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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 12, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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th coressn,this theye b bs pn th wossis waed bor s bus ur t pth w ende waid fa the s tnd obaamiai f e cati onbami mart's veyarnd wetion ited rtothemont vhar he ed447 he ntllio js an cathroh an now h7 maio j bs wi hca crearo anow ha wi h wit ea isit thg? >>est:e hveh reat>>t: 3,00 hfedel joatno 00 demiliry, st feraljo buaucrs thpast coue of li, fal yes. yo coulbucrtheest moue oedel jo yecrea d th wyoul buthey mede notjo peanen eatheythre w notbuey bs tha re tingpe en to eadeyotto mo conocharowt g dmo no simwtys repsentgore spen ngfim jo. soep wisntthere pres enen wuld takeo soisees wd t hin keerewhen yave tin lackester senppor if ynye suppt in coness, t cker mea s orf th peole ac ss t ppin cotron s, e ntea theoac e tited o hf
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a ninu o sowhat eed you hellhe pridennu reg odingo eat jo urogrll?prenegng jo>>gut:egrneed gi gu rtaiy outedther ni gornme tha aiou creesober b the ivat n ectogomendha ritowre the b i e atnceainty oto thei ta sitedth and i crtaiceynt o ohe theta sidnd c airegution sid o far heo maegulions that gu on ar sidmply r ottang ulnsat bs. ar sly arttona, ne emplethe pr ryinara, t lo e aleye aprillien me resin fr to a li m emini. th cou s rfrprest abt 3,0 ni jobsthverou t res nexaboupl 3, bs erars. t iexpl is ot jst th we' s. t i crting jssr j ahowin the e'ivate t seccrrngto cree j jo but ain e at revingheecotenal re fo js tojoutbe ng at i theen fo jto ong dirtionrd. t inkhe g yiron j tfflak reprentave fm y arina. j takpresent' probsta fm cocilri . stac d wi test'bscolsuppters a reacrtwi fiinghe memrs incling ree othepprs reig esidemt's p clg e oundresers dohnatud ids drrs 4.3do mlion totu
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decrat cmpar.3 m witonto deat carit 62,0 4- demrats ov ,0 publ4-ansemtsv a blsow, a kepin trac of al,w,chri is k noin acurpfsing hat peoe awho ri ar inis norpng tt obaeo adenisttiono ar jobs cncilere av tbaonoradsst on to bs cil dreocra. anprobly haorens botto sis ofhe dra alean ob bu havhaes yo oten isiof a buav do ithock i y it doistck y so heavy itight tohe so demoats most av hto 1. gues wha is smopriss g st he is eshas th the s pisside hasheis maden attpt toh uhe pde tasolks de tott prodeoover ue f his t onomks toroer fis aenda om ada gin tough ai t heghily a docra anher mberfhe hey cou dilra anor er i theou.e.o of boeg, su ihe.ofoe h su is pdomintly h repuican doruts h is pmi ly depe ent pu theanedero h vernnt fs conacts a
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pet he erveliod, there nrn fonts a li fo, s whh ari n prtia obrverfowh andheri pia predent puts ob erem fwardnd aseoplwho reent st lute h frdsploas e don wi l h g., thstraht shoerson onewi econy anfolk g sthraho s lienin to onanlk sbut, thinliin geor boh ht, ain or bh h ecomic unse aso cnstited th publancic sedono cti td pre wobld nonohave tre wono bee so edulsve heing msay theeereo uls fos heg ygivihe me hfoh mrks. vie >>nd o the hcrewe hve ms. ohee t h oba ndle raing tmonein ob le 2008ndrag 201ne2or h camign, 08 bert01 h wol maramgiann,eco rtolarano alloy,nd loritzr raingtz $2 milon saice008 a the are the job s$2il s8 aounche. e he ob anice? >>est:oncsurpse. d tss ane? sigfica. th>>demot:aticartyrps.
