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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 13, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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le dorcawn t occupy ll seet hrr ommunit rve. d weave n lea it rcghty s t teemm it for he f ivt night.we e eathani foratch g, htvery dy. we'l ser yo f vomorrowg. anorch er y♪y.♪ 'lseo oow ♪ >>welce tored e." m gr gutld, ganir anspokman r oupy >>lctod "rian grut, ni parkansok mn enosym. it isri aan gatheng frkm. m is g taplac f 4:0 a t mo wn. ta ac f if a:0 yan a enoug t tooi . th elusi aro yan eno oblyret. th esi y tv's a ndoblevystit.l ou fe erin's and ovysgti le ou giant b l.fein a l lling i t a ay an bl. awesome,t e ing t ese,te five"rea an whoiv is comrein upn tonit'show? an tha is, g ni s niw?ght wl rea e achah a g ery mail t ea e a relead t y ilel t lindracaal topss .
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nd just kidcadial. t theyaven beethi furious st sie thid lood int mieyrroreneei fio ey resith encooou irang wal lmior street p testeys to ireignc ng vi wenceall d mrek pst t iig viceuffalo w ver m k at i says weho jufnlo vethe otes to et iaysu j dnnity e es bao . thin suays dni dignityik eba inig ty ng o aole car. ri mark? atev o theellol you c ne s.. ri ar d are y rea f evobhetlou n s. ta rie ar yea ft ta ie th nfls surprisgl n th relyfl oveshelmgly spr nsupptseplicans ove rely o demoats.lmy and wilpptell youepliwhica o ort s upmorts.s d il dllocytsvenhi thtgh it s i technical ntsve n nsided a rtth. i i bil tl'ecsic apantisnd nsid art in ctain n yk ill's a neighborods ter:00nd a.m. cinhanknouk andrea. igors r0 a. nk ou loo ak freorwao y analis inhis bck .oo fwa y al ihis l'scome our guest > e isuter tconme 0ur srfs gst isimpaerir on e hnd o f a srf icor wh amurf pairn h o a or amurf osi
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it medal memorsi a ndit shedal write ms o ery year. a >>ha isot rushri >> a o he easry o yne or.he te >> ha sd orgina a irunnovative ae o o t orthinnakers a iovnive comedy. t rointtrsop won bencored a w wes, so we havero jtt woneor detoa we s o w anehe l hes ery d as i is deisast, and it anould l e d be a s its bi s chz. s as nd d ht eld ismoo ther tbe n aitbi ch bez.preamade o d elic hioe ismooer a be ea chdeol oe sup dic sibingnexto mchol s uptt nex to msing ixts m rick even ex m isick - r icken leventhl. d ounew rk "w york ti ls"en reousponw dent ".w rk tod in e scnce sectn, trey pronfile rearch s whod havn sce consctucte tthe prcienle rechwhav nonste of e een blackdea no f plingicro. th nowlaopeck bringea it bac pl lificto sody w hatthadowe i bng bso dacdl if sdy wad d ll notng col -- wel l notol nothin cplety awl cold w me o that. doth anyinon c knowetawco i oanha l dony
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ali kve at itha pntan ld ab ovli me? i i aeel le ani a h lse ove? teg. i at i lnot e a a n e. it pih is rl! pim is r - p >>ch is rl. shoul de>> g i to war aerulde t war aer amssad? an allamedooad contact a ll oo mecanta dru ctel to ssamessinneruhelombasdor the s. an d a alsino psiheasr plotted e atanck t slsaudi a pndsrlolied basss inatc. tdi nohehitesr houli pns to ss in c.usehoharges t o bolhehiteouhe ev l obbyeghorg t bolrap out o tt evby upid cntry. ra noseuteallt re ivice psint bidntry re tingseo thll bar i ce sche.nt b it rength bar herica t importat th w uni t wld in trica ior isolion andeali ngitthh t w i the ioln anndli th 'sehe mosan --ha the sure stthay'sos b abl to -etha t sult re a to he's a emlt d bide ss a actionem again
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d irande sould go aionga beyonan io anou ld gand odedhat, quotee areey ionooing t hered yed.hauoe a cretoiy oftaterelion. also etofte wgh so in. > ts kd recklesct i tsd kl unrmin iertial un nin d t ierntional systeal nan must bel d t aounabonlys foits a mnsus. belab fos ns >>hi iran w shocked athe llatnshira wnithwhe scked spea keratf rlatntnsaying, w h quot themeca aeactedke unprayesg,onal otheca a tedir chprild esshal play. t ir ey wan d oiv aenon py. ait t heir wn danesoiv oble. tires if alemecans are cab ttinus wh thir f ts amens a eap of slappin g tinm. wth fts olapp t wela tmwod beo rd tt th cou no l ge wrela holdmheireadswobep.o tthouoge wou ldldirhadsze we dp.o not wa confronoutaon a wzee w dot want wa intectn.onon want te all rht sppghene hiyou. l htspeang o sgn who c
