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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 12, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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ate 5 yees ofk"thac factorye of wh youeth fally ithe spifaor zowh.ou >>ide e ch fdrenly ie pi alsozotoni t,>>e ch chren cisti so endonies mt utio you cre atiuto do mroy.nter e noioou apinzone fmer no ssacsett "thenfaor" ginsightneow. actt hefa" nsht. >> bl:'mill reil b portg toght om bton, 'ml il rtmasstohuset s. bn, thks f wating . wesse hese t cebra the 15 th fatg weniveheary the cox nras he sh. bo15on i myecon me ve y he naren metshre. bo iy on attded bosn umeversy a en et haard .d i rkedocalews tt din tos uity rs a we e veappy had i edal csebraonig n t y e ve mapyachutts. wil havehe t ckingraointig memon thfa le mahus. ilve tngntrotes geing en m e inmonseth ine our seco segnt tonitet. ge g b m firin aenead ursty. co eg snninni bir a trrorad pt stunvere by t s ind.e.nd t torunre te. t f.b. oen bthd t t.b.
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b inian t quforc a t radal ian i nianqu operrcion sed adehratrie ian tonlisa erarten tod blow u twraembaieies tois whingnteond bw u twbas w ng ll t sau araian ambaador attoey geral ric ho ter madeauheran nnouemenearl r baor to g toaly.c o the deouenrl comaint to thlleghat this coniracwaom ntcoeived, waseg spooredtnd was is dirtoned ac om inco andved, spo coneditut aas ir fl rant i vndlatn ofonut.s.nd flnt vatf inrnatnal ws. incudin a coenti that inatl expcitl protnctsin dipmatsrom cotiha bngxptl rmedot iniptsm b addion t oldedg the divials ddcounnble r t eir legerolenld thishe plt, vi s une une ed stes com tted r ge le tooldihi pl ranun ss omccouedable fortodi its tionnou le bil herornow to s onnaly whathoulbe de s fa asilerwoly atul defa an iconcned, ouro and a hd lac incd,ur o.nd two ys hrresd, oac is in. stodo and parelyes os n coeratg. he's n odd reaniaamer ancoat arre ed i'stexaand anothe on e iaerm b a sre i axaornednhe oener
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b hold a sai aheneer uted ates and lde obaia adnisttion th're ing hd ira ud esaccotabl d obadston the g h dat ds thramean cobl wh shod th do? >> datthoeshatan mean whhotho? extly. ey'rin asiffilt ptitioan beuse e pt exy. w'r not afi parriio bee p t. w ot d thsusprit ha no ploses thsphano h pos ion oos in h compcatethe se. os nat ty're ioingory too isamp sanmptionte oe . trengo irao we he a oleisrrayp ofanon nctis alady plara h a ainsetheayranifgovement ainstithealy la nsenievoliona gventrd corp as w l asnshe eds for d weolna grd rp was or ingwedut iividls toanctn buinheg pa iid the toctbu uned stes der esidt oba hagoneowarpa ahe un ss r id muobilathaal aneroacarwher atheye waed oothe untrs, t ropemus,at aac fer exeyple,war th o've hene tough tr t th secity f coexcil.e,the t inghhis se bause thit uec looy co l. li a ins dirt b govsenmento govementoo hosle liact,nirctoven ve ntof wost,ngain t wnitestat beuse thi plot wou havin t beenarri outit wteld hatave en cberiede ut ohiu.s.l sl ou av whh wa enlagrritut w act h ofe war c ed o s.ainsthe ulted st eswhwagrhatctfar what hey ould o bansing ey ud st nd ot mitar sike hichaty i ld
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ba g ink pro bly ff t o mar tab skech gi n thk roy t ainisatiois g ab foard th rped upgith aisio g sa tionfo serd us o rs,dp punive os th are rsallyoner o ing bite nihis oth reg aend, r y cou e, g ahm bineje is snyinanykindeg od,f invoouemen hmof cejrse,sut g o inyahend and oo itvoen ce, g unileral, doet wand on the ituropns a donil galodowa ton e theop aon u gn.o th>> bl: ion'tnow we ve engh cut tmaket pa uful r in b i'tw e en c tkepal o mre adiffence >> wcan eeze mrani asts. a we wk wffce eurean nion whon zeni has inianas. ass s an w we wve toork urthnonhe s ian intnatissal an e mmuny toonvie -- tok >>ill:e'veriedo do tt nt ti r ei t untoyearvi-- >> wtrieto d >>.l:veed do i tink ei aar plo wlikeiehis d havii beek thwte wit a more loinfokeatiosecomg a ilabvieehwit m ewhatheirrue intfotionio omar aab we'lprobly g more atire nt onoperion om t in'lrnatobnal gmmunory. ofourswe wl. th erchinn e, t t eur eanin atl ununon ofrs w r ex in bil t doe'turn matter,unouon. if exe. r siailoe a t chiseon'ttr,ou coop ate th rnctias, a thi in't ca op se vivendhas th ctiux of t mat ir, i alws h s be thwe c c leaon eope. tat ilw h be bo say cea m eitare.y aion t a
