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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 12, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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deto a h.c. u reaura pacd wi huinredsf d aners pssib. re racludacg mwibers of huds cong so t preib is word e ud mrsf ot ng. t iscludorombi the sai dsrae ud bibasshesa in shin on ddc.. ae nna: thais ss the plon hearins dhe. man a: ha th feayhe tslo m aran codinad e pthote he in t e uned stes. m is cona nat alize p amicanen un stizes. ving fo theost at izrt im tanas. they ze ayngfohest ie t. arnged to ey pay 1 2 miionolla t a manar heed boieve waspa 1 meximin cntela t ailt nhe b manveas w xi c rnedut tlt ban w inrman he is bind bar t b he inwithant ail. i b dgregar his frids arhe shocthd athesel. chaes. eg is rike aariste >> ne g .ocatse ha .rynerg ic. ate n ve g jo st a therg. ti vejost ahei jong kd of gu shoede toear atjo k of gu was ccus ho of aor dict on. nna:asus jfing a ki g y.ctn. a: j giski hou g foign affrs ouonff commte won mmend abt thnews >> ts splh mmwoof co en
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wateabonthwsurace t pl hguyso te whileou'ce loong hys a a abil' spng aoo thi as aania wisper. a hi the gu areoming to getia wi. thgureinoet us ey'r pttin connuesobe t 'r peatein reat oon thees itedtate tjenn we' joed by te at hermer tate ed tepartnt nne' spjoesmay p. crley. er te y rtgree wi spma tt? pcr y. >>irst y jea you eeve ti t lo at >>stjeou t lot th rivry ge on hthe regnegainiviran g annsaudarab . e totherithegn egygahesan e thaneudab cntry toserhgy ttes th rveny beeve ey cry shou beead ts of tt gion en yobeseee it layoue outnad aof t untr likeon syoiaetyut a clnt ste o iran trke s an is t owincl s oanlifenes tos tinfe basar alssad. udi aabias fuing elad syripposion. i uld iave tfug see tat ri osleadn.shiphiftrom a d te t sia ad ipaderftip tmsunn s jori lea rshier t sonnyes theis ri aeahidefi te nnecon istermthf t a ar sprg, hofi hese ec irm trsiti ts arlayg arpr ouho
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ses trtiraisargayhe skesu f leadshipithiisthe re son.s wiin t fontt yee adip hi the ploetwe re.ran wi tnt d y th saloi arianwe pyanut. >> yo menoned saarnhe pt. cade yoened backoundere beten l thes diffdeent ates cludckg ounde owet whes nowff tt ugh?es yudou thiow pot n? wh ow i t h?et exahily i the p n coext wha i hasapped inhe rexaon ihishe yea co t you'ha gotas egypeor in exple,hatres iea dtrac du'ot gy its o exe,atransion iut d ac noyou s ts o pentilynsnn no u incati s tha t gles p ti e cong off i intiha tandl rao ffis felin i soressed a fin sohasss ud sya a a ria'relasonsh uithy a leban to eend a'lash in'sh inflnce the wesba tothin end thmidd eas isnd it flse hees in its th ddarfuasdbouit the it dymic tha fuouasthome dycasha ki onderte in's potionn the regkin. so tter maye an is po exonanatthn i inkne o tfaythenpivol ex quattionhewhic ri ainsk o e unown wavo hisquonic rnsjust unn awa rogu opestion byome gysst th ts to gupeonbyme g
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tl-qu" oro is theall quors a th stregicll decion birann leadshiptr toico ci b aftan saudarab fir andadipo fomostnd itheftprocs gofter udhe abitedirtatend asell. fo st inna:e t'oc t egoere edte off frasl. at pa:nt y ritly t rais abo the eculffionr abou thi p pan. yriy isbohe ul nb be ouhi p. fmer ciaase be ficeto t mide ea fr a fquenia gue e ohow ce s tidideathiso " e f en waingtue pos tod . o w th e wa a sisloppess "ou wa thgtcaseos thaod thefiewa beef.pps e kuthsereha bter th ieis. beif t.y wand to me ku afr brh yo woul. be teadan areado af pjyoule whad aad abo th. jha wherdo ybo put th probilitthathisould er yut a lo t wf opeobtingitats depeldentl from heo w aniapenng rime? >> o.petlom mea it' ia ent relye? >>possle a eat'nt boby ss a ber and othereob scrchinheir hes a bnd he rhtfuycro.inir ishe a oppy r opfuatio 've en thin he otr pyop io ntex of err ism.e th gu who havotspir ions ex ft notrrm. nessaly a lot guho ofav ns , yo knno nsa a totere'a loof ofbi. nteryolkn pol ticse'lo gog
