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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 12, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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ir heit >> cain tokhe bar bid gethe lastauginh ttast ar nit's dete et we g atugull tca comg nis up de te raig ahe. gll caom d fop et he ighe bate t biggt fo pitic teews t c esgg p ic om seonehosn'tven s nnin c sne'tn in pele runor predentf thunit stas bause ty pethininunheir remindnt i hinkthitta b se caw t. i inpe iirndady. ink ca i tt r iney ys iope n y. wi i kw i'read ry ie >>wiso d kesi'ad cris chrtieust supptomne >> o d doe cs hhret want ppne to r ooe with h him?an he awershat raig ahe . rh "f & f aendsrsstart rigig he no "f fdsarig no g o rnin gd g o rnin peinple, lcom to s dio -- g e, inpee, ther om s>> ho e's e ofhose sws ere havto ce upith er h mas rialofse thers no sing ing . e av wh c'suph gngon ma al>> ergestnog foxg news a rt whast gon ght s trng o st finoxew a t
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t tr oombg fin ony ble.mb it tk m20n mines to fd ite.i cod it t mond waintco f th dete. itd yoco got ao cnce a seetc th?de. if y didyot, we'llot show ce sou yide' the fferhotighlhtstoday els keast e hl wisout ubt, itd loked ike s t t. mi rom y cawi outt he mostt,t l efedctivewinn in tshole miomcaut m t ing. melyefecauivnne wasn t genle s many f th quesg.ons. lyauas g s nythes s.and caus thi date uly cuse d ushinlyn t d ee nomyy seichy plyple bieven thi t is h num er onmy s engt hy p esues bfve morhinismnd hum thaon stookgt bacseat andhe es iseorsm of cishrishae okacatndorndng h ght sbefore, iwas c aisor h up ftintthin for fom noe, is au. itidn'evenome . up >>ininover no the sting a unit tn'ene ble ayb>> beauset wa ahe s ng a t coerastyb >> c brlieseose.wa true, he dinity felat cost e. likehe fac tt forue ahe ditel whil at .ast f akeac torrou and you w tilt t f aandi tes kingu candouatesqu esti s, ihoug t thatas kdid ofs ng ndesquti iug cl andat k alsof oughlimitinghe c audncendls clap ng oghbooi oranhing mi ng i tught thaude wke ouap ooi
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r om tanigng ipict te,hthaitt w mneynew ou'de t attkedndct i'veevert - w meyt haw een hi ain 2ttd veerdeba ws, mha'vnever hi 2en h sobampos. >>everer - >> y kno hoat heot aotosf >>erough - q ystiono he a abt hiheal cargh qio bagrou, abt dieren abthinhi he alght ar mig not ha bacd. but baouabdien seed t oin he et hanigle iott ha acl ptty t we. lotee to he panssur i ws a so py we ot rmanai pur a wnds h a 9 pl a he h thean a bacrounto h bk 9tl a. h he >>he doacesunndee b and you lk >> at t polo aeseseenduddey you rightherin t t topol t ar and indeomease aght ther topf t topnd top tie in ande sse athop t don bep iend s rprid th on99e bece the ri thtch raseast ght.99ecehe mr h set y say tt you mran i renue nintralnd y sas tou ye , th u.s. i col rctedue nalas.2 yeths. olillied i tax2even ut li a blooerg vernntasenhe nuers d yo plaould hooeg rn rais no mnue ths yo lald hrilln. is anoevenh m ttht shtfal ll yod st l baneenlapp tg ash9al% yost b saletax pp foo andedice.9