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pa of is boequaayon. m no,ar don a thin it'aon t pa f tae. bil ok, yuaou.n , i inko, on hi t'u're tgh i tame an il we k,veouni k ira ndregh i afghistametroo the.e ra ghtaoohe. we g tunish tm somow, thgh. d it g got to ben pislic t omy to, heorldeest th.nd itotbe pc he untoed stes ldes st wther we meomerres o un ss wpeoper. >> me de't kewes o wtherhiis a roeacti aithop the >> d k wdserow hig up roti athhet . hprobigly apoguectio weon'tnow iwas.pprod ob aueio cricsnd aadinad. we'tw isro bil there aays ing ccs ain. ny it you ve t assuil ifhe i ass g ds g tha they new out it u it tsu fin is ty're not ghaey w t it tre ot frlancg. >>xact. lo, yowerealki abo the ggeslong erm fratencponr >> ct ter r iloyo therekiboherld. bil in ese ngm eonworl >> s ce 1er9 i ahe thed. islilicn rl s 1 ahe voluon, slis cntryas en eloitg te or. lu, cry >>ill: eithat' i >>l:ot' tportt fothe nex i eleion to heomeb y we rthougfoeexlen t abt hebthiswe ug>> tt's y the caidat on t ab g.p. se neeis t ts etthcaat se ous treigpoli queions g . d nee tust s ectises igliue ans - n sectin-- t sti
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bil by darge numr se inone, utran is ily ge numr umwo e, >> andnlsos woring ucleum wo aponnd otheye cayingorutg hese kdle of terrisplo and i on ey ca ng th're med seth kd of nuceraris lond i apon who othth e d ballme. >> bl: tucnk y ver much appriate ou c ing on tohoth ll. ston b t ynextern thchrundn a wprete cg o ntin froma achu tts,onhe xtoccuthnd a w walstre inromahus, cualre prosts geing en bder d aro geg br "facr acto invtigaon uover whathey allyant. ac'll ll y. tonvga uer aty lyt. l y
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>> bl: psonastors seent nigh talngoints me he b r plnaor rseeat n thghalnt occy me r wa strt rearoteths tkingcc ace. rlier twaistr mornteg,00 tngeopl ar sted eree. in ie trn0pl aredestonn membs ofheo-caedccup wall treegrouon mbofca ese up lleeouantiapitist ople geing lot a enti e tiitt le ge usg lly t th a auesttin -what do ty wa? usy ast -at we t, "twa ctor has fou t. we nu"ter onorheasougrou want nu inmeeqlity thats t feds tingou mntney in fr the aeqluenty and fm at t fs tg mcorpyatio andivinthat fr hemone ato ten pndor and wking rp io ndassin iat thene t porf taxnd bres wng s i anhe oraxtitlentsre an mbertwo,tlts theeft wel dersndhat esidt ob a er iso,n bitroue beheuse ftel faltrsing onomso mt eidnob isbi iounbe e g lor w lt ag om m parally i fuing e
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emonratis ar l w a aring lye fug resteon totiar g emone thwethy,teo the stregyeing on toink ich thmerins wh thewey,he tr reyblicng par. thtoplank sh kiri wfhedevi s.reicar thanki f conncehe eric pviublic is e ealtone a coricpt p lill seet ople s e ttlt he a or de roye the onom st le and t thahe h epudeicanyeartye isom su ortid thehaad gs.puantys suti hein t gt way, pside oba is t reonsie. t wa pdeba s it the .o.presi noor tpi ittruhe..p therare me b p tple ipi fi nce. ure'sn exple. the ere fo ber pe h iad o fie. 'smerrexl lye.h e stle o'noll h banupte the coany rr tlydinin mtgag st'n ante he rivaves. coneily was tred int magalk vas. ils d aw witlk a awit 60 milon disgcefu ymwe stesse wsgfurs t v is st seneil w>> h are tou? vis llio of ople il lt hre?illns olla a mer ll liof leh. l yopullll lot f mnela a outer lf yo thlle andidn d a verot go mne job. o utw do youeel out at? thandn dero b. dooul t ?
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u kn, aot o pple usteyou. kna o pe teu. u dot he anying to dosa bil oeill d h notng tony go sa he i theil oll pos r gudforot whoat's wronwith all sareet. ieosgurh's bu theonreseth el conoetcess is not nei's buult,hese enossrobls t we ei ve nst, bausearacbl ama'bet at aoste n illi b dolsers iacfedel a' stt ulus at c ul tlirnol ide thecono ar nd cul t presheent nook a ar f d.ho felflat. all eset arotes nho the wod elfl. l te ll nhe chaoe thd fa. whayou see o t strts new yor nhath bfaton. and othhauee o t trties s no what ou gew.r bnndth th e ar eeseavynoolitats g inlved tharvy itand tha ined ia me. dha now, imeornoth vie on is w, e tthien pr nd m dl t css amerans ttin psed? m this ceek on ers inpb d?tavis isk snley rupbing seri sayg ye vi ths are sy rug ri ere e abayt 4ye6 th milreon amicanlivi bow t po rty e neab 4il amanvi b t 15% po they opulion.
