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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 12, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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alled rrly p hatclld i ira wit tarts to ourtc irait capol. ar we a a itinur whi houspresap.rief gwe ahere ainhi cou hea new uses defails re abouhow e whe hououeaew ans resnd n dt tls ou irw 'swh gernmout. s jues 24 nurs to, ns ir bre ri gt henm on is progjum th4 feds al age nss br rioppehewhatn hey dcrib og th anedge e borapeatylot dib n volv eg beraevedo bet xicaduri lvbeedbe carlshe cari tempd asssinionfar udimpasinnf araan dipmatnd ibombgs iwashgtonndra wrg ipo wet areeari mb i shsomeonawmars bughtp g we ree queriionf posmeblma bht mili ry aeion ainsuen iosn li an ns eve ctann iive the ite use th me. e cnn e ste. >>eporher: gd mo ing,e e m megy good st fteron>>or g mothe g,amadmintrat n is gy oo kingtsase agasterran e theaorldinatis ng comnityega the ce psiden appring nheld tevisi thi moromngtyhe ma png idecleappnghat thitesihior allemad ieat irahian-baedlot le tora-bat kl t sdi aassar to a vlati of k t in srnatnal asa nms. v theti cfsequces iran
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i thk aringoinat tle n. he cqu s raseris be use ey atharotin t e ly dided t ass sinaribee a meon the have dakenedn thvery tssnaasisn onhichheveen th ry tiondealis witonench anot r. onal >>eporr:ite6-ye-old ot >>or monsyeld nssur arbsiarr i bei rb hear, th iplanas toei hir ahethan dung cotel tir cry o thedu cl tssasnati c o usi eastisi explives the s. i by ctactg pllieseso pr ent e ihe bnite cct fronagait es iraprtte onaitra. >>e wi be nsulng with >>wie oul fends a th rtne arodhe o fds wld a neabouro howean sen w ver ouow rongenessa tt thiser kindngsa tfthictio wch nd violesntertionio worms ol er muon bems mundede >> rorte nowthe s. and e wodwill pbabled try rteowe mpos f therd woll pbl y nctis on iraos but ficeer
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esidtidenaid tionrahisut e rninnothg isff t id entabld ande have tss inthis t stemen from he wblte nd hoe, isaysavhe t pside wastfirsenbrieomd on whe ho iys issuin j pe andeirecd warsieon s admistrion su jan ecovid all dmecestrryn suppt toidll thies ppo inveigatn. hi thdisrtionf th plo is aignicant achveme by oveat ntelthgencsr andonthlo law anint ch enmercemt oelncndgencs. anawof crse,s yo enem ntiod, wre lely nc an car ae,ot myoe abt th at ahite ouseio w b lefiny expe ed t age mab utherwa ajustte aseut bin n. pe t u wamegy bacto st a you megy ste n cen nni, hankgy ac u ve muc ou is so i ortagyteo pot ou tteni, mexnko wks veuc > osels with ihe utated po ou t sttes i sexppin whis elth ud st i asssinion s acrdinto rortshe as inn irt.ian eric sus ct atac in r thtscent of eas was irn ic usdeni antry ntothnt mf ico ias la sep mber ecauni ory ao mo wa iant t fo laepiserau o a aest. wa t fomexin ofcialthen turn a thet. susct tthe xiof al ens., new y k'srnheus te jfk , ew airpt, w yre hswas ken into cusdy. fk ashiton, he rp w hs mnican to bassreleused.a shitemen, myingan bot ssleountes sme chan d inngrmatotn an acteinnt crdinion.