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pblem wlehx oohatnd aiclysis is tt its in rrec pem wt asi titinec threas it' icoect causthey sta witthast' ico t sumpons at won't ke.useytait re mbermps w9 pla't thrsute. thcurrt ta reercode >> ola thi ihr wlday i when thrrta you deke t o hi i w999lan and i wn y turn tu t upside9nnd wn, i yink e rnvil'in t detls.updei k l' t et . ihinkt's aatch rase i nkin ft, ihoug it s ts a pricchof aizza w n ise f iirstugt thearof i ic aza w ist ar i ce fmhemerin peop and i have ca f nber ri otr we recnize eco mistopnd ve tha helde nr otweeczeo dcoelopsthis theld 999 . didt ceff ao d popzas bo x, 9 id ce f no >> h p manbelie itboill ep the comeax at%? annoody? hanliitl e met that whyany?eoe w't tust- >> i you k pathyeo wenti tingt999 >>ou k dtig hmaca9 i mhtoack im ery oer q hstiomaca i mo thatk rig! e o qio >> weatllig a tt's w is
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ef ctiv>>we a t s li wen, ck i per sti dsn't ef iv ve aeconic pland lith, t,erti d 't cord g to a manon -lawell ndth -- rd to we st dan't k -w abt llit >>i tho ht -- welle d kab i dn't ow ithatas atron ansr >>lastighthoo sayll i'm d gt ng i at get aoonns i a st it'htay goi to 'm g in re etys. i at'oi o u kn , an n tn hs.said mt ro ey h beeknrunnang fo t esidt fo heighidyear at'shy h mhad me t ro ho aeennnfo ideconfoic don'know f th 's t's hd t rht a answ. on yo pknow the fn'actow of the m ttr whe mswt roey h yo anowhe ftf mecontic prn an he whe mro herman cainas on pan999,he that givma em a in backne a9, somethg thaiv tal abou a cons tentck. aomth t >> ghtal >> iouellou whnsntew t i gilrichasn aaino roundew outhe figid, hchwas ce aga an ve r smand, ve tfunn hefi the hinds ofga guyou w ldvemave ke tnn sit aund hehed big tfle wwithndhe he a drick sigtoru t had a gthat pntt. therat t end ockthe com sntsruad g on p99, u know if er you tnd o oenom us a on, owfou oeven stre thi it'a gog too dnnd go enreawayhit' ablute notgoto d congssos ay goio wabdte uot ng wi anoer w to getney.oi w heill on e prram t swino w o et moing d soy.ill nt
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hel n prgingmch swe'vgot t mosyg sol n busy ng srnin'vt >> t watheay started for sy mi romy, h tin ge hi a twae ta boedce iorthetep ad en miheom h ghia compence it sbomed i petty a e idenon cera becse got mp cee ro s stad pndy t e en.o. craec ro ta guabd theost topul. goveor ithe untr i abhenew t jeuley. ey'r stilvegett ig use tr t i iw hije he'. around 'rilttus t50. i arouhi thee'rocodtry,hey' 50 rodyg hion ou "heturd nigco y,livey'whici hed haens her opledy.hi but chr "rdig chr tieveameic ohehas r yestleday d i ll tyhrou washr e e stned finhis utst andy i yas qutionhy d it stowd winhenisou nd nctuay ha the quonole dt n spotght t s eorseuant ha he t he's he i souotedt t whe chrichri eie ssepped up thehe h ate. iouhe riri sedp he e. >>iust canmagit a th bto li is y>>i dton'tan rgi for aometnge th bthto tlis y ct i't who rerhe rominetore oupart tis a i b iieveho is in gog toe gornor romy ourtil ahavehe oortu bty tvemake t i choigo of toe goersoor heomhink il wi besveserv oe htu t aske t runoingf so e ma andnkest rve hewi couesryrv h sas aice psideun and themanndt eou a ulemate pdend if nedhe be sers ulte present wel i n at's oingo bebeis cl aer the ninee of ese pat yelnd y 'sknownghat?be c i a ot ath lot nee off pa thigs t y do
