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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 13, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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of smr ey.el dy lguag wasesn ahe eeavf r st. sm. lagas e dens s mler heccup walltree cro en a mr hanup ll eelliaro aan ia basng f ns. "fo& frnds"ant utas f me n fofrs"t dow me >> bl: ctionyou e abt toownterhe nspin zon t b cfacton begu sab rig ninon t cteg igcaptns b . osedaptiing rvic pt b edtig ic bil hi,'m bl o'rlly. thks fatchg us tight. ere ilei, b replic'ry. ieldth ftandch us at ts thtery e omen epc th is e suldect thind t evying'talkg potsen mo.ths sut hi firs som bad evg'ews,lk tporere m rsom ladst 1 morepubcs, t detes l 1orubcheded. mor des tes. e caidated. wil or t.ecit caatheiril persctivitmore vieoint 13 irre t es.rsivre moieratont wil3strule to kee t. pelemotoilru awa 13oreoee imespe wa fo3unatey, i hertoatch the thgs iyoueson'tant fo at
5:02 am 's n thachthey threth iu'tnworty. th e . are nhaeyugge le th o or st ightth re >>geomne l cthe o has dri n tht co ofne casri t sll busess nsurcecof premms u sussur by 14% ove heem u tion avegeny4% vemasshuses. so, on queveion forou ssse woue , houen world yespooou h ho wcrit yism poour h sigitturem r leslate aievent? i'mroudf thfactigre tha w leat tookn a ave m?or pblem 'm ofudythctha w ate. m pr d ofokhat wer able m p emtof accplis i ll tl yo te.s prhougoft ere e ha the low t nberccis f ki s tyo t ug a haheowt nercerage unsur knny ste in ameca. cee yohave uheur ighe.stin >>meill:.hat ck ayoveorthashe >>allel:ing t rcin aghe th poteial ter toake leide.g in the al .o.ptel r heaoinee stery wa ne. the e ebat .p itea wasehris er cwaisti nhe endsing at mitt omne as this's he f cti theormendng gottrnorfne th h fhe msachmeetts go orrist's sportends a sign to mch contsrvate arica it okast to srt ldse omnegnwhoo ison at aspeccain it mkayo rig lingneos rcle ec m igand,s beg chgleng o t le rit flk d,bechngy hman tain, the rifl
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ason chrtie eorsey r hneynn, hetheepubc par k wsonhr e e insependt vors a ry muc oree ub lily tarvote k for omneinnd thavo a uc fo cen. li tindetendenvoteor wildecine hathe nera fo c lectden.en teil accirdinto ae ra new pugctol ac indepeenceavor rneyew or ug present oba 5 peceor roy o estba 51%. reblic ptyespetely was to nnly w. herehiteicouse p t thpelywa sene as to ny w wel te seereb th tallyenontraslinghe agelda iashi ton.eb tha hapns tlyexttrng yea sayag i higoodn.e ha toapbamatare,t wiea beay reale fasodro tman thee,wi stonbeed s fel rle art last t n mont he alsotaxe wl bon sel a ltower fede l sp dingnt wil be soxe wut. b and ncyeloser wdelspng beil distught.nd d yosonfud. wthatl thee scestrioht tepubcfu athe esceblisoent tants ub th belve rneys tir esist ts be hopthel ryor o tainit. th's t beop mo. oni nofor eth t top m sto tight nor alys. op alysto unp tdicthtle crles authmer. ere i g ng wysng alere,npct ces chles? th welr. e g wiracousle, bil youch s? ve s mbleintoelhe lhtfacslilou sleto l y. [ ught ] >>ut iould me towo intsbout[ stabhtshme >> i ldppor mforo rney.
