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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 13, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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eaki new nt e rybo> l n it wee gl youe wi us kiew day, ee stbot wh heweglouwis deadest ooti iy, oraste w counisto stter g adt tira un iet uthetoalif sniaer g achown. egg:his t heorric. if i'agregjarr t inhn. for jon g:s ri sci't. egrr weine he in ore foon newsom ahapping sc now"sealwehen fo each ws appg caforn, wi esse say w"al guchan, parely enred er aca crntodywisey btle,gu, re nr lkeduiet int a a c bdyuty b e, san whe his ed ex-etfent by rkedpull out gunsawhis ax- oped f e.edllutun w ei at pele a op dd. je fa: picerresng t ei supeect aout lf a d je p mile es tfromhe s ne. su t ke at iste ato tiril omreacon: s it'.real ate t uelieble. ac :quit t'al fraly. 's uieuste. it sethira. tfathableor my ofs, pr sablyhill ous i ts thle mof mmunpry, aly i t onk i t wre un a t al-- o com wnity i in ock,als we o as e poce omty dertme a i iell. nna: cey stell sk,wes po ivedeme om sl.l beh wi a: cte more sbe wi cay. >>eporr: yorh, a jenn whamakethiso ca >> orterr yying as th it nn ha keliteislly uld ve happed awher becse yourrriveng ithot his tey d pp alitter shoecingompl, it ouve i oks ke osou wld
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tthogplit nd iany s oown, wn y citycrosthe iy cntryn, tyeyewosnesse rept heing cry lst 2 ew gssshotepheg comg fromnsid l the 2 hr got sonom righ back heromid bhein h se, inhe mdle o roadghcker b m e fac it s jadtefor yl .1:30n th act fter jon loraorime, 30ther:30 ster rad it thoamee,0 er eyewness who ellitpolihoe at t aused ewssho gunln,li t aed -yeaold ott draiiun wathe estnged hband ead t of d ii e ofhe s onwaestedorke hnd aninvoedf of snke anvo ngstdingusto dispe. ght ople dstd, sngto wom sp t d twle men d sit is sll n cleom if twheen i s n le suspt's -wiffis ang th dea so -thou som ofsps ifhe a th lol ne staeaonsere i - ou omlos gelear repting th slonetase i s les. ep fongnews as notth b sn abl to cfirm ttith fowsot pole b onbl t crm trounh ol actionrom tunhis tim tht kn comnityss pring t nknomtys p ng i thi los se
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iendinhihere >>os i sn sck rht nd nre beuse e ofy i s r fends n i'venown erbee of for5 yea. fds e's a wonverfulwn pson.or thathole soneaad iss onul p n.nderl sp it i atle s the. woerfu s sp i's ahe trady . wo fu's aerrie tgedyor st. a all theandllraf.s, a ri tand dyl of u l nhe sdl b ch d of u s. >>eporr: n, a s brt timefterhehoot g,>>or n apoli are s meerrresng sttot lire dekri, n farrom ese s scen heang ta krresi nntiaaraream n en eahunt tgtoneachwhic is siiaea justext or. ntliceonay hcheic wasseari stt . dy ce h armasr, h hadri mazinein h poctsrm h add th ma weanens h weroc re verethfromis tck ea thgh ieris n car a rereom t is pnt if t th m ider n c aaponas, p i t fac one mfr the on, nes atas coaciscaned fr his e s vehie. hihomewe u erstd, ncocafr is being srche by hi hime ust n invest satorhe agaiy thiis n bei emedheorst sho ingstnor aihi n eiall onge ountedsthog stor l salo oe meragent bac he hinde habeenn or lo er ebusiacss f h ndhaome enn yea in t ssi f qui qine ea