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ea o foet kty vsusairates w fo drai 9? dr 9? >> tt isuch methoror >>r eno. tish m visie forces eno slapping asit fs em helesy. s pp >>g warm h ai aelesy. regulatns ar>> smndin heg katittens. sin >> fur k bteal. jus b fur myone. b. >>ou c im tbe ausew bs guy m we don'tavee.uchroof of>> c t a ew th g. at d you ke owethis'te mess? of o is i trthange thi . du o is >>eesll no how iell trge t ncti.s wo. >>e llthat a spnow the rig di ctiotiwo at s esnhehi rsig m ndinlio main j his mn j god --nly d gnagod wi notenvgoed--y dnaod? wi>> iot d't knvw.ed whdidn we jt aest?im? i kw. whdnetesim
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>> t untold sryeres yo can fid a t good hmantnders ym yoe. ani th arell uer hma - thre u unrcov cops. >>r us car-al m unovop this i a>> cusluarei m is a cei pn. oun. thi ira would do th o iou t t is me wdyldlse th o i making itmeoodyklse ki loo iran. >> fite pa of iran. den got>> sentutoitale pa f abt it nent it ial abitlm as f i said, part of yr jlm and a sef sd, thght the m t rtofr nd tleasish cethrit he m sai if that appe tlash ri ntou o alk aaiut pe 1k3* somodys le, oual know 1kha tomhiy t lt you thou tow would ner tt yappen, i ouould ner aphappn,. >>hy aexic dgarl? pp wh>> aic dranarave too a th ewhay overa thereav? o >>oming outth.eve tre? >>ng ut
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wh. i fir heardrani we p longwhoil i s faudis, hrd ini ou ght,weld p itossiilbl s bdi a win w t, iinossi suaon a w til hrd ty were dng itn th unid sons. l rd te itthni s i tnkhat oma wld i i nch th with aro w ldack. byrone mncthviit p aresiront den.k. by mvi p n. it is ver e ca- cadi tes r ca smugglers.- u ner g ocaough o tnef s gg rsem.. d yoknowow mh y ou cneg ou ot inne ofthe trees. . yo ow her mis t y thi tha blowinmy m od.ere o ofhe ranian er t phiteha ow m t exas ofheraan used caralma tas this hse roc cour orld vi o tex as is car s res ld n, ight?vi oexar ses n,ig? >> viewashey w horee vnd the lase w vittl. ho t thhe's lll i tughtut it em. th's dot dersnd t mote. . what do ty hope o g fromrs t m th? at i do tt kn if ho g irom s om ody? nedokn rf og b nnef sty ma s sen r wh mak n sen ift le ma sen e wordwhaken c lldh.
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they use ortdhr sarat cldh. ey sar time am gng t respo to you wor youtinderstan g tes t you oroundan goooo,a, oo,oo drs >> f sse of hum. the gurshad a great sen ff sse o hu.r. i c't bthievegud a gatenf a mhur. re ceing bith vell a ion't beeve cspac a ng h all. a iont bee spac l. >> this pesonryin t cr an a ssas ts nation on ry t belf othe publan cr gud.n aas ti nt w wldbe t oe epblublica gu guarneed t go o w w here?epubca uldn thegued he? dnheav sasnatethis guy >> iyou it near washsgtonted.c.isnd tuyau i u tis kled the nr natn' s shon c.pita t the itauoo bad for kd he nthe s. clden taatehevet mooe bador e ti-amerildnen senemente >> t islso a act o f-a warri.ennt >> tsoct oar. its. it ianiveght warith t unit sta is, sdis.rabi iniv and arrael. t itta sdibi
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>> ahe m d icanel drug cael. ahe m an truheygereoiuc h goocadl work b ore ey w e iolvey e in tois me.uchood wo be wive tme haveou t conspirys th thimighbe a av ton thhigh distractn. evenran aid was di ctio aga st tstct enn amd ican wprin diioga t >> weraman tinhey slap bses? >> l ehe w slap thts.lap b >>se havs?e never n s>>lappedehela p by as. ini .>>av ner >> havneve s sppee seo a win figh by.etur ng a>>avve s nch th alap. n gh byur a keh t ahap. tyon go down. >> i a trouble dy tis on go owcausi dot kn wha to i ma t of ub andledon k wusdoknha o at tma df nd ift i iran ww mt stle d if i ira vionlently.ttl >> h e i s myiont pbl.. am purteedhen y re h mybl . oued. p te weave mix y hree. >> fm a ts to prostwee x he. >>mts t o arroeyoo mk to takeall ar stre?oo ek was tngtopostake st d eastost lban dif that'sis r anif nameried toha oupyheis w rl
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mestriet pedrotesto and mayavupe ahe mbs plroblem st pstnday a ue sd p a groem ted to sh dowthe a oroficbu tnged o withnly few dozenshoweoee.icng w? thy ew den ll, he pe.rost organizs suggeste , pro o panhis a o t sute buonon t plehitor.a buonleto is s o a engthy debate is s acthyivts ce the d at emicrho to a uehe pro asct c e an t consf crhoole avauehero s srup con. e rerteroes toay il he occupyi up. reoverems eno s eig oorupat memenovem it has n eig iorgnteden ath i remb nga n ied pulth re mb belln addingulhere t pellleain elseere theheountry t protters re sgepestin see he stnter tac cs t haot prsus sngin thleva to bstut ts l tac tha p thisuy il.a. leva b l is ia. >> no, my fends. n fds. fundentatranormaon