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iowt? i new aotrseyf >> tre hhiis to insweng t w ey ques on w tther hr nohe wld be veresintwe toresint es werno w mi romy v assiehrowsiis su ortmiom bhindsow mitt mney ster y whsuh wat ian b ynd goit mt eyt. waserwhwaantrao yinar wh 's igoeresng i as parely, eaoar wh iesmn is dpped there, mnchri dies'edoe d wn he in mendm, n jeeyri as' coue of dwn daysngo had a nd njeousleeofover ys theonclion of adrhap ov breaast, heomnecln was aptoldyr. ov cheat,tie,ou'vot ne as ldppory ch hee,'v irestg th g i thatanswor two thgs. i christthhris ie haseft at tsw two doo opth yet. aai riboutiseasheth or ft t he till vicpresentoor opet atutetthr unhel ices ftt i atitt mneys thmine f i heeft tt dr op t ag n.eyth thinneit's he fastnati t beuse d opis i goin tag n st tin'sheas tiwholeconvesati aga ma iein t do n theoadt if rney come olnvti gatheominaend tdohedfeco thi ry me isou einhade o t ts comicohi a cisplef wks a wndehris o t cmi chriie ge th sec coutet w th aeaga wis lrar inri gth sectalifnia thga becae wh dide l doarurng thatspee?ifa toocaawhiditourt atee rick pernd
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oo wasrett oious at rk tt er pot he was n goi asott o us tdors t ric poheaspey. noi th wast a big rs ofic pe surp as he ame og and sfd t o rick rp. e ond s t ic pey stday,ou heo pey sty, h repuate e miste tha caed mornism cul pue e and mcktehaerry wou d the ca sameorsmul thin thisd s nothe onlry ou dstorheam treminy isnoistueingnlews camor ross este ay emmoing. ametucansgcrossthe amob aron art ow witssthete mo g. wa ing mensosotene al terrist ar a it atecks. is c es awasg the senteerst dertme saythey eats. c a expsedhe s raan pt de tmeayeyxpd ass sina p tht man t hee,ssnaaudiaraba's th ans.heame,ssad, ad al-beirdiabs thisanamadadl-ir isirann-boamican mansr arbsia appanred bon am an w yo fedal crt o nsesdaariappd no he d noyoered cn o da g lam no e akurare argewith copiri to y exic dru gm ure ge thrtelo cay ou the corimao icru shaki, unfo unately, scallou ahe ma larg iranakalli t storyfoat rig s now a a faicat n.rg anli t s>> ryn weigow ctor drufaatcart? we
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that exaortly t dealru joinrtg usrom r d. atbuxaauy tal foer c.a. inusperam ve wne. ll obu whoh one foot ca. ofra w wo o in hois e area fwayn welme bac wo n on ts eate tk yn aeluthe c tte liage. a ere es t dru lie. e t crtel and thru irani cel revndutio gua th rce,he i niqu fure ievoioua is pt in e,ashiton,.c.? qu >> od fe irni. pgreainqutionhin, .?and loo k, w firni hve eaquon d o o unrsta thathis worirde hf in ft, evethin lay o anduntaha is pls outorde ase f bieveve iinay ond. plthisut ord camdiresly fm bve i thvery isrdamre hig fst levs o the quthry forceshigh isev the oheupre quorsh s leerhe atollre khoini s le th i allhoi s thmoment i ttic eratn th wasreenight mo gont int ticmeco ur atthasenht weaostnt linknto enitestatme ok u wh theea nkarteo ewhteh,at by he uwa w asheetewh a kbynorewas so a kno fund a ked y rk,un a d thlargterror orgizatn ctral ak, suthrica thrg toro
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rgcomeatnto e u ted ates cndal a s h ma thicaatta.o meo ud es mahita the gnifancethe scope and e theifceempor sncpend o thi bt e orcann be dersted. ohi >> onne rskiddd.g. it,ynct of ddwa r? t, >>wellome wld cal itf nwa t o >>ll ewa walt i thnk th had oertalywa ththad hadta ey bn ab to pullhisad bf,abo pul toxplos bom, i ink you woulhave to say that wa atoloom i act k ou waulve ti me rayembe thehawa a gerns t wad th me in rbeheerorldar i th when theyld a iackeighthe wre y ey ake all hte, pri t w yorldar i l pri tyeah, ihink yououlde ld i ve, ve clos e. e faa at inkagaiould we ve veveose. a faai e tactal orati appved thhight lels byte spctsor otippd th terghrley a onetf our sp r lely onefer our ane bgestur en ies the midnee etsur b st en s gnifant. he id i eink,ayne tumbe onthinthatmerins a if u thi i k,orneng t andbe onaskiin theatelveriis w at is wa u hi ericorgoinnd to kihe?ve wt yosknow wha icin wl ts t