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coasl c muni t.ui q jenn jenn casas stell o cni tt brkingtory ut fnn nnas te ocalirniaor u ts brngodayry li ia ucase tha youery ch. egg:ightayow feral inve igatses lohaing outo ay . ash g:ht f invalvingwo ssenr trns i n veatlog o aland hnvng en tr i caforn. ri is ore wndh th tail >> rorte thihappcaedrn oundri0:00s las wth ilighttwo r te hipassppger ains nd c00lidias at t tamracktati ihto ssr ns cdi toaklamd, cckifora, ati i spokman r amak ss i s kl c aor a s w spokdn am c ssh i b therwastill aro sd 18sp c b ople ho were hus.ll here onerof18 the le whu rene the tra hust com a sp, lik tt jtra htom sik ashe so jtell, i ran in the argeheo l, aanuy i the inhege awheehairellver a ihe bued h hea ee biredinlr a fr hisead d itas bu hea bin fr isazy.d i repter:ucki non of t iurie areife y. ep r:threkienin theonost t iie seous reing beakin ar thereinmtrahektnd unises g bin pacic raarroadhehichra own thenirack wking wh ci ra adfedechl ofcialwnto evestate actlwhy ckis wng w de ofal haened the ain statioe whertlthisy llisn tolaceby t way,haregged is e n tillioeris csed, isto
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so bce ser tce heen et y,ggs ll upor t mor cngd,ommu b er hich n stin flup twingormu out theh estti cst. f ck t young greg sur i t het rickthanyou cry m.h. tou egur ijenn jenn ckanu m nn nn > tuingo polics w, arandew pl shong tugo ol s herm cai aurgind to e p ho p, leang rmaihegio epubcan eld earesintial ub nndides. at's ot ad theolls si iaow thoh. id . cer inly'save aenhels fferthoandites ke thatop erlye spo er mittomne thodih,s as at beenoldipo ttteadne ho one the queions endie're asadng t ay ile he suewns and steare winhe as tace? s ve y heand tha eainefor eve cnne? yanieaashaor more nn>> rorte accidingoor rdemoteaticollsr peccrng ha ang wh moiclspeill ha a wl mcterfthe ing thas remaablebout cais sumcen rrfe ise owgha quily hemaameleutai to sinesu- risui f mhe e sileoigittoin lear of thack. fm heays 's asiit draticoveeaof
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tht no itk. put cnhes und arace w notut s cutin ndhere howhe n pol w stac up, sin h reow nol acp, mai her h mnai cainer - hern m cai on in - t romner has 23 aircenn b t it'slose mnas conderi the3 en b rginf err 'sses fionri he peentaoint ineromnefi tainpes ttantamene perntag fr augt bu aininas te er agrgedhead fmfrugbun 5 pcent aust. ed ad f tes gornorick rry pnt i thirwithau. 16 rcenttendgoork y tes i c gresiranthon p6 len te ha11 a thether ces pndides a in ngle ha ahe er dits. in ithe rmerid an le godfher'pizz di exe.tive ie er an has tdfr'zznxeve solebat an s rfornceseceny so ol's cght opleat at ntioor espesiallenwithso c t le th999 onom pla utatiosp ll ththatlanas als ometh9 omla unr fi fro crics at anls e poster art ys iunfi wrolri awe poer muct i wore ceful diecteuc buthi race has cul se shaups bore andditeutac coasd se se oths.has b eat ondointmiche co basemannas aad lerth it oas rkntch pbary.nn a the's a luestn a utit r
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whetr caill p. mai ainhe ast is l ad. thislso lls et us calotain lout w risublio nsss vie mittomne t f mert rliie ttontrnener. t rt ss ab ft 9rperct ofhe vers ow him mt tr r. theresp t s himab 9 brc of vs ey'rimnot m pasonat abo hesp im m, a b he ss there 'r t stasl loating bor seone aey ce quo s falhe i st lo g ve wit sne c as uuoal ial i pitic anytng c hapitn bween no and u ihe pic tim yt c tap fir ben no dtes e ct, jimna. nna: t gooir s c rinde. j. a: stooe cennni,hank y. >>ou rde. bet gregst preedentbamanden i,nk th ye >> d reayet rakegg inrent ma th cashheseth ds. dea akreelintion und-thisershse d ingi in $70 illielon d-betwern ju and sepgimber aninhat the70ay ili oy twju nd eeper pre dent secandt he i biest oy nt ec fache rsed bit # 6 llioin tua mon.s ac rd fore but rect nterews,6 io ton present ama cled re mselt theecers, nderesg oft a cd elehe 20erof re. it a stregye ss20as r rkedellittry in 200 s >> ty ne to feea edenseln of00 t urgnecyo aboeese thi .rg bowhicbrin m bhik t wt icin weid b i t w we 28.
