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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 13, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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iner tt reot arr ailaooe tat wl hlp t ar la t whiev h an outme re tt woul beenef ial evr thnut wo d. t >> ulefl th ok. weow swom to >> ilan wi ok th jobwe sto e bl in theanwienat failthob yesteday,o n b wheinhe areatil w in sty, nhereherest bs w ill nd wh wou youiketo seeeinges lldone d>> whououe theee seneng nereje ed t esidt's b blheenon aje t birtis ids bsis. wh the arejeed w the biis deas. whheje whe th we have to tax t peoe pectothreawe js in h t ax amera. teo if we re rlly cta j sinriouabou er ifwe reatiy jobinur cntry seouou veo tatiob al cry o actn. hoae reblics h d, o pla foctamer a'sobhoreic h o catets we oulained ack er mays we'vbeen wrkin cetwen ou itedllk yearay and 'vanklen wha we weintryi nit d is tar fin d klha come nrouyi with t ds t ainminirati. i omn't npecthe pouside to th t age wi evythi a thaniti i ist ct pdeo i ouraglanwi.vhi ha an fraly, don' i r agr witan an everhing thra's, in hisn' pn.grit but at er thngamerhanpeop isexpe of p t t wo togher ther
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toop peindf somcomm gund.woog r we ato tingnda bommmstep gd. tday. re a tg b paingep ty. he tee fe tradagreentsf th bee a ghere t f adretsor thmeee timere ttin dowown. r e pridensentmehem er nineays ingo. ow n.we a tak gpren acnton tm ay i bothhe usenes ando.the aak scnate t i free radethgreents e wndhe lumb ste eedepanaees wnd sth koremb a steinna t sightdire ion re eree hate t aeeme. wh it htmes rehingn ke eha afrasmeuctu speing,whheret s s a yngfor toindommo grasnd.tu pe g,ere ree aumbe a r of oerndmo gr. e abe sueshatre ming oroug es te coresshere mheg ug predent ancongss din ft a ss re yourentalk out comonanng d f a. ouroun k toda the tesidt sa om methg toun ldainoe idsa oup at th dito't sndikeou we on thsame lno ag p saithedi skeudie we,onhe thme latgno aie oup,iehe nee tir hpat remiing mberof conp,essee o t hheyork mig eronfor.s it oundmore likeyk ere' a li in e sar.lmo tndreik e' declatio oflin arsa ifmoou a not th lokin or aclommoio grnd. if a and n urt p ldgein t amecamo th wegrutli.d a ostnd a pe ye t ago theve ome theli the atastye
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o he o elecon one hehestcommment mece wane tlist to the mm nteric peole nd fol mwwa e le t ostohethe eric iceo peoe. trolt mewe leare ntinng toe stenico themerineo eopltrme dthe e ericino en pople ahe rin teing pl he's wt yo neede ic to ple a tedo.g eop wyoedthe regtoator slaut ming.ut ofeeg worshinon au t fix is tngode so t wt in amican mpanx s ca tde be mreso t am an mpetanive ca ae m rldwe econy, a th dly,ete op t dw on a ovspenng tthty, tervi as a t blovketen tt oveour onom visos wa arebltorki onver om he mn wre plks okiournlan to he mob pl oeaterrs ben t catean tobs. aree tebeooki t f cte coon gund . th t preredent wekiare f heo gd tlegireatinnt weareorkg.e h thpresent giin oerk th es t campgnin mayb ohe oht tsit wn wh ngre , mempers in both yb o rtieto s tt wf wcan' remes fthd mo comien s grnd in wn' f moomrn whh -- toachiethe al tat the amerwhan p--ple nt uhere hi ace eve. t whenshe t las er pe ure ti you ad aonveacatioe.withhe prenidenwher t youas ta abotiou
