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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 13, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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erthed doom "fa ande furis"nvesgati.omfand ri hanny stts rht nw. esti >>hepresenti nnst r ntenrs n llid>> lstighesti en id l he rod ro tae, a fit econicebate ofta th a sson fi s pos d onyat tof wthshin sonn postosndloomrg t w reinrt. t'sstlookt th hiligh. >>omhat wouyou doe. s okspecthical to hidgh th >>t ou palysiuino ecal wao ingt?th pasiwagt >> thin. prent bold pla to trowhisin prt ld la ecomy,hichows ecave y,tch-9-9 an othe ble.e -9 >> oe e. thi it is a cchy >> phra, inhi ftctshout it aas cthey pre af r razzain whe fi ouard it. >> t's me ernothpraf aamerheani d >>s dclarionthof er depeenceit's ti for d arenernindenden. pe >>ce'syou n't ttior t er untrin thderighen dir tion>> andu t shin ton t worif y tr don th ghhaveir ponside whond a le t or y it nsenson to ve pde sho we wile. t nsarmnso e uned s stese unilwieral becse arerm too un s s
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stup to il allancecthe b getre anoo othe upo y. i wnc thee l bdingt o aganst he ama car w he at'shy ias l theng oga fir mber a ofar 's c ingre the inoduc thatillir to erepeaof oba crenare.uc joiatnglmeto freaashgtonbae. wioir retok shston n ht'swi debe,et minnota cgresomaniche n 'sbachn. ebhow e y u? nn a>>rea cesanhe s w od to y b wah u. s >> t nt habeen sa bng thi w d inow ere re>> nha dieninctsans ahi rig now i rmancainw e i upnd t di roctey a isig up,ow but an ineryby o t iatpd ro is stp,eutould yb o t stld reabamare, at ast ords r sangsoma , eryb y woatd t rd lersa yboaxes l a degulesion,nd a moveulowarn, ener inpendce, vear ithard erto fd dtincon? in>> tndre, is a reatrd f diinct dn. nc? wh it mes ttoea obacarei ve diect wht s comtmento barehe acal rpealomofen bamare. ac memb twooverrs ohe ral age. mae. mb gowornorermit oomnee t ae. plann th waseryoor stilarne to a ob acaran th ashe sd hey wou sar suto iver ob
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arto tha t she pan.ou at's ver eriffent tn coressha p. auall y'ser repfeling t coss obam aare.ll gornorerryaid wouepng issunxecuve am oe.der. u cagotorryd iousue an sun excuutiv orde oand r.t ri o ca bi iehat x ivtake oderd riine-sth oft ke the o eric ecomy. uerst-sd and wuldof dersnd ahe mman ric ico. chi ust ndfromay wnedhat rsat a w an he i tohi isomeat ha w to he s repalhis ha thtocongssiol levl. anthiss eping bes ugh. th issngioev ging an bis v ryg eer h. ugh. 's gng t reire gg leersh v fr g tee whonderands le shislan ifromnderand frohehoerds an insi-out er d i unrorsta thatheeder govements invved siut unin ataosthaeer everveynt agcynvd at oma ca eragwill oca infiratell th sme i fite th s i isisn ery ate gornme. i t thbill ad i y eknowowto de at igome wei thllnly aihavene chae,ow desean i 201to gly rid ovehat. that whyan belve iould be 01 g thid str ogest at cahyidatel ildor presthenttrst becse us di acaat studthre est wee agond tecy
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sa uedi udre numeergo t nesa eoplhat opleren' hedum f jobpl at eati isleecaun' h f oob obacar it'sot t ti bisau oepead. i theestobandarat on th's t ste b ot. i eaders nd ii hetnd aninknowth st it ing i bers ione,'m tghanowit oughnd ihavehe cg mitmet toe,ake t hapn. as gh ive ninee am ctm n toke nterted ap bei as td u neem i n knoerd for ei fo yea in e whe thous u it wi benoor foean wheus b ines towieave morlike bes mded publan setorso wee ac allyorkerepe thisill. m d >> wblt do serswe youc mlykefpe isl. w hdoou m h topsturvs the pls he en? m awl typsrvthp, p h wn ? ou you rewl nw yo aveome ou down litu e bit nhermyo caisve srginme rght wn it w. miitt rmaiomne has sin p rttyt muc been mi able te wheneas pyucen t me.le t riwh peey u heomesn t.stro and riey h u goe hees don. hodo y throk pendle wl inrprethat h oe >> wl, i do thi thaho yh thpe w ediainreat wis i ienhihaonthia wh th iry do evy fo yarhh hichevfo ysch to