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numb tsutabme onestab shmeor r suppt fo rney ry. odaymb giv ne theabme ppfoieldwhic r isyowayiv cloed, itsn'tsldic ishe lo esta ishmt, witther'tou beeve i ests tahm wer notbe wase t es lessing r otrs iotasent ssafteg mitcot i danls. t he decne wt ateertc pau an .ryan he ec decned. w ose t a areau e mple anefarecd. moe tre ohodo ele ideogicly mo ndides o pot otialdo caidat ic nohe id o ltotal lusng wcaathod. or chs ch lstie hselfwhous ao w deined chthe chcondieoint i hlfo a deed e ndnt wou i make is chriie iounot ectlyaks estaishm t. ri ye he theoverr oft e ly nortast ate. has otahm akeyee heerof his rtt ompre.ises ashe h hadise diatisis whpres h oradodoxon sff lik dtiun wh contl an orox imm srati. ik ise a hea tob forhe t ntanmmti is arty.ea t eorluntss tthe y.piri nte wit whiche dends cservive ri ideait ic ddsnd crve heea cononts enees r emple theeaboron utsons, thene teaer's r u eon, leheeteror u s, soe is teea's guy uho, strerdles
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thsomiddis and t tuytres thddnd t. bil yea >> hndormentasery il imeartan h bilor he nt tun intthey rl rov, to e bigimanoney ile unnte ovto n, heyigey bbour j dint, h nato b demurt frosout j roli d. t, the arthe al we toem bkersrout sidehe rubli li par.thare an brs ty welde rli karw, ahink yoano, tel k a ttnk yoermacains n gointo beapresent tbama ma in hernain wer to n ecurineaestma threpuic erner t nomatiours thpu aristicomio ass intesti is cto wch ase ant iti he is wot s gog to bt backbama i ealls rht? sohat'goto bbahat thema e ablilment r? soreput'ics e woiedthe abo. e li ntey bievend pus wo kdw yo kw this ibo bve tru at is pnt kyo k a is cou i hpen,rut pomney cld a ouumbl per hn, coune c miculoly re fr theead, bler iou milo rfrhed, ess. mneyin t pol, is s. bting ey t bng romnob, inhe inpendt preccts eati o ma mnin biginnd ec s thathyti o theig replic
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esta ishm t waats hihe >>epc r ney tahm meewahi the >> ry teshoeehe t hofor cservive r aeptae. heis not crv youe n aberta neheot chouce. ain,ou wou go for nr yan. ch. yowoul gon,orou g aor cisti you uld n. youlor a a mit cti u nield buhe is a aeptae. it heeets tel bus thrhold a ta anif yhe lood atsow h t rforhrd lald an n yhtoo a he wasorla n surb. ere no nyinas thaot su. e o adincacy thiss alysi ha heandlimse on eve adcy is a si sue. he dl wasluense andnve kwledable and e. i ormeas en ndlookit isn onl ked usle who red ime yingoke ishesnnl os.ho lo wha hpenewhen t yngis o open debloehao hneen tandites esti ing encheb oth. ofdis a the tig anditesth in he ahe dete, urdis on tmevot dethei, queionnd their aotac eiuen agaitir aomn. >> b l: yaih, bauses he viouy throntnnermn >> h he b y the bsehe outh frorunn and nt er he wastheronnnd dirted
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cai oas pey. ird >> bl: taiy we aft o pe b t 9weft 9 swed cl. anthenverydy sd espoed. cl >> ill:veryandy jenped ry it? wheou spontan.uslyave >>the l:oor ry t jd t? oer he ca sidatanlye who dide r the morit o caatho id the go mit aer roey? caushehe ithe oe to ft a ro? us ibeate to f bil nowin t snahot at whaven the , an iat thin peop hav ilow to tnat undstan w ve hohean i qcklyhis inopavso cinndan u ho iowa q islyupposd toe t fir c we in u jan ry wa siowapoaytoove t itir pwenntoan wae t deceer. eir oraw pls trehing arehangg so uick ce and. s r w p rapi ty annghe engountocknd sstill pi anso sha that i goint to g to ll sathat w ld b ha verhaery ioio g suorise r htsaat w b nowery aost shocsud ifse romneidn'ow g the at ocifnen' g he nonati am eing nve her or no footish?m nng n tnk i youer h oro b theoo? n use tha t you i wouou win h bhe bi i thk e ihasououin bi th i ereme uikel ybodelseill mak it. eme uel
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bil rigod. sel the isakthet.ynam s rlin ilig this ound- unls heramn c snin ndnler c th reay, y kno get momeeaum i ynewnoet hpshi. nehampire, romy i me w iw aheabeca he ishie ne favmpitee,om i w n. eaca heisivesave in lak--ha ouldhees be hnman cn'snlyakhot ld stunng u et i new hn hamhire csyt rrec >> w ch iunhink u iwsamre extmely ec w un ikelynk i thi the ixtly an unly unl ely schiariohehichould ie rneyn wiing nly iow ifesciochld ry wi doeg ow if tha >> bl: roeney ahe inowa cordg toha p ls. b r y >> ihe hnains i rdto iat's p. o ir. h he rs thstablrom i ishere onlyefea oor rthbl rneyms i re so body lyeamerg and doe really well in iand so bdyomeshergndoell chal ngerll i athe oughof a b romesy whis up aler by e gh aomwh or ointupn n hashirstumy ing theointr whe hent los new n hairumg hamhehire nt it's whheos posewble. >>ill:t's ssib lik am rehilly 'sose. >>l:s ibik ll clion. is mht b ovey feuarylist..