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on nof iraerl a lo ofols ctestofor,ou on knra sting olofurf c stthinr, t knstgirann o govementf in tahmaneja is atan cvesswant withhe aymaollajast the cwa aatol hthylaas cse rela onsheo aol crani lash voluonary thkudsre luar dimsionf thgu. it is ver thds ssib cou be imtcheonin t th bureitcracs ersomeere. ibat ioutheesse ial he testi. ifreache me le.ders p less ie issel op atio ti aif was lrs ss oply ppor ve hisop hio a gravas mifition foropthe ors re hon a for te uned staves. nna: urfion lererseere sem re a or to tuggeun thathey st. bela:velesre s togeha ey eyeladmistraon, you will a ian was a parmiraf, ou th. ll thattoey geral aays i hasar wi ld th anthto g aalountsle. h secrary sta hilwiry clton ys tt thenite a ntstat. isoingo crendy ta ail cl n trong mhesageteo hisatsngo cotry.d whatxact esng tha mge mn?is wh are wcoy. at gingct ha mdof wh thre is w ttake g tgat wee deang wi thsere? t ke >>et t meraw weeaparael.wi for ample? n>>me pw istara. r pl 's sll aopenuest pnta who the s a pastanenstn vern nt no abo te
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wheabos ofpaanin l en rn nbo t whbo o weay lheoze tt the leersh didt ow t soeowher tin tthe burucra leshid earl somodyid. soer tthissurquesraonwe rl haomy . tonswe iss washies methg hated haom iide towe a sganition th at ep ie iide a t nion gc r i ie this tometng tt w esse from ave? i no froisethat t w seom a? oious you ow no throative te uned ates ondusou sau arathave t untremdous es opptuni anaura emveraus. yoknowpp we'ni han vriou ro d ofra yosancowons ie'n recnt h ars. ey vhaveoueen roof qtencs i effeive ect the res. ve n ill lphol q ashe fee th cretey sa lster lyol as etrkinyawith ersiay aountes ch achin, rkin iniththia euroanountntes ainreal, in havehehppornityereto ro t ant veral veignicantortye onom squ ze o a iraer jea: nalnihountts on th . omqu ora je louon cothressman arteof i ou conrsatn hehat coss n irte is e greest teat ou toonurat h you irs ree wiret t tat?t to >>ou. ir s ou ewi gre t th?at to thunit stas.r we'vgot oor tee ogrh t fourut t re tthtitta you 'vrry t out tday o and uray t t ououbut c arly y thety
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di ctioiran indsgoin outn clyhe diioan i s suortin of teorisnd it ngosug.tfe is nuearaspitionwhic itego goin nur ispionicefinely pos in ave ormable treatinfory oe uned stes ing e rwar jenn lotof qrmstiole we tat r n't ve t un ss angers to ar toda nnot p qiowe t t n obsouslas wto geda p delopmts we' lay ob sl th w tour vewer de apppmciat ure' in ghty th alwos. vank eru f j ning usppat >>kay,ennant alw man ik f j ng usrgin w>>y, anausedof spyian for iyri in a edthories y th yior rinatulized arica cizen or s tht wi t tuze aca bhar -ass cen pers allywin ju. t b r sshamm rs lyadjuisisame. he mm isccus of seinge. 20 he diosus dfe vgeota20 rerdin to eo srian vintetaigengen reino depiing sroteans in th unitteen stesen ains the pig terianin rime.h heit s ises accunsdheof an re. t inhe toiscu recrt otrs ithe ited ateso ttoo e crot i se eed hin .es is pect i seincour s metict thiafteoon. i >>aox nsaler on aur tihite n. suriseuil >> pa fr n eern ahrisas-d usuerweseil pfr ebomb uris-d rouk uwe
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thtoid k w alll e rorts eyo instigion. at wld b t kllay- -day rts inppenigg w b and t theryouy-ay see lo wol en wiis i nd nocome er ouuyet.eeo ol sicay th e i w anomeout. eak-cath t w lon wlf gun ore cto r.k- th te wa seon w sveilnce n etapethat mighto bethwa se s il eailae th telpeusat wght ppen the. th onebelies i w s anlathel w insi job en hethist wasth octuly thli i wanat whsibrokobn is beuseasone tuth sther surit wh syokems they ant fier stit if syere seapes nthere. tat eywillt howi xactif who e idees itre t d llwinay tyctlso wntho to nowit t nabi t lso wepos om thetow t apon fou at l e hurpo en heof rianonout tey. backo your jenn we' wah forhatan isext te alo wit ouckyo nn e'willam. or thk yotveryuch. is t grg: re'sloitonor yo ll th yoouldryh. sple gr 's pkingyo cket sulto ldesu sle in p nga stpsear whi et in lt il?sun at stsuear ishieforen the u.s ?suprecour rig natw. e we'lhavesliveoreporhe on.s preurlimiig n amica' ighe'lveve orcouronmayet jenn we'mi looorwaam ta'he thattory ury anti a nne'oo kidppedwa tisra iatry ldie cou tifinayeided set raeeafte f veieou lgearna how eton thi y ng mante fuld be l bacgar me wh his w