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chse t ndide. t th dates aro woerfu foch the t eoplid th abl desar twofu v theheandplates ndee whoblhey t v e. e i verpleandd wies the hoy detes. thi thehaveone ry i er ea wilchhe we des. hihegetvee ahe gimpse io thet so of ch a gps io canhedate i'm sof ecouring eryoan te tchi themhow nigho eurg yo to m wehiite.he w ghhave th11 poi monom planeore. ecoveryth andoiob om an eati. co thcan't ndit 1moreont. weeed ti milonsth ofn' jo 1 creeate ntnow. wed juils cofe frjo cte te un ed w. stesju capifrlhere ju tun st vod topire pau the fretrad voto reemts. pa is wl crtethouhendin of read jo in thenited tateem. th we wecrouinf jonnegoheatedte und te esid t gegeth bwesh. goedndantetoass id thgee b so.e coul seeobtess ceatith. wesoouldave do it ulour eears cti ag but weldeot wr s stsped elos andagt re. weot ne. wst d th'sos onedf re intswen m .anut ethhave so mchne re t ts m . wevehavesoo m a now tand have e . coitme and ve a nhow dow d fighve a i h e bnomend fhtin
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for ve n yeaw on e fr t gh a h b line i kn exaly w fatin tor doean fr on ay ne on asknxa wpresentofto thenitedo stat. >>etn mask ouonsesthis.hete at we e>> been c merinsk a ls. th occuwealleereet cin ptest lwe wilput upth vcueo inllet send. p stt i' look g at thiiltup vinnd se. i'okathi sang bm ba isuppting sa bbappng ncyelos i ppornghem. d i loongat y aos ipollhat or me om. in t ioonew rk gazi a all thetsay onhe t uned stes w wor tn zi ahey un ss or tn -qae, thapitism esn'workit'sot aeoingtho rknd i inkiitm n' okark's is ngishe predent i kiofhe uted ka atessuppos th e ople re dont tre? t's u seedyou espoth le he pele do t ? ha ng ss on teeu sewal hpe lkinarou ha stoplns, tdoin sal ugs inoupl th e w s thsts. loong oo at back a oba's mocric bk par en athe okba at cr ts? >>tar los li ae iat t >>andtgeoro haslieen behd i
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dorasn eh whfund m eon. g awh allnd the oganition is mearln.has athinll llth o ni on comn wi e te rlartys in whic was omrulywi gra ottety moveicnt.s thinthe esidt ha tolyra d ythi but ve. dtrac ine id froham hto terrle p dgramnd hiutgend dacro h and jorr pam creion rord.ndnd joren rd. 's dng distroly i t pos, dut wat idiorstroe's i t be a disterpoorthe ewer wh w ar iests atchgbe ur sw i toerghte ecauer all whar aossch eric speop 'stotaull housare ass icopou derwer.e l aos arica thecan' find job andrw. hhas n a a cahe son'tion ndi wa peoe toookobdt has n m job soeation tur roun waeolanto. k wean m obis. cn tu i tirounurd untwe an hawe do . itrett qu ck.tu iun thi ha i theottt woru usin hi cris sce treat iheor pres itcr s tat i 1in 4ids es.n t i 4spovey. ameran c d beer and thkve qui ly. er cod to ee yo nd we he t seethui. u ou ono yo the h mpai tee tail. ank u. ou >>ou wl.e ai tl. k th ks, wn.>> w comg upmoreighlhts d an ysisth, of.ast
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vgie tritn[ anc f a th itw v8al-fusitn smthie ve it cod'vead a8. v8ussmie cove a myame rob. i'a wi, i'a mo.. d cntixorkefor .mye ob i'itwis a i'dicamoon iouldake a sti smo cixker ita ca ildeatimo whi it ilt in sysm. [ale nouer i t alot witn suppyst, chti pro n [ toe elp uople quit moki .oitpp chro it todup the lege titsmokki soe pele h cha es ibehae or tok thnkinor d, sope h htili , ag atioa iha preed mthd aninsuical thhughtlior aagionsio rewhi m takang ic oraftethstophtng c antixns iak if ou nice ory ofteheseop cix st takg chtix d ca yo docr rit aw .if ne ofse st takl yochr dox or ca boutyony hoctoryrif deawessi tor oyoer do ntal ealtutprob hmsrydesi whch cld g wor whi takg chtix. o al ltob dot ta chaix i whyou' c had g serorus a ergi hiakchx. dotaha i u' ad skierreac aogi it youevel the skip taacng cntiit andee yr door rht ay ouel he so ca be sfe-ttaeate cng.ti nd y yodohave r his ary ohear orood ssel robsoems, cae -tte. teyol yove docisr if oou
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hare ne or d rse elmptoob.s, teyooc if ht me cal lp rneht ar ye to ifyou ve sptom of hearatta. use meutiol when rrivi a orpera ng mhineif.u som arta e io encomvin si efforts ra mclune naua, oub sleing md usisualffream luau mynspi tion or qubttinle gwe my ns. ualam mypion q inth y wewe my y ttle.heerg squ. [ ughs male nnouther ]we y lek yoer doc r ifuhant[ hs le rigou for ]ou. yoocifnt igor.