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ld te >> whaem bseif i ant tpo beon. t ha jocounl i wuchnt d t ieave t toaise jo un>>gut: i on'tnowh d wha e nd o strtoeyouse are g tinggu i 't wupha ere, i' n otruure,re ghopenglly u a e,i'eing n pde, hand melypend yy hav a e ki ng peep nd plykets yav to eti t p atntioof t ptso ainisatio t i kow "t atio f te," isoing aisio w l k so i"t pe yohave f" thaisindng o w sc tch. i weo areveakin ahand jo of sct ifh.ou arerein a bunerjond youf ise ney forifreampgnunou and e yyouoravmp send p ttyu s pty itereing bs i thadmistraon a ges on ireandg o i ththe partnt omira a gnd ergy. o thetate e rt oeparent. goeon l ey. he thetetime gues tha isart. whoee oul gethe meconcn. itess ahaerios conrn ttwh e peop havet ncxpre editaio on trepuican pa icul lyopav exprsed,re taing puan aautul prd, sondratandgother anterises ere e adm istrionsora dictshe fus toeres indiduand e weendmtr n youiees e iersefuionto witndua w dono tha u wh y see isenit concn. >> e noillha t kwh a yut th ineea nc >> lilell t bit a h
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thnk yu. ifhe bulifit tseuy sth ybehi theif predentu tis tre hi he anyw tyre wintuckhe t yw t i esidt'scklan e fmer c.e.f veridonsan f r wi.elesssir,erook y are wiss g tir, c.o.,ok youaise y areot of monor e an ti the h c.,ouutsse you theofon anobth h couilsand u he sa i nt tou god sa t goound ngre. >>est:e wll getarou nd coreress >>t: lieen, wreset tou di urbicoss lisue, ere. t t pelen thiibi ere j bs te hiuncirema appntedo th j jo unci on thecimappedth mets jo woulci't ty onithe coanie e th, in ft, hav ul t hoie catedthin fav js ced of eop t c jporaons o e ofounc t cra1,0sjobs he beenastnc or theast,0bs 2 h ent ohe t nths 2>> c y thw hs c y upheth reen pof tse. en imme is t.ntertingwe kno at oingme stg.e.erngno paygno
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ng rpore inme taxnd e.mber two ayer e coseof or insenax orer11 o ears asco e.o. heas orrs o. e ouourc and0,000merin ou rcjobsndto forgn cntri bu00heri find s bs himlfor ceadrig tbu jbs ndim t gues and j ctiba alson e un esnd c cbancills stlmos 3,00 jobsn th cillast upleos of00 nost woun't leyou inkofeopl would be s. c senno onoutu kpl ul b c nrits n thathe esidt wod wt pele ts s hat a idhewo w 11pe.e.o ss whthreweekago wro the pridena leernd.o whreekorohe sa, mrprenae present, cu txessamr and est,cu refm ts th corndrate taxef suctu . th woordn'tteheybe oax th stu wo'ty othane >>hy a somanyame of th oplen the >> ao cnyncil theme oareth allewiththbi cporaons, cigilhee ionsbi alth gros. wh cras, abo th sall ns bunessro wh y, tbo jobcreathon slngiu iss eric t guesobeaighgi in'tt theicmallusin seses at cdit bs igh thunit
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the ll stes? in ofs c urse c t i thhit isthe f st pcest w?ere of cse th s jos welet bk f pn w teck withhe jo e wtrepneur b t d w at isth hapning the eepur congssma sa wsapitng cisheai itngeoplma asa aai ct cd n'tno hat pl a a comg nex t ht om do yo teex i hu wchhe sate d teyo town th i w $44 sillie n th jo44 prliosal and, t, e veosamepralayl d, is vemeyl is -ame da he is sin we willegetdaeshis se thr gh.llt in sothe isb cncil is fhr. ino appee ance they cil talisdeste fay i e pe cey ey ialerimte ioluons was alyst, actlwhat i theim lus prentelastas jun al , if ttlathepresent and prtest theun minirati wer se tous est abt cndeatiobs he th nitier e scouny, ty w ldab li cen tti whatbseop h veth en un t wtellg li tthemver andat ovop hnd oer ll ag n: cemrcorpatedv txes, o imine the ag c rrpulatey moss twes, ha i thinehe coury rat mnd, s theha wa ith realou, ob acar
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e how nya tes do rl opleobar ha t w t sado i le >> aa t -memr jssa couil a i i gus ais wld embe j vesou a agait thgu. wbut at i v aith t ju iu gss. e atrney geral g.lapp wi atubpoeyasgel ov"fas d pp fewe wipotheise," avas d afwerhee, a deaf ir rror plis realed d seone restis the orplreed sne tihe ting. ti. fo fusn hanow en ned e mo depdabl midse caby jpoweand asso atesfowe gusto khaberlw n moepblds ca j weandthouts osothisesews? g krl anou oiss? haveo id whas go on. were o . veidhagon. we o whatas tt? th tolme is thmost depeableidsi sedat and t theyan bk in the lit e x.thol ithstpelesiednd ey binheit
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>>he spoen congfast and riouin >> th s gencostndmuggng ou opthatio g andttory geral hold gtinggglapd wi opio andorgel subp na.ld g ngd no eapwi latt. bp. no willm? >> t newat bpoe sll b ad but tew nts ecif inf matioe o b specic dutes fm pele i s if nfe whtie hoe andec d f pestic i on at ty didwhhor dndot sare ic nwithther tid ancie se thday'ersubpna ake fo aiell mmunatio senan y'bp areceedfo unomioen16 pusticeoffials
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ofs boerhepatr age mer ter ofbo antr ge e anteran murd aed. >>he subenas minghe drd aftethe u s. aorne>>genelubas arge twong dlleg teeerrists u athneryinneo geo asssina theeg udi rrbasstsor t ino e unedssnahe stat. i ss t hoer un sayhey at ti t the irian hovernnt aay eeyti hexica d g cael airn rny g ast is estiing e ca dca t aing of g th , antig arona ate tgf natothan , thra eubpoas com dn, day, to thpoom d buy, yterdu mystious t deptmenof y rd juste anthebi astd housland tcuriep busen stane ahond up riisus bp pot. b y qutionn theimin >>gut: w pl,. yo c qu on thqueson tintimi gu co wdyoe c es tincince it cld bemi w co tochan t cie t c heeline a get w tent n ofan of that i belve inhene aetriza sntof theft bgest iel in scdalshat izeracehe tis bst cotry,igg tansclst wceerga t and erco iy,ggbvi tsly ou wga ntioif our d i leviy in,that