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ad nistyotionowow dha wbecae ma peo te wi say hey,e cat reaadyston dttac the camaeowi aymilirilyr ca y,caeae?y wh's tac ansher? >>we lily tca ansr iswh tns >>etchwe, unrtunely, they'ns gointois g lot o chthisunun youy,y' in knowour gcrety oot otatendisou ou pside aow vr yetood o ate ou p deakin athis v ftd a a tling inthemishat fis just will n a tng std. em t we j, tiun nrtunely, y kn st ou enees we udetandununy, ykn outhne. u de ndery ird wldount aundth thworl und stan y tdt the w wi be nt a dre rcusthons.rlndan t at sheuld ppen? wi ife resinteaga wnreuss. the, i s ad ureen? u,ifsiga w i a confent tel ngth iyou, ate a nf t eluld a u,essatn ve d ry lge slend isa wou nobe o ove wo l socke i int an aouirin fanoory. o o irke isnt ooki aintfay. ou irs outsetchki hanas snfu akne, clrly. ts cheanoldnss shich th do necly. the andhedn tepch dhials b do we kthw whnde thqudsorceep bas ar dls weno exatlyhat kwhth thedsre ce badoinar they e trweningxayat inian t ghe kill meriinns tay ey tr thng've en doi it i fanbout x yells inri t the aoit f we d'tutnow e
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ven yein ectly wha tha're ingn d w en eghanlytan.ha n't hav enouth?e g >> anrly,n. w t avouaven haenou, ban and i's veryy, veryupseening. haou b lo, wendave i ved's bryng st se g. to lo awehaniean a iraands b s u kn, th ani arad iniandon' ev karkn thathe kw tt th i're anmingn'rom thm. evarha k t ey'rthe ngm sthmpedith eir formion. so, 'ru kn i sedeh er rmn. nooing to te act, ioknagait ihe for o ngat wre tctllowiogait theor t cont ue wh th wselear ow heacto andy th nt wthwayhisars notor tondpothr,opoweay is t ectrity. po is ito p intwethe p of batristiy.miss e an fire it pnte of of >>at baisrati.ssanre >>you ow of - >> w ne>> rasions, tha you >>u vy mu for -toppg by wndal ngsis,haou abousome v bmueakior newppstorbys ismoing. ou grmet seng kiewy'alor >> n t the remog.f you gr se adlis th morng, al sta nwithhee stuningou admsion fro lithe ththerorf th, taissi thba.tungdm onshe roys suy e erth esiectso b e ar sstedu deboh brley, e notts n bmed su ed t s bo repbrtedly, feeot nerd rests sut. snevibleep asdleeolic try finstnconstenesvi ines ouicstory. y in she redriveonen invtiganr
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wh is nou saky.g abo h e d v le ithe se.nvga wh n sakbo h >> i wa ie very.e to kno i notere >>waryono oteo defd o prest anne. i ve bn askef to me o o he esan. i bosko oind he laand t fin d th pertrat oad inperprato. ther at>> lice sred a wlrpto nea e ce sr airwi' kns w city homea b stil no signsfwihat knsbabyy b il tw soffirsnsscorngresitdent byama'motoad rusd to tw fi spit inorsilorit aft a' ttoirusto moto ycle itconided e ofrihe dftverslamm t io to lethe ck otheco oedth of t dowinrsmm both ioenff e heir oe othkes. t neinher fice was th sious ir hurts. the torcnee cor inueceto tas rpor sand use predentn rt fl ida e attrcd a condraueer. t ord rent fla tta ra. oilealerrighnow, wre abt tohow u w goticke leerghw, w of"danng wh th starab to w lau nig w.otke of >>an wthar layna igd to. >>a to >> cha pllipfilso chphilps st pip pacngndobso kardhian nd nilcy g sce ao inheacotto obree. rdan n g a inrmertodancg wi thetarse.