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aninat an for teore cinn. iormaontory rg one tfox ima newry on t xlati.comnd fdew out ht thzetidrug ctitelomlaye fut h a tle i thtiug thi c lcomiye up 'llpeck wha i bassor jnhi mip l bckton, w rmer ssmbas jdor he uned nions bn whn, the s. rerponsto iraasnr houl nnswhhe be rnsraul . >>welltherisew fallt th houfrom>>astller nit's g date llthouomocustg thenis can gdate pla t de scueushe u. he ecomyantela t bunessn hean cn adue u hicoands ful bussheefen cng h sohids cled ul9 pla lten h ght c d >> psentla a lold pla to ow tts pconont, whh i a d havelauto ty 99nowh pin on t ve ble, and it99 stas w phon t rowi outhe e,urrendtaxta w co and wiututti irehe 9 cond pl. ti >>hen u meion e fl 9 tax,oes atean y ookpl >>n men fl x,withs n yome favkpon hat theav rmanain menonedt th n bennintof ts coanersanon? en i tednk iths catbeyin t co sa
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?phra. t in iact thout itatas a ice a pza wn ra iin t ourst itard a e p it. w it nothe pce oa i t d zza,ecau it t.s bn t ot p o ll stued aell a,aut b tu delope a it srts lth, likeour oposs, towin out ede pe rren tax ss , keode.r so os tin mr.t ain, whoo youenxe. rn toorolital aicer.n,ho oud foeconic t adve? >>yitdvis ase ce fr the foon ameran peodve. >> isnow, c wfrlhe he som ereo w, expes, o of w h eomerts that elpepeme t of devop e ts th was at ape tev genemany th me oth ricas lry of aenan th clevand, oic oo. l he os an enomi. meevn: cd,is o heantierlt e ismi me c gita polics edierr ans st o pow taolsdian p y. o ow l eso wer on caiand p usuay in pitic e eratteion n a gd tng.aid s itor uain h p? ic >> t'sten g t. alws to h toite t in f hnt >> aserma cailwtotoe ins ce fainl a aantad inma e pa by aie fthat ce nle re of e fld d an'ttain takepaimy ft serusly andt ref ga him f d wte ke lanthateerly nd uld thrgh agaim we baneat gagi andd alk hre a langge tt rublin b primy versan gind tk ng t rli hea that esulimd in vims bng t rit upeck d nkea
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atulin bith tt riup rk ney. n st nht, oughthe ivesere t fo himhnd it w reryy. dif cult n for, ghe ese fo im hean cn to e w tsyif sorltor he c to tor pitiv vunc pariv fure at rublins he ce nc to fnowend lehen rli h c fol tow len likeiche bacannndol yo hea whawas keheacnnark yoea swhaes rom forr uhrk vern jonswuntsnboutmor u th999 an, was rnontsut har focain oth9 sta, asn marsage d onrackfoinitta tho mfolkgecomi at onckim.ho gyn:o yo thin he tlkkmit .hits n:we syo incindibl tolls tha show he has ts cle ly sncblls haulteup io th oweasumbe le twopot te ithehinmitt rney,be so tot'st whyhey we intt tang a r at y,m, ts bhyy d w ey d ta aamagt bcaushe's deing d ag criciz for hus's 9ng criz --or 9 pl, heas aed a hut 9 it, deismied i- pl ashe a a in rrec whe, he w ask mi i toames theext eco micineche wsk ad ser,e natode rhhet co clowr who notn adr, na econ rist,nywa whe askewhat goi wrhooot even ont,waheome keat foiure esidt do theine omen
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isin the 9eerce fencom iddo he e to w inhe 9nowsce 2perct om inco t and w twsne're 2rct co t nd ddlewithatiol t re sas tathatou iosed as le welth onef th riosons sataat y th i's neder gng t as elppennesth r hns th n g tr. h manen h ca is ing be priden he'not ing hno alcaw is g hiche couprene' yout g trueor f r or alght ichou ars,ut iouis que ioneue fr t ter s, tha i did do uemagene >> h did amagr timseha d in to kingge abo tha h plaidag t antalkseg abt th ec omis t andngalkibo hala abt, ayou int out anlkabth re blics arecisndki coaberva aves u gental aut reblicres aricveryar cova s enskep acal out e id of re icvingarheryeder ep l govet mentidhe pfer t ng impoer aatiol sas tax ve ntmike p h tkabe and oth poio sa opleike edea,ax ay ke hbe indth willeaire tolee poo fa,ks an ibe gd in tt wllre butooo f it sti aan gin tontrersi w idea andutne tt itti itrsi ard eand tt expln. on i t othd hd, o of thpl on attks, tnth h of th tt , untsn's,hichasean, pecily cing om ats s, child prilegeike n,ntsm ci cgaing a ad rigee sm symphetiin aelf-de man like mptierma cai tf-t cane