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coon gaund?veioth pr en gooerouabo co gd?uestn. i n'too kn. werealstaven betr wei adt onkn wealonveatioi thk sinenetwe laron daut itveiotheeninsevel molahs sce wveahad t reaen sit-vewn a cncemo s wto tad boutea w we t- a ceove ea couryut fward geth .we >> iseemto metha mbe one ou youught frd toth iakeem mha m phee caou to htetother and sy lekes geh tethecaasko looeror tnds sle co onge grod. toeshet wok thaoo wa t co irosoun lese hewohawa t b y i un mpaiingto g l ahe ho h? t b >> s you c't ai regh g him a ho >> thi hit's a ood sou c suggtionreim >> hi>> wtcomm gro'sd dooud thin you ggve wonh th w mmpresroent?do minanu wth rt tough this hat est? sor mf gen in tgh is t rms commorrou on e g jo bilin >> s mmhinkelreaoun alkjo il abou s>>eral tingsnk theatrad ll, rtlk ou sal hi tgs thad ag da, , rt of ohigend d mong tse bls tagough, he of coress ooday >> y lke tndt's mo t corct b b tgh co thss traay b l ha y't l tseen vingor b wth litninthspeera bha i termofn ngnthu wasm omhe i whine hoeee. >>o, b it is parrmofhu tm ir overwhlho >> b jobt sar t acka . er anit iartf oob js ka
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os re thit.s we do hy fac'tgree oo sesfion if we n'thiweo acee rkse gethif to t the do.e t >> ihink thas here- wh tho thdo th sena bil inkha faedyestdayre wh and e priden sailet'thnailasty d lopr at enait' piemea i tughthat s a vloctort for e reblics bpiauseea w ere t htu at ee, au wi get vorr tt. wh e yoreic bse we di gree a, wiwi whaet the t pr idenwhyodi waees, tt'swihahe appa ntlyotpren ing t hapna ts paoksly tratgical thayou tapgot e beer e othat s one >> iats nal aboha aut be e ovicty foatne i th ndemoboats or the rectblicfos. youthrmosposion.or he doi the reic rht ousi. oihe tng f rhe amicaneopl they knoe ha t f d agreentsam an plt th exp teys tworknoha geth ando fi drereats thxp whte trk an thndat lfisteaagre tak awh st in e rit dictioand en bin lreoak lk for aothe stplacn riediio cd b aee fi l comfon ahe grou , anac mo. >> c wl,ou abothfiom ouan aeemo >> o w certnth x ts i t a pridens bi o rtrigh cert n ar is there herere pren tabi cu? yoghagre on rtthatar >> isomerere tacu yore aas, yeat ime >> tt's wer the's s ae s,ye coon gund re butherehe ca tts se w aheepub scan co
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gagred entut re the case pesid at'subn venure strce heo pid fsancehose nux cu sce whi, ofcour, he fcese ta ing cuout ehiofur theing he s taing tag t aeut $0,00 t g de upnd thtagemocts i the a $ 00 nate ere ayinupoc s irchae heill nairte. e soin y aree tax shauts, but t onll souire so y afe axs,ut on revue.ou thadoest loike rticarlystroev. haositesn foloe iclyroitfo thpresent. >> ion'telie tha raing thest. tas i'tie thha weaai enomy mak any tanse s thll.ea t e houmyak y e a mmberrom. t theou a mocr de merm intducethehe pridens obcr bilat tnt ce epresent' requprt.en buil th te's est'otqu nebuemoctths co-snsorn touse oc>> not on >>ot o o -sor t tisse billot notonone, othe>> th o o t pson o fid thlle ill.t e, ey hhee nh pn co-onsofi as thl. he en n oflast wk. hat o-usos ee he enfstis w that h it notus therepuicanha o reit iotisagemenhewithhepuan priden so so-lledobs plaagenth it a birtisprens o-oup.ed s lau sa theoten t sitnatebiis
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the me way p. saesteheay. te whe tou stealk out e taxay'mte. cuheous,nd i notk tskiax y to cus, ioti eorseerma y esema ca 9-9 but heraan-9 t erppete inhe hoe todoometnget dinmati with he thoto cod, toet art oer d ti an dthrede tgn iodto t o >>e be evean bode on ipersal inme >>bee abo bunessn inmers in t top x abu rass oug tbe 2n and t at's p uraug 2nd 'soal. at ware gogo do i lo l. at w theeoo cditslo a othe cthints athataveeen bui int t co forpecic grpsin at ofeenuint t peop rcoorin sciegrof cas vy sml oups op ybene s peon ordas to v bsmng tse psax raes rd escialo ohe b bines tside rawhic di tink is esal -abl bhereesn e shdet icrm. t kats uld blmakeren shur onomy . re dker om coetite. ma amecan oduc mo wouma givmeus an advaucage termmoof getng me pele ete. ou ivck t ao wvak.e >>rm bui'met mpe ciousheth t w the's >> apetibum do custh th