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w hamhireut t rede art c areegn amw morents te waretooll r mos you. a rmanain ptchehisl r9-9- plan u.ggre ivelanin re's phathe s sai en9-sked anout at h wou dreelo e th'st gridaick i ed wat ingt h andou dl th e thid iblowack. wa gt prendnt a boldthlan owk. gr rethis aolecony, wanch i her ispu myon w i 9-9 plaon t htabl and my stts wh thring-9la tut tbl nd curr t tacodestnd whr putg iin t rr taede 9-9 pn.ut >> it i a cchy 9 ph pse, fac i th>>ght t washe pri aft c yzza en iph, ac tht asirsrift har a i i 9-9 rsllass a h is no i the pricaftepizz 9 ssecau it as ino he be icte wzzl-stied aaut wellevel ed. be ithin wstd a her llel c.n is gvingin iveler aool c inhiss gng el-9-9 a plol of gingnsashgton new t-9 ploppounit to g gg mshey tonoughne tsale poit g tax can m tgh letrusouhat wiax ur n la ofxperusnceou w'tatwi ntinlly lave whingn thofere ilit to w tke fedom iny wngthway ito t f fromy freomlivi fr oplereviere?
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mitomne w le hitn al e? sis onhe itne wital sject sion sct romncare >ouhief ecomic admnsor,re en>>ubbaefhoco yocknowell,adr, heaid thabayoowl, hedomneareha w obamare. inee car abo w p opleam e. our lan n'tarbo perct. en hbards a ple ine rn t flow. llakeer. hookrdt h anequot f w. so peoee skhat hdust beotuse thso sayeo st sothint doest mebe it'e tru ifthay t pple maoachuintts esn't meket't,ru get t rid pe oahus it t ght wtheyet fvoridit o teeito t ey f rone. allgreeith trepe and e. rellace eedh i pro ipe putnd togeer a pl th sairee wh i of amroutgoin to ge alhaieple itwh of mth. in youlans t gog tpl doit . anytoung. an ao joing is tdo the aut r yt of. t bra a nexjog sheut of tra n rill call ll llit's assied."'s cole and si lo." isith us good
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le to e d yo bot lo >>hankis yoh ce tusbe h e. od >>o yoyot hat>>ecaunk it' theo t h >> rst tmaleaut'he t resilent th firs-- i ws in epode o si and e ha th rs i win afir ipe o d ha epide tw >> somhingafike ihat pi >> i htwen't ead yomt.nge >> iknow i doatt wa to in i for h yo't d >>ood y to ee iouow gdos. wao al orightyo you>>dgot oetwo g ronalunne hthere ight nu. is ht been upndoownon ne we justreht had niche hee bapmanwn on. strmanadhe cin, batn. an c, mney9-9- ey9- romncaredo y thi anydy sced pnts? thmnre yhiny sc ps? iber ricteakgain th the publan prty,nd th medigoeseralonicwithakin i e e bl do pt hay, anthnew iddis. es yoonth he ie to ivedo caha cretnorw id ttinyo o h a nw, bdoeare id. heet t in fra o of e n bddeba heon theraf e ecomy. ey we alba tlkin abo his y. wa ingt w isal bron i n't t inknowbohyispeop . wagts ouldroi t oveoweact aop bol new ea.ld d itve ctat pple e sponolngew o. . >> f atit any me p ine on stori >>thinatthny ericn peoe wod
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be or opeito sinappi thencom ic eo wox alogetr, i sbemspeike th mig s be pieheom mont. youalgree?et i >> s i doke thige age.o. ouand eee 9-9 i pon is blliag d hern-9ain. p'sis aad i t lat btia pol at cerenutn. anigh i t it'satol cascitingecau i gh 's resotes,t'sasyocingau i unrsta , in mesos, tsx,sy rpore, a nat nal lesun ta inx. t buherm cai andhis my orprob am wiatl st, whe he wasburmainds alle ed o itobwind thehe das analis, jussaid lehat ot he anysis s al u, corrust. id >>that youant m to saaniss i aee, uwasrr tot>>ly wt ng?out to >>sa no, a w, ntedimstoot def wdant? it>> o, >>he wed enomis th suortefnt hi in t>>s. >> ty emithsudo bt he dsn't hi h te t anctuaecon bisteon h d te't righ n h. >>e rferr anua toononet hte n he >>id rrro sayen enomi has. he brok it wn. wll he toaynsw estis emias abou okt is. w healtosw ti renu neoural. re's conrn ttalomere nel. 'son t coervavese caldntoy showco ova rasoalo sd, wt if ow9-9, oncea youpen soor wif to cons ptio9,eestound iomen tro whns if iotecom ie t4-144? whf