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ugglg20 drils,onry y beev gl gfor $1,000rhey wld y pe eir $30rilli i1ustr00at y sk b w ptting thr n essar 30inheli itriddl aste b afinirs th nd dosag t of adl forgnteafs do gnity.of aor i d't it d kw, idon'now. at i fi ha k i tn' w.liev is th i yesrdayasfi tay teyha t ededo ustevtheis thesay gu. t twhy t fr nthsedogo?t e >>gut: tt i myu. oiny f pint shs i? gus t imyin pt fseral i inteigen fal oicer hat teenled th inian agedown e oer rotd tothprove i tangewn 00,0ro too thehilt and toov the twere ,0 cael mtobers eltnd invved. he inkrehe w leca mrs ruofnvd. thi k beg a wruhi codina dbea an carl thgco na sftinthe atttionar thf of sinettonfast a f riou" >> tstnk aou fnk. hoe rublins refouing t ck ay fromk. hoe rlief sog ndrahis me am pttin tasur oicia oinra theisot at a p inngreman tady ur oia tur unde the hea s ren y he.ur de t ea nexte
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4:23 pm
4:24 pm
>> hse rublins n satiied th 9ack answs on holyn ra,li n so, tind 9 fk idayhe arsw hoingnothyn heingo, f abayt tarankrt cohoany.gtheg wmaks ho reasaby t krficis wi gocony. rord ak ho out asat th ciwinewo rd aut t th sondraew d wn. a a publan sora oin m no w anda bl ll be at the harinin m nod bt idayth hin no the is a lo of oth brayking nohe news alo o butht slyndbr. ng yo wanto kwew mor buwhatidou spend to fyodan k o or frid ?at to f >>gut: wl,t o ilea oid usrom e e mail thgu we hve i ea o faomr reived ehatil he deertme hof trsuryfagave eeedt de mesdomot to reructreryhisve lo, no t om putoect thes loaxpanors be tnd pvateut vesthes wh werienpa o be pte this stwh we en ad onisttion andhi --. adston d
4:25 pm
-. >>o wh? >>est:hey tked >>ternwhly i >>t:yhe td admistra on, rnd fo isat t mi rae , yfoe oht n t to o n do ts. >>doo, u ar tking tbou the ar t adngtion loathat caoufte ehe oginal adonoaata $5te mlion ona lo? >>est:5exacy, a monlo >>t: ac escialer a t iden whe ey d es thealredi t anaensis,he it d wa earhe sdiyndr wasn natrous,e anitou cwa atchr d sdras offi alsouan stgglebetwn cwhatch d theynow wn tfiysookt aletw da at d he peyiticowpresre w ey t k aare saing wn d pic iesesto com to t whie sg wusalki t i towhithousom oicia and thi asng em to hkirry t d itakeus t oisiand los. w, te h neey ke t lo eee to koworeand e predentaidto tre is kmorere likehisd nd isrent isid tustsre s meon nes o iske t acuntalityor hf ae. on lliolostne >> t st actaty hay o iost tept ber, ptemr 30at o 00 p.ptr, the empart30nt o ergy phe
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rt o ey anound $4.7 bilon add aionaun eney loanand e ent t.7oil nddna pnewer whanhd immentatel tupon ceiv g the an o prrioro thwhmeeloanon iv e o begorthanecud, tey ldbe itsfcu t aothecomptsywhicno is ldin ahempic $1.isilli o tainayer 1. moliy. o isthat dtaer te dertme of ergymonow thiseal wougoat d do whe tde thmef provgyw ththlou loando he >>gut: ihon'tnow th ov thswerto an gu tha i't w tht yur queion ers ectly the ghtueshaon. is i ywherue wns end elyuphe en et es st.t etti ier t fedal gondrnmeinvoed i pgram likest thtiou tll eed gomevo ipith pam keh eh pitasmroni a this ta at i caoni con aessoth sp. th frars nd ia pcartyoons cogne thfede sl gvern ntth rannoted iavolv p iny gn th deansa gionsrnike ts. ot th ilvn osersansere t th theer fedal taxper yhe aed hexp cmitt and ype t frst qu ationis lynd c andttnd theecond t ftquon qution ndnd the iheon queion
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4:28 pm
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4:29 pm
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4:33 pm
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4:34 pm
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4:35 pm
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4:36 pm
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4:37 pm
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4:38 pm
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4:39 pm
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4:40 pm
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4:41 pm
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4:42 pm
4:43 pm
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4:44 pm
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4:45 pm
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4:46 pm
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4:47 pm
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4:48 pm
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4:49 pm
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4:50 pm
4:51 pm
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4:52 pm
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4:53 pm
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4:54 pm
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4:55 pm
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4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
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4:58 pm
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