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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 12, 2011 10:29am-10:59am EDT

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d be of l, thesplanare. thonlyedice suleme beplanf endo ed b aarp esane. thlyicsume ando brp whenhey ld mthesplan werendord byarp. eny mesan reorbyp. i haonlyne tng tsay. si me ha. ly t ty. ll t numr on our sireene ow.. d fi outbout aarmedi re s plem tt um surae plon. r en.. fiutut ardi sem rapl yoll g thifree formion t... and ide undstanyong ghi meeecare rmn .. hel you oosed he pe n ndan th 's rht fme youre el u se as pith l mecareth r fppleount p ns yocan ep yr owdoct and spitas thah accemes re me carele p yon yowct d ithace mere gehelpayinfor at mecareoesn... d sa up thoands ge lp dolinrs.r meresn. sap ho dsll ts to -freolnumb. now ttoremb ow [ emalannocer so u thk yo kidare etti enoh vetabl? [ alnor th yoyeaid maye not tino ve bl v-sionuiceiveshem fulservg ofegetles aayot v-onceesm ulrvofets plus fulservg ofruit t iusjustulastervlikeofruitit ist tev8.kehat'ityourumbe .t'urbe
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bi: soermacain firg ba at se bisomainir a icanmeribant leads wharguthat shee cap is o aanfri to h adwh wguhatap r olity o wh r prtyceto pfess orne we caedprto m ou pss sangne cn, we ca ote,eedso ou gesa o c the e,ds sygeolicrack oipe.he i lkedith rmanain out sy ic ckthatnde. i mede.h an n odt morng, 's atood hav m yoor, d on meriav's neroom >>ood mor ngyo bll hay ton ri e om her >>dor bhato bill erppartly, the povty to lded llary,heov "tho'retoly l d fact" la nig. and en yr me cethrep, you ct labecaig a t get. d y i'm cingo plyouou ca a t lit.le clm gatheplu fm tasmile ai ande'll et uclhe t freactatole dthisll firs frolast ll ts.
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>>iset'se clr outrsrost t. tis. rman>>ain 'sruckcl the tfirs blow . en yan telblacn folckhehatrs they eowbraiashe wh you yelacol tellhe prt youon't aveey aiheob ahou y're t ll p ric ou b'tmee yoself awhen yyou e artic ming b thoskind ofyolfencommts, u ut ould m engect av osnd arica mmpush, bacon ldou. et bill sh actherwaslot. sai tre aboulltw. ers tshba, abt raai tou in ameca. ba abra i nt tget u n rct tome. whati t smt ey r sd. rmantoain ruck t fir atsm blow s en d youanon ck tir owhat? dou >> iade t?e tate nt iewhen askewhy teot blaen keericy s v e docrand t st emenlahat i ma wic too ve dra manyf t tm astenat binwaaed. woo e go nynews t a , a t of bwa.hem e oare inkiwsor thselv. a of and em de e heki disthnctilv d tweethosthat ohinkisti for eeos at emsees, o lonk a ea enorf th are se co, ervalove a idea comg fr smeon kethrecova me ea veromsfr tse t ston ar ainwhed homeer wot teven tar nsid anoer ia ominnwd fromomeowo elsen id no
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inow,et'sin corct thaomeolsther statent th heade. w,'sorhaer at t h staemente. abteopeing powasn taltang antut poabpng amicanpo sn ialas alkinpo a ut t walaman ireets inemotrats. th a t waalwher tha st emenet wasarged.oat t atth awaer pohaeoplsten wage at no aat thopl 1 miion pople at arno curthntly 1nemoyedmin ple sohey otalookar thaurly atemt oumed ofsoy coalext beokuseha themonlyouactio tht thebeeave, th lybill to y antithheatta -e, is ll too ry aan aacke bause i'mtas a nsertivetos we a as g ak in b theseame'm alli.a ervewes gll: milein shese uellli blk fo: therele s b inwaed, osell le hi word youfohe teltheoor bwa , e youon'tave hijob,rdou youeele r no ric ou 'tamee oursves. b, dou youno juic a resserss. at. hayu befontu clled assyou a b. ha eple.nt c whed do u thk heumean b b e. atwho thhe >>ell,an b wh hry lafo>>el, ans thahi am o h of tse fo s ha am ack oof t pple who wdere ndk ran ay fm ple thho docra wre pltati, anso n f thlls a dra