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pr julnne ough ereturdoncwi hethe rsllro for t pr fir teulegh ur d in 1/2 e roor yea tir tnd pform in /2 th h "foloos ea prmstma. th h loofoos fanttic. imais dth itoo ntc. astisnight >> mingp l'stsay gh 's a wedsday mo ing,ngsn't l ay ? is c ald bedaay bigger scaalmog, 't th sondra c b anigher rilinca sol th comny an anotrsora anr in feraloloan butom an thot oneotven inhe falnut unid stthes oneamera. n >>n tn ini st oermaer >>ca's t simne i 99planoo masile?caim mittomnesays yes.99an who'sirigh? stua rneyanyt ng btt neyss. o' ghsimp. he a cuapliced m.eyyt b mp he cic m
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malennouer ] anbey jue? we up ♪♪ leou ] beju wup ♪♪ that goomorng, vegg sty. atoorn ggty hm [ ma annncer fohalfhe corie--hm manner fo pllfs ve cie nieriti. cld' haa v8 plve nti cd'hav8 ♪♪ malannocer ♪fel♪s kn thawhenou d't g you shavalrighnor lkn thhairriention d g n be proouem.avgh thrion berecoro scr.chescrow bo ] cocresowo soet yr grmingame ght withillee fu on so y prgrlidengazore .t wch h thi er, nerth le fulade for ss tpr anddeullor alow wi h thehiille, e r ir tatide defr se s tve gnd.l lowihele irtief s g tethetheyelp fend ainst sig oshavg irtati -- theeyp nd avinyour kin aokinst ig smooo andaveeliir freti.- inurn in oondlire he defd yo ski ♪ ♪ heefyoki
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[ me anunce ] ev♪y da♪ thound peoe archoo ng ail®. man hcee's eve stday. ou [ eogis lovarto pooy te ais.® as matt of hct s st wasoy [ s ov pte wh.taug me how platenns .ttf as a witit ces somewhchesugnd pens w lann d onway ato ritieve chem lmees p to ght thedvil®. ony rve m i he beme ireasgly amed ao regi s ent rancheil.hbe iasyam agiennc is scy sotime wh he compshesn a y. iscsome whe mpesa weli'd ther nohaveime r pa buunfounaty itoes mes yoel wayd veryerow ano thevee pabufoatits syoayry a heandhat'when tak mydvil®. malannocer takectio takndadvit'®enak myil. alnor keioakvi® fo fusn hanow en ned e mo depdabl midse caby jpoweand asso atesfowe gusto khaberlw n moepblds ca j weandthouts osothisesews? g krl anou oiss? haveo id whas go on. were o . veidhagon. we o whatas tt? th tolme is thmost depeableidsi sedat and t theyan bk in the lit e x.thol ithstpelesiednd ey binheit
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iuse d thhecurrte replicao w e ontrthnersrrave o veepca diffent ans. trrse ve >> t fft s. 9 pn th ihave t proped i si plenh ive opansp ient, ficit,si fir aspt, ne my fuestn i a tonel. govnor myst i o mney.ov r n yo nam aoint i ey youryoam0ntage i pn urnd ds i tisfthate pn criria of d iein g sfat ria o mpleintrspart, efcien fa andeutr ? letrar efen fandtr >> h >>n,'v had h t exrien in li o'v takgad t on ometough exenn i oroblsaknd i on e mu augmit sblplesnswere i mu of an vetelpf b sewe re ofntim ofveinaduate pf>> bca of imgrat so was adte mneyca is 9 oogro asmple t's lk t seytuar 9 varne whole s t s arliketo mehgsne aho sple asossie ke mo dersnd. a >> se assie 999let'defi
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ind99iduat'taxfit. ra. 9% orpondteuax taxate 9%9% spoes ta thatax it.te that 999. s a herm caiat that.s hiplan at was9.ttacd la nig caus of trmt aiplha.hi anpeop sai asaclaiglookt's o us t mpliplic. opi - ok>> pples ike mple li oplenderand -si le. p e ke thas thadvaage.le leerd itsi. hath vae.dersndab. everody ows it rsab pcise werty s 9 is p hosemany w popleundetand the is hony p le de poind, 16hepageomnepl? ere'a dfereether >> a o, toi16 poigeneasplade las e' dre nit th ier the a e tntoihateas nith ihe e herm caibecos prtidenof th unid stes and t rmaicopren th congss dsnistnd tent the 999 ng d plana tion salen taxth o99 an on, whal's toax otopt gingo 20%?wh >>othat whamakeop it ggo popur. do%?ou wt to >>atha aketacht 9% sal pu do wx onto tf thch fedal iome x as wellal >> on it terethed fro in e asfover. ok,aybe wll t kt aeboutro it. fo r.t i k,t wbe a w t snd-o aut betwn . iw s-ocain and tw rney o onom poli iinhinkt wand ra tiybu o t ed
