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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 12, 2011 9:00am-9:37am EDT

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n hashir >> don eedhair ond-9-9 we nee a esidt-9eee a id comtted >> i iomed did t ceff iizza iboxtid was c weltudi andzael xas el velod. di >>hend reaours f ameca iso havlo omeb>>ysears lder f me o cisav intifeb peoe i bot lr paies co car iif mor aboeo iheot untr pa ts n thearorarebo abo betrg t rnlect. he >>heoolebo tngbout my lanbe is i rct wil p>>slomor tw. ut youldn pas iomorilw p bauseor instri staldemocasts wanor bosese inri job ta >> wocan e o fromob t wriva o seroor igoin to wt tva giv se iin w their tiv ir pricy. th serri. a trendou ther areou disientis fogoodeopl t geintooverent. si ttiificfoodaspl put i geto byert. t t ic feraut i govnmen
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you wt t tout feeoplov inen wjailouughtoo srtpl witn rney rank il aht chr s eyu lonk at a policia whohr p d thisount lontoliaho proub. ll: tha isntas jnt a sameub. :ha o j t laamight o la pey diot me uphtnoug oundthatpedihat thexper mpug say. rl ceron ndat ithe oer y. con i oxperlive in nerve h pshi. n 9-9as t hhi top . 9- >>eporr:he t las coueop >>weekorermacainasas bn ou suing the ekmaollsin b wi thasug heurge cesls wiha sutin ge last cighte g tonht dart er astht or gon ain h rth. a rals o a h riculehis rs riles-9-9 pla-9 mrcainsked rle tlaalk out s o mrined r t plak li ent oowla lietart >> trt 9-9>> t pla i proseds 9la
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sile iransrentrod effient si fans antffnt neual. my fauestn a ioeu. govnor myst roeyan youovr ne all9 roou poin n inourll 160age pn nd inn r do it satfy60 eat c p doaraftr begatimpl c af beanspent, effientplair, sp t, faffntr, fa neual?eu? [alaus i h e[ausadhexpernce of h lifeakeere o touf pro emsif e ansimp onsweou areros alws ry elpfanmpwe brelw pf ofttimes b inaduate >> wn youake tftme 999adte lan woue d t tnt99npsid dn, i d t thi the vil i inid the d ihi e l inheetai. >> hanyeopl forai >> halesypl or x ines hinpshi? >> m h caihis >>-9-9 pla i mai a-9
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9la i inco t 9 9% co tusins thas% an 9 salinshaax. t a s 9gleal haneent. u a se whean rickt u sanru aedhathe ck qution billwhatanbout athe btle qutweeonperr allatut be rney steerr a nigh >> rorte geral ry gh mr perr rste galidescknoedgee mrrr d beer tn heid iesno tgee la coue deb t he th ie wer t nom laou rs, beb.e th erdn't no a me dam re a b 't a owed merioam a irovent. fo mittedioomneno iuestven he. fo tt haa son nigne. st thheeas oha somenig wre th roey orgue aeninst w bairoutue a st poticsuppoaied theall poreetcsailopondeparelyhel et loromn sugstedhearym mnugedailo was prlyurndlo. she pyppos the detndit ailo. osbut her thaheet tt, not lotlo
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thate h t rhao totorryot boutat h aer st nht'sryut debe. bill a heres n'sotebo ll cwnre afr laight almo c twooursf i af malaha:f yoht are amowors hom i ma : goin whayois tre aom 9-9 inha p tn, 'll lk aut eetai of-9 it. p l a eaif . proses scrpingros thecrng currt ta sysm whhe rrtays w% rporeax or 9 psona tax an a 9 pnaax an a 9atiol ses tax and air 9 taxhaio s wouax d r axplacorpotendoundivual come t. ac atpo d oth candateivl he i me t mi to d fthantehe h i mio fcono? uartarneisith us. wh doounohink rtne ahs. ts. who >> hmannk aain' pla i t >> hn unrstaable n' everlaody n wr i the untale ery wrhe arm arou alan tt'srm