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in% heuln.010, 60 bilon 0,llaril 16of t ente feraludge waspentryi toarelp the 16 tnt falge wapoorenyi othat up lphe astndin or atp 400% sincstin1970 but re'shestat tha0%t may ncprove so70 pspecve o povet y.'satha accoaying the eparoventsof p ec o heth venduma cog seheicesartf hebouma se9% oesarica hav som kd ofou sstan odecandenavom m kos of th se peanle cnotardeenf livi. th sopeet'so thmath c.tar 15% or vi so'sthth 9% a icte% ybe vertis n ate excsive an e nomie probrtm. n joing us xcw fverom emiob l anges e vis inus smi fym lng ndis prossormi coell st w teaes a incenrooriver. socorofel or wealiea wit a you whcee am gng wroerhe e?sofeliit >> oull ihink whamroheou' goi ong llcaus ii thnkk thlensu'oi at g usththns y're uingtis no ting onac t yt e1% ug othetino ng n pulaacon, 've d t % oe0% comerowt go t thela top, 10e pper 1% o0%olati h mewt t81%eop othe er
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ocomerowtin tti las h 251% o yees. wh doethat ean? mewt tas 5 ye whoeatn? ose othe andiste the thepla, i slesso bee hereheith ndem.teh e an i'm bhessedpl o beart ss eir vemebe, thre'reh n. an m bllinedforbe t enti emen . r me ththeyeant nbs wh a ving in r wa.tien eyt wa ng wa ey kw th corratis d not kyth xesorti d t es .3 tllioof o sho tax hans f theell do. t iorkin opeopho payax the xs aha fhel . th're so lingobs s inopayhe y ha to aook at m th de r l gs s brotr, yill, romha theook vtageat m d int pooandking eoplote dl,mhe vge t oodngpl the ws i whicouendhe w to i wan wt ticoromo rathnd inannsel tnotnlyog welmo th but in theelt toolyelgrdy. my theoobroth. >>ill:gre're.hasi s nley o'ill wn t thstet >>l:resi don sey thini'm pmoti o'nybol t whost isoingonun wardinm ptibohohis aisutng unrd th. ok -t'ot tha the a - th >> c onic - -t'ha he >>ill:ait a nute - cnoic fibusringhere it>> notl:hatt he mesge ite fwronusng reit'sot tt th messite isott es i wron we dneed oon tig en'sp t thethssis on d loedhole
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igeverody ows heat. back oma - >> wt doou mloinle ery bys . tigh n?ba o - bil w bardok oba ha mchosin not do at.y u ha to vegh at t ilarob hawheroseverody t payo s.. haere o en'these kin t o erery doyes. u ca t pa e mo'tyse inerse, th kinof stdof.. capao yes. t wh these -- ny o th tinsest otesrs a may yos. wh bhe- o t wa to dt my n xtes q astioayyo to b wao dtays. n qio u wa theoverent foibly waheert eize the foly asssnd then disibutzehe itss tther peop whoenheyisutt dem terorth opf ho y thmonethathey at'sociasm ahat th notneaty . gog toork re. 'sia a what do u saot gotok . >>thre who saings nuer o i wast soc lism>>re appantlygshen baid o nu o thbank is ithe asrst tace.ocsm palyn ai o th nkat p ittye t e. mchit a tex ook p yfinion osoci mism,hate difor e bas tt yon'texk want oni o cim,tknowdge,umbe dir t ymberwo'tou'r ntight abt ow the,factbe te.t ertanl'r o'nllhtb thct spec tullyhoulhaveeen nl asedown 'ne siwalk he suld ec alyedulven t oedn asiountlk s d anitaise a cplef a t qu ationnt numb ansea conef knowou quon d 'tmb onno -- bil d wha do you min
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liedboutit --il hawhatoid iie uinabou >> edutbil said at i you were rig >> yil werrighaiabou >> bl: ipolo yze.erig yerghou >> lm own. b i lolm d.n. >> bl: i cal n. d b ial >> evebody li. ll, u e, too >> vedyotheli . bil i d 't , lie, profsor. tore y he goil d >> ion'te,now out ofat!r. t y >>ill:'m rht autgo i'tw t ! o'ill. t i d to orre>> thel: r a profsor o is ayin tt'm o' l. pr otin thati ndto i'mrehe nof r is protininit. t prinat 'm yore rht aut n prin. yo r -- a -- bil sto >>yo hav't a ed ilto a esti >> ye >>avill:et d an toha the a ti ye >>otesl:rs w dntto he is picys ince redi ribueson, wtais hat' pync whatt isnd tt' wha y dibu, tat' at anis tha the y profeorwa. you nt fced anncomhefewa distu buti f.d >>om'm sll gng tfini my int. u'reighto goftertanl stti >> s g tneilniy i kn yout.idn' mea reohtgooernl thil. i knn't ount tn'belieae th o meot too th buttanl th neil thei aret ou t olirth me fivtoth utblacnlceo' i ilherehis oiv aco'coun iy. yochoo a g atserri ly huno ma him- yooo gt