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it muld b oveveryve ickl thisfes anrynusu. racin hatt d very kl an su >>acill:ll rtht chaes. ankseryuch. e. bern>>l: r gdberhaon t. q stioksny e theh. deb es brnomin a g er twastof qio thime?eb bin also st bnie he?ome b co entsson be sotou hithavise b cosmilts and cor sllou wht. is i pe y awilndor w i y ♪♪
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♪♪ w' cenryli... a nekindf brdbancompy we'commented li pro.ding host, rson serce nendbranmp mmd rongom rhol pe, le..on er 5-ar pce-lk guante... constent fasspee... rpe.. 5- p-lgute. nsntd moas wayeeto c.tomi yo tecolog moay cmi yoec og ♪ ♪ >>ill:n thweekys wh beie smentonig. coinui witleadtory here
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e re>>blicl:artythek w tandbe s nt iginin uscorom uirthitadarolryare reicty thend in puryorm h theol bnard eur r goldrg.c.he brd . goberg firs of a ld.c bnie, crlie rogo lasrg rs n aht, ll the be, tap cie >> tyroas will n, ach he 30he secoaps t p teil ah ans hr.30 we'lcohavesne mute p a spon ns30 sondsor a 'lve m qe stio onminu to on sds res and. procd qio nonnuoes. lpha ticaoc ord. >>omne i befehaca mrd >> i'm ieforry yoare might vern r. 'mry yoeht rnomne [ lahter ]ne laer >>ery od. miss soolhat dayhen th said r>>y i. bssore s s.ltayn thai r i >> b bl: ne thereat.tay to stt th date o. b nhe weat aakeo stth m dtakee eryb oy do. we ae mke no ybedoeriouestn no t ughiost is can th any dy ctrolan, 9 divials a sta iny c aol 9 dete vis fum? ta idon'thinanyby a de f can? on'inyb i i dot ca itatte toano b hone witou. don' ithin ther isdonecat teo peon o th be w
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tunneitn t. n' in ertch e pe o modthatore w unleun the t mh erat doe odmethorg r lly,leheeall dum matoe li askth se ry,ll polical loadum queson, doe'tlisk satte iolalill ll yoaometng eslse,, oete l yete, bill i dot thi hell do ansrs tt th canhidategive to poly ns testi s maers thl th mucan te vewithheoeopl watoling timas thuc thplatg eher. unss tre ia moraffe thway er. gald forun t iurinthe m bate witfe thy gdimmyor cterine sai te thit easrnmy curopr wastnderai the domthancefheasop sasieter eom ce ion. don'thinthatatte eith. st i ink e reon tt th n.bate n'inattere mporthnt i k re tths teecauor theyonveaun impssioto t eytersvend tt's w rickmp perio t isrs d te.s is wic finerhed. he is d cveysn s iressn ofind. he meonwho eds coutys a iss goflon ono s eritt a wou gathenr b y ple tn onheittageith a ou the herhe b cdida s. pl an ti tonnk thasgehhy m t e r c daromn isan teadihaecau m h comneyssdinau iressn o som ne co so isoth srt iss oandom
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sttraive hd in t ss yeardrae in ver t impeatantermp nt nfidt. byhe w, nooneerson amica, ill,id whoby wnoe couso tel u anhing i ama,l,ho h 59 poiouel iat'sot w thelike h9oi . 's whekeim. th likhim becse ohe imessi heonve in.he thikmec o debas. thim is siry ieorta. ve linen to inut of alkba th s i ratao. yoliwillee ho mucut tf truk blra ostyoll huc com tssiote ruconsvatis outherdo bl nott li mitomio nstiouerot liit romy. >> bl: tt's t a g ving ock. om 's tk ra o b b ts a v igs not a big tingk. b tck.ra b let aou iot a ts. g 13ng bore,. t a bnie? t more o tsee,hing ihoug b thee? d atesor oere tng real imptantug uphe des uil -e for e fialtmpnt fep o u 600 -forhem. fi thout th f'shen ey o00 rethostm. ou impthtant n antheyre st of goiown tht hillrommpnt aney h se.of oi biln the is othe one ll mxt wk. and mea you h jus ril outhefs hee w th gs -d unleea the is ouus big r ut wsvent. seeowth - llethes ig nignt re e ltisse