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oes oom li inkwa romn. ti thclea t losd otheso enomy lastighti'm mn w theaos ogoveeor pry bau eemy st htesn'mhave wpl. >>veeah p he' bgotau a plan n've he jt hn't tplus >>h e'tt. >>t's st aut eanrgy, at's jt. ht t >> e good thi bout>>s a ey, 's godhicaut 0 sendsoryou, he'sca got se sthe tion dlogu abo tax u, e'formnd ming ot mplee on >> dguboprecaxely e on thin thatrm mg illur le ar nd tsconoecsly some oroninat ll ofurax ar loweorra esof ctiowe. at gs thracono fr going.deio he an c gn isthbouthe onlno e gtingut tre withha he cisutnl wh gng tme ageth ooct meeoc >> stutvaeyight fine finefinetu 'l bevanhthe fioxne usi ssnene netwke tking aboll tngsi twk polical. t ng bo he me ithirplac tin ts malithonl. one e oble i heirookac a t b t the nish ine.maon e leek b e sh e.iz, ght? boon lady >> wt un l , youear t? is. bo was dre cdye wtrunour . co le b sasre ctriece o co pro brty aak bt thace d oamroyurn e d btha dne
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witho vetablnutrion? ♪ ♪ leou ] ki shi thvebltrn? ♪♪ [ ong stwbery bana![ g malennouer ]or smooie wh re fru ster ba !plusegginutrion leou ] oo wnew re v-fruion ooth. usgitrn uld' had v8. w -fn th d'ad8. thers on e bole l t ! ve g to ll sie ! eron bo l! the ndinmache onlm is a gost o pty. s ! e inm oncht, bons. at y. w poon b sorr! po were on r buness rr we o buss t's routgreg toresn gring sinees u maine--macne t hnols y utegtosn grg ne u mae- acfr t verolon w eles sie frer w es e ndg maine. ale ady lled ndmae. co bik aly causedthe sine withhe bt tenoloules coik use neth btelo es i le althe dget eckut t bacp ca lsalw mee he cetfax. ck tacca oh ysh, me cn yox.showe thcarf? y yoowthrf sungss hder. or hr. justhow s theasarfa stw hefa
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6:24 am
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6:25 am
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6:26 am
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6:27 am
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6:28 am
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6:29 am
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6:30 am
de lus mr. anccidt don't ha to ow y dow aniddot hao yow wi betr careplemen aible ly wh lirty mual a o inrancwi etcaplen aie wliy mu ainnc youcar'totad, we ge yothe ney r a r onmodeyearewer our'ta gyoe y a on todeearnarore,erisit s toy. to rernonsie,lityit to wh's your pocy?
6:31 am
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6:32 am
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6:33 am
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6:34 am
ough nod fool. cr n neey kt a eop on hegh suect ol whilthe p t ned k aund a and n arstedutm >> ile td aahda!nd >>take arooked atm t sah ge>> okrob oan t tsoldi h bnze megel a.fter b n inisng a mathodi h in beneand. meaer probm ise tokis a mho sixile en d. ortc by ppinon a ob is ts. >>ixo e way. ye tc iy sintrue a llow unne>> wer stuwaed h. e iue finied ithir bec se towyneer tu h di't s him unl t lt ni i irx ecl t. >>uh? di simn t >>he's mitt g himist e>> ? hs >>'sdmitng h tthi mistake, h didn knoyou uldn taka it h bus. lotmife, dnnomarau ondns doakt s.unde tand ou ct't te a vecle.ra do cou be smisd fr his de ndrunn cg tcluba . >>ou tnk s vee. ou i'e misfrotis sure. nn ub c>>ld b t the sresint othe i' bus dingsureclub >> h mantime care bouhesi o rideg s ng and guy comsub b i a han tmeieid gand u'rehinkg to ours fnd uy om d ra ber g i a tri. >>d uy irethnktoaxirsith ara g a ri >>mber i >> iiope doeh't he a a kidsight erw. i >>e thioe h a dsht is >>hi is sebatiancoe. youightant to te a busbaan rouge. ouht pttiono t a ous ideaugnd p on mitlan ocecau it' tea
6:35 am
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6:36 am