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>>riill:nock t oflywithhe mabimck bines wilyou? >>l:ckofth bes il>> u?bill w o'ill? ll w>> bl: o of e thigs tto'l? ppen. b we oreatf verydy t sam herehi tvis. youendo n. weatry tam re bil it esn'matts. ouethe ntheye blk orhite bi ilt n'tt the bothemeyine blorte whbi we' talng aut hesheot fae nesswe'ralki abo whe'al a h juice here, wre fass tal'rng ki bo abt not jue hee,roteing w wll al st et, abt on--ot ty' be te g wrest g ptest s, st, onbi, le ty' e anrigh strestg ptestpsst l t abi le an ri ghght,ow tal on fostx n pewst l a is tt it t, t costinno tpaye moy fopole to titooin tye mofoolo their b, n one he nneankhe c restundrs ofk ptests t c nne stdrofanr pst nas gane t jail f h cres. g t >>ill:hey dn't vioilat any f h cr. la .>> l: >>y 'tiony howo yoknow? la >> >> bl: hdit.owyoow knocit off! >> l the b h. oc fredary leing.he why uld u say somhing le th, brdaher?leg. y d ayom l u dotht evbr havr?the iden. yodon'know
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doevav e >>ill:rofeor, ld i en ifyoou'rn' goiow to mak >> al:fe, i if 'r oicusaon, opressoak a lene sa aca, micprhatso a'nei or e ot r faleatsncact wl ei r stet bke t otfaw,ts bck it w st up b t whataw d thebrea bt up at dheea >>fe weble to >> eagef in w instigion d loe at wha o s gng o eetween in07ign lotndha g owe 08 my hch s we ouldiny me havi hy otheweld bil youhunc >>yeahwe cvi't get tohe it il ou nc bil may thas >>ght.ah c yoetcan'omake anit accatio on il ayhunchat. yon'ken ccbiio, th e ha bee -- nc >>ill:bithhaeeou st >> --l: maj texout ere. you' a reer. u're re-er. ajex t you e.ow tt. u' >>ill:ou gs core up,. you re re . ke yr la choou a t >> l: g coincep,n orou w reve ylaoo ael you ceor devep an wve iegaly ani wi put onel the our. ve noan ialanwi t nhvis, pertyn noamera. is i t focss, ptynf youer i tpboc seri thiweekou pb jt rihi peksent sta tt show thatover js n pnt justa a t econwic probatm,er iis a nus soc
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al on obprobm a i aocialoc sponbili ob aoble pernalia respsibity prlem. u knon thalis tr. yetleyou n't erntiolthat spbi prm. kn ha tr . fiett ofu t ioatal thasot te, ll. fiof heregaindo yourha t ho work . you jretinoloud d weshoorko hi u jtol d howork w you you. u'vehiot sn the scialnd ho rk noread heu ou veanscpts. s th tald to s palsonshore noad bstaebusssc this. we .alto p nsu'reronggainmyfrie . ta weso ta abhithatwe iss i re thngsinpeal. iechecit ou we numtar be.t ss mberwo th isis ape. sial ec ou obleumbut 's ao er po itica a slprobm. th rank of tlet a poorp pocaob thnkoor tn this pountrp arn isrowint a exnentl exnentlly. st othemwiomennd c ldreexnt almo 50 llioamerans e ling b ow tex povntty ly.e, o emit'senot j ct srestan mo0 buseio er s anthe ottoli l bine t isov lhat the 's j s woant thg yocanose oane atoes humabeintof ahe woces,thfyo an a lors of amain a cedsss, a tmake th fee rs a csvisie, to m teke em f ltheesi doposae m nd a er f ough-- bil verspecic destisa. i ha a 30 se >> ilerece ti don ha0 ses. radite .on >> bl: vis, you calmn di no yotold e to balm down
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yos,calmoumwn. got no yoldtomdownsends. yo lm allight. . >> ill: t %re s. l ri t?ll ht th can wor>>l:k.% th're ing be poo ctyou ow i ri thanor all ght? th e g so, eiloo ab e,u if its l t? be, use subancebabse at d youtoit tho be e ubopleceabvis douo doouho t the -- dles theis gornme pay hem?do whatheoes d t govhenmen dreal go meick?aym? >> can swer n at15s toven dal k? cond n er5 one,ou d't doniz thesnd u ha don you e,n't d diz crihenali povty a you hakeon to do a u out fdrili ovprog ams tworkor u hosehoo d a haverobls bud the mogorit trk se oferics, veain,blfbull he race bi mitf all oflorsic n, o all cereedbiare t sstanll rs l abers.ede theyon't san he wor beus wa strabt ras.d an ey't pileorage thnatial tasur watrraan >>ill:ll rilht i'llagive u on thti m torur ato thin>>l: rabt. lle onthe munorploynt r e aongo llegin graatess eunoy r ag eg5%.raes all ght,e'l hav meith euys at'. a l lt,ely'lav meh disc sion we asreci ae th bei her a and gagi l in yedebe. scon a're ciing th diseisser w d gin hean cn isbeing attked e g is by w me he afr can-aisricang andttd lar, 1yyearof "e fr-afacaor"nd havsome la 1ighlarhts or "u.
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fa crr"k uphose avmedv'shls we' be ght ck. crupsedve'e t .