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sos thin ati realy splisc raer th th so pinside's ea coissi sailast ye sis rathers soththinh pde cosiaiste le 33 ersoin or 00ooples a l33omeeopl r pa less taxoprates ame apl passax warente ffetays 1%, m aaxate ar hier, et lst ofthe arica 1 me ar igh . hi , it's lofhe acaery ar colicad tagh 's codery oplean'tvencocatado tir nde lecks't anynre. >> is tvery omplated sndny . over itheas tenry plars edere ve ereen bn 5,0 chges ts e tax ce. b5,chs t ose 000 han s i'x c su opleeren comgnnd e 0ani' lobbng au sayleenom heyg is my bbtaxe a i thaykey cling eoophesy angett g ri ofxe a ot oh th cl g credes anpheduc ons,anttriith at y oth canring edhe ranesucs, doh sim yify eancodengnd r woul ve adoimy orede e ecti taxul co, asell. re etiax coasl. simify,lose oophesbut t dmatillyim oy,rhauseph it t d sethi dtisoy o simauisti andit thro it shiutimtindgain ro-9- causherm caihas tt in outher >> iyo9- hve a cln usrmai s eett of
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ouyabler you i h acancl otf sethi blou ve mplen go t a ft x, a sairhi tave lego t f a-9-9 a ifrou he ata cle eet per b we-9 dn'tif he h a aleanheetlef per.t we pave bwe dntxistg h t odeaanndet r. ing at iweme suestinst te king g isutiit splerfair and ng flters wat is serirnd do-le i fl r is p witics ntex >> o-d ieepi in md, o cour pic ex c eatipiobs?n m >> oot t ur hve a me ctis? mpet>>ive tonomif ware h a mgointo crte js. et>>e om we oka in sore u itcng tocr j pay mo inka so tcaxe to justlikeaymo llioire rrenxe buffst? ke we, yo arein lu ioe en a n bil ff we yo soureuako nilsena r joou une abo tko c yoifnajo easi . e bo heoins us t goodveni . yo >>oodven g. si >> yountrohecenss aodewni bill>> d to cald then uffe>> ruou?ro >>ight a >>llnd? alth >>fehat 'sru dsign to>>ht d>>nd? e priden >>t coi dd thgno d bfet pr ruen, thhra, boith bt bsicaruythrab for opleho d'tthinthey are pang e bugh ca txes to r le d in giey thean o ortu ty pea eh re i ttheys ntto to gihe otu p iey o t hp g
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down t dera dbt. h g ould e awn t spial netem raere d.hey n ldaspl mesiate rtai e amoty heycan pain si e addional ai tamos. ey wenhinkhat'apa btter dial taproa thawenkt' txes ber sal oaha buness lik tthe sesidt wa ss to do. bussike id ifwaeopto fee ilty weav ao. t ifopee of tye a lmouse libals oof perhs th lks tusyaren taki enohibns t ks,rhth ten kinohhis gis th a cnce ts, t do th. >>s giobvithsly cedothweakg waen ffet >> hvipaidy 17% i lkedakwa itup day. >> yet hidid.7% t he ld std pele y. n h y inco. catory ght t payhe spe mo. h the ar coaty t tay otrs w havsaid e sa thi somohis ithar a y of allinot the wavid tsa dhisos ihat.a of ll >>hedon' tbegrge ht. scess but s >> n won'hgr h i$50 llio so e sn ifss e t nwo gav i0 io eifway 9 biion wou stiave aay bi n oulliotiire. te'soing oka ioe. i d't tnk iwoulhurts d itouldngka g a lgayso d tdres i somulrtof t nitionald debt gssue lwegare alinysgoith esght omw. t nna o i btuee in thk heh d get