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ou 9-9nn ts ta res. he 9 ss adicta t r ref.m s ahe s way get tic enomy tef a goi. ve oy net to m tt emy rney. heoi h o ao m com ricaty. he a h a nncedom at plan a it's ned60 panes. it 's gshrou 5 p. pendg cut g andnergou 5xplotionnd ut's a anrgig nuaedloon a pn. st nht mtua romy w mt p fect e wh n mte wom tking w mabouhixper ncectwh w of t jobng ou eatiere wnfob h word tit w h bnor catal. bnelped cree cal. s plesnd the sporpereuthoty. s esehe big ler henor it camhoto. th enomyasig l govnnor ptryam o th doe esmy notave aovr p pn oth oe thanote pevelingth ameanca'snergelg rervesme 's mart:rg rees rt rney cam bac a id sples gr rtyamac aut i s e doesgrt altys i
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esal wk. w how imptant is thi to w havanmpntshioav esemedroupf chk i esedupch advirs? h muc gdid ito vi? t huc g t haveresint bh hav t ve hsivard bav peledvisim o hrd the peis ecomy. ohe herm caihas ecy. amo rmais hismois adsors adrsich. herm cai ish saighto the .int, t's otrmais fl sghhef t,s f jarn. mart: hefutimse on thear p brte calng fadicsenhe tax p b rerm whial a f l o fksic aax taing a utre outhide the l o f a tabeltgy. a thk yoveryuthe uarttharneyojoinryg uow. ll:h. e'llrtneein u joid.y h man:lle in.oi d 'll kbout hn . l ut h tlan and h
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th tissuof re in tnnd campgn a racin tthsu cntry rin t ichs mp aatheacng ste t c bry the h day. rthahe it'ste becingarts bfhe y. ha t'e naonal cecversgion.ts thtopiface ad anaal crsn. th heapid e bate vue a onea'reiy. ta a ltek v a ohisei ftaey lk a exchge wn blspoke f to ch w bkeo tavi smey vi a the pncetsm ahe pet profsor. ll: he'ryinto ht imofr. :e' ofesr. in th was hhe sjectf t es thas ar sona cteech t b predent obam mark t of ar a if ych wan bre tnt debeike aream d atinrkgof yan h te,eb youe wo g se d ind m that hhatheou golks ant m to att he. thkst dono wan t hea he thonanea lafoe caphot rman cain fo c>>t anhen rman cn in s s acisn an c s is notiseavi ot abodyvi bk.
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e st and f askdy pol by in w stnd foln rk that jus sma exales tt arehron and atustillma axas wor t s inehaton senndllor y aoor s in t enmehoit's a y s pernaling hoallo's bothi aut alsoerli y loot brherls bil t y tri brr'alle e sufilring that'ri outll ufngt'uthere. - tre trializ t - tuffeng that outri tizre t mart:fe atut wt t h rt hsh wor w f h hean cn h sinore ndso t of f hehe c s n sbolicrac of pip bi: sli we'ac p thouestnsip bi e'to hman pinhoaterst tt romy sco hdn aer he ctoromand y hasothico tdo with h tha ord ashi debe. t the thontunnehanaggg thaeb e t conetedgg endsemeha frone co d rseyoverr chsndme nowhe eyerchhr chr. w cisty eculion s gohrrom cty
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uln go trow whim hse the.p. owhi sp. h t >>he btom ne isou. d't n for somsphing >> bm s le tt. d whoer fo theomng ninee i l t o f oe ohe partand nbelieee it i will oe o go rnorrtd liitil romy. wilchoo who egoorhinks wiom bes silveooho tnkount wiess sviceresint t andnt ifeed b ce si can rvendsresint asell. fi had a lf b tngs t on e do insi a nel. erse ha lf ts t i'ocommted doi myn jne inse ne jer y.i' mm d i'moiy not joingn to ne wry auter stufmiaveot nongo conol w a ufeo or.on romnays chrty wld o be on mnshr we annody' v.p. srt lis maha: tho any'.p sre jt ais ma:hoew o the s jriesa wer oatchg e seser in "amechca'sgewsrm. miomneynlast g me's tsr mi pasrnest who t cle mmoni aasult. he aywh p cry nee mni a tot. dounc p theee coents iedialy.o wi the dy dnc thcots iia.hat? wihe d 'll eak orrt? hch.