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a bi oortuigty. rd wi all dueespe tse bi otu. him .willuepe td th big iniantoryim stery. th aligrigh so iould iay lank, iry k w ther algh ild l i isbout kth isut enomi he emi but w haa bigreakg ne h sto. utwhat wre y goi ha digakne ecifallytobout atran, bin yoi d bing bin iflying,ut bg. n, wld heinonehat bause ngtheyinouldaveeeng, b totly w h uneepare forthathen buse ey ldwoulehaveneenhat thehadot and unat'sarortn revanto ulventhed d 's ran tod. 's jt rehrsed awers and od 's dul j iuess theadeeh aed a drsisiond was aboul t essnomyhende ick dio t bil it s a emyumbecisn k it dn't rve th ameilcant ab is ople w l. d t eaybeth fothemen flest 5 w or 0be fo e debas, fe, ietti a f 5 littr tir of iat t s ba f i ti pot. >> b l: itthinkirveryfdy i did iu se tthe btherwith me po b inkry i d see ber th lasteight tis a prostssorht st. t aroor .es. >>ill:o ahd. i ghempreion >>l: ah thatet's greorgenaboutheatg
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at shtout 's let'justo thonte of geou whe theyaid. i cashut a y wit'stthhete ifress n wh thhe thewered. ca awiayin ttoor iss thhe perele ain tromeh pe aicti of eh syem ttoesn ce vetif ch aut the a issy t ssncked c ve ains ahe as sed tm. ns bil olirchseep e pr t peopown. th 's tillihs thep . p >> rht op t whn. tthy di t'talkhe aut r wh la nig n tdi lk a any y, ilaig n l abou howny iysfutions a ou muc eateow cau ofuonuc povty te dyauunct onal havi than anytngeopln wa strovt ha eve dyctl vihaone. yt pl bil i bwaughttrhat t. >>ou dhaveitubstcee. buse il i' bnoht tt king >> dbout- ist goesse i' y, w tng bond sstanut ibuseoe ok whese bwodentl senanrese righy csecerntl aut over gh inener andbout crnover a amonblacer p ple inernd to llyonac pe undstanble. 70icof. blatoidsyndrowane. p, w70ela srn o of wwlock w thats th of wck greestingl at cathe of povty iretgl arica ca of bil thewon' ackovwled i that and thewhen broht aca
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ilphen' cked th atnd sckinheenro stastic tt 9% amethcansre s addinted ta ic so t kin o% sstan mehatns makeitdderyd soin oard s forant the t ke y earn aecen lding.or he ten ias rn aen bng lg. uympa etic i the pr. wh the b cldn' reaynswe u paic th he p whhe cn'eaywe thtat,ou are mch jgle belleinghemt,re and m je ll ng munsyathec. in i'mryintond geto t ot c se o sy thehe roblin tha'minet t maki c ohehingsbletteha ratrhan ki denizi peoe onngall reetteat who n'tn he anying de dozi eoon wil ett. >> h d to o telie h butnyg o uldn havwisaidha h btoter. thie donut wanto dohat bednuse avey tidnk it' put bngr. ethon os onanhe ppleotho abee tt'ut o on ppoore bil a yeathe psona reonsilityhing or>> t t's ght. ileae pactlna the inglresity mosng ts t. iorta tlstat tic haveever seegl aosut i tapovey, atc veree a regdles of rac am ve fromeg guyesf namacilli gul om olenwhuy wam iliulhe enlint admi wstraon a docra heaysfou donthreehing mi ra au wo dt wira u s ino peeertyng nishigh hoolwo wi don' uhave babn unt you a pty shmarrh d. ol do t han' a bvey unabl yo are
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ntatou a lst 2year oldrr do haople bho dun ayorehree hing l 2ar ly 8ld o the w ndle up d i aneeng porty. pe 8le ohohe wp iidn' 79%poy.ound uppe n'9%ndp povty. but broer tis smiy aov. t robrotr c tnell wesdidn talmi a out at lt nht bec seot cllesdnal th's sethi that mes lthem nec fe uomfothable s hi hait's muchm fe ufo eleier. 's >>hill: don knowhetr it kes em uncfortle o e nr.. i >>dn'tl:eeonnoheetit s ocumtarync rt othatavis proced nd e si d't he dea wumhryt? at notis drongd ny savor to door w pehle by ot doror npe balki n cstany ou dysnctial bavioki >> y kno c want? i ystiike t bseio y gnos. w th hat mi iehink t like t gm. iketh theat m date. nki led t ke who tacknd ehe fo dh. e. i hink lhat tho wask ver fo illuinatinktegme. asier appciat it, luti bnie. me body lanageppat wilt,nalyy be. dyane ilsegmt wi tis slyley and pressowest gmwi thort. sanotyr rert tt and gen prso costany y srtllowp ot fre ta g tha co bily on sow faxparha dolrs il loingpa syndrolook lo palgy.
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deis m slerdr nev dcribk asal ltryn thde mrev dibs oupyi wal reet suati ry upcthing. oyial et stipcg.
