha t.>> awe r talkingver hach oer ] alngr o ] >> w have stemha t wavor.
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e>> i s pteay 4 ha pnt. > pay 4 1% pay pnt 4 to 1%ay 7 payll the tas. 7 phalfheay ta lothg. > my fendoth ef eymyey mell >> tse ppl wreowon me t wase see p ey a not ccernarack obamwa theyre ting giv e a aotrn baarbok t r llamy oeync tgndiv feor ba bolse ohinds f ap. i sayak it bacndet a sjob. b cln undnd a acted ik eob cl u the teandcte pay rally. t i tnkea we pa ohtal ttonk te a bate o ht u nd tle a at n udp water stre uat. re > i d't > car >'tlet me ask y c a >et a qio- y a >> i'mio sry. talng o r ea>> oth i ] > sean:ry.
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al o aneadthasngto wha tea abtan tasngoro w rebteths ery t dorla >>his ishs ry olama's >>hi's t part >>hey trert aga>>storrepora greed.gast >> tyorpo obama ee tam mania. >> san: te aatan [ lghr ] te a lgh] >> and senatorohn mccn jossnd aenato ler m jo haer wilams, js he. h e as a l ss,ong for fhet s his g ang soiv his sori otf thetory. is thre g any concive hha sti hank he ryilliams is t bk inyn footbl?hatan liss b inextnoo malennouer ] inki a sothi withxto vetablnutrion? ♪ ♪ leou ] ki shi thvebltrn? ♪♪ [ ong stwbery bana![ g malennouer ]or smooie wh re fru ster ba !plusegginutrion leou ] oo wnew re v-fruion ooth. usgitrn uld' had v8. w -fn th d'ad8. fore
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re noattewhatmall busiss y aren, manogingtexpenats sells to..siget y thereay. mangense ..t he. noanyme. in themallusins ca fr cha intducejot noym inhellinca frhant cean otthe- expse a mad exusivy foink stoms. oe-xp aad exivfok om cuom cegore yo exnsesnywhe. sacu tim cand ort bayo toexhat esu lowh. sathe imtestd nnovbaion. onto fort nk clotome . e stovn.onor c me arn re achascom/k n aasm/ [ me anunce] yolove he tte o2% mk. t thk abt yo hea. m 2anhasceveryoalf
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vee sarate t ofat mf whe mi. thabyoea 2aserf sate t wh miant cutack fat and t cpromsetas? t ut k at t sma balce t fd e mic.oms its wht yod exct fm thfolktat smart balance fmi itwhyoex f thlk s bce
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sea there t toes eavelohengut oshinre sor lo teinago ut ofe shinon bs bol wut dea shin t ot a bng $450 billion tlda he ahorize a noth50 r bounildon of he infrtrturependg a ndaorrieze th t hunes o the frcareednd a wlt. t t caothed news owut oltf washinon an iranlo tth tew aas ona ote thein a an losaudmbassa ar toasnahe s.has udmbas sa toee iled as accordg t oil eedc hold a ccrd to ocneho
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ani amecan wakennto custo on oepmbe 2bu t nimenakeno anoer tonepbeo-nsrato rai no ataro- pnssirabl inra at aconof psi the in gerentre beofevetohe he approved tre beve operat hn atas stedoppved ta t plen er uso sd o joinin metal ie joh se tojoin wohmeack? mai >> an e youmeac > sea yu whapd to t s resit's b bi whapd wha sis bi happned ae w s laingut ppe ae lain ric cto w t hpenerito tsena? >> cntohe senat wne titnach he mcc snellat ask forot oit thccllsiskdt'orootbs th siometdhihat ou migh recal as bn auing nd ethohiingt m ig for aec over t ou bntrngndho in hgry fo a or rouha w wld n h ve a rr down ve th predent arbsow bilnl.e th onlreynt bilhatill. harr nlre b may arvern tuture.
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sohe n m time u ear theute. psidt sa o pas i ntow te , weullp id msabas w ie oowhtwe to a hry mb rd. o ht sea it tem t a h derymocrats waed tput r the r eat somedecrsace wa tut sang meare f theome priden sit's sll goi to bnge mea fhe pren arias's of r ssillng tes b and talkg a boutia af rsing stax on a the al l aut thi snktanonth the coury. t n n t oft t pre tsint c c wantso pe t o monfey. tre w tts h pepeneoney. to nearl yw i hpe triio dolrs we gavehe to n rlesidyt? i >>s you riol wow whevenhe ea did t >> y ibers ihenastignough. t tug tha i seri wha yigounoanh.d t ie fas it'morofhaheam y bbthe y fat'rof ran pl be and wit r he blssinofhe a w learsp b areinorngnobsil thateap ren try be a jss b tl tatt woule try dersulory cut xesule an encragehateron to come ct esme asp eninhencnigeton t somtese and l af oer nirovisionthat wsldsan raf oer e epavionatnd w rldegulatns .