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l billkrrhatree h a utll thist troreag a plo is why it'eing tr cald actlo o y wat'ngal a a o spaing wa terr arts a aroupaheg glo. ier rea asikehe ou ploesf i aeae llywdcrip p f thimpa w ald hav b nywealip and ny les wldthpa hav bee wav bnl lost d l wavee st
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he didou er fini lasmonts inices sad, n oh bui dihepickidp e ur dni cleasingntinesdn a hadoh youbushoedishinck. dle gwel i me yo a servion at ae suadi plaou arooed thincorn. lwel m in yoat c e,a rv onbett getk tosuhese nvoias...rothrneln c ttetktoseoi.. h ll drighafte mang yr fvori pankes. h dghte you maow w yt? fri ans.m gog toidy ur se ofhe oiceu w gotoy s iofan't oear ceu ecau i'mlso makg yoa smthie [ ma annnceri mar'tottr hote & rortsaunows'mt'soakyosmie matternnor ereroxarto ttome te t rir gtsbal wsvoicsprocs err ox mso t y cafocuton s gvingl ictheioccusters. with erox you' t reaca cu sfor ngal b ineseists. thoxu'ea r bes
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maha: e dveo recl wiscmasin : vern d sco wker geing ece gre ligsc.n rn co he wasr bn undgeg ire rete theig owdohe b hend wene he thrgh or do unnighte en pushg thugh hr s ote lunhatht shthh s lt scppedolleive rgaing scrighed forleorkee. ai gnere n ionaghor w t gre cirman nna of ati t wis cnsinmaf decrat par aounc aisin possle rall te de tattarould ta pla in a tnc ss rl prin t ld walk ays talan til nin lkoss cus. it' notoing n ttake awa from hes. foc t'oteng tkeave. wa aomoc fusedn a se.cial
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a seion at fed wl sale a thersen ve o w hping aer o ureat mor hng jo. maha onl u tator gerno ijo ma ericnl t hisry gnoav i eveeen icisven call bi: the iewnfor tionll thisorni bi ofhe aoronerro isnif p at alledlyro hchedn innd p le ymed hed tgets i i wasngto d d.c. the ttsasto fed c. eayed ts t iraan bk, waworkgra to bssasnate warko t saudaste araan t udmbasdor. ra in the ds sinis aes as r. h nhe d conssedin to a his h rticonatioedin to aegedis ot asells icio t a pedvide oth a l vaablenfortion >> w pdehoul'teth sur isedva bleyoron w . thul is e samuredover bent a digso try g tths illamer tt a gsbassmoarry unid stes i tsl e sa govnmen tryg to
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get holdssar ofnist i saoven nucryar tldf wpon. bill theuc sta dartmt w n. issu gll aheta worwide dtm ravesul a rnin foror u.sde cizenve in aborad..s cen ab. t. mfa ld m i l ourox news alyst i at c wuro n ? ws wha ast e c w suld n dinha any evt is sd dry to bannyupt t evis iriao regane.t t you do wt ireagaegid in tuo wga i80s. t dre do the prif s. oildrdoheri gesaudarab toilump me l a at omegeudab wo shodp m a ae w drihod barill onceri tt pbacell ce o t oil p gsilown g theyill hreaned. ey wl be son ey busl deang th tngstead. wbe hom o bi:useea are a t lons wayom bi from are a onergy poly.ay shrotf a tha the gy senorol shfromha he illiisenhat' his idem
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>> eli ss tat'is i cenalan deof i n a isote i starom ienhe i wod i m do to tm whawo wavno. deo doo t nohah w doreaestaize the no gornme on ecomicea gunds tabutehe tnk tres sethigomenco c elsee gds nee to t t t do. s lohi atur seee souoer bder. o. hav lotllegou b immr.rantand av druggoineg acrshat. mm ntw lod is ugincrt. lost gng t tak befoomeby rlize g the tak fo ebterryistsnd rzeeapohef mass rrtspo deructn,as thean dect hk uphe withrug ctels. h upsomedy wl rthlizeghat' a cls soutmern worde rze tt'st' pors d hey ut cande bri tsor wpons o yanri ss wns oestrtionnd t roris. bi: thetron oer pern' tameri bi ntiod yeheerdais o sti at er rgend he not bn ioyeda arrted.ti t bu thi was e h notot b a attkrrd. aim buhiasot a tt kat t unidim stas. thisas ira tnita isargeng sdira aria.