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taked i litt bithhe ge ted tt i ink itu haun tht. no i k ha mrherm . norrm cnhas 9-9 tapropal. c it'ssimp and-9 taop st.ightrwar and t'at mpresondtes th t amecan stht pearle.d wou didou t l some ls ed it t me n>> m ouid t 's 9 lyear ol liveit in m alld. tn, 5 peo e 9n soarhol vekotaand n l inke t 5eoso inds ta d thatort ofpprch konct pealg, a i t nkds at atotofof pr erics d nc >> the al a job t pn aail th sena laic d nigh heob nhat? p l>> ihinkth naaightowgh he taed n abt brt?kingtp d do ignk itnht smaertaiece abbrngp do obousl youmaceegme wh spkerobsl ou baier, talkme w sp arut so of he tngs ai wan, o lk do a sof rea tngs an bsdoea were wlingo wo wit t present thin we hin wng wiwo creite t est bs one ine psed thenin wi theree use d e pd he sete.he it ooke dhe predent thsesand. ys t getitok toapitrenthnd till etd to us tone ditsto a n. were rldy a wil ngtotos wk wi d th ademoats tngs thatrewe r aodil f w wi o smthl mos
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buness tgsndob at cre etor f bu oi thsmk in ditibu tosshat, you ardreor m ta buoutthin xtiot, refou , thd's methg we areta t tereed in. fo thfordle thwe ergy are re mororiun. rd r ulatgyns a smethg th isoriu srang ng sll bsinees r anatthei sth thilitto creise sng jo s. b thnee are anlei eleitnts threk ou t toejo th prt o ae obsles lan. h eresiount'stolan s n p a o bsseriseffo. n. th present'siplan'sasn a n polirical sployfo that morthes t' anout hi ajob thaliit il oy abt at joor tohe arica peote. hi >>bnow u charact iize atab joo bu aicaeo thi he>> in thendw cct loe s onhisne. bu thihi he oughehe wn ing he toake loont he hi e congghss w wn't ing gythi .toe lk ke bu he ubm sng wist g hi biwith seral piec andbuuts eme bm thgs i ititth atselecndres th i tappeing the rpublans an some on thepeontrg tshe rbls wnts. an pacge meonhetrt ws. totheropinac it wld gassend atoobserin w bu nowes says . piemeal bu anallow tay thgs paieedal anl pieceal ehing t theth pa publans ntedn thfirs ec l placnghe bls edthrsand you acwarrt gog vote forwhathedouemocts wt rrgo so ow y
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rtepubloranatoc ge w wh theysowant y rwronbl >> wel. h >> s ey at wt ntppen . on whathe esid t trd to w do>>he tri wo en ha doe idtrto gdori coreheive ollsith ts ofdo lls a wstle co hetse f nesh fendi an s a wleassi ne dian dtnd we sasi thas nothe y to crteobs. d w if w h bressahanoe t oo crnd s. suits cer inifhing hre th o ere sus iserngh bartin suort r, and hinetheris e btisu st me d iner ingsiparsan ppor for we wil sworkwithim o tse gsthinar. n or >>orhe ft he ame tnd sild rk heantsth o too i t piinemea and >> fe thhegs te at s a hets applingto i itheead repthlica t und the appng sete bi are e thepca tandhe cut not see this thbiretheneteta ut reve e. t sot ses tohieth he'ne gog to vego s aightoso hseto pace'ge the mao h ve madtoa lile sgh h bit ac th amaactil m hstakadlin. >> i'mt ot re a whti m exaktly ey we th kingn th>>'mut t en ywh se axy wpropthal ungth to tpito yse a llnd y havasop u hard ofto t meto geing demrats yavmbre i as rd haf botin t getheg hemsets br is andthehaot nate en yoe h hav prosal thnd's e pr ty mteh ou of tepyoithav whe r thialh pr mou mfst aeprica th are. >> a whhiuestn, pbabl m no adyca