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ke off o faand thama hpedai t c the ndide whis bng f fa d hatack becse i h mdes theme idwh en bore emckec i m em e peheti it a n loss f p htiman in b ausenit nos f for hn fo bsed se thecono, he had or har foimd he getngnohehe d ssagoutar tre. et gyn:hank you agthris w t .veloents nn:nkou the llis s eet otes> and at lo hatsenedhen me othe he lks xed up th st esd licehaedn oe s d p ce. u caseeayle dee rickthisapped a .ile cae ago,lecreaeeng ipainnd ckfallisg tope ha enees o,ea a ierin llto h gettges pepr spad b aa poce oicerthaturin the rst ek o tttseepsp b po oeratin e t o t prests we auallbrout th to u inelly cou at e ti. notheprts alloueachth's aoe is inlyout ti no deendinthe p wh ch arayeisher fe chaes adeine wh yepdrommi fione rayellyha a sefend mine aayhonyly en any lognsctio, anis lawy says gnioan bolne suld wy geayto defd hself le ol
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anyo s elsd at ge tal.ef hlf l yo nelsly 5t of e prostor t. maheir ne 5f illiroaireor marcyestmaday,akinira ur toughlianharean's rcst y, inalthuppeeast tghide. ll, hame o's i thpest weahy. e mae.ocus , o ihe decberea. exmarati of w yous ec rate' mil onai'sextif yoax. ere re narres e' yeerdail altaiugh ere ve bn. ovee 700 nore yedaltar.h e ay t ed, bcaus latve 0 thisour,e wi spe.o t, usat x isr,usinwis'pe senr corrpondt gare --inen chare g pari onrrnd bar-- chges mingo wa st et aar gowrinhose bay ch s ngfectwahisroup st a msage seis i o ctsup mge i pnt? o > neevelmenthis afrnooin t cef p? nettleisaelnts afoo t c irw. weave en flowi thilea clely r mo thaa we. rw shwentwee fwihi m singcly moastha we sh ntnday she ten m mthsng oldter nameaygain e lena msrwinldnd sh mein vanhed om l her inmissri hom sh heanpared s sa tert sh was ss snated o ofomer hereribsa tshas over ght att th o pasf ndayut t onebrior ernow t privtheasnvesgato is ay t joinengheearcor and w iv esto sp kingn thisamiloisrcnd belf sp. ngth >> hile bnskedo ce be >>
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out h bed he t c findisa and to h tin nd ta ppetror ond t prpettrtors oand ile kn law eorcent et fbirsd e th wonknecesawrily giv eece me iormabion iil th beon esre tlyniv hap to i cmapera i withe tnythgapo i c frad o thyth te. f men: he's me o o wt kno hs te me hs o w ormenonew h rk cy poce oicerho goesy thname oildmew c po obillerjohn esthme od p itonllhn is wh af, pron fs w ailia in , nsas fity. a ia goeby t namof wdn as bill who y.s? >>oeell, tamhis ws ll o uy wil>>l,s bi, he kno to he il olen c e'sbi knohenoo to h ve bken to a enouse c s 's known toav en bn a lused kill ithe k nam t e ofhowi ame canslu howki ieam sy i is tbe aofwiictimeofnsow cri. i t a he'stiorkeas a pairi. cons'stantkeorbcai ns, o nsnt e toy sw, nhese o bee pa b to abc ns ssseee pa serity bonsubcant, nnd th is guysetysut, ths ho lesuy-
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o gooxtre l msure sho h go ey its t bre mre vict b ho the conrn h e heit t b meg, isha ct h bsheon t linsed oheegisork h in lied ssou as rivak n instigor, d wealke ous va se legimatinig, rivaweke vestatorheren s te stategof matsour somwhova wo st inorre d tntow at mansauromo wo tyn pryrily d civowsa maers ke catin ry lyspouivs an sucnd the mas y if ce'sinot l tene inouanuc hee ste ofissoi,hey ifs nt t l knone wt stofsoy xact t no wh sor wt o iestition ct 's g ngwhor t oondu in ietion g sa iin tase,du bn ause ey d't iane, him b se vi atin dthe w an alady,hereimave en covilainin file aboanim begaly,ree he incoinilhebotate be pito in h jefrsonnteity. gyn: to befen iet yefon go, y.we s you esten:ay boreef th i yacan hse wito,h t sou te bwelle wre t y weth an hsearing itr this misllng w twe arg bas. ju givus t outisme o th ba ju eivnt. t reputter: o well th e. thepkfulr: forverye whel was wating thaothi wa thulor fryndwh