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yo kwer w surised a loof 2 yo p kpler wured lo pe. and s, i h les gy d ir. hes g [l ghte. >> a i kw itas extingo, y kw,[lte a kit beexng y fo t k unddoge fo t. grg:ndgcrs stigrwaltscrs gitapolicstilt edir. wh abo thi he l es ttaliharaeriz mselthesdidays swhbohehi l tundeog braiz lk, a elesys incuent esidt ru ing de b r leele aion s al kds cu t idru igeren dvanges,leamen al k ientiencatians,amilerity e abity ti ttiaiseoneyilty and bi crse, the t cstanseey medid aenti c he e,nhe can commd. so n tr h, idi'te mor atie li a mm sotr irontnner or >> wl sur li he'sheavore, if u werenter akin g wdds rurht n 'sor f abt whthe esid t re woulbeins aer r n iugur ionabwhe id ul day, a juary01 thr iurn yod sait wld be bar k y, j ry ama,hrhe incbent yosa pr widen b enjars imma,sencnt adva agesny tpre yoenhavenjmm a elecon mat up, dvaes tyo ve whathe pside is ying too i aka aec patch, o his at pde bas tong sayoto you i rem aber p
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w gois itbaoayeltouo doemr the goit thinble,o dotheohe unaginle, dine,doefea firshilly clton,hen un in , hn main,et'seelea tha rs ll clwayn,n aga . bu ggg, the mame n,me's lat thay'reoing tyt,ga bu th g're , ndinhea ve y t crearng t ssagtoepubcans thwhice hin v iwe'r cgoing t ag haveubns hund dsic and i'rin tundravs of nd miionsfndolla ae drare ofing havthe medminsla a tent n ane ofteg aveed tim farabl medint aanentite thatou dcrib andimre ing usefatbl todi atilow up at d ib ndoeve the g se repolicawp mina. ve soe'she a uerdo wnepca 's tkingo hi hom na sos a udo wn am, t he t anghiom probiti , he favo ate wn taing the her de. ro tiegg:'ll t to tt i a vo wtag he r . ment g: l i ditoment tn he iaise 70 mlion recnttly, whi dint he sods le a lutse mon reec youy,hi so la pow llay coln reou and ybe 's n rlly.ow it'not muc asyol i d e shou n havbeen ry. remet'er ht cameucut osthe i te v y ouaven smeong, hme oe 6 miion,ombid, v beeen m anthe s g,demoatic nat nalmin,bi ben ane co ittemo in ice send at larteof t yeahe fi t qcortertee wan se reay teout tere,ea camigni afi qerwaea t e, ndraing. am
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dgamal i , ho f numrs? weld loohat the s dl wantodoightowum? i eloothe agai sca ntepubcansht to tnkin ihey' goi to ipe emaicaut butub ins tin thk thy'e isoi to atoe ertaut gree - thpresthentthis oknowhe'soingo ha ata rd te ge ing ee tothest 46, ow'sngha pernt othe te tge g oain ven,6,nd tt's inger oe to n n, t tse g tlidfng h t ba, so wt there tingdf h too is wbastleso pas t whe tg to aveyd a sttle wleas tit. egg:hristhanyou ry eya le . ch. g: u cacatcminierisanu f re ochri he' be . catc ni hostg por pl l oe. ri che'k iteut bgoin stpopl to l chit bin andlick thevein tre. nna:xn wcol,ndomeewck he ncer abo t ira. a: woday are eye plain mor erbo ra attas inur cntryayr e maelaor oers? at s uld ta do inout cry it? ma nato ldsey orahas? joi sd o t nexitt? his to ley thohahts. oi > grg: i new ex havisho s. nnec cut,gre a iewwaitg aaverdi the ect, ait di jyhe deberaing on a j m cusein aderagnorriing me m se a inrisiong we'rgointo bng y the rdic as on ait ces
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jen ght w, new fes er ira not onln t whewfe ir appentlrabehi aot plot tgeti thenl w sdi ir pptl amhissad ins e ou ot ttihe untr s thermay mor plo inamad ns oue wks. trsten o wh ery or cloiforna w. sena r dienne fwhnste had cor toay: it' harnadior fte me toad beeve the: ist'armeo jt nebee othenvolngshe uted j ates i tholk we nee t ud elore es thwe wheeher ere e t e othre ots in int whr othe eth untrs s.nt intethigenndices tr tteten thericmay llerobls t er y elseere. nna:or me, wre jobledy soh colin see. a:repu mican wenat linjoeyso cin gram. se tor, herepulse anouldatin loo fm gr thi.poin ser,re oe ld >> wl, y don oo he t fohiin allye o she ock w yon h t hmes t ly he kfigu outhat e inian e d hngs t ty've bn guutt yingo ki ianmerin d t vesold brs a havbeendoin inngraqkiorri yea bld aavenin ttinninq pstea b ied in dicesst to iqo kled arica des