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pld aptie banause i wi nots a be ap bainwsehed, i wilwi n otst b llow the nw demd,ratil lbera n li. ow he th's wt its.emt l raand e on thi hate'sli th w ityingo dos n o lyd on trhiat s ng dotimite mand n o shtr me up- miyou me hond welshthateorkiup.- thatu jushonot gog toelatork. ki the condhing hat heatusto to yingo dos k. ie imidndengte otr blk ngdo ople from iid ot exblessik difrent int le vi orom en ex loosing atifnt a othet invir of eviewooat aat'shell tt ws. f doe't there.ew 's bi t: yo w havreal sarte doe er natial cvers ion. bi yohaveavou baln a sreputeican all yoti crsn. ve b li a?pu an orll w tday, whyo e yi or w ty,wh y publan? i ud t vte bl de?crat u beuse t gre uin v thedeat '50 bee red the u60shend bause o50 e ci lth rists pu bse bause ci decratipu buotesenquo copted redifor dee ciatl ritste bacuoto 19 coed didr theci vongri acghts actf19 he 96 vo tsct 65. so vot96 demoat for a . lotsoot
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yrsmo orw, wn i came at ceo y wi meeo goathe, irealed t at al ofhe tngs at cld caugohei aal t almpanto fl at of tads c notng au to aoith at wa an f oingn inotde t toompy,thath awhen ngook in tmploseatenook - asok a busiss oseer tn, aaok ce--s a ofust wha thesi o g ternm at waa eing urt busiofsst inhahe g nm waamera. billg inrestg.t si >>henn er r ognilld --nst >>ll: ns tt tyear rni-- ag : r tt t enty ar >>hat s inag1986r sot ws mo tythan en>> yeat in ag86 so ll: wu've lreamoaid an ea >> tt's agenstard t make: veea d e mig tion ts ar dbillrighke ifou we th rinigon nomnee, ullghould geif wth r o-thi of theome, blk vo inldge ameca. o hi fw, ttht's hec o blvon me .atemt. hodo y arr ve ts t tect o em ho nu yer?rr t iarrid at at nu? onehird imberbillork erit wys.nerd firs whei er wasllk dng w.y rio show n atrsntaheoras fiv dears r and was a owatallanr sho iivrs woulget lot d oas a bck pellle n whhoould ca ult t oin be uwholicedldca idenfiedhemsves blk
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am uicanic andhat the enedikedmss l the eas daman thendat pheposaed wa e s he pesen pngsa en befe i wadecid toun r p oenfice e ef id so kno hat cito t of o ce opleut tre a sono tconsvati in eir tfinki d thle don t aave a nsti pn blemr tki suppthtingonomeeve who pemprests good deasppng evemethou i'l bhoe ruing es a odasveouepub'lcan. b the cond ayhat rug liev at i goi toub gn. the votndet ev becse wn i go ioio t g raiesthot if i ec wio trelin in t reraaurass, i thi i holstr in nhavelack peoereracomi i up hiho me a say o veck meo--mip nd ty'll al ast say it quily caus m tme oll 'em aal st alstui us o emrrasemd. a theyl sa i a notal ainwhed.em as i ink r meyselfsa. aot likeour ide. nwd. so ii k mlf t kerdeit so ane otal. w, tre w a pl tt cme t a cplene oal da a o th t w p t c shed tha 2a of cle the o peleda in ath thshha ll w 2ereoflackhe saipe i th the coulth vte wre ckr heanai cain ecau of the sthengthulf v my ias, i fehegood a ut inauf st the dictiowe'r i, ovi.e billodwe aill see diinio'r ti whetr orviot y get hat lll ee oprtuny torove youeli etor rit in yheett nomatio opuntoveigh ou herm in, ank riu foin yoom io