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we're workipa onnnd alt rnaultive. weope hav i t'r wkin alt snave. wee av i the jobill isustorof thehe j i saus.t sn: ie been edvocatingsa. t m sn: ipenny b plann.ocin gran paus e t the satnnla an p bihe supports it. w canalcehe budget n up rt eitt.ears. wudt ei athis year's le in athi 1 yr' le every y ea for 1ix years ery y and yrsped8% within dpnd. ipehat sething y8%ouwiouin signdp n to i s i tetnk ihis a yod ia.ign as y ou kto haveo h t a ia i a y h deeguloatory e aitlent so busine ssd wilulat by ele s eer to siss il iest now. to thhama ii thinkt wasow ca-ola iths emaasier to tonk w siss n ina.a-a s eie thtoink hav to cut tax esss n we t takethmmiateav cut saxtes orde take tmmiat get t shis cordmy gnggainet thats gog to t haveo bcomy cuttging taxin atutgotingtoavpeeing b ttg ax andutngutngin regulations
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an or a rulio ratoriumn rregulations ordeto g tomus rinegseatsis t ode g nvesand hi in e shtse t term. es an>> sean:hi youn rshan againsback rmobam. hein nd s hn:e bouom ran ains am pre dehe.nd he y ery msu re edevery m c ou msu there he isaing ery amric man peoplce a oueavi hheimisai in veamic ppl vi h i watchi nheve pridenthy i wa eshi hepriden n hhy mbe y h h mor mebensht w hoe'te hav or tnshtlitychange urseecese i d't eeavt?lityan >> i don seecw. i't eewe saill c ilinon do th osain d grt theffe. ote with j gr i totrunitorones p youas mgh t emn wn esedent obama ught candidate o ma nt o maid ave t spreadanheda ealth roun e ember that?prd ltthatun is alg erth tt? the ha ploshy is a d pthic t rle byp theoshypridensic view arndhisy admheintratioens it sn'tor andhisdm io gen h a bitil li't doso
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g h a a b solardos panel mpy th is goinafail wtholert pel ths b inil wtht cting $2,0 per job c recedng bynvti over$2,0rierob and c wantin tooti or aor >>wa seainn: bna sorhe ea reve i saltering.he reve jobidealteng. sd i jo dbi'tde blame fd eoplbe d m'tadandre bntme f sde're plotny m betteffnt sthafore yearsgo. whaet kd of ha rfoee yctrsnam. ha ishad o >> let renam tk to is y e more l ing.e itas tkhe t housi cri thaet m started tg.s it t roueson.ha stntilted we tstabsilize t hsionng pces a ile ab te t hng itpuaction a n ari tcai wead a proposalngiton a tocawe auy ppo people'sores and givetotbacuy t the at p pplaymentores athecan aff t t awe st pllme hav n rehessnd ard the sav houngredrisis. theheertainlyav 'touris.y he ater wtaly ha the homes a sll uer wer ey arhaehe hortesh less tn ts u w mort ge arert paymets tnbl t
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rtgovenmenforc p t fblci veenrc itituonsci t itus bkso make the lns. the ksandas were f ao ma reon. youot l to .ve t abie lidatyweo f apay it uagrewitho he toundatbiiolin of yt . thisreth ou at've gotof theield forhe is rebl ican f u haveot e orredannydyin.n. hais therene orwod ordy three eophehat u areookiwo aor th youee tnwod the pt righ aperrenki to th y deft ranwod he baa? gher i'mappyith e fefieldhat we h 'mpyh ld.ha we h feel t. we' gng to hav ome eryee gloo td ca wides. t i'mor haet governer gdcaides. chrti e 'mhat ve hridn' r bause ithine uld ve bn fin n' bndidaue. iinehi r ud yd ou b h f bee id fe c iidathi r h i b cfintn our sfec conat i ndot o readyondse anody. seao y rondsehi eric any. eaolr yonhe vrgfhi d eidic wh et rron v ofpealidro secuwhto shou be aoid t lalookntoro cuhis ou ieonstentoitatents k
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12:32 am
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12:37 am
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12:39 am
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12:40 am
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12:41 am
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12:42 am
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12:43 am
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12:44 am
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12:46 am
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12:47 am
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12:48 am
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12:49 am
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12:50 am
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12:51 am
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12:52 am
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12:53 am
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12:57 am
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12:58 am
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12:59 am
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