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>>ill:ontiing w wi a rson sto, hoto dl wit e b >> ecol:omtig ndwi h dle ontoho d vertit as y may bowco rublin he rt priden al yay rlin connder prenrman ntaioner aan big aiaig in aigselfelia guynd no se a ithelfiauyfric -amenocan s mmuny argoin ie aeric men unarinhim. he'totay fae in e a needof o comnitynd nd m. oure'tanatifaonn i thk he a b ed oomty n apure.tion th >>heill: bere' wh iap don ge if y>> l:e'disaree ithh iermaoncain d i gesagr ith yimsae hn sommaein i grh
5:24 am
issu, whdo y havtoom peonal attk hi subadwh app yav ande saer th gspealtthi t tdpp indsa jusidn' th t even us run' llafvete. y c'toudigree ru spec ullyaf. >> ll, cotaldiee aee wh ec yolyand ry , alngag in w yo d resptful nd cilag diague i t les belearbout spthulis, ciliae hermle caibestruar theutirst thow.s, en yel bck fo tha rmairu he st th're .brai ashe y whenelou tl thpoo ioouha thn't e ve aobai ahe yen're ttho iot t a ch, obame aours yves.e en y staotinghose , ers s. nds ytammengse y shod ex ct ts have merins penh banou s tt's y notho ex tveri p ban s tsressctinhis ottrepneur geni. i specthe ct t t he esins epur canc nisuivor i ece t he he donsomeood wk b youncsuor n't heck uonme votod bynsulngou pele. at sateg s no at uotyul winng pe. st stegyeg no>> bl:kin ndst igy b aee wit yo i waitlet ose esti a. it greeyoith u, itt sevis,ti tha hee h shou b c llend if you s,ha di hgreeith ou cenifhatou hid di ee buh belfontt is t hid ch lengbug hi el'snts denrati m.
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5:26 am
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5:27 am
. thseco thi >> isl: th iesinsd absotely ear t!ur p nt a th icohis to youeaier,gre esolyr w pith a i you, etoou mt haea resr,ct a recividialue inh u, ts mhaes a vialn coury out tr poliesou wh et an cnnsuld bck fo andliaid ey we whe cul b brai ashefo whendhe sd d to w pooreoplif y're poo a yoaire nhe richeand sto you don or pl ve a j yb,elooe a yoyour nlf.icd oud yoon a jheckur. yo hman in b ck u wa to eck belfont now h n >> bill:old wao kdisaeeelnt with w >>ermal:caind n lotf thinsa. on thhismane, inm gingot - >> ointhisissu dons you, gi a -ee o is su wi d m? >>ouill:isteto m a i'l a gi ut st wiwo d, >>l:te m avis.'l sai dgit wo a trd of es. ai tricaameran cmuni is f litilly bainwhed caus th votcademoeratic cveryniime.s tiy bnwd us th ot moat iicry a e.intorth diussi. i'not nnin a ian d n fot thatth di si go i' t d fo st w d, gat god. wok gast word one s e'stword e not ingso get- evybodelseototg g evbrodinwaseed. yohaveo anowlgebrwa tha.
5:28 am
wh yo yve a wlsresctedha predent wh obamin t y inrvie thaas esed a rtaikindf perrenalnt am tinie ha tacko. a anaiwe -nderl ck bil howid i an - dreect him? >> by n eilvenow i drellowt gim t m? an er w>>n n youavenn ow t ex angean. wou e eryby cknledg exge oybhe wathatour disknspecdg was un stifwad,atrbrotheisec >> castingim un >>ifill:rofeorbrhe cng vis >>l:fe thas ur onionn t obama is tervw buha oou konw wh tlike o mae oba intview obamrvbu kwh ke 'm ob nntewayi ou cam't a ugh qu tio . n i'sayi playi che ta h quo i'yila evybodin aricaaw you ke sresctinhi by ev od ttinhim af.caou keesiny >> binl: im nterpted pside bushust e se way becse ther s a b t ieer ledmit pde for tshset s ayec inteeriewsattor tand i - >>ll rht. tews d i>> ayin >> for pring r u! inayinfor oru!u. pring r yo prg >> bl: i glayouove e inr d yoprre pg yingyoor b ime.laue i'd te t see f y yo png hed . . entyd ore tead ee we m yove h al g th tye enid .ee soutstin aligthiemoctic utin
5:29 am
baion.oc c ll tt chge inextyeas esidtialote? we wba't dn.n the tch ixt toeain out id aland e? yea wf d hethe ofact"ute ha d seae hhligeshat ou ct mit wa to hadv se hhopeigou sytuned f tos mi warepoo sdv spe w syed fonti te toss po eving bosn. wti t evg os ♪ ♪
5:30 am
5:31 am
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5:32 am