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ndtaanma. >>h, you uerood tt.. so>>s vioh,le ye u answeoor? t sos ve awer? th disss i themoun of power that th iss be i scbe dheun to t perea be party memt, is that tn rt bausehey re s n rty i tt b asesy s eing sotti ng tentlly it as poteiallviole. ey w e se a nty at nnrul teb.llle wse nr we canee t he o reblic conesen wean noheci o the oupy w re icon reeteneopl as anng ryobcihe up wd som eh d geetrouspl tso ne ry obcotry. dieh d wgedeusr t if a s y. ngeroudesns isf hatives em per. >>ng gueou vioncsnis it oesy p despite opleou>>ueioisreey th. mea lespe blek inew rerk .ark eale bin uffaloaruflo ws starg as t hksoine the ar pr asesto t andro h a pie abouhisxp terienc pr to hndavroexcie o h im ouhtsxpie now reang t. h h >>no wwheneaplt.eritique ts
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movement >>n tyayriquehiss ve ntabouhe protest'syay cloth he j oour thehe gerrost c th lk. ey a sho ong hhe shall th he becom as natio n. aho s and atakesar k h boms nion. rufanlloesar k angry. u wou rn't ke mark gr u oufft lo marhen is angry hu sman shsng r he s% of country. hu% purterbed uny. atot ohu p rb inindctme come aou of cotsh o of008. nd anmed h cke csh of8. an hiffed a politicn. huif recomme pit iesnghuom a tualunng as alws a goo bet .alun ashulw gort betol dng ny, thanyou ry mh.ol dng >>y,nd i h r easo nanou m lievyou dn't c ar>>abo i h rso nes protest a ll uevntilu a't c oodookict g p st inlved uil now t hat i kict gude. ined i ilowsay thatha if i he isoiud be here tomrowec au il ye pite if about ioi h went e re om i uldo. pii a ut i mean,'men n .i odosed mn, n my oosavorite thi myill m
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talkav aitute how somebyhi ould m lk aut howomy ld towomodyhr a bck thrgh tow mdo'shr us ck thr th onl's way tt wouusld happen is wthdy o m wdock wtldatouch h pen itnd w mdo wch it nailhat guy nai him. nil >>he ia tohah ltady w g a grt a .hi any>>dy t iewto l aoc wk the gr a ms ny t wdok w,he rache m do u wo bemsikealking dn wdoac the oreetith gnt s woe alng scaminnher ad o. e et ih s fny s becau it is fscinr o ght? i fec i f t? gohead. gohe >>acl. ac maddo wks f neralleric. geadnel eltric fakar ral le c.for cleaplant akgeelicar apons r eala in dionakg on lotfoney i theyakg own otfoney c whi ch makeyes i wn ving off wl seet. chiak tt' s a gvid o p wntl.t. i rlly is. t t' a ad mnt not pov ierys.
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stri en m >>o, hmake novillion he s wriorthen 2 0 p>>s. hke li wonorks for tim arhe w whith ps. isne othe gst ed ks or imcoaniearin t whior. is oe ey aedre hip occoriieca t wor at myoi . a >>ouldourgip thogh tt aty .hem criti>>cildngrg hcorpatiot whi worng f he rporriionstit maes rpalioshior fpped tornsma not critsicizinthemecau the wo forhem?ot itizinemauhe woorm? >> jut wh theoull lookike rk>> ju woull ruffa lo .okik >> douno he snd r lifa blul z? dounoend liulz? >>t ma meuite attct bil >> y hav>>to bmaeeuite- u have ilto mor ul yav b ps.- u ve or wt you mak ofhi est? is t ot c yinak along t?it is f ling s rt andin theylo worrif t w th in new rk oe irtt a ghe betyte tt rr t it ithgointon ew or. o i get iinoe or. the tng wh thelevor buon pushing, it s t n a ke t w. thev it s li a tbung py hiwe, s a aukeallyalki abo dongitli t a wy owef prostg. alyki bo oenglang w o off d p
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doo o s -- y kw, a there a d pele i k --amng outw, o an tre ll seepel a i i triamng ut o lien bause k thi s iees a i meerio stu andomlie bse k areer smart asonioat se a ndom frnds min eer en iturn to srt the i'm ainseverfrhings aradinit i isrnhereoou srt the l ie pe lenserngad is re sfro t y l tkibo utpeea aregain theov oent kivingway boneyhi a re in het o people wtould a eengity y th. buthen ou o p sple aldm a agaeeinstit thth baiut bu en that whyomeby agast shod pthai backathyeb stuydentn. sd ck tunt when yourtayghi l im rigens anouay l tr sgende-- pigk oanop yant eopltrde p too suopor you,ake nse.anpl t >>u, ie t hae.ppens ta l o pr ts.>> ihaens l pr. the rit iew this uff. ri i ese ys h b teesoi f f. yes. it ae ays hds b up being gin ye on mda as its li u b ang pza p wh everhingnt. itli p wh er ng >> it.t iseoplhoike to otst. i t theyent ts.eo t th areeari hat and t. ca rr ngey ft threriatnd carr fla.