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>> bl: iact gmentonit, asou m knothe soldra b so ir pat len comniny r eiveas mnoe moreola sopaom rve tn .5re bilon-dlar taayerolla t fro t omail-dr minirati wen bankpt ataerlaro t o wn t nitiennk a din a gen cpany t cled sun dower a g cny sola cdowerun dler reiveaoan la guanteer df $1 bil ronve fnm thobamgute$1il f dmintratthn. am anthatompa mayow b in trble inat anat wpal.ay with bn tr ue w elibeth th monal u stksliditothat t fox m al busissetwo. stthesare e ki oftorito tox sithat getoxewswo ese kifri lateledets ti-oma rht linged
5:23 am
-o rg shi. repuic pty cnies havehio te. verypudy p i c amesed ifhis svetery i te, i am stfsmaze athat' t iappeng in wasngto sozet l's rt' it rigpe asto dow so l r t wh is sunig pow? owere thawhs un theare cifora. ow th mak e sarha hee canelor thak >> bl: j st liolyna. ey we inel comtiti wit b jli yn sondra w in>> eentiomlytiit yes. sora e >>tiill:olyna g es7 miion l>>ns.l: yn l g rig? esemin uy l. ig ge 1.2illi in guante loa. ey a sti in g.2li busness. ey dn't ogu btekrupoa y a ti nrigh us>> ts.t's dt cor bct.up y >>ill:ut t y ma gh >> t y c tld.s th whoor pro.ct tt sun >>l: t mawer t c h.pingo perathhoro t un coulreal go r und. h ngand at'she prablem wulhalo thind d 's p em whe veure ing w r byhi t depamentf engy. ey t nk ttwhvee ghey can ry t c rry pa ntck aen be. lik t t tyan venre ca ctalyrowd ae orik hge fun t gsen caand lowwd wt pjectr h a goiun mak g taxyers d woney pct th can a. oi thprive mo y isakot gngaxrs toontoey thhesean thiv venmores,is g righto othenhat'happing theseen s, lar ompaghes a ent'ominppg heith
5:24 am
ti cuprnand pa a thein tip xpay. d >> bl: thes coany .s undetandas h at e timay wasn b the ttockco wy u the dend ht at onim snhe tcke. w he >>tock wast ponnd t >>ckas crared do. >>radi aund orrad $ do >>di a d >> bl: sp. r sohe sck ithe mpanwas $ b s abov$100so s i>>e ans yea >> b l: iov200700nd n it' t ea $8 s re? b>> i07 nt' yh. th's rig. $8 >>ill: still? ur d artmt ofnerg ysays ou kw,thhat ig mit beood >>l:ll dtm bet tofrgys k putt mibedet t a ut$1.2illi inta stk th's goown5%. >> .2eah,lihat'ntst rhtth go bil n soyou. h,now.t' r >>ill:s iteallrighil so u thgh? no,t's w.t >>l:itllgh rht. th bil? i'mcare o, s >> no. i' r. u et. ilyou 'me riret to ay to.t thi is ai' u b.arti n u ri ttopaye thi iss . a is inot bemoctit. 's n tyessepub c. it itsoc rob nng - it'an aubse ofitheublicob - pt'se. >> bl: t at's ry wl pof. li>>hat'whatt p. i b t s w bil p thiis w t we avet'at w. e oba i admistrion i ilhi w wee qut to dev op obadmtrn i ltertivequto enerev wts to thrervehis
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5:26 am
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5:27 am
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5:31 am
rt trng tolihe deiveomy tirs tr o actis? >> des, vedo. t and e rea n t'sti yes >>, and n is d eaecau at sis pesntnd pkly n ther is ery fin linauet petwe py an ety ders dectiony in whate wdin upwe lking anty econs at w papasel les ang the wn theyre peakgpa the conxtel i a hewhictheyre s wakin ey iak soheas ion lking a iceyim, sin se i sooes i sethi l cngled a hd, se agge thateads shi cwaggdoes h agnst t igeentiatd c. gg shass isageadt upnd t d inti cand en se t ha se. whd youpee tt y dn ecog zed s t at s twht'sou t y hisogords gng ts oppoiste hds gnconious po head hhaki. he i tnk honis husding somein bac ad kiat w ld bmyhe t hirst hng me ac imessi. ifhe d umen w com boutstayin thathey r llyim fsil he if is denomt being ecepatvey my ry ans fr tohe su i he beoldi backep y infoationsthattoe don't nt to iivee o. di yoacknowhatecau for rd fo io atfromdoeret e stortseoing oll yo owthesteau dortracng ome tecique ss ng th retit us es q dstioac. th quiecicalue th rit qio loo th >>uiill:alo yobelie he dn'tear e qutionhich s posooery >>l:yo llidly.he >>'t nr quon ch thin he wookios forny ly. ou he w n tryg to in wki dortrac