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so iiers k aca whe the sors inrnatnal omichenerghe mmison p preure in that tol inicrg o abo is t pirree nuclr pthgramohey oboot t cl pam zbolyh --ezboah, a proxof in in oleban-- tbo, stt a war w hox iin iael, an ttheyund ham tstaar w te iorisl, oaniz ion ey dthe gaam ttrip te becisse oiz n ey'r hereen o gackip yardso tecy'veeen 'rre ok rd t vetremndous regnal ower emus play tryg tegler deayabile thmidd easry but eir biti ts ar eatede theilthdd tenascles re t r ti ar eatethanheegioof te thhemidd eas theenrees now tean inuriown bac y dth tryddgashe ow to ssasinnati pple,ac ynd ry if y a m theasti pe, numr on if y a m tionhe secity reathe worlumfaceonit wld b a onecy at rlcleacearme wiran band is is a tpingoint for eeameand is rerdin ira t geng jntor s l'startith re ine plra herat ome,gehen j s lhaveomrth broer pl er estis abe,t whn w veoro as in tiabwh a a wount in i nera a a starng wh thntplotn therare d fgs aidra ar w th otout is m at eree f cenr ofhed pt, t mt "thnew rk en
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ti s" qted ofme ohis fries p saygthw h sti qd os ie disheleday hopelsly sh ed sorgized incpete el yt a zlot,o int est rgedncte reagionr zt, polics,he nt mat we'rseei onur reon screolormas,y 48 hmars'rein ter eve lik thi rema48 hppen somsortflot r ve ikke this haens, w en staomrtft arin thas, abo aiwesrn wta rhinoricwe srt hring bo abou aes extmist wharen werhic s hea hng angut ou thatn relionoxtst thi wheneea a man? wel i cat onlel sayn thit e fb n? irecelr a cnlay the atrneyener of thefb itedtatesaidec a tha ateyerfhe thi edteid shahi ptless byhe gherps i in, b p you dotssy neeto lk athe er iplop io se wha t bou do eeiran lns aat caple opseha t o theye trng an aoap deabile ir, th're o ey trtryi t de desilbiliirthe ghan tan,yihey ppor the talib evehougesli aney'rn,y or e iibologallyveug ffert, tsuppt ou 'r efrts afgnist, th iog ly veuppo eder tppou hboll tefs fgst th atck i ael,hey apo h ll suppting tamassohey at ihavel, dyire a oppngasestalizey e wor ve and dehislot i ta zer ba yar sornd bizrest a it snds,s
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baar n iz constentith e a way ss, th nhink. ns nt h theegimayis dthgero and i thkhey'nk eimrazy jenn drond th ay'omeeoplouldzy nn denite a agr wityou e thatplenat, buyould me quita li o de whategritranu at at bus beu moing it li oy dohan we beeedng thi p tdon eour ck yd toetdhi touer p on irar y >> io wityou,ou jnaon.ra i itwhatu, thi the pside j shld d is - eatherhihe p de to ght tomshrow,ake ds spee - to e er arica to t ompeopw, laye g outhe eeo hrea aca opatayoueran preeants, tir bad havinll or thres, t wod, w d svictio mus o beth wo w e thinwoulplea me re th to ange t bavior thicrd. rinimeul wea ie s tthingo ge t to d belopio hi a re w nuc iar wpo tg roug sanc dons opt a viouy th is uct w ug ncworks g. thrussns a chise haou to tht ons oardthe rk thss ahi nctihas sho ld bone thrd e irannegim stopuyinthei tish bth anil. wou hurtheim raniopinei pele ithe ort rm b. it would hurpehem nihe ng terpe ie t b th w hm sanions theer oba th adnisttionave en anns puing hee noba worng. nna:hatadstone els >> wpuneedg no to ratet ior.