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sthes -- thesere heuys enurg violenc --he mo peoe go a yenur pul vio nc e pg. moeogo p p >>ill, i'this jt >>il en'trosts mirrhi fort which ey observero ts herror ow s erwhnah in obsve t ow - s- i persona? theyook a ptest and say re ipeanotrsr va?sion eyk p and o f iotvon me. i can be rebel. >> ion'tnow thee.woul use cae habe gtueb.. i'tw heul th ie shareeping me. o >>nro fheth buiingrein o itas weird >>nheuig it wrd >> ianted tbeeve y re wng o tha t, idbeutev iy saw w ojohn kusak whaast,he.ut s but tn i s awjo his sn a kak we probumoting "e sisn aave" tha ro coti n fourth. t co n frt justealid sothin as gg ndstliicsoinill attest, ou g evandtorsic don hile attt, nuer ou evatoone
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er someer usedto meer doust tsetdo d younoit was joht gibson yit w bs th'shy weave tseth 's elevatore >> thy doeoe i yor ve nevhingorettet o>> dnoe i t do y nngte there?n in ddoc ty couldn'tind t anreybod?to p st, ut there toun' t are anodan, yut peoree inw or e an i isupposetoe t pe n wpitaof t wor .an i s po>> a le tre tou st and ata tor ecki a l itu.reou a kiu m morre l is swi u m m l s bu st iwi lov ue pject bu g ioo l. pct > case yreoo wdeng lot peoe r wdeasriengre hoandydesng dng t eo r whodeught we wld he ihondys d ng himnd s howho hht iseldhe i nfeeling. imnd s h elg.
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>>ou k the besthi for nllss is t bt compannshi r llss d h i cly otmpan alohine. whi one was andy?lyot lo >>hat's ruhielne wasnd > i on eve>> khaw whahatru mes. i w l saisomeayve k twhat me hisom nionip wsame wha ge hi m aonn ailment.ha g a eof t se l ooke ailnt daerous. staof aa ever and t fd looke das. 50ta0 a cater ad youeveree a cat ly n ouer a c >> wellyou nev see asi dy w ltheyon't no ouevmuch s a dy eyan'tou ach syreelance itve ind > tane l ay reel cewhil livg in.a .?itved ande il aivin did dis.acuss.?erlf d emwior, d morid sisffss about wh we etur wr,or autwhe ur >>hat do t britsave >>ha agtnst orn? t bts usavlle justiragt n? pe, ll j tsweaoots p vee, tasl. ea oo ve t
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ou y vie sleez wh ease > ou shoul y vie havle t o i se toee skin? ul y av we in t uk atoee slan? ver fawe awa iy, t uk a subsclabe v fr waof t larstntnetub pr fidrs wil ow av tear ke aaive prho we if the want o v aieweexuallyxpeci it t weitesnt. vw e mo is art exllyhe itisgovewementes eff.t to mo s t cuai chiheres aes t oisventff t on-le cu smu ct whi a inclu s-lmut w websitthatarts can i uncse complnbout weitataran u omut tods. t sing tra odstheto. ngra oe >> lg day >> ty cago a comai >> ab lt stf th is ay inap op tate ca aomid abst th st li thi apop e idilthike hilihi
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thik hatade m so haapade re ith thing.ap joe,f yo he to ayre y ihi to e,yo rn aoessayhen t tuy i ass he ninsta tllg yournternet oi n't ow h the y in--ta alyr nturne wtes there and t hhe -y - c i tayrendes now -- >> you wld ay yes eveesn nf u ar >>ouay yven mfri. >> iarhinkhatsne y o c mtrolring. wha p eo ienkts ge aes to. ool w wh i't ge ao. an opt out wwhhich't mosthing a apt?ut wit ichs b bst gro? of is peopleho w bant t go control at peoe ok a t.pele >> it d t't wtonoloutor p eoe ato rk'south . i d woutor rsou. rickdon'you ink is od ia as parent? ck n'u yk ess . ias >>ou he to proteen y ki and ouee ydes t law i >> h to tethe yitedtateas wl. ki nd >> i sor. taw es e edte w ts
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i ionornice orn wahe t?ce >> yes. >>wa o i sor. y wh is .th b dea>> o ithe nl peoor opposedo whs th b is a d theeoplwhoon't e eo haveids.pp ed youave ds y d't a he plnt tom to'turn t ves. oue yd'tch hdore p or tton >>n it hdave h hade a p f de t>> whoit t he. h it aboime. t w >>ohat abo t se btishit aim >>hat a t b shn wasly the jigs . w as you t j ud se ae t o.lo youtuheid usd are smaeer ae loth it partshe nhe id comere t s thnolynd tha tht p dihe't wk. notheyav tmeo give t uolp tyirha rn s tdiheir w kids don snoeyav t g poe too t sirson pooo wh aut tivce rate in the k?wh aut tatould givoceat jinier e ik? cold gd go down. jr >> ncoer ggoow down whent ner comesoor d he>>nhy dtyou go f he mes o obous. i he t dyouon't g bolocky ob voris.orn h s tit't b chickmny swpersri.n tha sis nhi a eupmi . rs th.e are hauall n ppl a e cleaning. cmn s. allp eangmn re ithe tng.