5:32 am
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5:33 am
maki you ltleise rarks kiou lee rks not adinhat'sappeng. >> bl: tt wa t int' ape.enui . i bs twahere i kw wht w. diyouui pic i up anyingre in krestwhg tre >>hat w lov dis thu youic apny g ayintheinst t udiee. >>t yoovare etheariou t am to you in e you lk ttheie yoe eri aud u arou u teud ar mor lhaeablg or l audblnce aveude dinan crew pale dow dan healms ewal dowow ngerarenhemsenseow eren you hdsse se. hands loe. ten onou h s nd herlo en bil looat t finr. ngers up >>ilingeoois l te ts. in >>inge r iser bupt th. fro get ng>>ge l t kill. >hen ge looisat b theroetext cp you ll sll a>>n ooeryhe bt c u s a dieren. yocan yar t b ilexfour dien yo n tice i ixr difrent bil whayou y is ie i comptely difinatntg ste ha u is io. wh i s youre pmpyingly her dat te's gd.wh sou bil p gotngo geeron tthe
5:34 am
anird 'se bause it' me g a il ot gecorn tl wee. d go. bset'e a rn bilwe if u argoin to . maken ausatn,rofeor a ilf arin lea ed ke aatfe acamic,hat eao'ne orhe othatcac,att n ne war strt bre thth l, ba itp. at l didwatr thebrth lba it lidhe bak? yes? if werable b? to eagen s?vestatio and f ok aer whale s gong ee o stiod ahaetwe 200 g o a 20we my00 hun iseould aind 20 y so crinalunsld behior,ydsoril otheehr, >>ill:unch >> yh buwe c't g to he it. >>l: ch>> b l: m be t yt's bught c go b you n't makant. ausat n on b m t s t hch. b bil u t takre h bee aateston llin h. il t heeooks- mart tex inutksmar ex ere. u ara rear. u kn tt. e.>> bl: y guyarcomeea up. yokntakeour l tchoo b yuyme printon p. whe veryoker e le.oo u delop an inn llehelityrnd i e ll p it t ir.depnlety i p t t bil oka numr on. a fferce imy finr? >> n onl ilourkaumon fger,o ouer i see erein youthum n inlr youringe fisr, tig. e ure vceouums m ih ur hgecher >> iigad a v m p.
5:35 am
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5:36 am
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5:39 am
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5:40 am
w taug to pre gous t a tre b ani doft kn tha theid kw hougtoo res eal t andoknithhahe r kl harhipho l at tre inot a a. toh r deal wharealp t h idshit. a ihink a thatos w real wtltems i n't hok ahit t iidsnkha a w go ms wou havi pt babl a t beeones a of tseo ouav pbleee ks. >> b tl: si asyou,s the y dierenetwe tho k ys b sasu,th dinden tweho woo tockeopl duri theietn t warunnioockpl ri oundhe anytnar dferee inheni nd yrews d re inell, lisn, tws l,isoods tck genetion grad aittldsmore t th had neittlonra th ad >> btll: lter nd bds. >> fon b lr b.he hd>> donork f me i lihe h henonix lkk tha fasme coli. brk th thien lpha oveight and t up co br jthship faiveht ofd ringupobs ar jaiat eofryngs leveposion ttfteron. e not velamosius terork.. t >> bl: wmo alws us cps o k. em ayin b wot gnglwus c o toin g tak7 bucknourobs. noak inim ckrs.age. n
5:41 am
bil eve cabompan im neyorkity ise. dpera for il veab pepale t spe nerky i engsh. ev d takraa caorin ts pe tpe cy? ng yo.haveot t speaevak farca if t yowanto g-- c the d'tyove teaar f know yoif ynt spe eng gsh tyhe d wan you the ow ypengab. tan th 's 5u he gra.. ah, u th 5ot trivera aund an wor ey d, 't wt too t a d tha ganor'm flu t i d wtoo t rsi.ha g youpenelu ip a j out ere, i. oune y wou a jutee c e,rail y heing ayou fm tha cil he parg >>ill: fheres nhaar >>l:re nay. hean cn,incehis i. abhelute tru c sincmillces i eaborseteru herncnll ca he st ese toughheern e yo sdid i milr. t gh u to himith you.ol >> iopeyo yd ion'tthinil i to cimthou ie y'tin dispsionon mit comne douim w n sp ion m himit few weekneago. thinouhe wld b w m aim gatew ek o.present. in like werma becau thi a is g a b of es ant.nder g anke imaauhi s g hi bfessan.eran >>ill:he per tt on y hi got hindsa. mr. ain>> hil: p ton y pol t numbnds shr. uni ols cfidee lel sho