arcek an cote fsp. ♪ ♪ >> bl: ithe pactegme toght, b ie ct eme tot,5 yron theox 5 y newshanneand havhad ite ride we a numr onin pmeti ws nene ind av ad ri and e havbde an um on fo12 y prs.ti y? nen and taav a lk. fo y. ta l >> thinkou' a scining,timutingoman but in ju'on know why y woind sag, tmu stung thaanou t uno w sa. y yomust ave woown sau we t tu ha gog toet i troue. sa >>hy? yo st bile comn onwe thi isgoto i ameroua! we>>e se? a tea ilom eroionnhi thr coitme to er wediseppro a
5:33 am
ofrug roe.n thcomeo that one of g the sond obleis - >> satp yonether forl on e s d welel getoo f -ahe o s yoeror. on i wegeo fsagre wit ou. i digree >> s whogrsomeit ale c i anyou ve gatteetdiee u kn s iho gmeot allle my c tth an knu ked gt pling etckey a kn i fatr hajustyiven te- knd pl g he hey a h art athastentack you hnow hy yo frid biie w ckkilld? ou w yo i riuld ver nt t bi w spec ate llhyeas i killd .r t >>ill:ow o weryou en ecu goe so ig?ll > l:was owayseru big r gohan e ? otr chdren bils youysigon't wtoiln otchen anyb y, d ilyou?ou 't i wnt ttrea youilhe w ybu tr dted .u? yo ve k led i r tean,ouur w men, urtrd hildn anour yo kbiesd n, bil i kw i'lda kanler b es m il ki' kot gngo klanody. new rkerget ur hotoan g althat kany. inebraa, tugh. w ert ho al at>> inhe inra th.tracrs, u kn, it lik who n i wating theac, mure it wknileitikho iatg e y're m ie we thton? >> bl: yowe i come you did tth tuto inta holwood bomouidpho? tu>> nt i'mol ood tie to a ste,ndo i'm yingo 'mmysef, ohat t theieo a ll ast dm ngng ohere?set he>> bl: ner tk it
5:34 am
a riou dy. >>ever?. b n tit >>ill: os chi ren oun't >> er dersnd w youe aing biza e an>> thil:beveryhin tvery rs wou ag trouing chi ren zaoan donhi ry ve rydireion. i tnk is my oboug ahisn onn ren. t i my arst tbe o a treushi ople ar tbu oons. t >> bl: thire i a kind of le bus. b t iinf selfensohip. do y reayensothgs? lfsop. i ver i nther ?do! >> ull i r feaers. my.othe live in t n h use! i lew uin.eas. my heu'revenvit t to hmeeere. uu're.ot iited tonner i wo d nreer eito withe. you. re iif iedaso theer wo.i. n e i wldit u. foll youhere r yo iwenthe. w >>llhas ouid wrereyootnt a teat toatiolserity e>>ns the w tt gove menttotseliosaidle're not.sety e >>heill:k, allrit, ve ntdoelc.idre t.d stl sht a >> l:u.llri d goo donny' wit ou stshnd a go y' it evywhe youent. somee whwantto c dow on ds evheout.ansmsion mewhhent cown wll ve o pares b we' not goinsmto aonow ahe illal dug w in here nd o aru're be'otoing to in a a bellve y drsel why en'tinou sreing at? reng o >> illalrugs donbe yel y 't equ sg ? unprecti sex >>llgsonqu >> bl: ery sdy s sprtiex - >> c i b-- b e s s - c b reve h.v. o of e moing
5:35 am
>> n yoshut pre hor. of mo ag yonuteut >> bl: fny cent >> i a in eric areou ttelinge hat b f for gnnt i n ic pele d 't heveh sam tnget orrigh? >>ill: was old peu dight h havenuckcrosam t borr. gh >> il:ightasave d akeht a veckos c tizen arre.or >> i!hte ke cen re >> ill:ou'reinay ithe spi zo>>.l: 'r i'mdiay. >> bl: y're izzy e th pizo. 'm di citent. wit exci bment ye y >> bl: itook lontimeo geyou in. >>te had.o itciacrintce my blf. iokonme ge i'u notin >>ad tkingori amy. cldre to r ove i'eotliba wou tng yo a woul creyo r e at'sy nebaouqution yo >> noul woyod yo s rifi you'self ne movehequ on li n?no wo yo>> o sfiouf srifi m wifeveo litracdownhe ople hat s filled m,000fepeop. acwn le t eve body aw ed00op that invedyhn saam hsein my oonensaw thre i saam hsein sa h>> yin betr ge o himenw nre you i ow "e sa hinfa or", yetgeimou i on't ant " putords if sdam fassei",weren por toy, wd be hecof i'tt utds lot sm eiworsreoff.po to >> will:beou'recnot holwood nd ootgu rsf. i >>n't l:e'rt ou colling a body ogu be. i t notlway bab cng ady >>ill: ou w ldn'.send our otay abchilen tthis >>l: wn'ndr r,il t isbill >> m nepw just enliedr,n
5:36 am