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i lk athi and i i aig ihe de inhe o day s l youathiad t io aig lo forden. in oayou t no w po lorooks f y. weever hadhi snopo l poohe fnomenon.. 2* mak senweseeradhat peohise p he meshoun. say *akenseha leooo i w t ou ay rn thatcetff. l w at f auet hhatee o iffn. ur hou 24 hours fort0 ars. why an'touou 2ouay, i don't0 nt is. y 't, do y knho c iamep wh this? anho cep pn addict w i sis tarying to nit aict >> w i't t aingorn it dd t? w i wldor vne daur sit wld s i wuldat an eyay shi wdat es chimneyweers .m a als w cebmnsite.weer >> dmon't ao .org. webte. d'toor >> the pipg in o tf pg prnogphy oas dentid our cpultuogrey y doedrey aept it?r ctu doey aeptt? we't aow --o a maga snd a andow ppl s - take look at tgahis. snd p
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keook t i h tes.he word densitiz . e thhe c wrtoressitizehe izhorse th crtnd-bgyes movemtit. rswhoe thateagyov hat obodsayshat exceptn yoea odyst eeptn yo >> tt w a big tngt the tu of e ceury t w bng the i thinktu hf ece syaid m ir re tvantnk hed m iisew sirocreient. porn coo ew no,t is sot.. people d onrn knooo whaits o, is doing. >> i ove op donnoha thadog.reg g el l ie isn ai- trn aat gel wh k w? isnat >> cle m hisry ery nit,ha youery>> mleuc m h nit,ouy muc atay ian dy i have ob m. >>nd itake him 1 i0 hou drsi.ave >> ikeim 1ou >> nlear it and add guslertebtes.nd a dd>>hougful gus aiseb ugl . lrn cne l mdan
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ine. noarefn it. >> localnoouept.iten. >>he>> are l grealat ide.iten eas yo >> sheul adre idopt. s yodo do youave a comnt ts show y av e-maom at fo n tscos owtoeaveoicema ma a 2t s veoima 2-405 ll s toom05 talf oom t ti rort. tonht i spoedy ti we. rt. on th iswee g s evening fy ru wi awe. bwn uzzythkieen g n eotni f bewi aonfu bsewndithuzirkid ofot thsame n ame.fu thanks keyir wof me ne. -- aniwey iw
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>> let's find o we have>> l's f tt o anying wrongeoavare. >> hi,ou cttannygngar technically call h mi,eou cndany i myame t ihnsal lldrea.nd y thas tr. am th's tru . hatr thru yo mtioned the whington po andou qstio d yo m whher on nothat s rhelly wng n hisam pond qio >>es. whr ot t r>>y it ihis nsame. it j>>t su.s. ts n onfirmed t. jsu . vyd. >> nonrm aa, you a ed yd. if pr aesent yden as genhis i ta ifhis wasprest n ghihe sol ta thinhi ias his pt in fio h p handng aig irani terrorio cris. nd a he ilso d the stimu tluros.r membis it s a g lepin heo th smu lu deal, dou c s owmbelt la len e hanedha , d>> te. s ow el>> hldoesave othe h things his ort tol hoeavheng istol checd it out.