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a:tls u wstopeduyintheo oat. i y ifou do u bus essop witine o thbankf ceral ira ifo usyou's on ite ba listhnkcelra . u' whn i'mbaryinto lay ois heresow you couwh'm cinngeay o e be viorref thegimoueou c wieout litactio .beorthim ssiand c na hwiet taotio. beenn bod, ty s uldia c h ben brd. i w e pensidebo of t the s d ited tatei'dbeake a b. eech wonig p taldeng afuthe e thedat tted wore a wou ch igce falm a a th tor nlearrmedou ir, i' talk fboutll t a thgs i nustarescreded ab t hoirhey'i'lkut trying toth itcr stababize hoe wod, ay' notheyine inourwn bk abe yawo, tr ang t kilnoey peoine ame bca an a wyatr tha til eois cplety omeside a of wha acceableehav cr, aet i odef woulsuggt thf celeav a sation are t goulg toggth rk, at aptio sa on e maingon thto , a tab andio we'rat a pnt inth now wheabnd eir clea'rprogm is p owobab sohe runda r eaogis abo rda stris wot wor miliry aionhoul riwotor be lie la anul rest. iteould ope a laes itldpe p adora box. theget nlear praeapo wilen the x.
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het nar pdorapoox. il he wan to let t pra iraan. knowanif yo conetnue wn t thraoad,e'reoingo coowinue yo doon ee ryth g weth ca morptiod, on reeng couedo e th weble, iould caorion incde me e, ild sancons. theget milincry, m's ing thr theorldn ncs. het li , chao jenng ifhr youhe wlde aopres ent. nn fe yoouthin wng aut i justskin >>o. i' sayies anyt.dy i isyoin a i st join pre dent oba's j i'yiny i nes toet thejorentorldba kno j neere to're ing thheran.ld norandites for e pe sideg -- jn.s ar iorta, itdis ortheumbeone pde iss jar t i thtae arit mor i orta ebee thin --ssotorempor nt tharor ita th gs, inere -e eallye or portt thgs gng oin th th, e orld ely rtth g o th ou ndides fld priden evebody anti ou to bcomm der id fhief pr en veoulddyell tie a rica bmmr pele, re'she teatef iranreses an ldl ere' aca peow , 's i tuld tal with an iseane' what wou sugst iwe i d de witit incased i at ousancugons iat be, tt deitnc ed ange behior. clea y whncs we' b t dng doest wo .ge eh tir baneangwh sysme' d an crip e itesstopwo bing t an eirysm an oilipit pop bgresse on is rrime stoandfil p ey w't spssndon sti re tod trto g a nlear w wea snti
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trd d gtabize t a narorldea ll pple meri tn d webieed toutld t m itar pe ri t tion sweareldon t tle t anmean mtar whe we s on sel t it. t nna: ananenathee srahat. a: waysice hav younat the sw,ha wappriateour yse av ou npersctivtoda loo ke s foard havg yo wprte bacr >> tnk y . rsiv grdag: tooing get fod avyo acpres ent aham tn y gr tg ethere jenn est am hothecall you rever ow. nn ere sti tim lt. grg: t hre ihe timll u r ind.d, e tiim althgh i ls ge inggr t iimnd shter d s rter th ige g we'ltalkoarry sato sh r douthat. s er > a crical sho'laglkry s ofo t drt.s in aril hhopita andf wt dr in hoitalare w fced h totand dohat would put hoal pe ient fdo live atdo rist ldwe'lhaveut livepor pnt stil ve ahe. >>andishe - 'lve andiv tor doct spo ing ilhe >>d wning - nd be td, h juscthowpog lg is wthatng be h tngusw lis ? at top t whe are y?? ophere y
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11:26 am
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11:27 am
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11:28 am
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11:29 am
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11:30 am
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11:32 am
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11:33 am
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11:34 am
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11:35 am
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11:36 am
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11:37 am
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11:38 am
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11:39 am
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11:40 am
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11:41 am
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11:42 am
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11:44 am
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11:45 am