a mafacting ing thi ant' g untr that therea at's eallmact g beeng hi - - beetrn athea d'sletellove heen pa 20 to --ee 30 dteveearss we' pa 0lostoobs 3ov0seas. we edrso ge' the obsstsk ov as byompeng fwe em. g hour anllowsus to d bythatpe fm. wer eroow to at corrateax we o an t repl oba rulatnsor tethatrushusins an ean say ep ob theeoplthatent rheiat bs oatrsesh andinadean ofitay youheplngat ttmeiac and o se nd inest i planituipmt, ou you' not toingo p anynd in ta at'spmver rilln u'llarotng p ny wee pu togeer a ryta. 'sr llgresve itill rk.wepuge a it an p sses p ecaitel . of it indurialenats anhous p meers o wi psca somehingf th wildugetalat thian eusnomyoing me s wid pomngllowor tha th iilomethi e my monglityor pple t etowhoseha i e gher p ingmoty peanuf tturi se bs. senerorsant pumgfuf yri don'minde ayin. so enntou y rely led t n' iteems t m y re lik trm t itms t settg an myou' ver yy at ikhome. inll t t debas, ittan u'ven'er a seho one. ise iin t wichou weba i n' sgot ask iu, y w dhn't w thk the ai.99 p nt sk yesid d anyt th merihe ples or p mines isn't idny prtica ri lit'sot grng to g inpass st y? >> 's notproingcao et's g t g
6:37 am
ss pa ed. turn to e cr d notng ne hampire, askpa. t m ho manyrno crd pele ae hereor mp thee,sk9 t%hony sale pe a er ta he i n't ow w9t thplan sle mpris of ta it bngs ai t rand wthewan taxo the riof fedel vern bnts 9%alesndaxo he x. evybodwho s bede for rn 9%les x ineshe pt cludg e f r tevodo undbestanor you s in cat ge p t ud fed al f tnd angoveoumentn inme taxcag a ted a les ventx.inax that dou aling theppornity a r th s toet yo ominatoungheortynd th ow gog. yo d noin a sine hd wtup bygohe w ano rman in haid, w ll, ll kbyp t w a resan at d, , k t r td i id h manpeop lievthe rat afr a i hanop publevan pesideat wilfstay at 9%? of crse won. blat's phat del thilay pre ses ?is ce on 'll ep i t 's-t thhoseres ax rate low. l i theyevertay yoll he aig inc etew. taey aery binatialales yo ha taxncndheta a othe bities thiaxe dn'tet a chencehi to tk out, 't a ce a t lert, and a lhigh ince famind thell pay % ofheirnce n in ghnc mi tahes i y ofou' airnc now mdle ta i comendivual thi' couny.ow me meivl hi demrats on'tunote r i
6:38 am
beusef hatem ats'te i bee replicans n't teat aor ibecae ty won' giepca t t eder i govementca mea for t get you r n'i t erney. a l ofveeoplnteeaoretou y. lf likplhe 9ik pl becse is siple. if plec is sie. 9% is your inco ta tt's%s goodou i coyou nd u dtalingn ts 40% f od th eu u country tha dongn't y inme 40%ta >> theth rousonryha the do'tt p in fedel intame tes shehey' rnhe dgenelly pwer inme. de iney d t pay social secy'ity a ney rin. d ayca toces alecy andhe mcin t a plantheylnd pay tsecnd theyanl paeymornd inay tdditn to at theeyll ppa anor inom it tax. >> it athe proadns thtax se. i x. >> we adthx yeah. su, it road swe t taxahbe. suit tha what we needads t ed t givax theb f eral ha t evernnt aedoppounitto tke yivr moyhendhave f aal nsumrnion axpoit in ymodditnove anncom umn x. n're aonsur ditvennoonom anom 70of t eco my ie surive dnyom nsumion d he we' 70 t hacong a t thavesointo p umn he e'9% o ha you ar thacainr, 9% o o yourououse
6:39 am
an9%can erythg y o.ou i dot thsek mo ame cansan a e gothg toee y tt aax dothmomerensrm. a thiis w the goto deb ttesre a so portt,rese.tor, hi bec wse he giv aebshancfor he rt seericr, pubc tec iv actncllyr fd ouwhat icub these plactyctuay meanoutherathan arinthrese oki wa to mov oua ty an aerothen inre topibeca e thmb is me okthinwao ovyou' o beevery ttronon. ahe thatas t opicaths itin u' aat t yo forgn picy ccern u'veeen tkin abo a ts yoor p cysinc cway rnck, i th k, tven t inbo t06 ncd noy k,e ha i thith t tror pt at c e to ighnoestehaay hi at tr pheyanteto bw u ctogh thete udi abian ambsadoto tyte b s. a thehe din't andanmbdof t th kild setors n th ahe metimen dt whingn, d. yoth thoilhts?sersth >> thohts meme w004ng i d yoho s? troded t ran hos fedom supp04t ac y? od be tuse wasnonceedhat ffom pp ac anecom bee sceuclet pow this ncidtomhatouleow jus s isidtt wi be e ofhousds ius a ye's te thran wl wie ofus i aonso why?ye t thcaustheyl benble w dolt with soimnity y? w we an tusk abeytbee'ree o gog toet th tugimty o iwen trabre we n evgo mayto at som tugot of i n itot be act lly sponev witayhtom someoort t mitarac ion,it i bfcty onit neceary.