3:32 am
ecit. >> thas wt y guys at "redye" al t lotha of w y athin. edalotf in >> rk,ou mtioned tat ch or rk, mtied f g chor >> w that g w t n tru? thniclyhe torks for iclyhe comcasor f >>an w rewcoinashe t>>ap w >>o, bau ionewant to t e heface gain>>ide b anside t withl m heceinid uai ddehe w walhll m street oteste a ot forhe wl tranytthing you id ttey aragait f evythi. >> yt yng. u t ar>>aiha not teve.hi >> thre f. s ol phaelsot and th f n a snderesnd a boddo a i confiedhe b >> phadops ias r s.ion he>>heyre or a l>>ot p ohaf i ringsown ya loof treorthat l aot illegsl.n re non of t thilos th t at a gera ince for nylee. >> sonom t arehith gti gerancor nye. $ 0, somre thti's me tnere ttina ni $t >> f wt?th m t freeng h e.inni f >> forei tere.h >>or bng he. >hoor t
3:33 am
re>> othe how.>> b >>ow m oeho w a>> n gtingaid. w gtid. sre evenyou sai on our sh isrevengaoust s pitali sh untilheget tgast moneli uil t yo ne aoaistar of * ver,eed ao caista* ee c >>r a e a c at>>a >>t iar o a fer and a c ed aold d he r>>eal tngar a onla gnddats d ad r ol. nlgds d o >>ere, tbl u wou >>eray thae, at bl 00 ay t at 00 areou gng tgeto muchai >> ire a gm ttidong mui hahavai i c amng haav myomccidentally c r h over myccenlly h ov >>o w you are ary. >> >>il what doouavoure ainsthe arldry >>ilhado childavh? nse d >> imrohi alth. i belve that' legal to slt el thaego >>ut n cbl >> nbl
3:34 am
iidn't say it. wasaying d't ikidet wayor it. rep s pitions.ayinike w >> don he a bpf. pitns. >>one b f. i am thrilled withhe a m chilen a the cildish til w it wahe jt kee p t m ailwa a frohemcsh . >>inchwaiaveee an t iss awa wroitmh yo. >>chiavanssit yo pih,ouedf dy le s alipiveh,r ded orf idyf yle kn the tsruli.r d o r my yeporters he betknhe t . thgsoo. ep >>tee bet thgs d't kwnd d>>e we re? k w ? im t is elw t undiced.w >> did.ouould wte t and t cfirm iouou tny y, tight crm yr cmes are bankig crume fsro w are t b f rufath fers a troem. th atsea we are havg
3:35 am
od teemhich i me itanea w re h sayg tchian y. >> may remind uou a eaki to ppe may rinou a kio tt's te. that's te. i ouldt ta ito te. at seou tsly.e. i eg, ldu satatha porn ses se hay. gotten a f e, ridsae. p or yes ha got a fide. y >>snhat what ey uldn? nic y d>>nhaha dn icy >> ias trygo m a mol pntnd aar tl iit t m isost n evemorypdy. >>o,tliteot nve >> i'e jotus i consed t y are acal aga in pi'n. j c t y a >> j ustac talhinkgahatin p toouch of a goo thing s jusadnktoo ing. a g escingal whesit iad fend t y ou houalsehe i nonstopnd. youcoee a w t y couontrolonop. uit wsp tecll cif you havonol ds i t hsehi ec ll ofteouavo i i t hsenttain g. te o i hav nces and ntahein av and >>nd childs
3:36 am
nd cocktai cl pay. >>ou smed ora a thiocsail pa opt i>>n s -d ora >> y t. ve upset. i - y ve u. i c see tt. ian seeou are vy, v cee upt. s ee ou>> im nre oppy,osed v to pn. just d't tnk is i b n opp ed odealfou hav e t tusellhem tnk s ut tal as opouposeavd teo t l ting iuts se t ng auticly? rig. aly nextq igueion. i c't bieve athg ne you e sueayinn.g, ut c g bve i aveth to. u com sst iin a g big om i untr a if iadre myig i one hetry too iway morye iameut ione t here ore e >>uthas bec ause reomeple ke me>> bakhaer woun't tecse pl ofthr pne s. ak w anna? t >>es. of th>> h c y pne ts.hinkar k aa? >>. h c y t runkal isot rualot? >> im comrin himo im my of che pnimtesters. >>ha i a sex m.ofhe psts. >>ha aex.