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sit tatned gt to bha a badhi wa f le . td thto was b hou aad tt dat ba to lee tu of thethasou tt atnturroun 1ba0so atufhe had whas urun cald 1 a ad sishaal tu -- is iste atu- wat hoteing ank or aateck ilt er i and wn poliho gotg he t oakf ts t ind w homehich ad b nliot t abdoneforbout three yes, t y lo ed imeo thch b home nd sabne trt iutee had ye t thlo wel iorth me s t iad sisrnth sel th spe abois s thr hrs th pe suing l th meria outbo of thrt h sug th sis mrn.iaut noing s tound megy joh thais. noou.g wantoellndur gy viersohha are getng n. ntl iniermatn abt whehi reet n coinultaat, thab mwh thi vestator as scon,ta ath m hi abouaew pice stor seah s a at ware jus ou leaaing p e out ght eaw weus ande'reea g ing invtiga thi witht thet ext lf hr withurndre gsts, og nvgatayhi thhe tut d fo h tha th ll gs,epubcansasty nightusquafod of oha i ue > ub nst nuer o in eric andgh ua ofat i o of c irse, t nu o n ic ecomy ndd if cobs.e, t wha d ec youy fdusroup s. thinof
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ha dow tou fup candate in t did? i want toteo arnd a justskeal qckly fter d? w tostar nig a w wstldlou qly er teor i theig wote w we he tomoow?e w meg: wel sh you who won stmo? egwe ahesh. ou inhe we ofesteay'sho ws oa n errolothe oin wofte 's s. o soi se arotskin why uld iraakeoi suc s ain y driskra edo wuc rlly belve tt it sk is b wind thi ryel tit pt? an wher bis pdsidehi oba on ts? p we ave t toanear erom pdeba him tbass or jn bwetone tor oins livimonhat,hree ss j bn minunss ivway. in ditit, to eeldin nu the iividly. n tio coinpirars aountle f th theialle ididole in thicora ant f ot, e uneied sletes e commnted holhing ira , un s s coun ble r itmmd ol aionsra une it ans
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megy bac n t ourop gy acory day, ne t areur awaing new res nse y omy, tre whi wahousgto aurde for ire w es e plotlleglyatch in thi us a dean worh taets oe oteg chtionn capol, e doj w itas o ca ing on attappted, oj i
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rror m. ca leg s tatt a ledk atow th pla uol or the le taon lat thla m u4, 21he the m inian 2suspt apoach anhe iindiandualn meco f sp aplp nchearln june retued t mex o adialme f tol nwhatrlas aunuall an tu tex a olform t th iraat all a assoatesre lking for rm thviolrat msionnclu ng soes lng ore murr ofhe ol m sauonlu ambaadoro urof pr iden obambahador bee w ng iefeon t plo prenamdhortee erea er, feey s t thalo happed irt je. inugus tea, s sushact pp i algedl jwire inus tus $0,00aldlre dopaymt fo the cme $00n two doymfohe insllmes, 5 can 50. in le sep mbertw in'snsme 5 0. esidt wa in n l yor ep erfor e u. is genal id wasemb n meeng.or ringr ha u te, iraen mbee. rele ed tng amecan tkersra he inehraon le tmen hargrs he onrarg pione. wes af or th, th suect theurde for hion plowe fleaf tothth mexosut hedeor but wasenie hi entlo andleo ex th out asieepteer 2nth, h nd was own bac tothhe uted atestes is 2he h olic s hennac yo ure ddiedntry you esiso ic ba to nere uame yo ddrom,ryou and rest a bao e e jfkm, airrt
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in ew ork.d st joing mefkow t tal autir in k. whathe wte hou inme t respalse s auld her i at w foouer u. aassar to the sp u s., jd ner i bton. fo u a saambatoador weleme. u j soreatoave you bn. pertbae onorel.his. so weratmissg yo greelyou rton s. yest ss yot meresk y fir the's lot talout ere day sty. abo me yir ths t al wtther e y boiranould rlly beehin wer ld rat wyld ie motein b ho oarthouldt . be wo iot b ho old, d whthyld wld ie tak on t unid stes isuch , wh in w y ir faak tnist i manchr. donou bieve yfa it? an >>erhado b morve impt?tant an wther belve iis >>ha th theormpnt oba wer el mini irati belves ithhe ba fo2 1/ yrs nitielshis i fo 1/ adnisttion yas bees adston steery-ed ints aroac st-e iinn, nve the pnt aac endgeri i our n t p intests,iviniranhe nefiof endryriuroubto y to ind tes,ayinano fi e negobtate th tm ov the tod nuclr weons ogra yet go wee e se t inovhehe clweast s raet we sen hos, tre dsn'teem bet ny dbt a the hig stho t d 't m velsf th o mabe d a admihestraonig thathisas lsth o an iraan pmit.raha is w, w wou the anra iraans p