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om and th's n14ain'aul nd th'sth waingt's n flt. is in' mentul we hol thallwa gt instutio f. but i specntlly eweol lversfhe fe ralstiout gernmt ineche ty lest est mrselsince gnm ou couniny's t th'sotnc ouuns nd unreonabth concn onhe pt ofour calls an lisnersre ab here thenctheronhing pfrhat thin wasllanisrsade reheer reanglyt learast in as ght,hat rnedeiseaooki ar tstroer a t,t strger. r d h i shoking ushe ro abenets o hingtrr. honehis iho sbefo. neand o hg fees btter fond d beer out strefeth a a bervoic for r payever tim t i sere a m. >> thoicht h wr pa ve shaer imlast ise nit. i oughnewt>>ho h wwa veryha sh pst st i newghtwts alys srp. >>e'ssh a gpeat n. debewer. al s hi.numb s a>>s slo gyt creingeb. himb alo up. 's nreg .1,2%. n >> hsmprodis andi and 's a%.o haa h foroowinin threpuicanarty di but red apeophaare gaifoin th thpuanty lib al t ritiope o the e rty i th rty ibodeasti o hecoul't wch they eba asty ght d noas thiul we wavehe baeas. thiist t nopoinhathinewte e de ins.revis hi dates tt in alof tatseuyswt
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oninvi th dtagees tuld al tsepeanhge d obacarethey eauld l cu tos anthey ba reuldey d cu a endurdtosome anregueytionnd a d lp andrdme us beco eneguy inonpendt so awe have draticus conecontinstndsoith is vedmirastracon. absutel nt this h why queion,mihy dras. bs thelgop es is hyuen, d t se tothp be conttithit rney seo eben afr e chs hrisnteth ry enrsemt th wee e af thar ch yu foris iiting menemon th yoee sho >> whaare yfo iinandengere. yod thho tak are weoigh 's sde emionae. th ak rebut gh thk s imsna t misad sotimeforh dis inten we jt wao getis tightso me r>>thatisen j wwa --omebyetht at caed toy,and saii wave-oteby deded, d pecale tododaienot ded, bepeeve, pele s ithink beu are suorti hernpe s in d ankther sre no,su ttink yer are sportg ts aer s e. o, thext t0 yys e ioingo srt t para theen, w men dtht the ing ys a rahen,girl wn hed inne sse is gng ato rlmakehoev gs th in s n iinatn g stnger and ey ke arevgoin t gth nateedn t st wier d t bilaron dinlarsfed
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obamwi mon til b dthrors at hem rit? am >>on brotem ri >> soluly. d it i ieresng w lu .veri wal it i iesstre, wa reet w his riggesal bker d threwa a et w tistallnot es the br at athl. in f at thare tllt tchlheg t. a the's inhuge f thright ne or hlalotf ompe tionsthos ge w gh n isroing o gaert thepeosons w o thcampisgn dnglarsightnowga om wlhe seet o an thmp drshtwank w s t d wian erytng gng o withnk theccup wi wlstrt yt protters g o >> a whothheupetshe n winattrn inhe ot endrs i wi ahots tou othe n spat. in ind fewi gooabou oespomnenow but woulbefeoo pro to veoune w cain re esen ourt ul pay aroo in een nornee aywell a >> defitelon t ot. no e thinll in bauseef heelas tome outwithlan . in i ink t's bseooheeearlto tth an te. >>ou tcked k's us yourl trked te s!>> ted [lauter]us ull ytrd kn th'smy aub. r] i s su ose yknth ti ck -sue no t - bacno 200 it srudyand ac fr 00t sdyhompdn. >> anwesl fr crkmp >> anhowaansl
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an i c03. n>> awa th 100 iayss imrtan. >> n aody allyhot tem hth00 was ysheoot astim nanht nwhicy isly intrest tg. h >> oods poiot.t n guys goodicinst >>d toeeou.oi >>hank you .ysod tou. ongrulat>>nsnkou o yo segrat thrier. o my d heyod th. se >>e is goi to llri. y heth >>isoi . >>ond ill i taish e whe hoe on>>ll agan? i michle ionah wh t hoon ce. les jugasay ch i r t comen m ma le jube bldeycros t cuntr tenma s eral b aicanmerinsos t satheyre t ab cuttr t jum sal a anri onard t caisaey traab. t were gng tuml yo w.ond td wairare we li grals tyo atckin w herm w cin?lilsatin rm thatext c? att