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ti outf n ghmpsh e rmthis , k foo rnin thanti youut sir n sheis it' inleas e, anouir bil thk y. t' ll: 's gd toave asmnil and tht his y retion bcaus : gtoe s trytart d is ae nontion bus convsati .tr martrt: hebsolely hs. non billon t nv rtiht, he rtheol lefy h amg wh e lleric ts an r, ef afcan- erics. amwh hean c n isiche'sann the ddlef tat onveafation- hic he c is 'sice th imptant. le t maveha: iod wo hing t brk e mp dont theotio tha ma : ricawoamergans tte abr a bldoheioha thi untr and caerhe'ss one a a a llot orkowas hi trhatndso i'se waveryood t avk hwa at to iy, a we' btalkwagryd to h him gainn the earto a furee' blk d th sto i min myhear ffavorete sry othe > th dtoy. ieyouldmyot fd tir w vo s oe ou d a y ofunld f tns t ito w o ou fa ly'sa of nigmare ts i lo a o hisfa's maz firig ofre ll.lo ph bil yes az irmartf: i uldeel. h youphile mighget st in rt thei e.d h steno thu fraic ght ihe 191 en th ll -ra91 9 - cl. 9 a ltlehile [lghte c bi: ll itate lit fele y[l.te bi 're appe iteand w f can get y up e pe newtingrdh wacki pleanyet o up
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ll: u'rerapp in corn ze, d y're calngor helpand it's: reppn onrn thr , yeeeksal befo lpdallo'sen. on hrualltake aut aks our fo t get rouglothis. fid llkein a a ssacrsett but tor t oneugis i milyhink lo tacir wttutnce e tned lynk daro t we t dthanullythey hadar acell one,nd n we c anly heey tadt callo all poce. e, ne che t llpo.
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bi: andayte tued nigh ti. liceent withbianyt thetuarm gh manar, t y fodti th cet th faly he mly 2 et narom tfo feedoh [lauter]a 2 om f doaitt aur] earraed. mart : i lott it wen sh ys era. rtioit w sh myusba wi me, be's ofmyba ibsolelye, hel btll.s [lauter] ol y husnd i elusels. [lau.ter] oh aur] y. us al irigh puel it au tr]geth. he we oh go. >>all alght,gh baput t pol ticsth hee noo. fol >>nl t, aba toreols serus no olnote newtingrh d neer hd ck duteng l t wtgr nht's d n dete he hd took igsdu l apresent nbama's ewhiche ueally doe oks t a estma so kd o madic uly suroehe w co klime oing s feadowur mpet wors ong e way come wag h sofe of i et s theg 's a stamay o wasof i amecan heough athatteall o wies wemen wod dey an ghatll will art awe th th utuwo woude anlea aso t a gernmt ouldthhenthtuou are eea m tery. g nm asldn cture e by jmy marty. 's cre capredveryby wk jy rt rack oma apdry whi ck o ologs disgsed preonfences og
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[lauter] sgd re feees aur] cts,nd the govnor' actl righ whehee ge ov r'ck - me tlotghhe thesge lks -e a rit abt a ot oes sthin. a s engy prin,ab a mt of o wha he puindown en pfairamou mofha but nothe tall puwn whaty irodourieut saiot ll the at ha mon witaie ryailimid he dera r ervehaonit what mi hunman' don-- ra r ve >> at realae.un n' sheon rig on >> reali rla heig do-fra.n maha: reli wted to mke uredora shma als: gote wed cret ato t m enre of t shlst t frk luenz jos n t he ab th. autfrrlujo o nhe thut "in," oe'salso a poller, you wl kno "nd,"sso the ce ll, ou wno of lun heglob.ce hey,rank heyfyou unow, eres nob e ou t rey,nkhat h eyu , e n ou tt h grter grear -- [inaible an nt gigrrichrand me ea-- lls w ownaleimhis n dougiechd gitss itookime.isou let'facet,the bennin of ts hiit camkigne. was t'cee vereinofeak,nd hi amn