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11:46 am
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11:48 am
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11:49 am
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11:53 am
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11:54 am
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11:55 am
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11:56 am
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11:57 am
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11:58 am
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11:59 am
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12:00 pm
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12:01 pm
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12:02 pm
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12:03 pm
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12:06 pm
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12:07 pm
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12:08 pm
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12:09 pm
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12:10 pm
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12:11 pm
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12:12 pm
12:13 pm
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12:14 pm
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12:17 pm
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12:18 pm
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12:19 pm
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12:20 pm
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12:21 pm
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12:23 pm
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12:24 pm
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12:25 pm
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12:26 pm
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12:27 pm
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12:28 pm
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12:29 pm
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12:30 pm
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12:31 pm
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12:32 pm
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12:33 pm
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12:34 pm
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12:35 pm
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12:36 pm
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12:37 pm
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12:38 pm
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12:39 pm
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12:40 pm
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12:41 pm
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12:42 pm
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12:43 pm
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12:44 pm
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12:45 pm
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12:46 pm
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12:47 pm
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12:48 pm
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12:49 pm
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12:50 pm
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12:51 pm
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12:52 pm
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12:53 pm
ereate fres trect at reliev wou cree up tr 70,0 job it i a ev goou deareup got ,0ob strg ioea biptisa pporot tranklgwe he n snipsa lot i easoromiforw d kl h fr n s rnpublans at t is wodmirw frindite tt rbl s me ki owo coitme to b crtion diif t ty d b ki o co ifmeo enatcron t d mc bnnelor spker bofnerat mcy toele,ousp krw wh?bor weant to get k meh frasuctu buiwe int th etcouny. we tnk th as putuinuin th nstrtionorke bacun t t wothis uportt tronkeac t. wo i'llrte rhtther wel beeady too. ll rer we thbedyreo wilng to ren th theil paylloen tax e ay we woed oogetr inax dember ille be ady wo to o et goin de eri d i't tnk thee y pblem o re goessa is th d t ihe he pem no enss ih i unw hlinge t ne tiatwith rereblics. venw shngn tepeedly neatth my reic wishingns tpely morverte wi tognry t g th t toorte sometoin t goh daloith ts meghnempymen dhate. t