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e. kns bu you, ahey kow yst are p bl noom sthakot knbu au,ey th kno k yre s ere'otno eelop a tea and hthersno a rur th e' e popkersayeand ellier sto at thend thruth p yers. aryou ing litotthuyd athhar ye >> rlly?ar u g areouoingo be a aar owr? >> ry? oulrelove to ng bei ha aeen faw >> sin i wulveo haabou6 yesold. n fa peoein w probly ouyed. eoidn' kw yorowerey a pkeran. >> nn' k opulyore an soh pr. d ota n cause mst sthul daka ppleso ar dea str keus m sak peein ns.artr but cer foallin . te soh t kota ceams o thal u t fsor behg re. tha tamsou. >> what suld thenite s ftesbe . doit ha iru. or w sdryihete ss t do r sassate eyi idian t arabssne ia amssad on o soab? jo huneds n is ameread n ohe's xt. sod jo buns is delopmts ire t's "fas and. buris"depm i sndal t isas attdney don'knowricri lderlayi it sraigal or i tt y n'owcoveng er iyit ig ?r i attoey ener hasveeen seed i with a bpoe to ferasne dcume s. th ngremana oe f is'sommi deeme resuedn thsubpna a he es onisthemieco.
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edthbp ae oneco pl pl.4 llio d is thks tothe xpay4 s, siot o i th t e lynd. anyou n't e wh the illay s o f y jst ha nd toanu ayt wh it.hel that comg up f y jha o so vehlesacrice lt.ury o im roveatuel omficupncy. soehesri lry imvel cy. b thjeeprandheree us aancetecholog bhepndr u acechog ke e qura-lt ir sspenon at wers he ve iclqu -l at hhwa spee s en rs vo imclove erod amic h wa ee an delier ime a odore ican 5 mi an li d vin rang a e 5i dinng yocan ise ur andas whi lowingour youel n nsume ion.r da hiowngr ♪l umn. ♪ thers on e bole lt ! ve g to ll sie ! eron bo l! the ndinmache onlm is a gost o pty. s ! e inm oncht, bons. at y. w poon b sorr! po were on r buness rr we o buss t's routgreg toresn
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gring sinees u maine--macne t hnols y utegtosn grg ne u mae- acfr t verolon w eles sie frer w es e ndg maine. ale ady lled ndmae. co bik aly causedthe sine withhe bt tenoloules coik use neth btelo es u cod sa a bdle th ico'multpoli disunt. cosa be o'ltliist. geic savg pele mey o mo thajustar iuran.icavpe m o mohast i an ♪♪ ♪♪ geic savg pele mey o mo thajustar iuran.icavpe m o mohast ian
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>> polical sunne hern ca jus >>olal jumd ahd sne of ertn caus a nepoll pu chin of top mn th ne ll pu%. c o th's fr pots aadp o th go frnorpoit aomne o who dps togo or 23 dne gornorho drick erry as gonow oroppetock 16%ftereadiry the pac w pe is res6%nyterng bdi eac rrtai d joyt hun bman ins . go rnin sai. si e yojoare unrt on ths rac go i'min s urio yousiryoe o rlectn on th new aboac m tioou rcton nthewbo po t ere n gv mi romypo h e slied g mihindomermacain >> is hlionoroe wh nd i we ome thelate rouorf w formion. y ere' a wee phell ateouhour rmn. seval e' a y ateastand ey p a eurllev a atstd sayi us ffert thgs a i thk th re ayis erth a ththonseical we'vhad manas a fr or fiseal f ontr'vnersd anin man for mohs afi youill ntin ftrrso sethe raan mo a eoulve.l in t it imptanto lk at seee rarly pimar ste ee. ofew itmpnt l at mpshe. th 's wyre t p leaarng s dicafrs wl behe mshst th w
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1:35 am
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1:36 am
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1:37 am
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1:38 am
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1:44 am
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1:45 am
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1:46 am
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1:47 am
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1:53 am
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1:54 am
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1:57 am
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1:58 am
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