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heidn'get asahanctohower wh he owsk, and wh he canhen't doncw beuse eryby wawhe focsed ondnhe nthe sast of edo pross. be e yb buwawith tocese o e st debf esroever. bu thngle tebatehasoneup aeb errcenor t in e pls leatsndne thatecau en t rean y ps, at he's braulian ea anthe poi i wou makis 's hebran got reane appoiuse stou nakht hethanny oer cdida ndt ppit'se t necaee's an o d civerdag te 'sips, t'scas becsehe's der sayi this t at s,s replicaec 'simarvote age yi whih. t rthayeahepca anas y poiarte outagthere w w a me whaenah eoplthouant yoi rituter w ter staeda th whis olepl ou mpai wasi ing r ta tohalls e aiaparas g sai no,e'reoinll thifor are lo hau and aio,indere, so r hirseemto oaund bdeso estis ab t whher not heouldem be tiab awhicer potside ialheld ndide onsomedy's tict a ecrop png udeasl wel idon wemel ke's icl of than ch k op u we weltch th of ha buich wt to e wh geyouth pr this. bui wto frk. thgeu a p rryhi and l's tch fr andth th w'll py asee l at fnk tnks abt i h ndth wle ♪ f tsab i ♪ >> iill not cree js or ho job i thalkillotre jpeop.or hoobhallop
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an thaan-- pplae] th pla kil peoe.ha ♪♪ la thlaileo ♪♪♪♪ mk ♪♪ mk mu ♪.u ♪ >> uer mlanf a ca ♪ and u m n tre sy aema elericind rat trsy woulnecearil syroct.leciat ulceil soc maha: u kw, wwere confed. ma : doe k't wworkre mart: rit he in nf. t oerk udiortfranri andhe in losike t the fos we who ioan wnde pl iinglo ewithhe dlshere asth wl.oweho and wweplg di tths d witreoth w publans ndnd decrat fdi titth reas. bl s e ples wereat fthis ads as ring - iplwa, wwampireis dand en o teb - ese eng i, mp plees tt re blicd s n oed tto - e n in 201pl tt re
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icd wh n i d't uerstd, and in i lienedo01 the ebatwh d las ustnd nigh and we'iliatched a ohe that wasth our ghnd ine'ant sponch a o sessns, th tat wurick rry snt on ss, tk incry ible recd a goveor oftexa crwhy le ec spding aomuchimeve of attaing xatt y pngromn?che ta reg blic priry vots wt mn to ve fo so thinreic ri thot wanto v wefor x vfo reli, thso waninto ve rthan ver ttin lithan wtefu vl th penng and ey d 'tinike i whe wfu ese enndides g d d detta i heeach oher. e id g 's t rason wta rry chent or. om t 31% ron w ynntom 1% pol dowto th tns. didomeolamazgow this in t s. tes of idejobsaz speing,hiin ac untalityteenerof swhy bs are u focpeedg, on actatyer sy e ocn bting up o mi roey? b i ngink 's o ofup o th reassmio ? why s umbei arek o sofeak. th asand wantogo y babere o whak. ppen las d ntba nigt. ha enas roey's made aig clr ntes ro's ad twee aimse andaraccl es oba. vieeers e loing ser martob: ntertingvis log r yeh pey'ssing his mo yrt oerng adlike ye tet,sengis ougmo to ooit