12:54 pm
whate hven'mpen sn ise. at hn' s silar wlingsss o tir rtsitor wryng to get o sothin t to do anet wreonotin goito waitrou nddoan pl wet oi usl potica gam her eitou pl uspoca waamingter becsehe am ican eopl are deeratwagt fec some ramiefanplre ghtdeat w. f om ina ribleef. t goti.e on he jobsill?nale >> y kn t ink tion tatbsl? ykn tk t anime d an pla the arerio a utane an wlakinghen ar puttiog pelebacko aork wng we'l be prared ottpe wock withhemkut wre ot'l e ingroed catewo l thm w thear th g th ce l resus eath ithsu th i engingn the th uslenng polical talheng pot b sn't sult inlilalo acon. b peop want lt aionc. d i'opan aprepned to wk wi em ep o buagai w thei la ti s he a pss bu ainferce iheaid,la ii ask yohe auys p er id,sk yos to show he reblicto jo plaho tha
12:55 pm
depeentconosts woulreicjo ladica wouctuayhaput peoppe bacttonosulork ca.ouua ti aveoptac yet seet.k ve etdee eveuall i h ing thathey auallvell i t hg rwarsome aty pposa all arme tt psa indite at the feel t at nse di ugenc heee e unc abo nd puteopl bk t wor ght nd jeica, y utpl bn't torave fout jellowa,ps. y t one go.eou all ght. ow. e go. l t. >> mnameis ung. i'm repterf mme kor g. brdcas ng sm tem,epr kb f i hav tor estibrsas sm, tb iav esid tt oba ti. t idba. yeerda.s. coness rafied ye tda.ons raoreaed.s. t fta butoreea.atiol tasemb tdn'
12:56 pm
mb anorea 'tspposion t.rty ruestg aneaosn y regotiion rst onhe ftaretin what you ronpinita a atou prpectn thni ture of th akoreu.s. prctth ref ft d my sreonds. qutionst about lib my and snduon nor kor. ou inib liand theasoror a in oplelis th risi ahey lehang si thr aeyngoverents th a do uerts ao thin uchuch in ent wi beh ssibinh noh koa e in e wibe nar ib futu? than younokon n tu >>anellou frs of a pridenlee >>lassus ffme a prenesus athe f wilpass rougthe niona semb iavessreatonfi nce inuge n nahiseadehip ndmb ieatfi eexpeatiois tt sde wpl t pe ione. tt w causit iood or bh . counusie id a bouno un a buness wil ble
12:57 pm
busstoil le busiss zill ablto ospe herin t unid atess si z conl quenbl of low peer tni esonenfow ing lowing ny o ese ade g ow bag iers o the me wel berue kore. ba wers can ar e w fbeme echor oer we an d yo ow f i thi ehi isne oore sig yo ofhi t is ose igoperionofnd t fr ndsh btwee ernurwo peop s.frsh bee peops. op u'rebsolely gh op at re oly wh we' seein taich spri in whe'ee tch lib rinib tusia th dee lontunga f feedo d oppthtuniee. analthongh f t fdo path fm dippni anth t diatatorip fdi to dioremoccy iooc i alys uncaltainandrautncin th dger,d whau 'veeen also dr, isha tt een so sman spit t evenallyill np deat
12:58 pm
enly l presvee es govnmen. so don wano pdicthen thatoven soonan pctn mit hatpen. tinkhat,i hn. obvuslyyou tk kn, thpeopt,bvlyof nuth knthop rea n ve bn a fferg bunder presve piciefor er ageryde es pier a ry lo tim andyounow,one ofs can loim lok anduw, cryeal ofca ba l aand ow enrya d suenlyhat pe ofoveren claps o itsulyt n. ofat werknowthou cps oit is tha w owou yo knsha yo whnpeopveryerh whher op's ikorerry e uned sates ribywhar ire un sesby afri, wh peoe erywhe are okinforis t riwheo ality ewh det mine e in treir ow t atyesti to etow tnet tr tyow wor hd,ti atto ey w l be t ble torbe h w be rerdedle th the can seak thei mi, th canreedhhen sractke theieimith regionanct in
12:59 pm
eireedthatre on ey cn enjheed freeat flow o infoatio cthatnjreincrsingow o foioat chactezes e1stcrng chte s nturest d i n't ink at t peop of rthorea ur areny i t k t op f h exeaptiore ani thk wh tey see e extraoioinarsucc s ananthwh t se ogre thas be mad aoarccan in uth re korhabead inknevably in th leahor tem kev ly thea t regniz that sstem ofreiz at smarkems andof mocryndfreemrk is innd cr toive eeeirs chilen and granhildn mo opp tunito e ran tysteil ndat ty're cuanentlldmo tte tre cutl all rndht. ank y vermuch evybod >> r. k yerchevod >> nk .pplae] la gyn: wcom evyonei'm men n: w komly. esidt oba moevnts neom kingisme fit ky. id ocameobmos atemt abt ngissainatn o meandterr


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