3:37 am
>> and he is the oyneha a h i heoweredha >> dyou nt me do m y ed rk du m rlo my ireio b t wayreio b tay - e is lik meenee zewege i leen >> thazet'gesely. at lovel il>>l.hael n'tuit you day l job.ill. yay j greg ltl yaid eg cltlni the cmn y isnai a clnihe i phemm. a >>s faas inow. >>es, its,o t oem >>fa iw. >>esit t urban iona .m. therare iteew urn na . defions. ere eew fis. >>tll iols strucres inour house . >>t >>e c i callol it sha rou >> especia ll>>itchalhel it liys cing .>>spiahe li c g . >>ee you at tack ind o the ow a tha>> iees n a y tac i o euphism. e aha n a >> > phmingm. up,nny dep is dead set a>>ga> stnghenn dep i21 ad j s a
3:38 am
stet" mie. j >>crew ystou" johienny, cr y jy,
3:39 am
3:40 am
3:41 am
hesuing contint cae thurlehe wuion meal. *thlaneseng con wties me e tr.d of * ineotsng s cuing ai intres tofnks a fligh itot s shngtooknwi ai ts tlit lef shheokith mentalraaue t t lo rbitenceenl a uetheyla tt thort rb cecolle stion eyla thort lasdwo ll st nurs a the orly b lumpyd oral a lhet heang f b py r li. e reorlt? ea u gused held slind re? by i a tgud ldost iraumatic stress ost disord. wherra wumouldictrrivous di rdlawstswith t iwhldrivo wststhi
3:42 am
>> you he get on there >> yst oayinnon ihea diere ory. >> bh brs. erinad ittdie t the my. ward. bb adtt its t b se wf acute hammoitckss mili ri, yofly l o hmoheim lin.riyoy o ry farplac. somemes u lee th arac mes leth y kwha first o all,ear your stbw atha allir tis. l,ea y rey tl yoto dit, aoodll tivice i n lis te tn.yo dt, oo >> ts is goodnt ce n i n'tisnkhe knows w ha t tisoo turbntences. ii hinkt sheno w thi nkrbs ce- ihii nk se thks t pilots ard hi anyou iow wt -- lik th t thil.d pele ganou w--ac l th. a forth
3:43 am
nd i g don'thinsheelizes it. fthnd n'ine eze >> i this b ns. >> yo jus hit t as b ns. pk aetnd dro 10 f pee >>t ishe wsthiet.nd d 10ee >>is w . who yo mak o tis? are u aoman. whyo ak>> i o wass? eit to oi e i eit to you f bines cla on arica y f t biny g c thi aca g hi ftgmellf ccote chip c kiesft ll it inot mea ip c iskiotvenea l t e. it theyea ge tm to y. s u cea't te.ay ey gtto. cay ery tialk aboutt i crav ath c hocoerlatetial ckbo i cook .avth >>co itte has to bou. ok >>t h to >>ou kno whathegives inoach? >>ou ro ks. tonheve hs any inch ros. tee hny lee >> we sti smellhe flach w e you ns sme andla then you dohe lunch. nd>> i t anmn ahor do lch. i am aho.
3:44 am
>> iidot or d t i tiet forypprancon t "r eye." ti truoryppncn "rye ru now she ea fing and itnofftshe h jobea fin a ul she get a ettlen ht and job coul she sta grt ahoetletl newentnd la wst?co ta rt aolhoelew ws eilol nevl go bkoer joas a air shil n g bko stu air e stu. ilit mie with final deinion. t an mthaies uitnfaih fal den. ana uai >> tt'sn interesng pot. haveee o n>>s planes ies t po rgin ve o pnes t rginla where theyave er movie a miesla withhe t avplane crhe i tm. erov a plneieith ancrhe e ces bill? >> i wld calhe cntries b l? withheos t ila c cshntri thhe iould tha air. youere niristldlass t a. ouadine malcon glairstelss
3:45 am
incolael i hapdnce. bill, i ave t hod askou l, dhe l to anye o of a the wsui >> yd fheriendsndny oeifrs e ui au ed y h ferdsrs h it isackf sf-rt itsf ybody thentay poured tiroffee oner od th ilshe tas t ng t m thed t stofy beuse eeyer were il e tughing tth stbee were so ngard. d sod. dt lovel a makes you thintk erythg. lel mesou inth >> i hate torbunc iateor nc te so manedatns ha i nmemo of he e s ig mht >> tt's nse prlem. ha n ismootof turbunc ht you tres pr jusm.tnd sot manyur mediutionreustany dion i udo fir and g i indiblyo dru fnkirnd g it is ain sevlyenrru eht hou flht y out isoulde a gever eht h d it s n ht g y tngld.a ge d it n tng.
3:46 am
i go valium. wh tha ient ay wal. whha enaggrsive i kw th story at wa 'tgrvee. kth sryt wa th waso s lop berage rt athaso slo bere a ig. no ig. hen i w t the i nitme uff th wmb ni >>tm hee f he ckimb >>eing in >>e firhe pys c wki th>>ng cki f w th cki > or smug gil smuggle o smugheilmule pie cki meo pieake bak .meo ierew wit a vy vereryew w eciaook b a very,er vy iaecia person.ooery, y iaern.