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it? w ouremeheer, era tarst,t t? le tme, t fir tart appears toe th sau le t amirssadar to e uned petoth austat. ani thk th's p t of am ade lao erun suggletwe at an th than a p sauof rabila sthinglhewe iamicorld aau bithinhe inegio in iic the ddleld in easionhe leor has jem h. its ceainltrueit's ry bemzen t thi ty woitd trceynlndue c'sry i bn out thi t onmerin oil,ut iwotr c i thinutthat elain hy tyonril, i re ting e ineminaty ein t inedib steof tg alki to t minicanrug inibte carl ki to ctua ty m caran outg tarl uaassainatarnutttem t. sothintheyouldhen sake catdit r if itemer. soineyldn cccest ulift b hav aot ofesistae f bm,av a n fioferprtats heful f fro neirersptivefter t fipr hul ro t we drn. spve soermagi t the we pspec dve onhe sogihe ocome theyill e sai pec on amssad to oe unmeed steyesl sa the humiate he am unaded so tes un doi itstnhe um oute un ss oi terttoryn a ty're ou suiciely dachefrom er ry tha it' a hd tref not suie d heom
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imssib for s tohat' hot talie. whim's nib to orke atout th if u'ren ira gyn:whf co nse no the a are thmingf ut are dyingra. n: nco nheurpr ingl ie n,ng a dng d whherhat' rl o n prwhatglhey iormay who,rt' r o theye ca ing is aatyma ildi gamayine are ey catryig to averp our wndiamin reoble herin t uni d yi sto es ar theveur wtten the.n.o leerxpre tni tstir ahe w en outr e ovhe the.llegions ainsre tm. t inhe mntim ambsado yotrve gov thehehiteegnsouse ns -- t in we mimmbave dot oyo gearhete fromse --present ama,eheye sen r jorobide out n est a,yheen mor ngjode utows sayll oionsre onhe tl buor the s ay ons admistraonon r tponsbuthus r iso enge ihe a gbal mi ra rcampnsgn tus i lateisen to i gl furt r is atemp t ite in. o isha theight rtise rpons i ishe? >>htbsolely n rns >> ol yu kn i n thi onef th planions fkn i whyranhineth thout th mig be an ablns f hyto g awa whnhiss ou thth beligve tebamabl g wa wadmistraon iseak. thel tma an w tmira h i sretak. clinn sa an wbout h s whatat o in saspon tohislotouldutha o , sh saiwe'rgoin toon o snd ttm ald strg shessaai. 'rin yoknowi u d t toaoketr
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thatorsa dipyomatsowt u toe statdepamenthat ant atipts t sa ng w re gatng tpasendnt t tan atiff sa w g t notnd a we' seeffot e'ee. i tnk theeal iort o t thhe asssinaonlttem it o is wt itellss autth ss thna chactertheem n ure, w it lsths essce o atheegim nthhaere n e, te an, d it notss oeim regi thas gog to techan, itotts behior bause gi haof egoernato p ssuran ehit'srot in bse pticur g ng e na ive ppurts 'suclen paponcus g proam. eso iyou d't le anle ira on at'srorepa.d tout t iu d ln ra sai amssad in orta'spato t sa am adril,nmagi tta ris we'rall ing be uer l, gi tif ty gis nlear wea ns'rl g e u d th's wt t t foc g n arght ea b megy do u th k thth w t oc spks tthei posssio t b of gyo nukthinth any sp teiosio way in oofer wds, ght eyukny ve auke oreay and be o w, t siing ere thiing a e catakeend rise le sig e tshig because ke kw weis can l fig t bee kweanig ck? wel younow, thi ere'a lo we n' kno ? abt t irelouuclew, weahins e'loe no prram. abu he t allindsfleea esmate whethey epr m. goin tohelldsetfucle weesons,tend aheoteyf tm
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inle push thapoinwes, aet t far - pretsh farown ehain rd, whh isarn exse f - mor et arfortn whi wil r faiwh atisex f or a dipmati rthi resilutioto eait pro em. ip i'ti nev belved wesio cld ro es.mateithreci on wni'eveld w th c're tual goi to vees ntelearhci wn wean, a ithe al oithinosayi wit nar nfidce, u kn, thea a inare yi 1/2itonth id a, y,knth lead to t rise that/2 ey'rthgointo css ahat line nd h eadhe tisat 'rin c wponst andhen on'tne hee le wons d tan 'tecesry ste to prevt it.ta theesacteo i t y'reev tt. he cle alr idy. t re howe tr cle th are is cl o d if eweclthre iiss the f e c.ell if theighthatshehi fel heht asssintion tempt monsatesif w le our ascus inn mp the nses w lur nlear s aponprogm nhen exchge f nar a onaninogess n atemt, a ch fesolion thu.n. inecursy cncil em a th ioln thhinkn.e'reoing tour c il ss t poith wre w cannkreng o allyffecvelytop t toim w wan frometti a lyucleeclyp tapon capilit megyomti lebassor onapit olto gy thanyou ry mh. >>hankou. ssgyn:ttory gentoal e c an u m ho er a the>>ustink.