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at age smpornt dtincaron.. a wh is irasor intest dnc. whsit rasaudarabntt her >> wt's breudng iabhe peraner lf ia fht wsre of iome ster be een ian ffe s andaudi ben nd adibia. ir is shie a aa. irs peran. hi eudi oseibi trisni hav bnb. figing eri ch oer fav bigg o filleia.le . llf in sceeds in i destilizg th smidded eas whatnoeshat mea f stiz uthdd as it matnss evetthinforea fs. if u ira is told m lveeinrhi n what reheyra gng ts bed l le n th n lear aty g te wpons l etheyill expd in he nar wns reyion.l xp inthey wil sre an rn. armeyil s racinn the ngle mtrmac e lenstae mrea th wor.ta ey wlontra thor wtr thetraif reheaif- thetrai oheai o hmuz.
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ll we wn wet horez. w w w detas welasset tawes oo our o vioers. ur 's heuch ainstherain ofhavi es.rybo tho hhte tht a st prs coineren was oingoof be eboho t aboupr co enmartas: ba tongeolits. mi r neyou rt fbaeso bk. at h sits abomi t ry fasto b who' h s cslingbois telignto o'lt a c wayng wts ricigerry to ado autt.ay w pl newicryevelomentinhe a disaearae o fplew0-moh-olelnt sarwin sara o thmo natolnall in knoth priteatll vestatorho ioinino thiri archst or i>> t drunitorehihe grory ch tstorrure taet. ro go tet t ng oror the ta. o hoe an t the her ho andan evebody sts mender she indvedy butif st med she i les bif erybo. and she s i l reay e fribodly a d tohe i aone. eariy a o ae.
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d, tee. o. [ le aounc ] wi theankarica cashewar t cre.t ca [ anc wihekaca rn mshe caar bacre ca for e thgs y buyost. mcaac r th yuyt. casbackveryere, evertime asckrye,erme casbackn grerie 3% bk onas. tomacall asckgrie bon no. oopsmao jull thrgh. 's aeasys on nops ju-thr. .hree a symaleonnnouer ] e baamerard sh r ards-tard. ee applonli or le oua ba ] of eric d rdsd. pllir baf icar. e poal svice is cticato o ecomy--
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liveng ml, micin anpackes. po sce cca oco-- ye theyvee cl ming m inthou nds an offckes. ye eyslasclng sgvice ous ff and nt tlay f ov 0,00works. as sce d th tposty serovce 00 recrkding inanal lses, thster ec ngant no lfor s,ason u mit thk. no r thonprob m ?mi th a buen notheagen comny brs. thob? bu nhe2006enaw t t om bains. bilon aear 06 t fromnsost-ilfice aevenr ile e poal svice is orceomto ot-rpayceilliens e re ipoo fe sral cecoun. isce oayli ifel un congss catedhis oble d coressan f it. ng ceds le coss ft. let telyou out very imrtanphoncall mad t elu t ryen iimot man on llmediadre cd, real ed ieede i m an ap...di c dica supalemen i de in ranccard atoo... ca upmedienre i one in thencreatrd o.thin abo turng 6 di ie heat inbour 6 buit dsn'tover erytng. inact,t on payup t 80% youpartbu exp dses.'t er yt. int,onay t % ourtxps. if y're readon orligie fomedire ye ad or gifo cadi nowo fi out w anarp. ca ow fidicaut supemen an inp.ranc plan inred unidheahcar ca upinsuennce mpanin ncan ind ni eahelparcove some f su e e meancal pens... lp ve menot id b medimere pl t b.ns . thatan se yofromayin up t thout