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ad kereal sho that c dougond o ate d in alho tes.t c frok, tnkou. dalwain gooto sou.e fr tu. bi: waoowhat uworkg on, biat rk grn,g? grg: bakinterrews, gr t derwr bogrer b sins herr iss, ilty of tryin to ow rwupbo a sheis tyf in u.-bou airane,o his a a the statepar entu.ouire,sarn ag he erics b at onartlertrn for ic poible berro atoncks aer wrt leorned an pois ileolveroint as a w ot ainstled mera. ive pl a, so breing ws on fas ast aner fious plsoand reg n toasall saan fus on-d to hallo ulon wh to abo theono enomyal uho go bohe tfox emy go new"hapningow," tx wa to arrom you ewap bing: go," itwao om ggg,ou se bigoou it e to gofg, thse hr.u > an eert to wiessth hicha an ecksots trlwis abt t dohaor li in sotrb tdo l.liin wh detl.lsn th. wh etrthaandwhy lleg ofesr i derth fihadfory eg tellg a es itude toreiuietr
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>> wllt haaenedn th cssdeo roomaset acce able whaand edth c havend w l ntinomoeal ce lewithhat d pproiate ve w inl tht rote u wodn't nt yr ctoroingour b. wo't y orng r so hy a youoingers? ly ysor do aor cou detngmines? if yr peiste heaburn ydo cetne y peis ateualleasomerning moreerio... likecid fluxisea a. llmegreio. ov tim stoch id c dame ked uxea the ovningimf yoto eso agus cam for ny, escrtionexiu e ng yonot soly pusvide 24-hr artbn reef r , croniu t p det ca-halso elp al tbacidreelat eroons casop thidliniat of rour es phag . lk tyouroctoabouthe riskor oeoposis-late thnif eag turtoouesk opone fs-cturte and low gnesm lels wi lon ftermurse ondnexi. w esle poibleide fect inude adac wionrm oxi diarpoea ale abde inalctain. ine ac her rioustomh nditns m sti exi. ar abdaln. r ou omlet ur dtor it her mobti xiand u doours t dr erd do rsask nexm isightor y.
10:51 am
ifou c't afrd ur m icatk n, exisht y astrenecmay beble helif 'af mat trecybe e el
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rthawellthisne is n exacyeart ha wllrminis i n fos. arou colacge sdentrt inew wrseyinas td tofokeep q etouol s nt caus hn ey t stter o he iep q6year us h ser o . i phliar gaer, s o ph atndin colle claes. ga , 's he schled. d thtin got llanla. e ail h frchd. th ot hiprofsor aer eil on thrfr hiasseofaskir him ao,onhr pase, keep qui s sekiimdoest frin oothe pe, ep peuile's s in o he gaer tase'sa tioupl colgegaa courshilepleinol me hool comain t ay turs le pridenin d as vetoda aolom n tffer tt ass.pren hes ays isda nodiff aent fro er s.any her stent.hes s no wah ts.fft ro >> y rtt.peop wa t >>hatop stuerettu
10:54 am
ar pele pe t mart:ell, itrais the queson h is rt l, suosedttois he rt o mve b yondes h ans suaked blic ovethe urse o mof h bnd an fe i h's sot all ed ticdovee se h th in sool? i h eolle pridenllis t t thn sayi s howl?r if l tpris penfess willbe yiscipowned, ft tphil ppss ll ys hwoulbehe ipd, ldest ilice r he to kep hrulob. lwst abt e thhe?to k llb. mchae ab jacthon'socto clms tt jason m aeedhen ac's to ga him lf acl tjan d e ofen prcrip onedigationim autn df expe wit ss i thpripriadi onys at h jt don't y pethatit ithia h st jy. dot cldiaat can'sive i l.ast clna this c 's whateappe tod to eher i.a backhat orrefu is atpeodo i e? r >> repo er: ckllt rtodafu bijuro i wi>> lporn: da eryt ng tybioulro ev i poibly w lt tonow yt a toutulhatv poly wto powrful atneseticat poul profol, e deeslyic wponn t ca agairot mil,ael de won tca j ksonaimil rson docr. the osecion pect to cll jon on eerts onocn thdrug e ec ton cto c
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