tharmyll m epu do jt knt what ou'rli lkinabou th my do knt'rcong tula ons. in ou he'a trio n'tnglas. enige'teais svicer i'io pusyou f th tigset. s ce who i' is usuru th rimaauenceset. hos ma>> aucestriers,nd cckwhres and lovehem ris, cl. >>hat'not e whss, m d vem >>t't o'rely.s m of ursehat'the sue. at'shat ey do re. f se ot' thee e. s ite.'st theyo th hato stu a the ohese. time >>essa eythattu a ohe fai a h eme a sa acceancend k os areai a - >> y h're ing t aake m cey.ce ksre bil i - ye g te mwo predent o the ilitedtatesittg, t rmer.i.auy w worreksnt for o bothe ed tettpres tents to er.a w orksair,or thestso al tellr,e a ye's gotalthem ll e can say n a he esn' ysotth anay ne n' havet seee youor 1 yes, w t have youseeen ing? ou >>one 1 o f yr sineye! wha ou n bilg? nonof ts s>> yo ne o yult. ne , no eopl il loson tilliss oyo llart. it w n't nour plult. os areouli o urpredhat fox ar wnewst has beent. frere to u thapr t c neox and a l wsasen o f the oo
5:37 am
thha li ral newsnd lnetwks? oe yo hesu oriseth lil i wtwldn'?expe any ing yo sussse tha a fai a wn'penyg b ance dha aivera a of caaig bce bil i k w yo reraf caig il kyo - y dot kn whyou'rthe lighing rod. y onlif i is bdoauseknhy'm're ghg d.pres ting nl iorma b seeric. >>ill:hy d't ty l ke es ngnorm amecansma ic i ink, perh s,>>l: the d is t a l kettleit frmmens thrt i k,ere.rh >> bhel: ts net ark news lehr "e nee.yorkimes allhe p ple b t etat y hanwswith ty e ve " nerkes ll pe y.anwi t >>don' bullve [ ep] me ok >> ill:>>'d nn'er dllat! [] ok >>l: n >> dlet' call! i wt itis bil no,t >>t'aln't. i th w's yitr isopion. il o, thtkatert. th yoardgopn. s th telove -- rd ve - bil i tnk ts isarsh inteogatn. th is ne tilprot tt yo t is sh li, wod ite daging? au i'ld teat lik ths totyo li woitdang au'l awerik you esti yes or no. >>ill:ou'r a drgingound ti es yorre dnocing >>l: 'r u're duppongd toe a yo d ng stightp gu >> b l: d s itreistupotoa you th so ny pple stateht guyo b d itat'stu serusou tho peesti.e >>he youth theolks ho 's te erusu, thedon'knowou.ti >> h heks hen'ow.
5:38 am
whathey hate i wtevefun hous mirr image fatyou tatt's i wt thvee.un usirgef ts th >>you' theguy, ll. wanto tl yo>>u'hey,'ll ayt. to yr ntfat. yo yoare e -- lay >>ill: o y i'mfa lik yoe -- wking r yoin t >>l:'mikwsro >> ou'r fireyo t >>thanyou. >> m a shotro o f>>'rre >>anu.evitwn aght you st oit t ou-- with b-1 >> bhl: ihink-1'm gng t comm icid b i nk gr gt, i tant mmohankidthe ctorproder r mono w gr it has en hnke frhe be inni orod r onputtg th w pie tother when e cos bac h frofr bni boon tt th isiet toerle l?encoac ro wi attney neralbo holr ist ha to lesignve fas witty ra olriou heay b sub enaehao gnoveas aear forehe hse. ou le l isheext. bubae ar re h. leist.
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5:43 am
jus g i? arona,his e ov the fif alxicaboarotsous ara,s ovhe caarrder so u're tking abt an iernaonalruger stg, tk abo tre runng t dnggs abom oan cou iry tnaal gxico st tnot abenun d oou tco t iormi theexin vernnt aut wt wee iing mid byhe wahexi bor r rn a wwe pa ol ag ntsby wa end orad. >>ill: hepa a borsr prol antnd ad w afted. th .>> l: >>fterhat.orr pl a w ate th >>ert. e mu havsign off to begi muwiav.gnff >> bl: h wast truthl wh giwi. coress n is b to has bin witth w co ssorisoe dn't bit kwhatas dtoing bute shld he own. kat >>nghe wl ha no hoic butut sh h toetep wn.n. hel be >> whaoicbligted to tp do s. issa eelsheel bastron cige t s agnst m. saere'lsaon mmo c ding bk agt to e' m dg bjulyk0, 20, tto sws he s rect inflymed 2t on t ot s thisccasn bue ctnfd on fe disfereasbu casis onthispecic f >> ill: e'ssionoing toeis cisubpnaedo teifynder. >>l: o thlast tesfy i bpronedteyer ngreman sa w n't thderstes i onoath if h didot t l th ren wtrutt r
5:44 am
at i ath t th ev thoh heut wastnder i oathit we. aime. evw hehoetshe subasena nder h th wto ce ine. he s wh wilubtheya sk h now h >> c theiny're smt,hey lwhiley h ask wm the here sm y k he we k? >>he suld we whinheext >> sweekd whatlso at's wntegnl abt tht ekinve igatatn, to y've'segabt rethestedocunts ecif to e dertme of sticveat tprioverequt wi the retecus ifo at demef ic ioquwihe n theyaveam n onlyim t n othepeop as n bilnl he'in s iousroub as heops aweorne ile' sus genubal a he mes e aouncent anetoy. >>hey'en bri aeeoplin f e anct kierlysto >>y'ght,ri theplllinring in pple at aki belly himnd t,he ngissu thoemo o pe ahielim >> bl: w t disudho h moow hi actl b wdi >> b hl: t derwrowombe y trd totlw u a b t norrwwest airle onbe chr tmastrto uy.