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nds b doldirs.. p b. at syoomin t ou s t ofolour ..n po et. the arthe ly micar suppmentnsurce pns.. ofr po. thare mar pp exntusivury en prsed.. by ap. when ou cl noex youivl geen ed ais f e inrmatn ki.. en cnoouge wi all fou nind at ki to eoll. so y canoin e miions ofeoplwiwho llve a neady . el. y an n put mieir nsust aar of pl o dica a supdyemen insunce. t r t ar ca up en plsu youe.l gethisree ide tonderandi medare. plougeise e toerdiede. e pres e coetite. i cakeep pr own octo coit and don'need refral to s a scacialept. wnto d n'edefl s s alcall ow tget a fr infmati kit ll pl t youtl ge thisfrree nfideti it tonderandi medare. plougeise e toerdi ed e. and e adntag don'end ere. ch se fd m a adnge ag med are n'd sue.leme pla... ch fa e ed e at asu allmeompelative. pric. hava pl ar alllst eperyonve ic so y canind e thav fitpl ur nalds a e budont. yand thit n a wiud all edice suppmentlans therare rtuay wino cllim ficms t fill ut. ppntns erpluse ou cua kee cur o f doc tr thatccep medare. us cee oocansp atepede. and st oall, the pls ar.. e on medare pple nt d pl os enl,rsed y aa. thplar onede le plenedaa wh thetolde the pls we endsed aar..
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whheldthpl wendd ar i d on onehingo sa.. gn mi up.on nengsa callhe nber youscre m now.. and nd o abo an ap mecare upplllent n rinsunce an.ou reow d obo amereplt sue . u'llet ts fr infoatiokit. anguidto uerst dingll t frdica foiot. to h p yochooan theidlan u st ngat'sight or yca. hyo oo he witnall dica 's htsupp yment lans u cakeepour n door anhosp al titt acl ptsca dicapp ntns caepr do ansp tacs ca t he payg fowhat dica doe't.. and ve uto tusan heof daylarsfo at caoe.. d u t ancall his ll-f de nurser n . lls -fnu n at, ttan rt rwhneyyo wre getngwe snswe , rea. ry w et let, looat mt we rneyalkiea ab t t,oo missea r vicys onki t abseicon t econy. >>regg on ancu>>ggt hvardcu and coluia th h werrdnd bhorme lu therhairof
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the bme ecomick a vics. ir i so t k eousinscockiceade. i peop turreoly i theincono de d th fin cialopreecto irhe andno manucturg sthtorin andalnto tnd bas of tse nuur sr varndng t vi poinbaof t meyar viinecisns. mart m: weoou tnkonis. rt wat ansr? >> i t bieve won tt ns >> awer. i at bveon ttidn'comeut wh asr. n' me en r wh low and delop this rh andownd w dotop nputis fmnd ople w wutl entua fyenti o th arele i n't whrow my euayrienti thre ueri t eowy bus.en my under adua dege isus inmyer uaeg maematss. th isn anndeaomeby oughtomae tatt thsn ian didtaeb unde tandgh tihorohlynderandidtt. wh h isdend why 'm ablroy terd ansr the estis an t ewhis thehybl tns tacke ti angove tor rney d hishenswe withis p n,ck t ve g rsy ois showe th he' th p mor g policiaho tha nth e' oble solr. or mak itolia lonha a leol mpliakted. t e amonican peoe w at sothin aman ueoerstd. w
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my soin guinghe pncip is i t ust pemyle uerstd itheyui wil pips supp tt it and emanpe ustity at'sow w re gppng titndetan t. 's w g tasse mart: whaittse r ney drt is saheha hast bh. r y d bunessxpersnce saas fmis b ars bussere b airn fm a a s vern of b msachettsanir a coin a that rn polfical mch exptstise ong wcohha hisolalackgundxpnse g wis busiss, d thkggh edrybo soespes you ifetsie, th ebo sope acmpliment thamaybeou thet's n aclinthayb eno h. th >> n wl, the peonoe >> tha att wdheeo llie towha halltteetis, they
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