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n: or partnt jt gohit witen e new ubpohoas t aayhendti the rt j gog. sts heit wil reswndpoo the she il th. es wh arehe rks o tha d th uyth mhtwhre r o be e ofha ame ca's> th wor m seri klerseut ofme'sor vestator neve founri krs thodie w poibleew storveun lea. thie poleea
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1:26 pm
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1:27 pm
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1:28 pm
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1:29 pm
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1:30 pm
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1:33 pm
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1:34 pm
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1:35 pm
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1:36 pm
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1:37 pm
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1:38 pm
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1:39 pm
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1:40 pm
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1:41 pm
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1:42 pm
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1:46 pm
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1:47 pm
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1:48 pm
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1:49 pm
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1:54 pm
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1:55 pm
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1:56 pm
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1:57 pm
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1:58 pm
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1:59 pm
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2:01 pm
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2:02 pm
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2:03 pm
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2:04 pm
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2:05 pm
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2:06 pm
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2:07 pm
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2:08 pm
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2:09 pm
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2:10 pm
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2:11 pm
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2:12 pm
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2:13 pm
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2:15 pm
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2:16 pm
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2:17 pm
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2:18 pm
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2:19 pm
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2:20 pm
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2:21 pm
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2:22 pm
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2:23 pm
2:24 pm
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2:25 pm
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2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:28 pm
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2:29 pm
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2:33 pm
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2:34 pm
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2:35 pm
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2:36 pm
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2:37 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:39 pm
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2:40 pm
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2:41 pm
wi i'somromnw,. megyoob? wi quicy. >> imnhink.ou he toay t t gy heb? almt the ic pesum ive ink h to winn t at is pnthend ilmhe ink p's gumnge to nnt ga per alst a the vot .k g >>oomneis aepar. al if ae'rhetalkg otout las >>ne ght'ar cdidas, tn i f wou'rlk t as sa romy. t''s t cda smthes tiou >> saruthomlly, d't eall tsmes likeny othem b if i hathy, d toickll it' kee o eemher bif ca orha romnck ani'drobat'yego eer wiaor romn almnough i'an ndba hap aboui i mn al ghgyn:i'ou d't neel ppap ou out i. i'm sti n: dndeced nel to t kn morbout 'm ctiin. ec emneyto knoromneut b e eytronst. >> rnek pry bheext present theniteonstat.. rmegy p ric perxt. est heteat aughr] gy >>icexasser ctiguso gh me co. >> asey he a tribl cgulleg aliemeinfl.nd ha thenbl heeg ie flunti uennsur youe e taing aut lions ofeopl ti o goo uheurou emeencytag a lnsfpl roms go th youon't hmeve icyomnes rs ate.thou 't h so if yolookt itith ne crical eye an e. soyookith cr inalyeana, an counng new, u'lleethat nit rlly s no unir , llat mparon, was ry no
2:42 pm
manilati. megy tha youll s muchar, as >> a it ni wortid. gy hagyn:ouhank sou a sochuch, at ior apecia youn:nk aonsigs. h, al e be. i we, thap wasiaountertingig whatalo you thinbe let knowethaserng at atyoin kellt >>tin the llantixnco the>> mahelauger talf ti dhe. coad maug t murr, aedic eminer dco teing diffent te ro rraic e mineaeljackn's docter'sg fft t stor miw itlll cscksown ocs or ts: it c cod min aeljackn ha t ingeed t stco familldoseck ofa propol o n hisge t ownasef thop's o othe cketiswnin klly' thcour oe et ky' ur
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2:46 pm
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2:47 pm
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2:48 pm
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2:49 pm
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2:50 pm
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2:51 pm
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2:55 pm
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2:56 pm
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2:57 pm
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2:58 pm
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