6:40 am
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6:41 am
arinup f a n sea n ounopm solvg cr es. in f neeatar fm helvastcr. of ar psh, ty're fere get ychef ps tree . t he rd fion s nobeenamed the st dendae miize r byd por an as ciat. we fo ton imbenoy.enede dda mi e by poany th ghtsasn that newwetobe thtsthew i ha no ea wt's in o areut.hao ws o re. wh washat? ey td met's e mo de ndab mid ze swhan aast? th ranack to tir l tle box. tmes mo deabid s athank t l ex.
6:42 am
re! ! no mter at sll sine youre i mana mng er ense sseem ... net inouhe w i. na eseem . in w not ymor ink,he sll binescard fromhasentroces t t or k, s besrdomse ros on- e-goxpen appade exclivelfor k cuomer n-goenppeclelr cuer cust catorizyour expees awher savestime atd geizbackur to wpet yo aloveer vee lae st igeovatckn. only wor iyo cusvemers la iat ly ius rsle n mo at ase.m/in lemot
6:43 am
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6:44 am
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6:45 am
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6:46 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:51 am
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6:53 am
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6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
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6:58 am
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6:59 am
7:00 am
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7:01 am
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7:02 am
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7:03 am
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7:04 am
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7:05 am
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7:06 am
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7:07 am
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7:08 am
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7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:11 am
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7:12 am
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7:13 am
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7:14 am
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7:17 am
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7:18 am
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7:19 am
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7:20 am
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7:21 am
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7:22 am
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7:23 am
7:24 am
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
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7:29 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:44 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
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7:58 am
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7:59 am
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8:00 am
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8:01 am
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8:02 am
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8:06 am
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8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:14 am
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8:17 am
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8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
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8:22 am
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8:23 am
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8:24 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
icmpai ren donpoionslyotfrom ai s powe whh yoonns gotom t s we wh yofigu -- >>retcn: aizar endo got t a gh-sed gu-hase >>tc po ace iarnd hot g a -sse po i rsuiotof a torcle dve gog 10mileper ho. they ui dri r htrc d pto h 10ler hook eyther ri yo rknow p h w? er becayoeow theotor wcleiderot a cattle sney. heor pueed or tohe sere ofhe ad, a rnedleff hneigh pu otond sof en a us b, ckededim a hs tgh ps redy. th cre in a bed a the ns rhopp thre n thgh, toole ntheysept en thepp spect whilth, the cles ey tut ed a eundndhe sct ilhe c arreedtu a hd. >> ban: od j ns peoe. ho abore ts h b: j neo ho forbo tsalu to theroop giviorluo ay 1, 0 eop viacat ans1, at oops sving ps iraq a s ng afghista igointo t fit 1,0 q serv aemenr won wh c l ghta for in t rervaon.i 1, e phe rvenwoumbewh r chtorow, t rva. ph thisbe r, dwn is d 100-8-9312
8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:40 am
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8:41 am
my sbanfquit heix mons m a. >> g tche youanot aitartn helpou.on a >>es, ve g gheou a atn el ptner . and mhael eeme>>, to go it per d melmeoo sot sily but s ly h t tkhat ughater h th is, an i tedha tt te nce,ths,an t buie, h bu tsevivi dr hms. eyere tllexua vi i dot kn whe thadr.ame fr. >> brean: don'uaknow hat' do kngoinheha on weh fr at. b: n'>> aow nont'of t m winhon my w husb d. . >> sve: ybe au beoner q tt w okin auseyouentied th asb s: e beomen q a in seti thaxim maenzineound a y skingim themanend y hotttemal tv sng cf. he younow wha theytt htal asv my c ctur a st kouwhaey hsf m ur bstter. lauger ] it sn't br. ug ] e en 't my pture e >>retcn: y beaoutmy pre gia and >>tc yadmaea t this isiauge! youdnow,t jtmaoes toiss showe! gre hen, hatouhew, way j s ao m'seart re lyowsren,tay hrou mhis omacrt e bri: ju telus wt yo madeouhere s ac oh, ri juel wyo dere
8:42 am
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8:43 am
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8:44 am
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8:45 am
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8:47 am
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8:48 am
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8:49 am
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8:50 am
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