5:45 am
or trstl ha ben nrlon is mor i trhaen det. r rese mingor i hielf. d holong rssehisgon sho gog too on hif. hongs s>> ifton hojuste. go >>toill:o yo on thi so? t >> relyst .>>l: yo is ia coellihi cas and? ve st ng.e pros.utors h e m ir.coliasnd abdu utalveb onape stmittg.g os orthat he wadoin mg ts dunalonehale tt of aqaid atwain tnderhe dectioal of aid aar al-aaki. is ierreal imp dtanttio a bil thehave00itnees-ai. on t i palnempnt tt saw theuy on ilheve nefire h twas tain. tawhen re >> b hl: ws tinitnees i tis y gog tall? b wne i t alh? wh is hgogoin tto ll?l? >> me o al wh h in bil bin?aden is ad, u o kn. ilin en >>als wlak, kn>> .t's >>alak noing tbeswi s thgh, e nosecion ng toingwi be sw , th guy- ecn ng bil whoe an h swca ?thuy >> ey w't alow ho il ho hlay e caprocding whe aelayw hs rits tan op ing. y he h ocstanngy ounsay andri h t op g.ked to h anchberensnd h >>ill:his n be ver do wh, 9:00 toght?chre >> l: s ber wh9: tot? efor w gethome bil allight or as wetme illlht menonedoroth
5:46 am
as smiey an - >> tt waen edthinsa. >>miill:he pfess . - twa sa >>you l:ow, pdss iike tho guy u , i keevenhougtheye sohosguid my yopinion, g a kic oenugey so ofthm.ui but y inanywn, t g pntic o was of th m.yingoake t s pertyyw ts no p drasen b nge pty walnostre dr b shanigs bu drinyalre persal rponsilit shigbu rila rs r ns itrmanain,ot a o it. laildr who g b tere ann, a o b. eir drrenthoso w ghave to s bre b th . r bunt wvenow,o s 3 sates hav p poseth. bu drutestw,elfa 3 sesav pseecipnt becarue weste pangfa bilons o ipllartoeople w hocawepaan'tr woilt wos. arp w d th't wowoluf urse i no th chalnginthatnf seoflora. >>hat'righ al intheyate sug inlori. flora stted a pgramors >> ot'gh ey su in rily sing u ha to or drustd p amstedor a kind o of st e's s g hao ru empl ment for edod aamps kdf st sfor ythi likthat plntr ps hoing,nythglike r hiikthat. and acho cag,th ike a sa ok,th d the's acfoura ame iment r ahta betw n k,unasonle srchnd ths ur seizmee.nt r wh i s to at, etw unon shacs wronizon wh tha s o , e. ere'ac ste - tse a t.onha th is
5:47 am
p vilee' s - t to at. get the ths thro ph.le >>ill:ightyou ve to qualgey.he ro >>l: ht anu one t the al quifyi act is ane yhe're t spedinguyict mey n hein. ye >> m bil intestily ough he. kimb>>ly, cexa. frida asseilntti gh is l, th welfmbe, dase lecipthntslf oppe dramical. >>dipmatislly. pe thashowwheneopleamal w >> th're ing be t o thedtiy. spot ndhaowenpl ty'reoingo get th e g dre osthe ty're ot gotng tohow treng uetp tre a dr tre gnow to wtheye gog toest dirp a t a t gtinghe benets.ow ey bilgo thetoaxpatr isir a g prngecteby t s lne we nt o mon toilohepais prte t lece o oeoplono o nd i botpl for addted peopn to end obooznd ugs.or ondd prodem i fopo youde ooz taing out ingl e ares.s a onro i thin likthathereouhey ve ki tag tgl ae a home a the in notikatreoingy ki g and tryo ge a-- ho aheot >>ngill:f th hav kidstnd ry ge me a there odrug ey'r goin>>to sl:nd tthavds mon aonhe o theugrugs >> 'rat'sinhe s tprobm. >> tony shld ethegse ki f 's obug a ista e or tsh icoseli. 70% the ataor floda vors cosupplit thandary dg % helo o stin >> b l: ipphinkth0% of dae d couny suorts . >>here ou in. b i nk bil thaf s ve muc niceuno sesuyoutsn >>re bost.
5:48 am
ilcomihave bucac wit ceseun a vyst. mi inrestg siacatioit suth vy bost, aemoctic troinstsiio sh ho. wi it replica nextstaocyeacro we wt do theo ho find wit.t epca xt at rat isomen awa wdohed risenwa
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5:51 am
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5:52 am
cod oobama. i whh ondo y lik ysmoreei a. >>whbillon yik reo'relyhere no queson aut tt. >> prollbly o'reillyre o>> hs a al es aamer tan.. amroica!y o'ly ha er. am wha!do yike mo? >> rack oba. wh y>> likebamae mo ckob kema >>'reiy al the way >> iighte bter >>okin eial he ough whato yoay i i?ht br >>i --in gh atyo i >>-- hat youot? t ou? o my d! oy hey,ou lk teible y, ltele >>obams noiris >> se, h s>> gam ishnoisots. s oba h is t an g iri ihy. he wldn'be as.e t o hbags fivanri nute w>> hn' do au lie theappl h?iv te the's ly o he o thatlihepl ish,sn'tit >> re. ths o at >> h,'tit he' .orerish tha e' reilre. >>youshusha tnk ias bn yeerda il >>us t i b ye da grea gat gra fath isea om iland ra>> that'ssfi.
5:53 am
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5:54 am
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5:55 am
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5:56 am
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5:57 am
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5:58 am
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