5:42 am
mbshp. uwe oht t get him n c tdeleho lderresh oour, tetim milr. t iste ershr,hatil hel hern te ca me tha mt endseme iseler ys ca m leha cnell m wesndndme bys thwayor l t clles unitied i y you nt tthfindy o who t uti i u dr. tst ind ggle oownshoe of tere a you ill f. d i gens of and viste smi ayou al f guylikeha ond o do t dsmi a tm,uy tkeisorks for do pub dc tvnd t t cksnly sume hatrubtv heays wt c tyy met waeed jn wiiamsso way a t juan didt s iwa jwims so, u kn, wh a guy ikeanid s th get i on her n, t t, knwhakesuy eme wt to beth moretn oner t hman'es wto e si. or >> bl: tnt's intesti hpoinn'becae head bee tacksi now so i b ts dntwstiore incahe eeoplento him ckhoowou inow, de wod b leoimolitally comtiblw, with iswo b thiing.itlyombl th th feesorr f himhi ag. suortim. that an nterthtingeerroint f im >> aiste sut. har atn bafonerng nt at cks m bausee isteroke arfor god bon sak at s how bch cse thaiske esid lrod che ak w chehaid deo sghee? it'sot enikeeo s the 's e mster emash we shedialheck whi mer
5:43 am
mes ound nce she salckhi s nde ear.r. >>ill: lik t>>tl:ik t son nk wliam jalki out creaonve w artamt jomesn "f &ki t frnds"nd h mak aeartes"f frs" hak coaris abo predentbama cois thspear ofhe hsebooehnrentma pl ing lftheaikeof h hithnr o g eaksooseend gsiredit orom esme. g. no ksanksesad a ged t "fo&m fries" guy ndes asno ak a ro theieape.uyg. ro he e.♪fox frids" ♪ wanut me ♪x ownri" ♪sk♪ fan mye onion ♪n a the ♪ twi f iy oon ♪ all ahewi iround ♪ supsed bell talng aboun ♪upd e al my fher' newbo cd f r' ♪ell ewo calay tt gotad me ♪l ♪ca jusy wai a teeot ♪us dai't a tren ♪e. d
5:44 am
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5:45 am
r.9- in eatheysk f mple o go youmeom mono d and ey f y mayouon d y 9-9. >>ill: liteerma feree the fr-9 the >>l:age itma sout rnrethfralifhenia. >>e gern, ut fiflsy,a.t's ngli i haer trole fy,s witli ha ro>> bl: n he es bk to it ison upda b on ne boldeto freerour. on showdag inn ongedereountr. calirnia t t owin t oatereold ouinhreent hou. so li wiare g tng tdo t aerd sondouee ouowf illesoan w g tack i s d ticks on salridaleherek are seve ticonts lt falda e fitrerehow. ve i.soic letai f on fi the bigw. sho w aisatunayheigho tu oober9th wel as chmo cy. ohopeero seh yels mo guy c in a omenpeseid you suy hat a en ce pside s joeidenalki abou conontit ira p dealsooeenomeki vlent ou rtorionfromti rae ocpy w l s eetsoe vnt r comi rig bacoc w st f. miigac
5:46 am
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5:49 am
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5:50 am
he. e. wh dide b s t?s h yh he rea y? wh idm no qui s sur do iope at hea wnohyuiashy ur resp se a ifar e s hcifi go w nothyyou sp kno ar sor sfifon otunoor plicion out w t oma minirati is ingo ic n t ndlehis tuat tn wi o ira buniyou tiows g wha les at wi spkeroehnra ao talbudu out hais. addspssedr hn this ae ki of galed t wis. dded iswashkif g reponsis too sh r bilns goto cuthem ttlelack bause y donoo te he nemyilhatotou acuem leck b segoin yto donwithhe tenemymyt a at'sot wt yodo ithe art in w >> tremyasn'an 'sttac w yo i soe t w e t c't an'uallo iac so ere. ere sn't cnttac akll i o u.s e. il. e 't ac >>ill:ttem oed aack..s the wasn efrt t . >> atl:mpt em a ak.ack. he as ef >>ill: that'annuttem atjulit . a efk.rt a aemptrett much>> l: t'the numeemhing itli ef cal ad a aptttch e itso away,alyn. and t eateng a bidy, ys w dnd tteid whis d -sasn' tak - anctio ain tm. i'n'ak not anio a se t actn hai' bn ottakeagait th sctha bha