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11:26 am
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11:49 am
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11:50 am
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11:51 am
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11:54 am
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11:55 am
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11:56 am
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11:57 am
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11:58 am
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12:00 pm
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12:01 pm
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12:02 pm
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12:03 pm
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12:04 pm
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12:05 pm
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12:06 pm
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12:07 pm
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12:08 pm
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12:09 pm
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12:10 pm
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12:11 pm
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12:12 pm
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12:13 pm
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12:17 pm
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12:18 pm
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12:19 pm
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12:20 pm
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12:22 pm
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12:25 pm
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12:27 pm
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12:28 pm
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12:32 pm
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12:34 pm
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12:35 pm
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12:36 pm
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12:37 pm
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12:38 pm
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12:39 pm
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12:40 pm
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12:41 pm
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12:42 pm
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12:43 pm
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12:47 pm
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12:48 pm
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12:49 pm
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12:50 pm
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12:54 pm
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12:55 pm
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12:56 pm
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12:57 pm
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12:58 pm
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12:59 pm
i not numr. i'not linetem a bget.iot umani'm finii'ly nt nea m shov b.t. anm ni n a ov ut i am aoter wasngto.. foreou en thk ab t iamaer asuttito my dica rea e socthl seabrityenefs... tiy ca aocsetyef.. hers a mber ou shod remberera er 50 illi .horeer we a 50illn sior whearn ourenefs... 50li a0l sor whrnuref.. and u wi be arin fm us. todaand eled ion wiy.e in fusdad len ♪ ♪ ♪♪ a thas gngo dot for u aha bus gdo day r. u tha you forus joingays.. haou "ameorca le" staois rig l egg:yetaigye. gyn:hankguys w. welme g:. n:evernkody,ysew delopnts theelssasnati and ery, d op sterr he ptastind


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