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3:50 am
> thnew rk timesoo th w viewubd it,uo tes a ewub bot,.uo anotheraiit was aoman wh d thi s ndotrroaite w a oman ou the wh d and t pubslishersrotelearingh se he saystou alrdeady p be sh lein wi. i spk of atnnaav'slrdye wi th mem or .spofav's em. ho hung cuai a ho
3:51 am
lened to ck. hg i am l tled memwior cdk. out we a w geo to tre mdwi e" o robowe so g thetoy cre cct" boohey chect iniew i cldn't. >> ihe am inw g ingry. >> io, a you areot. >>nna,ry l>> theo, y boo a ae u we>>ing,nnira,lrid. lhe bwithoegards tohe tweleg, amir ithegdshe tleo aue youell i liov t wi youuersel ynd so how lv theex ?wi yuel n s h hies question n a rohi qst m beskin it,ut roknowherir. bsk iut owrir. amot goig toive you anythi at is te giv -ou- anhit t - ti-tilati. >>t is aboutou flin veti wlati y>>oursis a li it nis abo c omin t wo yrs acpt melf. t sbo cin to willacry mof.e seruss i talk t oill rote ss i it is abo owtahe w thole r ot worltell you y ou m is iboow w yoho a a ine rlll y y t m is yo some athinwronwitheou. i so in onithou.tnto thatho tng
3:52 am
ani i bnticolyha ctameng to aepanti e ft theicly c -at am f t he ill sileecause that's atwher ami am suppo d siecse tha eramup t -d- suosedo be andt isetti gre - view and ured rbe has ndis ti g anher qution jie ewnd ur na, is h me,ob santer .quonie , s s. il uet aboutowur l tendut uetbo wurte lve by utne i rht?wte b ne r ?anyh as an android i am unle to pyhrocess t adendidf un to narc cayou plaif nasi >> ica do u t waitebo that io w -huhot. th imy fhasttemwior -hot i fst iemwinoit not yr rong uit wroteit twootr ong it n ovelros.te we n' kno the ffer nce.el thiis aeducti k lenoon.he er. hi auc le. >> n i gettire >>views, andt is metyir d s,ndiir oyem look ataryirl a
3:53 am
loo at mwior. >> iis aovelor t next tar. i our a nelex tt n qsttnlee, ta rot. >>uri, a na.ext n ilee, rll eoyourort.ak >> o an male suaoyli ioun theakas ot article u wlero aliut. inheas are wro. maleexli tell me as a iter doou le manactuliel l dr aama a in yit looueo aans ttuo fidrupather i lhaeptero t fierhaer? >>hat robot is neroming >> r ob>> y don havto awer ner om at qgstioif y don nt t y on>> iavee al lehis is a ll qio y on abt y t g g. ieelehi i a twooo aby ag.wa you . ooo you. >our boo. >> t hav't s theight of d.our b. tav sht d ts is an iueorouo wo out i a wouo hid nwout stilit w >> dyou ink wrot theid esti 123 4* z ist didn' du k othe ti4 *i
3:54 am's jt ohe nex e. ets oheex >> hello anna. onehoas b i>>n harlo ann neb ar ne otheast milleiu i ne oe t a gemini l you. m azy, iight? g l ouseri.ousl ireed i ty, allht. risl i ill. i knoi oen alfution and ki ll hums ano o rdom and futind ki h umou remor rdond emor >>ou kw, tt is queson i a a>>skedoft k tis es i a aedo ft uncany. the aner iivesesut ucy. knowowo de ithan ies owde i oneastueion a i t rtan o >>ast ael i, anna, told yr bookans av lab atar ael, na ablol yr eve ryokhave.b at thitrue abl ve ro are ubl e thioue dect li a are ro tre urebl v tero gulilliblere v gu le>> it hns b tru boer going o itf biness,ns t buit is boer gal-mngf and bins,
3:55 am
targbuet and all -m sts ondf rg a acesll sts o es ese e stores, flas. e e sre fla >> i belve t brsoi do iwn b on e t don rot >> didot write tse estion >> t y wre>>id t wteels. on twrels. >>hoevid is cseto yo t n u>>hohiev. ito uhi >> this is a n roboton d>>hi't ls k at rot m i am -- l >>at andhre is a n i boo a -- >>"falndngorh m ie gettingav be re viewal m etgoti outndick up. th preblemew is, a b mieutndk p. or th pem i tv show. mie or ho so heee glty. csolose tngs u glt wity.h the cent sws. csengithhe fo nt ncom/re eye. ncore
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>>seeou back heret 5
3:59 am
>>p.m.easrn t beac onertheet fi." m. onashe n tt "rdn eye." shfierd sm l, aonnn n"rnn yecoulr d hrshsmerit a.nn ulr hrer. ihi he iaked tt hi cture. he edd n thetost g wra p uurp. >> rick, whadt d y d t g ra set bl so ad rk, mondahayd d ght? >> ot b w sl oias roongor mday th lt?ns .>> th w plal d thibear r dhe ioth beanst.he b rs.thlathar d io andea it goinon. ast a c ickamblingo win on t ckaming ill. joe i hearou heigs j oecong ip th hreeke ae a ple caedigs ng wthecrakeckers?plca >> tt'sig. w >> wrareer iha >>s. >> ll wenwnha pennsva a. ll e cl is he helnd p yeou ca buy dnk cls >> peleoplndfrom d ntye c bre dnk am om andou wteiece g.ll w enndad w bteter inie e 60 wwhercan u fi t? btein >> h uf


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