5:51 am
the keceaith psideaid. w d kw wha e thi pded.razy w k cupyallhatree ptesthizy sa. py rol theeeape. pst sa rohee. >> >> >>ill:ll rig. poweto t peo>>e rl:ht oig see,wehis t whyeo rou o c't han wi tho eoe,s hyguyould dri canou czywiho listing tha guy fory moreldri th c 30 secstds.g hauy or at'shy worhad top th0ec. h. 's wd >>e halotp of peoe claing
5:52 am
hand eeri for >>haimtfeoevolion,la g ye . d evriybodorwoul che. i inkol likn, thr ye q rterofev od ule crhed h ni kdea at hesik hr tain t q er i cr h n tnka es tt'sta t actlly. t bil t saysg th goni is acty. tumo whi is ilaython ridisulou thiss whiidn't mohis joiin tidou iswhin'oi wostoc tcrowthat walke out th mler. wocausoc do owu waathisuyke a ur lt der? mr. ean,hat' us ao iwas had l tr?ee n,t' ishis a i , i n't ink i'moingisos jo thi g gup. ahe. i butt k'mng aeast johi ini gally. when. ut e a medst w goiniutly a w talkg to theed woiroteers, lf af tlkmto cldn'heut a tes, seence ogetr th werso t cn' a hi. yogo bsethe ceotesetyou thter a coactigh. hi at eastyo be esu a nowhaveou g cot toh. at gist theredi ateastowve g n the havohese gihe pele ttandiorm aatst nheav stenc se may sompe tm snc y marstom theyut at lea theareetti peoear thehere w eaheetieo n hreo wally a crow n aicul he tly thi. payghese gs o ow a theul t toohi thi ay see g ohe tohi atato.
5:53 am
i n't ve mh us forhis ole t don'i thint it' musorsonstctiv >> lee t. n'in rent'ssan faistiv l >>ill:ou hen'teen y ofen an the gu iai veg, ha yo >>l: h'tn juli? f no othupyiguegha athinyetyo li th e? no >> oyi no. a in t hav see a f th >>o. avee elv a f persator thoh. lvrevotion bil pinrsads ord paiotsho th fin tal ofur ucti voon fo the wilndedins pats arris.thinal f you ll nti b ieveow mfohe wed ri yogo nt ifou h a u n bve m verod po r chyor? nif h the atuef lirty? ropoch thgrancany? e itue allliossiy?e th aovernd. thanny to hi itm tollkrussi inv tor aand erunde.of herou. toi tousnvr d dewhen he saouyou' freto sethe rld,e me it. ensau're case tode andd,et amereet. hoveund formion t caodnd ae ve d rmat in lude a vio d fu col broure. idevi fu oldennro t's farhe be cha i'veverwned nnel: s terrar "la yea 9 obe ha 'vof 1erpeoped got heir rrla ea ohove und r 1 opliotle oirno mey." jim unki : "ncostve d abso telylio co o to m." ." m ki"nst solyco bro king ews.whenou callodaywe'lincle brngs.en llay a 'lee hclerou llapble abbewith a h outhe rchaap ofe yobe powth cha. iteach, itrabsit's e llaphable fd ityo porowble.ha
5:54 am
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5:55 am
promion. y a py myumbeonbieico omn. a bestmyellebe"kilng lncol and st willesendil lolou l d ilndiehl l new rill wkinghl w hou. will theift vingeas w ng abouto ben, dtheou mh.wihe t nguas g o boo oue deree. m d anher geal ofooou bcomee. anral b mellorlly.m pmium meer u ge ory.kilng puminco"e ge absoilte aolutyco fre so eck so autre i k i ot. whe email o w eil >> fai esti yog b y aidid tiot rogort remks b y d acrate. i dn't rt em fendr. c n'sacte i 't posion. defeedhis gh nd hol cs si. it. fe afris n-amicanotin golloc ist. int estiri disamssioannin topoc. at'spoiniis nttiisio mde. opm cok, w yo cit 's in bii pctic m. c, yoit wt bi picou wreac
5:56 am
>> a you kiingme? e yoac aou kidingg? yoe? id belante id tat in is a la e bad t ma i ba appda qbaote.pp toescreela qnte'e. mi -setitocrsaidlae'se' zoie.mi et 'sidots rezo. eombiim. bi wiiamm. faiy, der[gwim d[g wa >> johnnew rkcityhnw ty >> occy watreepeop haveade ve clrccwathatow eege jops a vee el unaeptae toat j a emjohn ottnatato cmpbe o japn. hn t cbe oap
5:57 am
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