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m, cck ts ou go gra , bi . c t our inranccompy don't ve athinliket. gorabi inncmpdot maific at, iin't ike wima proicessi i i 's ey tooverll ofour vori rid. wirosi prress eeto erhatruc insuofnce?r riid mberprne isstruc haand uctorcsule.e? thaa goer car i ucd rc .p. walsoovervs ats,tvs. hagoar wsoer s,s. ythi0els i n he youith? can take rid yoneed tict -- hilsi he oui'h?firs and at'sy thn watekeslidid yoedic-- okayno(r ningi'rs ohdear d 'sthteid save n alayyour(ridesng ohnow,arhat' progssiv vealures w,ll ot'clicogtodaiv oicda
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>> n a srt te aga boshelnew ll relsed at n s tag cod boelw el drad ticayhang cohe ra forrahecang replica raor minaon. rmanain isnow eep ca ontrner, na. g rnerang 27nofsw thprimy tr vr,e. now gater27 is thim v w s a 22oint suein er a mth. t roey22ntsu econ wi a m. ro 23 ri on pry wi a thi pla 23 fini. ri anif y are p won ringhi whela herm ni an yre cais newonoundnghe rm ppor came fm, notaieewnd rck error me foppe22 potnts sce aus r anas cn rrreso top o pe ps s ae rep licaan c rield t oibels ep ca eldircnghebe won in
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atte t to knorc him bac d wn n anthat inc dete cor tllest.noim ac ta a ok a t ds. an>> watt doouncoraket.f ta hat a rman tain id? w do e didt anncknoedge ? tt rism idistsbut saidyounoge t rm ow d sn'ttst attethatidu mu. thatmoref i s dbou'ttteatu. attualre wrkin har isou al a m winginar oprtunies ppenfor yo aself m g>> ell,opun os e,en blaeoplhaver beyolf wor ngl, ola hrd fplveecad. i beinkore nes t get h off f thead i k syolicnerack pi t andet ff acowlehee thvidee is syic ck pierwhming nd>> ackaclethde pips here wa whng rea ion.k anip rewa terfic wook,ean. muzzd, t asslt oerc whonek, zzbate tfox wsss one polical te x analtuanolal w liamalisack. nod t see you wam >> tnkk. you t ee>>ound s try aut wt ppenou cbs- s a >> w r. en it absost yea >lmo a ye. ri t intthe ont er at ea >>he bk o ai taed aute how weriine adt do b sh tha n ht.ta a didn sayownythweg toou a owe shha n. wdneay tathto a w --aalki offhe
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12:26 am
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12:27 am
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12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
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12:31 am
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12:36 am
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12:37 am
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12:38 am
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12:39 am
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12:40 am
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12:41 am
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12:42 am
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12:43 am
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12:47 am
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12:48 am
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12:49 am
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12:50 am
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12:51 am
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12:52 am
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12:53 am
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12:55 am
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12:56 am
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12:57 am
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12:58 am
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12:59 am
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